An app for the ages

by Seth Peterson

An app that can change people on a whim? A totally ego-maniacal straight boy with a strong distaste toward his nerdy, unappreciative roommate? Well, things can only get more exciting from here, can’t they?

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Alex opened the door to his shared dorm room, immediately wincing as he took in the smell of sweat and harsh BO. Christ, why had he been forced to room with such a frat boy?! Yeah, Quinn was a nice enough guy, but he was so much of a partier that it made the space almost unlivable, and he didn’t even bring the party home with him! Ugh, they both tolerated each other, but that was about it. He knew Quinn couldn’t stand his work ethic. It wasn’t his fault if he didn’t go out! Alex much preferred to stay in college with acceptable grades, thank you.

And speak of the devil, Quinn walked out of the shower, towel snug around his waist. The total hetero loved to walk around shirtless, showing off his toned, impressive musculature. Alex was straight too, but even he had to admit Quinn did deserve to show off his body. The boy worked out almost every day, so, yeah, he could be proud of himself! But there was a limit… Quinn’s ego was so full that Alex feared that one more narcissistic comment would pop the whole thing like a balloon.

“Hey, Alex! Just finished working out! Have you seen my bicep pump?”

He flexed more for himself, growling in mock arousal. Alex completely expected his head to explode, but alas, no such luck presented itself.

“Looking fine as always, Quinn.”

Quinn pouted gently, huffing at his roommate’s apathetic response. God, the little dweeb never gave him his due credit! Didn’t he realize just how big Quinn was looking recently? God, only girls and fellow hunks got it. What a shame. Well, actually… maybe that was the key! He needed a fellow hunk! Whipping out his phone, he called up his newly installed app, unable to stop a massive smirk from creeping onto his features.

“Yo, Parky!”

Alex sighed, Quinn knowing just how much he hated that nickname.

“Yeah, Quinn?”

“You ever head of I-See-Ya?”

Alex barely looked up from his laptop.

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Quinn chuckled, aiming his phone’s camera at Alex. Instantly, the app began flashing information across the screen… height, weight, body specifics… even some basic personality traits that Quinn had customized and added!

“It’s an app where you can just take one snapshot and then customize someone to your liking!”

Alex raised an eyebrow, barely listening.

“Customize, huh?”

Quinn nodded, waiting as the app finally registered fully, dozens of options popping up. Let’s see if the app worked as advertised!

“Yeah! For example… if I want to boost your height by… I dunno, eleven inches…”

Alex huffed gently. “Then I’d be six foot four…”

Quinn flicked open Alex’s “Height” tab, sliding the bar slowly.

“You’re right. Let’s go sixteen!”

Alex started to roll his eyes, but stopped short as he felt his very bones begin to ache, popping sounds emanating through the room as his limbs began to crack and spasm longer, larger, lankier. His mouth dropped open, a gasp stalling on his lips as his body pushed and creaked taller, taller, taller! His clothes shrank as his limbs erupted with length, pushing well past what Alex was used to! His body didn’t grow too lanky, adapting more mass to keep up Alex’s usual lanky self. But in no time, sixteen enormous inches had been added to his frame, his clothes tight and disproportionate on his now whopping 6-foot-9 body! He shakily turned to his roommate, body trembling.

“Q-Quinn…what did you…I’m so uneven…”

Quinn grinned, tapping his phone again.

“Uneven is right! Gotta make it a nice and pretty number!”

Alex squeezed his eyes shut as he swelled upward yet again. Another inch grew into his body…then another…and then one more, leaving him cramped, constrained, and a full seven feet tall!

Lifting his head to stare at his out-of-control roommate, his head bumped the ceiling. Gasping in dismay and shock, he shook his head, looking much further down than he was used to! There was Quinn, grinning like a loon, barely up to Alex’s enormously long torso.

“Wowww…looking mad good, Parky! Great start!”

Alex tried to do something… anything… but his new frame was so strange that he could barely stand upright. But it wouldn’t take him long to get the hang of it, he knew, and soon he’d show Quinn just how he really felt. Quinn, however, had other ideas. Nodding to himself as he looked his new toy up and down, he smirked as he began to dial in another, slightly more drastic change.

“Now…I think I’ve gotten to the cause of your stupid attitude. You can’t appreciate how big I am because you’re a freakin’ toothpick! Gotta have size to respect size.”

He hit a few more commands, grinning as he watched Alex jerk and stumble like he’d been shocked by a few thousand volts. His body continued to spasm and heave, frame twisting and quivering as a low moan burst from the taller man’s mouth. Quinn’s eyes widened as he watched Alex’s neck begin to inflate, muscle bulging out of the lean surface. His jawline firmed and hardened tremendously as a bull neck swelled beneath it. Alex’s shoulders began to swell and engorge, huge peaks bursting from his traps as the jerking motion spread down his arms, biceps and triceps clenching and balling into massive, mountainous, basketball sized cannons! His lats gorged and inflated, gentle wings pushing his arms out as his back tripled in width to handle all his new torso mass!

His stomach crunched and grooved, abs condensing into brick-like slabs; a formidable washboard set into a solid base. His legs grew and grew, thigh gap slowly vanishing as solid muscle erupted his thighs into meaty teardrops, calves heaving into heavy bulges. And his butt bulked into a massive bubble, huge and meaty and thick! But as huge as all that was, nothing compared to the raw, ridiculous spurt his pecs got. Erupting into huge watermelons of flesh, the firm round muscles sloped downward, popping involuntarily as the huge pec-tits gorged even thicker, nipples swelling to fit his new man melons. Alex moaned loudly as pleasure shot through him, wincing and spasming as his cock spurted and flopped lower, thickening and fattening as it rocketed outward. Even soft, his new dick sagged and swayed just below his knees, balls dropping heavily as pre began to drool from Alex’s tip like a leaky hose.

Dropping to his knees as orgasmic delight surged through his brain, Alex couldn’t help but shudder as his ass began to wobble and bounce, cheeks pushing to the side as his asshole flowered and puffed, thick donut evolving rapidly as it gorged visibly between his cheeks. A slimy sheen engulfed the pucker, huge anal ring gorging even further as Alex moaned feebly. His hair curled upward at the end, a cliched coif puffing up at the front as his sides whittled down into a handsome fade. Alex clenched his teeth as his jaw firmed and hardened even further, dense stubble crackling across his cheeks and chin. To finish the deal, a heavy jungle of armpit hair bushed from Alex’s pits as his limbs and torso developed a very healthy dusting of hair across them. Panting in exhaustion, Alex could only drool gently as his body began to relax, aching and sore from its sudden reconfiguration.

Quinn, on the other hand, was ecstatic. Licking his lips as he tried to control his joy, he began to fiddle some more.

“Oh, this is working so well. Just gotta put… the final… touches in. There! Goodbye, Alex the nerd! Hello Alex the stud!”

Alex gasped gently, but could barely move his body, let alone stop his crazed roommate. As Quinn hit the button for a final time, Alex felt his brain quiver. An odd sensation, it felt like a heavy drunkenness was settling on Alex’s mind. But the more he tried to focus on something, the less sense it made. Eventually he found his mind going completely blank!

But as quickly as his entire life slipped out from his brain, a new one was rapidly replacing it. Shock over his new freakazoid body was substituted for acceptance: of course he was a giant! He’d always been this massive! And the disgusting ego-maniac in front of him? Naw, he was Alex’s plaything! Always had been. Slowly getting to his feet, Alex grunted as he eyed the essay on his computer. The fuck was that? English work? Bro, he’d gotten this far on his sports ability… no fucking way in hell he was an academic! Eying Quinn, Alex smirked cockily, palming one massive pec idly.

“Jesus fuck, you shrink again? Aw no wait, I just got bigger.”

He flexed hard for the smaller man, bicep heaving to life. Quinn shuddered visibly, eying his phone.

“Oh you’re so hot, Alex. But… I hear that name and I just think of a wuss. How about…?”

Alex shuddered, entire identity rewritten in an instant. Quinn wiggled his eyebrows.

“What’s your name again?”

The massive man furrowed his brow at his roommate.

“You fucking stupid, bro? It’s Parker. Par…ker. Sound it out, dumbass.”

Quinn feigned smacking his head.

“Oh, silly me!”

Parker rubbed a hand down his abs, closing a ham-sized fist on his cock shaft. “But I’ve been thinking. I’m at the point where I need constant praise.”

Quinn nodded, smirking. With luck, the two of them would just endlessly flatter the other into a cycle of narcissism and growth. That was the plan, anyway!

“So I think we need to start awarding me some titles! Let’s start adding things before my name, all right?”

Quinn tilted his head, trying to catch on. “So…like, Big Parker?”

Parker moaned gently, stroking harder. “Yeah, that’s it. Never wanna fucking hear my name alone again—got it, bitch boy?”

Quinn chuckled, but it was forced. Bitch boy? Oh no, he needed the same deal.

“Gotta do it to me too, Buff Parker! I need the praise too.”

Parker chuckled deeply, balls bobbing as he wanked.

“I’m the only one in this relationship who gets praise, little man. You’re a fucking pipsqueak.”

Quinn grimaced. Probably went a bit too far. As he started to fiddle with his phone, it was suddenly plucked out of his hands by the giant Parker.

“The fuck you so obsessed with this thing for?”

Quinn’s face paled. No no no! “C-come on, Big Parker! Give it back, not cool.”

Parker raised an eyebrow as he eyed the app. “Fucking A, tiny…this for real?”

He aimed the camera at Quinn, chuckling. Quinn was helpless, only coming up to the boy’s nipples. Parker smirked wickedly, tapping with some difficulty due to his sausage sized fingers. “Hehe, let’s see…”

Quinn gulped. “Parker, please. I-It’s just a joke app. Please give me my phone back…”

Parker growled, tapping hard. “Title, bitch!! Don’t make me tell you again!!”

Quinn gasped hard, feeling his body spasm upward. Again and again he shot up, until he was even with Parker’s chin. God, he had to be six foot eight! Maybe taller! Parker nodded curtly.

“Yeah…baby boy’s gotta be small, but not too small. Needs to be able to take a railing.”

Quinn blanched at that, but his new height made him unsteady…he still couldn’t grab his phone back. “I-I ain’t a fag, dude!”

Parker winked slyly. “Neither am I, but you’re gonna need to love taking my donkey dick. Cuz you’re gonna get it every fucking hour.”

Quinn lunged for the phone, but Parker held him back with no effort at all. “Whoa, chill! My new babe’s gonna need to trust me with everything if we’re gonna get along!”

He tapped a few more times and Quinn began to relax, feeling his mind grow calmer. Why did he mind if Big Parker had his phone? They shared everything! And he trusted no-one more than the big man!

“That’s better…now then, let’s see.”

Quinn closed his eyes, moaning as he felt his body beginning to change, spurred on by Giant Parker’s wishes. Shoulders broadened and thickened, arms filled out into gorged cannons, lats flaring gently as his back bulged into a door filler to match Huge Parker’s! His abs shrunk slightly, waist crunching into a tiny little wasp waist even as his pecs ballooned larger, heavier, thicker! They surpassed even Big Parker’s in size, gorging to be visible even from the back! His ass began to follow suit, huge fleshy cheeks heaving with mass as his thighs thickened and bulged tremendously. And just like his new giga-pecs, his ass didn’t stop until it wobbly, bouncy, and visible from the front! Quinn cooed gently, running his hands over his now view-obscuring pecs.

“W-wow, Big Parker…”

Parker smirked, tapping a few more times.

“But wait, there’s more!”

Quinn gasped as he watched his areola puff and swell, huge fleshy mountains erupting off his chest as his nipples thickened and fattened, wobbly nubs bobbing with every deep breath! A sudden bloat filled his vision, and a moist juiciness made his touch his mouth. To his shock and joy, he found his lips nearly quadruple their normal size, huge upper and bottom lip fat and kissable in the extreme!

Throwing his head back, Quinn couldn’t help but toss his head as he felt a prickling down his neck…down his shoulders…down to his collarbone. Oh fuck, it was his hair! Long and silky, a veritable waterfall cascading down his head, draping over his shoulders and resting just above his burgeoning breast-pecs. And it was blond?! Oh, a beautiful platinum blond. So nice…so nice…

“Ohhh…B-Big Parker, you’re the best.”

Parker smirked again, tapping away with no hesitation. “You still sound way too straight. Let’s fix that.”

Quinn’s Adam’s apple shrank instantly, his mind altering as new vocabulary filled his head, a new identity blossoming inside of him. “Ooooooh… like, that feels so weird, Sexy Parker!”

Parker growled teasingly, tapping again. “Yeahhhh… more.”

Quinn gasped, nails growing longer and longer as his hair crept just long enough to flit over his giant nipples. His eyes lightened to a deep blue, and his wrists got a tad limp.

“Mmmmmf fuck me hard, Big Beefy Parker baby!!”

Parker laughed happily, tapping a final button before pocketing the phone. Quinn’s cock grew just a hair, tiny on his now giant frame! A hard blink made him tap his fat lip. Parker feigned confusion. “What’s wrong, honey?”

Quinn sighed, running a perfectly manicured hand through his lush hair. “Ummmm like, I know you’re my…ohhh….”

He pitched a bit, panting as he bit his lip, cock painfully erect.

“My daddy…oh yeah, that’s it. Like, my Big Daddy Parker. Who am…I again?”

Parker grinned. “You’re my pretty Sammy!”

Sam cooed happily, clapping his hands together. “Oh, that’s right, Thick Daddy! I’m your pretty girl!”

Parker nodded, putting a hand through his new bitch boy’s hair, kissing him on those gigantic DSLs. Patting his blubbery ass happily, Parker sighed as he pulled back. “I think I need to take my lovely toy shopping. Too big for your clothes now.”

Sam nodded, daintily placing a hand on his hip as he looked around. “Like, so true, Sexy Daddy Parker. Gotta get a wardrobe change, ASAP! And some new decor…gotta decorate for my Amazing Daddy~”

Parker nodded, patting Sam’s quivering mega-pecs. “Damn fucking right. I’m thinking a good tight crop top for those giant super tits…booty shorts and a thong for the mega ass…and some nice high tops. Maybe we can get you a hair tie or two. I love your hair down, but we can experiment.”

Sam nodded happily. “Whatever my Perfect Handsome Daddy Parker wants!”

Parker smiled widely. “Yeah…you’re mine, aren’t you, my beautiful femme Sammy?”

Sam nodded eagerly. “You’re my everything, Pectacular Parker Daddy!”

Parker shuddered. “Fuck, I like that one. For me? Can only fucking fit in a tank top now, I’d imagine. Some loose shorts to show off this horse dick…and beer. Jesus fuck, we’re gonna need lots of beer for me.”

Sam giggled, rubbing Parker’s carved abs. “Mmmmmm careful Gigantic Daddy! You may just grow a big beer tummy!”

Parker smirked. “You like that, slut boy? Daddy growing a big thick belly?”

Sam flushed a bit, rubbing his long hair. “I-It does sound pretty hot—as much as I love my Shredded Daddy, a Bulky Daddy would be so cuddly and sexy! B-but I want whatever you want, my Pectacular Alpha Daddy Parker!”

Parker rubbed his long hair, kissing him on those plush lips again. “I know, doll. All right…I say we go get some clothes, I’m gonna work out like a fucking animal, and then drink my way to a beer gut! What do you say?”

Sam giggled happily, rubbing his alpha’s huge arm. “Like, I can’t wait!! Ohhhhh I love you so much, my HUGE, SEXY, MONSTROUS, BEEFY, PERFECT, ALPHA DADDY PARKER!! DADDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!”

Just the thought of serving his giant man sent Sam’s cock firing like a hose, jets spurting out as he moaned loudly in bliss, huge lips parted as he orgasmed. Panting hard, he glanced up, grinning sheepishly. “S-sorry, Big Daddy. I promise I’ll wait for permission next time.”

Parker grinned, kissing his boytoy happily. “It’s fine, Sammy baby. Let’s go…and if you’re good, I’ll let you sniff my musky pits after the workout.”

Sam moaned, already starting to erect again. “Oh my god, yes please, my Perfect Parker Daddy!”

Parker possessively put a hand on Sam’s ass, guiding him out. “Hehehe let’s fucking go, my eager little toy!”

Sam could only lick his lips, tossing his hair as his whole frame jiggled alongside his gigantic alpha, both having to duck to get out the dorm.

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