The antique lamp

by DimethylCoconut

There are two facts about me that one should know before I tell this story: I had always had fantasies about cloning—I would date myself, and I am also a collector. The story I am going to tell is about how these two things combined and made me who I am today.

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There are two facts about me that one should know before I tell this story: I had always had fantasies about cloning—I would date myself, and I am also a collector. The story I am going to tell is about how these two things combined and made me who I am today.

As a collector of weird things, I regularly looked around the internet forums of collectors. Sometimes interesting things turned up in those forums. I bought one such thing from a poster a month ago. It was an antique lamp, a bit bulkier than regular ones. Its fluorescent tube was twisted into an unusual configuration. The seller told me that it was an exhibition for a science museum that no longer existed. Apparently. when the war started, the entire country shifted its resources towards military production. The museum was hastily converted into an ammunition factory. The personnel in charge of the conversion had little to no time to arrange for the conservation of the exhibits, which then ended up in the hands of whoever showed up and wanted them.

The week after my purchase, I was researching about this gadget in the archives of the local library. It turned out that the museum had advertised their science show, “Matter and superposition”, in the newspapers. A reporter wrote about the show a month after the show’s launch. “A one-in-a-blue-moon-chance to see the exhibits in motion,” she wrote, “where you may learn such things as to not put a cat in a box with radioactive isotopes, or to not flip a coin under resonant light because you could get both heads and tails.” Could this be the lamp which I had purchased? What was this business about the coin flip? Unfortunately, I could not find any more material that points me to an answer, so I had to find out myself.

Later I was in the garage with the antique lamp and a coin. I had to make a custom power plug for the lamp (this was how old this thing was). A real hassle. It was deep into the night when I finally plugged it in. Huh, surprised it would still light up. It had a very deep purple glow. Although it wasn’t nearly as bright as a regular lamp, it felt powerful. I had turned the lamp away from me as a safety precaution, but I felt the radiation that bounced off other surfaces in the garage. The temperature in the garage rose quickly. Though it was winter, it soon felt like summer, and I was sweating. I shed my hoodie and T-shirt, leaving just loose pants and socks on. On the other hand, an eerie mist was forming under the lamp. I waved my arm under the lamp. The air was surprisingly cool. Light-powered air-conditioning? What could it be?

Onto the coin business. I flipped the coin towards the lamp. It started spinning on the ground under the purple light. A minute passed, no sign of stopping! It was as if the rotation of the coin was held constant, ignoring all resistances from the air or the ground. The lamp must have had something to do with it. Perhaps the “resonant light” from the lamp maintained the delicate order necessary for the coin to keep spinning. Could the lamp in turn expel the disturbances into the surroundings? That would explain why my garage was hot like summer. Heat disturbances were actively removed from the coin and poured into the surrounding air. Without those disturbances, the coin could not stop spinning.

What would happen if I tipped the balance by trying to disturb it? I knelt to the level of the ground and blew on the coin carefully. Initially, the coin kept spinning, but when I blew harder, something strange happened: I saw the images of two coins, spinning in opposite directions, superimposed on one another. Was I imagining things? I moved closer to the coin to see it better. Just as my attention was caught by this unphysical sight, the images materialized, and with a “clink” sound the coins bounced off each other! I got two heads.

Fascinating. I had only heard about the superposition state of matter but had never seen it. It was a state of matter that was difficult to maintain, but the lamp had been able to do just that. If I did this a couple more times, there would sometimes be coin flips where it turned up heads and tails, hence what the reporter wrote. I would also have many more identical coins, though. What genius made this lamp and did not use it for their gains?

As I was thinking this, it started to feel cold. I realized that when I looked closer at the coin, I had been under the direct illumination of the purple resonant light.

My heart skipped a beat, and it became difficult to think. I froze. What now?

A remote region of my brain considered how ridiculous I looked in that situation. Another remote region of my brain replayed what happened to the coin. I was half-naked and kneeling—a never-stopping spin. My body bathed in deep purple light—a disturbance. Two coins lied next to me—superposition of opposites. What the hell was I doing—what now? If you have heard of supercomputers calculating many things in parallel, this was what it felt like.

The clinking sound of two metal coins. Identical.

You know what else is identical? Clones. I had an idea: I could clone myself with this lamp! As I thought this, I pictured my nude bodies. Identical build and height. Eyes betraying identical thoughts. Identical fingers, palms, and of course, toes and soles. The way both cocks bend slightly to the left. Identical existence.

This incredibly hot thought stirred me into action, a disturbance too large for the lamp to remove. I stood up from kneeling. Then I took a step to the left and right at the same time, which I manage! As I do so I stepped out of the purple light. Most of my “being” went with the body on the left, but I could feel some of me leave and follow the body on the right. There was a moment when I could see through both bodies, but the link between me and other me began to die quickly. I could not wait to see how this work out. I turned and faced the other me, and through the last of the lingering connection between us, I knew that he made the same decision.

“Fucking awesome,” he and I said at the same time.

We had cloned ourselves. This young man used to be one person. Now he was two. I know that he is me because when he looked into my eyes, he recognized himself, and I was doing the same to him without needing to think. It was weird to see someone else act out my impulses, and it had to be the same for him. My eyes drifted down to take in his body (my body) frantically. His chest, with a beating heart on the left as it should (unlike in a mirror). His arms, with muscles that I know he had only recently started to build. The veins in the arms. Actual, feeling hands. The same trail of body hair leading to what was under his loose pants, which by the way was very obvious right now. Then I looked down the legs and to his feet, the arches pressed down by his weight. This was more than a mirror image. This was the real thing! I could tell when his movements were just so slightly out of pace with mine because he was standing right next to a wall and I wasn’t. “I could touch all of these” was my thought as my cock swelled further. His totally did the same.

“Come and hold me, bro,” he said. We locked eyes. I had never seen so much desire in those eyes. Now I knew what they looked like with passion. He saw me step forward and reach out, so he took one of my hands and wrapped it around his back (my back). He let my other arm reach behind his head and mingle with his hair (my hair). His arms wrapped around my body. Then other me buried his head in my shoulder—I would do the same if I were in his place—while I pressed his body against the wall. Our faces rubbed as his arms explored a body that he was so familiar with. His hands then reached under my pants and cupped my ass. He was doing everything right because he knew.

I couldn’t just let him work me up and not pay him back. I let one of my hands explore the curvature of his (my own) back in ways I could never have done myself. My other hand grabbed his ass (my ass) and pushed it tightly towards my groin. Our meaty cocks rubbed against each other under the loose fabric of our pants. I felt both cocks twitch from the movement. It felt good. He felt it too and held me even tighter. Then he started to move his hips in a steady rhythm. We were both incredibly turned on, and our bodies resonated. My skin was heating up. I felt his warm hands on my ass. I felt the skin on his back warm up. His sweat mingled with mine between our identical chests. Our body hair between us was tangled up. I had never held any man quite like this before. Our souls were touching.

“Bro, this is soo good,” I said to his ear.

“I knoooow,” he murmured into my shoulder.

Ironic how it had only been minutes since we split into two beings before we already missed each other. Instinctively, we switched our positions around so that now he was pressing me to the wall, and I was burying my face into his shoulder. He held my head, and I was taking the lead in moving my hips. We kept switching back and forth so that every new sensation was equally reciprocated. It was a kaleidoscope of feeling for us. We let out deep moans almost in unison. We were sucked into a deep vortex, each one of us dragging the other further in until we no longer knew any boundary between us. We had each other. We needed each other.

“Take off—” “—the pants”. Other me said as he briefly broke our embrace, but I finished his sentence. The pants were pulled down and flicked aside quickly. So were the socks. We were now fully naked, and my body was presented in front of me in its full glory. I took a good look at his now rock-hard cock and compared it with mine. Messy pubes, leftward bend, all checked out.

“Our cocks deserve quality time together,” I said.

“Let’s not have them wait,” he pulled me back into his embrace.

Fuck, it was the most magical feeling, I thought as other me grunted. We both took all this in fully. Our identical necks touched. Our identical chests and thighs smeared hot sweat against each other. I stepped my right foot gently on his left one and caressed its back with my toes, and he did the same to me. Our precum mixed completely and stuck our body hair together like glue. Our sets of balls, the most vulnerable part of our bodies, dangled and kissed. The elastic skin on our ball sacks brushed. Our stiff cocks pointed up and got smashed together. Their undersides were touching fully. I felt his cock twitch around eagerly in the tight space between us. Mine was doing the same. The grooves and ridges on our cocks were locking into each other. The embodiments of our masculinity had minds of their own, and both of us could tell they approved of each other as they sent shivers our spines and our skin tingled.

Everything about my biology was so intimately displayed to me on his body. His rising body heat. His smell. The waves of goosebumps on his skin that I feel in my fingers. The deep voicing when he said “shit”, betraying his roughness in the throat. The vibrations when he voiced his grunts. His heartbeat so close to my own. His erect nipples occasionally bumping into mine. His shoulders and arms—my shoulders and arms. The hair on his thighs—my thighs. The callouses under his big toes on my left foot. The smoothness of the skin of his foot under my toes. And, and his slick precum smeared on my abdomen hair. My musk! The shifting balls in his ball sack. The gushes of blood flow in his cock. I had never sensed me from this perspective, and I was convinced that the living, breathing being that I hold so close was indeed myself. He was truly mine. I was also his. I felt my own burning sexual desire trapped in the body of another man. And fuck, my body trapped that absolute same desire.

I needed to do something for him—he deserved it. I had to show it to him, what he couldn’t know himself. I would be his mirror, only better. I showed him the burning desire in his eyes. I stared into his dark eyes. I showed him how deep his voice was. “I’ll give you everything bro,” I said. I showed him his firm embrace. I tensed up my body so he could feel his own muscles. I showed him his musk. I brought my armpit to his nose. “I’ll give everything—” he sniffed deeply, “to you, too.” He showed me how caring and gentle my fingers were. I mirrored. I showed him his expressive legs, tangling one of my legs with one of his. He mirrored. He rubbed his cock against my abs. I rubbed back.

“I’ll show you more,” I kissed him on the lips and slid my tongue—his tongue—into his mouth.

“Mo—ore,” he let me taste him. I tasted myself. Hot and fat tongues slid against each other and explored every part of our joined mouths.

Meanwhile, our bodies were grinding each other ever more quickly. We were like runner friends who raced each other. Our movement became erratic. The touching and feeling were not enough anymore. When I felt every inch of skin fill up with passion, when I felt my cock near the plateau, I knew my body was set for showing him his grand finale. He must be ready too. “Bro, you are gonna, cum, so hard, because of me!” he exerted all his effort to say those words to me. “You are gonna, cum harder!” I managed to reply.

I saw him close his eyes. I closed mine. I knew exactly what was on his mind—my body in orgasm, and how the same thing was going on in my mind, how we shared everything. He squeezed me tight, and we both hold our breaths. The muscles on his arms pressed into my skin. His leg wrapped mine even closer, and his toes stood up, spread out, and poked under my sole. His body called for my physical response. He knew this would send both of us over the edge. He felt so sexy to my touch, my cock threatened to escape the containment between our abs. But I cannot explode outside. It must be between us. I needed him to feel all it! I scrambled to press my hips against his so that his cock was felt over the entire length of mine. The meaty underside of one cock pressed into the sensitive valley of the other.

I pushed. Blood filled the head of my penis. Unrestrainable energy built up within my pelvis. Almost instantly, I felt the body of my other self respond. Our identical cocks stiffened into unbelievable hardness, his only fractions of a second later than mine. The pressure of blood pressed the head against each other, sending crazy stimulations up our spines. “Shit!” we both breathed into each other’s shoulders. And then, from my balls, I felt his orgasm start, because his balls jolted into action first, and—shit, shit, shit—this was so hot that mine tightened up too. Before we knew it, we were both cumming in near unison. Two streams of jizz erupted between us from over-sensitive cocks and covered all our matching chests and abs. Our moans combined and amplified each other. Waves by waves, our identical bodies convulsed and arched in the exact same way. But we were hugging so tight, our bodies had nowhere to go but arch into each other. The liquid was audibly squeezed between our chests. His chest was like an immovable wall that I can trust to support me. He could trust mine too. We held each other in place ecstatically feeling and absorbing the convulsions coming from each other’s bodies. Our orgasms were truly doubled and combined.

Moans became gasps for air, and our orgasms finally subsided. I started stroking his back. He rubbed my buttcheeks. We were sated. He was beautiful.

“I like how my orgasm looks on you,” he said. “I love me.”

“I love me too,” I said.

Then we loosened our embrace to check on our cum-slickened chests and abs. Even our jizz were the same as they mixed flawlessly. Like slime being pulled apart, strings of cum between our abs glistened in the purple light. Our chests were wet and reflective. Then cold misty air rushed in quickly between us. We didn’t need to think about why. We simply closed the gap between us and enjoyed the moment. My other selves in the garage did the same.

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