Saturday Flashback Cleaning the Code

Saturday Flashback: Cleaning the Code

I finally had some time to deal with some site issues I had backlogged for the last six months while I was dealing with that IRL project I turned in in January (on top of my day job and my night job). There’s still more to do, including extending the stylesheet upgrade currently in use on the cover and story pages to the other pages on the site. I’ll be working on that kind of thing off and on over the next few months and more intensely during the summer.

Embedded images. Some of the story-embedded images weren’t meshing with the new story page design. That is now fixed, and the image insert code is now standardized (I have an Excel and everything). There aren’t many of them: for the record, the stories with relevant embedded images are “Alpha product series”; “Big changes”; “Feet up”; “Mega pecs maker dosing accident”; “Mega-tit wrestler freaks”; “Morphed male bulge freaks”; “Muscle milk tit freaks”; “The suitcase”; “Thoros”; and “X-mass”. — Dark mode. Right now in a preliminary state on story pages only. I’ve added a button underneath the story header info to switch on dark mode, but it’s just for that page. Soon I’ll add persistence both for dark mode and for the text size up/down buttons next to it. — Garbled HTML coding. There were a few old stories that had had their HTML ampersand codes messed up, so you were seeing things like < and so on in the text. I believe those are now all resolved. If you see anything miscoded like that, please let me know. — Tag suggestions. Yes, I let the tag suggestions pile up even though I said I wouldn’t. They’ve all been reviewed and the ones I agreed with added, so we’re up to date. I do actively urge you to make tag suggestions to fill in missing tags or question existing tags on individual stories, and I fully intend to keep up with them going forward. If you suggest a new tag, I’d love suggestion submissions on other stories that you think also merit that tag.

To keep with the theme, this week’s archive binge includes stories that involve characters engaged in software and website coding. The next update is 22 February, and in the meantime thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 14 February 2020  • 

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