An unexpected gift

by ZeroZeroNull

A lonely student gets an unsuspected present as he comes home for the week-end.

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I mindlessly stare at the screen of my laptop, my gaze focused on the opened text document, fixated on the words I wrote down, said words starting to blur and lose their meaning the more I look at them. It all forms a mess of black pixels which contrasts against the painfully large amount of white of the page. My eyes feel positively sore now, and while it used to be a little game of mine to stare at what I had written to let the words sink in, taking in the pleasure of writing, now it feels more like a chore to endure the sight of a miserable paragraph that I’ll end up deleting out of frustration in the evening. I know I should push myself harder and put in the effort to finish at least one of my stories, or at the very least listen to the teacher’s lesson, but oh well, I’ll do it later.

My thoughts are interrupted as the bell eventually rings, followed by the sound of my classmates all getting up and preparing themselves to go home. I then straighten my back and stretch my arms, making sure not to knock anyone out, before putting on my warm jacket and stuffing my laptop in my bag. The next ten minutes are then spent carefully making my way out of campus, trying my best not to push people or stomp on someone’s foot by accident, the usual really, being really tall and large isn’t as cool as it’s make out to be. Today however proves rather difficult as it seems like everyone is trying to get out as fast as possible, all probably eager to come home for the week-end to find someone waiting for them, whether it be a loved one, a friend or even a pet… damn are they lucky.

With that thought finally comes the campus exit, and as I look up at the white sky an annoyed frown quickly forms on my face. Large fuzzy snowflakes are pouring down the sky, covering almost everything in snow from cars to sidewalks to road signs to, you guessed it, my exposed head. I breathe in, trying to relax, but the harsh coldness of the outside air ends up not helping at all, only making the wait for the bus all the more bothering. After what seems like an eternity my bus finally arrives, and as I take place inside it feels like the cheap seat I’m resting on is the most comfortable thing I have ever sited on, which isn’t all that surprising after spending nearly half-an-hour in the cold winter air.

Tired, and as the bus sets in motion, I decide to rest my head against the window, listening to the gentle drumming of the glass panel as I slowly drift to sleep while the landscape scrolls before my eyes, said landscape only consisting of snow-covered fields with a few naked forests sprinkled here and there. As slumber takes over me however I can’t help but think of how these barren winter fields remind me of my life: pretty to look at, sure, but at its core ultimately cold and lonely… oh so lonely.

I guess a little presentation wouldn’t hurt. My name is Zboro, I major in the field of chemistry in a decent college in which I get good enough grades, I have a rather nice social life with quite a few good friends. To top it all off I also have a flat which manages to be not too far away from campus, not too expensive, and has a ceiling high enough for me not to bump my head against. The kicker though? I feel alone, so terribly alone.

I’m not talking in terms of regular relationships however, I fair well enough with people and I have the most loving family there is, no the kind of loneliness I’m talking about is more in the intimate sense of things. While all my friends have had significant others since the start of the semester, I have not, for a long time already. No, I’m not ugly, hell my friends often joke on how I have the looks of an apex predator, with my large build and intimidating features, but it’s just that all of that is undermined by a terrible romantic shyness. Growing up I tried again and again to gain confidence in myself in that regard, but to no avail, and as such I’ve simply come to accept that I’ll always be the nearly two and a half meter tall dragon who can barely muster the courage to ask the cute mousey McDonald employee for extra ketchup packets.

As one can expect I don’t really fair well in love, the mere thought of someone asking me out making me freeze in fear. Don’t get me wrong though, I haven’t given up on finding love, let’s just say that I’m waiting for the right one to do the first move. In the meantime, I’m just waiting for the moment to come, and I’m only half serious about it of course… of course.

A loud synthesized voice resonates and wakes me up roughly from my half-sleep, and I end up looking around me frantically, not knowing where I am or what’s going on. I then mentally scold myself over how disproportionate my reaction was, it’s simply my stop, and I have to leave. I quickly get off the bus only to realize that it is still snowing rather heavily, and as I calculate the distance it takes to reach my place I decide that running my way home doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. I’d rather have sore lungs for one minute or two than being stuck to bed with a fever, being a cold blooded animal doesn’t help in that kind of weather regardless of how thick your jacket is.

It does not prove to be very helpful however as I reach my flat covered in snow and out of breath, which only worsens my mood. In a fit of exasperation, I swing the door open, close it just as fast and throw my wet jacket on the coat hanger as I make my way to the fridge to grab a beer, chugging it in one go. Once I’m done with the bottle I throw it in the trash without giving it a second look before taking a deep breath and looking pensively around my home, which stands half decorated with somewhat cheap looking holiday decorations in preparation for Christmas.

“Eh, I’ll take put up the rest tomorrow…” I mumble as I glance at the nearly empty plastic fir tree which only features a few bright Christmas balls, some standard ornaments, a smiling angel crowning the top of the tree, and a large wrapped present sitting at the base of it all. I immediately raise an eyebrow and give the weird box a confused look.

“Wait… where does that thing comes from?” I wonder aloud, confused as all hell. “Now who could have left it, I didn’t give my keys to anyone.” I think about several possibilities, which all seem silly and unplausible, and as such I ultimately decide to take matters into my own hands and inspect the mysterious present.

I slowly go over to the large ribbon-clad gift, with a mix of fear and morbid curiosity tying knots in my stomach. The box itself doesn’t appear suspicious, it’s about the size of the ones typically used when moving, with plain white wrapping paper and red ribbons wrapped around it. All and all a pretty normal present, but as I get closer however I do notice a series of small holes on the sides, alongside a little tag attached to the ribbon atop the present, which actually has something written on it.

It’s my name. Written in fancy golden letters are the words “For Zboro”, with no mention of who sent it or from where it came from. “For me uh?” I remark with a nervous smirk as I start to tear away the ribbons and wrapping paper with my bare claws until I am left with nothing but a bare cardboard box. “Oh well here goes nothing. Guess it can’t be that bad now can it?” I chuckle as I open the box, ready to find a joking message from my friends inside, or at the very least to find it empty.

I let out a little laugh and look inside the box, only to then pause and blink slowly, unsure how to react. I know that sight should have made me jump out of my skin, that I should have been scared of the implications of this present, but at this very moment I just needed a break. I walk up to the window behind me, open it and inhale the cold air, before closing the window. After some inner debates, I decide to slowly re-approach the box to see if my eyes tricked me or not.

Inside the present, curled up in a tight ball of fur, was a little dog guy softly breathing and apparently deeply asleep. “What even…” couldn’t even come close to describe the thoughts running wildly in my head. I take a look at the small white form sleeping at my feet. It turns out the guy is naked aside a few ribbons hiding his privates, as well as a big elaborate one wrapped around his neck. I keep telling myself that I should call the cops, but as I contemplate the canine’s fluffy face I can’t help but shamefully admit that he’s rather adorable. I’m rather ashamed to think that, and as such I decide to at least do something right and check to see if he’s alright. Despite my uneasiness, I reach inside the box and gently grab the dog by the armpits like one who do with an actual puppy. I can’t help but shake a little as I hold him at arm’s length, feeling absolutely stupid to be scared of a guy who isn’t even half as tall as me.

I quickly shake away those thoughts and finally look at him from head to toe. He is slim and rather light, seems to be a bit under 1 meter 60, and to my relief without a single injury staining his pure white fur. “Oh god he’s fine, and he’s so warm…” I remark, blushing.

To my horror however, I notice the guy starting to stir awake, yawning widely while his deep black eyes groggily open. After a second or two he finally seems to notice that he’s hanging quite some distance away from the ground, and then look up at me with a puzzled look. Panicked, I open my mouth to start asking if he is okay, which proves unsuccessful as starts squirming wildly while his breathing quickens. Before I can even process what is happening he manages to escape my grip, falling back unarmed on the thick carpet before darting to the nearest room, my bedroom.

“Wait no, come back!” I shout, following the guy while scolding myself for scaring him. I quickly scan my room, and not before long I hear scratching sounds coming from under the bed. Going on my knees and looking under it, I find the guy, furiously scratching at the ribbon attached to his neck, whining sadly as he fails to remove it. Genuinely worried now, I reach for him with my arm while he backs away, pressing himself against the wall. As I gently grab him by the hand he unexpectedly digs his teeth in my forearm while his back legs start scratching at my hands. I am a bit shocked by his reaction, but ultimately go with it seeing how considering the size of his teeth and the hardness of my scales it tickles me more than anything else. It also provides a good way of getting him from under my bed, now that I could just drag him toward me. As he comes out I quickly immobilize him, not wanting him to escape again, and I quickly cut the ribbon tied around his neck with my claws.

He then slowly stops squirming as he reaches for his neck, now finding it free of ribbon. He then starts breathing slowly, giving me short nervous glances while he massages his neck. “Hey come on… I won’t harm you I swear.” I put a hand on his shoulder to show him I wasn’t trying to hurt him, and not before long I find myself gently rubbing the fur up and down. To my surprise, I feel the little white form sitting on my lap starting to purr as I keep on petting him. “Purrs uh? You’re a weird dog, you know that?” I jokingly ask, scratching him behind the ears, only for him to rub his head against my hand. I giggle as his soft, warm fur, tickles me a little. “Hehe, glad to see you’re alright now.”

I then realize how awkward the situation is, namely an unknown almost naked guy sitting on my lap, and as such I try course correcting ti as best as I can. “So… what’s your name? You haven’t said a thing since I’ve uh… “found” you inside that box.” He stops purring and looks up at me with a puzzled expression, tilting his head slightly.

“Oh… can’t you talk?”

He shakes his head, and then follows it with a pained frown. “Hey there little one don’t be sad, maybe we co—” Before I could even finish I see his ears shooting up while he turns around he presses his tiny paws against my stomach. He then loses no time burying his nose in the crevices of my abs, his bushy tail wagging like crazy. He doesn’t mind being called a “little one” it seems.

“Hey stop, your nose is too cold!” I chuckle, playing along. He lets out a joyful yap while he keeps on nuzzling me. Not wanting to leave him all the work I start full-on petting his back, letting my wide hand rub his thick fur up and down gently. I can’t help but let out a little laugh. “You love that? Don’t you my little doggy?” I ask, a gleeful yap answering my question as another, more serious one this time comes to my attention.

“Hey, so in the end you don’t have a name, right?” He stops his nuzzles and looks up at me in the eyes, shaking his head and frowning before his big puppy eyes look down with what appears to be shame. “Hey don’t be sad, we can always find you one!” I then proceed to lift the small fluffy guy before giving him a tight hug, his tail wagging again as his muzzle is now buried between my pecs. I chuckle as I get up and make my way back to the living room before gently placing him in front of the radiator.

“But first let’s warm you up a little.” I cover him with one of my thicker jackets, which he seems to enjoy as he immediately starts sniffing and hugging the wool-covered inside of the vest while purring softly. I chuckle genuinely over such a lovely sight as I return to my bedroom to change into more casual clothes and get a chance to clear up my thoughts as I do so.

My mind is flooded with seemingly endless questions as I start undressing. Who could that dog be, who could have brought him here, why couldn’t I stop cuddling him… I start breathing a bit heavily and I blush bright red as I remember the sight of his slim frame sitting on my lap, which only makes removing my pants all the more complicated. My reverie is soon broken however as I hear barely audible whimperings coming from behind me, and as I turn around I see the guy still hugging the jacket, staring at me with big starry eyes. Puzzled at first, I then look down and notice that I am now wearing nothing but my boxers, my cock forming an obscenely big tent which is just shy of reaching my pecs. I am left paralyzed for a second or two, unsure of what to do, before realizing that he is yapping because his own erection is compressed by the ribbons still tied around his waist.

Before I could do even do or say anything, he places the jacket on the floor before walking up to me. He then loses no time sniffing my assets, his cold nose rubbing against my cock while his breath tickling me trough the fabric of my boxers.

“What do I do, what do I do now?!” I wonder, still paralyzed, as the small canine is still exploring my shaft, his yaps now clearly happy despite his hardening boner still tightly held back with ribbons.

I look down at the small guy and see him lower himself, soon sniffing my ball-sack while his tiny paws start caressing my thighs. I try to back away but only end up falling down on my butt with a loud thump as I get my foot caught in the t-shirt I dropped on the floor earlier. I am now lying there, my shaft now harder than ever and throbbing gently, while the small dog just stands there with his mouth agape, unsure of what to do. After a second or two he shakes his head and then proceeds to climb up my body.

I let out a short grunt as I feel him resting on my balls for a while, his tiny paw pads putting pressure on them before he ultimately decides to jump on my shaft like it’s a water mattress. I bite my lip, trying not to moan as he starts to gently pounce on my cock, yapping happily while he rubs his concealed package against mine.

“H-hey, calm down little one.” I mutter as I manage to get up, not wanting to just cum right there and then.

Gently, I scoop him up and bring him up to my chest as I stand more upright. I try my best to give him a proper hug, which proves to be a little complicated given how much my cock seems to like being in the way. Still, I give the dog a tight embrace, and he seems to enjoy it quite a lot as he hugs my big pecs passionately. We lay like that for a while, one of my paw petting his back, making sure that he’s comfortable.

“I see you’re quite enjoying this.” I poke his bulge teasingly and he gives me a smile of pure joy while he wiggle his hips, his erection jumping under the ribbons tied around it.

“Am I falling for this guy?” I wonder. “He just came from out of nowhere…” I just smile looking down at the cute doggy, his tongue now lolling out of his muzzle as he pants gently, while his tail is wagging furiously against my shaft, which only makes me blush even harder. “Hey now!” I exclaim. “Let’s not get carried away, we gotta give you a name now, you can’t just stay “little one” forever.”

He gives me a mildly annoyed pouty face and stops his wiggling. “Ok, ok, I didn’t mean to hurt you…” I scratch him behind the ears while I let my pecs bounce teasingly, which makes him gasp with pure amazement as he admires my large pillowy chest rise and fall rhythmically. Our almost naked bodies press against each other. “Maybe…” I start, his ears shooting up quizzically. “Maybe I could name you?”

I then see him start to almost throb with excitement as he lets out a gleeful yap before going back to cuddling my pecs. “Glad to see you so impatient! Problem is that I have like zero ideas right now…” As soon as I finish speaking a light bulb goes off in my head. “Hey! What about Zero? What do you think doggy, does Zero sound good to you?” I ask the guy who then tilts his head for a bit, visibly pondering and purring a little. Not long after, his eyes light up with excitement and he starts yapping again, more excited than ever, his raspy tongue licking my thick neck.

“Hey easy there!” I try calming him down but it’s no use as he hugs me as tight as he can with his small arms. I give him a tight embrace myself as I simply can’t resist this guy’s cuteness. His small furry frame and my still raging hard-on manage to make us both comfortably warm while our still imprisoned dicks eagerly await being released.

“Okay I fell for this guy.” I admit mentally before smiling as I look down on him. As if reading my thoughts, he starts grinding tighter against my scales, his fur brushing against my body, tickling me relentlessly. He’s as excited as me, there’s no denying it.

I let my hand rub his back, slowly getting lower until it meets his ribbon-clad butt. “Don’t worry Zero, I’m gonna take care of that!” I exclaim before cutting the ribbons with my claws like I did with the one around his neck, a small yap escaping him with each one removed. Not long after, he is left completely naked, his fluffy butt finally exposed and his cute little cock now out in the open. He then shakes his slim butt like someone who sat down for way too long, before lying over and giving me a little kiss on the neck. His tail slowly wags back and forth, showing how thankful he is.

I chuckle as I start groping his ass gently, his breathing then quickening while his ears are flicking up and down with pure excitement. He tries to bury himself in my body, wiggling and giggling as he stimulates me even more, especially now that he’s completely naked. I then lose no time groping the sides of my cock, pulling it toward my torso, crushing the pup between my shaft and my large pecs. I chuckle at the sensation of such a small adorable dog sandwiched between my cock and pecs. As for Zero, he is looking up at me with his large puppy eyes again, apparently not knowing what to do. He then lets out a small whine as his own dick starts throbbing painfully.

“What gets you so worked up, uh Zero?” I ask and see only a smile on his face. I slide my paw underneath him, between our bodies. I let my large hand caress his stomach and shaft, taking care of his cute little dog dong while also giving him belly rubs. I smile widely myself as I see him tremble with excitement, his tail brushing against my shaft and his butt shaking left and right.

“You like rubs, uh?” I can feel the muscles in his butt start to tense as he grinds against my meat all while purring audibly. “Hehe, is that really what you want buddy?” I ask teasingly, only for him to bark happily as a reply. “Well, I guess you deserve it after all.” I chuckle as I gently place the pup on the floor in front of me before I reach for my cock once more.

After some struggle I manage to pull my waistband down, revealing my throbbing meat, which by now had already leaked quite the amount of pre. I look down at the big fat cock-head bumping against my chin, and without missing a beat I let my long lizard tongue wrap around it while I give the small guy in front of me a teasing look. Not before long I have my tongue slide in out out of my slit, one of my large paws rubbing my shaft up and down while the other struggles to grope my full sloshy balls.

I hear Zero whining and yapping excitedly as he starts caressing his cute little junk, his cheeks bright red as he looks up at me with pure lust. I can’t help but blush a little myself, before I go on my knees and then lie on the carpet, my cock-head gently crushing the tiny pup.

“You want it eh doggy?” In place of a response however I simply see him pulling out his tongue, before starting to lick my slit. An audible grunt escapes my clenched maw as the raspy surface starts rubbing inside of me, it feels like my cock has never been that alive before, warm and beating like one’s heart after a marathon.

He keeps licking, and with that I start rocking back and forth, making sure not to crush the little guy as he grasps the sides of my head, his snout now buried deep inside as he also makes sure to drink as much of my pre as his tiny maw can take. My breathing quickens, just the feeling of having that little guy naked and crushed against my manhood, worshiping it, is both absolutely thrilling and intoxicating. I can feel pressure building inside me, deep within my balls.

My mind is cloudy now, reduced to simple cravings as the feeling of my throbbing shaft invades my every thoughts. I end up lusting for each second of this very moment, how good it feels. My balls start to ache, begging for release as my pup keeps on worshiping me. Right now I feel huge, I feel powerful, but most importantly… I feel loved.

I let out a primal roar as a geyser of cum erupts from my slit, hitting hard against the wall facing me… which is then immediately followed by another, and then yet another. I end shooting five loads in a row, and once I’m finally done emptying my balls the aforementioned side of the room was now coated in a thick layer of dragon cum, floor and ceiling included.

I then let myself fall back on the now soaked carpet, my muscles glistening with sweat, pumped and hard, while my cock still stands proudly between my pecs. Now just a panting mess whose mind is drowned with the feeling of afterglow, I only come back to my senses as I hear the sound of purring coming from below me. Looking down I see Zero, also panting while his lower torso is coated in his own little load, his belly round and sloshy like a beach ball filled with water. I then laugh genuinely, so hard indeed that it started hurting my stomach a little.

“Awww Zero, I forgot good boys always swallowed.” I manage to say between laughs. “Hope you’re not too full.” He shakes his head and lets out a yap as he caresses his swollen gut mindlessly, which only makes me go back to chuckling drunkingly.

After I manage to calm myself I grab the tiny dog guy and let him hug my neck before I roll over on my back, my eyes already starting to close on their own will as my earlier orgasm unsurprisingly proved to be really taxing. And so am I now, lying naked on my bedroom’s floor, my unexpected gift hugging my neck tightly as he purrs lovingly. A thought suddenly crosses my mind, the very same thoughts which always terrified me before for most of my life.

“Zero…” He looks up, giving me a puzzled look. “Say… do you want to be my partner?”

He looks at me with his big eyes before leaning over and giving my large muzzle a smooch. I smile and let my tongue lick his cheeks before he lets out a gleeful yip, which, as we both soon slowly drift to sleep fills me with a feeling of pure unadulterated joy.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “An unexpected party” by TheLegendOfSam.


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