Woolly monkey zoo exhibit

by Eriknl77

Two friends fighting for animal rights end up becoming part of an exhibit in a zoo.

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It’s a bit cloudy, but warm enough to go to the zoo, wearing only some shorts and a tank top. I am used to people looking at me, as I am quite a muscular guy, but that’s okay. I like to be looked at and appreciated. First I go to the Oceanium, one of my favorite places in the zoo. A large tank filled with rays and sharks is always so peaceful to me. I spend some time there and go to the bigger mammals through the reptile and insect house. enjoying a nice afternoon in the zoo. Then I continue on to the primates. A large group of islands, separated from each other by water and with some cages inside a large connected building. I walk towards the cage of the woolly monkeys, my favorites, which are only 1.5 ft tall, black/greyish and have a long tail that they can swing from tree to tree with.

I look forward to seeing them. they weren’t outside and when I get to the cages in which they usually are, one of the three connected cages is empty and a zookeeper is there. I look around and ask him, “Why aren’t there as many woolly monkeys as last time?”

The zookeeper shrugs, a bit resigned. “Zoo’s owned by a couple of different folks, some of them have other zoos. When they need more for their exhibits they transfer them out from here.” At least it’s nothing like an illness, but it’s still a significant number of the normal group suddenly not there.

“Wow, yeah, I know animals sometimes move away for a breeding program, but this seems more radical. Such a shame, I really love these monkeys.”

“A bit early for the breeding program, but it wouldn’t shock me if that pulled some more in the coming weeks. Enjoy taking a look while you can, man.” The zookeeper gestured around the enclosure. “I would hate to see them leave. I think they are the most fun species in here. They seem to enjoy being here.”

I nodded. “I hope some of the monkeys will remain here.”

“Me too,” he agreed. “Even if it’s going to be a lot more empty, some’s better than none. If you want you can look around, it’s pretty quiet so far.”

“You look sad,” I said. “Are you okay? You really love taking care of them don’t you? They have been lucky to have you as their caretaker. Wish I could do something for you man.”

He ducked his head. “I’ll be fine. They’re just friendlier animals, they seem to really like people. Beats some of the other ones here!”

“Oh absolutely. That’s why I love them. It’s always like coming home in here. they are always so friendly, as if they are watching back, almost inviting you into the cage. I’ve always wondered what it would be like inside a cage like that.” I said the last without really meaning to, but it was good talking with this guy.

The zookeeper looked around. “Look, you don’t tell the management here and I’ll let you step in and look around. Glad to help out a fellow admirer.”

“Wow, really? Damn, wish I could act out to be a real monkey,” I said with a laugh. “But maybe you should tell the management that I occupy a cage in protest of taking them away. I could even call a friend to join me. He would be here a little later cause he’s working right now, but I think if the management sees two naked guys protesting inside the monkey cage, they’d rethink their decision. Especially with visitors coming in, expecting real monkeys in there!”

The zookeeper says, “Hey man, you do you, call your friend up and get ready. The bosses don’t show up this early, so you’ll have some time to yourselves before they come to see”

“Awesome.” I text you friend and tell you to come to the zoo when you’re available, explaining a little of what the plan is. Then I get undressed as the zookeeper opens the cage door. “Thanks man, I will really enjoy this.” I say, as I hear the key in the lock, knowing I’m locked inside now.

Well, I’m in the cage, fully nude. I just jumped in, left my clothes and phone outside the cage and started swinging on a branch. “Man this is awesome, I feel so free, even though I’m in a cage. Those monkeys have a wonderful life!”

After I texted you, I dropped my pants, took off my shirt and handed my phone to the zookeeper. “Here, take good care of them. You can lock me in and let my friend in when he’s here. Make sure the management knows we’re in here protesting please and if other people come…. Just let them view the exhibit. The woolly monkeys need to stay!”

I turn around and jump over the rail in front of the cage and through the cage door, into the cage where I start to swing on some ropes.

“You got it, I’ll let you swing here a bit. Help yourself to the food in there—fruit is fruit, after all. I’ll go stand by the entrance to the monkey exhibit to flag down your friend there. Then I’ll have him join you.” He picks up his own phone. “Hey boss, yeah, I’m down in the woolly monkey exhibit. You and the others are gonna wanna come down here, and I mean quick.” The zookeeper knowingly winks at you as he says it.

I just swing around, still a naked jock, muscles glistening in the light. Yeah, some fruit will be good. Can’t wait till my buddy is here, he’s gonna love this. I crouch down and rest on the balls of my feet to eat a banana. The other woolly monkeys are in the other two cages next to me. It feels good to be like them. I feel connected to them. I eat some more banana, and an apple and then swing up higher in a fake tree.

I notice that I’m not feeling any reservations about swinging up higher, it starts to feel comfortable, like a second home. Still, I grip the branch with your toes to make sure I don’t fall. A bonus of being up so high is that I see you coming, still a bit away from the exhibit.

This feels really good. I never knew I could be this much like a monkey. I see some visitors coming. They will be expecting real monkeys, I’m sure, but hey, it’s a protest. I won’t say a thing, I’m just a monkey. The zookeeper will tell the management the demands when they get here. My buddy must be here in a few minutes now. I’m sure he’d be excited too.

I’m kind of surprised how little people are looking at you. Maybe they don’t see me up in the tree? But it does give me time to finish eating an apple. It feels like I’m doing the right thing, seeing how people are looking at the monkeys in the neighboring cage. As I finish up the food, I hang down from the branch, upside down from my feet.

I turn my head around, looking down at the people. I’m not sure if they see me. I don’t want to scare them off, but I think it might be good that they notice me, because I want to make a point. The monkeys need to stay and for that the management need to have some controversy to my actions. I jump up smoothly back on the branch and climb down a rope on all fours to a platform where I have been up on before. I scratch a small stub above my ass and look down at the people who now can see me more clear.

Then from the corner of my eye I see you walk into the building too, as people start to murmur and gasp a bit looking at me.

A few people yell, some stare or take out their phones to snap photos. You look at my bare ass as you walk in. “Holy shit, is that you? You didn’t even wait for me, man!” You start to take off your shirt and motion to the zookeper to unlock the gate.

“Yeah, dude, come in and let the zookeeper lock the cage. The management can be here any minute. Have some fruit by the way, there is plenty in that corner.” I climb down a bit more, walking towards the cage, going left and right on the branch on all fours. looking at the people who take pictures and video of me.

You strip down and enter—the zookeeper keeps his distance and only opens the door enough to let you in. You grab a banana and start to eat it, chewing a bit slowly as you look at how I’m moving. You feel better about seeing me swing so easily, and seeing me up against the bars by the people, showing my body off as I lean forward into a simian stance. “Looking good there, monkey, hehe,” you joke.

I look back at you. “Hehehe, looking good yourself too mister. Working out pays off for you. Feels good doesn’t it? Oh, look, there are some angry men coming in. That must be the management.” I look up and make monkey noises as I provoke them from behind the bars. The other people are still filming and photographing everything.

They address the zookeeper. “Well, what is all this? Why did we have to…” The director of the zoo sees us and he can hear the other two boardmembers gasp. “What the hell. What are those two doing in there? Did you let them in? Explain this instant.”

“Well, they both were pretty unhappy you got rid of the monkeys that were in there. Begged me to let them in so they could make a point, like they’re replacing them. Seems like the public’s noticing too,” he explains. You look like you’re start feeling weird as you toss the peel aside, rubbing your lips like they’re feeling strange and thick as you imitate the monkey noises like I do.

The director doesn’t care about the other visitors and walks up to me as I look up at him from behind the bars. “So, monkey man. You have a problem with our zoo policy? What’s your point then?”

I start my plea, though voice was a bit high-pitched. “Well Sir, the thing is this. The woolly monkeys are my favorite and they should stay here. Already many are sent away. More will be shipped off too I’m told. This is a protest. If you don’t keep those monkeys, we will stay here, naked and all, to shock the visitors and make our point known. The woolly monkeys need to stay.”

The director nodded. “Ah, I see. Well your point has come across. Unfortunately the monkeys have been promised to other zoos. So… what are you suggesting? You will take their place and be our new exhibit here?” He directs his question to you.

You join in. “Yeah, hard to ignore two big, naked guys like us. We’re gonna replace them unless you get them back.” You beat you chest a bit—you’re not sure why, but it feels right.

The director smiles. “Well people, they do look good in there don’t they? What do you say? They are already having an effect from the hormone-filled fruit they’ve been eating?” He chuckles, the people murmur even more as he bends down towards the cage and whispers to me. “You can stay here as long as you want you know…. as a monkey. A little bit more changed though. How much of a monkey do you want to become? Stay like this forever? 50%? 80%? 100%? What do you want? Because the other monkeys are going. You two would be the only ones left. I’d say we make a new species. Human woolly monkeys, what do you say?”

I gulp and look back at you, then I look back at him. “The woolly monkeys have to stay!” I shout. “Even if that means I’d be 50% of one.”

The director grins and stands up. I look up questioningly, a bit angry at him, then I feel a sharp pain my my ass. It’s a dart with a serum. I pull it out and see it’s empty. It’s inside me. I look up at him with questioning eyes.

“Well, 50% it will be then. you’ll look stunning with that body of yours. And what does your friend want?” He looks towards you. “Want to join him?”

You turn to the zookeeper. “Hey, he shot my friend, you gotta help him!” But the zookeeper shrugs and says, “You guys chose this, don’t act surprised!” You look over to me and then to the director. “I’m gonna stay with my friend, no matter as what.”

The director laughs. “Ah nice, well you look like you’d be off better more a monkey. lets say…. 80%.” He hardly finished his sentence and you feel a dart shoot into your ass.

“Welcome to the zoo boys. You’ll be our new exhibit. As soon as you finished changing, we will take some pictures and make a nice species plate for you here. You will be able to join the others soon, probably within an hour.”

You grunt as it hits you, your whole body feeling hot. You pull out the dart, but it’s too late. Before your eyes, your hands are starting to change, palms a bit longer, like your thumbs are further from my other fingers. Easier to climb with, like a monkey.

I look at you, seeing you already change as I feel my own changes. My teeth sharpen a bit as my mouth becomes a bit different and my nose flattens also a bit. My ears grow little bigger and I feel a tail sprout from above my ass. The hormones already gave me a thumb on my feet, but they are now changing more and more into the feet of a monkey.

You watch me change, knowing your instinct will change to 80% too. I’ll be a lot of monkey when I’m done. I hope you will enjoy it. I’m loving the changes, even though they scare me. The people are filming everything. We’ll be a Youtube sensation for sure.

I see you look at your hands, confused, but soon not caring there’s a camera. You feel good, and start to stroke your human cock with your monkey hand. Your moans turn into animal noises as you grin, mouth wider and simian looking.

You look at me and walk over to me, sniffing me. The people start to laugh as your use your tail to grab a branch and lift yourself up, hanging in front of you, watching me while I am stroking myself.

Before long you’re leaking pre, hooting as you drop forward onto a knuckle, using only one hand to jack as your back reshapes, locking your in a simian stance. Your body starts to look a bit thinner, too.

My skin darkens, I become black. My muscles stay, and so does my cock, but my legs and arms become a bit longer and my posture changes. My hair falls out and a slight fur starts to grow all over, making the muscle stand out even more. I try to say something to you, but I can’t speak anymore. Your precum smells funny though,.I jump up at you and smell closer, licking it from your monkey cock.

The management walks away, giving the zookeepers orders to keep us well fed and to introduce us to the others after half an hour. We will be ready when we shrink to monkey size.

Your put your hand on my furry head, wanting me to suck you off as the humanity drains from you, caring more about fucking than anything else now. My instincts kick in and I lick and suck your cock. I giggle a bit as I think we won’t be useful for the breeding program, but we will probably become monkey mates here.

I feel how my body starts to shrink. I look down at myself in between sucking you and see how I have changed, looking mostly like myself still, but in a different colour, with a bit of fur and different limbs—and not to forget a tail. I have always wanted to have a tail. I am filled with joy and my cock is rock hard too. I feel how your foot thumb is playing with my cock.

Even as you play with me, you’re already starting to get smaller. The skin is darkening on your body as your features are reshaping, getting hard to recognize as your primative face hoots in pleasure.

I am finished shrinking and to finalize my changes I shoot my cum all over your leg. Wow I feel amazing. I can’t believe we’re going to be monkeys in a zoo from now on. I love it that I am still this much human though. I suck you hard, so I can swallow your cum.

The people are still watching and filming us. Some applaud us, we can hear them say they will visit us often.

Mmm, it makes you shoot in mymouth, barely able to remember what you was before, but loving how good you feel and look, and all this attention.

You will always remember when you see me, just vaguely. You will be a monkey from now on. I lick up all your cum and stroke you gently, then I jump up and run up the fake tree, exploring my new agility.

The zookeeper puts new food in our cage and tells the people that it’s soon closing time. He opens the gate towards the other two cages and our new world opens up. we can even go outside to the monkey island now. We are home.

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