Vignette: Mouth

by BRK

 Your wish to be constantly tasting rock-hard cock might be granted in an unexpected way.

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I shouldn’t have told that genie I wanted to have a big, thick, rock-hard cock in my mouth whenever I wanted.

Because he knew, the devious bastard. He knew I wanted it all the time.

Still, it’s not so bad. Not bad at all, in fact. My morning wood is awesome, for one thing. I wake up every morning with my superfat mouthcock hard as fuck, stretching my eager lips apart as it thrusts three whole inches out of my face and ready to blow a spectacular wad. My cheeks and chin are usually already wet with pre from the mouthing my full lips have been giving my shaft while I dreamed about dick, so I’m already in a state before I’m even awake, my pulse fast and my perfect alpha-fitness-model musclebod feeling hot all over, my skin tight as hormone surge through me like fucking Niagara Falls.

Just the feeling of having my lips wrapped around this round, fat, iron-hard and completely delicious mouthboner is the best thing ever, and I lay there and enjoy the glory of my eager lips pushing out and back against the slick, soft surface of my rigid, shivering mouthdick. My full, hot lips were legendary even before this, and my mouthdick hungers for their slow caresses. I’m just as keen to comply. My hands slowly wrap around the equally hard and impatient wrist-thick, self-lubricating thirteen-incher I’ve got downstairs, and I stroke both my cocks slow and hard, lips above and hands below, relishing every shiver of sensation.

Fuck, this is all I want. I love cock. I think about big hard dick all the time. I could almost wish that just this would be my reality, just stroking myself and mouthing my mouthdick as it drools delicious, salty prejizz, always this hard, this close, edging myself forever toward fireworks and euphoria. But I’m not that insane. I love cumming too. And I love the rest of my life, by which I mean I fucking love being hard and randy and always hungry for another round, the best, most delicious and beautiful dicks in the world always right there waiting for me, right there on the hot bod I stole from the pages of a magazine, complete with bright blue eyes, stubbly jaw, olive skin, thick muscles dusted strategically with dark hair, tight waist, and an irresistible ass, all there to complement my hot, horny dicks. And I love seeing the dark craving in a guy’s expression when he catches sight of my hard, red, dripping mouthdick shoving out of my lips and knows immediately what it’s for. I can see it in his eyes. He knows it’s there to be kissed and sucked and brought to orgasm after orgasm after shimmering, heart-pounding orgasm.

The thought of those looks, those ministrations with mouth and lips and tongue, drags me right to the brink. I borrow a hand from my raging downstairs boner and wrap a pre-slick fist around the protruding girth of my mouthdick. It only takes a few seconds of me fucking my fists at both ends, writhing in my sheets, before I’m cumming like a Mack truck. It’s like I’ve never cum before, and I’m covering my face and torso in hot, thick spooge as I spurt huge gouts of jizz over and over from both my jerking, throbbing dicks. I didn’t wish for it, but maybe the genie threw it in, because ever since I got this body, this life, my orgasms have sent me to the fucking moon, drowning me in pleasure I could never have imagined.

After luxuriating in afterglow for a while I get up and start my day, knowing that even after a perfect start like that, it’s only going to get better.

Meeting a guy for the first time I try to keep my mouthcock soft for as long as I can. It’s tough, really tough—flaccid is not its natural state. But so worth it.

I don’t know where they come from. Hot guys who crave mouthcock find me. They email me by accident, somehow mistyping an old flame’s completely different email address. They move into my understated apartment complex and knock on my door, looking for advice on local restaurants or the plumber’s phone number. They break down on a lonely road just where I’m about to drive past. I think my mischievous genie set this part up too. After all, a fat, hard, protruding mouthcock is wonderful to have, and it’s also wonderful to share.

So when that doorbell rings late on a stormy night, or I see a car on the shoulder ahead, hazards flashing, I reluctantly will myself soft with a moment’s well-trained concentration and present myself as I appear to be: a charming, smoldering-hot olive-skinned hunk ripped from a magazine devoted to the world’s hottest celebrity muscle bodies and ideal asses. When they see me, something happens deep inside them. Recognition, though they don’t know yet of what. I can see it in their eyes as they look up into mine, dazzling with desire. And I can see it in their pants, as they always bone up so quickly on meeting me they must feel lightheaded.

When I’m soft, which is mostly limited to these occasions and when I’m actually eating (which isn’t as frequent as it used to be—my new body is partly sustained by the same kind of magic that keeps the genie alive, another freebie I wouldn’t have even thought to ask for), my mouthcock reverts to being a tongue—mostly. The main difference is that it’s extra-sensitive, like a cock. Talking is stimulation, and I have to struggle to stay soft if that’s what I want.

It’s also a bit longer than your usual tongue.

Some guys notice my downstairs cock—thirteen inches and thick as a wrist, and iron-hard even when I’m keeping my mouthdick soft out of sheer inexhaustible exuberance—and figure that’s the treasure I have in store for them, the gift that I’m promising with my twinkling blue eyes. They’re drawn to kissing me, though, and they all have a premonition of what they’re in for.

And they always come when they get it. Always. The second their mouths fill with fat, hard cock—the second my massive, furnace-hot, rigid mouthflesh is shoving past their lips, along their wondering tongues and back toward their willing throats they blast their cum right in their pants, hard and sudden, over and over again. And then they make sweet fucking love to my mouth (the better ones remembering to minister to my desperately eager downstairs monster as well).

The strangest was when I woke to a noise and padded out to the darkened living room of my flat only to spy a well-proportioned young man in a dark hoodie and snug, dark jeans trying to unscrew my flatscreen off the wall! I stared at the thief, and noticing he was built the way I like them—bulging muscles but not huge, magnificent ass, tall but a couple inches shorter than me—I realized he had been drawn to me, or sent to me, just like the others. I softened my mouthdick with an effort, leaving my downstairs cock hard and rampant, and cleared my throat.

He whipped around and spotted me: naked, aroused, and exactly what he had dreamed of his whole life. His impressive cock swelled in his jeans to instant, painful hardness, and he had to reach in and straighten it right there in front of me, the top bit of it sticking out of his waistband once he withdrew his hand. He was extremely good-looking—in fact he might as well have come from the same magazine I’d stolen this body from. His eyes shone with want, but also with a hunter’s proprietary lust, as if he were sorting out exactly what it would take for him to bag this magnificent creature. Seeing that it was all I could do to keep my mouthcock from hardening on the very instant. Instead I nodded for him to come to me. He stalked over to me. He reached out his hand and caressed my raging thirteen-incher, almost dismissively—as if he knew somehow it was a decoy. He wrapped his other hand around my neck and drew me in for a hard kiss.

Not only did my mouthdick harden instantly, faster than it ever had before, at his heated, exquisite kiss, but I actually came uncontrollably just as he did, releasing jets of cum down his throat which he eagerly swallowed as he massaged the rigid organ in his mouth with a heavenly tongue. His kisses—our kisses together—were ten times as good as any kiss I’d ever had even since receiving this gift of unparalleled oral pleasure. We kissed, unstoppably, holding each other, grinding out slippery cocks against each other, and within mere moments we were cumming again, so powerfully and for so long I nearly passed out.

I guided him to my bed, or he did—I don’t know. We haven’t stopped kissing, not really. It’s been days—weeks!!—and we’re still kissing. The muscle twink that was in bed with me when Rafe first arrived to burgle my place tries to remain useful by sucking off one or the other of our enormous downstairs cocks as we minister to each other, but honestly we barely notice anything but out constant ravenous need to make out with each other. (Last week I think he started bringing in a friend from his fitness modeling agency to help—I can’t quite be sure.) Rafe even seems to take sustenance from my copious volleys of uniquely propertied jizz, which is just as well as I can hardly bear for him to pull away from my permanently surging mouthcock even for a few brief moments. We kiss, sleeping and awake, sometimes tender, sometimes rough and urgent, always punctuated by orgasms that seem even one better than the last.

Sometimes he draws back, just to smile at me and drink in the sight of me. And when he does I’m so taken all over again me of his stunning beauty that my two cocks strive to get even harder than the spurting, supermaximum hardness they’ve already achieved. Sometimes we transition to the shower, kissing there as we clean and groom each other, though we must separate to shave (and with him shaving next to me, aroused and glancing at me with burning eyes, I can’t soften my mouthboner even long enough to scythe off my own bristles).

We even go out, once every week or two, just to prove we’re still civilized men, though I always have to pull him aside into some darkened corner and cum down his throat between courses or during intermission if I’m to have a hope of lasting until we’re in the car home and all pretense is abandoned.


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