A hardy treat

by Thatbadwriter

 A long-awaited end-of-day treat of oats, whey, and milk gives Alex a bigger boost than expected.

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It had been a long day and all Alex could really do was sigh as he took stock of himself. After a long day of classes, work, more classes, therapy, and seemingly endless chores Alex decided he’d use his rare moment alone to indulge in a long overdue pleasure. After getting out a bowl he began pouring himself oats and some whey protein before finally adding milk, it was a simple treat but a beloved one.

Setting the bowl down once he’d drank the milk, Alex felt considerably better. Not only did his spirit feel nourished after a little indulgence, but it was as if he had just shed his former exhaustion. Before he could dwell any further on his relief though his whole body simply froze, then was suddenly flushed with heat. Just as panic was about to set in however warmth became pleasure and with a pleasant quiver up his spine Alex could move again.

Still unsure what to make of the bizarre sensations, Alex went to grab his phone and found his whole body itching. The day’s confusion seemed to only increase as he noticed the hair on his arms and legs was thicker. It didn’t take long to see it was more than just his limits though as dark brown hair was sprouting across every inch of his body, growing until it was a thick pelt of cocoa fur.

Suddenly a shooting pain erupted from both the base of his spine and top of his skull and with a gasp a thin wiry tail came rocketing out above his cheeks and long sturdy horns blossomed from his head. Thankfully Alex found the pain being nullified by a rush of euphoria, as if his body was apologizing for the discomfort. When he went to touch his temples he noticed his fingers had become blackened and hard, a look down at his feet confirmed the same had happened to his toes.

With the changes now seemingly over Alex finally had a moment to really feel his new body. His fingers danced over his new soft chocolate fur, his muscles felt as pumped as they’d ever been, an exciting feeling ran through him as he grabbed his strong thick new horns, he’d really become a bull somehow! Then a horny thought crossed his mind, without a second’s hesitation he pulled his workout shorts down and sure enough, there throbbed his prodigious cock. What was once a thick eight-inch beast that hung above heavy swollen nuts was now a monstrous fourteen-inch lung puncher drooling eagerly above a pair of grapefruits that desperately wanted to be drained.

He couldn’t take it another second, Alex didn’t care that someone might come home and see him, he needed release. Huffing with anticipation he went and flopped himself on the couch, he kicked the shorts away and literally tore the shirt from his powerful body. Again he savored his swollen muscles with even more fervent purpose, he flexed and licked at his massive biceps, he groped and squeezed his heaving pecs, again and again his hands went up and down his body whenever they weren’t violently stroking the monolith between his legs. He licked at his fingers, relishing the taste of his pre as more and more he began to grunt and spasm until finally he bucked more wildly than ever before as more jets of copious cum than he could even count rocketed up and rained down on his brawny body.

While basking in the afterglow of the most powerful orgasm of his life Alex wiped his fingers through the various pools of jizz before bringing it to his lips to taste. His cream was sweet as nectar but he didn’t have long to revel in it as the moment it passed through his throat he began to tremble. With no warning his body suddenly lurched and exploded outwards, groaning and stretching as his body overfilled and then collapsed the couch with its increasing weight. Every muscle in his body was virtually writhing with pleasure as they grew bigger, heavier, and stronger, ballooning out time and again. His massive cock lurched alive angrily as if he hadn’t just had an ungodly orgasm and began to swell, growing bigger and bigger like a veiny python as his nuts filled and grew before thudding atop the coffee table and rather aptly demolishing it like a pair of wrecking balls. Gasping and grunting he grew higher and wider, his body relentlessly jerking bigger as he filled the room growing until, despite still being seated on his big powerful ass, his head smashed through the ceiling into the apartment above and he continued growing until his horns pierced through the roof above.

With a deafening roar the giant bull came yet again but the flood was like nothing before it. Dozens and dozens of times his colossal cock violently shot ropes of cum that not only drenched the room but shot out into the yard straight through the wall as if it were tissue paper. Panting with satisfaction Alex could finally breathe again as his giant beast slowed to a dribble and he leaned back to the groaning building’s dismay. Then suddenly his eyes bolted back open as an epiphany rocked him, he had no proof but he just knew this started with the oats. Immediately he began tearing away at the level between his head and body so he could get at the remaining stores, he took the oats, whey, milk as well as a hefty amount of cum and any other foods that had even a trace of protein or he simply craved in his huge palm and swallowed it in one go. He knew could get bigger, he knew he had to get bigger and in seconds Alex felt his body pushing out yet again against the walls and roof. With a smirk he started stroking his growing cock as the house exploded around him and as the giant bull moaned in pleasure, his growth becoming ever more intense, Alex could tell his ascension was far from over.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Hard to hide” by BRK.


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