Saturday Flashback January 2014

Saturday Flashback: January 2014

This week’s flashback takes us back five years, to January 2014. The big news back then was that Also Known As (a.k.a. AKA) gave me the go-ahead to post all the stories of his on Metabods that I hadn’t posted already, including the whole run of the Transform series, sequels, and side stories as well as a whole lot more. I’ve listed a few representative stories below as part of this throwback post, but really you need to check out his author page to appreciate just how prolific he’s been with all the hot, hung, and very randy men he’s produced over the years. Unfortunately, I uploaded all that material in one giant surge back then, and some of those stories got lost in the mix and may need a little more love.

As noted in the previous update I’ll be on sabbatical next week because of a non-smutty writing deadline (though there will be a flashback), so the next update will be 2 February. As always, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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This week’s flashback: