A day at the beach

by Three-Legged Dude

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One Sunny summer day my buddy, his brother, and I decided to go the local beach.

The night before I made some sandwiches and juice to take along with us I also made up a potion to add to the juice so we could all be changed. So I went to pick up my friends and they were sitting on the doorstep in their socked feet waiting for me. They got their shoes on and put their stuff in the trunk, then Tim got in the front with me and Alan got in the back and they had no idea what I had in store.

So we got to the beach and took our stuff out of the trunk, took it out and set it on the beach. We took our shorts off, cause our bathing suits were underneath and then took our shoes and socks off, and we went to the water before we ate.

After about an hour or so of swimming we were getting hungry so we got out of the water and came up to our towels and sat on them, then I got the sandwiches and juice out. We were all sitting there eating and drinking enjoying the warm summer breeze and after our food settled we were back into the water by then the potion, in the juice, was in our system.

Tim came up to me and asked, “Do you feel anything funny?”

“No not yet”, I said but I was about to at anytime

Next thing I looked at Tim’s groin area and said, “Holy shit Tim, you have a big bulge between your legs.” so he looked down and pulled his shorts aside and a fully developed right foot popped out. It was exactly like his other right foot with the long second toe. “Holy frig this is so cool,” Tim said. And by this time I was showing a big bulge also. Next thing Alan came over and he had grown a third arm under his right arm so far. Tim’s leg took no time growing once it was fully grown he lifted his foot up and it came right off in his hand, and when this happened my leg had been fully grown between the other two.

Tim brought his leg back up and re-attached his foot and went back in the water, by now Alan had a fourth arm growing under his left arm and a new leg between the other two just like me and Tim did.

After we were done swimming we went to the locker room and got dried off. Tim took each leg and foot off one at a time, dried it, and put it back on and he did the same with his arms. I said, “Can you guys do this?” and I pointed down at my three feet and they were pointed back towards the bench where I was sitting with my heels facing outwards. Tim said, “Let me try”, so I watched him and he turned his feet completely around.

Our bodies were completely like toffee, we could bend and twist with no problem.

When we were all transformed our clothes changed to accommodate our additions, and we each had a new sock and shoe to go with our other pairs. Anyway we got dressed then packed our stuff in the car and pulled away.

When we got to the beach entrance I said, “Tim take your head off I want to try something.” So he took his head off and placed it in his lap, then I lifted my head off and placed it on his shoulders and I picked up his head and placed it on my shoulders. Next I brought my feet up and took my shoes and socks off and switched my hands to my legs and my feet to my arms. I left my middle right foot as is so I could use it for the brake and gas pedals then we pulled away heading for home driving with my feet on the steering wheel. We enjoyed our new transformations and I think we had a really good day if I say so myself.

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