Wishing well

by Ziel

Unhappy with his small, slim body, Ken tosses a coin in a wishing well and wishes he were bigger. He ends up becoming bigger, all right—much, much, much bigger.

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Ken huffed and puffed. To say he was out of shape would be an understatement. He wasn’t fat—far from it in fact. He was skinny as a rail, but he had no stamina. A simple jog would leave him winded so of course a hike through the rugged wilderness surrounding his hometown would be a chore for him. His friends had no such problems. The three of them had taken off down the path and left Ken in the dust. Ken wanted to call out to his friends and get them to wait for him, but there was no way he could. Even had he not been too winded to shout, his buddies would have been long out of range by now.

As Ken rested doubled over with his hands on his knees something caught his eye. There was a faint glint of something poking out from beneath the packed dirt of the nature trail. Once Ken’s breathing steadied enough that he felt comfortable leaning in to check it out he brushed away the dirt to find a fairly unremarkable coin. It was hard to tell what it was made of. It didn’t look gold, but it definitely wasn’t dark enough brown to be copper. Whatever it was it appeared to be incredibly old, but Ken doubted it had any real value. As far as he knew it was just an incredibly thin and incredibly circular rock. If there had ever been anything engraved on the coin it had long since been worn smooth by the passage of time. Ken thought the coin was cool if nothing else and decided to pocket it and then continued his trek at a snail’s pace. He had no real reason to rush. He knew he’d never catch up to his friends, and he was still quite winded from the initial part of the hike.

Ken eventually reached a small clearing and let out a sigh of relief as he saw the old, wooden benches that had been installed so weary hikers such as himself could sit a while and rest. Even better, the small clearing also had an old well where he could pull up water and refill his canteen. Ken was about to do just that when an idea crossed his mind. There had been lots of old stories about this well. Some people even went so far as to claim it granted wishes. Ken had never known anyone who had actually had their wishes granted by the well, but the idea still amused him.

Ken fumbled through his pockets to find something he could toss in and pulled out the strange old coin he had found earlier. “Huh.” He said as he examined the coin once more. He had completely forgotten he had picked it up. He had to admit, it made the perfect offering for the fabled wishing well, and it sure beat spending his own money. He resolved to use the old coin, but he just had to wonder what to wish for…

Ken mulled it over as he flipped the coin back and forth across his knuckles. He knew one thing. He would like to be bigger—not just in terms of height but everything. He was tired of being so short and scrawny. He was barely over five feet tall, and his buddies never missed a chance to tease him about his stature.

“Man… I wish I was big. I mean like, huge. Way bigger than my buddies.” Ken muttered to himself as he dropped the coin into the well. He waited for a moment until he heard the telltale “sploosh” of the coin hitting the water far below and called it good.

Ken chuckled to himself as he thought about what he’d do if his wish actually came true. In his mind’s eye he imagined himself as a seven foot tall, muscular jock. He imagined himself lording his size over his cowed compadres. He could practically see their slack-jawed stares of stunned awe as they ogled his immense size.

Ken continued to chuckle to himself as he filled his canteen and set on his way. He didn’t wait around to see if his wish would be granted. It was something fun to think about, but that’s all it was. It wasn’t like it could ever actually happen. As much as he wished something like an old well could turn him into a big, buff beefcake, he knew better than to believe something as silly as that.

Refreshed from his drink and his brief rest, Ken set back off down the path. He knew that that old wishing well was the halfway mark so it wouldn’t be too long before he reached the parking lot where his friends were no doubt already waiting for him, but as Ken slowly plodded down the path he began to feel something strange. His clothes felt tight. The tightness wasn’t enough to be uncomfortable, but he could definitely tell something was off. Just moments before his shirt had been baggy and loose, but now it strained across his slim chest. Just minutes earlier his cargo pants had been barely hung on his frame, but now they strained across his slender thighs.

Ken glanced down to check out the changes firsthand. He was shocked to see how ridiculous his clothes looked. His t-shirt didn’t come close to covering his torso. His midriff was openly on display. His once loose garment looked more like a sports bra than a t-shirt. Even his shorts looked comically small. The bottom hem of his cargo shorts once reached past his knees, but now they barely reached halfway down his thighs.

His clothes were already showing signs of distress. The seams around his shoulders began to pop and fray. The button on his fly had long-since popped loose, and the zipper had wrenched open from the force of his frame expanding within his shorts. The hems of his shorts began to tear and split. If things kept up, he’d soon outgrow his clothes!

Once he realized what was happening Ken was ecstatic. His wish had worked! He was actually growing! He couldn’t wait until his friends got a look at him now. Sure, he was still skinny, but he had to be pushing eight feet tall. They could never tease him for being short ever again.

Ken was just about to bolt down the path to catch up his friends when his already long-suffering clothes began to shred in earnest. A loud, rending tearing sound split the air as his over-stretched shirt finally gave up the ghost and split right down the middle. His pants tore right along the outer seams once his growing thighs finally got far too large for his ridiculously undersized pant legs. By this point his once over-sized cargo shorts looked more like a pair of ludicrously bulky, low-cut speedos. The waistband of his shorts now rested so low on his hips that the base of his cock was sticking over the top. In fact most of his package now hung out the front of his wide-open fly. Only the tip of his dick still resided within the confines of his khaki shorts making it seem as if his dick was trying desperately to maintain some semblance of modesty.

Even with the fly stretched open as wide as it could possibly go Ken was simply growing too large for his shorts to handle. The stitches ripped as the two sides of his shorts were pulled further and further apart until what was left of his cargo shorts split in half like a wishbone. With nothing left to hold the fabric onto his expanding frame, the tattered remnants of his shorts fell to the ground like a discarded husk.

Ken was taller than the nearby trees by this point, and the only article of clothing he had left was his tighty-wighties, and even those were in such poor condition that they hardly even counted as garments. His underwear had long since shredded to ribbons. The tattered pieces clung limply to the elastic waistband, and even that was a shadow of its former self. The overstretched band of rubber dug deeply into his hips causing red welts to form on his skin. It was a miracle the waistband had held out this long. The band was stretched so thin that it looked more like a bit of fishing wire than a thick band of elastic. A loud crack split the air as the elastic waistband finally gave up the ghost. His ravaged underwear fluttered to the ground like a discarded plastic bag. Ken was left completely nude, but he hardly cared. He was so huge and felt so awesome that he couldn’t bring himself to worry about such mundane things.

Ken looked around him and smirked at the trees that seem to be shrinking beneath him. The tops of the pine trees dotting the paths had to be at least twenty feet tall, but now they barely even came up to his chest, and they were getting smaller by the second. The little nature reserve was several miles from town, but at the rate he was growing it wouldn’t be long until he was so huge that he would be visible from his own house. Ken couldn’t help but wonder what people would think when they saw him towering over the entire city. Would they be excited for him? Would they be terrified? Whatever the case, it hardly seemed to matter. He was so huge already, and he just knew he would be getting bigger and bigger. The worries of the tiny common folk didn’t seem important to him.

The more he thought about how huge he was getting the more excited he got. He hardly even noticed his hand drifting towards his chubbed up cock. He began to absentmindedly stroke his dick while he watched the tops of the trees steadily shrink away. The tops of the pines were already below his belly button. Soon he’d be so tall that his dick would poke out above the tops of the trees, and when that inevitably happened, his friends would be in for quite an eyeful.

Ken was shocked to find that he was actually excited for that to happen. He couldn’t wait for his pals to get a look at him in all his nude, titanic glory, but even more than that he could hardly contain his glee at the thought of all those people back home who used to tease him about being so short staring up in awe at him now that he was a towering titan. Just thinking it got him even more excited. His dick hardened more and more as he imagined the looks on their faces. He just wished he could see it for himself, but the people down below would be so tiny to him that they may as well be ants. There was no way he’d be able to pick out individual faces in the crowd.

Ken continued to grow taller and taller by the second. The trees which once towered above him soon only reached his thighs, then his knees, and then only reached his ankles. Each inch he added to his height got him hornier and hornier. Ken was getting so into his fervent stroking that his legs began to feel shaky beneath him. He didn’t even think about the forest below. He was so caught up in the rush of adrenaline and hormones that he just plopped down on his ass and continued stroking. Large swaths of the pine forest were instantly crushed beneath his gigantic bubbly butt. The shockwave from the impact was felt for miles and miles around. The tremors reverberated through the nearby town and shook houses to their foundations. Those who hadn’t already caught sight of the jacking giant stumbled from their houses to check on the source of the impact and were shocked to see the once wiry little Ken had grown into a wiring towering giant.

Ken’s moans echoed through the city below as he continued to grow and swell. His legs extended further and further out in front of him as he pounded away at his cock. The massive shaft was taller than a skyscraper yet even so it barely filled more than Ken’s palm. He had never been particularly big even down there, but it hardly mattered now. No one would ever call him little now that his cock eclipsed the sun.

As Ken continued to grow and grow, his ass filled more and more of the nature preserve beneath him. Soon he had grown so large that he had filled the miles and miles of ground between the wishing well and the city itself. The tiny town nestled in the shadow of his titanic inner thighs. His mountain sized nuts loomed over the horizon. His cock stretched up into the heavens above. The swift motions of his colossal hand stroking his colossal cock sent shockwaves through the streets below. His loud, low moans caused the ground itself to tremble beneath him. Ken could barely focus on anything other than how amazingly huge he had become. He was so horny and so into his fervent pounding that he couldn’t even focus his eyes enough to get a good look at the small cluster of civilization that now trembled in the shadow of his meteor sized nuts. If an asteroid the size of even just one of his balls had made landfall on the Earth it would have been enough to decimate the dinosaurs, but the two orbs together encased in a tight-wrapped sack of erogenous flesh was a large enough that it would have been enough to crack the planet clean open.

Ken bit his lower lip sensually as he continued to stroke one out. His whole body trembled from his own excitement and from the impending climax that was building in the base of his cock. Those trembles reverberated through the ground below and rattled the city. The pavement began to crack even before Ken fell onto his back.

Ken laid back and moaned. He was so lost in ecstasy that he couldn’t take stock of his surroundings, but had he done so he would have realized that his neck was resting comfortably between two of the largest mountains in the region. The mountain range was making a surprisingly nice headrest for him, but that wasn’t the most shocking thing. The mountains were easily twenty miles from town and yet his torso spanned every inch of the distance.

Ken was now so massive that each tiny rivulet of pre that cascaded down his cock, rolled across his nuts, and dribbled onto the city below was enough to flood the central plaza, and yet those were just the tip of the iceberg. It was clear he was about to cum, and when he did the load would be enormous.

Ken writhed in ecstasy as he continued to stroke and moan. His cock began to lurch in anticipation, and his hips followed suit. With each shudder and shake, Ken’s ass lifted up off the ground. His huge, bubbly booty covered the entire skyline. The crevasse between those two gloriously supply mounds stretched on for miles.

With each erotic convulsion Ken’s ass raised high and then slammed back down on the earth below. He didn’t actually hit any buildings. His ass actually made landfall outside of the city limits, but each and every impact was enough to level much of the city nearby. The shockwaves alone knocked homes clean off their foundation.

Ken finally reached a breaking point. He shuddered one last time and then let out a loud, whining cry of pure sexual bliss. His cock lurched and sputtered. Huge ropes of jizz arced through the sky. He came again and again. Each rope as massive as the last. His cum splattered against his face and across his chest. The thick wads of spunk oozed off his bare skin and dripped onto the ground below. Each tiny droplet of cum was the size of a mountain, but for the most part the tiny hamlet was spared from the deluge of spooge. Ken’s mountainous thighs formed a protective barricade around the city itself, but this was no comfort to those living below.

Once Ken finished shooting, the post-wank euphoria washed over him. He began to feel groggy, but more than anything he felt fantastic. It wasn’t just the afterglow. The rush of being so huge and so powerful hadn’t diminished one bit. He never wanted the feeling to end, and given how massive he had become he doubted it ever would. He was a god to these people, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

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