Daddy’s boy

by Seth Peterson

What happens when a cocky, overly narcissistic businessman oversteps courtesy? Why, muscle-growing, mind-altering, submission-inducing karma, of course!

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Danny hung up the phone, propping his feet up on his desk as he turned to address the rest of the office.

“Who’s the best salesman around?!”

Most of them rolled their eyes. Thankfully, Jesse the intern knew how to play the game.

“You are, Danny.”

Danny nodded, chuckling.

“Damn right I am, Jesse! Another customer, hook line and sinker!”

More eye rolls. Of course Danny had scored another investor. All he had to do was mention dear Daddy’s name and they’d flock from miles. Danny, of course, attributed none of his success to his father’s far-reaching influence or fondness for his son. He merely thought his blond good looks, ravishingly athletic body and killer business instincts had shot him up the totem pole…even if the boy couldn’t talk himself out of a paper bag. But alas, the favoritism was alive and well, and no one could do anything about it.

Chuckling to himself, Danny decided his work was done. Yeah, technically he still had the rest of his three hours to do, but he’d reeled in a big enough catch that he could go home. Who was gonna rat him out, anyway?

“Yo, Jesse!”

The smaller brunette turned, moving back to the toned man’s desk.

“Yes, Mr. Howell?”

He tapped his papers. Like he had time to finish the reports. That’s what free labor was for!

“I’m going home. Make sure these get filed and finished, k?”

Jesse nodded tiredly, all too used to the treatment.

“Sure thing, Mr. Howell. Delivered to your father, management, or accounting?”

But Danny was already out the door.

“Figure it out, Jesse! Later!”

The intern sighed wearily, tapping the sheets.

“Same old, same old.”

He looked down, brow furrowing as his lip curled.

“Oy…which one does puce go to again?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Danny strutted down the street, quite pleased with himself. Head held high, he barely paid anyone any attention, so lost in his own ego. He was larger than the majority of people on the street, genetic lottery paying big dividends even now. He barely had to do a few pushups every night and he swelled proud and heavy in his shirts. He was damn proud of his height and stature, mistakenly believing his own perfection was the result of hard work or right choices. Such as it was, he relished in every lingering glance to his pecs and held his head a little higher every time another potential alpha walked by.

So when the tall but relatively lanky boy passed close to him, nose in his phone, Danny couldn’t resist nudging him with his shoulder. Show the matchstick who the real size was around here. The boy looked up sharply, eyes flashing for the briefest of moments, even if it escaped Danny’s attention entirely.

“My goodness, do excuse me, sir! Entirely my fault!”

Danny smirked. That was more like it.

“Let’s watch where we’re going, sport! Make way for the real man.”

The flash returned as the boy let an involuntary smirk cross his impish features, fading to a dull, imperceptible glow in his irises. He clapped a hand to his chest, other hand tipping his bowler hat almost teasingly as he bowed forward slightly.

“Of course, sir! Wouldn’t want to slow the, uh…path of the real man. Keep up that raw dominant alpha monstrosity!”

Danny came back to reality with that. Might have been the change of tone, perhaps it was the use of a four-syllable word, or maybe it was the obvious teasing in that last comment. But as he opened his mouth and swelled his chest to give the scarecrow a piece of his mind, the boy had vanished. Danny swung his head left and right, but the boy had disappeared into the crowd. The light started blinking and Danny hurried to get to the other side of the street, but his brow furrowed. Little twerp. He was lucky Danny was in such a good mood!

Shutting the door to his posh, quite extravagant house, Danny walked into the kitchen to fix himself a glass of something. Normally he’d fix himself some bourbon on the rocks, but he was feeling flushed for some reason, and figured he’d just grab some water. Plenty of time for liquor celebration later, when Dad called to congratulate him on his latest investor. Sitting down and releasing the pressure on his tie, Danny wiped his brow with his glass before taking a swig. Why was he so hot all of a sudden? He rubbed his pec idly, like all good hetero boys seem to do. To his complete surprise, he felt the chest muscle suddenly bloat outward in his hand. Whipping his head downward, Danny let his mouth fall open as he watched his pecs begin to pulse larger, fatter, heavier as he stared at them.

Gasping in a joyous shock, he sprang to his feet, the motion making his enlarged pec muscles bounce gently. Grinning dumbly, he bounced again and again, watching each motion send a stronger pulse as his pecs continued to heave. Moaning happily, he flexed an arm teasingly, jaw dropping again as he watched his biceps swell gently. The arm bulge continued to bunch and round, heavy ball of muscle quickly forming from the toned flesh, stretching his dress shirt. Danny let out a chortle of delight, looking down at his now basketball-sized chest muscles. Everything was feeling tight, legs and ass pushing outward in his pants.

Grunting in delight, Danny unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it back to watch his abs carve inward, bricks of muscle forming in his stomach. Frowning gently, he furrowed his brow as he rubbed hand over the rapidly growing hair forming on his abs. He’d always prided himself on his smoothness…still, if a treasure trail was the price he had to pay for these muscles, he’d totally pay it. Tracing its path up his stomach to his chest, he watched hair gently prickle across his pecs, nothing forest-y but certainly a fair dusting of stubbly hair! Feeling his ass really start to dig into the fabric of his pants, he decided to shuck his clothes to let his growing muscles breathe.

Glancing down, peering over his ballooning pecs, he grinned as he watched his every muscle tone and firm before swelling to generous proportion. He shrugged as he watched the hair thicken on his legs and rear, fuzzy and dense as his pubes bushed outward as well. Worth it…he’d just get it waxed later anyway. His arms began to itch and he lifted them as he felt an odd tweaking under them. His armpit hair thickened and condensed, growing longer and longer. Biting his lip, he let his arms down, hoping to stifle the growth, but the straw colored pit hair just exploded around his torso, thick and bushy. It was gross to Danny, but…oddly, he didn’t mind too much. He couldn’t really remember why he thought it was so gross…in fact, he couldn’t remember much of anything! He just liked his muscles.

Grinning dumbly, Danny popped his now-gargantuan pecs hungrily, licking his lips as he eyed his bulging, hairy body. Grunting gently as a tugging caught his attention, he tried to crane his neck to stare over his bulbous chest, but to no avail. But a quick fondling revealed a rapidly growing, thickening cock. Moaning in a bout of involuntary lust, Danny panted hotly, feeling his cock shove higher and fatter in his hand…now his hands, too big to be contained by one mitt. Tongue hanging as he felt his cock sandwich and swell into his ab groove, Danny panted and grunted in animalistic fashion, brain fogging with lust. As he tried to manage his view, he felt his cock spew slimy pre all over the copious underboob he was now sporting. Gasping in pleasure, he finally glimpsed his oozing cock, the head bobbing hypnotically beyond his pecs, drooling pre like a hose.

As he eyed his throbbing dick, though, a new swelling caught his attention. His nipples were stiffening…and stiffening…and stiffening! God, they just got harder and harder, to the point where they were just growing! His nips pulsed wider and longer, hardening like diamond, finally settling at almost a half foot long! Gasping in dumb pleasure, Danny gave one a tentative tweak, actually collapsing to his knees with the sensation and ecstasy that blasted through him. He couldn’t help but tweak again, an odd and beautiful pressure building with every gentle twitch of his fingers. As it reached a fever pitch, he glanced down, expecting his cock to spew its load. But instead, a fine stream of milk pushed out of his erect nipple instead! Danny yelled in not-so-subtle delight, milking himself like a cow as he grasped his other nipple, blinding pleasure coursing through him as his pecs leaked cream.

He bent forward, a sudden urge compelling him to hump the ground like a dog, nipples slamming into the floor as his cock pushed between his abs. He could feel something deep inside him…his transformation wasn’t over yet! As he continued to hump with more and more frenzy, he glanced back to find his muscular bubble butt pushing even further, widening oddly. Finally, he gasped as he watched his asshole pulse and throb lewdly out of his rear, puckering and swelling like a ring as a fat donut pushed its way out of his ass. Panting in pleasure, Danny kept up his vulgar performance, feeling his anus swell and plump even as he made a total mess on the floor, pre and milk making a sticky puddle around his torso.

His climax was cut short by a violent and jarring vibration from his tortured pants. Fishing in the remains of his pocket, he pulled out his phone, looking at the flashing reminder:

Important! Give Jesse the Ava files!! Or Dad will get mad! Due in one hour!”

Completely unaware of anything in that sentence but subconsciously knowing what to do, Danny gasped in a panic, trying to salvage his burst clothes. Realizing the lost cause, he went into his bedroom, tugging on his loosest clothes. His odd proportions proved disastrous, pecs and ass straining against the fabric while his cock arched right out of his waistline, unrelenting in its erectness as it pressed visibly against his shirt. Of course, all three were his most sensitive parts as of now. Shivering wildly in bliss, Danny watched his nipples shove and swell against the fabric, asshole slurping hungrily as it slimed up his underwear. Trembling, Danny reached into his shirt, actually managing to shove his cock right up into his cleavage. Instantly his cock began to ooze a river of pre, but it was stable and unnoticeable…for now. Biting his lip, Danny stumbled his way back to work, trying to avoid any unnecessary rubbing. He got a ton of stares…and a few nose wrinkles.

Eventually Danny realized that he absolutely reeked! It was his pits, for sure! Those ridiculously hairy, potent bushy forests under his arms! Grimacing, but knowing he could do nothing at the moment, Danny forged bravely ahead. Arriving at the office for the second time that day, Danny tried to find Jesse, hoping to avoid anyone else. He knew who Jesse was, but he didn’t really remember much else about him, or his relationship to him. Just that he had to give him the Ava files! After dodging and ducking through cubicles like some video game level, Danny finally spotted the brunette, hands full of papers. Hissing under his breath, Danny caught his attention.


The intern whirled, spotting Danny in the cubicle.

“Mr. Howell?”

He lightly stepped into the cubicle, shutting the door (yes, these cubicles had doors. Fancy!) behind him. He turned back, eyes widening as his jaw dropped.

“M-Mr. Howell?! What on earth happened?!”

Danny tilted his head.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Jesse gestured, mouth agape.

“L-look at you, sir! Are you having an allergic reaction?”

Danny opened his mouth to respond, but something didn’t sit right. Sir? Why was Jesse calling him that? A sudden pulsing of Danny’s cock sent a shudder through him, pitching him forward. Jesse’s hands went to instinctively help the larger male…and landed square on his burgeoning pecs. The impact sent milk streaming from Danny’s swollen nipples, and shot his cock right out of its safety within Danny’s man boobs. Jesse jerked back in horror, Danny moaning like a bitch in heat as he eyed the lovely younger man.

“Y-you’re the sir…please…so horny…need release.”

Jesse raised an eyebrow, glancing at the door. But in all honesty, he was a somewhat lonely 20-something gay man, and the prime specimen of man meat that had bullied him into service for months was now begging him to make him his bitch. It was too good to pass up.

Jesse started to fondle and mold Danny’s chest, grinning as he watched the dumber man gasp and buck, milk streaming from his perky nipples. Pushing his luck, Jesse leaned in, hissing in the bulky man’s ear.

“Who’s the big man around here?”

Jesse squeezed hard to emphasize his point, and that was the end of the old Danny. His cock shoved right through a gap in his button-down, spewing his long pent-up load all over the cubicle as he moaned out.

“You, sir! I’m your bitch boy, please!!”

Jesse grinned, rubbing the bigger man’s chest cannons hungrily.

“And you’re only mine, got it?”

Danny nodded hard.

“Yes, sir, of course! I promise to be your bitch, only yours!”

Jesse giggled to himself, unused to any displays of dominance. This could be fun! Of course, Mr. Howell Senior would probably be none too pleased at this new development… but who was he to reprimand his precious little boy? Jesse tucked Danny’s cock back into his pec crevasse, tweaking his nipples to elicit a moan from Danny.

“Come on…we gotta get those files sorted out. We’re almost late!”

He beckoned, Danny following meekly behind. Opening the door, he almost plowed into a passing man. Blushing, Jesse raised his hands as he continued on his way.

“Sorry, sorry!”

The man tilted his bowler hat, eyes glinting as he grinned toothily at the massive rear departing from his vision, fat pucker sliming up the backside.

“Not a worry, sirs! Do please enjoy this lovely day.”

He chuckled to himself, whistling a merry tune as he sauntered out of the office.

2,534 words Added Jun 2018 34k views (#263) 4.8 stars (14 votes)

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