A handful of Lukes

by NBCK99

It was pretty clear his new roommate Luke was hiding something, but coming home to find Luke embracing ... another Luke? ... was not what he expected.

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I felt certain my new roommate was hiding something from me. Sometimes in the evening Luke and I would just be hanging out watching TV when suddenly he’d get this weird look on his face and dart into his room. And sometimes I’d say something to him in the morning but when I mentioned it later he’d just blink a few times and stare blankly as if he didn’t know what I was talking about. Now I know firsthand how hard it can be to remember things that happen first thing in the morning when you’re not a morning person, but something about it seemed odd to me. Luke’s a very aware person, so I wouldn’t expect him to just forget entire conversations. That was part of why I’d moved in with him in the first place. It seemed that he already had a reputation with his landlord for being very on top of things, from rent to maintenance. Basically, any sort of lapse in memory or concentration seemed out of character for him.

Now I may have been a little suspicious of Luke, but that’s not to say we didn’t get along. I was fresh out of college, and I looked up to him as a wise older man who’d been out in the real world for a whole two years. He was a little nerdy but also fun and playful, and it was fun to see his pragmatic and whimsical sides meet in surprising ways. He was also very cute. I’m not really that superficial, and it’s not like I went out searching for a cute gay roommate, but I certainly didn’t mind that he was easy on the eyes. He looked a couple years younger than he was, and he had these big brown eyes that you could get lost in. His shortish sandy hair was always mussed up in a way that I couldn’t tell if he’d carefully styled it or just haphazardly ran his fingers through it. As for his body, it was lean and lightly muscled. It was a nice contrast to my own slightly thicker frame.

I was by no means large, but I had a naturally wider frame and I had some decent muscle definition thanks to my regular trips to the gym. I hope I don’t sound too vain, but I’ve always thought I was pretty good looking, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Luke liked the way I looked. Regardless of what he thought of my looks, he clearly enjoyed my personality as much as I liked his. We hit it off from the moment I came in to tour his apartment. Even then I had noticed a couple brief moments of tension that seemed at odds with the rest of his demeanor, but I chalked it up to the fact that he had invited a stranger from craigslist into his apartment. We quickly started acting like we’d known each other for months, and I was sure he was the right roommate for me. Still, once we’d actually known each other for months, I became convinced that Luke was keeping a secret from me. I still enjoyed his company, but I wasn’t sure I wanted a roommate who couldn’t be honest.

I wanted to investigate and find out Luke’s secret, but I had absolutely no idea what it might be. I just had a general suspicion that he was hiding something. Part of me wanted to just confront him point blank, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. In the end, his secret ended up confronting me instead. I got to leave work early one day, and I didn’t have any plans so I headed straight home. I unlocked the door, stepped into the apartment, and... I saw something I never could have expected. Luke was standing shirtless in the doorway to the kitchen with his arm wrapped around a mirror image of himself. Luke and his twin were staring at me, mouths agape and big brown eyes as wide as they could get.

I may have been shocked, but the more carnal part of my brain was working just fine. I couldn’t help but think that Luke’s face looked even better doubled. And both those pairs of lips looked extra kissable the way they were parted like that. And I didn’t see Luke shirtless too often, so it was great to see his torso on display. As these thoughts swirled through the depths of my mind, my conscious mind tried to process what I was seeing. Luke had an identical twin. All thoughts of hotness faded away, and words started falling out of my mouth.

“Have I been living with identical twins for four months?” I asked incredulously. Luke and his twin just stood there silently. “What is this, some sort of scheme to make me pay half the rent while the two of you live cheap?” I knew Luke well enough to know that he’d never pull a scam like that, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

“No, no, it’s not like that at all!” Luke (or maybe his twin) said frantically. “I didn’t mean to keep this from you!”

“You didn’t mean to keep having a twin brother from me? How many times has he masqueraded as you?”

The other one stepped forward and spoke. They looked so perfectly identical that I really wasn’t sure which one was Luke. “It’s not that simple. I... we have a hard time explaining it to people.”

I favored them with a flat stare. “You have a hard time explaining that you’re identical twins. Really.”

“Except we’re not. Twins, that is.”

The first one nodded. Why wouldn’t they tell me which one was actually Luke? “I mean, obviously we’re identical.”

“But we’re not twins.” Luke and his brother had totally lost me. Did they think I was that gullible?

Luke and his twin shared a look and then stepped away from each other. At first their arms lingered around each other’s waists, and it seemed to take a real effort to separate completely. “Let’s sit down, and then we can talk about this more.”

Those horny thoughts in the back of my head instantly popped back up. I was a mess of conflicting emotions, but I couldn’t say no to a chance to be closer to Luke and his twin. I realized I hadn’t even asked his twin’s name, but I merely said, “Okay,” and headed for the couch.

The two slowly walked toward me, and I took a better look at them. I mean, I knew what Luke looked like, but seeing him in stereo was... strange. They seemed to be wearing the exact same low rise jeans, which exposed the top of the underwear. The twin on the left had red underwear, while the other’s was green. They were both barefoot, as Luke usually was inside the apartment. Every little movement and mannerism seemed perfectly identical. It was driving me wild. I was surprised when the twins sat on either side of me, pressing into my body. I was seemingly surrounded by Luke, and it completely threw me off. I felt like I couldn’t think straight at all.

Luke and his twin simultaneously took a deep breath. “Okay, here’s the thing,” the one on my left began. I knew I should ask which was Luke and which was his twin, but I just sat there frozen, feeling their legs press against mine.

“We... I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while,” the one on my right continued.

“It’s just so hard to explain though.”

“I try to keep it a secret because it... complicates things.”

“But you’re my roommate and you deserve to know.”

“And besides...”

“We’ve wanted to share this with you.”

I’d heard that twins often finish each other’s thoughts, but Luke and his twin seemed to be on a whole different level. “Hold on,” I said. “Before you share anything, I have to know. Which of you is Luke? My Luke, the one I signed the lease with.” The two shared a look, turned to me at the exact same time, and then turned back to each other. They simultaneously sighed, but they said nothing. “Geez, it’s like you’re the same person!”

Suddenly Luke and his twin became a lot less tense. “Well... we are.” Suddenly I wasn’t paying attention to which one was speaking.

“In certain conditions, I just... split,” the other one explained. Except it didn’t sound like much of an explanation.

“You just... split?” I should have written the idea off as ridiculous, and yet somehow it did seem to make sense.

The two Lukes—I was amazed by how quickly I adjusted to that idea—got nervous, but they relaxed after sharing yet another glance. I was beginning to feel that each of those little looks contained an entire unspoken conversation. “We tend to split when we—when I’m turned on.”

My eyes widened. “Oh...” The two Lukes grinned as I pondered the implications. “So when you suddenly disappear in the evening...”

Luke nodded. “Sometimes thoughts get into my head and I just can’t get them out. Next thing I know...”

“I can feel it coming, and I hurry to my room,” the other Luke finished.

I found myself trying to picture it in my mind. “So you go to your room, and then...”

“Then there are two of us.”

My pulse quickened. “And what do you do when there are two of you?”

Both Lukes grinned wide. Instead of responding, they leaned toward each other so that their faces were directly in front of mine. And then they kissed. When they pulled away they were both looking right at me.

I felt like I could hardly breathe. “I guess that’s not all you do huh?”

“Well, being horny is the whole reason we end up with two of us in the first place.”

Both Lukes were acting far more flirtatious than I’d ever seen him, and they drew me in. “You seem to disappear into your room a lot. What is it that gets you so worked up?”

One Luke leaned in close. “What do you think?”

“Are you really that into me?”

Both Lukes laughed. It was a beautiful sound. “Did I really hide it that well? You’re hot. It seems like everyone’s into you.”

I flexed my muscles a little. “I’d like to think that’s true, but I don’t want to come off as vain.”

“A little vanity’s good. It totally adds to your hotness.”

I flexed a bit more. “Is my hotness the reason you’re both pressed into my sides as close as you can get?”

They didn’t offer me an answer. Instead the one on my left suddenly pulled me in for a kiss. I’d been waiting and hoping for that moment for months, but thanks to the unusual circumstances it was even hotter than I’d imagined. The other Luke reached his arms around me and kissed my neck. Before long we’d adjusted our positions and had engaged in a three-way kiss. I wrapped an arm around each Luke and kissed them passionately. I couldn’t have dreamed that up even in my fantasies.

We remained entwined together for quite a while, but eventually the two Lukes broke away from the kiss. “You’ve got me so worked up,” one of them practically moaned.

The other Luke’s eyes widened. “That worked up?” he asked.

The first Luke stood up and started rubbing himself though his jeans. “Oh yeah, that worked up,” he responded giddily.

His whole body seemed to vibrate with energy. I was so enraptured watching him that I hardly noticed as the other Luke reached his hand under my shirt and started caressing my body. As I stared, a lightbulb seemed to turn on in my head. “Wait... can you still... are you about to do what I think you’re about to do?”

Luke wriggled out of his jeans, leaving him clad in only his green briefs. “I can’t control it,” he told me. “But yeah, it can still happen again. Sometimes I turn myself on so much I can’t help but replicate again, but sometimes an outside stimulus gets me extra worked up.”

I turned to the Luke next to me. “Are you going to replicate too?”

He smiled and kissed me. “You’ve got me awfully turned on, but I don’t think I’m going to replicate. I want to enjoy you one on one. Now, pay attention or you’re going to miss the show.”

The Luke who was standing looked extra cute feeling himself up in only his underwear. His eyes were closed, and he seemed completely lost in the moment. He moved as if to step to the side... and then one Luke was stepping to the left and one was stepping to the right. I was so focused on Luke’s bodies that it took me a minute to notice that one Luke was wearing blue briefs while the other was wearing yellow. They didn’t remain clothed for very long though. Before I knew it the two Lukes were helping each other out of their underwear, and they were making out right in front of me.

While I watched those two, my Luke—when had I become so protective of him?—started undoing his jeans and fishing out his stiffening cock. “God, I love it when they do this,” he murmured. He glanced over at me. “You going to join me or what?”

Soon my own pants were unzipped, and Luke and I were stroking our cocks together. I was in awe of the two totally hot Lukes making out naked, and somehow I was even more turned on knowing that my Luke was getting off on watching himself. I wasn’t sure how much the two Lukes were putting on a show and how much they were getting lost in the moment. I began to wonder just how much Luke had done with himself, but I didn’t have to wait long for a few answers. One moment they were kissing, and the next one was on his knees kissing the other’s cock. Luke had a pretty nice cock, especially wide, but rather long. It looked extra large on his lean frame. I watched as Luke licked and kissed his other body’s big dick. I think it was around that time that my Luke moved one of his hands over to my stiff rod. Before I knew it, my hand had wandered over toward Luke, and he and I were jerking each other off while we watched the other two have their fun.

Luke obviously knew more about his own body than anyone else could, and he clearly loved pleasing himself. The two switched off sucking each other’s cocks for a while, but then they moved on toward more adventurous things. I was enraptured as one Luke bent all the way over—I hadn’t realized he was quite that flexible—and the other gave him an expert rim job. As those two pleasured each other, my Luke seemed to get more and more into it, and not just because of my own ministrations. I began to wonder whether they could feel each other’s pleasure but that wasn’t the time for questions. The Lukes continued going further and further with each other until one bent over again and put his hands on the floor. The other started rubbing his copious precum all over his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was about to witness.

Luke clearly enjoyed very athletic sex. He bent over his other body, and he wasn’t particularly gentle. Both of them seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, though. As one Luke shoved his cock into the other, my Luke visibly shook with every thrust. He was obviously feeling it on some level. He starting stroking my cock more vigorously, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I started imagining yet another Luke coming in to make a Luke sandwich, and that sent me over the top. I came and came as Luke expertly jerked my cock and the other two grunted and moaned with pleasure. Considering that Luke had apparently already been turned on before our whole encounter, I was shocked by his stamina. Still, I soon brought my Luke to climax, and the other two weren’t far behind. Watching Luke’s performance with himself was a hundred times better than any porn.

As I came down from the high of the best orgasm I’d had in a while, I kissed my Luke. Before long, two more sets of lips were joining us, but after a short while there was only one set of lips again. Luke was sitting on the couch with me with his soft cock still hanging out of his jeans, but the other two were nowhere to be found. “They’re gone,” I murmured sadly.

Luke wiggled his eyebrows. “They’ll be back. Eventually. Now that you know about me—us—we have plenty of ways we’ll want to play around with you.” I really liked the sound of that.

“So just... poof, and they’re gone?”

Luke kissed me, mostly just to stop me from talking. It worked. “I’ll explain another time. I’m sure you’ll think of plenty of questions for me. But for now I just want to enjoy this.”

“I do have one question for right now,” I told him. “What exactly is this?”

“It’s freedom to indulge in something that ought to be impossible. It’s me finally being myself—my selves—around you. And if it evolves into something more, we’ll deal with that when the time comes.”

I kissed Luke again. “Alright, I’m happy with that. Let’s enjoy this together.” And we did. And then we enjoyed it again the next day, but I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s a story for another time. I didn’t know what was ahead, but I knew my life would be filled with Luke, and I was looking forward to it.

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