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Series: Cockr

Andy finds Cockr gives and takes away

By Clearlyhere

Description Andy has mixed feelings about his experience with the Cockr App. He discusses it with his friend Bill. Bill comes up with a plan that is mutually beneficial.

AddedOctober 2017
Updated6 Oct 2018



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Part 1

(Continuing Andy’s adventures from Part 4 of “My new favorite app, Cockr”.)

Andy had quite the adventure at the gym the night before. While on the treadmill, he had been checking out these two really hot guys all night. It looked like they were hitting on each other. Andy totally saw one get hard in his compression pants. On the off chance that he might witness something, he followed them, discretely, to the locker room.

He bumped into another guy, bigger than him, in the locker room. All of the sudden, Andy became shy. What was he doing? Looking for a locker room hook up? The other guy blushed, so he wondered if he was doing the same thing. The unmistakable sound of man on man sex started. The other guy looked in the direction of the other lockers. Well, that seemed to have revealed this wrestler’s thoughts. They both walked toward the sound, sort of not looking that the other, but both wanted in on the action.

Andy woke in his bed feeling like he’d been stretched by a fucking donkey. It hurt, but in a satisfying way. He hadn’t gotten anyone’s number, unfortunately. They had all walked out of there in a daze of sexual satisfaction. After being nubbed, he had never had an orgasm like that before in his life. It was like cumming from fucking and being fucked, linked in total unity. Brock was a hot stud before he had a 12-inch cock. After… Andy dripped some precum just thinking about it. The encounter would be wack off material for weeks.

Andy started to jack off on his bed. Looking down he was surprised to see some pecs rising up. He’d always been lean from running. As a natural long distance runner, he was built like a stick. He certainly did not have two hot pecs peeking up at him. He squeezed them to make sure they were real. They seemed real.

He swiftly got up to look in the mirror. God, he looked hot. He bunched them up with his arms and let them loose. He turned to the side to see them stick out a bit. His pecs were firm and tight, totally hot. They were real and they were spectacular. He might want to wear some tank tops to show them off.

Andy tried on a few shirts to see how snugly they’d fit his new pecs. He had to say he looked totally hot in his now tight t-shirts. He would have turned his head for pecs like these on any guy sunbathing on the quad. John last night had gorgeous pecs, he’d love to be as big as him. John was so hot being fucked and sucking two guys off.

Andy grabbed his pec with one hand and jacked off with the other. Something was different. His cock felt… smaller. He’d never been big anywhere. He was only 5’6” and his cock was 5 inches. Or, it was 5 inches.

He looked in the mirror and saw how beautiful his pecs were. His nips looked bigger. His cock squirted a little. It did look different. He remembered being nubbed and feeling his smooth crotch. He hadn’t even know what was happening, but it felt hot. After being nubbed, it seems like he had gained in pecs and lost in cock. It looked almost the same, but smaller proportionally. He pulled out a ruler and saw he was down to 4.5”. Was that the trade?

Andy pulled up the app and looked for the fine print.

Cockr Beta accepts no responsibility for adverse effects of its product. All trades, once accepted by both parties, are final. Attempting to trade, nub, or double add may cause overlapping effects. All cocks will return to original working order after 12 hours. The permanent selling of cock is not available at this time. Click here for the latest programming updates.

Well, that didn’t sound promising.

“Great, I guess that means that I’m stuck with this even shorter dick,” said Andy to his friend Bill.

“Yeah, but you are looking hot with those pecs. I’ve never seen you look so hot in a shirt. I didn’t even know you wore V-necks. And your ass looks great.”

“My ass?” Andy hadn’t even noticed. He had been so concerned with his pecs and dick that he didn’t notice a change to his ass. He got up and comically looked over his shoulder to see if his ass was different. He hadn’t thought about it when he pulled on his shorts.

“Yeah, it is definitely bigger,” said Bill while chomping down on his burger. “I’ve never seen your ass bubble out like that. It was pretty flat before. Besides, your cock was small to begin with.”

“I know.” said Andy rolling his eyes.

“You can rent my monster cock if you get desperate.”

“Thanks,” said Andy sarcastically.

“No, really, I’d do it. I hear the cash is great.” Bill was 6’4” and hung. Just about any time height or dick came up in conversation he would remind anyone of his endowments. Andy had been treated to seeing Bill’s dick as huge outline in his briefs. They had been roommates Freshman year and Bill like to walk around in his underwear and a t-shirt. He was lanky/scrawny even compared to Andy, but he was definitely packing. He’d also had to wait in the hall while some boy screamed for Bill to take it slow.

“Well, I’ll let you know.”

“Seriously though. I’d love to have pecs like that. You look amazing. You should really work them up. Bigger.” said Bill.

“They are pretty hot. You should have seen this guy John. He had huge muscle breasts. They were practically wider than the rest of him. I swear they got bigger while we were fucking. Well, when the wrestler and I were cumming down his throat and Brock was fucking him.”

“I wish I’d been there. Do you think that getting fucked by those guys with Cockr enhanced dicks is what did it?” said Bill.

Andy thought about it. It was a possibility, except the wrestler didn’t have a gigantic dick when he was fucking John. John was sucking down Andy and the wrestlers cum and then his pecs expanded. Andy thought he was just in the throes of lust, but he had his own set of muscle tits as proof.

“No, I don’t think so. I think it was the cum. I mean, I thought it was my imagination, but his tits and MY tits got big from sucking down cum. He was nubbed from the beginning. I got nubbed before John fucked me. It was intense. I felt my dick and balls withdrawing and I got desperately horny.” Andy remembered the hot feeling of swallowing Brock and the wrestler’s cum. It was so hot, so powerful. When Brock had cum up his ass, it was like a simultaneous orgasm or a double orgasm or something. Brock made sure to feed him cum, like he knew it would make his pecs expand. Andy’s little dick got hard in his pants.

“So, can I touch them?” said Bill too casually.


“Can I touch them?”

“What?” said Andy genuinely confused and lost in his own thoughts. How much cum had John taken to get so big.

“Never mind.”

After that, Bill seemed to want to hang out everyday. They met for lunch and after all their classes were over, so they could go to the gym. Andy decided to start lifting more since his chest and arms had expanded. Bill really encouraged Andy to work harder. When he was working his pecs, he definitely saw Bill’s generous endowment. Bill also was looking around for John. If he wasn’t spotting Andy, he was looking for this wet dream of a guy.

After a few days, Bill finally came out with his plan.

“Andy, do you want my dick?”


“You heard me. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Like a whole lot. Like I practically can’t think of anything else. I want your pecs to get big, like really big. But I figure you might want something too. I mean, you like your new pecs right? You’ve been getting more attention lately and you have definitely been wearing tighter shirts.”

“All my shirts are tighter,” he said defensively looking down at his tight shirt hugging his new pecs.

“Yeah and you’ve been enjoying them. I bet you’ve found the tightest shirts you had everyday this week. Imagine getting bigger. Imagine bursting out of your current clothes. I’d love to see that. Tits sticking out like huge mounds.” Bill adjusted himself.

“So, I’d get your cock…”

“For a night!”

“For a night, if I, what, get bigger pecs?” said Andy.

“Well, I’d get to pump them up for a night…”

“With cum.”

“With cum, and then, you’d get to borrow my cock for an evening. In the next month. Scheduled ahead of time. I’m not going to have a night ruined because you all of the sudden need my enormous dick.”

“So, when would this take place?”

“I could probably arrange it tomorrow night, if you wanted.” Bill seemed relieved and excited.

Andy felt like he was missing something. God, Bill must be a total breast man. He’d get even bigger pecs and get to use Bill’s cock for a night. He’d never really stood out before, being a short skinny guy. Now, he felt like he had more presence. His pecs attracted more attention.

“Do I get to see the wares first?”


“You practically parade around in your underwear, but I’ve never actually seen this so called enormous cock.”

“Well, if you want to see it, pulldown your pants.”

“Fine.” Andy, stood up, pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his tiny cock. It was slightly plump. Then, Bill stood up and slowly pulled down his jeans. His erection pointing down his leg was actually hidden in the jeans. His jockey shorts showed that impressive erection as it bulged away from his body. Andy’s cock stood all the way up. Shit, he’d get to use that thing. Bill pulled down his underwear to reveal the thickest cock Andy had ever seen. He touched it and immediately started to jack it off. It felt amazing in his hand. A beer can cock for a night.

“That’s it,” said Bill tucking his cock away from Andy. “I’m going to save up my cum for tomorrow.” Bill strutted away, with an obvious erection and a satisfied smile.

Andy wasn’t really sure what to wear for sucking off Bill. He hadn’t really considered Bill sexually because Bill was always chasing jock boy. My god that cock was beautiful. He decided to wear a V-neck t shirt and practically painted on jeans that he’d just purchased. His ass looked great in his wranglers.

Andy showed up at 9 at Bill’s apartment looking hot as shit. Bill let him in and handed him a beer. They stood in the kitchen making small talk. Bill reached out and fondled Andy’s nipple, teasing it hard. It felt good. Jason, one of his hot roommates, was casually watching tv on the other side of the counter, shirtless. Probably too casually. Andy, who had met him a hundred times, thought that Jason was eavesdropping and not paying attention to the TV at all.

“So, how long do… am I supposed… sorry this is weird. How long is this going to take?” said Andy.

“Are you nubbed yet?” said Bill reaching for Andy’s crotch. Even in tight jeans his cock wasn’t obvious.


“Well, let’s say that I get you for as long as you’re nubbed because that is how long you’ll get to borrow my dick.” That seemed fair.

“Okay, let’s get going.” Andy walked to Bill’s room. Jason turned to watch them go into Bill’s room and shut the door. “Let’s get your cock on the market and see if anyone wants it.”

Andy signed into Cockr. For some reason his new shorter status was already updated on his profile. He put his whole cock up for the night.

“Good, take off your shirt, lets see those tits.” Bill immediately started touching Andy’s new pecs and kissing them. “Now your pants so I can see your little cock.”

“Thanks,” said Andy shuffling out of his jeans and underwear. He was still turned on though. Little Andy was standing up half an inch shorter than he used to be. Bill jacked him off really feeling the tiny cock in his hand. He could easily wrap his hand around it and make it disappear. It was so cute and tiny.

“Just take the first bid, I want to get started.” Bill pulled his boxers down and his large cock swayed a little between his legs. Andy was just in awe. It was so hot and he’d get to have it for twelve hours. Truthfully, he’d wanted to touch it for years and here was Bill offering to let him play with it for the night and giving it to him on loan on top of that.

“Okay, let’s get this party started,” said Andy. He chugged the remaining half of beer and looked at the bids. Or bid in this case. Andy knew his small cock wouldn’t get a big price even though he was offering the whole thing, not a trade. A $5 bid came almost immediately. He selected accept and then a light came from his phone. His cock and balls retreated getting smaller and smaller, to a micro penis, then disappeared, leaving Andy dickless.

“Fuck that was hot,” said Bill leaning his beer can cock towards Andy’s mouth. Andy, now dickless, needed to suck cock. He eagerly open his mouth to try and take Bill’s monster. It was a struggle, but god it felt good. Andy licked and sucked and teased it. Being nubbed just heightened his arousal. He wanted to jack off his own non-existent cock. His left hand briefly roamed his flat crotch looking for his, admittedly tiny cock. It wasn’t there and the only pleasure we was going to get was from Bill’s cock pushing against his lips. He felt so good sucking Bill’s big cock.

“You are an amazing bitch boy. Suck it down you nubbed punk. Come on, treat it right.” Bill was really enjoying Andy the nubbed bitch. He kept grabbing Andy’s pecs, massaging them, checking to see if they had gotten bigger. Andy’s nips were hard and his lips were stretched around Bill cock. “Okay, now’s the time for you to work it.”

Bill pushed his thick cock down Andy’s throat. Bill was used to a little bit of teeth, but he smacked Andy anyway. Andy opened wider to accommodate. It felt amazing. Andy rubbed his own tits and twisted his nipples. They felt so full in his hands. He humped the bed with his nubbed crotch getting little satisfaction.

Bill upped his rhythm and depth mouth-fucking Andy. He got going really fast and Andy could hardly handle it. Being nubbed did seem to help sucking down cock though. He was on the edge of not being able to suck it all, but it felt so good. Bill reached down to twist Andy’s nipple, sighing. Andy could feel Bill’s cock pumping. Bill pulled out so his cock head was just on Andy’s tongue. A big load spurted onto Andy’s tongue and it tasted delicious. He’d never enjoyed spunk all that much before, but it was better than chocolate as far as he was concerned now. He swallowed drop after drop sucking it from Bill. Bill moaned louder when he felt Andy’s muscle breasts expand. His nips got bigger, his pecs filled out and got heavier.

“Get big boy. Eat that cum and get huge breasts,” said Bill jacking his cock to get the last of his spunk into Andy’s mouth and groping his Andy’s expanding breasts. Bill pulled out and sat back on his desk chair. “It’s your turn Jason.”

Andy looked to Bill’s naked roommate jacking his 7 inch cock at the door. Jason could have been standing there for the past 10 minutes and Andy wouldn’t have noticed. Before Andy had time to think, Jason came up to him and pushed his cock into his mouth.

“Thanks for the cum dump man,” said Jason. He’d always wanted to fuck Andy. He had that hot short wiry body, but with those new pecs, he was irresistible. And right now he was sucking cock like a starving man. “He is so much hotter now. Suck that dick, fucker. I wish I’d gotten to see that little nub shrink to nothing. Come on, you can take it all.”

“These nubbed fuckers are desperate for cock,” said Bill. “Make sure you cum in his mouth. That’s the deal.”

“I want a try at his ass, but he is a great cock sucker.”

“I’ve got him all night, so you can try him a few ways,” said Bill.

“I’m ready,” said Jose as he walked into Bill’s bedroom. “Whooo, nice pecs man. Did Bill already feed you his cum.” Andy looked up alarmed at another guy entering the room. Jose just stood there and started to jack off his cock too. It was big. “I’ve got a load for you coming soon. I love these nubbed boys especially when they get those juicy pecs.”

Jose pushed his way over so Andy could alternate between the two cocks. Andy loved Jason’s cock, but kept going over to Jose’s. It felt so big and so natural.

“Fuck me, sir,” Andy begged. His crotch lit up as he sucked Jose. Like when Brock had fucked him with his own cock. Jose must have purchased it for this fuck session. He needed it in his ass.

“Oh no, you are get all this jizz down your throat. You’re going to swallow all my cum and your cum. You are eating it and getting huge pecs. I want to see them get really big. Grow for me tit boy,” said Jose pushing his cock in over and over. Andy moaned feeling a building orgasm. Jason pulled back to jack off his cock. He was getting ready to blow. He nodded to Jose and Jose got out of his way. His first shot hit Andy’s face, but Jason got it in for the rest. Andy took all of his cum while holding his muscle breasts feeling them expand bigger and bigger.

Jose moaned seeing Andy’s breast expand. He shot straight at Andy’s face. Andy reached out and grabbed Jose’s cock licking and swallowing each load with his breasts swelling. His tongue licked the spunk off his cheek; he made sure to get every drop he could.

“Fuck yeah,” said Bill getting behind him and pushing his cock into Andy’s ass. Andy reared as that big cock slid in. Bill grabbed Andy’s pecs to feel them grow for himself as he pulled him down on his down. It felt so hot to feel Andy’s pec grow while fucked his tight ass. Andy was overwhelmed by the two cocks at his mouth and the huge cock now in his ass.

“Get big boy. Get titties,” said Jose.

“Suck me you punk,” said Jason.

“You are one hot bitch,” said Jose.

“You are growing like a champ, boy. I love your big tits,” said Bill. “Don’t worry we have another three guys to drop some loads before the night is out.”

Andy worked hard all night taking a few rest breaks between loads. Each boy took turns fucking his ass, but always dropping jizz down his throat. Two straight friends of Bill’s eventually did come over to drop a load in his mouth and go. The third, Greg, a hot hockey player, sat back and jerked off watching the whole scene, eventually dropping three loads over the course of the night, before leaving. He was staring at Jose most of the time. He must love seeing all the big cock. Jose took even more pleasure fucking Andy with an audience. Andy’s body responded ten fold for his own dick slamming his hole and cumming. Andy sucked them all. Even the two guys he didn’t know at all and didn’t both to introduce themselves. Eventually, Bill, Jason, and Jose boys were dry, but kept going till they couldn’t fuck anymore. Not a drop of cum was wasted.

In the morning, Andy woke up with his dick restored and huge muscle pecs. He barely felt in the right mind after last night. Lust clouded over everything, so much dick in so little time. He had no idea how many loads he’d taken, from the six guys. In the light of day, he got worried. He didn’t know Bill was going to go through such a production getting six… smoking hot guys to feed him cum. His dick rose thinking about the fucking and sucking. He had to get to a mirror to see what the night had actually done to him.

Andy walked into Bill’s bathroom to see a marvel. His tits were huge, expanded to gigantic proportions. His shoulders and arms were more muscular, too. Maybe the rest of his body had seen some effects, but his tits were the most changed, big and round with expanded nipples. He couldn’t really hold one in each hand. He was a total pecfreak down. He doubted any shirt he had would fit now.

He couldn’t see his dick with his big titties block his view, so he adjusted himself by getting on the toilet seat to see them rest of him. There it stood, less than three inches and hard as it could be, his pathetic little dick. He jacked himself in the mirror, twist his nipples and seeing his cock disappear in his own hand. His nipples felt as turned on as his dick and felt as good stroking.

“Hey, hot stuff,” said Bill as he sidled along to Andy, nuzzling one breast. He licked Andy’s nipple and really pushed into it. “I want another chance at that beautiful ass.” He dived between the cleft in Andy’s large breasts, licking and nuzzling. Andy started moaning at the attention. His nipples grew really hard and stood out at least two inches.

“I can’t wait.”

Part 2

Andy felt like hot shit after that night. He had to get a whole new wardrobe, obviously. Meanwhile, his huge pecs could barely fit into any of his shirts. He did get a kick out of stretching a few of the shirts he had to the point of snapping or ripping along a seam or busting a few buttons with a pec flex. Mostly, he wore v-neck undershirts with a big cut down the middle to give his tits room to breathe. His huge nipples were obvious through the shirts and his cleavage was obscene.

Physically, he his body got leaner every day. It seemed like any excess fat had drained away leaving him a striated pec man. Everyone noticed. He loved the looks (and stares) he got while walking around campus. A few guys casually patted his ass as he walked by. More than one guy tripped or fell while trying and failing not stare.

One thing that wasn’t working as well was jacking off. He’d started with a small dick and after the past two sessions, it was tiny. His cock was tiny in his hands. He was just using two fingers to pull his pud. Jacking off just didn’t relieve any pressure, either. Normally, if he was feeling horny with no outlet, he would look at some Tumblrs and jack off. Now, he sat on his bed feeling his chest and tweaking his nipples, raring to go. Andy would close his eyes and fantasize about the gang bang he’d gotten and his chest expanding. When he finally came, his little spurt just didn’t do it for him. Even his dribble of cum was smaller than before.

All of his friends’ behavior had changed towards him. During their normal lunch, Andy was just a member of the group. Now, they conspicuously didn’t make him the center of attention. It was hard to describe, but they were kind of rattling his cage and ignoring him. Greg was a hulking bruiser who usually showed up once a week. But this week, Greg, otherwise known as the hot hockey player from the cum session, came to eat lunch with them every day. He had beautiful eyes, Andy noticed when he caught him staring. He had hung out on the side, watching and jacking off, during their epic session only getting up to feed him a load or three.

Ari, his short wiry friend from his high school, practical fell down when he saw Andy for the first time on Monday. They had been about the same size in junior high and high school. Andy had gained a little on him in college, working out more and gaining a few inches in height. Now they couldn’t look more different, Ari tight and compact, Andy round and muscular. During lunch, Ari would occasionally lose track of his stories in the middle because Andy adjusted his t-shirt. Andy tested this theory a few times while Ari was talking. It worked every time.

Bill would subtlety graze again Andy’s pecs when they were in the checkout line and then give Andy an innocent look. Then, Bill would choose a booth for lunch just to see Andy slide in. Probably to see his tits hang over the edge of the table as he scooted. He’d purposely slide a hand along his leg while sitting next to him. It seemed like everyone wanted to sit next to him, but Bill always managed to be on one side. It sent Andy into a state, wanting to rip off Bill pants and return the favor. You would have thought that they would have fucked all week, but Bill had been “busy” all week. Same with all the other guys. He’d texted Bill the first two days to hand out. Then emailed about making plans on Wednesday or Thursday. He didn’t get a response. When the got together at lunch, Bill talked, vaguely, about being busy all week.

Friday, Andy, profoundly frustrated, decided to call Bill. Andy started off feeling a little shy about it, but Bill was the one who wanted him to grow massive pecs. He was the one who had arranged the cum feeding session. He was the one who made him so cock, crazed, horny, fucking, shit.

“Bill, are you around?”

“Yeah, I just finished my last class of the week,” said Bill.

“You want to hang out,” said Andy.

“You need some personal attention?”

Yes, god, I do.”

“What do you need, little guy?”


“Tell me why you are calling. Are coming over to hang out?”

“Yeah, let’s hang out.”

“I don’t want to ‘hang out’,” he said firmly with an edge of playfulness. Andy couldn’t believe Bill was doing this to him. He teased him about his cock size for years, subtly showing his massive bulge. Then he set up a cum dump session and fucked him senseless over and over last weekend. Then, suddenly he was unavailable all week. Now, he was toying with him. Making him practically beg.

“No?” said Andy with a little anguish in his voice.

“No. I think you want something from me.”

“Yes.” God, yes, fuck me.

“Then what do you want? What do you need?”

Andy sort of grimaced, unconsciously twisting his nipple, “I need dick.”

“What dick?”

“Your dick. Your massive, huge, magnificent dick to fuck me, so I can really get off. I need to plowed by that monster, so I can think straight.”

“Glad to, fucking, hear it. Sure, sexy. I’d love to stuff you full of cock and feed you my cum.”

Andy sighed in relief. “Thank god. I’ve jacked off three times a day every day since… your party. It still feels like I need to cum and jacking isn’t doing it.”

“Oh, really. I’m not surprised your tiny cock isn’t giving you any relief. It was small to begin with and now is laughable. Those pecs on the other hand. I love seeing you with those shoulders and those pecs. How do you like your new big beautiful pecs?”

“Oh god, I love them. Rubbing my nipples is better than jacking my cock.”

“I saw all those guys ogling you at lunch. Everyone wants you now. Your pecs overflowing your shirts is the fucking sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Andy continued playing with them as Bill continued talking. “Seeing them grow from a small handful to double Ds was hot. I want to feel them, to rub all over them. Lick your crevices. Tease your nips hard. I swear you’ve gotten more toned over the week. I need on your knees, swallowing my dick.”

“Fuck,” said Andy as he came again while flicking his nips, He hadn’t even touch his tiny dick. A small trickle of cum dripped onto the chair he was straddling.

“Get over here.”

Bill opened the door and immediately started kissing Andy and groping his chest. Andy tilted his head up to Bill and started feeling him all over. Bill’s massive erection poked at Andy’s abs (which appeared on day two.)

“Come on, let’s get that off you.” Bill led Andy to the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, he ordered Andy to strip. Andy slowly pulled off his stretched t-shirt revealing his glorious pecs and abs. Then he pull down his shorts to show his stretched out underwear. The crotch was pretty flat, though he was fully erect. It was his expanded ass than stretched the fabric. He pulled the briefs down and stood in his full naked glory.

“Let’s get rid of that,” said Bill gesturing to Andy’s dick. “We don’t need that.” Andy felt uneasy about the request. He wasn’t getting much satisfaction from it, but he didn’t feel the need to sell it again.

“Is that necessary?” Bill abruptly stood up angry, grabbed Andy’s clothes as if he was going to throw him out in the hall. “I’m sorry. I’ll do it. Sorry, sir.”

“Okay then,” said Bill slowly sitting back down on the bed. He took off his shirt, too. His big cock was peeking over his waistband. He pulled his shorts downs slowly revealing his massive cock. It was enough to make Andy precum a little. “You can start sucking when your cock has been purchased and all you have is a nub.”

Andy fished his phone out of his shorts on the floor purposely presenting his ass to Bill. He stood up and signed into the app. There was a ding and request for his cock appeared on the screen. Beer_CanB had put in a request for $1 for Andy’s 3 inches. Andy could have rejected the offer for more, but it was quick and who cared about money. He accepted and turned around to face Bill show his cock and balls shrink down to nothing.

Bill moaned as his cock got about an inch longer. Of course he was Beer_CanB. Bill immediately started jacking his cock. Andy knelt down to lick the even bigger cock. His cock head was huge, but Andy was determined to take as much as possible. Taking all that cock took a pro and Andy was gaining experience by the minute. The sensation was even stronger since it was part Andy’s cock. Though his cock didn’t add much with Bill’s being so huge.

Bill was feeling it even more. His cock felt like it was being massaged by five guys. The second his cock grew, he felt like he was almost out of control. He had been teasing Andy all week making him beg for his cock. He knew he had him now. It didn’t take much to turn Andy into a bitch boy. He’d lost so much cock already and Bill’s massive one must be so enticing. He released his first orgasm into Andy’s mouth, making sure to pull his cockhead to the tip of his tongue. That way Andy could taste it all.

Andy moaned drinking Bill’s load. His chest grew and he was reaching back to massage his hole. He needed Bill to fuck him. Bill tasted so good. Cum was just tasting better and better. He was in heaven sucking on Bill’s massive cock head and cum spurting into his mouth. This was better than any orgasm.

The door opened and Greg and Ari walked in. Ari looked the most surprised. He’d been told this was going to happen, but he was still shocked to see his friend gloriously naked and sucking on a huge cock. Greg stripped off his shirt and shorts before quickly leaning in to lick Andy’s asshole. Greg was a big fucker who hadn’t even gotten fully undressed the last time. He was jacking his cock and licking as hard as he could. Andy’s wired ass felt like heaven. He pulled his muscular cheeks apart so Greg could get deeper. Ari just pulled out his cock and jacked it.

“Hey Ari, want to touch it? I took the pathetic tiny cock from Andy, what little he has left. It is mostly mine.” Ari just stood there jacking off his rather average cock. Andy still licked Bill’s cock head, moaning from Greg’s ministrations.

It didn’t take long for Greg to need to unload. He had been furiously jacking as he licked Andy’s ass. He got up and pushed his decent 7-inch cock into Andy’s face. Andy knew the drill and eagerly swallowed more cum. Greg leaned down to suck Bill’s cock, but Bill pulled back.

“Not while you’re carrying that.” Bill pointed to Greg’s cock. The big lug looked down at it and then ran to grab his phone. Ari ran to grab his phone too. Andy was too distracted once again deep throating an impossibly large cock to notice.

Bill got a full view of Greg standing about 6 foot 6 (with huge shoulders) towering over the 5 foot 7 and very wiry, Ari. Greg’s cock shrunk from 7 inches to 5, to 3, all the way down to a nub. His balls shriveled into peas then nothing leaving him nothing but pubic hair. He sighed and rubbed his nubbed crotch in part disbelief and part pleasure. Then, Ari growled. He fucking growled as his cock, erect at probably 6 inches lengthened and thickened to a large 12 inches.

“Fuck that was amazing,” said Ari. His new cock wasn’t as thick as Bill’s current cock, but it was as long. He pulled Greg into kiss. Greg grinded his empty crotch against Ari. It felt fucking amazing. Greg really enjoyed big cock, it was just amazing feeling this huge cock rub against him. It was the secret reason he had made friends with Bill. The worked out together at the gym and caught a glimpse of Bill’s bulge while changing. He made sure to offer a spot next time he saw him. Soon the worked out together. He had gotten off last time seeing Bill’s use his huge cock on Andy.

Greg turned his face down and examined this cock, that evidently was partially his, sticking into his gut. It looked pretty familiar. In fact it was uncircumcised and Ari, being a good Jew, didn’t normally have foreskin. Greg kneeled and stirred his tongue around the cock-head. They both moaned and a little cum sprayed into Greg’s mouth. It caused a tingling sensation down his throat. His chest started to tingle. He started diving down on this big cock, it felt better than any blow job he’d ever received and he was giving it. Cum just poured out of Ari. Greg grabbed his pecs as they expanded. He was strong, but not defined normally. His pecs filled out, so that no one could miss them. His nipples got rock hard and grew. So much cum dribbled out that Bill ordered Andy to drink from Ari’s gusher. Both boys were on their hands and knees drinking from Ari’s gushing cock.

“Holy crap, Greg your cock is amazing. You love sucking down my cum. God this feels so good. Cum pigs.” Said Ari. His cock would drip cum constantly, but having expanded balls and an expanded cock made his trickle a fountain. He could actually see their pecs getting bigger.

Bill got off the couch and pushed his cock into Andy’s ass. Andy tensed then released feeling his own cock in his ass. It was better than any feeling in the world. Greg seeing Andy in throws of a good fucking picked Ari up and placed him on the bed aligning his ass was that magnificent cock. He wiggled side to side pressing down gingerly to get that huge thing up his still very tight asshole. Ari was pinned underneath Greg’s big body and all he could do was enjoy the sensation of his huge cock squeezing into Greg’s ass. An ass that was tight and hard and beautiful. Fuck, Ari had only been with two other guys before. It had never felt like this. This felt like home. Like his dick belonged in Greg’s ass. Cum never stopped following from his loaned amazing dick.

Bill and Ari swapped between Andy and Greg a few times. Greg thought he was loose after Ari’s cock, but Bill’s girth was a killer. It didn’t feel quite as natural, but it was definitely amazing. Andy sucked down as much of Ari’s cum as he could. His fountain of cum was a true gift. Greg, whose beefy hockey player build was the bulkiest of them all, found that his hockey butt expanded and expanded. His pecs which were meaty before became defined and pushed out from his chest. And his nipples really grew. Ari would lean down to suck and bite them while Greg’s thick legs were over his shoulder. All the boys, sweaty from extreme exertion, were spent and dry after a few hours of sucking and fucking.

They woke up in a pile of legs and arms and pecs. Andy felt his expanded breasts, his nipples three inches big, his areolas big and round. It looked like the effect had finally gone everywhere. His biceps peaks were amazingly defined, his triceps were huge, his shoulder were bowling balls. He felt down to his dick because he couldn’t see past his pecs. His cock was just a tiny cockhead. He couldn’t even feel his balls. His hand searched around not finding anything. They must have retracted and never come back. He looked at Bill and his soft but huge dick. He thought he saw a familiar little freckle on his right ball. That is where his balls went and the rest of his shaft. Andy flicked his cocklet back and forth. He doubted he could even cum now without balls.

Ari got up after watching Andy do his little examination, admiring was a muscular bastard he had become. He had been drooling over Andy’s pecs all week. They looked amazing in the too tight t-shirts he had been wearing. Bill said not to say anything. He had some sort of plan. It seemed to have worked beautifully. Ari had gotten to fuck and get sucked by Andy and Greg. That hadn’t actually been part of the plan. Andy was supposed to be the cum dump again. Greg was going to feed Andy cum like the rest of them, but Greg has something else on his mind.

“Hey, thanks for all the cum, Ari. That cock was amazing,” said Andy. Andy was a wet dream with his beautiful pecs and tight stomach and everything. Even the tiny cock did something for Ari.

“Yeah, I’ve never felt anything like that before. I didn’t even know I was going to go through with this whole thing. I can’t believe I fucked you and Greg! Greg! Taking his cock, getting it added to my own was amazing.” He reached down and adjusted his cock. “I was like 12 inches. Having a cock that big was… wow. Just… wow.”

Ari looked down at his cock. “Wait, Wait, Wait, I have foreskin. What the fuck! I thought it went back. I’m fucking Jewish and I have foreskin? And it’s still big. Not AS big but bigger. Shit look at this.”

Ari shook his cock at Andy. Ari was excited and his cock was expanding. It straightened out and expanded, getting hard. It topped out at 8 inches.

“I hope Greg doesn’t mind,” said Andy feeling his little nub of a cock. Greg was still asleep, beautiful pecs heaving and, now that Andy looked, a pretty small dick in between his big muscular thighs. Andy was in the same boat. He had this monster, muscle body and barely a cock at all, much less than Greg. The smallest dick he’d ever seen and it was standing hard looking at Ari’s big old cock. Andy leaned down to slurp up that cum that always seemed to flow from Ari. Not a much as last night, but it tasted delicious.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” said Ari. He could get used to these muscle subs. He wanted to fuck that hot muscle ass again.

Part 3

The next week was totally different than the week before. Bill was practically glued to Andy’s side. He walked him to class. It appeared didn’t want him to get stolen by anyone else with a giant cock and an eye for big tits. He insisted on getting serviced every night before bed. Andy would immediately remove his clothes once they got to Bill’s room. Then Bill would pull out his cock and indicate what hole would best please him.

Andy had been reduced to wearing vests or ripping his v-necks to his navel because his chest outgrew everything he owned.

There had been changes on campus though. Andy stuck out, but a few other guys did too. Greg grew over the course of the week, and, being a big guy already, he could hide himself in his own clothes for while, but it was becoming clear others weren’t hiding their changes. The number of shirtless body building type guys walking around was awe inspiring. A friend he barely recognized, Jeff, became a 5’5” brick shithouse, practically as wide as he was tall. Andy would always give a nod if he passed a Cockr experiment like him. He would look to see if he had any tell-tale package between their muscular legs, usually not. But when he passed Stoke, a hot shot-putter from his high school, Andy did a double take. Not only was his chest ballooning in front of him, he definitely could see something impressive snaking down Stokes’s leg.

Stoke gave Andy a look, too. Most people didn’t recognize Andy in his new, big-titted state. Andy wondered if Stoke knew he was one of the skinny guys from track. Stoke casually sat down on a bench with his legs spread and once again, turned his head to give Andy an inviting look. Andy unconsciously licked his lips as the sight of Stoke’s bulge.

“Hey, you want to come over here.” Stoke said. Andy really did. He felt practically compelled. “You look like you enjoy a big boy and I love those tits of yours.”

Andy walked over to stand over Stoke. Stoke reached up with one hand to twist and pinch one of Andy’s huge nipples. The other hand reach down to feel Andy’s tiny mushroom head. He teased Andy’s tiny cock to its miserable pathetic length. Stoke smiled.

“You’re beautiful. I love big muscle men like you with tiny cocks. You paid a big price for your big muscles, eh? I think you had a bigger cock then this when I saw you in the locker room.”

“Yes.” Andy was surprised that Stoke had even looked around in the locker room. Andy remember seeing how big and muscular Stoke looked. His own muscles were huge compared to high school pre-enhanced Stoke. Though Stoke was a beast of a man. But now, Andy was the bigger one. Andy had sucked down more cum to make his body massive while giving away precious inches from his cock.

“You wanted to suck down big cock and the more you sucked the smaller yours got. Your big tits are beautiful.” Stoke moved Andy’s hand down his bulge. Andy felt a warmth spread from his ass, almost like cumming dry. Maybe nothing would come out anymore. It felt really good, so Andy didn’t care. “Yeah, baby, I’ve got lots more to show you.”

Stoke got up with an obscene hardon tenting his pants and led Andy to the nearest bathroom. There was no lock, so anyone could come in and see them. Stoke tore off Andy’s shirt and licked all around his huge tits. Stoke licked the crevices between his tits and under. Andy felt something dripping down his chest, from his nipples. Stoke went faster and harder, encouraged by Andy’s body’s reaction. Pleasure radiated from his muscle tits, cumming and dripping out of his nips onto his abs and into Stoke’s mouth.

“I want to see your whole body. I want to see your massive muscles. Pull down those pants. Let me see you,” said Stoke. Andy obeyed pulling off the rest of his clothes to expose his striated massive quads and calves the size of normal men’s thighs. He flexed his arms and his chest to show Stoke how pumped his muscles were. Everything, except his cock, was a man’s dream.

Andy was pleased to see Stoke’s cock was poking above his waist band like a fucking log. Andy reached for it and pulled down his shorts to get a good feel. Stoke groaned as a little precum shot out. It was magnificent. He doubted any normal man could take it up his ass. Andy got on his knees to lube up the monster. Stoke growled as his cock grew to full mast. Two weeks ago, Andy would have been hard pressed to get even the head in his mouth. Now, he just buried it in his throat, lubing it up with his spit. Stoke started thrusting, harder and harder, pushing his cock deep into Andy’s throat. Andy ignored his lack of breath and let the sensation fill him.

“I love this new body of yours,” Stoke growled as Andy serviced him. “You were a hot little guy in high school. But now… Your tits are so big. I love your fucking huge muscles. Your nipples are huge and your cock is so small. You are a total muscle fag boy now. I used to see you running around the track in those little shorts. I wondered if you wanted a big cock up your ass.”

Andy wanted to speak, but he could only nod, yes.

“I wanted to take you behind the bleachers and fuck you right there,” Stoke said, pulling his cock out of Andy’s mouth. “Now, that I have a huge cock, you came to me without me saying word. You’re a cockhound. A big-tittied, muscular, nubbed, fag. You need cock to keep your muscles pumped. You wanted big muscles, so you could get a big cock up your ass. I bet you are being fucked after every class. You slut. You cock, muscle, fag.”

Andy tried to go down on Stoke again, but he was pushed away. Stoke stood Andy up and turned him around. Andy looked back and smiled seeing Stoke line up his wet cock to Andy’s ass. Andy’s nipples dripped again when Stoke pushed in. His prostate was lighting up. Stoke was hitting all the buttons. His hole was being stretched like a bitch. This was the fucking biggest cock Andy had ever seen, let alone taken. Stoke was still much taller than Andy, though Andy was wider. Stoke wiggled his cock in and licked Andy’s back relishing those expanded muscles. It felt so good.

Stoke slowly started fucking Andy. It was overwhelming. Andy breathed hard, concentrating on the huge cock in his ass. He felt like he could take anything, but this was amazing. Stoke squeezed and stroked and kissed Andy while powerfully thrusting. He built up to a very fast rhythm, back and forth. Pulling way out and thrusting back in. Andy began thrusting back as Stoke pushed forward to get fucked as hard as he could.

“Fuck yeah, Andy. Fuck yeah. You can take a huge cock. You need it. You deserve huge cock. Your ass is your organ now. You fag. You slut. You dick hole. Do you want me to fuck you hard?”

“Yes, sir. I love your big cock. It feels so good.”

“You have a big, tight ass. Yeah, you can take all of this. You don’t need nothing but some spit and you can take it all.” Stoke fucked harder and harder and sprayed his load into Andy’s hole. Andy smiled in relief as he felt Stoke’s cum fill him, thrilled to realize he already wanted more.

Description Andy has mixed feelings about his experience with the Cockr App. He discusses it with his friend Bill. Bill comes up with a plan that is mutually beneficial.

AddedOctober 2017
Updated6 Oct 2018



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