Luke is growing

By Coolkid 
1 part
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A version of “Testing Jesse” by FanTCMan.

Part 1

Luke was your average geek—scrawny, short, has the IQ of a mini Albert Einstein—you know, the usual. But people actually liked Luke because he was a good sport with things. He almost never got mad at anything anyone ever did to him, except when it was Gavin Trenton.

Almost all of the guys in the school, including Luke, envied him. During gym in the locker rooms after the showers he would flaunt his nice endowment, about 7 inches of soft cock. And the build of a pro football player. When I say he was big, I really mean he was MASSIVE. Luke dreamed of one day being so much bigger than Gavin. BEEEP! Well time for gym…

When he got into the locker room he took off his boxers and had to bite his lip from screaming in shock. He looked down on his penis. But it wasn’t his penis. His was 5 inches, this thing was about 9-10 inches.

The other guys noticed too. “Hey look at Luke’s dick!”

“Damn that things huge!”

“Maybe he’s the one…” That’s the thing that got Luke thinking. There was an experiment that was being released but nobody new what form it was, who was the guinea pig and when the test would happen. They only new it was some sort of male enhancement.

He quickly put his gym clothes on and went out to the gym. Today they were playing basketball. While they were playing, Luke could feel his penis getting bigger, heavier. When it was time for them to get changed Luke felt his thighs rubbing together, this was unusual for a skinny kid like him to feel. He got unchanged and was shocked again, he had pecs where his chest was flat, and biceps on his toothpick arms, and his legs were bigger too. His penis was almost 13 inches soft now.

As he went to his other classes he could almost feel his body getting bigger. His pecs were getting so big he was scared one of the buttons would pop off. As he walked through the halls he would get comments and looks. If he looked over at a couple of girls they would start giggling. He would shoot them a quick double bicep pose.

As he was walking a bunch of guys came up to him, “Dude when did you get so huge? Come on lets go to the locker room to get a better look!” They went to the locker room and he started undressing. His pecs were getting so big that his nipples were starting to point down. And his biceps were almost the size of softballs. He now had a 10 pack of abs and lats that were pushing his arms out very far. He pulled off his boxers and the guys started cheering, his penis had grown to about 16 inches soft.

None other than Gavin came out of the shower from working out to see what was happening. Hewas shocked. The gym teacher came in and said that they all had to go because the school was closing for the night. The boys dispersed all except for Gavin and Luke.

“Hey Luke, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure what’s up?”

“How does it feel being so big like that?”

“Aw man this is fucking sweet dude!” He continued trying to put his shorts on. “Uh I don’t think these are going to fit, can I borrow a pair of yours?”

“Sure.” He pulled out a pair of Green lycra shorts he used for working out. Luke put them on with ease. “So uh Luke do you want to come back to my place to show me your body? It’s so fucking big.” He was getting a boner right in front of Luke.

“Yeah sure why not?” They walked out of the school. “This is so fucking awesome man! IM HUGE!”

“I know I wish I could be that huge.”

As they got on Gavin’s street Luke stopped, “Fuck dude lets hurry these pants are starting to hurt, we might need to cut me out of these.”

“Sure lets just get inside first.”

As they reached Gavin's door a bunch of teens had formed at the driveway, Luke shot them a double bicep pose before walking inside. “Shit dude hurry! Get those scissors!” He gave Luke the scissors and he went to work. He cut the side, “Fuck man It’s not even just my leg it’s my whole body! It feels like it’s on fire!” He cut the other side and the pants dropped to the floor… Along with his monster cock. It was nearly 2 ½ feet long and about a foot around. His balls were about the size of grapefruits and still growing bigger like the rest of his body.

“Fuck man this hurts!” His whole body was expanding with muscle and his body growing taller nearing around 7’ 10”. His biceps were now the size of beach balls and getting bigger. His pecs about the size of truck tires. His penis was getting longer and thicker getting to be 5 feet long and 2 feet around. “Aww fuck man their turning me into a monster! I can’t be this big! This is too big!”

“Aw come on man there’s no such thing asTOO BIG!”

“Ow what the fuck?“ Luke looked up at the ceiling just above his head… The 11 foot ceiling… His biceps were huge about the size of truck tires, covered in thick, fat veins. His pecs were bigger than monster truck tires. His penis was huge, it was 15 feet long and about 4 feet around. His legs looked thicker than any tree. His balls were the hugest! They were bigger than Gavin.

Luke was still growing. He had to get out of there. He tried squeezing through the door and ripped the door out of the wall. As Luke stood up out side He realized he was almost as tall as Gavin’s house. Luke looked down at his body and couldn’t help it. He started jacking right there. He was still growing. He was almost twice the size of Gavin’s house now. Soon his hips started bucking and out came the white stuff. It showered down on Gavin. He caught as much as he could in his mouth.

After 17 volleys of cum, Luke was done. It looked like it there had just been a blizzard all over Gavin’s house. But even still Luke was growing. His biceps were about the size of a 5 cars stacked on top of each other. He flexed it and thick fat veins the width as thick around as Gavin crawled along his bicep. His pecs were easily bigger than Gavin’s house. His penis had also grown from 15 feet to nearly 27 feet and 9 feet around. His balls the size of his biceps.

Soon his growth stopped. He was triple the size of Gavin’s house now. Gavin looked like an ant to him. He looked down at Gavin. It looked to him like… Gavin was growing too—

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