The gift that keeps on giving

by Thatbadwriter

Walt offers his friend a necklace as a gift, but it’s a far greater gift than either realize.

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Today was the day. Nelly was going to be here any minute and all Walt could do was nervously twirl his braid and stare at the mirror while he waited. Walt knew it was dumb to be so nervous, but the chameleon had invited his large cat friend over under the pretense of a surprise he desperately hoped they’d like. Said surprise was a bizarrely enchanting necklace he’d seen at an antique shop he’d somehow never noticed before—a necklace that had basically screamed Nelly.

A knock at the door roused Walt from his fidgeting, and he went to answer it. What awaited him was none other than Nelly. After a pause they asked, “Well, can I come in?”

It wasn’t until after a second awkward pause that Nelly, ducking ever so slightly, simply let themself in with an amused eyeroll. “So, what brings me over Walt? You’ve been unusually tightlipped,” they asked before going to sit on the couch.

“R-Right sorry,” Walt had always been a sucker for the way Nelly towered over him, but for their part Nelly always seemed to enjoy the attention. “So… um… I saw this necklace while I was out shopping the other day, and it really made me think of you. So I… uh… got it for you…” the chameleon explained with a growing blush.

“Awe, that was so sweet of you,” Nelly said, causing Walt’s body to involuntarily flush a bright shade of pink. “Can I see it now?”

“Of course!” Walt said before rummaging through a desk drawer until he’d found a medium sized jewelry box. “I hope you like it… I-I can take it back if you don’t…”

“Are you kidding, this thing looks amazing!” Nelly said as they unboxed a choker that had been fitted with a dazzling blue gem. More deeply blue than any sapphire while still holding errant little wisps of mystery, the gem somehow appeared to simultaneously contain both every secret known to the world and yet be nothing if not whimsical and fleeting. In no time the necklace was clasped tightly around Nelly’s thick neck as they told Walt, “Kitty likes their new collar,” eliciting yet another blush from the chameleon.

“I’m so glad you like it, I—” but the chameleon was cut off by his feline friend pulling him into an enormous hug. Nelly’s large body eclipsed Walt’s own as he felt his body resonating with their deep purring, his face buried firmly in their voluminous pectorals. As if such a heavenly experience wasn’t already gratitude enough though the cat then gingerly kissed the top of the chameleon’s head, and officially moved Walt from flustered to enraptured.

It was then that Nelly felt the oddest tingle up their spine, though they wrote it off as nothing, and simultaneously Walt felt the embrace grow tighter, but simply assumed he was being hugged harder. Unbeknownst to either though what had truly happened was the chameleon, in his enjoyment of the cat’s superior size, had wished to feel this difference even more, and the necklace had actually made it happen. Even when the hug broke and the two were free to look at each other once more they didn’t notice, Nelly was still up and Walt was still down, their minds were completely elsewhere, the chameleon in a daze and the cat feeling strangely energized.

After a semi-awkward silence the pair sat on the sofa, ready to simply hang out and find something to watch or play together. While Walt scrolled through various shows and movies he finally reverted back to his normal shade of green, this would be short lived however as Nelly, feeling particularly affectionate, wrapped a meaty arm around him and pulled him in tightly against their brawny body. This time, though, as the chameleon blushed yet again and nuzzled against his friends’ side, the feline’s ears twitch as they felt another similar rush of energy. With a faint stretch and the slight groan of Nelly’s clothing they realized what was happening, they were growing. They had only crept a few inches taller, but the rush was exhilarating nonetheless, when a thought occurred to them. What if…

“Hey, Walt, do you mind if I take this off? It’s kinda stuffy in here,” Nelly asked, proceeding to take off their hoodie without waiting for a response, clad now only in an increasingly tight undershirt and shorts. “That’s better,” they said before wrapping their arm around Walt again and flexing unnecessarily as they did it. “So, what do you want to do today?” they asked huskily and dripping with overtones as they leaned in, overwhelming all the chameleon’s senses with their size. Not even a full second later and Nelly’s hunch paid off as they felt a warmth spreading through their body again: for whatever reason, when the feline teased the reptilian size queen they grew a little bigger.

By now Nelly’s shirt was riding so high nearly two thirds of their belly was on display, and their shorts had become like a pair of briefs, very overstuffed briefs at that. “C-could we… maybe… cuddle some more…?” Walt embarrassedly stuttered, as if he weren’t already trying to become a second skin for the great cat. His head nestled deeply under their powerful arm with his own arms wrapped, as much as they could, around their thick body.

“I think that can be arranged,” Nelly said before lifting Walt effortlessly and placing him on their lap. The chameleon’s brain was officially mush, but Nelly wasn’t through yet, next they pulled him in so tightly against them that his face became far more deeply buried in their pecs, which were even larger than before. The feline’s body easily dwarfed their friend’s, who was by no means small, as his body pressed against the formidable ocean of strength that was their own. The immense bulge he sat upon left no question they were each enjoying this just as much as the other.

“You know, pet, I can feel this is driving you wild too,” Nelly purred seductively before deftly using one hand to press on Walt’s back, forcing his member against their stomach, and using their other to grab their own heaving bulge. “Maybe we should do something with these,” and with that simple utterance they began expanding like never before, fueled now by Walt’s desires and their own alike. With audible tearing and groaning the feline filled the sofa entirely, all traces of ignorance to the growth now lost to the chameleon, before their expanding body caused the legs and frame to splinter and buckle. Next their clothes became little more than shrapnel as they burst off of them, freed from the impossible task of covering their awesome form. Now without constraints Nelly’s cock fell heavily outward, but as it pumped with blood, and size, it rose alongside its master until Walt was sandwiched between the largest penis he’d ever seen and his friend’s indomitable body.

Every touch, every fevered grab, between them Nelly grew a little bigger, filling the room with a rumbling purr as their cock grew and pressed Walt against their powerful belly. What happened next was like a blur for the chameleon as his friend picked him up like a rag doll, now quadruple his size and many many times stronger, unable to stand and fit the room any longer. When his brain finally caught up with his senses Walt realized he was on the floor, entirely pinned, as a clawed finger split down his shirt and pants. A thrilling rush of terror and even stronger excitement hit him when he saw the look on Nelly’s face, they looked like they were on the verge of going feral from the overwhelming pleasure. With eyes practically rolled all the way back, and emanating a lusty growl, the beast forcefully pulled its plaything upon their ferocious cock. The room was instantly filled with an intense cry wrought by unfathomable pain and pleasure as, with repeated merciless thrusts and a vibrant involuntary spasm of colors, the massive cat rearranged the reptile’s every organ.

The room was boiling with sexual heat as Walt orgasmed yet again, unable to produce any seed after countless releases already, his stomach becoming further and further distended from Nelly’s cock, and his whole house in protest as the cat’s back pushed and strained against the roof. For the umpteenth time the reptile felt his friend growing within him as they mindlessly pounded at their prey, overcome by a raw desire to grow and release. Then the feline’s face became as plain to read as anything, they were close- imminently close, when they began bucking. With a cacophony of grunts and snarls Walt knew were signaling his end, he was overcome by an unimaginable heat as countless gallons of jizz poured into him. Everything was becoming hazy as the last thing he saw was a brilliant blue light resonating from the necklace, somehow the only thing Nelly hadn’t outgrown, before sinking deeply into darkness.

Even as the chameleon fell limply off of the cat’s member they unleashed more and more cum, flooding the room while their body continued expanding outward. The ceiling was clearly the next victim when, with earsplitting cracks and breaks, Nelly rose from the house as easily as if it’d been constructed of tissue paper. Instantly panicked screams rang out when civilians saw their monstrous visage, still with a potent deluge erupting from their cock, demolishing not only the house they’d been in, but the two that neighbored it before their growth was through.

While sirens blared faintly in the distance Nelly simply sat amongst the debris, soaking in the afterglow. Once their mind was again their own however they realized a distinct lack of their small friend. “Ah crap, not again…” they said aloud, for no one’s benefit but their own, before using a finger to sift as softly as they could through the wreckage in search of Walt. When they’d found him though their heart sank a little, the chameleon wasn’t moving, breathing, or anything. “I really wish that hadn’t happened… we could have had so much more fun…” they said somberly. Suddenly as the cat lowered their head; however, the jewel around their neck glowed a brilliant ethereal blue, before Walt started coughing down below.

“Wh-what happened…?” he sputtered before looking as far up as his neck would allow at Nelly’s new body just in time to see the gem return to its normal, if not now gigantic, state.

“I got a bigger,” the feline stated matter-of-factly, voice rumbling deeply, and proud as punch.

“Thanks Nelly, I kinda guessed that much,” Walt said as he stood and brushed himself off. “I meant why did you get bigger.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure it has to do with this bad boy,” they playfully flicked at the necklace. “You were basically dead to the world, it lit up, and now you’re fine.”

With that a rush of memories hit the chameleon all at once and he stumbled backwards. “Oh, oh my God, I-I died… but I’m… fine? What kind of power did that thing give you…?”

With a cocky smile Nelly stood up themselves, body rising as high as an apartment complex, before they bent over to pick Walt up, surprisingly gingerly, between two claws. “I’m not entirely sure, but we should definitely go find out,” they said depositing the reptile on their once more hardening cock, and with that they ventured downtown.

All manner of panicked screams, futile threats, and desperate pleas surrounded the mountainous cat, but it was all meaningless and beneath their gaze, the only thing that mattered now was seeing what more they could get out of the necklace. With a pavement cracking stomp the pair arrived at their destination and Walt understood instantly, they were at Apex Labs. Effortlessly Nelly punched a hole through the roof as people frantically evacuated the building and placed Walt down inside it. “Go and bring back anything that seems fun,” they instructed and, ever obedient, the chameleon ran through the building, uncaring that he was still naked as he passed the odd straggler, in search of anything to help fulfill his friend’s, no, his master’s will.

When Walt finished his search he ran back to his waiting master, who was idly lapping at their colossal member, carrying two boxes full of beakers and tubes brimming with strange liquids under his arms. “I see you had some good luck, pet,” Nelly cooed as they scooped the chameleon up, “Let’s see what they do.” They then dangled Walt above their cavernous maw so he could throw in his haul. With the first box of potions and solutions it took only a moment before a series of resounding pops emanated from the giant’s stomach, followed by stretching and a thunderous purring as they began growing. Nelly assuredly inched ever taller, but it appeared the primary effect was on their physique as they gained chord upon chord of muscle with every second, only furthering their incalculable might. Their fur began growing in wildly with a primal shag, their teeth lengthened becoming ever-more ferocious as they forced their way out of Nelly’s mouth, their claws grew until they were like gleaming black daggers half as long as the fingers that housed them, and the air was heavy with a pungent musk that could overwhelm anyone’s senses.

Once the growth was through, they stood perhaps fifty feet or so taller, and by sight alone it was clear could they could effortlessly uproot things tens of times their own size. An increasing portion of the former evacuees were stopping dead in their tracks, ensnared by Nelly’s aphrodisiac scent and unable to do anything but indulge themselves as they basked in the cat’s greatness. The beastly titan noticed though, once the pleasure had subsided, that Walt still hadn’t thrown the second box. “What’s wrong pet? Don’t tell me you’ve got cold feet all of a sudden.”

“No! Of course not master! I only wondered if you’d permit me to use these… elsewhere…” the chameleon tentatively probed.

“Where exactly?” Nelly asked, curiosity piqued and enjoying the fact their friend had begun calling them master without the slightest instruction.

“Your… dick…” Walt said reverting to blushing again, as if he weren’t already butt naked in the middle of the city being held aloft by someone just as naked and well over twenty-five times his size.

“You’re adorable, you know that?” Nelly chuckled at the reemergence of Walt’s bottomless well of inherent embarrassment, before placing him on the head of his penis. However, once he was there his timidity was instantly replaced by lusty desire and he began wholly dropping vials down his master’s slit. The feline behemoth’s face was instantly wracked with pleasure, they’d expected for Walt to simply rub it on, but glass after glass and beaker after beaker broke and tinkled down their shaft, stimulating Nelly from the inside out. When the last of them fell Nelly’s body began to shudder before they again started growing with particularly aggressive growth in their member. The beast climbed taller until they were double the size they’d entered the city, but what was truly awe inspiring was the way their cock had grown, it had stretched out fattened and then stretched again in pace with Nelly’s heart, like an erection that just kept rising, until it and Walt looked them square in the eye.

The chameleon immediately had to hold on for everything they were worth though, because Nelly had decided to indulge in some autofellatio. Seductively they wrapped their mouth around their leaking cock plunging Walt into the darkness of their mouth, as their tongue flitted about the head and they massaged the immense shaft with their hands. Meanwhile all Walt could do was dangle helplessly from the ridges of their cock, until finally light poured in but was cruelly snuffed out as it had been no more than a frenzied gasp. When they’d again closed their mouth they began with renewed vigor, forcing their member, and Walt, as deeply down their throat as possible. Pleasured gagging and fervent strokes let everyone who either dared to stay or could no longer bring themselves to leave know what was about to happen, a climax like no other was imminent. With a muffled roar Nelly released a torrent of cum down their throat, spunk flying over and around Walt as seed overflowed from their mouth until even they could no longer contain their load. A pop like a sonic boom followed smacking akin to thunder was heard around the city as their cock was loosed from their mouth, erupting like a volcano. Puncturing buildings and bathing crowds, those who would run and those who would worship alike, with product more potent than the world had ever seen, and was only going to become even more potent as Nelly began to shudder and grow.

They rose higher and higher into the air, the majority of the buildings had dwindled to less than half their size, or were about to. Only skyscrapers now dared to stand taller, but none were so foolish as to think that would last after what they were witnessing. Nelly’s body rose, fueled by the energy of their own cum, until buildings that had once been at shoulder height came up only to their shins.

Walt had long since slid down the growing shaft and came to rest at the base of their giant master’s giant cock, when a question hit them, what if Nelly had just grown from the abundance of energy in their seed? This naturally led to an idea that caused his heart to skip a beat, but how would he get the behemoth’s attention, how could he? “You don’t need to get it, you’ve already got it,” Nelly’s sultry voice cooed in Walt’s head.

“Wait… master? How can I speak with you?”

“Simple, I can hear your thoughts now, what kind of master would I be if I couldn’t?”

“That’s amazing!”

“I brought you back to life and I’m never gonna stop growing, but that’s amazing? Anyway that’s not important, I heard your idea and I’m dying to give it a try!”

The two, and Nelly’s expanding horde of followers, were now inbound for the city’s central power station. At their size it took Nelly no time at all to reach the complex, and when they arrived the giant got down on their knees, eager to test Walt’s theory, grabbing hold of the building like it was a small car battery. What immediately ensued was beyond fantastical, every ounce of power, every last volt in the city, started funneling into Nelly as they became surrounded with an electrical blue aura. They threw their head back and convulsed similar to someone being electrocuted, but it was obvious this wasn’t painful, it was pleasurable. Once every last light in the city was out, all power diverted to a much higher purpose, the behemoth started expanding wildly. The growth was so fierce, so intense, that not only had Nelly came from sheer bliss nearly the instant it started, in no more than a minute their knee alone outsized the entire block, and still they grew. Like something truly godly they were pulverizing the city without ever moving, entire districts wiped from the grid by mere flinches. It wasn’t until they sat with their legs encircling the entire city, with room to do it dozens of more times, that the growing halted. Not even the most stubborn soul in the city, a city the size of a skimpy little model could, deny any long that this was their new master.

With a flash Walt suddenly found himself no longer on the veritable landscape the was his master, but atop the tallest skyscraper in town staring up at a God. “Think of this as a thank you,” Nelly’s voice rang in his head before he was surrounded by a faint blue aura. Next, with earth quaking tremors, the God got on their hands and knees, positioning their member directly above the city. With a deafening grunt the cock that blocked out the sky plunged into the city causing untold devastation, wiping out almost the entire place with the first of many thrusts, and assuredly destroying it many more times over as Nelly fucked the city itself. Anything that wasn’t leveled by their initial ascension was now gone and it was all being ground further and further from what it once had been, save one chameleon who’d been spared a second death and was instead granted an opportunity like no other. When Nelly climaxed the ground erupted with monumental lakes of semen, all seeping out from gash in the Earth they’d left behind.

Hundreds of miles away however launch codes had been foolishly provided and used the moment this Brobdingnagian “threat” had appeared. Rather than simply be made to understand their place a few petty fools with egos large enough to challenge a God had decided to resort to nuclear strikes. Instead of accepting they held power only in name they inadvertently were going to learn the true meaning of power.

Nelly currently lay satisfied with themself atop the milky crater that served as a birthplace for their Godhood, lovingly caressing their only equal in size, their member, at the prospect of boundless worship to come. Walt was equally enjoying himself praising his master, lost upon their mountainous balls, when the first warhead stuck Nelly. The gravity of their mistake was instantly apparent as, within seconds, the behemoth filled the county, then they filled the state, they began to fill the country in little more than the blink of an eye and were swiftly exiting Earth’s atmosphere more and more as their ascending form collided with yet more missiles. In a flash the planet was no larger than Nelly’s powerful stomach. Entire continents were being lubed as pre dripped from their hungry cock before they took the Earth, one hand on either side, and rammed their cock through it.

The pleasure felt was indescribable as the planet’s molten core provided them with both intense gratification and yet more energy as the Earth grew cold. Once the surface had been rendered barren through a relentless intensifying pounding an otherworldly groaning came from the frigid husk, before it exploded off of Nelly’s cock. Lifeless rock hurdled through space as they began cumming, with every shot they quintupled in size and seemingly found more and more to shoot until the solar system was awash with their seed and the sun was roughly as big as one of their claws.

Drunk on the immeasurable power of the star that had birthed millennia of life appearing no bigger than a bead, Nelly grabbed hold of the sun and forced it in their slit to be swallowed by a cock that dwarfed Gods. With a blinding splitting and an overabundance of energy their mind opened to every secret the universe held as they all became part of the King of all Gods. Filled with power, both the necklace and its wearer, the feline to rule over everything began exploding exponentially with size, growing hundreds of times larger many times over in a single second.

Hundreds of galaxies, thousands of nebulae, millions upon millions of stars, were absorbed by the God King every moment. Their energy was unnecessary, but Nelly’s fevered and unquenchable desire for more demanded a sacrifice of no less than all that ever had or would exist. The former infinity of space buckled as it was filled to the brim. Reality itself was no match for their new status as they continued to ascend beyond existence, countless multiverses now subject to their powerful will, and to think it was all made possible by a little necklace and two people’s indomitable lust for power.

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