Your evening with Monroe

by Monroe L

In this second-person narrative, Monroe, an anthro collared lizard, approaches you for a night of passion.

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The 6’1” lizard had singled you out from the crowd at the bar; that much was apparent as he strode forward, confidently locking his dark green eyes with yours while his tail swished back and forth excitedly behind him. He had a rather exotic appearance. His scales were brightly colored and easily distinguishable even in the dim light of the dingy hole in the wall you’d stopped by this evening: they were primarily blue and yellow, it seemed, though you spotted orange on his snout and some brown on the back of his head. He was getting closer. The young male wore the clothes of a working professional: a dark-colored suit with a striking purple tie. The most noteworthy feature of his outfit, though, was below the brown belt he wore. To call his bulge impressive would have been an understatement. You even had a few doubts in the back of your mind as to if everything under there was real. In a world where a legitimate eight inches was easily big enough to be a successful porn star, this male was clearly at the very far end of the bell curve. As he stepped closer, you could discern more features of the impressive package approaching you. What was simply an overstuffed crotch from a distance took a more definitive shape at a closer view. It looked like the lizard’s cock had to be soft, from the position it was coiled in and how it gently bobbed with each step he took. Yet even soft, it had to be at least eight inches long and very thick. It hung down over two testicles that were even more impressive. It looked like the reptile had shoved a couple of baseballs into his pants before leaving the house and zipped up like that, but the lizard’s steps were too natural for that. It looked like he was used to dealing with a cumbersome bulge as he walked. You looked up from his crotch, realizing you’d been staring.

Shit, he must have seen how your gaze was fixated. A wide grin had spread across his features. Finally, his trek across the bar stopped just in front of you. “Is this seat taken? I’d like to buy you a drink,” he asked with a gesture to the barstool next to yours. The lizard’s voice was slightly deeper than average, yet almost soft. It was a smooth tone the seemed to radiate a genuine interest in you. You realized that you were so focused on the stud’s voice, that you almost forgot to process his words. “Oh, no! I mean, it’s not, you can sit there,” you hurriedly explained. Monroe chuckled and asked what you’d like, before ordering your mixed drink of choice and a cranberry vodka for himself. You were only just beginning to feel tipsy tonight, so you figured you could handle one more drink without being too trashed for whatever this stranger may have had in mind. “I’m Monroe,” he said, extending a hand for you to shake. It was a blue hand with five clawed yellow fingers, as though he was wearing blue fingerless gloves over a scaly yellow hand. His palm side was lighter in color than the back of his hand. You took the outstretched hand and shook it, giving your own name in reply. You were slightly surprised by how warm his smooth scales were; usually scalies were much cooler than this. As though he’d read your expression, the lizard explained, “My people are warm-blooded.” You were about to make a reply, but at that moment, your drinks came. He lifted his glass, murmured “Cheers,” and raised it to his lips. As the two of you made casual small talk about the bar and life, you learned that he was a graduate student, studying for his PhD. He attended the state university, and he was dressed up today because he’d just given his dissertation defense. He thought he’d nailed it, so he was here to celebrate.

Finally, when he’d finished his drink and you’d just about finished yours, he spoke up. “How about we go back to my place? It’s just a couple blocks away.” It was then that you glanced down to his bulge for the second time that night. (You’d been doing such a good job of keeping your eyes at chest level or above.) You saw that large bulge again, and just couldn’t resist. “Sure thing.” He rose to his digitigrade feet and the two of you began walking in the crisp evening air towards his home. Before long at all, the two of you were in a very average-looking apartment complex. It wasn’t particularly run-down, but it also wasn’t what you’d call ‘upscale.’ It was probably the best place he could afford on a grad student’s budget. A short elevator ride to the sixth floor and the two of you were in front of his apartment. You bit your lower lip. This was really happening. You were really going to sleep with this stud. You couldn’t know for sure, but given his demeanor, you would’ve guessed he wanted to be on top.

He unlocked the door, opening a view into his place. It was a relatively clean space, with the only clutter being a mess of papers and books on the dining table—probably from his dissertation work. He hung his suit jacket up and quickly whisked you away into the bedroom though. As the lizard turned on the lights and shut the door, his tail was swishing from side to side once more, and you thought you saw his cock twitch beneath the thin fabric of his dress pants. “Ever since I saw you in the bar, I knew I had to have you. And that conversation we had only confirmed what I already knew.” He urged you to sit with him at the foot of the bed, and you happily obliged. With both of you sitting, the lizard leaned in close, saying “You’re just so beautiful” in a low voice. He placed a hand gingerly at your jaw, turning you to face him. In that moment, he leaned forward to kiss you.

As his exotic reptilian tongue snaked its way into your maw, he kept one hand on your cheek. His eyes were closed and you closed yours as well, enjoying the kiss. With his free hand, Monroe fumbled with his belt, finally getting it undone and pulling it free from his pants. He then took your hand in his own, placing it on his crotch to let you feel his bulge as his tongue explored the crevices of your mouth, kissing you passionately. You involuntarily let out a gasp. His package was incredibly warm, and you couldn’t help but give a good grope to his bulge, feeling the contours of both his cock and his balls through his pants. Finally, he pulled back, and a string of saliva connected his maw to your mouth. As he stood from the bed, it left you wanting more of his tongue and his bulge.

He grinned and began to unbutton his collared shirt, starting at the top. Your heart was racing. Each button revealed more of his light blue chest, the same color as the inside of his neck. He had a decently muscular chest, with a small bit of visible mass to his pecs. He wasn’t bulky; rather, he looked as muscular as a swimmer would. Going down, the gentle ripples of six abs were visible underneath his smooth blue scales that occasionally caught and reflected some light. His arms had decent biceps on them, and you found yourself fantasizing about feeling their caress. The lizard stepped closer, sitting down in your lap whilst still facing you. You couldn’t help but notice the heat emanating from his nether region. He gripped the lower hem of your shirt and lifted it up as you obligingly raised your arms for him to remove it completely. He leaned in to deliver a kiss to your neck. “Now’s the fun part,” he said breathily, causing an explosion of butterflies to erupt in your stomach.

The reptile stood up once more and proceeded to unbutton his pants before unzipping them. You saw a flash of red: his underwear. He began to lower his pants, and your breath caught in your throat. His bulge was literally breathtaking. It was positively obscene how his briefs struggled to hold back their contents. The waistband dipped scandalously low, threatening to expose the base of his cock at any moment. As he continued lowering his pants, every little detail of Monroe’s endowment was visible through the thin fabric of his briefs, down to the ridge at the base of his humanoid cock’s head. You caught yourself licking your lips when he stood back up straight. He stepped forward once more, imperceptibly swaying his hips as he approached you. You could’ve sworn that as he looked over your bare torso, his briefs grew a little bit tighter. “How about you show me a bit of skin now?” he asked as he gave his member an idle rub through his briefs. Those red briefs were definitely growing tighter around the beginnings of the lizard’s arousal.

“Sure thing... sexy,” you replied, with only a brief pause before you delivered him the compliment. It wasn’t like you to be so quiet, but something about this male’s confidence and raw sexual energy had you feeling uncharacteristically shy. You were certain your cheeks must have been flushed a deep red with both arousal and embarrassment by now. You still couldn’t believe such an attractive man was so interested in you. You slowly worked on removing your pants, eyeing your lover’s package the entire time. There was no doubt: you were rock hard already. That was only confirmed when you lowered your pants, revealing the tent you’d made in your underwear. “Oh my, someone’s turned on,” the lizard remarked cheekily. “I’m flattered.” His mostly-soft member had grown to nine inches by now, and the root of that monstrous endowment was clearly visible above his waistband. It was very thick, over two inches wide already and still plumping up. “How about you lose the last bit of clothing and I’ll do the same?” he proposed. Monroe didn’t need to ask twice. You nodded, “Sure,” and hooked your thumbs into your own underwear, lowering them and releasing your own member from its cloth confines. “Very nice,” he murmured, licking his lips.

The scalie began to pull his own underwear down, finishing the job his package had started. He lowered it down tantalizingly slowly, millimeter by millimeter, which made you want to reach forward and just tear the underwear down. But you loved the torture, and your cock throbbed as he slowly revealed more of his endowment. As two inches of his cock showed, his sac began to come into view. Monroe continued to reveal more and more, and it was soon clear that your initial estimation of his balls’ size was off—though not by much. Each orb was 3 1/2” wide, just half an inch wider than a baseball. His cock had continued to grow harder during the little strip-tease, and it now looked to be about 2 1/2” wide and 10” long. It was closer to a full erection, you could tell, but still somewhat floppy.

He finally let his underwear drop, revealing his uncut endowment in its full glory. Before you could say anything, he was pressing his body against yours and kissing you once again, more urgently this time. You could feel his cock growing larger and harder against you, and before long, the make-out had him fully hard. He leaned back a bit, and you could tell it was a truly massive organ. “How big is it?” you asked. “12 inches long,” he replied. “And three wide.” Your asshole was twitching with desire, but you were also nervous. You’d never taken anything as big and thick as Monroe’s member. The lizard sensed your apprehension, and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll start off slow and be gentle.” He then turned to place a tender kiss on your cheek. You still were a bit tense about the prospect of taking that huge thing, but your nerves eased a little bit thanks to his calm and caring demeanor.

The scalie reached down and wrapped your hand around his member, encouraging you to stroke it. The monster was thicker than a Coke can, and incredibly warm in your palm. You could feel his heart beating steadily, providing a constant supply of blood to the huge organ. He gripped your own cock and began to stroke it, making you curl your toes in pleasure. The reptile let out a quiet moan as you began to stroke up and down his fat shaft. You were momentarily surprised when your hand felt a wet slickness on his cock after only a few strokes, until you realized that he’d already begun to leak pre. He was leaking a constant trickle of pre-seed now, and each stroke you gave him was slightly more lubricated than the last.

Before long he pulled away, leaving your member aching for more. “I’m ready to start preparing you for my cock. Are you ready?” he asked. You weren’t sure you were, but you nodded anyway. This was the most prepared you’d get tonight. Your heart was fluttering and your knees felt weak as he politely asked you to lie back for him and lift your legs. The lizard strode over to the bedside table and opened the drawer, removing a bottle of lube. He returned to the foot of the bed where you laid feeling strangely vulnerable, rested your legs on his shoulders, and popped the bottle’s cap open. The next thing you felt was a slick finger pressed up against your rear. Thankfully, you’d played with yourself ‘back there’ recently, so the finger slipped in without much effort. He pumped it in and out a few times before withdrawing it and pressing two fingers against your lubed-up hole. You were clearly lubricated enough, and it was apparent that he was just loosening you up for his thickness. The lizard slowly pressed both fingers in, reading your expression for any signs of pain, and the sensations of his fingers slipping in caused you to let out a moan. You were certain Monroe must have felt a bit more resistance this time, as he spent nearly a full minute pumping his two fingers in and out of you just to make sure you’d adjusted. “You’re doing great so far,” he encouraged as he removed his digits. “Just one more finger and then you’re ready.” You bit your lower lip. It wasn’t every day that three full fingers was mere foreplay and preparation. Three fingers slowly pressed into you and the finger-fucking that entailed elicited several more moans from you. It seemed to go on forever, continuing on until the gentle reptile had determined that you were sufficiently loosened.

As you looked up between your legs, you saw the lizard applying lube to his member. It looked huger than ever as he prepared it to enter you. Next thing, you felt his fat tip pressed up against your hole. “God, it feels huge,” you moaned out. Monroe couldn’t help but smile at that, clearly flattered by how awe-struck you were by his endowment. “Just relax,” he crooned. And then he began to press forward, using one hand to hold his cock steady and the other to slowly stroke your cock, to help you stay aroused and relaxed. After several moments of mounting pressure against your rear, your hole finally began to yield. “God, it feels like it’s tearing me in half,” you groaned out as the first half-inch sank in. Despite all the preparation and your best efforts to relax, it still felt far too big for your poor ass. You just weren’t used to such a huge thickness going in. It stung, but you gritted your teeth, struggling to deal with the intense discomfort you felt. The lizard kept pressing in, slowly burying his bulbous cock head into your tight hole. Although he saw your pained expression, he knew it was a bearable discomfort, so he kept going; it would be far easier to take the rest of his monster once its head had been fully inserted. After several moments of slow, continuous penetration, the well-hung male’s head popped in. He let out a moan of his own as that happened; your ass was just so tight on his enormous rod. Monroe paused for a minute to let you adjust.

As you laid still, you slowly eased your grip on the bedsheets you didn’t realize you had tightly clenched in your fists. You still felt very full of dick, though the stinging died down as your lover slowly stroked your cock. The lizard moved both hands to your outer thighs so that he could more effectively control the rate of insertion, leaving you to stroke yourself as he began pressing in once again, filling you deeper and deeper with fat lizard cock. “It’s been too long since I’ve fucked someone with this big thing,” he said under his breath. You were too busy being impaled by a massive dick to think of a good response. It seemed like whole minutes had passed, and the thing kept coming. Every time you thought it had to be nearly all the way in, you were proven wrong by the well-hung stud who so slowly and caringly pushed his enormous endowment into you. All in all, it had been about five minutes when he said “Just a couple more inches to go.” And with that, he squeezed your thigh appreciatively. “You look so damn sexy with your ass full of cock,” he complimented. It wasn’t the most traditional flattery, but you were more than happy to accept the praise. Finally, blissfully, the whole thing was in. You had never been so stretched in your life, but at the same time you found it incredibly arousing to feel that warm, thick cock of his just throbbing inside of you. Your tight ass was the best gift you could ever offer a man like Monroe, and he clearly appreciated it. The initial penetration had been quite an ordeal, and you let go of the breath you’d kept trapped inside your lungs for an indeterminate amount of time. But you had taken the whole thing.

The lizard stayed hilted inside of you for several moments before he began to rock his hips against you, pulling a small portion of his generous endowment out of you before pushing it back in. Gradually, he began to remove more cock and push more back in with each thrust, using three or four inches of his footlong length before too long. As he continued to slowly build up to full thrusts, you finally felt him brush up against your prostate, which made you groan deeply in bliss. Your cock throbbed, eagerly releasing some of its precum. With each thrust thereafter, the reptile’s enormous cock pressed against your prostate, sending waves of pure pleasure through your body. You arched your back and almost begged him to go harder and faster. As though on cue, the seductive lizard began to speed up his thrusts. Each time he pulled out, he removed all but his large cock head from your stretched hole, and when he pushed forward, he slid the entirety of his cock in until his huge balls slapped against your ass. He’d begun to not just press on your prostate, but pound against it every time he thrust into you, and he had you gasping and groaning in pleasure. Monroe himself had his bared teeth clenched tightly as he destroyed your rear entrance, and he just gripped your legs more firmly. The lizard kept pounding into you hard, over and over. His generous length didn’t particularly lend itself to fast thrusts, if he was to use the entirety of his endowment for every thrust, but he more than made up for it with the power behind his motions. Each thrust was enough to push your entire body forward slightly along the bed. “You’re so tight,” he groaned, and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking, ‘Every ass must be tight around that monster of his.’ You kept stroking yourself in time with his thrusts, and the continual, rough prostate stimulation had you getting closer and closer to orgasm. “I’m gonna cum,” you announced as you drew nearer to climax. “Cum all over for me, babe,” he encouraged you. A couple minutes later, and you just couldn’t hold back your orgasm any longer. You knew it was inevitable, and began to moan uncontrollably. Picking up on it, the lizard increased the speed of his thrusts, making his balls slap against you more loudly and, more importantly, pounding against your prostate more forcefully. You began to spurt, shooting out several ropes of thick cum all over yourself and covering your hand, stomach, chest, and even a little bit of your face.

As your orgasm died down, Monroe kept thrusting into you, and it was clear that he, too, was getting close to a climax. His thrusts grew harder and harder, the only sounds in the room being those of his huge orbs slapping against you over and over and the wet squelching as he pounded his fat cock into you with wild abandon. It dragged on for what seemed to be an eternity, until it was clear he was on the edge of a huge orgasm. His tail flitted back and forth and he let out a few groans of pure ecstasy as his balls drew up close and he finally began to cum. He kept pounding into you as his thick member shot out its first few ropes of reptilian seed deep inside of you, and his orgasm continued. The lizard held onto you tightly, enjoying the sensations of his body releasing all its pent-up jizz. You felt the individual ropes bursting forth from his cock, due to the sheer intensity and volume of his orgasmic release. Finally, after nearly 30 seconds of mind-numbing pleasure, the lizard slowly pulled out and crawled up over you to press his lips to yours in a tender kiss. His body was slightly sweaty from the exertion that accompanied over 40 minutes of nonstop sex. You could feel his slick member slowly softening, resting heavily against your body. “We’ll grab a shower first thing in the morning,” he murmured as he climbed up the bed to where the pillows laid. You followed suit, lying right next to him while he pulled the covers over the both of you. “That sounds nice,” you replied to him tiredly. Monroe curled his tail around you, tugging you closer to his scaled body, and he wrapped both arms around you. You slowly fell asleep resting against his chest, wondering if this was a one-time thing or the beginning of something new.

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