Unequal exchange

by Fallon Ives

Jacob gets more (and less) than he bargained for when a late-night hookup with a guy from out of town takes a turn for the strange. No part of him will ever be the same.

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Chapter One: Manhunt Jacob gets more (and less) than he bargained for when a late-night hookup with a guy from out of town takes a turn for the strange. No part of him will ever be the same. (added: 27 Nov 2021)
Chapter Two: The Morning After Jacob wakes the morning after his strange late-night encounter to discover some small yet unexpected changes. (added: 4 Dec 2021)
Chapter Three: The Locker Room Jacob struggles on the wrestling mat before discovering the very disturbing reason why: he’s shrinking—and fast! He attempts to flee the locker room before anyone can notice, only for his grappling partner Danny to come to the “rescue.”
Chapter Four: Danny’s Place Danny sneaks Jacob from the locker room back to his place where Danny continues to grow as Jacob shrinks even smaller. (added: 11 Dec 2021)
Chapter Five: The Human Dildo Jacob’s humiliation only worsens when Danny decides to take advantage of their extreme size differences. (added: 18 Dec 2021)
Chapter Six: The Visitor A shrunken Jacob struggles to survive in the giant world of Danny’s apartment. But when an unexpected visitor arrives, Jacob might just have a chance to claim some size back. (added: 25 Dec 2021)
Chapter Seven: The Threesome Danny, now nearly a giant, returns to his apartment to find a half-shrunken Jacob and Arjay. When Danny sees the opportunity take even more size from the two, there’s no way he can resist the urge. (added: 22 Jan 2022)
Chapter Eight: Turning the Tables Danny wakes from a wild night with the shrunken Jacob and Arjay to discover his world has changed dramatically. (added: 12 Feb 2022)
Epilogue Jacob enjoys a newfound friendship with Arjay and explores the possibilities of his transformative power.
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Chapter One: Manhunt

The 1992 Plymouth Voyager’s brakes give a high-pitched whine as I pull into the strip mall parking spot. They do that sometimes when it’s been raining; I should probably get them looked at. Then again, it’s my senior year of undergrad. Between tuition, rent, and party supplies, who has the cash left for vehicle maintenance? Trust fund kids, maybe. But there’s a reason I’m driving a nineteen-year-old minivan to this joint in this first place.

Speaking of. I lean over the dashboard to take a skeptical glance up at the dark sign above the store. “Rushdie Family Groceries,” I can just barely read by the light of the headlamps. I pull out my flip phone, check the note I made hours earlier before making the drive from Rutgers Camden across central Jersey.

Yup, this is the address all right. He must’ve forgotten to mention it was a business. Maybe he wants to meet somewhere public before driving elsewhere, make sure I’m not a creep? Not that there’s anything particularly “public” about a closed convenience store in rural Jersey at 2 in the morning. The front glass door and windows are completely covered over with sale signage, ads for soda and bottled water.

I rest my hands on the steering wheel and let out a long breath. Do I really want to go through with this? I could just pretend I got lost, apologize that I never found the place. Everything about this screams sketch as fuck…but it’s way too late to make backup plans, and the thought of driving an hour home this horny sounds like some kind of small torture.

that u out front? His text lights up my still-open phone. ur late. Welp, so much for faking my way out of this.

yeah! I type fast with one thumb, years of T9 practice producing the rest of the message in seconds. sorry. wasn’t sure this was the place. is the door unlocked or…?

come around the back, comes his blunt reply. Right down to business, this guy. I sigh and turn pull the key out of the ignition. The store’s in the middle of the strip, so it takes me a good couple minutes to walk down the far end and make my way around back past the rancid dumpsters. Nothing says late-night romance like the smell of day-old fast food and expired vegetables.

I find what I think is the right back door—they all look the same on the mall’s rear side—and try the fire handle. Nothing. I’m about to try the one next door when I hear the sound of a lock unlatching inside. When the door swings outward, it’s so dark inside I can hardly see the outline of the guy holding it open. He’s taller than my 5’11 by a good couple inches, which is both a fun surprise and a little intimidating. I’m pretty jacked these days, though, thanks to wrestling team and all that “free” college gym time. So I’m maybe a little less worried about these offline encounters than I ought to be.

“You coming in?” he asks, or kind of mumbles, and I jolt to realize I’ve just been standing here trying to get a good look at him. I nod and follow him into the darkness of the loading bay. “It’s this way.” He pulls out what looks like a proper smart phone—expensive, a new iPhone 4 from the look of it—and uses its massive touchscreen to illuminate the floor like a flash light.

What’s this way? I want to ask, though I’m already following. I try to get a sense of what he looks like in the occasional phone flashes. He wears a red t-shirt and navy blue basketball shorts, that much I can tell in the dimness. He walks through the loaded aisles like a straight guy—wide-stanced and flat-footed—yet his ass is big enough to sway with each lumbering step anyway. I like it.

“This is it,” he says as we reach the front of the store before the glass case of the sole checkout counter. He turns to face me and puts his phone away. “You’re jungblood1990, yes? Just like your Manhunt pictures.”

There’s a little moonlight coming through the windows up high where they’re not blocked by ads and posters. Enough that I can make out his face and figure.

“Call me Jacob,” I reply, trying my best to sound a seasoned casual. “And you’re ElectrikFall0ut3000?”

“Arjay, yes.” He nods, looking very little like his pictures. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s aged five or six years since he took them, and put on at least thirty pounds. Maybe forty. His deep brown face and neck are much fuller, and his red shirt tents a little over what’s long surpassed an undergrad beer gut. I can tell he still has some of that football muscle from his headless full-body photo, though it’s softened somewhat under the fresh layer of fat. That’s okay with me, frankly. Just means there’s more man to grab hold of.

“This is my father’s store,” he states with a flat affect, as though I couldn’t have figured that out from the context.

“Got it.” I look around for anything resembling furniture or a surface that would make sex remotely comfortable—at least the way I’m used to having sex on campus. The tchotchke-covered checkout counter hardly looks ideal space-wise, setting aside how unhygienic that surface might be. “Are we, uh, going somewhere else?” My voices rises a little at the end, hopeful.

“I live with my parents,” he says, again flatly, though I take his meaning. “Not that I couldn’t afford to move out,” he hastily adds. “I’m doing very well at my company. But I would rather spend money on things I like than on rent. Cars and traveling. Restaurants. I’m not married.”

“Good to know.” And it genuinely is, because as oddly as this night is going I don’t know that I could handle a waiting wife in the mix. Closet case is one thing; a family and potentially even kids are another. I’m suddenly keenly aware of how much older than me this guy is. I just celebrated my twenty-first, and he looks like he could be pushing thirty. Or past it. “I’m not either.”

He smirks as though I’ve made a joke. “So, are you going to do it?”

“Do what?” I ask aloud this time. Does he want me initiate? Maybe he’s wondering if I’ve gotten cold feet? Is this just how guys talk at these online hookups? I shift my feet a bit, awkwardly.

It,“ he repeats, and makes a gesture towards his mouth with his fist.

“Oh,” I reply, eyeing the bulge in his shorts. “Uh, sure.” Not the most romantic invitation, but whatever. That’s Manhunt dot com for you, I remind myself, however strange it feels to skip the kissing. I take a step forward and start to crouch before him on the floor.

“No no,” he stops me, grabbing my arm with a meaty grip. “Yours. I want to try yours.”

“Oh,” I say again, sounding like one of my mom’s broken records. “Okay. I guess.” I unzip my jeans and hesitate just a second before pulling my cock free of my boxer briefs. It hangs there, half-mast at best, still long and thick in its soft state. I’m insecure about a lot of things in life, but since hitting puberty my cock hasn’t been one of them.

Arjay kneels down on the linoleum, head pretty much level with my crotch. He waits there a moment, staring. Then he takes my soft cock in one palm and lifts it up as though examining it. He strokes it gently with the other—less like he’s jacking it than he’s trying to get a feel for its contours. He runs a finger around the cut head—courtesy of religious parents—and I feel my glans swelling, its soft ashen color turning slightly purple.

“Lovely,” he says, and he attacks my cock with his mouth like a starving man going down on a hot dog. It’s not particularly sexy. Instead of working his way up, he starts at top speed, slobbering all over it with tongue and lips rather than pushing it back towards his throat. I feel teeth brush my tip a couple times, then wince as they press abrasively against sensitive cock skin.

“Wait,” I say, and repeat myself when he shows no sign of slowing. “Stop, hold up a second.” I touch his head, briefly feel the wavy hair, and he swats my hand away. He doesn’t slow. “Okay, fine, just…just be careful with the teeth there, will you?” My dick isn’t getting any harder; just the opposite. “I can’t really keep it up if you go like that.”

That doesn’t seem to deter him. He keeps going, eventually does start taking it down his throat, though awkwardly and arrhythmically. Just when I think I’m about to go flaccid, he thrusts a hand through my fly and grabs my balls. Now, I fucking love ball play, the feel of fingers stroking at my tight sac…so this motion is enough to get my cock flowing again. But Arjay’s grip is so tight, I wince and suck wind through my teeth when he pulls them out of there, like he’s yanking one of those old-timey doorbells.

“Ow ow ow! Dude!

Instead of slowing, he just grabs my belt buckle, undoes it and yanks my jeans down in one quick motion. I’m standing there, ass exposed in the front of a grocery store, and I find myself thankful for all that signage covering up the front windows.

“Mmape your firt off,” he mumbles through half a mouthful of cock.

“What? I can’t—”

Pft.“ He turns to spit out a black pubic hair, then stares straight up into my eyes. His full lips mouth the words slowly, firmly: “Take your shirt off.” His big, intense eyes hold a strange command to them, even given his kneeling position and the taste of my cock all over his tongue. I can’t think of any reason not to be obey, except my modesty. And it’s a little late for that now, isn’t it? There’s just something about doing it in this store that makes me feel… oddly vulnerable.

I comply, lifting my arms up over my head to remove my shirt and navy pullover without stretching them. I’m careful to arch my back and let my arms flex—subtly, but noticeably, showing off my obvious biceps. I do the same for my well-toned chest as the top comes off. I knew I wanted to get laid tonight, so I’ve barely eaten anything, and my abs have that perfect washboard look which drives so many guys so crazy. I toss my clothes over on the counter, making a mental note to wash that sweater before re-wearing it. God alone knows how many hands and credit cards have crossed that counter since its last deep cleaning.

“Beautiful.” Arjay runs his fingers up my tan Finnish-Korean skin, a little too light and ticklish on my stomach. He cups my chest in each hand as though they’re a woman’s breasts, runs his fingers over my hardening nipples. “Perfect.” Very little about this night has been as sexy as I’d have liked, but I can’t deny being worshipped is a turn-on.

Arjay abruptly returns his mouth to my cock, going at it more frantically than ever, now that it’s hard again. His technique doesn’t improve, exactly, yet the more he goes the more I start to appreciate the enthusiasm of it. The less I mind the awkward rhythm and teeth incursions.

Then he starts to suck. Not like, “suck my cock,” in the way he’s already doing, working the shaft up and down his palate. He starts to suck, like his throat is somehow pulling me in, siphoning at my cock like a vacuum. I gasp. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but it feels incredible.

“Holy shit, you gotta stop,” I caution, feeling my balls pull back tight against my groin. This is happening way too quickly. “Arjay, you have to slow down. Jesus, I’m gonna—AAAaaaah!

I try to pull out, to stop it before it happens, but it’s too late. Arjay grabs my bare ass with both hands and pulls me in. He takes my cock all the way back and it’s like his whole throat is caressing me, sucking me off all the way down within him. I gasp as the first wave of orgasm hits me and cum shouts down Arjay’s throat. He swallows, still clutching my cock with his throat. He pulls me in as wave after wave of ejaculate bursts out of me. I’ve never come so hard or so many times in my life, sweet Christ it’s incredible. Finally the waves cease, and I shudder.

Arjay’s throat releases my cock, which slides from his lips as he slowly stands to face me. My cock quivers, still fully hard and somehow hungry for more, despite that there can’t be a drop of cum left inside me. His eyes meet mine again, this time from a few inches above. His lips are wet with saliva and what might be my ejaculate.

“Sorry,” I apologize again, feeling this is my fault somehow. “That never usually happens to me.” I gesture weakly towards his crotch. “Do you want me to—”

He grabs my wrist before my hand gets close. I’m confused; I can see his own cock straining against his gym shorts beneath his belly, short and stubby yet possibly even fatter than mine. His balls, I realize, must be huge. Their outline pushes against his shorts even more prominently than the cock above them. Surely he wants to me to help him with those, after… all that.

Before I can suggest this or ask why he won’t let me touch him, he’s grabbed me by the back of my scalp. He pulls my face in and shoves his lips into mine. It’s every bit as aggressive and awkward a kiss as his blowjob began. He rams his tongue against the roof of my mouth so hard I think he’s trying to shove it down my throat. I taste the taste of my own cum on his breath, though it’s mingled with the scent and flavor of something else. Something sweet.

Then he pulls back and shoves me down where I’d just tried to go anyway. I’m not resisting. The taste of his kiss, however awkward, however forcefully strange, has left me hungry for more of him. My cock hasn’t softened even a little since the orgasm. It itches eager to be pleased again.

I pull down the elastic band of his shorts, see he’s not wearing anything beneath them. His dick pops out—a real cute chode of a dick, no question. Maybe not long enough for effective topping, but fat enough to look a fun mouth-toy. It stands to short, hard-as-rock attention above the biggest and roundest pair of balls I have ever seen. Darker than mine, they bulge full to bursting against the wrinkle-tight skin of his scrotum, which tapers down in a surprisingly shaved hairless trail towards his taint. The hair above his dick is well-trimmed too, a soft carpet on the crotch fat which presses up against his shaft. Can’t say I expected manscaping from a guy with this much post-prime frat boy vibe going for him.

He presses against the back of my head to push me into it, but there’s no need. I’m already leaning in to taste. I tease the sides of his chode first, though admittedly there’s not much surface length between the fat of his crotch and the dick’s head. I kiss my lips around its wideness before working my tongue’s tip around the edges of his uncut head. I long to peel back that foreskin with my fingers and lips, taste the precum already pooling at the tip. But I pace myself, moving down from his dick to taste those gargantuan testicles.

I bring my fingers to work here too. Tips caress the smoothness of those beautiful balls, so soft yet so firm beneath my touch. My other hand works its way towards his dick above. I run my tongue down his perineal ridge, and it’s that motion which finally gets a reaction out of him: he moans.

It’s a low throaty sound, a reluctant sound. Quiet, as though he’s ashamed of it. I don’t care. I take the hint to continue. I push my face between his husky legs, work my mouth and tongue along his smooth taint while my left hand—well, two fingers of it—works the base of his dick. My right hand I slide behind him to caress his ass.

God, that ass. I can feel the size of it beneath my palm, the roundedness of those cheeks full of muscle and padding. My fingers brush the little patch of hair at the small of his back, then work their way gently down along his smooth crack. He tenses at this, so I move my mouth back up to his dick to relax him. With both hands I explore his ass and taint now, half-massaging, half-gripping. I probe with one finger into the crack towards my target.

The second my fingertip brushes the edge of his asshole, he yanks my head back by the hair on my scalp and it fucking hurts. His other hand grips my right wrist and jerks my hand away from his hole.

I look up angry, frustrated, annoyed…only to soften when I see the look of fear in his big eyes. It’s the first emotion I’ve been able to read there. And there’s barely more than a flash of it before his expression again hardens. If I wasn’t sure this guy was a closet case before, I am now. Normally that’s a deal-breaker; I just don’t have the time for all that nonsense. But I feel sorry for him and, right now, I still want him. If that means ass play is off the table, whatever, so be it.

I nod up at him, forgiving the pain in my scalp he just inflicted. Though again it’s irrelevant, because he shoves my face back where it was. He puts his other hand on my cheek, makes his instruction clear now: he wants my mouth around his dick right this second. I close my eyes and oblige.

Taking the chode all at once is no problem, really. It’s hardly long enough to reach my soft palate even as I force my lips down to the base of it. It tastes musky, sweaty, a little sour and rank at first. I gather he’s played some basketball or something since his last shower. But there’s also a sweetness there, dripping from the tip. His precum tastes surprisingly like mine, that same nutty flavor I was reminded of when he kissed me. It’s even sweeter, though, almost like it’s tinged with honey. There’s the vague taste of something fruity there, something delicious. I wrap my tongue around his shaft, such as it is, and set about milking more from him. I work my mouth up and down with firm lips, wishing he could penetrate my throat farther than that stubby chode is capable of.

Then he does.

My eyes bulge wide at the surprise of the sensation. His dick fills my throat, seemingly twice as long and as wide again. My lips stretch out with the sudden girth of it. A second later I’m choking on it, trying and failing to grasp for air around it. I try to push myself back from his crotch with my hands against his thighs, but his hands grip my wrists like toothpicks and toss my arms aside effortlessly. I open my eyes to see even more of the shaft emerging from the folds before me. His stomach seems to loom so much larger above. I look up to see his face again with a new expression: he’s grinning. His smile looks impossibly large and yet so far away for some reason.

“Take it,” he says, his voice at once growling and booming—so loud I worry someone else outside the store might hear, however unlikely. Yet I obey. I close my eyes and do my best to accept the size of him I underestimated. I relax and let my throat fill with all of it.

I start to work my mouth up and down again, though it must not be fast enough for his liking. Again he grips my head with both huge meaty hands and shoves my head further down on his chode—no, his cock. His massive fucking cock. I’m powerless to resist when he starts thrusting. Balls slap against my chest—wait, my chest?—fatter and heavier than I could have imagined. I take more and more of his cock until I can’t take another inch of it. My neck feels like it might rip open around his girth. But it’s not enough for him. He rams his way even father down, filling the entirety of my bulging throat with his thickness.

I scream a cock-muffled scream of pain. Then it’s pleasure. Arjay moans, a deep rumble, and the next thing I know my mouth almost seems to explode with flavor. He thrusts in and out, filling my mouth and throat with a rush of ejaculate. He comes in waves, shivering. Then he presses me tight, and the waves intensify. Hot and sticky fluid pumps its way down my throat to my stomach, a balloon filled by a running garden hose. The more he comes in me, the sweeter I taste it, and the more I want of it. It’s so good, so ecstatically good I stop struggling and let him fill me. And he does. Sweet Christ, he does.

When he’s finally done, and the stream runs down, the first thing I feel is a hunger for more. “Don’t stop,” I whisper as he pulls his cock away, and with it the taste of that sweetness. That was better than the blowjob, I almost add, though it feels too strange a thing to say, even to think about. Strange, and insufficient; there’s no comparing the two experiences.

I open my eyes from my kneeling position to see the chode again a few inches from my face, looking shriveled and small. It’s hard to imagine why I perceived it or him as so much bigger than they were, in that prior moment. He’s bigger than me, sure, but not that much bigger. Even his massive balls look smaller and more ordinary now.

The mind plays strange tricks when it’s horny, I guess. Yet I’m somehow still very much horny.

He smiles at me—sort of, a lop-sided smile that might be more of a knowing leer. “I got what I needed,” he says, and turns away. “So did you, Jacob. You can leave out the front, once you’re dressed. It locks behind you.”

I kneel there naked on the linoleum, cock throbbing as I watch him walk back down the aisle towards the store room. I stand unsteadily and look down to see my stomach—washboard flat just a few minutes earlier—so bloated with the sweet cum it’s distended, sticking out far enough that my innie belly button is halfway popped to an outie. I rub my hand over my belly’s tightness experimentally. I’ve never felt so full and yet so hungry in my life.

When I hear the back door click shut, I grab my cock again and start furiously pumping. I stroke and stroke and think of Arjay’s throat again wrapped around my cock, hugging it, sucking it in. I imagine my lips again around that great girth of his, my throat filled with the impossible length of him as I perceived it. But no matter how long I stroke and how close I feel to coming, nothing happens. It’s like I’m stuck there right on the edge no matter how hard I try. My balls throb and tighten and ache to come, but they’re empty, there’s nothing left to give.

So I slowly, uncomfortably pull my pants back over my throbbing, raw-rubbed cock and aching balls. The size medium t-shirt barely fits back over my head with the sweater, my stomach’s so bloated. What a fucking night.

With awkward, stomach-sloshing steps, keeping my legs wide so as not to let my sensitive crotch rub against my thighs, I stumble my way back out to the waiting minivan.


Chapter Two: The Morning After

The next day proves a strange one. I wake up in my right-off-campus apartment groggy and bleary-eyed just in time for my 10 a.m. chemistry class—the last of my required core courses for graduation. But I don’t go to class. Instead of throwing off the covers, pulling on some shoes and sprinting across the quad with seconds to spare like I always do, I lie in bed and groan aloud at the ache from my balls. My cock throbs with morning wood, hard as bark. So hard it hurts. Christ, how am I still this horny? I must have come a half dozen times in my sleep dreaming of last night’s encounter.

I reach a hand beneath the sheets to fondle my crotch. I’m startled when my fingers touch testicles as swollen as I’ve ever felt them. My normally quail egg-sized balls feel as large beneath my fingers as, well, chicken eggs. My nutsack is stretched tight and smooth over them like it’s straining to accommodate the swelling. They don’t hurt to touch, necessarily. They’re sensitive, but in a good way. When I run my fingertips up from them to my throbbing cock, the cock almost feels shrunken. That’s just the comparison effect, I know…but as I wrap my fingers around the shaft I could swear it’s smaller. God though it feels amazing. I feel an overwhelming urge for release. So I cup one hand over my massive balls, keep the other around my cock, and go to work, never mind I’ll be late to my chemistry class. All I can think about is Arjay’s cock in my mouth last night, and his mouth on mine.

When I do come, it’s explosive—if nowhere near so explosive as yesterday’s. I moan with the sweet release it brings, savor it a few seconds. The bliss abates all too soon. Within a minute I’m hungry to come again, though my cock is already shrinking between my fingers. I throw off the sheet cover to take a look at the mess. I nearly double take. What the fuck?

My balls look every bit as big as they felt—maybe bigger. They’re darker than I can ever recall them looking too. My sack skin, ordinarily a pale grey-brown, is as deep a walnut brown as Arjay’s. My cock, too, has darkened, yet that’s hardly the most surprising thing about it—nor the fact of how much smaller it looks with my balls this enlarged.

I squeeze the tip of my cock’s head to make sure I’m not imaging it, but no, there’s no mistaking: it’s covered by foreskin. Foreskin I don’t have because my parents had the doctor cut it day one. Foreskins don’t just… regrow themselves, do they? Spontaneously? That’s not a thing that happens, ever, not that I’m aware of. But you can bet I’m going to Google it.

I run my fingers around the tip of my cock, now more sensitive in its completeness than ever. Experimentally I peel back the sheath to see my newly deep brown cock head poking free. That’s a foreskin, all right. When I release it, it slides right back over the head to leave only the slit exposed, and I shiver. It feels good this way. Right. Complete.

My snooze alarm sounds again. I glance at my phone on beside the bed, and shit, I’m already ten minutes late for chem. If I hurry now I might still make it before the TA marks me from late to absent. But my new uncut head feels so nice beneath my fingers, and I’m still not satisfied from that orgasm.

I flick my phone’s ringer off and get back to stroking.


Chapter Three: The Locker Room

The day doesn’t get any less strange as it goes. All through wrestling practice that afternoon, something feels off. I find myself slipping more than usual, struggling to establish a decent hold. My singlet feels loose over the shoulders, like I haven’t been pumping enough at the gym lately. All my wrestling team partners feel stronger. Even the ones I normally dominate are pinning me effortlessly. Danny, who’s not even in my weight class, gives me an odd look after I tap out from his chokehold and gasp in recovery. Some of our dripping sweat, mingled, gets into my mouth as his arm slides free of my face and neck. I sputter at the salty taste of it caught in my throat.

“You feeling all right, Park?” He asks, offering me a hand. I accept it, and his speckled white hand feels unusually huge around mine. “You’re not sandbagging me, are you? God, I’ve told you guys, I can handle it. Just ‘cause I’m a little smaller doesn’t mean you need to go easy on me.” He pulls me up so we’re face to face, his spiky red hair and freckled skin and green eyes about level with mine…which is fucking disorienting because I’m supposed to be five inches taller than Danny.

I turn away, panicking at the revelation and crouching a bit to hide the difference.

“I’ll be fine,” I say, hurrying for the edge of the mat. “Just need a little water, that’s all.”

“Better make that some Powerade!” he calls after me. “If you’re not sick, it’s probably just your blood sugar throwing you off.”

I wave a backhanded thanks, throw on my flip flops, and stumble out of the training area into the locker room. On my way to my locker, I nearly trip and fall; my foot lifts right clear of the flip flop. I slide it back on with a mumbled curse, only to stare down at my foot in disbelief. The toeless shoe dwarfs my foot, looking at least four or five sizes too large for me. I feel like a little kid trying to plod around the house in his dad’s sandals.

A few of the other guys at the far end of the locker room glance my way, each in various stages of undress. I mumble a “‘Sup” and nod as usual, like I’m busy and have to be somewhere. The guys return the gesture and resume their conversations; someone says something that gets them all laughing. I’m just glad they’re not standing right next to me. I reach down to grab my uselessly huge flip flops and hurry for my locker.

Oh my god, it hits me as I reach up for my combination lock. There’s no denying it. I’m reaching up for my combination lock, which is ordinarily at my shoulder level. As if to punctuate the revelation, my singlet slides clear off my shoulders. I’m standing naked with it bunched around my ankles, several sizes too large. Then the one thing that could happen to possibly make this situation worse happens: my newly uncut cock starts hardening. Whatever’s causing all this, whatever’s fucking shrinking me, it’s amping up the horniness I’ve felt all day to eleven. I have to get out of here before somebody notices.

Panicking, I get the locker open and pull down my gym bag, which is noticeably heavier than it was this morning. I fish for my towel to wrap around my waist and make my best effort to hide this boner. I’m soaked with sweat and in desperate need of a shower, but I can’t think of a worse place to be stuck if this keeps getting worse.

When I reach for my clothes and shoes, though, I see the problem. My t-shirt I could wear like a tent. But holding up the comically large jeans to my shrunken waist reveals there’s no way in hell I’d be able to keep these on—especially not without a belt, which I never wear and didn’t pack. And there’s no way my boxer briefs are staying on.

Fuck. Fuck fuck FUCK! I take a breath. It’s okay, I tell myself. I can wait this out. This happened so quickly, it’s gotta go away on its own after a little while, right? Something’s off about my reasoning. My mind’s running in so many circles, can’t think straight for shit.

The guys in the corner are shooting me some weird looks. I drop the jeans and throw them along with my gym bag back into the locker. Not knowing what else to do, I walk as fast as I can without running past the benches towards the shower area. Of course there are no curtains in the college gym showers, just wide-open stalls where bass asses hang out for all to see. Three of them are on display now—guys from the rugby club, if I had to guess from the size of those glutes and quads. Tall, muscle-bound, lathering their armpits and groins with those hands that look increasingly to me like the hands of giants. It’s a hot fucking scene and god I have never been so uncontrollably horny in a locker room.

As if on cue the towel slides off my shrinking waist to the wet floor, exposing my raging hard-on. Again, I panic. I look around for an exit, spot the sauna door, and dash into the I-hope-currently-empty steam room before anyone in the shower area can see my wood. It looks like I’m alone in here, thank Christ. I crank up the steam machine to get a good mist going, then hoist myself up onto the wooden bench above the tile.

For the first time since this nightmare started, I relax and let out a deep sigh. The steam’s heat seeps into my tired muscles, though it does nothing to relieve the pressure in my cock and balls. I slump back against the bench and realize my feet barely reach the floor. A short laugh escapes my throat at the absurdity of it all. No, this is beyond the absurd. This is fucking insane. Unsure what else to do about it, I slide my hand down to my shrinking crotch to alleviate the pressure the only what I know how. The result is immediately incredible. Every stroke feels better than the best sex I’ve had since…well, since last night, but that hardly counts.

Suddenly the sauna door opens. I half-slide, half-leap back into the corner of the bench against the wall to try and hide behind the opening door and the billowing steam.

“Hey, Park, you all right?” Danny’s speckled face and red hair appear within the mists of the sauna. He looks around, catches sight of me as I cross my legs and hunch amidst the steam to hide my boner. “There you are! Troy said he saw you run in here looking kinda freaked out.” He takes a step towards me, frowns to realize something’s off. “You doing okay, Jacob?”

He’s shirtless now, wearing only a towel, and I’m keenly aware of just how good his bare, pale-as-white meaty chest looks with that curly little patch of red hair at the sternum. Danny’s frame is all padded muscle, short and compact—or at least it was, from my old perspective. From where I slump now he looks practically hulking. Must be five, maybe six inches taller than me at least, which pegs me down at… fuck. I’ll be under five feet soon, at this rate. Then before long a fucking hobbit.

“I’m fine, Danny.” My shaking voice is less than convincing. “Really, thanks, it’s all good. Just gonna soak in the heat for a bit. Don’t you have a five o’clock to get to?”

“Fuck that,” he says, taking another step nearer. “It’s some basket-weaving elective anyway. You don’t look so good, Park. Why are you all hunched over like…Oh.” The last word drops like a bomb when he gets close enough through the steam to see my badly-concealed boner. “Ah, whoa, uh.” He avert his gaze. “Sorry man, I’ll just—Wait, since when you are uncut?” Suddenly he’s staring again, wide-eyed as he takes me in.

“Don’t worry about it,” I say through clenched teeth, feeling my face flush with more heat than the sauna stones. “A little privacy, if you don’t mind?”

“Dude, you’re like…small.” He leans over, sizing me. “Real small.” He then does the most humiliating thing I can think of: he crouches down to look at me eye-level. “You’re shrunken. What the fuck happened?” He places a hand on my shoulder, squeezing my trap like it’s nothing beneath his palm. Turns out this is even more embarrassing than the crouching.

“I don’t know, man,” I reply. “Something weird happened last night. I’m sure it’s just temporary. Like when your skin shrivels up form the pool,” I add weakly. What an obviously stupid analogy.

“What’d you do, piss off a leprechaun or something? Fuck some sort of vengeful genie?” My face must’ve given away how close to truth that might be, because Danny grins impishly. He slaps me across the shoulder—maybe a little harder than he means to, because it nearly knocks me off my perch on the sauna bench. “Shit, you were fucking around last night, weren’t you? That’s why you didn’t show at Sahir’s party.” He crosses his muscled hairy arms over his chest. “You sly dog.”

“It was just some online hookup,” I mumble, miserable. “No big deal.”

“Well hell, Jake, if you were jonesing so bad to get that dick wet, why didn’t you just let me know? I’d have sucked you off right at the party, if you’d asked.”

“Look, Danny, it’s not like that. It was just a one-time thing, I—” It takes a second, but I finally process his words. “Wait, the fuck you just say? What do you…how did you…”

“Know you were gay? I didn’t, until just now.” His smile widens. “But I’ve wanted to taste that cock of yours since, fuck, our first time wrestling, I guess. You have any idea how tempting it is to see that monster pushing through your gear, feel it rubbing up against my ass when you go for the guillotine?

“Well, former monster, I guess.” He reaches out and squeezes the tip of my shrinking cock between thumb and forefinger. I gasp, half in shock, half in pleasure. “Can’t be more than four, four-and-a-half inches now. I bet I could take the little guy up my tight virgin hole no problem.”

“Danny,” I say with a deep breath. My whole body’s shaking. “Are you fucking with me right now?”

“Just a little.” He stands up straight and drops his towel, revealing a shock of red pubic hair and his own rigid cock at my face level. “For one thing, I’m not a virgin.”

For the second time in twenty-four hours, a guy grabs me by the back of my head and shoves his piece eagerly in my face. I accept Danny’s hungrily. His furry legs brush my cheeks as he works his rod in and out of my mouth. I do my best to accommodate his (to me) newfound girth with my lips and tongue. I grab onto his pale five inch shaft with both hands, and it feels enormous. The steam cloud seems to rise and swell with the timing of our movements.

“Fuck, I can’t wait, I’m sorry,” says Danny. Next thing I know he’s grabbing me with both hands under my armpits and lifting me up off the bench to lay me down flat on my back. I just stare up in shock at how easily he manages it. He places a foot on the bench, climbs on and leers down at me. “I’ve gotta taste that cock of yours while there’s still some of it left to taste.” He flips around and positions his crotch over my face so we’re sixty-nining. His pink little balls—not so little to me anymore—dangle over my eyes as his blue-veined white cock slaps against my waiting lips again. It doesn’t taste half as good as Arjay’s magic dick last night, but fuck me, it tastes delicious.

Danny takes my junk in his mouth all at once—and I mean all of it, cock and my newly swollen balls. He works his soft lips up my shaft so slowly it’s almost maddening. When he finally reaches my cock head, he presses the tip of his tongue up against my slit and applies just enough pressure to it. I arch my back in ecstasy at the sensation. Next he’s working his tongue around my newly uncut foreskin, pushing it back from my head with his probing lips. I’m moaning. I’ve hardly stopped moaning. My jaw aches with the strain of all the cock I’m taking in it, filling my throat with.

“Fuck, you’re so cute like this,” Danny says with a slurp as he drops my cock from his mouth. “All those years of you kicking my ass on the mat out there. Now I could pick you up and toss you around like it was nothing.” He looks over his shoulder at me with that leering grin. For the first time I feel a little fear about this; it’s been a long time since I was this small and helpless. “Almost makes me wish I was into the top thing, but nah. I still want this prick of yours in me. First, though…” He pulls his cock free of my lips and adjusts himself so his pale taint and puckered pink asshole are right above my face. “First, I want you to earn it. Prove you deserve this fine ass, shorty. Show me you can handle it.”

He lowers his two furry cheeks down toward my face. I grab ahold and eagerly meet his taint with my tongue and lips. I do what I wasn’t permitted to do last night and explore his hole first with my fingertips. He’s tight, all right. Virgin or no, he wasn’t lying about that part. Tight enough he might still make a comfy fit for my fast-shrinking cock. I test the way with my tongue. He tastes salty, bitter with ass sweat still from our time on the mat. Clearly Danny hasn’t had the chance to shower off either. Lucky me. I can’t get enough of the taste of his effort. His victory. His taut-muscled bod and beefy ass teaching me a well-deserved lesson.

Danny pulls the prize away all too soon. Yet not all is lost. He reverses position again to look straight down on me and rest his throbbing cock against mine. “You just about ready for this?” he asks as he rubs his taint up my shaft, then teases my head with his ass as he slowly gyrates.

Panting, I manage to return his smile. “How did I…never guess you were…such a twisted little cum slut?”

He snorts. “You’re one to call anybody ‘little’ right now, half-pint. That’s ‘power bottom’ to you. Now get that dick of yours in me while there’s still enough left to feel.” He grabs my cock and, with only the pooling pre-cum around my head for lubricant, leads me up inside of him. Both of us gasp with pleasure as he lowers his ass down my shaft to my balls, cowboy style. Shrunken or no, I can still feel pleasure across every inch of my fat little dick. And Lord alive is it cozy inside Danny’s pucker.

“Fuck me,” I whisper as he works his ass lips up and down my shaft.

“Uh huh.” He pauses, clenching his cheeks around my cock in a way that’s downright tantalizing. I need him to keep riding me, need to keep going. But when I try to thrust up into him he pushes me down by the stomach and leans in close. “Beg for it, bitch,” he whispers right in my ear.

“Please,” I manage, sounding as desperate to finish as I feel. “Please, Danny. I need your ass right now. Please, please just fuck me.”

“You wish is my command, little guy.” His lips meet mine as his ass undulates up and down my cock with wave after wave of pleasure.

“Ffffuuuuuuck,” I gasp, and he moans. I thrust my hips up to meet him. Again and again we push in sync, deeper and deeper as his cheeks slap against my waiting sack. “Shit, Danny, I’m gonna come.”

“Then come, bitch.” He grabs his own ruddy cock and strokes furiously. “See if you can still fill a real man.”

“Ahh my god, here it—hnng,” I catch my breath just in time to catch Danny’s load shooting all over my face, in my mouth. The bitter-sweet taste of his cum pushes me the rest of the way over the edge. My cock explodes into Danny, my newly fattened balls pumping load after load up his anus. He squeezes his cheeks tight, refusing to let go. His clenching ass pulls me further up and into him as he milks me. With one last orgasmic shudder, I fall back flat on the bench and relax.

“Holy fuck,” he whispers, staring down at me. “Your body.”

“I know, right?” I chuckle with a final full-body shiver. “It’s pretty great.” I close my eyes and let them roll back into their sockets.

“No, Park—Jacob, you’re shrinking again. And fast!”

Oh god. I open my eyes and look down with a reawakened terror. There’s no denying it. Centimeter by centimeter my limbs are shortening as all of Danny appears to expand. My cock, still hard as anything, slips free of his hole looking like a doll’s dick by comparison with Danny’s dripping monster of a cock above. Every second his head and chest loom larger above mine, more and more intimidating.

“It’s not just me shrinking,” I say, astonished to realize it. “Look at the bench. Danny, you’re getting bigger.”

He looks around with equal astonishment, recognizes the growing size of his hands against the sauna bench. He slides off the bench from above me and stands, towering. He holds up his hands before him while I try to gauge his new height and size. It’s hard to tell from my shrinking vantage, but the former 5’6” featherweight must be pushing a 6’2” heavy, and growing.

“Holy shit,” he says breathlessly. “I’m huge.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far. But you’re getting there. It’s like the more I shrink the more you—” I cut myself off, terrified by the implications of what I’m saying.

“…The more size I take from you,” he finishes my thought. Fuck. I do not like the glint in his eye right now. He stares down at me thoughtfully for a moment. Hungrily. I sit up straight and do my best not to look so tiny, but if anything this probably just accentuates my increasingly dwarf-like scale as I slip down into the four foot something range. “I think we better get you back to my apartment,” he says slowly, his tone measured. “No telling what will happen if anyone on campus sees you like this. They’ll probably call the CDC or something, lock you up in some lab for study.”

“I’m a freak,” I observe aloud as it dawns on me. “A weird little freak.”

“Well, sure, maybe kinda.” He smiles that wide impish smile again, a huge expression with his new size—and my lack thereof. He crouches close again, looming over me. This time it’s his flaccid cock that hangs at my eye-level. The soft shaft is the length of my face. “But you’re my weird little freak, bud. Don’t you worry. I’ll be sure to take real good care of you.”


Chapter Four: Danny’s Place

The shrinking slows by the time Danny sneaks me out of the sauna, has me crawl and curl up inside his duffle-like gym bag. It’s uncomfortably hot and tight even at my new size. The fact that it doesn’t get any less snug as he jostles me in darkness across the campus tells me my shrinking must have stopped altogether. For now.

“Watch it!” I cry out at one point when his knee spikes my ribs through the canvas.

“Keep it down,” comes his muffled whisper from above. “We’re not even clear of the quad yet.” It’s hard to hear much of anything from inside the gym bag, so I’ll have to take his word for it.

By the time we stop and I hear a door lock clicking, I’m battered and bruised from the multi-story trip up what I assume was his apartment’s staircase. The door slams shut behind us, and a latch bolt slides into place what sounds like a few feet above my head. Danny starts walking again, stops to open another door, and next thing I know I’m being tossed onto something soft and springy—I assume a bed.

“Let me out of here!” I hiss, finally losing my battle with the claustrophobia. I pull at the zipper track in the darkness, though it’s impossible for me to get the thing open from within.

Danny takes his time opening the zipper. He’s already undressed again when I finally get my head free of the gym bag and suck in fresh air. I can’t tell whether it’s comforting or not that he mirrors my nakedness.

“Hey there, little guy. Sorry about the bumpy ride. Welcome to the Danny Butler abode.”

I look around and take in the messy apartment. It’s a fairly typical one, as college rooms go. Scattered clothing covers most of the floor and the two chairs—one real, one an oversized bean bag. Empty beer bottles across the window sill and on the writing desk are the only “decoration” besides the grunge band posters above the mattress. I say “mattress,” not bed, because it’s lying right on the floor, with me and my carrier bag plopped down right at its center. It’s only a twin-sized mattress, I’m pretty sure, but it might as well be a California king to me.

“My roommate’s studying abroad,” says Danny, plopping his bare ass down on the duvet beside me. “Edinburgh or something, I think.” He says Edinburgh like eddin-burg, which seems like something everyone ought to know how to pronounce by now. Maybe Danny’s more of the stereotypical jock than I realized.

“It’s ‘Edinburgh,’” I correct him instinctively, getting the vowel sounds of the city’s name right. I immediately regret doing this, because he puts a hand on my head and ruffles my hair like a dog who’s just done a cute trick.

“Look at you, little Wikipedia,” he says with a smile. “Well, regardless, my roomie’s gone all semester. So your secret’s completely safe here. Just you and me.” He slides his huge hand down my neck and back in what’s probably supposed to be a comforting way. I shiver, and I’m not sure whether it’s from pleasure or fear. A little bit of both, maybe. “Now, why don’t we pick up where we left off?” He leans in to nip at the top of my ear.

“Danny, I can’t,” I say hoarsely, sitting rigid as his giant’s mouth kisses its way across my cheek to reach mine. “I think it’s the sex that’s shrinking me. The contact, somehow. It started when I got real horny wrestling with you, and it sped way the hell up we came in each other. I don’t know why.” I frown and try to concentrate on the details of last night—that bizarre sequence when I seemed to shrink temporarily for Arjay. “Something to do with exchanging our fluids, I think. Maybe.”

His lips don’t stop kissing me. I try to push his hand away when he reaches for my crotch, but he has no trouble ignoring my feeble efforts. His touch awakens my tiny cock again, shorter now even than Danny’s thumb.

“I can’t afford to get any smaller, Danny. We can’t risk it!”

“Sure we can,” he says, soothing. Then he lifts me up by the armpits, plants my ass on his sprawling chest as he lies back on the mattress so I’m straddling him. I feel his fingers probing, pulling my ass cheeks apart. Then he shoves the tip of a finger—probably just his pinky—up my hole, and I cry out like I’ve just been raw-dogged by Leo Alexander. My cock springs immediately erect.

“Danny…” I plead, my voice weak with pain and pleasure alike. “Don’t.” I’m not sure I really want him to stop. “Please don’t make me come again.”

“Oh, I won’t make you do anything,” he says, working his meaty finger in a circle to massage my prostate. My eyes force themselves shut at the ecstasy of it. I can’t help but groan. “You’re going to be begging to come, by the time I’m done with you. Then we’re gonna fill each other up, and start over. Again and again, until I’ve had all of you.” He reaches his other hand to my chin, lifts it up so when I open my eyes I’m looking into his. “And you’re free to leave any time you like, just remember! All you gotta do is open the door.”

I look back over my shoulder at the bedroom door—and, more importantly at the latch about five and a half feet up it. A latch I would already have to strain on my tip toes to reach and manage. If he takes any more height from me…

I groan again at the sudden burst of sweet agony when Danny shoves his finger up my ass to his knuckle. Whatever thought I was just thinking is lost. All my panic slips away into ecstasy. Ecstasy, and a hunger to taste him, to have more.

Over and over tonight he plays with me, teases me, finger-fucks me and has me do my best to fuck him, though my cock is soon too small for the challenge. Every time we reach climax, he makes sure I receive the full throatful of his cum as he eagerly sucks in mine. Every time we do it, there’s less of me, and more of him. An exchange of my strength and size for his…well, I’m not sure what I’m getting out of it, besides indescribable pleasure. And right now I’m too hungry for more to care.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I wake up the next morning to the hot breeze of an alien landscape. Whatever surface I’m lying on is firm yet soft, pale as white. Long red grasses rise up around me, coil over my skin like a fur blanket. My head rests on a perfect pink pillow, spongy and warm. It’s a nipple, comes the awful revelation. I sit up in a cold sweat to recognize where I am.

Danny’s body stretches out around me in every direction. I’m sitting with my bare ass on the base of his pec. His cock rises up in the south to the distance, flopping over like a great pink tree split by lightning. Another field of red hair like prairie grass lies beneath it.

Another blast of hot breeze passes over me. I turn north to see Danny’s sleeping face, his head resting against a stack of enormous pillows like the base of a hill. His slow, steady breaths are my wind. The freckles running across his cheeks and nose appear each the size of my palm.

Okay, it’s not quite that bad, I tell myself as I stand and take in the scale of it. My mind was exaggerating things a little. The areola beneath me is only about the width of my foot, which means I must still be about eight inches tall. I do my best to breathe, to stay calm. I nearly stumble at first, when I take a step northward; it’s tough to get a firm foothold on Danny’s flesh. The terrible thought of falling and waking him helps me steady. Who knows whether this could be my last chance to get out of here? I drop to my knees instead and crawl.

Danny shifts a little when I reach his neck. I freeze just long enough for him to still. Following some instinct from who knows where, I reach out a hand to the largest artery on his neck to check his pulse. The carotid pulses huge and hot beneath my palm. I can feel his heart beat beneath my feet too, now that I’m listening for it. The beats come far slow and far apart. I take this to mean he’s still sleeping deeply, REM phase maybe. It means I could have a chance.

I head southward, crawling as fast as I dare for his feet and the foot of the bed. When I pass his crotch, though, something draws my attention, makes me stop. His cock, at this size…Christ, it’s mesmerizing. Even soft, the thing’s as long as I am tall, and several times thicker than me all around. His balls have become enormous pink mounds, each big enough for me to comfortably lie on. How big must Danny be now, all told?

Most stunning of all is the cock’s head: a giant mushroom-shaped thing, glans glistening red. The slit looks nearly wide enough I could fit my hand in it if I kept my palm flat. A small drizzle of precum pools out from it onto Danny’s leg in a wet puddle. Heat radiates off that dick head with a musk so intense it seems to wash over me even inches away on his abs.

Something comes over me as I breathe in that scent. The hunger floods me, become me. I know I have to have that huge cock, have to know it. I can’t leave without one last taste of that cum. The shrinking only seems to happen when we both ingest each other’s load, right? Well, I’ll just have to make sure this one’s one-sided. So long as I’m careful, Danny will stay asleep throughout my tasting, and enjoy a wet dream as it looks like he’s already been doing.

I make my way down Danny’s treasure trail to the waiting cock. At first it’s almost too much to take in, this close. I reach a tentative hand out to caress the shaft. It’s so warm. It reacts to my small touch right away and begins engorging with blood. Encouraged, I plop down on my ass and slide myself forward through the soft tangle of pubes so I’m straddling Danny’s cock. I throw my arms and legs around it to take it in a bear hug. It’s growing so rapidly it becomes a struggle for my fingers to meet on the other side.

I rub my own micro-cock up against him—a tiny thing to the world, maybe, but still plenty big enough for me at this size to feel the joy. Danny’s cock rises fully turgid now, pulsing hot. I press my face against the purple vein running down its surface which is now even thicker than my arm. I feel the throbbing of his pulse and sync my movement to it, grinding and thrusting my little dick against his monster cock.

Fuck, I need more.

Possessed by a sudden urge, I shimmy and haul myself up the cock like I’m one of those farmers in the tropics shimmying their way up the trunk of a palm tree. I reach the pulsing head above, and my weight—such as it is—is enough to pull the shaft down toward his abs. My feet rest on either side of Danny’s belly button as I use all my upper body strength to hold his cock down. The slit of his head glistens invitingly before my crotch. I line up my own tiny dick, take a deep breath, and shove it into his waiting slit.

What awaits me is a slice of heaven. My dick slides in with the ample lubricant of Danny’s precum, and the inside of his cock is as warm and smooth and tight as the most welcoming asshole. I go slow at first, still afraid of waking him. With each thrust his cock quivers, awakening to its own excitement, and I pick up my pace with the thrusting. In and out, and in out, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than inside of him and oh god, here it comes again.

I clench my ass and suck in a breath with the explosive pleasure that follows. My dick climaxes into Danny, and his cock responds in turn. There’s only the briefest vibrating warning before his ejaculate comes shooting out with the force of a firehose. It splatters all over me, bathes me, fills my mouth before I can even close it. Too late, I realize the implications of that. No no no, I mouth silently, even as my whole body screams yes, yes, YES.

The shrinking starts almost immediately. Danny’s cock springs back to its natural position with me on it, my weight no longer enough to hold it down. Roping strands of cum fly off of me as the cock vibrates, a bull bucking its rider. I hang on for dear life, not wanting to be flung clear of it to who knows where. The cock pulses and grows beneath me until its shaft is too wide for my legs to straddle.

I estimate I must be six inches tall at most now, down from eight. How many more can I lose till there’s nothing left of me? Will it stop? What happens when I’m small enough to be food for some microbe?

“Morning, Jakey,” the voice booms from above me, and the future is the least of my problems. I lift my head unwillingly to see the giant face of Danny leering down. Even adjusting for my perspective, his stocky body is unthinkably huge now, arms and legs dangling over the side of the mattress. He must be close to seven feet tall. “Looks like Park’s been a busy little boy. And here I was worried you might decide to dash while I was asleep.”

I swallow, which does nothing to dislodge the dry lump filling my throat. “Hi, Danny. I was, uh, just a little hungry.”

His grin widens. “Oh, I think we can do something about that. But first,” he says, reaching down with a hand that casts a shadow over me. “It looks like you could use a little bath.”

I brace myself to be picked up so effortlessly. Being nestled against his palm is simultaneously so vulnerable a position, yet so comforting. I’ve never felt safer or more exposed. When he lifts me up before his waiting red mouth, I rethink the “safer” part.

Next thing I know his lips are all around me, sucking me right up to my chest. His tongue wraps around my waist, rough and wet. It slaps coarse against my cock and balls, painfully, pleasurably. Then everything around me is dark, and I give myself over, helpless.


Chapter Five: The Human Dildo

My “bath” concluded, Danny decides it’s time we both get a proper shower. As he stands, he plops me down on his semi-stiff cock for a ride from the mattress to the bathroom. This space is every bit as haphazard as the bedroom. Clothes and toiletries twice the size of my body lie scattered about the sink and on the basin of the toilet. The flimsy white trash can—maybe twice my height of six inches—is half-lined with a plastic CVS bag, and overflowing.

Danny pulls the curtain back from the shower and places me unceremoniously atop an overturned shampoo bottle on the shower floor. He turns on the water, and immediately I throw my arms up against the torrent. I gasp at its freezing cold.

“Ah, sorry, little guy. That’s gotta sting a bit at your size. Here!” He places his enormous foot against the shampoo bottle and slides me over to the edge of the shower floor, outside the direct flow of water. Now I’m even colder. I huddle and shiver, feel my junk shriveling up as close as it can get to inside of me. “Try this,” Danny instructs as he adjusts the shower knob, fills up a soap dish with water and places it down beside me. I try my toe tentatively. It’s nice and warm. “Slide on in,” he suggests or commands. I obey.

I soak in the heat of my mini makeshift tub as I take in the sight above. Danny is comically large for the space, what with all the mass he stole from me. The height of the shower head barely reaches his broad muscular shoulders. He knocks a bar of soap down from a rack at one point, clearly still adjusting to his new body. He winks down at me and mouths a “whoops” before turning back to his shower rituals.

Danny cleans himself slowly, languidly, almost like he’s putting on a show for me. He massages his scalp before moving to his armpits, scrubbing up and down and turning with raised arms to give me the full 360º view of those hairy pits—and the rest of him. He runs his hands down his mostly smooth chest and stomach before reaching his hairy thighs.

When he bends over to wash his legs, his turns his back to me as though to make sure I have a full view of his spread ass up above. I stare into that pink-lipped hole of his surrounded by wet fire-red hair. The hole puckers—deliberately or reflexively, I can’t tell—as though inviting me into it. For a second I’m nearly overcome with the urge to dash across the shower floor, climb one of those musclebound legs by the hairs, and slide myself into those depths.

“Get a good view of your next destination?” Danny asks to my horror, as though he’s read the sick thought in my mind. “Good. You’re such a sweet little dildo-sized man right now. We have to take advantage of that. Imagine, a living dildo.” He turns and gives me a second wink along with his wide white grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll get the space good and clean for you.”

He proceeds to do that, spreading his cheeks with one hand and pulling down the shower head with his other to start douching. I shudder to imagine what’s in store for me, if he’s even half-serious. Looks like I’ll soon find out.

With his shower finished, Danny grabs the nearest crumpled towel, dries his hair and pats himself down with it. He pays extra attention to his pubes, fluffing up the red shock of hair there vigorously. I learn the reason why a second later when he picks me up by my waist and dumps me atop his cock again with only the pubes to dry me. We reach the bedroom again all too soon.

I catch my breath in terror as Danny turns and lets himself fall backward onto the mattress. The rush of air feels to me like that of a backwards rollercoaster or one of those free-falling tower rides. When he hits the mat I go tumbling off his cock, bouncing and rolling to a stop at his pecs with my ass in the air above me.

Danny laughs and reaches down to stroke my taint with his fingertip. “Limbering up a bit first in prep? Good. You’ll need all your wrestling skills in there, I imagine. Maybe some spelunking ones too.”

“Danny,” I plead again as my dick hardens from his successive strokes. “Please don’t make me do this. I can’t go in there.”

“Oh, I think you can,” he says softly, though his finger presses uncomfortably firm against the base of my dick. I’m all too aware how little effort it would take him to press a little harder and seriously hurt me. “First, though, let’s lube you up a bit.” He grabs a bottle of something golden from the shelf beside his bed. When he squirts a hefty pool of it on his palm, I see from the label it’s body oil.

“You’re a talented little guy, Park,” he continues as he spreads the body oil all over me with his fingers and palms. “And I know you’ll figure out a way to give us both the time of our lives in there. Besides,” he says, “you’re more flexible than you think like this.”

And then he does something horrifying. He grasps my dick between his thumb and forefinger, and he lifts me straight up in the air, dangling by my junk.

I cry out, expecting excruciating pain and for my dick to rip away from the weight of my body. Yet neither happens. It’s awkward and uncomfortable flailing there, helpless, sure. But as firm as Danny’s grip is, it’s not quite painful.

“See? Being shrunk like this makes you a little more durable, in some ways. Think of how you can toss an ant off a tall building and it lands totally fine. Pretty soon you might even be able to survive underwater, you need so little air to breathe at this size.” He taps his temple with a finger. “Now who’s the thoughtful one?”

“Please don’t drop me,” I beg, slowly rotating as he twists my dick between his fingers. “I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Oh, I don’t want to force you, Jacob!” He sets me down on the mattress between his legs, just a few inches shy of his enormous sack and towering cock. “It’s only fun if you’re into it. Buuut,” he adds with a sigh, “I imagine things will get a little awkward here if you’re not. You might have to find someone else’s apartment to crash in, keep you cared for. Remember, door’s that way!” He lifts his leg to gesture across the room with his big toe. When he sets his leg down, he rolls over so he’s lying flat on his stomach and I’m staring up at his pink taint and ass crack. The mountain I’m expected to climb if I want to remain here in relative safety.

I look back up to the distant doorknob, impossibly high for me to have a hope of climbing to. Not that it will matter long; if I shrink any further I could probably squeeze under the crack beneath the door.

But what then? The thought of finding somewhere better to wait out my condition seems impossibly distant. Where could I even go? Who would take me in that wouldn’t ship me off to the CDC or something for testing and experiments, like a plague victim or a freak? Besides, this is a shitty old apartment building with twisting halls and God knows how many staircases between me and the ground floor. I don’t want to think about the possibility of running into a rat at my size—or, possibly even worse, someone’s cat.

I turn back to my only other option: the climb up Danny’s taint to the hole he’s prepared for me. The lips of that hole quiver as he wiggles his ass demonstratively. Almost like it’s winking at me. Inviting me. Like it wants me. And I can lie to myself all I want, but my throbbing dick knows the truth: I want it too.

I get a running start to the base of Danny’s taint, launch myself off his sack and haul myself up by his waiting ass hairs. The climb isn’t long or difficult. The smell of his crack is Irish Spring-clean. His taint quivers with anticipation beneath my bare hands and feet. I prop myself up so my head is just before the entrance, and I’m staring into its puckering lips. Their pink here is so bright against the milk white of his ass, it’s astonishing. I take a deep breath and, headfirst, I crawl in.

Immediately I can feel Danny’s lips and cheeks drawing me in, forcing me deeper into the total darkness. I’m surrounded by slick muscled moistness and warmth. I nearly panic, wondering if I’m going to be able to back out again before suffocating…only to realize I’m breathing just fine. Danny was right: apparently at this size my body doesn’t require a whole lot of oxygen.

There’s a deep, rumbling sound from somewhere beyond. After a moment I realize it’s Danny, moaning. I pause there as my feet slip all the way in behind me, wondering if it’s safe to go deeper. This must’ve ticked Danny off, because next thing I know there’s one of his giant fingers up his ass jabbing my own tiny ass to prod me forward.

“Fuck off, Danny. I get the hint,” I shout, knowing full well he can’t hear me. “I’ll find your fucking G-spot, if that’s what you want so bad.”

I shimmy on oiled elbows and knees to wedge my way forward, wriggling at the waist as though escaping a wrestling hold. As I move, the pressure of the walls feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s incredible. It enfolds me, caresses me, rubs with incomparable softness and firmness against my cock. You belong here, my body tells me. We could stay forever here in the warmth and dark.

No, we couldn’t, I remind myself. I grit my teeth and fight my way further up and in. My head presses against a large, semi-firm lump of some kind. Danny’s full-body shiver confirms I’ve found the sweet spot—the motherlode of all his pleasure. I twist so I’m fully facing the prostate, free my arms to press my hands up against it. Then I start the massage.

Danny’s ass shakes and vibrates around me, vibrating me. He clenches and releases as I massage him, squeezing me in tight between seconds of sweet relief. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls out of him, through him, through me. The prostate twitches beneath my palms, against my face, and I know we’re close. The dark, warm world quakes around me, violently caressing me in Danny’s enormous orgasm. My dick can’t take it anymore either, and I loose my tiny load here inside Danny’s anus.

Suddenly I feel a set of giant fingers grabbing me by the ankles, tugging me. Danny’s hand yanks me out of his asshole just in time to see him furiously jerking off his cock with the other. He rises on his knees, and the shadow of that massive cock looms above me. He lifts me before his crotch so I’m staring right down at that familiar slit.

“Danny, don’t!” I cry out, too late. I struggle to free myself from his fist, but it’s hopeless. I can’t even push aside one finger.

Cum shoots from his cock like a fountain, splashing into me, covering me. I sputter and choke, doing my best not to swallow, but the stuff is in my nose, my eyes; it’s all over me. When I gasp for air, there’s still cum there, showering me again with the pressure of a fire hose.

It’s over after a short moment. But by then I know it’s too late. Already Danny’s grip is loosening as more and more of me shrinks away. I’m far shorter than the width of his massive palm—probably no more than three inches now. Maybe less, though it’s hard to tell.

I want to cry, to curl up against the anguish, yet something tells me to hold it in. It tells me this is my one chance to get free. Danny’s eyes are closed in his bliss. He falls slowly back onto his pile of rarely-washed pillows. As he does, I slip free of his hand. He doesn’t even seem to notice as I, still oil- and cum-slick, slide through his fingers down the base of his palm and plummet down to the mattress. The comforter breaks my fall, though I get the sense Danny was right—not even a fall out the window would hurt me, as tiny and weightless as I am now.

As Danny dozes off, thoroughly satisfied, I make my mad dash across the mattress. Sliding down the sheet over the side, I reach the floor, glance around, and keep running. There’s so much debris in here, so many discarded clothes and boxes and spaces beneath thrift store dressers, that I have my pick of places to hide. I’m not ready to venture out into the world beyond the apartment door—not yet. I need to rest first and hope I might somehow regain some size. So for now, I’ll find a quiet dark space out of sight from my colossal captor, and I’ll hide.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

If I grow at all in the days that follow, it’s too small and gradual an effect to notice. Danny searches frantically for me the first morning, calling out in fear that I might be hurt or lost or shrunk clear away.

He’s just afraid he’s misplaced his new favorite sex toy, I think to myself bitterly as I watch from the shadows on the floor beneath his dresser. Yet the look on his titanic face does seem to be one of concern. Maybe he does really care about me, in his own fucked up way. I couldn’t control the strange cock-hunger that led me to this. Why should I be surprised he couldn’t either? Especially with the temptation of all that size he took. In his shoes, I don’t know that I could have resisted either.

Eventually Danny gives up ransacking his room in search of me. Before leaving for class or practice or wherever, he sets a paper plate with a giant bologna-and-cheese sandwich down with a post-it note beside on the floor. The outer apartment door clicks shut. Once I’m sure he’s gone, I scurry out from my hidey-hole to get me some of that sandwich. I’m starving. Yet it barely takes more than the tiniest corner of the thing to fill me up. This sandwich could feed dozens of little freaks my size.

As I pull off my last fist-sized hunk of meat and cheese and mayo, I look over to the post-it on which Danny’s left a chicken-scratch message.


Well, I suppose that’s something. Not enough for me to reveal myself when he gets home that evening, but it’s something. He searches the room again, a little less frantically or thoroughly this time, before sighing and falling back on his mattress, fully-clothed. He pulls his cock out from his undersized gym shorts half-idly and starts stroking. It makes me wonder what folks on campus thought about his freakish new height, or that enormous pink monstrosity hanging out from his pants in the locker room. I picture him showering there, towering over the rest of the wrestling team after dominating them on the mat. And I realize I’ve been unconsciously stroking along, following Danny’s lead across the room on his bed. When I come and watch him come, it doesn’t feel half as good as when we do it together. Yet while it doesn’t quite sate the cock-hunger I still feel, it helps me control it.

We go on like this for three days, by the end of which Danny has stopped looking for me completely. He still sets out fresh food each morning, though, so I’m in no danger of starving…or resorting to the moldy potato chip crumbs I found under several different articles of furniture. It’s not much of a life, and I start to worry I’m never going to grow back out of it. But at least I don’t shrink any smaller.

Then, on the night before the fourth day, I receive an unexpected visitor.


Chapter Six: The Visitor

I’ve been alone all evening—even more alone than usual. Danny, as far as I know, is downstairs at another upperclassman’s apartment. I can hear the sounds of the party from here, the heavy bass music occasionally vibrating the floor boards. It’s hard to enjoy the music knowing what I’m missing. I try to entertain myself with what few books Danny has lying around instead. The activity doubles as a workout with all the effort it takes me to climb and turn the pages.

Around mid-evening, a knock sounds from the main room’s front door. There’s only the one set of knocks—rap rap rap—before a moment’s silence, then the sound of something metal scratching and clicking. I hear the door creak open. I panic, abandoning my book to run back under the dresser.

“Jacob?” comes a familiar voice that’s not Danny’s. “Jungblood1990?” it adds tentatively.

Arjay?? I realize with a shock. What the hell is he doing here? Did he find me, somehow? And what could he possibly want?

The bedroom door opens, and it’s indeed Arjay who enters—a giant from my perspective beneath the dresser. He’s dressed a lot better than he was last weekend: button-up blue silk shirt and grey wool slacks with black leather shoes beneath—Allen Edmonds, maybe. He steps towards the center of the room and closes the door behind him.

“It’s all right, Jacob,” he calls out, looking skeptically around the disastrous bedroom. “I know you’re here somewhere. We have a connection.” A connection? From that one weird hookup? What the hell is he talking about? “It’s your cock,” he adds, as though reading my mind’s questions. “Well, my cock more specifically. And my sack. We traded the other night, and I can sense you’ve been busy with it. See?”

As if to demonstrate, he unzips his pants and pulls out a hefty seven-inch cut cock. My cock, I recognize immediately, with that same grey-brown skin and faintly purple head that looks so out of place against Arjay’s far darker brown tone. His balls, too, are not the enormous round and dark sack they were that night—the kind I have now—but the same balls I had had my whole life since adolescence, right down to the left hanging a little lower than the right.

What in God’s name is going on? My mind races to understand.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Arjay insists. “I sensed you using the cock over and over, way more than I would have expected so soon. And I knew you wouldn’t understand what you’re doing. I felt bad about not explaining.” He slowly turns as he talks, as though certain I’m in the room yet uncertain where exactly to address me. “I only meant to borrow yours for a little while, see. I thought we would meet up again this week. But you never returned my text messages.” How could I? My phone is back in my locker. Even if I had it with me now, the phone would be too heavy for me to flip open. “I guessed something like this must have happened.

“You’re very small now, aren’t you?” He continues. “That can easily happen. That cock, those balls, they are very special, you see. They can give traits away, or exchange them. If you really know what you’re doing, they can even take traits for themselves without giving up anything in return at all. I can show you how to use them. We can make you bigger again, if you like.”

My ears perk up at that last bit of news. This all sounds absolutely crazy. A magic crotch which can trade body traits? Fucking ridiculous. Absurd. But what else would explain what’s happened to me, the bizarre turn my life has taken since I met Arjay? And if he’s telling the truth—which it sounds like he is—he might be my only chance of ever being normal again. I don’t know what else to do but trust him.

“I’m right here,” I squeak pathetically as I step out naked from under the dresser. Arjay turns to look down at me, and his lips twist into a wry grin.

“There you are.” He takes three thunderous steps towards me, drops to his knees, and leans down so his huge face is just above me. “Oh my. You’ve been very busy indeed.” He reaches out a single finger to touch the tip of my—his?—tiny chode. I shiver at the pleasure of the touch, throw my hands over my crotch to hide the humiliation of my sudden hard-on. “It’s all right.” He laughs. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. I have been in exactly your position before. Unlike you, I was born with that special cock, but I was not born knowing how to use it.”

“You said I…can be big again?” I ask hopefully, feeling a little bolder in the situation.

“You can.” He nods. “Though you will need to find the size somewhere. That may be difficult in your…present condition.” He must notice my face gone crestfallen, because he hurries to add, “Don’t worry. We can do a little something about that first. Then we’ll find whatever greedy fool took all the size from you. There are ways of getting it back. But first.” He stands up and starts unbuttoning his shirt before tossing it over the desk chair. Next he removes his white undershirt, freeing his ample belly and muscled chest with a jiggle.

“What are you doing?” I ask as he undoes his belt and strips off his fancy black dress shoes. “I can’t have sex with you,” I insist frantically. “Look at me! And even if I could, that’ll just shrink me further.”

“Not necessarily,” he says as he drapes his trousers on the desk. “We can also use sex to give you size.” He pulls down his boxer briefs, letting his cock—my old cock—swing free. Next thing I know he has scooped me up in his hand and is taking us to the mattress. He reclines back on the bed against the pillows and places me gently aboard his big round belly.

“I know this can be a little frightening,” he says as he strokes my back gently with his finger. “Yet I promise you: it will work. All you have to do is perform the right steps, and perform them with purpose.”

“But how do I know what those are?”

He smiles. “I will tell you. Now…” He lifts me by the nape of his neck between his fingers, like a mother cat hauling one of her kittens. At my size, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. Arjay sets me down on his ball sack—my former sack—before the soft looming giant that is his new cock, and my old one. The cock I’ve fondled and pleasured who knows how many thousands of times before. From here, it’s a whole new perspective.

“All you must do first,” says Arjay, “is bring me to climax. Taste my cum. Take as much of it into you as you can.”

“How do I do that?” I sputter. “I can’t even fit my arms around that thing.”

“You will manage. That part, you must learn for yourself. You have given up so much of yourself, let yourself become a very small thing. Now you must find a way to deal with it.” He lays back and closes his eyes, waiting. I eye the semi-stiff monster of a cock, and swallow.

Well, nothing else for it. This better not be some sick joke to humiliate me, Arjay. If this shrinks me again…I can’t think about that. I get to work.

I start by hugging the base of the cock, rubbing my arms up and down the sides of it. I was right; there’s no way at this size I can wrap myself around it.

“Have you started?” Arjay asks with a bit of a smirk. His eyes are still closed. “I can barely tell.”

“Pfft,” I puff my lips, indignant. What the fuck does he want from me, shrunken like this? I turn my attention back to the semi-stiff cock.

Then it hits me: I don’t have to know what Arjay likes, necessarily. I know this cock likes, and I know it better than anybody. I set to work with renewed purpose.

Planting my feet on either side of his scrotum above his balls, I start to rub my body up and down the cock base. I use my hands to tickle the perineum while I work my feet into the skin below, massaging his sack and testicles. Arjay stirs slightly. The cock slowly begins to stiffen, straightening.

From there the rest is just muscle memory applied in an admittedly unusual way. I work my way up and down the shaft, return below from time to time to give the balls some attention. I bring my mouth to bear too, making as much use of its wetness and the now-drizzling precum from above that I can. Arjay moans a little.

A moment later the cock is throbbing, and Arjay’s wide hips have started small thrusting motions out of instinct and desire. I climb to the cut head for the climax, working my lips around the tip. When Arjay groans and I sense the key moment is near, I shove my hand down the slit up to my elbow. Arjay cries out in pain and pleasure. The balls tighten below me, and the cock explodes, fountaining high before raining back down to soak me.

“Drink it,” he whispers loud. “Eat as much of it as you can!”

I do so hungrily. It takes me some time to feast my way through the sweet, nutty cum. Before I know it I’ve cleaned Arjay’s stomach dry, and my own little belly is popping out, cum-bloated.

“You are ready,” he says. “You are full of me. Now, you must fill me with the intent of your change. Think of what it is you want. Concentrate on the size you need. Enter me, and in your orgasm fix your mind on these things.” I start to walk northward towards his mouth, but he stops me with a hand twice the height of my body. “For this purpose, it is easier to go below.” I glance back towards his lower body, questioning. Is he inviting me to make use of the hole he so zealously guarded before, in what I assumed at the time was shame?

This time he nods and points me downward. When I reach the crotch again and drop to the mattress, Arjay grabs and pulls both his legs back by the thighs, spreading his fat cheeks open before me. I approach the ashen grey asshole which puckers open before me to reveal pink flesh within. I climb and push myself feet-first this time into the orifice. I feel the sweet embrace of its softness as Arjay’s lower lips fold around me up to my pecs. I work my feet against the inner tightness of his anus, kneading the soft prostate flesh beneath my toes like dough.

Arjay takes a sharp breath. I watch the ballsack above me re-tighten, see the distant shaft above pulse. I work myself, thrust myself, grind my hips and microdick against the inside of Arjay as though I am the living dildo Danny described of me. I concentrate on what Arjay told me, hold the thought of being bigger in my mind until I imagine my whole body is a swelling cock. A cock ready to rise to the occasion.

When I come inside Arjay with a shudder, something happens almost immediately. His whole body shivers and shakes. The asshole, until now a comfortably loose fit at the lips, starts to tighten around my chest and lower body. I allow myself to feel a rush of elation. Is it happening? Am I growing?

“Keep going!” Arjay calls out from the head of the mattress. He reaches a finger down to stroke my hair and the back of my head. “And keep concentrating! You must continue until you have what you need.”

So I do. My dick hasn’t stopped being hard, and it is shockingly easy to come again minutes later. The walls of the asshole again tighten around me, and Arjay gasps in pleasure or pain or both.

“Should I stop?” I ask, worried. “Do you need me to come out?”

“I can take it!” He insists. “You continue.”

I can already tell the cock and balls above me are relatively smaller. I would guess I’ve grown above six inches, even eight maybe—a proper dildo’s height, even if I don’t have one’s girth.

I come again, and I come a third time a mere moment later. Arjay cries out with pain; there’s no way he can take more of me at about a foot long now. But he won’t need to. Squirming, I press both arms against his ass to push myself free of his hole.

“What are you doing?” He asks between ragged breaths. “You’re still small!”

“Trust me,” I reply, stepping free. “I know what I’m doing. I’ve got this. Now flip over, will you?” I make a circling gesture with my hand. Arjay gives a pained smile and complies, rolling over onto his stomach. An oversized doll now, I climb up on his ass to resume our work. This time, I plunge just my dick inside, instead of my body. I don’t think Arjay even feels it, at first, the thing is so infinitesimal compared with his asshole. That’s okay; I feel it just fine. It’s not particularly tight, but there’s just enough soft friction from his cum-soaked lips to excite my shaft.

After another moment, I cum into him, a bigger load even than the last one. Instead of draining me, this is only makes my dick more excited as I watch it grow and stretch at the entrance of Arjay’s hole. I’m growing faster each time now, I can tell.

Over and over we do this dance, me finding new ways to fuck Arjay at every increase I experience in size. He comes a few times as well, stroking his own cock as I continue my work down below. I throw myself into the task until I’m barely aware of anything but my cock, this hole, and the intensity of my desire to be bigger.

“All right,” Arjay says as I close my eyes and shudder in another climax. “That’s enough for now. You have done it.”

I feel his hand on my cheek, and I open my eyes to realize I’m looking down at him. We’re about the same size, from the look of it. I might be even a little taller. I half-laugh, half-sob all of a sudden with joy.

“See?” He smiles up at me. “That wasn’t so difficult, was it?”

On impulse, I lean down to kiss him. He responds awkwardly at first, like before, a little too much tongue (and certainly too much teeth). But I press my chest against his, touch my hands to his cheeks, and lead him into a gentler make-out. Our bodies move and grind against one another, in sync for the very first time.

When I pull my lips back, he winces.

“Sorry,” he says. “Can you, please…” He wiggles his ass around my cock. “It’s a little sore there.”

“Oh!” I say, feeling bad about having just used him so extensively with so little return. “Sorry, sure!” I slide my ram-rod hard dick—still Arjay’s double-wide chode—out of his twitching asshole. “How’s that?”

“Much better,” he manages, smiling again. He runs a hand through the back of my hair. “You are so handsome at this size.”

“So are you,” I reply, meaning it.

But Arjay shakes his head, frowning. “I know I’m not. Not like this.” He grabs two fistfuls of his belly, shakes it. “I borrow other bodies sometimes, to feel better, but. It’s not the same. Sometimes I prefer to be small, because I look less fat when I’m tiny. Even my cock and balls remind me…which is why I wanted to trade a while.”

“Come on. You can’t be serious.” I run my hand down his chest and belly towards his treasure trail. “You know a lot of guys would kill for a bod like this, right?” I run my finger around his navel, then cup my hand over his crotch and give it a light squeeze. “Though I have to say, my cock looks a little strange on you. Nice, but…not quite matching.”

“Right back at you.” He reaches for my cock and gives it a little tug. “Though you certainly seem to be enjoying it. Even if you have only begun to understand what it’s capable of.”

“It’s been fun borrowing it and all. Not to mention a little terrifying,” I admit. “Maybe we should switch back now that I’ve got my full size again?”

“Full size?” Arjay laughs. “Are you kidding?”

“What do you mean?” I frown, confused.

“Take a look at us, why don’t you.” He gestures broadly. “Then maybe take a look around.” I follow his hands and eyes to take in the room.

Then I realize what he’s talking about: everything in here is still off. The bedroom seems less cavernous than before, sure—though still enormous for this kind of apartment. The desks, the windows, the shelves: everything is too high off the ground to be readily reached. The mattress we lie on looks huge. The space that Danny covered and spilled over, our combined bodies don’t even fill.

“I’m still small,” I say, dejected. All the prior moment’s elation drains away as I roll off Arjay onto my back. I realize something else. “We’re small, now, both of us. Tiny little nothings.”

“Not quite so small as all that,” he says, leaning over on his elbow beside me. “I’d say roughly three feet each, since I had just over six when we started. There’s no way to just create size out of nothing, you know,” he explains. “I had to share with you some of mine.”

“Like I did with Danny.”

He nods. “Just like that. Except I did so willingly, and Danny…Well, he may not be so willing to part with his gains.”

“No,” I agree. “He may not be.” I flop my head over to look straight at Arjay. “So what do we do about it? Are we supposed to just live out our likes this, real-world hobbits?”

“What we do,” he replies with confidence, “is what anyone must do when something they value is stolen.”

“We ask for it back nicely?” I offer, half-joking.

He grins. “We steal it right back.”


Chapter Seven: The Threesome

“Nah, I’m good, man,” says Danny, standing in the open doorway. He waves off Sahir’s third attempt to get him to stay for another drink. “Tryin’ to keep it light before the meet next week, get some real sleep, y’know? A bod like this doesn’t sculpt itself.”

“No kidding,” Sahir replies with a slightly drunk slur. He shakes his head in dramatic disbelief. “One of these days you’re gonna tell me whatever you took. Gotta be human growth hormone or something, right? Some sort of ‘sperimental treatment?” He looks Danny’s hulking form up and down. “Because God damn.

“Later, Sahir,” says Danny with a smile as he shuts the door behind him and heads for the stairs back to his apartment. He’s been getting similar comments and inquiries all week. By now half the campus must’ve heard of his “late growth spurt” and newfound wrestling dominance. Mostly they seem awed by it, if not turned on by it—or a little envious about it in the case of other dudes. You’d think people would be a little more weirded out than they have been, but it turns out folks can accept a lot of weird changes pretty quickly. The human mind has an incredible capacity to cope with inexplicable information, is the sort of nerdy thing Park might say. If he weren’t still in hiding.

Danny feels a twinge of regret thinking about tiny Jacob off his own somewhere. Maybe Danny came on a bit strong. He should have left the poor guy with a little more size…but it was so hard to control himself. There’s something deeply intoxicating about Park and his new little cock with its incredible size-granting power. Something Danny finds almost impossible to resist.

He fumbles with his keys in the apartment lock a second. The key feels so small in his fingers now, and he’s slightly tipsy from his eighth or ninth beer. A few weeks ago that many drinks in quick succession would’ve knocked him right out; with his new size he’s way less of a lightweight. Farewell to the pipsqueak. Heavyweight Danny is here to stay.

He gets the lock open and steps into the dark apartment just as something thumps from the bedroom. He reaches for the light switch and throws it on.

“Park?” Danny’s heart rate quickens. “Jacob, is that you?” Eager, he rushes over to the bedroom door and opens it, throwing the second light switch. The sight that greets him is a strange one, and he wonders for a second if he’s dreaming it.

Jacob—still tiny, but far less tiny than before—lies tangled naked on the mattress making out with a second figure about the same height, maybe three feet and an inch or two. The other little man looks a little older, South Asian—Indian or Pakistani maybe. He’s got the lingering muscle of an athlete, or at least someone who used to pump weights, but enough body fat to make it clear he’s been letting himself go for a long while. Nothing like Jacob’s shredded little bod. Even at the other man’s shrunken size, his brown ass looks enormous, as does his oddly pale and weirdly familiar turgid cock. Unlike Jacob’s micro-chode, it’s cut, and the cock still looks a solid size even given its owner’s shrunkenness.

“Hi, Danny,” says Jacob, pulling his lips away from the other hobbit of a man. “We were hoping you’d be back to join us. This is Arjay.” The other figure—Arjay—says nothing but gives Danny one of those generic upward nods of greeting.

“What, uh…” Danny nods back, caught a little at a loss for words. “What’s going on here, exactly?”

“Arjay has the same condition I do,” says Jacob. “We both give size away when we fuck someone. Though we’re starting to grow back!”

“I can see that, yeah.” Danny stares at their enmeshed bodies and feels his cock twitching in his too-tight jeans. There’s something so fucking hot about seeing grown men looking this much smaller than him. He feels like a giant looming above them.

Fuck, if Jacob keeps growing back…does that mean Danny can keep taking size from him? How big could Danny get? Is there even a limit? His cock goes from semi-stiff to rapidly hardening at the thought of getting even bigger.

Danny grins. “Looks like you two could use a little help from a real man.” He yanks off his shirt, an ample XL he bought a few days ago that’s already begun to hug too tight with the size he took from Jacob. His jeans and shoes quickly follow. Danny’s foot-long white-and-pink cock flops out and swings about heavily as he steps his way over to the scene on the mattress. He lands on his hands and knees above the two shrunken men, casting a shadow down on their bodies beneath him. “Missed all this man, Jake?”

“Fuck yes,” says Jacob as Danny leans down to kiss his little mouth, taste that tiny tongue against his own. Jacob looks up with those big dark eyes after the kiss. “I want to get inside you again.”

Danny chuckles. “I think you’ve grown a little too much for that.” He looks up and down Jacob’s three feet. “But we can fix that real soon.”

Jacob nods and places his little foot up against Danny’s throbbing shaft. “Feed it to us. I want to taste it again.”

Danny smiles even wider and sits up straight, resting his ass on his ankles and thrusting his hips and cock forward. “Go for it, Park.” He glances at Arjay waiting quietly, looks the fat little man’s belly and cock up and down. “Chubs aren’t really my thing, but you know what? I’m feeling generous with my load tonight. Come in and get a taste, Porky.” If Arjay takes any offense, he doesn’t show it. Like a good little cock slut, he silently complies.

The two tiny men attack Danny’s cock, wrapping their arms around the shaft and working their mouths as best they can up and down it. Their combined efforts pay off quickly. Before long Danny’s cock is raging hard, and already close to coming. Normally he would try to hold off longer, but he knows this is the first step in the size transfer, and he’s so fucking eager to grow again. Besides, one of the benefits of this massive new bod has been an incredible capacity to keep going. He knows he’ll be raging hard again within minutes of ejaculation.

“Fuck,” he mumbles as Arjay rubs his ass cheeks up and down the base of Danny’s shaft while Jacob fits as much of the head as he can up his mouth. When Jacob’s tongue enters Danny’s slit, it’s the last straw. “Hnng,” Danny groans. His cock explodes with cum, filling Jake’s throat and spilling out down the sides where Arjay laps it up eagerly. Danny closes his eyes and keeps coming what feels like ages. When he finally shivers to a stop, he opens his eyes and sees the two licking the last of it clean. Despite his having just come, their little tongues against his turgid shaft are already turning him on again. God, what a gift this has been.

“How come neither of you are shrinking yet?” It occurs to Danny to ask as they finish their work. Jacob’s ordinarily flat stomach looks full to bursting with all the cum he just chugged down into it.

“I’ve got to come inside you too for it to work,” replies Jacob. “Remember?”

“Right, right,” says Danny, leaning back against the pillows. That sounds right, anyway. He’s struggling to remember the exact mechanics of their earlier days together, that whole period was such an orgasmic blur. But he does remember it involved both of them sharing their loads—and frequently. “God, your cum tastes so good.” He gestures for Jacob to approach his mouth.

Jacob settles before Danny’s crotch instead. “Let me stick my dick in you again. It’s not much, but I’ll be small enough to fit the rest of me in you soon enough.”

“You’re welcome to try,” says Danny, again smiling. He turns around and rests on his hands and knees so his massive muscled ass stares Jacob square in the eye. He looks over his shoulder. “Go ahead.” He squeezes his hole twice in an inviting pucker. The one downside of being this big is that his once-grip-tight little bussy has a lot of space which needs filling. Soon as Park hits the foot-tall range, though, he’ll be the perfect human dildo for that ass again.

“One thing, though,” says Jacob, positioning his hands against Danny’s huge white cheeks. He has to stand to full height to get his cock even near Danny’s hole. This fuck might have to involve some climbing. “You’ll need to suck Arjay off while I’m doing this. Assuming you want to take some of his size too.”

“Well, why didn’t you fucking say so?” Danny cups a hand under Arjay’s armpit and slides the miniature man over towards him. “Come on, Porky.” He gives the man’s belly a playful slap. “Let me taste that fat boy dick. A body like mine, it’s gotta be a real treat for a schlub like you.”

Arjay nods eagerly. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” He squirms to position his four-inch cock beneath Danny’s waiting lips.

“‘Sir.’ I like that.” Danny smiles again. He waits until he feels the little nub that is Jacob’s chode slide its way into Danny’s hole, barely more noticeable than the tip of a pinky or the end of a toothbrush handle. That’ll change soon enough, once Jake’s small enough to fist the rest of him in there again.

Danny goes to town on Arjay’s dick, which is easily the fatty’s best feature. Might as well give the chubby little guy the head of his life while they’re doing this. He closes his eyes and imagines how how big he’s going to be by the time he’s done draining both these two.

Danny scarcely feels the trickle of a load when Jacob gasps and comes into his asshole. Arjay’s explosion in his mouth, though still small, is far more noticeable. Danny sucks the nutty stuff down hungrily; he really seems to have developed a taste for it. He opens his eyes to see Arjay’s belly beginning to shrink away from him. He lets the cock fall out of his mouth a moment. “Fuck yes. Let’s keep going. I’m nowhere near done with you two yet.”

Danny takes the cock back in his lips, closes his eyes, and again starts sucking. Something works its way deeper and tighter into his ass now; Jacob must be shoving his whole forearm in there, now that his chode’s gotten too small to finish the job he started. Danny moans with pleasure. He attacks Arjay’s cock even more hungrily. When Jacob pulls out of his ass again, what fills it next is big enough to be painful—and incredible.

“Fuff yeff,” Danny mumbles in delight around the cock filling his mouth. Fuck yes, Jake. Get yourself in there. The thought of Jacob’s whole body filling Danny’s hole again sets Danny shivering with pleasure.

At one point Danny notices something strange. He could swear Arjay’s cock has gotten bigger. Not a lot, but just enough that Danny gags slightly to take it all the way back towards his throat. He peaks an eye open to see if Arjay has stopped shrinking, but no: the fat belly is for sure getting smaller, pulling farther away. He closes his eye again and shrugs the oddity off; the cock must have been bigger than he first realized. The sudden wave of bliss as Jacob massages up against his prostate wipes all other thoughts free of his mind.

Danny reaches a hand down to his cock and starts nutting again at the first few strokes. He keeps going as Jacob keeps working his way in deeper, stroking again and again in the ever-increasing tidal wave of pleasure. No sex in Danny’s life has ever felt this good, this complete. His whole body tingles warm with it. Not just his groin, but his chest, his arms, his stomach and his legs—they all feel like they’re swelling with that incredible sensation of explosive growth. A continuous, full-body orgasm.

Danny’s mind is so wholly given over to the pleasure, he doesn’t even register the oddity when Jacob’s hands grip his ass cheeks—firmly, strong—despite that the ramming in Danny’s ass must mean Jacob is still inside him. Nor does he wonder how it’s possible how Arjay’s cock could be long enough to fill his whole throat now.

He’s too busy to care. Too hungry to process all this. The next blast of orgasm hits him with such an intensity, his mind blanks out. There’s nothing right now but the bliss of it. The beautiful, all-filling bliss.


Chapter Eight: Turning the Tables

Danny wakes to the warmth of a sunbeam falling across his face. He’s annoyed, at first; his dreams were every bit as hot and heavy as the night that inspired them. Groggily, he swats his hand to try to block out the light. All he wants to do is go back to that dream. His cock still throbs with the memory of it, those waves after waves of orgasm. Then it occurs to him through the haze: there’s plenty more where that comes from—assuming his two tiny friends haven’t gone far. He smiles and, with some effort, rolls over off his stomach onto his back. He opens his eyes and looks around. His smile slowly gives way to a mystified frown.

There’s something off about his vision. The room looks…wrong, somehow, above. He feels a sudden sense of vertigo at the seeming scale of everything when he glances from the ceiling above to the east wall’s window, which looks strangely distant. It’s a dizzying sensation.

Confused, he props himself up on his elbows and looks down. The first thing he sees terrifies him: his stomach occupies half his vision. Fat, pale white, and round, it jiggles prominent beneath equally fatty pecs as he adjusts himself. Panicking, he grabs the fat with both hands to confirm this is real, not some weird trick of his eyes. There’s still muscle beneath the flab—far less than before—but there’s no mistaking the realness of it. He bloated up overnight. What the fuck, man, is all he can think frantically. What the fuck? He goes to rush out of bed for the mirror.

As he stands on the mattress, his feet trip and tangle in the comforter, which wraps up all the way around his calves. He tumbles and rolls across the mattress before sprawled off onto the floor. Disoriented, he stumbles naked over to the full-length mirror on the wall—has no time to wonder why it looms so tall above him—and examines what he sees to his horror.

It’s still recognizably him, all right—there’s Danny with his bed-swept red hair, freckled nose, and bright green eyes. His skin’s the same milk-white below his neck’s reddish tan line as always. But the similarities end there. His face is rounded out, chubby. A second chin protrudes when he tilts his jaw down. Gone is his beautiful, sculpted body, replaced with the schlubby look of an ex-football-playing frat boy years past his prime. His taut belly balloons out beneath chubby pecks to wide hips above a crotch paunch which rubs against his fat thighs. His red pleasure trail runs down from a newly outie button to a sight that makes him cry out with dismay.

Though still stiff as a board with morning wood, Danny’s once-beautiful cock is barely there to be seen. Its pasty shaft and pink head barely poke out beyond the fat of his hairless pink balls. He grabs at his dick, tries to grip it, and he can’t even get a full fistful below the head. It’s short enough he’ll have to stroke it with his thumb and two fingertips, three at most.

“Like what you see?” comes a booming voice from across the bedroom. Danny whirls to see two towering men enter the room, both built like Greek gods. Jacob and Arjay stand naked and so gigantic Danny has to crane his neck to see their swinging cocks. Jacob looks much like his old self before the shrinking, except far larger than he ought to be. He has old cock again, huge and cut. Arjay, by contrast, looks almost like a new person with his sculpted muscles and shredded abs, a proper Adonis. He seems to have traded back with Jacob for his cut cock in its deeper brown, though it now hangs monstrously long and fatter than ever.

“What did you do to me?” Danny squeaks as awful realization dawns upon him. He must be about three feet tall, while Jacob and Arjay are each past seven. “You tricked me. You took it from me!” He takes a step forward and clenches his fists so tight his fingernails dig into his palms. “Give it back! Give it back!

“God, look at the little guy,” says Jacob with a leering grin. “He’s so cute when he’s angry. Like he thinks he’s a real man or something.”

“Aw, are you hungry, little buddy?” Arjay asks. The giant steps towards Danny, and instinctively Danny backs up until his newly fattened ass presses up against the cool mirror. Arjay grips his enormous cock above balls at least the size of grapefruits. He shakes the cock towards Danny in offering, its hooded head glistening with the slickness of precum. “Would you like to try another taste? It will only cost you a few more inches.”

“No,” Danny whispers. “Please. I can’t.” Yet he can smell the cock inches away, and he wants it. His stomach growls with hunger somehow akin to the twitching hunger he feels in his microdick. It takes every bit of control he has not to launch himself at Arjay’s cock, damn the consequences.

“Tell you what, buddy,” says Jacob, stepping up beside Arjay and ruffling Danny’s hair condescendingly with a massive, meaty hand. “You were a generous host, keeping me here while you milked me for every bit of my size. So we’ll offer you a deal. Arjay and I can leave now, and you can live out the rest of your life as you are now—short, fat, and very small. You won’t be much good at wrestling anymore—so much for that scholarship—but you’ll manage, I’m sure. Someone out there will take care of you, the way you did for me. A proper hobbit’s life, not the worst.”

Danny lets out a half-strangled sound between a sob and a moan.

“Or,” inserts Arjay, squatting down low to look Danny in the eye. “We can finish what we started. You’ll spend a few days—let’s say three—having fun with us, milked for whatever is left of your height. When that is done, if you’ve been good and if we’ve enjoyed it…we’ll start to give you back your original size—or at least most of it.” Arjay smiles. “I might even take back the fat I lent you, if I’m feeling extra generous.”

“I don’t know,” says Jacob. “Short and round’s a pretty good look for him.” He reaches to squeeze Danny’s left ass cheek, and Danny yelps. “God, I wonder if I could still fit my cock in there. Must be tight.” A probing finger tickle the edges of Danny’s hole, which is lined wet with nervous sweat. Danny moans. “You game to find out, buddy? I’m sure Arjay can’t wait till you’re small enough to crawl inside his hole. You’ll make such a cozy little dildo.”

“Well, Danny?” Arjay strokes his semi-stiff cock slowly, temptingly. “What do you say?”

Danny does his best not to cry, though the two giants must see his eyes welling. He swallows, then nods. Yes, he’ll do it.

“Wonderful!” Arjay laughs enthusiastically. “Shall we get started then?” His mega-cock twitches with anticipation.

Danny steps forward to accept his punishment. Some part of him knows he deserves it. And it must be that same part of him that enjoys it.



“Can I just say,” I say, pulling back from Arjay’s kiss on my dorm room bed a week later. “You’ve really changed since that night we first hooked up. You’re so confident now. Sweeter than I thought at first, too.” I look down at his face beneath mine and stroke my fingers around his ear. “What happened to that awkward, cagey Arjay I met at your dad’s store? You seem like a different person.”

“You were not the only one who had an eventful week, Jacob,” he says with a mysterious smile. “I went through a bit of an adventure myself. It gave me…new perspective. Maybe I will even tell you about it sometime.” He cups his hands around my ass and pulls me closer on his chest—pretty easily, at our current sizes. Right now I’m shrinking my way down towards five feet again. Arjay’s pretty close to seven with the size he’s borrowed from me—plus the few extra inches he kept from Danny when his three days were up.

“Do you think we were too hard on him?” I purposefully time the “hard” to coincide with placing my ass against Arjay’s currently enormous cock. “Danny, I mean?” I slide my crack up and down Arjay’s thick pole, tease it with my shrinking hole while I stare him straight in the eye. My window where I can still bottom for a cock that big is rapidly closing. In the meantime I intend to take full advantage of it.

“If anything, we were not hard enough.” Arjay takes a breath as I squeeze his shaft between my cheeks. “He enjoyed himself a bit too much, I think, being our little boy-toy. You heard him beg for an extra day at six inches.”

“He sure did get a kick out of worshipping dicks bigger than his body.” I agree, smirking. “Little size queen.”

“Oh, like you have so much room to talk there.” Arjay lifts me off his chest and sets my dwindling body down with my back against the bed like it’s nothing. He slides a meaty fingertip up my ass, and my shrinking cock springs stiff immediately. “You didn’t last a week before asking me to take you down a peg again.” He works his fingertip deeper slowly, making me long for the rest of it. I moan when he finally presses up against my chestnut-sized prostate.

“What can I say?” I remark between gasps. “I’m a sucker for new experiences. Like you said: new perspectives.”

“I’m sure that is it.” He wraps his other massive hand around my ever-smaller cock and slowly starts to jerk me. The tip of my dick just barely pokes out from the top of his fist. “Nothing to do with you being a hungry little cock slut who enjoys being made very small. Very helpless.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” I whisper as I watch him loom ever larger above me.

“Only a little.” He withdraws his finger. In its place his fat, uncut head presses up against my tiny hole, slick wet with dripping precum. My hole quivers at the touch with anticipation. “Don’t worry. I will be very careful.” He smiles, and he shoves his giant cock deep inside me.

“OH FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK,“ I cry out in pain. For a second, the size of that rod ramming its way up my poor little hole is agony. Then Arjay’s precum starts to work its magic, and the pain becomes incomparable pleasure. “Oh, fuck,“ I say again, this time with a very different intonation. “God, Arjay, you’re so big. You could do anything to me right now. Use me. Take me.”

“Oh, I will take as much as I like,” he says, and he starts to fuck me. Each rhythmic thrust feels more incredible and fills up more of my ass than the last. His enormous balls slap against my little cheeks, each full to bursting and ready to fill me with more of their life-changing contents. How fast am I even shrinking? “It is not as though there is anything you could do to stop me.”

I shiver and close my eyes, let the ride of my life take me. Whatever happens here today with Arjay, whatever it costs me, I know now it’s an equal exchange.

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