Site Update 4 April 2020

Site Update: 4 April 2020

Take two! It looks like the update I posted this morning was lost in the migration to the new hosting plan mentioned below in the original news post. I thought I was writing everything to the new site on the new nameservers, but evidently unbeknownst to me I was writing to the old site, which got superseded later in the day. Ooops! Fortunately, I had everything already in place, so I just needed to recreate the update itself. It should stick this time. The irony is I went to bed this morning so proud of myself for getting the updated posted a few hours early (I work nights on the weekends, so the Saturday updates are posted at the end of my work shift), only to wake to a slate of messages going “Dude where’s the stuff”. Worry not, Olympian gods, I have been duly punished for my hubris.

Original post: You may have experienced some error messages sporadically on the site in recent weeks, mainly a “503 Service Unavailable, try again later” screen. Looks like the traffic on the site has increased enough to top out demand on the shared hosting server I was using. After looking over my options, I decided to boost my hosting to the next costlier package, which has broader and more dedicated resources. (When I said I might need to upgrade, Josh Dugan replied, “It’s what any Metabods man would do.” True enough.) Hopefully the new setup means that after this weekend you shouldn’t be experiencing any further server errors.

This week: two new chapters of “Changing Nick” from me, along with a one-off called “The Apartment”. Plus another panoply of stories involving all kinds of transformation. Check it out! The next update is on 18 April, and in the meantime thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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