Brotherly love

by TheSizeKing

Reece is a 20-year-old guy who has everything going for him in life: good looks, good brains, good personality, even a well-above average endowment between his legs. His younger brother, Michael, is exactly the opposite. Michael is about to turn 18, and could use a little boost before he goes out into the adult world.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: Brotherly love by Seth Peterson.

Part 1 Reece is a 20-year-old guy who has everything going for him in life: good looks, good brains, good personality, even a well-above average endowment between his legs. His younger brother, Michael, is exactly the opposite. Michael is about to turn 18, and could use a little boost before he goes out into the adult world. (added: 4 Apr 2020)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Part 1

“It’s a surprise, you dork. That’s the whole point.”

Reece was sitting on his bed with his laptop in front of him while trying to obstruct his younger brother’s view of his screen.

“C’mon, man, let me see!” Michael squealed, trying with all of his might to shove his older brother’s much beefier, stronger arm out of the way.

“I’m working on a surprise for your birthday, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given you. I don’t want it ruined!” Reece gave his brother a little shove, which ended up knocking the 120-pound, 5 foot-5 boy to the ground with a thud.

“You’re the worst!” he yelled, getting up and running out of the room.

“Do something about it!” Reece yelled after him. He got up from his bed and closed his bedroom door behind him, making sure to lock it this time. He went back to his bed and sat down, took a deep breath, and began to type away again.

For the past few months, Reece has been slowly designing a chemical formula that would change Michael’s body dysmorphia permanently. It was a large task, since there are tons of products out in the market and the internet that claim to do what Reece was attempting, but none had even come close to delivering results. Reece, however, being the child genius that he was, was well on his way to figuring it out.

Reece was in between his junior and senior year at Harvard, and spent much of his summer working his part time job, lifting weights, and studying. A lot of his friends wanted to go on trips or spend their days by the pool before school started, but Reece was determined to help his little brother in the only way he knew how.

He had been slowly gathering resources and chemicals from around the web and even from people off the street. He knew it was illegal to do, but that was the lengths Reece was willing to go for Michael. Michael constantly got picked on in school for his lack of size, and having no desire to stand up for himself, Michael was defenseless. He often came home with a black eye or some bruised ribs from getting into fights that he was destined to lose. Reece, having now moved on to college, couldn’t be there to protect his little brother. Hopefully, after this little concoction that he was developing, he wouldn’t have to ever again.

With one final review of his online order, Reece ordered his last material that he needed for his experiment. All that was left to do now was wait.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Almost a week had gone by before the package had arrived on their doorstep. Reece’s parents had long since gotten used to having science equipment, chemicals, and other miscellaneous experimenting products arriving in package at their home. Reece had always been one to experiment, and the family had even converted their basement into a half-gym half-laboratory just for him.

Reece was pulling in the driveway from a long day at work and saw a small box sitting against the family’s mailbox. He sprinted over and started tearing right into it, not even hesitating to check to see if it was even for him.

The only thing in the box was a little test tube with some clear liquid in the bottom. The hardest part is getting some DNA from Michael, Reece thought. Not that it is really going to be particularly difficult, but Reece knew that Michael wouldn’t voluntarily give Reece anything for fear that it would be used against him at some point, even if it were just a strand of his hair.

Michael put the vial in his pocket and sprinted inside. With a quick “Hi Mom, hi Dad,” he sprinted down the stairs to the basement and started getting to work. Going to the incubator, he took out all the material that he would need in order to make this go perfectly. I’ve only got one shot to get this right, he thought.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a few hours, Michael heard his brother call his name from downstairs. He groaned.

“Mom, why do I always have to help him? I don’t even like science!” he complained.

“Just see what he wants, and if it takes you away from your homework for too long, just say no. If he doesn’t listen, you come get me, and I’ll take care of it.”

With a grumble and some shuffling of his feet, Michael made his way downstairs. He stomped over to his older brother and said, “What.” in a monotone, annoyed tone.

Reece simply turned to his brother with a smile and said, “I just want a piece of your hair.”

Michael couldn’t even keep his angry face on at this request. With a puzzled expression, he asked, “What? Why?”

“I just need to test it on a little experiment I’m doing. I’ve already tested mine so I can’t do it again. I need to see how this all reacts with different types of hair and different DNA.” Reece was of course lying, but he figured it was the only way that he could get his skeptical little bro to offer up his hair.

He ripped out a few strands, slammed them on the table, said, “Here. Hope it helps,” and ran up the stairs before Reece could ask anything else of him. Reece grinned and thought, Wow, that was much easier than I thought it would be. He’ll thank me later.


Part 2

“Happy Birthday, little bro!! You’re finally not a kid anymore!” Reece chose to wake up Michael by hitting him with a pillow in the face and shouting at him. Groggily, Michael woke up and muttered, “Thanks.” before turning over, trying to ignore his brother.

“Wake up wake up wake up! I got you something! I think you’re really going to like it.”

Michael whipped his head around and said, “Oh really? I don’t know how much of that I believe.” Reece then whipped a small little vial out of his pocket and tossed it onto his brother’s bed. Michael picked it up and gave it a quizzical look.

“What the fuck is this supposed to be? Some kind of magic little potion that cures all of my problems?” he said sarcastically.

“Yes, actually.”

Michael stared at Reece’s blank face for a few moments and then busted out laughing. “You have got to be shitting me, dude. You expect me to believe that load of crap?”

“Not really, but what’s the harm in trying it out? Maybe you’ll… grow to like it.” Reece couldn’t help but to flash a devious little grin before turning around and heading downstairs to get some breakfast.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

About an hour later, Reece heard Michael call for him upstairs. Maybe he actually tried it, Reece thought with excited anticipation. Reece stopped right in front of Michael’s closed bedroom door slowly opened it. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see.

The first thing that Reece noticed is that Michael was completely naked. Sitting on his bed was a leaner, more muscular, and more hung version of Michael. The boy before him had the same face, but a completely different body. Michael wasn’t even looking at Reece when he entered the room, as he was totally fixated on masturbating his continually growing cock and muscles.

Reece, a little embarrassed to see his brother caught masturbating, looked away slightly and asked, “So it really looks like my gift worked for you. Do you like it?”

“What the fuck do you think? Of course!! This shit is crazy! When is it supposed to stop?”

“Well, it’s been about an hour, so it should be finishing up soon.”

“Will you help me take measurements and everything when it’s done? I have to know how much I grew. It’s fucking nuts.”

Reece glanced over at his brother’s direction and noticed that Michael was fully staring at him as he continued stroking his meat. He also noticed that he was bigger than when he first entered the room, but it seemed to be slowing down.

“Sure… but I think you should measure your… ya know…”

Michael pouted a little and said, “Aww, come one, bro, on my birthday? You would leave me hanging like that? Hehe… good pun…” Michael returned his focus to his swelling penis and started to pump more rapidly, telling Reece that he was near finished.

Reece then took the opportunity to really see just how much his little brother had grown. He first looked at the growing cock in Michael’s hand, and was shocked that it looked like it had more than doubled in size. He had seen his little brother naked on a few occasions, once while he had a boner on accident, and it wasn’t much bigger than 3 inches to Reece’s estimation. Now, his brother was sporting about 6 inches and was about average in thickness, and his balls hung lower than normal and were about the size of grapes. No wonder he was going to town.

Michael’s lanky frame was now much bulkier than it had been not an hour before. He wasn’t buff by any means, but it definitely looked like he had been serious about weightlifting for the past year. Reece could count four distinct but faint abs, as well as a crevice between his small pecs. His bicep peaks were small but noticeable, and his twig-like legs were now showing some definition.

Michael started breathing heavier and heavier, and Reece knew that he was going to blow. He instinctively turned away, but a small part of him was curious for some reason. I’m not gay, so why do I want to watch my brother cum? He wondered. Reece was torn away from his thoughts when he noticed his brother stand up and walk toward him.

“Wow, that was… incredible. Is that what it’s like to be big like you?”

Reece looked at his brother’s face but tried to not look anywhere else. “Well… I’m…” His voice trailed off.

Oh, come on, bro, I know that you’re huge down there. So spill it! How does it feel? And how big are you really? Most dudes talk about it, but you never do.”

Reece sighed. “I can tell you that it feels absolutely divine.

Michael was silent for a moment and then asked, “So how big are you? You didn’t answer me.”

Reece gulped and whispered, “11.”


“And a half.”

“Fuck. That’s huge. I hope that you’re not like… a pencil dick or whatever. That would stink.”

“…No it’s not, trust me.”

Michael walked back over to his bed and sat down and stared at the floor. There was an awkward moment of silence, before Reece asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good, I’m just trying to find the courage to ask you to… see it.”

Reece almost had to pick his jaw up off the floor. He then realized that this situation was already weird enough with his growing brother sitting naked on the bed right after masturbating right in front of you. So why not?

“Uhh…. sure. Sure.”

Michael looked up at Reece at record speech with a shocked expression on his face. “Really?? That was so… easy. I was so nervous to ask.”

“Well, we’ve gotten this far. Might as well. But let’s lock the door so mom doesn’t try to bust in.”

“Good idea.”

Reece locked the door and started to walk toward Michael but stopped a few feet away so he wasn’t practically shoving his dick down his brother’s throat. Reece threw off his t-shirt and exposed his bare, ripped chest and 8 pack abs. He heard Michael catch his breath. Suppressing a grin, Reece began to take off his sweats. His black briefs were tight, but didn’t really show you everything.

Reece threw down his briefs and kicked his underwear and sweats away with his foot. Standing naked in front of his brother for the first time, he was surprised that he didn’t feel nervous anymore. Besides, they were just comparing, right?

“You know, I was kind of expecting… more.” Michael said while staring at Reece’s junk.

“I’m definitely a grower, not a shower. It may look average right now, but just wait.” Reece took his dick in his right hand and slowly began to jack it. His member slowly got bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker, until it topped out at 11.5” on the dot. It was thick enough to where one hand wasn’t big enough to fit around but not too big so that it required two hands to grab around it. Reece’s testicles hung down heavy and low, and were easily the size of eggs. He also kept his groin area completely hair-free, so it made everything look even bigger.

“Holy shit. You think you know what almost a foot of dick looks like until it’s staring you in the face. Fuck. That’s really big. How many girls have you hurt with that thing?”

Reece chuckled slightly, and said, “Only a few. You learn how to handle it after a while. Can I put it away now? And can you put clothes on now? We need to talk about your little gift I gave you.”

“Uuugghh, fine, if you insist.” Michael stood up and began to put his pajamas back on, but Reece could tell that it was reluctant. Reece also began to put his clothes back on, but his mostly-hard boner was extremely obvious against his grey sweatpants. He went over to sit beside Michael on the bed, but left a considerable amount of space between them.

“So what do we need to talk about? How awesome this is?” Michael asked, gesturing to his now-clothed body.

“Not quite. I need to tell you why I did it and what this means going forward.” Michael was silent and just nodded his head. “I made this formula specially tailored to you so that you wouldn’t get bullied at school anymore. Mom told me all about it. I wish I could be there to protect you, but since I’m at college, I can’t. I want you to go into your senior year with confidence.”

“Is that why you needed my hair?”

Reece nodded and said, “Yeah. I was hoping to be discreet about it but there’s no real discreet way to get someone’s DNA.”

“You know you could have just gotten it off of my toothbrush. Or my comb.”

“…Yeah, you’re right. Oh well. I got what I needed and you didn’t know what I was using it for. But the other thing I wanted to talk about. What this means going forward. I have a few extra doses. I’ll probably give you one later, but that’s where I’m stopping it. It would be really unethical and unnatural for you to grow to the size of a truck at the age of 18.”

Michael’s eyes lit up. “You have more? Give me another one! Like, now! Even though I’m bigger than I was, I need to get as big as you!”

“No sir. Not only did I actually put in the work to get my body to look like this, I can’t in good conscience let you become a swollen muscle blimp with a dick the size of a 2-liter bottle of soda.”

Reece could see the disappointment set in on Michael’s face, but Michael just nodded his head and said, “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll wait until later.”

“Good. Maybe when we go to bed you can stop by my room and I’ll give you more.” Reece stood up and walked to the door, but stopped himself before opening it. “Oh, and don’t tell Mom and Dad what I did. They’re not going to know what happened to you, right?” Reece glared slightly at Michael, letting him know the severity and seriousness of this information.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll just pretend that I woke up like this.” Michael then looked down at his body and began to feel himself up.

Reece closed Michael’s bedroom door behind him when he left, and grinned to himself. He has no idea just how big he’s going to get. He thought, and rushed off to the bathroom to take care of his still-present boner that was aching for release in his sweatpants.


Part 3

“Thank you guys for such an awesome birthday! I had a lot of fun. I’m going to head off to bed, I’m exhausted.” Michael said with a fake yawn.

Michael had spent the day with his friends, and came home to lots of gifts from his parents, which was followed by going out for dinner at Michael’s favorite restaurant. Weirdly enough, Michael’s parents did not seem to notice that their once frail son was significantly more toned and fit. Michael made no move to try to hide it either: he wore shorts showed off most of his toned thighs as well as a tank top that showed off his arms, shoulders, and some of the cleavage that was made by his chest. Still, it seemed like his parents had always known that their youngest son was this size, and made no comment or gave no weird looks in his direction.

Michael gave Reece a small wink to indicate that it was time and that he had not forgotten about their little deal earlier that morning. Reece waited for a few minutes so that it didn’t seem suspicious, and then got up and said, “I should probably go to bed too, I have to be at work kind of early tomorrow.”

Reece’s parents said goodnight and Reece sprinted upstairs to his room.

Unsurprisingly, Michael was already waiting there. Also unsurprisingly, he was completely naked and was sitting on his brother’s bed. “Wow, you waste no time,” Reece said, chuckling.

“I can’t wait!! Besides, since it’s my gift, I can decide what I do with it.”

Reece walked over to his desk and opened the top drawer. He pulled out another vial just like the first one and tossed it to Michael. “Now, don’t forget, this is the last…” He didn’t even get the full sentence out before Michael had unscrewed the top and drank the contents in one gulp. Michael dropped the empty vial on the floor and stared down at his body, waiting for the growth to start.

Reece sat down in his desk chair and waited. Both brothers said nothing to each other for a few minutes while they waited. After about 10 minutes, Michael finally piped up and asked, “When is this going to kick in? It didn’t take this long the first time!!”

“Be patient. Besides, the growth should happen much faster each time, so don’t worry, it will be worth it. Just be patient.” And without warning, Michael yelped. “You okay, man?” Reece asked, concerned that the medication was giving his brother unforeseen side effects.

“Yes! I’m great actually! I can feel it working now!” Michael said, perhaps a little too loudly.

“Sssshhh, don’t be so loud! We don’t want Mom and Dad to know what we’re doing!”

Michael stopped talking and began flexing his muscles. Reece also noticed that his penis was starting to get hard. Little by little, he noticed everything starting to grow. It first started in his chest. His present but relatively flat pecs began to inflate outwards, and little by little they began to look like he had worked for years on building them rather than a few minutes. The striations in the muscle could be seen as his chest grew, and even his nipples began to expand outward slightly as his chest stretched.

Michael’s abs began to come into view more prominently, and the thin layer of fat on the lowest part of his waist began to melt away, showing his eight solid rows of abs the more they grew. His waist stayed trim and did not bloat; his abs only got thicker and deeper the more he grew. Michael’s shoulders continued to round out and expand, making his upper torso wider than his narrow waist. His small but present biceps continued to inflate, and thick veins were starting to appear on their surface. The cords of his forearm muscles started to get more pronounced.

Michael’s cute little twink butt was starting to grow into a real ass. Each globe was expanding outward and began to round out into two perfect bubble-shaped masses of muscle. His legs also began to thicker, getting closer to resembling tree trunks rather than legs. His calf muscles also started to swell and were covered in veins.

His package, however, was the most impressive. His 6 inches started to look small in comparison to what he now sporting, and it didn’t seem to be slowing down either. Michael was, of course, stroking himself while he watched his growth, and with each long stroke he took, he had to travel even farther on the next one. He was getting so big that it looked like it would take at least two hands to reach down its length. His fingers were slowly spreading apart as his member increased in thickness as well, and Reece could tell that it was getting more difficult for one hand to wrap all the way around it, and it would soon require two hands if the growth continued. Eventually, Michael took one hand away from feeling his growing muscles to stroking the rest of his exposed shaft.

His balls, which were resting on his brother’s bed, seemed to inflate at the same rate that the rest of his package was growing, and Reece was shocked that they were starting to approach the size of his own. It didn’t take long, though, for them to exceed the size of his brother’s, and still they kept growing. The growth finally seemed to be stopping once his balls looked like they were just smaller than tennis balls.

“Holy shit, man, this is crazy!” Michael whispered excitedly, a wide grin spread across his face.

Reece could only nod his head. His eyes were locked onto his brother’s body, which looked like it was even bigger than his own.

“How the hell did this happen though? I want to see how long my dick is now!” Michael said, not waiting to hear an answer to his initial question.

“I guess that the potency increases with dose. Because I was not expecting this kind of growth,” Reece said. “I guess the first dose is still in your system. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

“Fine by me. I never would have guessed that this would work so well. Didn’t you say you had more?” Michael asked. He was slowly stroking his engorged dick from base to tip while he talked, staring straight at his blushing older brother. “Can you grab that tape measure from out of my desk drawer? I need to measure.”

Reece fumbled around in his brother’s desk for a while, trying to rummage through the disorganization. He finally found it shoved in the back of the bottom drawer, all crumpled up in a tangled pile. Reece tried to untangle the mess, but Michael said, “Just toss it over here. I’ll get it, you idiot.”

With two yanks, it unfurled itself into Michael’s lap. He grabbed the 0 inch end and rested it on top of his new dick at the base and slowly began to extend it to his tip, which was leaking pre. “Damn.” Those were the only words that Michael was able to say, but Reece could see in his glistening eyes that it was massive.

“Well?” Reece asked tentatively.

Michael chuckled a little and said, “Come see for yourself, little guy.”

Reece felt his heart drop. Little guy? He thought. Does that mean he’s bigger than me? He walked over and stood over his brother, looking down at the tape measure. 12.5 inches.

“That’s insane.”

“Insanely huge! And you thought you were big! Just wait until the ladies get ahold of this guy.” Michael stood up and faced his brother, looking him up and down. “Guess I’m bigger than you everywhere.” And with that, he walked out of his brother’s bedroom, closed the door, and left Reece standing frozen in the middle of his room with the image of his massive brother locked in his eyes.


Part 4

A few weeks had gone by and Reece was happy to see Michael getting more attention out in public. He had even seen some of the people that used to bully him in school start to interact with him positively. More girls were giving him attention, and he seemed genuinely happy. Weirdly, though, his parents didn’t seem to notice how much bigger their youngest child had gotten, or if they had, they were choosing not to say anything.

It was about a week before Reece had to leave to go back to college, and he was starting to pack everything up. Rummaging through his desk, he finally opened the top drawer of his desk and he felt his blood run cold. Fuck, he thought in a panic, The remaining 4 vials are gone. Reece certainly hadn’t thrown them out. He hadn’t even opened that drawer since he gave Michael the second dose.

All of a sudden, the realization hit him. Michael knew what drawer I was keeping these in. He probably came back in here and stole them. With the weight of this realization hitting him, he sprinted down the hallway to his brother’s room to try to see if he could find them. Luckily, Michael wasn’t in his room to stop him.

He began to open every drawer, sift through all of his clothing, and check under every small space in his brother’s room to see if they were still there. Reece sincerely hoped that he hadn’t used them yet and that he could dispose of them before things got out of hand. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found in Michael’s room.

He started to walk back to his room to try to regroup and figure out what happened, but he heard a deep moan from behind the closed bathroom door. His eyes widened. No. Fuck no.

Running up the bathroom, the moaning because even louder and more guttural. They were much deeper than his brother’s own voice, but he knew that the only person who would be behind that door was Michael.

“Michael, open up this door!! Please! Stop!” Reece yelled frantically. Checking the door knob, he quickly found out that the door was locked from the inside. He was pounding his fists on the door and kicking it with his foot. Anything to get his brother’s attention away from whatever it was that was going on in there. Nothing seemed to be working. Reece took a step back, and with one solid kick, knocked the door in to reveal quite a spectacle.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror was what could easily be described as a beast. The massive figure standing there had the face of his brother Michael but the body of an inhumanly hung heavyweight bodybuilder. From the side view, Reece could barely see Michael’s neck due to his swelling traps taking over. His massive shoulders looked like bowling balls, and his hulking chest stuck out from his frame at least a few inches and was steadily expanding. It was likely going to scrape the underside of his hairless chin soon.

Michael’s arms were impressive to look at. His bicep was easily bigger than his own head and was riddled with thick veins. Each forearm muscle was extremely defined, and each muscle seemed to be bigger than Reece’s whole forearm. The triceps were impossibly large, and the horseshoe shape that most bodybuilders dream of was so deep on Michael’s arm that you felt like your hand would disappear if you stuck in in there while he flexed.

An extra row of abs were forming below his already ripped 8 pack, and Reece was shocked that someone could have that many. His v-taper was not only visible from the front; you could also see it from the side. His wasp waist looked even smaller due to Michael’s huge chest and swollen upper back muscles. Michael’s ass was incredible to look at. It was perfectly round and jutted out from his frame in an almost comical way. His legs were absolutely massive. His thigh and quad muscles flared out so much in the front that it caused his balls to be propped up on them, which pushed his massive member forward even more.

Sticking out from his impossibly narrow waist was easily the biggest package that Reece had ever seen or even imagined. His brother’s massive phallus was completely erect and made his 12.5 inches that he was carrying around previously look like a micropenis. To Reece, it looked like it extended out from Michael’s waist at least 18 inches, and was so thick that two of Michael’s large hands couldn’t fit around it. His massive balls hung low at the level of his knees, and continued to inflate at the serum coursed through him. They were so big that if they were to rest in the sink in front of Michael, less than half of his balls would fit. Fat veins snaked across his thick phallus, which was resting on the sink, and he was grinding his hips against the sink has he grew.

“Michael…. What did you do?” Reece’s voice was shaking. How could it not?

Michael noticed Reece for the first time. He looked over at his older brother and gave a huge grin. With that deep, rumbling voice, Michael said, “For someone so smart, you really did a dumb thing. Showing me exactly where you kept the extra stash? Rookie mistake.”

“Why would you do this?”

“Why not? It’s not like I’ve kept it a secret. Ever since the first time I took this stuff I’ve given every indication that I wanted more and more.” He continued to stroke his still-growing phallus as he spoke. “I just had to wait until you left for work to go back in and get more. I didn’t know that you had four left! I figured I would just take it all and see what happened.”

“Michael…. I have no idea if this will have any negative side effects at such a high dose. What if this kills you?”

Michael chuckled. “How can this kill me? I feel more alive than ever.” He flexed his massive bicep for emphasis. “You really have outdone yourself, bro. I don’t think I’ll ever get bullied again. Not with this body.”

Reece saw that one bottle was left sitting on the bathroom sink. If I don’t get that now, this may never end, Reece thought, eyeing the tiny clear vial. Michael’s attention had gone back to his incredible body, so Reece saw this as his opportunity to run in and take it.

Michael, however, was ready. As soon as he saw Reece’s arm reach out for the vial, Michael reached out his hand with lightning speed and grabbed a hold of Reece’s wrist with incredible strength.

“You think I’m going to let you take this away from me? Nice try. If I have this much power at my fingertips, you better believe that I will use it.” Michael flung Reece away with a flick and was surprised that it was so easy.

Reece was sprawled out on his back in shock. How little effort that took! Imagine if he really used his full strength!

Michael had turned to face Reece head on, and Reece was able to see just how wide Michael was. His shoulders were much wider than the doorway, and his waist was easily 3 times as narrow as his shoulders. His Adonis belt was tight and trim, and tapered down to his low-hanging package, which throbbed with anticipation.

“You know, I’ve been dying to test out this thing on someone,” Michael said, gesturing toward his fat cock. “You’re the only thing I’ve got at my disposal right now. How ironic that the giver now becomes the receiver.” Michael tried to walk through the door normally, but his shoulders prevented him from moving past the doorway. He tried to shove through a little harder, but to no avail. Finally, with one blast of brute power, he barrelled his way through, splintering the door frame.

“Michael, please… please don’t do this…”

“Why not? If you didn’t want me to get this way, you shouldn’t have made so much. And you definitely shouldn’t have tried to take it away from me. Big mistake. Now you’re going to get your punishment.” Michael knelt down stradling Reece, and both of his ripped thighs still rubbed together because they were so big. Michael’s massive balls rested on top of Reece’s stomach and they even spilled off the side of his body from their weight.

“Michael, we’re brothers, this is wrong… besides I’m not gay… I can’t do this!” Reece begged, trying to shove his brother’s body off of his own. Michael, on the other hand, interpreted this differently. “Trying to get your hands all over me, are we? But you’re not gay, sure.” He laughed. “Don’t worry, little guy, I won’t cum in you. I just need a little help getting off. Besides, I think I would overflow the tank, if you know what I mean.”

Before Reece could protest again, Michael lurched forward and shoved his swollen cock head into Reece’s mouth. Reece, no matter how hard he tried, was unable to close his mouth. Michael was shoving so hard and his cock head was so large that Reece’s mouth had no choice but to be forced open. Pre was leaking out of his slit, and Reece tried spitting it out as much as he could, but the large volume pouring out of Michael eventually forced its way down his throat. Reece hated how much he enjoyed the taste.

Less than half of Michael’s cock head was able to fit into Reece’s mouth, but it was a warm, tight space, and that was enough for Michael’s hungry cock. Michael used both hands to reach around as much of his thick shaft as he could and began to stroke himself with his powerful hands. His already large muscles began to pump bigger and bigger with his high-frequency strokes, and Michael started to glisten with sweat.

Reece’s mind was screaming. His internal voice was telling him to fight his way out. Do anything to escape this madness. But no matter how much his brain told him to leave, his body was frozen in place, captive to his younger and much bigger brother’s massive dick and huge body.

After what seemed like an eternity, Michael said, “I’m about to break. Move.”

As if the invisible chains that were strapping Reece down were removed, Reece was able to scurry backwards out from underneath Michael’s large phallus and scooted out of the trajectory of where his cum would inevitably fly. He got out of the way in the nick of time, because it wasn’t long after Reece moved out of the way that the dam broke and Michael released.

With a deep, wall-shaking yell, Michael released what seemed like gallons of cum from his swollen balls. Stream after stream of cum ejaculated from the tip of his dick and landed with a heavy splat on the opposite wall. All the while, Michael was screaming in pure ecstasy, his body succumbing to the orgasm. It was quite a show to witness.

After about a minute or two, Michael’s orgasm seemed to be subsiding. With deep, heaving breaths that caused his chest to swell and recede, Michael stood up and faced a still-shocked Reece cowering in the corner.

“You know, I think I’ll take that last one. Wouldn’t want it to go to waste.”


Part 5

Another one? Michael, you are easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, human being I have ever seen or heard of in my life. Why would you want to be even bigger?” Reece asked. He was still huddled on the floor, partially scared of what his brother would do next, and partially because he was hiding the confused boner he was sporting.

“You know, you really showed me what I didn’t even know that I wanted. I’ve always been used to being the small guy. The picked on guy. The shy guy. The unattractive guy. You’ve always had it all. That first dose you gave me showed me what I was missing.”

Michael took a heavy step toward Reece and Reece could feel the floor tremble. “I want it all.” Another step. “Bigger.” Another step. “And bigger.” Another step. Michael was now standing directly overtop of Reece, and his now-limp dick reached almost all the way down to Michael’s knee and was swinging in front of Reece’s face.

Reece tried to look at his brother in the face but Michael’s pumped up pecs were obstructing Reece’s view from below. Michael bounced his pecs for fun. “Until I achieve what I want for myself.” Without waiting for a response, Michael turned back around and walked through the broken doorway of the bathroom. He grabbed the small vial and walked back to Reece and stood over him once again.

“…Don’t…” Reece whispered, his voice quivering.

Michael took one last look at his body, almost as if he were taking in his current appearance one more time, and uncorked the bottle. He bent over slightly so he could see Reece’s horrified face over his hulking chest, flashed a devious grin, and tossed the bottle back in one motion. He even stuck his pinkie finger into the bottle so that he could scoop out every last drop that he could. He sucked long and hard on his finger, and almost immediately, the changes began, and much more quickly than it had before.

In roughly 30 seconds, Michael went from being a 5 foot 5 inch tall guy to a staggering 6 foot 9 hulk. His muscles otherwise would have stretched out across his expanding skeleton, but because his muscles were also going into overdrive, they also got bigger at the same time. He had to adjust his stance so that he could stand while his leg muscles expanded and got leaner. Even with his legs spread, his quads rubbed together and flared out a whole foot away from his leg bones and tapered back into his knees. The cuts between the muscles got deeper, and more veins could be seen snaking across the surface.

His already massive chest ballooned outward even more, forcing his fat nipples to point straight down. Each slab of muscle was as big as a ham, and still they grew. His round shoulders swelled to the size of basketballs and beyond, with each of the three muscle heads easily distinguishable and toned. His biceps grew so big that it looked like it would be impossible for him to fully be able to bend his arm ever again. His triceps looked like they were growing to the size of one of Reece’s own muscular thighs.

Even though Reece couldn’t see the backside of Michael’s expanding frame, Michael’s back steadily grew in tune with the rest of his body. Each individual muscle fought for space under his skin, and his back overshadowed his waist by about 10 inches. His ass better resembled a beach ball. Each globe was perfectly round and wide, and his ass crack seemed to go on forever. His hamstrings were a force to be reckoned with, framing his large ass and bulging thigh muscles perfectly.

About 3 minutes later, the growth came to a screeching halt. Unlike the other times, Michael’s dick didn’t grow. “What the fuck? What the fuck is this?” He yelled, and the veins in his bull-like neck bulged. He grabbed his limp dick and shook it, and it almost smacked a stunned Reece in the face a few times.

“…Maybe… maybe it’s done all it’s supposed to do. Maybe it’s maxed… out…” Reece started to say, but the glare he was getting from Michael shut him up.

No! It needs to be bigger!” He screamed again, and he stomped his foot against the hardwood floor, and an audible cracking sound could be made as the wood splintered beneath the weight of his huge leg. His demand must have been heard, because his penis started to grow again.

“Please tell me that’s just you getting hard…” Reece said, backing away slowly along the side of the wall.

My prayers have been answered! This is no simple boner, little man. Ooooh, no. I am getting hard, but it’s more than that. I can feel this one deeeeeep in me. It’s gonna be a big one. I know it. Just you wait.” Michael let go of his already huge piece of meat and watched as his crotch ballooned bigger than he thought possible. His once knee-length soft cock was stretching outwards in every direction as he got hard. Thicker and thicker it got, until it looked like it would take four hands to be able to wrap around it. Michael’s cock head continued to swell and lengthen, easily getting bigger than his two fists combined. Veins larger than Reece’s own thumb pumped Michael’s member longer and longer until it was long enough for him to lick without even having to bend his head over. Miraculously, his cock was still able to stick straight out without help.

Michael’s balls went into overdrive as they grew. Because of their enormous size, and because his leg muscles were so large, they were forced to lay against the front of his legs like pillows. They looked like two expanding soccer balls shoved into a tight sack and hung low due to their immense weight. Reece could have sworn he even heard cum sloshing around inside of them.

The growth seemed to finally be slowing down, and Michael let out a maniacal laugh. “Holy shit!! This is amazing.” He gingerly touched the top of his newly-grown cock and shuddered a little. “I look… incredible. What do you think?”

“I-I…I think you look… too big.”

“Too big?? Oh, come on! I’m fun sized!” Michael let out a booming laugh. “Seriously, though, have you ever seen anything like this?”

“No, I really haven’t.”

Michael reached down and rubbed one of his massive testicles. “Imagine how much cum one of these babies holds.” Michael glanced over at the wall where his cum was still dripping down, and gave it a little smirk. “That’s probably a drop in the bucket compared to what’s in these babies.” He took his other hand and began to stroke along the top of the base of his cock. “Look at how small my hand looks compared to my big cock!” He grabbed the sides of his cock and gave it a squeeze, sending a large glob of pre shooting out and hitting Reece in the chest.

“Look at what you created,” Michael said. He took a small, lumbering step forward and shifted slightly to the side so he could see Reece under his large, throbbing phallus. Michael reached down to Reece and lifted him up to his feet by the shirt with one hand. Reece almost went limp. “Wow, you weigh lighter than a feather. Remember all those times that you used to tease me about being so small? You thought you could get a free pass just because you were my older brother? No. Just because you stopped those bullies at school doesn’t give you a right to bully me in my own home.” Reece was practically sitting on top of his younger brother’s endowment like it was a horse.

“I’m sorry… I’m…” Reece said, his voice shaking, like he was about to cry.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore. But that’s all in the past now. You’ve turned me into this. You’ve turned me into my own living fantasy. But you’re not done.”

“What?” Hearing that snapped Reece back to reality.

“That’s right. You’re going to make me more of that…. potion. You’re going to figure out how to get me the stats I want. I want to be 8 feet tall. I want my big ass dick to be three feet long while hard. I want it to be bigger around than a steering wheel. Maybe even fatter than that. No… definitely fatter than that. I want each of my balls to be as big around as a tire and to be so full of jizz that I could cum for fifteen minutes without stopping. I want to weigh over 600 pounds of pure, raw muscle. And there’s no way out of that, let me tell you. All in the name of brotherly love.”

“That’s insane….”

“To you maybe. But to me? That sounds like just the beginning.”

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