A love letter

by Seth Peterson

 A slow, steady, and delicious story of love, growth, and lots of big doughy softness! Come see the progression of a boy and his one and only…from friends to lovers to something very big indeed!

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I was in love in Sam Marshall from the moment I met him at my summer camp. I was about fifteen when I first met Sam, in the oldest age group at my camp. I had been going for years, while he was a first-year camper. At a time when I was still very much questioning my sexuality, he was definitely one of the tipping points that made me think ‘if this is what I get to look forward to, I very much want to be gay after all!’

Even way back then, he was the most beautiful boy I’d ever lain eyes on. Fluffy blond hair just at eye level, flipped at the ends in the most wonderful style. A face so delicate it seemed almost feminine while still being masculine and handsome, complete with the most breathtaking green eyes. A slim, lithe body with just the right amount of muscle tone, reminiscent of a runner or soccer player (I’d later find out he was an avid skier). But his lower body? The stuff of mythology. Firm, sculpted thighs and built calves, just big enough to see the muscles flex when he walked. But his ass was beyond massive. It was almost disproportionate, a huge meaty bubble swollen into his rear. I fell in love the very first second I laid eyes on him.

But if he noticed me at all, he never showed it. He was a very quiet boy, and I always thought he toed the line between shy and aloof with masterful grace. He had a very subtle intelligence to him, and the few conversations I did have with him hooked me even more than his body did. Delightfully humble about his many talents and adorably withdrawn, it all made me try to win his attention and favor all the more. But like the good tsundere I am, each rebuff and unintentional ignoring made me crave him all the more. The early morning swims we would do showed his massive butt, soaked and clinging to his swimsuit in the most tantalizing ways. Make no mistake, I was addicted to Sam Marshall, and I was doomed to want him without any reward.

The year ended without any kind of heart-to-heart or even a lasting friendship. My inability to make a move coupled with his quiet strength made for a very uneventful summer. We left with a polite and formal goodbye, and I have no doubt my memory never crossed his mind afterward. His, on the other hand, plagued me like an ear worm for the entire year. It seemed I could hardly go a week without thinking of Sam, and I would always find myself growing hard at the thought of him. Any release brought on by his arousing memory only plunged me into self- loathing and regret, and I tried my best to purge him from my brain altogether. But the heart is a cruel mistress, and time after time I found his blond hair and delicate features lingering in my head.

But a year goes on like all time does, and the next summer came around just like all those before. I was obsessed with finding out if Sam was coming back; my greatest fear was that he was a one-and-done, like so many of the campers. But a quick, sneaking look at the group’s roster confirmed my deepest hope: Sam Marshall was coming back to me. Whoops…that was creepy. God, I knew how obsessed I was, but what hope did I have of changing something so beyond my control? Besides, he was coming in the last session; I had five weeks to get my hormones under control. Long story short: I didn’t. As the weeks crawled on, my impatience grew. Even the other heartthrobs I might have pined for paled under the anticipation for Sam. By then I knew just how gay I really was, and a camp full of boys constantly swimming and running and working out did nothing to quell my need for the hottest piece of eye candy I’d ever seen.

As slow as the passing time felt, it passed all the same, and before long that fateful week arrived. I must have gone through six or seven heart attacks watching each new car pull up to deliver their masculine payload. Just when I thought my chest couldn’t take any more, I got exactly what I had been waiting for. It was then I realized something very, very important. The brain takes a snapshot every time it sees a person, and every subsequent memory or fantasy is based off the lingering snapshot your brain remembers. A person can change quite a bit in a year, and as Sam Marshall stepped out of the car, I realized that my snapshot was a touch…lacking.

He wasn’t taller, but he somehow seemed to be. I realized that he was leaner than last year, muscle tight and wiry, making him look stretched a bit more than last year. His hair wasn’t longer either, but seemed more fluffy and bouncy. His face was more mature though, firmer on the jawline while still maintaining its immaculately feminine allure. He was a pretty boy, and a flawless one at that. But as he bent down to pick up his trunk, I had to bite my lip to stop myself from erecting. Good lord, his ass had gotten bigger. And on his slimmer frame, it made it look all the more colossal. I had to make a good impression this time, I had to! Forcing my excitement down, I walked outside to greet him. He remembered my name, which is always a good sign… but beyond that, things threatened to keep the exact same as the year before. Formal, polite, and quiet…with a devastatingly alluring brightness to his lime-green eyes.

As much as you may be hoping for heavy sexual tension and ship material, it only existed in my head. An entire two weeks went by without any move on my part; how could I, surrounded by boys I assumed were straight as poles, Sam included? He never made any great friends, but neither did he make any enemies. The other boys loved his quiet self-confidence and, as straight as they were, knew a pretty face and a great ass when they saw it. Each remark about his bubble butt made me blindingly jealous I didn’t say the same, every friendly conversation struck with him made me wish I had the courage to just say hi. But puberty is a bitch, and my own mind seemed content to destroy itself in the fear of ruining a nonexistent relationship. The only glimpses I caught of any spark between us would occur when I saw him talking with any particularly dim-witted boy. The topic was usually about girls; some of the aforementioned dim- witted boys loved calling him “Pussy Slayer,” probably due to his ravishing good looks and refusal to delve into his sex life. Any time something of that nature got brought up with me around, somehow Sam and I would always lock gazes. He’d smile with some mixture of amusement and knowing before turning back. I convinced myself we shared some secret knowledge…some deeper intelligence that the others didn’t, couldn’t, possess. He was just as shy as I was, albeit for different reasons. Someday we’d connect with our shared intellect… someday.

Well, someday didn’t happen that year. Sam left just as suddenly as he arrived, leaving me heartbroken for the second year in a row…but this time I knew that it was my own mind doing the hurting. And this was the year we applied to be counselors-in-training (CITs to you uncouth folk); there was a very high chance I’d never see him again. I had been going for nearly seven years: my place as a CIT was nearly guaranteed, but Sam was only a second-year… nothing was certain. That thought, combined with the lasting image of his beautiful face and body, tortured me yet again for another year. Sometimes I thought he was holding me back from diving into the gay scene at school: the hope of some impossible relationship with him preventing me from flirting with other guys. But I knew the truth was simpler and less toxic: I wanted something substantial, and I felt the knowing looks Sam and I had shared somehow equaled a man with whom I could connect to on a level not based on sex…unlike the experimenting gays at school I couldn’t stand or the sexed-up boys at camp Sam seemed to find so amusing.

Such as it was, he dominated my sexual fantasies for yet another year. My thoughts about him focused solely on his mind and any connection I could make with him; the most sexual my mind went with him was entirely zeroed in on that ass that I found so irresistible. But never penetration…no, just admiring and fondling its round perky perfection was my goal. Letting him know how flawless he was and how infatuated I was with him. How many times I would zigzag between emotions…devastated that we couldn’t be together, angry at myself for being so obviously unhealthy about the whole ordeal, ecstatic and hopeful that perhaps another summer would bring him into my life. Ah, high school.

Then the letter confirming my position as a CIT. Expected, perhaps, but still exciting to get. And scanning the list of my five other peers…there he was. Such a magnificent name, Sam Marshall, and we’d be spending another summer together. Sobering was the thought that we may be split among the other age groups to work, or that I’d never have time to hang out, so focused on my work would I be. But just glimpsing him was enough for me at this point; I’d come to terms with the fact that he was some Platonic ideal I could only ever strive for…some Renaissance longing more akin to an angel than some boy I could actually win over. I would have to be content just gazing upon his magnificence and praying I could find some other boy like him twenty years down the line.

The summer arrived, and as before I found my heart pounding as I walked up to the main building. My graduation was later than most other states, and so I was the last to arrive. Walking up the CIT room, hand trembling on the doorknob, I tried to steel myself. He’d already bonded with all the other five; what were the odds I’d make any impression? But I opened the door regardless, my eyes instantly magnetizing to the blond beauty in the back of the room. I was greeted with hugs and warm greetings, but I only cared about one. Somehow, I kept expecting him to be taller, but he never grew an inch (well, neither did I, but that was to be expected). Hair was just as silky and bountiful…face just as amazing. Perhaps he’d bulked up just a bit, but no more than the first year I met him. Strangely enough, I almost found myself disappointed by his lack of imagined progress. That was when I realized something else: just as snapshots can be deceiving, so too can mental fantasies. Imagine one boy being different too much, and the actual results may be a letdown. But that was my first snap to reality: he was a boy, no more. Not an angel, not a divine ideal, a boy like me. One with emotions and feelings and everything…and goddamn it, it made him all the more attractive to me once more.

But just as I had imagined, Sam was assigned to another group. The reimagining of my Dante’s Beatrice would have to wait; there was work to be done. Being a CIT is not fun: you’re expected to do all the work and receive none of the credit. My dramatic, attention-starved self did not thrive in the new environment, but it made me examine and change much of my self- image, as well as that of the world around me. The perfect image of my camp and myself I had constructed over eight years began to crack, and for once I impartially began to balance the good with the bad. But nothing disillusioned me…rather, I knew this was the way things were, and I could either adapt with it or be swept away by despair. I chose the former.

The point to that tangent is this: Sam grew less and less ideal to me. I noticed flaws…the once magnificent quiet confidence began to show itself as uncertainty and a shy indecision. Adorable, but unsuited for a job entertaining young children. That intelligent glint revealed much about what discovered I disliked in myself: a failure to connect with my peers, disguised under the cloak of supposed intellect and a gentle superiority complex. But perhaps I was deflecting, or maybe I was trying to protect myself against the continued obsession I had formed over two years. Regardless of why I did it, it made life easier. For perhaps the first time, I found I could connect with Sam Marshall. The late nights we spent as CITs helped my odds, but I also discovered that simply looking at him no longer made my heart palpitate. My initial thoughts had been correct: he was very shy, but incredibly intelligent. He possessed know-how on a variety of topics that staggered me. His speciality was applied physics, and his sheer volume of knowledge on the subject seemed unnatural for an eighteen year old. And I can say without bias that smart boys turn me on.

But beyond Sam, I slowly discovered more about myself too. I reconnected with one of my oldest camp friends, Preston, who had made CIT with me. We started a friendship that would last well into the present, and I can dare say we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives. I did my duty as a CIT, finally putting camp before the one certain boy in camp. The summer went by in a blur, and my attraction to Sam lessened while still remaining the one constant it seemed I could never shake. My friendship with him grew stronger, however, and we began to become a duo I always wished we had been two years ago. A playful rivalry developed between us, ranging from seeing who could sprint the fastest to happily engaging in ab workouts together. It felt the start of something real, not some fantasy I was destined to watch from afar. And I think that made it all the more bittersweet when our final night arrived.

The six of us spent our final night on the camp’s lake, watching the stars from the beachfront. We each shared our thoughts, our hopes, our honest opinions of the others. Sam and I found some time afterward, as we headed back to our respective groups. He started humming, and I couldn’t help but recognize the tune. I asked if it was ‘Nature Boy,’ by David Bowie (or Nat King Cole for you purists or AURORA for you Alien fans). Sam smiled and nodded.

My theatre boy self couldn’t help but sing quietly as we walked, and I was quite shocked to find Sam singing along with me. He wasn’t entirely on pitch, but his voice was melodious enough. But as we went though the song, a strange energy seemed to connect us. I couldn’t help but feel like we were singing to each other, both of us being the strange enchanted boy to the other. Finally we had to stop, in fear of waking up the campers should we walk closer. The song ended all too soon, but we were close. Very close. I couldn’t read him in the dark, but something seemed to possess my body. Covering those last few inches, I slowly leaned in to press my lips into his. The magical experience I always envisioned never occurred; it took only a second before I realized he wasn’t reciprocating. He hadn’t pulled back, but it was obvious he didn’t want the same as I did. Withdrawing quickly, I prayed the dark would cover my humiliated blush. Sam didn’t say a word, simply walking away to return to his cabin. I cried myself to sleep that night.

By the time I had finished packing up the last of my campers and finally found some time to visit the main lodge, Sam had left. He hadn’t said goodbye to me, but I found he hadn’t to any of the other CITs either. Preston assured me that he’d always been like that, avoiding the painful sting of farewells. This year was especially hard: as competitive as it was to become CITs, becoming a counselor was even more so; chances were I’d never be seeing Sam again. Hell, there was a very real chance I’d never see Preston or the camp I loved so dearly ever again! Preston knew that too…we had risen up the ranks together ever since we were seven or eight years old. So he summed up Sam’s silent farewell as a way to avoid painful memories or a way to prevent hope from building. Still though, I felt like he despised me, and would use any excuse never to see me again. Preston and I had a very tearful goodbye, and the two of us parted ways with the expectation that this meeting would be our last.

But life has a way to sprinkle light into the darkness through which we wheel. I was asked back as a counselor, and I discovered Preston had been to. But not Sam. Strangely, perhaps selfishly, I found that I was relieved. Relieved because I would never be tortured with his perfection again, relieved because I could prioritize my job for once…relieved because I’d never have to face my horrific mistake again. Preston organized a New Year’s Party for the current counselors, and I was more than happy to come. Guys came from all over the country to join the celebration, and I was just happy to be a part of it.

I arrived a little later than most of the others, and I was greeted with enthusiastic joy. Quite a few guys were here, and the party seemed to be in full swing. Preston greeted me eagerly, and ran me through the list of guests. And then his lips uttered that one name I thought I’d never hear again, and I couldn’t help but flush heavily as I tried to pass it off. Preston couldn’t have missed it though…and he’s a sharp guy regardless. But he pretended not to notice, even as my eyes flitted over the crowd. I couldn’t find the blond beauty, and it was probably better that I didn’t. I had to prepare myself, run through scenarios if he cornered me about what had happened that summer. I took my stuff and went upstairs to my room, pondering if I could stay there for the whole two day celebration. I forced myself to calm down; he’s still the same Sam, and you can face him no matter what.

But life has a funny way of sweeping the rug out from under you when it smells arrogance. Just as I got to my room, the door to what I assumed was a bathroom opened just next to me. And there was Sam Marshall, clad in only a towel. My…god. Two years of growth had seemingly crammed themself into half a year. I had been level with him before, but now my head was just at his cheek. His hair was longer, wet strands falling delicately near his chin. But I couldn’t help but let my gaze trail down to his torso, eyes somewhat wide. His lean torso had thickened, once flat stomach swollen outward like the bottom half of a pear. His pecs were still cut, but his abs had been replaced by a gentle curve of pudge, small paunch puffed into his figure. His face lit up as he saw me, and he hugged me regardless of his shirtlessness. I immediately realized what was happening: unwilling to accept or recognize what I had done, Sam was pretending it had never happened. And I was thrilled to play along, if not for the sake of preserving our friendship. He looked…happy, for once. He turned to walk down the stairs, and my jaw dropped. It looked like he had a watermelon shoved down his towel. Damn, that added weight had gone to ALL the right places!

Placing my bag in my room, I hurried to get a continued look at that body before he put clothes on. Unfortunately for him, it seemed his room was downstairs. I paused on the stairs, watching him get ribbed by a few joking counselors. One such boy poked the new slope of his belly, mentioning how cut he used to be. Subtlety is not our strong suit, if you haven’t guessed. His next words were a knife to my heart: he said that his girlfriend liked him a little fluffier. The boys all reacted with typical hetero gusto, thrilled for Sam and the imagined sexual conquests: Pussy Slayer strikes again! But the sharp pang of jealousy and sadness on my part was entirely foreshadowed by the reality of it: of course he had a girlfriend. Of course my advance hadn’t been welcomed…he was, and always had been straight, and had just been too kind to rebuff me violently. But the worst part of it all? The worst part was that when he had shyly mentioned his girlfriend…he had stared right at me.

I spent the whole time hanging out with Preston. I couldn’t bring myself to even look at the now-unavailable boy of my dreams. It was the official death of a fantasy, and it stung pretty badly. Angrily, I thought to myself that it was a good thing he wasn’t returning this summer…I doubted I could bear to see his happy self without me by his side. That, and his physical magnificence had only grown more perfect: taller, longer hair, pudgier? Please, I wouldn’t last a week seeing him in his swimsuit. But I had to deal with what I had: my best friend and I, together for another year. Leaving the celebration that snowy morning, I vowed that I would get my priorities straight…and if that meant never seeing Sam again, so be it.

The summer rolled around, and I began life as a counselor. Teaching young campers just as I had been taught so many years ago was a strange experience, but a rewarding one. Preston and I were “senior staff,” owing to our vast number of years at camp, and we had a grand time organizing some slightly illegal activities after hours for the boys. But is life ever that predictable? Certainly not. But this time around, life began to throw some sprinkles of fairness my way. That, or perhaps I was mature enough by then to take life as it was…but I doubt it. I was nineteen, for God’s sake.

Coming back from my day off one week, I opened the door to the staff room to find Sam inside. As if it would be anyone else. He was maybe an inch taller, but his hair had been cut back to cheek length again. And judging from the fabric’s fullness (or lack of) on his torso, he’d lost any weight he’d put on over winter. His eyes flickered up to meet mine, and a familiar friendly spark entered them, just like when we’d connected over the idiocy of the pubescent boys way back in the day. He was in the middle of telling some of the other counselors how he had broken up with his girlfriend a while back. They’d barely dated at all, in fact. And this time, I know he looked right at me as he said it. We decided to have a rather festive after-hours party to welcome our old friend, and needless to say alcohol was consumed in vast quantities. Preston and I talked for a while, but eventually I found myself sitting next to Sam. He was as friendly as ever, if perhaps just as withdrawn. But a few games of beer pong had loosened us both up considerably, so we got to chatting like old times. It was mostly small talk, but I wasn’t expecting much; he wasn’t super talkative even on the best of days. But we somehow drifted to the topic of dating, and I immediately smelled danger. Any wrong drunken misstep could bring us back to that fateful night, and ruin any trust we had built back up.

But Sam never went there, and I never brought it up myself. Instead, we talked about him. That was unusual: his humility and shy demeanor almost always shunted personal discussion. But I was happy to explore this new side of him! He went into detail about his last (and only) relationship, and how utterly she’d controlled his life. The longer hair, heavier build, all of it at her request. When he’d tried to fight back, she’d dumped him like a bad apple. I gave him the best advice I could, as much as it tortured me to do so. Find a girl who loved you for you, respected boundaries, all that crap. Sam, though, seemed to think that he was attracted to girls who were dominant. The thought was amusing, but I assured him that he was still finding himself, and he’d discover love soon enough. Finally, he asked if he had seemed out of control that winter. I told him, in a Budweiser-fueled burst of confidence, that I actually liked him better with the longer hair. And, shockingly, I mentioned how good he had looked with meat on his bones. He seemed thankful for the information, if not a little uncomfortable. Seems the memory of my unwanted kiss lingered for us both.

The evening went on, and I found myself on cleanup duty as usual. Two of the younger guys, drunk off their ass, started giving me shit for missing cans or neglecting a spill or two. I was used to it, and usually I could distract them so I could continue. But this night, they were especially persistent. Just as I felt myself growing annoyed, I saw Sam come up beside me, his voice soft but passionate. He demanded they leave me alone, which they did, apologizing before stumbling away. Sam went after them, promising to get them back safe. But I was stunned…for him to stand up like that, it was so different from his usual manner! What had that been about? It was then Preston came up behind me and ribbed me for gazing at that mesmerizing butt, for which I gave him a short smack and helped him finish cleaning. But that short but fiery outburst would linger in my mind well after Sam left the next day (again, without telling a soul).

The summer ended, and Preston and I bid the other a bittersweet farewell. But we’d both vowed to return next summer, so there was no worry of us never seeing the other again. However, many counselors moved on with life, be it internships, jobs, or school. Such as it was, there was a need to hire new counselors, and my camp often asks boys who have been counselors before. So my heart shouldn’t have jumped when I was told Sam was returning, but yet it did all the same. But I told myself: we were just friends, and he’d probably already found a lady. But his company would always be welcomed, that much was certain.

I truly fell in love with Sam Marshall that year, when I was twenty years old. A bit young to fall in love, perhaps, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m a slave to the chemicals of my mind. I arrived at camp, and the first to greet me was Preston, as usual. We chatted a bit, and I couldn’t help but ask.

“Who else is here?”

Preston wasn’t stupid; he’d known me long enough to catch the look in my eye.

“Only about four or five others…they’re taking a swim, should be right back.”

“You didn’t join them?” Preston rolled his eyes.

“I’ve been here for a week already, plus I got eight more to look forward to. I’ll have plenty of time to swim. I want to welcome whatever goober shows up!”

I gave him a gentle shove, and then the door to the main lodge opened. A few guys came in, and we exchanged the usual hugs. And then I turned around…and there he was. As cliche as it would have been for my mouth to drop, I think every drop of moisture sucked right out of it.

He was taller, perhaps another two inches or so. Probably six foot one, by my guess. His wet hair seemed pulled back, and as he turned slightly, I caught sight of a ponytail. It was that long now?! His face seemed simultaneously more pretty and more handsome, all at once. But… he was big! Even through his tight grey sweatshirt, I could see a very obvious roll of belly fat jiggling softly as he walked up to me. Thick love handles adorned his waistline, and his thin chest just made his new overweight stomach seem all the bigger. He grinned hugely as he saw me, and his hug was the most wonderful thing I’d ever felt. Softer boys were so cuddly! I always knew that, but I’d never gotten a chance to experience hugging one…and I never expected my first to be Sam! I couldn’t control myself, despite my manners.

Wow! Sam, you got so big!”

He shyly rubbed his head, nodding.

“Yeah, no use denying it. Definitely put on a few pounds.”

I shook my head in amazement, watching his middle wobble softly with his movements. It wasn’t huge, but goddamn it seemed so soft!

“More than a few, I gotta say! You impressing a lady again?”

He looked around, cheeks flushing gently. But he stared he dead in the eyes, and I felt my heart flutter gently. Still the same beautiful green color.

“Not a lady. Someone who likes me with long hair and some meat on my bones.”

That was about the moment I had a mini heart attack. Sam, blushing a little harder as he realized that he had spoken something so personal, stepped past me to head upstairs with the others. I turned, only to find an ass even more sumptuous than last winter. Good lord, it was gigantic…a swollen meaty bubble with some jiggle to it for the first time. But as stunning as that rear end was, his words to me left me speechless. That is, until Preston nudged my ribs and wolf whistled.

“Glad he didn’t see me back there, or else you’d have never gotten that confession!”

I shook my head dumbly.

“Wh-what do I do, Preston?”

He walked upstairs, taking my arm.

“Go for it. I watched you stare at him for years, and now you have your window. Don’t be a pussy and avoid him like you always do, and don’t waste this opportunity. Now come on, let’s drink.”

God, he knew me way too well. Best friends for life, indeed. We went upstairs and, true to his word, drank. The week before camp started was primarily for moving-in purposes and staff orientation, so any down time was mainly used for drinking and enjoying ourselves before campers arrived. But this time was different. Every game I played, every drink I pounded back, I found my eyes locked with Sam. I could barely go a few seconds before I had to look back at him, and he would quickly match my gaze with a soft but knowing gaze. He’d hooked me, and we both knew it. I only hoped he was genuine about it…but then again, who gains what looked like thirty pounds and grows their hair to their shoulders if they’re not genuine?!

The night slowly began to wind down, and Sam said his good night to everyone. His hand ever so slightly brushed my shoulder on the way out, and I turned to watch his fingers beckon as he shut the door. Turning, I happened to catch Preston’s eye; he winked slyly at me. Blushing and flipping him off quickly, I said good night to everyone and left the room, catching Sam at the end of the hallway. He didn’t say a word until we got to the bottom of the stairs, giving me time to appreciate just how tall and wide he had gotten. Pausing, he turned to look at me.

“Do you wanna go to the pool for a bit? At this time, it’s almost always empty.” I didn’t miss his motive…how could I? I was trying to get my heart under control!

“That…sounds really good, Sam.” He smiled, and I all but melted.

“Cool. Grab your suit and…I’ll meet you outside in five?”

I nodded, tongue seeming so much heavier than ever before. As much as I tried to get my emotions under control, I found my hands trembling like leaves as I gathered my things. Were Sam and I about to…? Why the pool? What was he trying to accomplish? He had definitely meant me with his greeting comment, and our eye contact all night couldn’t have meant anything besides romantic intent. True to his word, he was waiting for me outside, and he cast a wary eye around before we started walking to the pool. About a half mile from the camp, the pool had a hot tub, sauna, massage and spa…it was a great spot to relax on a day off. Sam didn’t say a word as we walked, which was just as well: I doubted I could strike up a meaningless conversation now if I wanted to.

As he had predicted, we were the only ones there. My breath came ragged as we walked into the changing rooms; was I about to see that magnificent body? He tugged off his sweatshirt and put it into the locker, and I gasped gently as his curves became even more apparent. He turned to look at me with an expression I couldn’t place, and then he took his shirt off. Oh my god, what a beautiful, beautiful boy. His chest and arms were as toned as ever, but all the weight he’d gained on his upper body seemed to have been focused into his belly. It was round yet doughy, without a stretch mark in sight. The perfect pooch of a belly, without a doubt. I very slowly tore my gaze away as he wrapped a towel around his swollen waist to change into his suit. I did the same, averting my gaze so my equipment didn’t make a fool of me. But finally I had to turn back around, and I was not disappointed. His thighs were as large as ever, and his rear end was filling the too-tight suit to its limit. I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, Sam…”

He held up a hand, face as red as mine probably was.

“I-I’d just like to talk, if that’s okay.”

I nodded as he loomed over me, slowly moving past me to give me a great look at that monster derriere.

“Of course. Whatever you want.”

We headed into the pool, and Sam slid into the hot tub with me close behind. My eyes were glued to his thick torso, marveling at just how thick and meaty he’d grown in just half a year. We stared at each other for a second or two, and then he opened.

“D-do you like the weight?”

And then everything clicked into place for me. All of the day’s words and actions: a bluff. Here was his true color, now that all that adrenaline and false cool-headedness was wearing off.

“Sam…I can’t believe you did this…for me.” Sam’s eyes flitted downward, and he turned his head away.

“You don’t like it, do you? You were just being polite.”

My god, he looked close to tears. I inched a little closer, heart pounding.

“Oh no, Sam, no! I wasn’t being polite…I mean, I was, but I meant it too. And this? You look so amazing.”

His gaze flew back up, eyes bright. His low voice seemed ecstatic, and I realized just how much that meant to him.

“Really? A-and the hair?”

He undid his ponytail, tossing his hair as those majestic golden locks tumbled around his shoulders. I visibly shuddered.

“So incredible, Sam. You look so good.”

Neither of us were willing to address the elephant in the room…or so I thought. But Sam sighed and looked down at his water-covered body.

“I’m so happy to hear that. I’ve put on thirty-five pounds, you know?”

I shook my head in amazement.

“That’s a lot, Sam. But you pull it off so damn well.”

Sam blushed, smiling gently.

“That means so much to me. Hearing Rachel…my old girlfriend, say it…I did it just to

please her, and I couldn’t wait to lose the weight when she dumped me. But…you were so genuine that night, so honest. I think subconsciously I stopped working out and eating more, and before I knew it I was back up to my weight after Rachel. But then I realized I was gaining to please someone else again…and then I started looking back on everything we’ve ever done. I went back to the first day we met.”

There was a tight, sober clarity to his voice, and I realized just how smart he was. The ability to introspect, dig into memories from years past…it was what I was trying hard to do as well.

“I thought that night you…that night you kissed me…” He trailed off, and I looked down. Still my most painful memory.

“…I thought it was just an experiment. I was questioning myself at that point too, so I assumed you were just…using me.”

I opened my mouth to clarify, but he beat me to the point.

“But then I looked back at everything we’d done…and I realized you’d never used me. Maybe the only person I’d ever met who never used me for something. From the second you laid eyes on me, you…well, you worshipped me, didn’t you?”

I chuckled meekly, looking down.

“That’s a good word for it, yeah.” Sam sighed, shaking his head.

“I’ll admit, I just thought you were…well, a prude. Interested in more than sex, unlike the other guys. Like me.”

My breath caught. It was true that I wasn’t a sexual addict like so many of my peers; while I was certainly interested in some good raunchy physicality, most of my fantasies revolved around romance and connections…those with Sam most of all. But I had never dared to believe anyone felt the same, him least of all! I had to say it.

“I still am, Sam!” He smiled softly.

“I know…which is why I’m only now confessing to you. I realized that it took you so damn long just to talk to me. We both know I’m pretty introverted, so that can’t have been easy for you.”

I laughed weakly.

“You have no idea.” Sam sighed.

“I think that’s my fault. We could have been close my first summer, but instead we ran in circles for years. Finally you get the courage to make a move, and I misinterpret and make you think I hate you.”

I shook my head, amazed at his power of clairvoyance.

“Not hate, Sam, never hate. But…I thought you were always sending me a message. Some kind of ‘look how I’ve moved on. Look what a Pussy Slayer I am.’”

He let out a breath.

“It was a confusing age for all of us. I tried to bury my feelings under normalcy, get a girlfriend like everyone else. Rachel was dominant…really dominant.”

I nodded faintly.

“She made you gain ten pounds…I’d say so.” Sam sighed.

“Not to be blunt, but I liked it a lot. But I found that she was all wrong. I needed…” He closed his eyes, and I could practically hear his heart hammering like mine.

“…well, I needed you, Sean.”

Hearing him say my name was magic enough, but at the end of a confession like that? Shameful as it was, I started crying.

“Ah, shit, sorry. I just…I’ve wanted you to say that for five years now, Sam. And now I’m scared I’m gonna wake up with you still distant from me.”

Sam shook his head, making his long hair fly. Inching closer, he found my hand in the water and put his on top. I gasped in pleasure, turning to gaze at his face.

“No. Never again. I want to cross that bridge with you for once. I want us to stop being distant and start facing exactly who we are. And I think I’m ready to return what I should have done CIT year.”

And then he kissed me. This time, the other returned the kiss in full…and this time, it was pretty damn magical. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours and milliseconds simultaneously, and then he pulled back.

“U-um, I want to make some things clear. I don’t want to rush things…I want to take it slow with you, i-if you want me still.”

I laughed happily, my fingers interlacing with his. “Sam, I’ve wanted you since I was fifteen!”

Sam grinned.

“That’s so good, Sean, that’s so good. You have no idea how good it is to me!”

I had to address my fears, though.

“I…I want you so much, Sam. I’d be fulfilling my fantasy of years. But this is…so

sudden. I feel like it’s a burst of passion or puppy love…” Sam nodded.

“I know, I know. I thought the same things…and I still do. But here with you now…after that kiss just now? I don’t care if we flame and burn out by the end of the summer, I want to know what something healthy feels like. I want to fulfill your fantasy and see if you can fulfill mine. You’re like me, Sean…how many real relationships have you had?”

My silence was answer enough.

“You don’t want useless sex. You don’t want quick passionate flings. You want someone who can match you mentally, and you want someone who can stimulate you for the rest of your life.”

I nodded mutely, causing Sam to smile.

“I knew it. You’re me, but…” He blushed.

“…but a lot hotter.”

I splashed gently, head shaking violently.

“I think that’s the first lie you ever told me, Sam Marshall. You’re an angel come to earth, and I’ll not be convinced otherwise.”

He grinned with that dazzling smile, and I swooned.

“Listen to you…so dramatic. Such a theatre boy.” I blushed softly.

“Y-you remember that?” Sam nodded.

“I remember everything you ever told me, Sean. Every detail. Also…” He smiled weakly.

“…my name isn’t actually Sam. I use my middle name because I hate my first one. I-it’s actually, uh…Peyton.”

I smiled, hands squeezing under the water. “Peyton? Really?”

He nodded, looking at me…really looking at me, unlike anyone except maybe Preston. “Yeah. Wild, huh? B-but you could call me it, if you want. You’d be the first.”

I blushed.

“That’s so sweet…but I’ve dreamed of holding Sam Marshall for so many years it

wouldn’t be right. Besides, you do not look like a Peyton. You look like a Sam for sure.” Sam grinned happily.

“Good. I like it better. S-so you want to try to make this work?” I slowly ran a hand over his cheek, causing him to gasp gently.

“I do. More than anything.”

Sam smiled, his hand moving to gently intercept mine.

“I’m so glad. But I want to take this slow. I don’t want to burn out because we got too

passionate too fast. I want to start as good friends, get to know you…while still being the best person I can for you.”

I inhaled sharply, nodding.

“I want that too. But I just wonder how I’ll measure up when I’ve all but worshipped you all these years.”

Sam smiled, inching closer to me.

“I don’t think you know just how much you mean to me, Sean. I’m just worried I won’t

measure up to you!”

I burst out laughing, finding the courage to lean into him. He resisted just for a moment, but then slowly put his arm around my shoulder.

“Sam, you gained weight and grew your hair out for me! You’ve measured up and then some!”

Sam blushed, the warm water swirling around us both as we cuddled gently.

“I was going to grow my hair out anyway…just a style I wanted to try. It looks good?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to run my hand through it. Patience, I told myself…that will come soon enough.

“So good, Sam. I never could figure out how blond guys always keep their hair so silky and fluffy, even at that length.”

Sam nodded, cheek going to rest in my hair.

“Fluffy’s a good word, yeah. It takes some effort, but not as much as you’d think. It was always pretty self-styling.”

“God, I loved your hair back in your first few years. How did you get it flip at the ends like that? It was the sexiest bowl cut I’ve ever seen.”

Sam laughed softly.

“Not really a bowl cut…but it settled like that after a shower! I-I could go back to that if you want.”

“I love your hair now, Sam. It looks so soft and sexy.” Sam smiled.

“Then I’ll keep it fluffy. S-speaking of fluffy…you do like the weight?”

I took a chance, slowly moving my hand to rub his thickened torso under the water. Sam gasped and jerked a bit, but blushed hard and moved into my grip. Wow…pudge felt so good!

“I love it, Sam.”

Sam smiled weakly, leaning into my hand like he craved it. I responded with a gentle rub.

“That makes me happy. I-Is this a good weight to stay at? I’m at one-ninety right now.” I laughed.

“You stay at whatever weight you want, Sam! I won’t ever complain if you get a little more meat on you, but it’s your call.”

Sam blushed even harder, his next words coming out so soft I had to lean in closer a bit.

“H-Here’s the thing. I-I’m really shy, you know that. I’m not very confident or assertive with my body. So if you want something, y-you have to demand it. I’ll be a lot happier if you do.”

Oh, my poor beautiful sweet shy boy. I wanted him so badly. And now I think I could have him! “Okay! S-so if I say…Sam, I want you to gain weight this summer. Let’s see how it


Sam nodded.

“See? Now it’s official. But I’ll need your help to keep me on track.” I sighed.

“Sam, do you want to gain weight?” He shrugged.

“I’m impartial. I kind of like how I look when I’m lean, but I also love eating. And this added pudge has its charm too. Plus, if you keep telling you like it, I’ll love it more and more. Plus, I know you like how big it makes my butt.”

I nodded meekly, laughing softly.

“That I do. You’ve always had a giant rear.”

“That would be the skiing. You guys have told me often enough. It takes the weight really well.”

“It really does. I can’t wait to see if it beefs up more.” Sam grinned.

“I have a feeling it will.” He looked at the clock, sighing.

“We better get back soon. Curfew’s in half an hour.” I grinned.

“Just enough time. Come on!”

I hopped out of the water, with Sam following. Pausing, I blushed shyly. “S-so…what’s your policy on physical contact?”

Sam smiled, leaning in so that I could rub over his swollen middle.

“In private, I want to cuddle all the time. But in public, is it awful to say I’d prefer if we

didn’t make it obvious?” I shook my head.

“Not at all! Please, with all these hetero guys? You’re fine, I’ll stay under the radar.” Sam smiled.

“Good. Now, what do we have time for, exactly?”

I took his hand, smiling happily as I pulled him back to the changing room. I was sad to see those delicious curves go back under clothes, but the way the fabric strained and tugged almost made him look better.

“Those are the same clothes you wore last year. Not getting too tight?”

“Not yet…they were a bit big to begin with. Although they’re getting a bit snug in certain parts.”

I tilted my head to stare at his sweat-straining bubble butt. “You’re telling me.”

We walked back to camp, a glow in each of our cheeks. I could feel it in my bones: this was the start of something incredible. I walked into the kitchen, quickly heading for the massive fridge in the back. Sam waited patiently outside.

“Food? At this hour?”

I grinned as I came back up with a huge tub of ice cream, a gallon of milk, and a plate full of leftover brownies.

“Not for me. For you!”

Sam’s eyes widened, his cheeks flaming anew.


I grinned hugely, scooping ice cream into the blender as I pushed the plate toward him.

“You said you wanted my help, you’re gonna get it! I want you to have all the sweets you want, any time you can.”

Sam looked like he was about to say something, but closed his mouth to bring the plate closer. Then he smiled happily and began to stuff his face with the treats. I noticed with quite some delight that both our cocks were tenting our pants gently. I finished scooping and filled the blender with milk, whipping up a whole pitcher of milkshake. Handing it to him, he nodded in appreciation and began to slurp down the fatty mixture. Grunting happily, he continued to feast on the brownies, washing them down with hearty gulps of chocolate milkshake. Pausing, he grinned eagerly as he walked to the fridge, going inside before walking out with a bottle of chocolate syrup.

“Shake’s not quick thick enough. I have a big sweet tooth.” I bit my lip in arousal, panting.

“I-I’ll keep that in mind, Sam.”

He poured so much syrup into the blender I almost gagged, whirring it until the whole thing was a dark molasses color. Taking a sip, he coughed gently but nodded.

“Much better.”

I could practically smell the cocoa from here.

“You’re not putting on a show for me, are you Sam?”

He shook his head, blush returning to his cheeks as he chugged eagerly.

“I don’t think I am. I think…I think I’m really gonna look forward to gaining weight for you, Sean. I kinda like being…fat.”

I sucked in a breath, heart pounding. But I forged ahead.

“You’re not fat, Sam! Yet, anyway…maybe by summer’s end, we’ll be able to call you that.”

Sam let out a massive belch, causing both our cocks to twitch. Finishing his last brownie and panting as he reached the halfway point on the shake, he rubbed his thick middle.

“I…I really look forward to that. I can’t finish this, though. You want it?”

I held up a hand, smirking.

“Put it in a cup or something, and bring it back to your room. I want it gone by breakfast, understand?”

Sam flushed, nodding hard.

“Yes, sir!”

I laughed, unable to help myself from hugging him. He hugged me back, and our eyes met in a permanent sort of understanding as we kissed again. Pulling back more quickly this time, I pulled out a cup to collect the rest of the milkshake, giving it to Sam.

“I’ll clean up, Sam. Get some sleep! We have a whole summer ahead of us!”

That summer was, without a doubt, the best of my life. The days were spent mostly doing my job; as excited as I may have been, twenty yelling children will do wonders to distract you.

But every time I’d pass Sam, he’d always beam and wave, encouraging his group to do the same. My heart was singing! I’d catch his eye at meals, and watch him grab seconds, thirds, fourths of whatever the meal was! Sometimes the kids would have to wait for him to finish if the meal was particular rich or tasty. Every night we’d go drinking as usual, but sneak away early to fill Sam up on desserts and shake. I had no doubt the beer combined with the sugar would do a number on his figure, but I was very surprised when Preston approached me just after the first week, nudging my arm.

“You too busy to hang with me now that you’re uh…putting some more meat on Sam?” I flushed, feigning indignation.

“Excuse me? I don’t like your accusation, good sir.” Preston laughed, putting an arm around my shoulder.

“No one else knows, relax. Although with the doe eyes you two give each other every day at the lake, I dunno how. Please, Sam’s porking up like a prize hog already!”

I shook my head, wondering if I was that oblivious to my own work.

“You’re just trying to tease me. No one gains weight in a week, Preston.” He smirked, jabbing my side playfully.

“I knew it, you are fattening him up!”

Fuck. I always kept underestimating how smart Preston was.

“I am not! We had a nice long talk last week, and we’ve decided to take things slow, see where things go.”

Preston let up, smiling warmly.

“Well good, I’m glad! You two have been teasing each other for long enough anyway. Wish you the best.”

Before I caught think up a witty response, he was walking away, leaving me to ponder. Was I really helping him grow that quickly? If he’d put on thirty-five pounds by just relaxing a bit, what would forcing an appetite do to him? I got my answer about halfway through the summer. Sam’s “diet” was coming along nicely, and I was noticing how much more he was eating at meals. He was almost always last at the table now, and was constantly trying to convince the chef to give him double dessert. Whenever there weren’t any leftover pastries in the fridge, I’d bring out the ice cream bars kept for hot days and watch him feast. It actually got brought up at a staff meeting, and we had locked eyes. No way they would suspect four weeks of “sneaking” among twenty counselors had actually been three days of gorging from one gaining boy!

Occasionally we’d sync up our days off, and head to the nearby town to grab a variety of sweets and snacks! Then we’d catch a movie or walk around, just talking. We weren’t ready to hold hands or show affection in public, but our own company was enough. There was a lot we didn’t have in common, which actually made for great conversation. And he was so goddamn smart…every talk with him was a stimulating marvel for me. And he seemed to enjoy my company just as much, which always astounded me. But every week our camp has a trip, which varies based on the age group. When Sam would go off for two or even three days, I’d worry about his food supply. He was so used to nightly treats and milkshake…would he be okay?

But it was after one such trip that I think I realized how fast Sam was gaining weight. He had just pulled in, and maybe it was the tight shirt he was wearing or perhaps the slouched posture he had from days of hiking, but I finally realized he looked bigger. A little more fullness in his limbs, god his ass was truly huge wasn’t it, even a bit more sag and jiggle to his belly. Walking up to greet him, I sighed wistfully, sure none of the kids could hear us.

“I think you’ve plumped up, Sam.” Sam looked gingerly to the side.

“You’re just realizing that now? My swimsuit is so much tighter every day, and I feel heavy. You should have seen me, Sean. I had to stay in the back the whole trip, and I was so winded at every break. It wasn’t even a hard hike, either!”

I grinned hugely, making sure we were alone before I gave his belly a rub. It did feel jigglier, but it was probably my imagination.

“And yet even after three days in the wildnerness, your hair looks amazing.” I toyed with the ponytail, shaking his head.

“You wouldn’t say that if you could see it down. I need a shower, ASAP.” I grinned, giving his belly a last pat.

“And a good meal.”

Sam threw his head back, moaning in anguish.

“You have no idea! Rationing is the worst thing in the world. I went through all my trail mix in the first thirty minutes.”

I whistled happily.

“You’re a hungry boy! Need calories to fuel that wonderful belly.” Sam laughed, slowly moving away.

“Oh, without a doubt. Now, I gotta take care of the kids, but I want an extra helping of dessert today and a lot of shake tonight.”

I blushed gently, nodding.

“You got it, Sammy.”

I stopped dead, and Sam turned to look at me.


I clapped my hand to my mouth, shaking my head.

“Th-that was so unintentional, I’m sorry.” Sam smiled softly, red coloring his cheeks.

“No…I…I like it. I like it a lot. You could call me that in private when you want.” I grinned hugely.

“I like it a lot too. I’ll give a try, Sam.”

That night, he ate more than I’d ever seen him eat before. I couldn’t help but pop a boner under the table. And lucky him, the dessert was mint brownie squares, his favorite. We skipped going out entirely so we could have a private feeding session. Sam craved it, there was no doubt. He’d been missing this especially over that trip, and so doubled down his efforts. Neither of us missed each other’s swollen erections as he finished the entire milkshake, even after eating a whole plate of rich fudge treats! And yet, neither of us had any need to see the other’s equipment. The connection we had and the erotic forge we had established was far more important to us.

We spend most of the night cuddling and rubbing over his stuffed belly, the door safely locked to the staff room. This was the first time we had spent private time together in this context, and I was all for it. We talked about the trip, about the kids and which were little demons, about camp, and about us. Even though we were very different in some ways, we had a bond that was simultaneously unique and wondrous. There was never any small talk or filler talk; every word was spoken directly to the other, and not a single sentence seemed wasted. I kept my hand on his tubby middle the whole time, completely obsessed with his adipose-filled stomach and how he was forcing it to grow…for me (although I was positive by this point that he was enjoying it just as much). Finally he leaned in, smile appearing on his beautiful features.

“Get me another plate of brownies? I’m getting my sugar tooth again. But…maybe not a loaded one this time.”

I nodded, running downstairs quickly to get a new plate full of sugary desserts. God, all this sugar and fat…no wonder he was gaining so quick. Walking back into the room, my breath caught as I glimpsed Sam’s now-shirtless body waiting for me. Grinning as he saw the plate, he undid his hair tie to let his waterfall of golden hair tumble onto his shoulders, tossing his locks happily. Patting his belly, he turned to the mirror in the bathroom to rub over its sloping surface.

“Look how far it’s sticking out. I don’t know if my clothes will fit by summer’s end.”

“You do like though, don’t you?”

Sam grinned, lumbering up to me. Goodness, six foot one doesn’t seem that big, but the extra bulk certainly made him loom over me by a solid amount!

“I do. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure at first. But god, do I love this. All this sneaking we’re doing, all the sugar I’m eating, I’m feeling heavier by the day. And it’s amazing.”

“You really feel heavier?”

Sam nodded, seemingly entranced by his ample gut.

“I can’t even do some of the activities with the kids anymore. It’s getting harder and harder to keep my breath up. But I love running…the feel of this new body heaving and jiggling when I move.”

He hefted his belly, gentle roll bouncing softly as he dropped it.

“I can’t wait until I can really lift this thing up.” I held out the plate of brownies, grinning.

“Then let’s get you eating, Sammy!”

He shivered happily, devouring even more of the fudge squares.

“God, I like that. Sounds so…girly.” He blushed, muttering softly.

“I kind of…like feeling feminine. Is that weird?” I shook my head.

“Of course not! Sometimes I think I’d look great in a dress or necklace. We all have moments.”

“But it’s almost all the time for me. I’m a guy, and I love being a guy, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve known I was more feminine than most since puberty…I mean, look at my face and long blond hair…not to mention my ass.”

He turned back to the mirror, rubbing a hand over his huge rear end, giving it a gentle pat to watch it bounce slightly.

“Wow, that thing’s getting wide. I dunno if my swimsuit will make it another four weeks.”

I grinned hugely.

“Mmmm I’ll have to spend more time by the lake!”

“Hahah anyway, Sammy pushes such a right button for me. Sounds girly enough…I mean, if it were up to me, I’d love even more weight to go to my butt, and loads to go to my chest.”

He moved his hands over his slim chest, pantomiming hefting up huge moobs…or did he want breasts? Shrugging, he ran his hands over his stuffed belly.

“I want this to be as soft and doughy as possible…wanna jiggle just by walking around.” I walked up to him, pushing another fudge square into his mouth as I hugged him.

“We’ll get you to jiggle just by breathing, Sammy.”

He chewed and swallowed, looking down at me before we leaned in to kiss. It was the first time we had kissed since the hot tub, and it was just as magical. Throwing my arms around his neck, we made out deeply, sensually. Pulling back, he slowly moved me to the bed to lower me onto it. I kissed along his strong neck, panting hotly.

“You have off tomorrow, right? Maybe I could manage so that we could spend the night together?”

Sam shook his head.

“As much as I want to, it would be too suspicious. If anyone checks this room and finds a

locked door, or if we’re seen heading down together tomorrow, we’d be busted.” I sighed, cuddling into his plump body.

“Always so damn smart. Guess we’ll just have to enjoy this summer however we can.” He smiled, guiding my hand to his swollen middle.

“You’re damn right about that.”

We absolutely did enjoy the summer. The following week, I got Sam up to two milkshakes a day, one after breakfast and one at night. He could finish both in one sitting by that point. Shortly after, he asked me to add extra ice cream, which I was happy to indulge him in. At week six, his swimsuit finally gave out, and I was there to see it. One slight misstep walking on the sand, and his thigh tore the leg open like wet paper. The kids laughed a bit and Sam played it off effortlessly, but we locked eyes and I had to make a quick excuse to the bathrooms. The final night of camp was hard…time marched ever onward, and I knew that final day would come. But Sam would have a few surprises for me that night. He had told me to wait outside of the staff room while he grabbed some things, the other counselors already celebrating downstairs. His muffled voice sounded through the door.

“You remember that green shirt I always used to wear?” I nodded gently, memory sparking.

“Oh yeah…I haven’t seen that in a while!” A chuckle as the knob turned.

“There’s a reason for that. Sean…this fit at the start of the summer.”

I gasped as I took in his figure. There was a good two inches of belly fat hanging below the end of his shirt, and I finally realized how much he’d gained over just two months.

“That grey sweatshirt I rocked at the start? I have to slide my gut into my pants or else this happens to that too. But there’s no saving this shirt.”

He was getting excited, trying to tug his shirt down to no avail. It would not ever cover his whole torso again.

“I’m going to need new pants, a new wardrobe, a new swimsuit…because there’s no way my second pair will last much longer than my first.”

I smiled, manhandling his stomach happily.

“And you have a brand new appetite to make it all happen.”

Sam moaned gently as I ran my hands over his squishy stomach. I noticed with glee that he was beginning to grow an upper fold in addition to his bottom swell.

“I’m so hungry, all the time. I don’t know what I’m going to do without your help and all this food to help me.”

I leaned up to kiss him, eliciting a blush and a nervous glance from my blond boy. “Even if you don’t gain as fast, any pound you pack on is good for me.”

I tilted my head as I noticed how tight his sleeves were. But…not entirely with fat. Squeezing his arm, I raised my eyebrows as he flexed for me.

“Holy hell, so much muscle! How’d you get so buff in there with all that pudge?”

“Must be all this belly worship I’ve been doing. And either I’m taller, or you shrank a bit.”

I measured against him.

“Still up to your chin or so! I think you’re getting excited.”

Sam tugged on a much larger sweatshirt, although his fat was still quite visible.

“Speaking of excited, come here!”

I followed him into the room where he paused outside the bathroom. Grinning at me, he

slowly walked into the bathroom. My brow furrowed before I almost moaned in arousal. The bathroom in that room is pretty small, but nothing extreme. But that still didn’t prevent Sam’s massive ass from gently wedging against the wood. Smiling back at me, he pulled his butt through with a slight scraping.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Sammy? Your ass is so big it gets stuck in doorways!?” He motioned to keep my voice down, shy even now.

“N-not all of them. Just this small one. I got so hard the first time it happened.” I went up to him, breath hot as we faced the other.

“Sammy…you’ve gained so much weight. And you’re going to gain so much more, I know it.”

Sam moaned hotly, our lips brushing sweetly.

“I want you to help me, Sean. I want to grow into your huge blubbery boy. I want to grow

enormous tits and a monstrous ass and a belly that hangs to my knees!”

I kissed him fiercely, my hand on his bloated love handles as my other undid his hair tie to let his golden mane fall around our faces.

“We’ll make it happen, Sammy. You’re going to get so obese, and I’m going to be there every step. I…I love you, Sam.”

Sam paused, and for a brief moment I feared I had gone too far. But then his lips ever-so-sweetly closed on mine. This kiss was the most tender we’d ever shared, and spoke volumes. But then he spoke those words that send a pang through my very being.

“I love you, Sean.”

We held each other close, kissing deeply for a moment more. Then he pulled back, flushing.

“We’re gonna get caught. Come on, let’s go get drunk. I want to see how much I can stuff my face when I’m hammered.”

I think the only good part about saying goodbye the next day was hearing Sam’s mom exclaim in shock when she saw him. But politeness must run in the gene pool, because the only thing she could come up with was “you’ve filled out a bit more!” We said the most affectionate goodbye we could while still remaining subtle. He promised me that next year he’d be confident enough to be loving in public…but I had my doubts. He was still the shy sweetheart he had been five years ago. And then he was gone; I knew it wasn’t goodbye, but even temporary farewells are bittersweet, especially after the summer we’d just shared. Preston put his hand on my shoulder, whispering teasingly in my ear.

“If he comes back to camp next year with another twenty pounds, I’m locking you in your room for eight weeks.”

Then the two of us shared the moments we would have had if Sam hadn’t done the miraculous. He was still my best friend, and I was lucky to have him. I expected me to text Sam instantly with something sappy and sad: “I miss you already” or “Can’t wait for next year.” But I never texted him, and he never texted me. I got a text the next day from him, stating that he’d put on fifteen pounds over the summer, putting him at 205. What a magnificent rate of gain!! And just like that, nothing changed. As if he were next to me, we just talked. Our messages were not instant, nor did they stretch across hours. They were evenly paced, hardly rushed. We meant more to each other than either of us knew, and nothing could shake our strange but powerful bond. Early on we decided that an open relationship would be best: always loyal to the other, but okay if the other needed to relieve some stress. But we both realized that it was a stupid and unnecessary courtesy; neither of us were heavily sexual, and we got far more from our genuine conversation than we ever could from a miserable one night stand.

Months passed like that, and our bond only deepened. The people around me began to seem dumber and dumber as I probed Sam’s mind and thoughts. It was an endless labyrinth of intellect and knowledge, and he surprisingly thought the same about me. But when one of you is an English-Philosophy dual major and the other is an Applied Physics major with a minor in Chemistry, the width of your combined information could span decades, especially when both of you are so eager to learn from the other. I never brought up his weight gain, nor did he mention it beyond that first text. I wondered if it was a one-summer ordeal, but I had a good feeling that I’d be seeing a much more…increased Sam the next time we met. We never talked on the phone or video chatted; we had no need to. Our confidence was enough, and text provided all the contact we needed.

But the next summer brought a snag; good times are always balanced by a cost, after all. Sam was not asked back as a counselor. His response was accurate, if not a bit depressing. There were a few answers he gave: he had been a shoe-in for last year and better options had come around, perhaps the directors had caught on to his fridge raids, or maybe he had just gained too much weight. After all, he posited, the camp demanded physical athleticism, and he could barely keep up with the kids on hikes. I was torn…did I honor my obligation to camp and abandon the boyfriend (for we had mutually agreed to date by that point) I’d waited a year to see, or did I burn my bridges in an attempt to make a halfway-decent summer with my love? The answer for both of us was obvious yet painful. Sam promised he’d visit as much as he could…the good news was that I had been promoted to assistant director, and so had my own room without any kids to look after. When Sam visited, I’d make sure we had at least twelve hours all to ourselves.

We made a “date” for him to visit that first Saturday, when I’d have a day off starting the next morning. Plus, I told him, it’s parent day, so there’ll be lots of food to keep you sated. He told me to bring a bottle of chocolate syrup, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Camp started well enough, with Preston and I bonding even more. Being “senior staff” yet again, we really had each other as deep friends; the other counselors were friendly, but had their own age group to connect with. Saturday took forever to arrive, but it arrived all the same. My heart hammering, I told Preston about Sam’s visit, and he couldn’t have cared less…as rude as that sounds, it was exactly what I was looking for.

“But I want to have a drink with him, and if he’s fat I’m going to throw you into the lake.”

I feigned innocence.

“How is it my fault if he puts on the freshman fifteen?”

Preston rolled his eyes, jostling me a bit.

“Because freshman fifteen was four years ago, dumbass. Now go have fun with your

man, my guy.”

I smiled at him before hurrying back to my room, stopping by the kitchen to grab that

bottle of chocolate syrup. I made the bed for the millionth time, wondering if it would be big enough to house both of us. Sighing, I tried to get myself under control; even if Sam had gained weight, he hadn’t gotten that big. It wasn’t scientifically possible…was it? My phone buzzed: naturally it was Sam, but he was calling me. It struck me that we had never once called each other that year!

“Hey…I’m here.”

My heart jumped.

“I could come get you!”

“No no…just tell me what room you’re in and I’ll bring my stuff.” I told him, listening to the telltale sounds of camp over his line.

“I can’t wait to see you, Sammy. Oh god, I can’t wait.” I heard him walking around, his voice eager.

“I’m glad everyone’s at activities. I don’t wanna run into anyone yet. I do miss this.” “It’s a shame you weren’t asked back, Sammy. They’re missing out.”

“They had their reasons. Listen…uh, I know I promised never to lie to you…but I

haven’t exactly told you everything.”

I paused, sitting forward a bit as I smiled gently.

“What is this dark secret you’ve been keeping from me, Sam?”

There were a few moments of silence, then the voice sounded from both my phone and outside the door.

“Come open this and find out.”

I sprang to my feet, breath coming fast as I slowly turned the knob, throwing open the door. An involuntary squeal left my throat as I realized just what I was staring at. It seemed like I was looking at a small mountain! My gaze went up, up, a little further up, to find his face. From there, it was a slow and glorious trail down his body. He had grown at least three inches: where once I had been at his chin, now I was just above his neck. His hair was tied back in a tight bun, the compact size hiding just how much of a mane he’d grown. His face looked amazing, eyes even greener, lips a little fuller, cheekbones firmer and even his jawline strong. But holy Mother Teresa, my Sammy had gotten fat. His shoulders were huge and wide, obviously to help carry the enormous burden below them. Remembering his pecs as being slim and lean made the growth they’d undergone all the more extreme: he had moobs the size of small cantaloupes now, and there was no missing the bloated areola shoving through his sweatshirt. His gut looked smaller, sadly, a smaller lip puffing out of his clothes.

“Holy…fucking…shit. My Sammy grew tits!”

He giggled happily, and I watched his chest wobble with the motion.

“Yeah, I did. I feel so…well, pretty. Might need some help getting inside, though.”

I glanced down (but not by much), my brow furrowing. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the odd bulges in his pants. Oh wait…Jesus Christ, that was all thigh flesh! I glanced past modest love handles to spot an ass I could just barely see from the front.

“No way…”

He took a few steps forward, and there was no missing the gentle scrape of fabric on wood as he forced his lower body into my room.

“Sammy…that’s a normal doorway! Do you have any idea how huge that makes your butt?”

He grinned, shutting the door as he slowly went into my bathroom.

“Not just my butt. Do me a favor…put the syrup into the microwave for seven seconds.

I’ll be right out.”

I opened my mouth, but my grown lover had already shut the door. Shrugging, I put the

bottle into the microwave, doing just as Sam said and removing the bottle. Warm, but by no means hot. Perfect for putting on cold ice cream…did Sam have some in his bag? It almost wouldn’t surprise me. The door opened and I turned, jaw dropping. Sam was clad only in his underwear, his golden hair undone and falling gorgeously around his meaty, swollen areola. Oh my god…no wonder his stomach had looked smaller through the clothes: I had only been looking at the top part! He had tucked the bottom of his belly into his waistband, adding that strange lump I’d attributed to his hips. His love handles weren’t modest, they were massive. And his belly had fully evolved into a fat blubbery tummy, divided meatily by its own weight into two thick lobes, the smaller upper roll and the lower, much larger sagging cleft. His thighs were still somehow smooth and unmarred by rolls, perfectly creamy legs arcing into hips that could strangle a grizzly bear! He patted his belly, and I erected instantly at how unbelievably soft it was, jiggling massively from just that gentle slap!

“I totally fooled you. Figured this would be a good reveal, and I’m always happy to surprise you.”

I walked up to him slowly, hand gently rubbing the now-vast expanse of his body.

“You totally got me, Sammy. Here I was thinking your belly had shrunk, but it’s fucking

doubled in size.”

He leaned in, and I had to go on tip toe to kiss him, melting into his lips.

“Wow, I forgot how tall I got this year. Put on three and a half inches and seventy pounds, just for you.”

I squealed happily, hugging his enormity.

“My big fat Sammy is six foot four and two hundred seventy-five pounds. Holy shit.”

Sam grinned.

“Six foot four and a half! Can I have the syrup? While it’s still warm.”

I handed it to him.

“You got ice cream tucked away, or some cookies…?”

I trailed off, watching him pop the cap, grin shyly at me, and then begin to suckle from

the top like a newborn, squeezing the bottle as he gulped down mouthful after mouthful of warm chocolate syrup. My jaw dropped as he just kept going, but he slowly lowered himself to his knees, motioning for me to help. Taking his cue, I grabbed the bottle and began to squeeze, Sam’s hands falling away as he slurped syrup, belly oozing well into his lap. More and more he gulped, bottle growing lighter and lighter. Finally the bottle made wet slurping sounds with each squeeze, and Sam pulled away to gasp for air.

“Wow…should have asked for two!”

“When did my Sammy become such a gorgeous glutton?!”

He kissed me deeply, chocolate taste spreading to my mouth as our rock hard erections rubbed against each other.

“Since I figured out just how much I enjoy eating…and being fat.”

I kissed him sweetly, hands exploring every inch of his enormous body. He stood up for me, allowing me to slide my hands over his sagging stomach and extra-wide love handles. Pausing at his moobs, I hefted them gently, causing Sam to moan loudly and bite his lip.

“That sensitive, huh? Damn, look at these.”

I moved my hands to his areola, their mass swollen off of his chest like twin mounds of dark pink flesh. I tilted my head, fingers inching toward twin divets on either moob.

“D-did your nipples invert, Sammy?” Sam gasped.

“N-no, don’t…!”

But it was too late. At the slightest provocation, his areola visibly wobbled as Sam’s nipples pushed out of his chest, bloating out into the open as what looked like D-batteries of flesh surged out of his massive areola, jiggling gently. I shook my head.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Sam’s face, a bright red, brightened.

“Really? I thought you’d be freaked out by it.”

I gingerly grabbed both areola, pumping them like cocks as Sam moaned sharply.

“Stop, stop, please!! I’m gonna cum! Stop!” I withdrew, grin crossing my features.

“All this from weight gain?”

Sam flushed, looking down as he bit his lip shyly.

“Th-that’s the deep dark secret.”

He’d taken some estrogen pills. He had only wanted to try it, just for a few days. An arousal-fueled decision…but something had gone wrong (or very right, in both our opinions). The few days’ worth of estrogen had continued well into the next two months, through some botched miracle of science. Sam told me that was when his chest had finally started growing, swelling from flat pecs to the massive melon moobs I saw before me, complete with mountainous areola and nipples so thick and large they hid in those areola like a horse cock in a sheath. The treatment had made his face more delicate, hair silkier and fluffier, belly doughier and softer, and of course had given him a pair of hips and an ass that literally wedged him in smaller doorways. And Sam couldn’t have been happier.

“I’m finally as feminine as I’ve always wanted to be. Any more and I think it would be too much…I don’t want a higher voice or hormone swings. But these physical changes are absolutely perfect.”

I relaxed into his huge body, his large (and somehow still very muscular) arms cradling me as I ran a hand through his ultra-silky hair.

“I agree. You’re without a doubt the most amazing, beautiful boyfriend I could ever hope for.”

We cuddled for a while, my hand traveling up and down his huge body to explore every possible inch of him. My fingers ran over his nipples gently, causing Sam to shiver.

“Can you…lactate, Sam?” Sam shook his head.

“And you know? It’s not something I find that hot.” I shrugged.

“That’s fair. But how can you even wear shirts if you’re that sensitive now?”

“Hahah they’re not that sensitive. Only when someone jacks off my areola.” I growled playfully.

“I’m sorry I find your super nips so hot! Your fault for gaining so much weight and making yourself so sexy!”

He smiled warmly, tugging me into him as we cuddled on the bed.

“I’m so relieved you find this hot. I got so scared…I can’t bear to lose you.”

I happily snuggled into his warm, shirtless body, my feet testing his meaty legs.

“You never will, Sammy. You could grow actual nipple dicks and I’d still find you hot.”

“Maybe not that far.”

The bell rang signaling it was time for dinner. I kissed my boyfriend softly.

“Let’s get you fed! Wanna see how much you can eat, big guy. And do me a favor…try to avoid Preston. I’d rather not get locked in my room my first night seeing my boyfriend.”

Sam laughed, tugging on his clothes as he adjusted his weight.

“Inside joke, I’m guessing.”

I swooned as I watched his curves slide into fabric, soft jiggling dough mashed into his shirt in the most delicious ways.

“You are a sight, Peyton Samuel Marshall.”

Sam smiled warmly, kissing the top of my head. God, I love a tall boy!

“Let’s eat!”

I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as I watched Sam eat that night. Pound after pound of food went down his gullet. I watched him eat nine hot dogs, six helpings of baked beans, four grilled chicken breasts, seven piles of chips, and five heaping cold cut sandwiches. Only when they stopped serving food at all did Sam stop eating, pouting a bit.

“Well…guess it’s better to leave room for later!”
 He leaned in close, whispering in my ear.

“I want brownies and milkshake.”

I blushed happily, and that was when some of the other counselors joined us. Every single one pointed out how fat Sam had gotten, how fabric-tenting his moobs had gotten, and how colossal his new butt was. And it was glorious. Preston leaned in and sighed.

“Hope you have rations. I’m putting a guard on your door tonight. This boy’s gotta be another fifty pounds.”

I leaned right back, naughty grin splitting my features. “Seventy. Checkmate.”

Preston rolled his eyes.

“You gays are a weird, hungry bunch. I’m still locking you in your room so I can talk with Sam.” I smiled.

“Relax, Pres. He’s actually very eager to chat with all of you. You’ll get your drink.”

That evening was very relaxed and fun. Lots of drinking, as usual. Sam did indeed catch up with all his old friends and reacquainted with some of the younger counselors, and tons of weight gain pokes were made. But finally the night began to wind down and Sam and I snuck away. I was ecstatic to stuff him again…and I could tell his tipsy self was eager to show me how much he’d grown. And he had grown. Last year, he could stomach maybe half a dozen brownies and perhaps finish the shake too. Now? He devoured nearly twenty brownies and downed three milkshakes without breaking a sweat. He paused, gazing at my painfully erect self as he finished his syrup-saturated drink.

“F-feel free to say no, but…um…I-I think I’d like to try having sex tonight.”

I balked a bit. We’d both agreed early on that the bulk of our fun (no pun intended) was had by each other’s company. Foreplay and stimulation had kept us going for this long…but I supposed that it couldn’t hurt to try it! That, and the combo of alcohol, a craving for Sam belly, and the size of that booty made me loath to say no.

“It’s totally worth a shot! Um…who tops?” Sam blushed.

“I’m so overweight I doubt I could if I wanted to. Plus…I’ve seen your boners. That dick and this ass were made for each other.”

It was true, I was rather blessed downstairs. But even I didn’t know if I could make it all the way into that butt. It got stuck in doorways, for fuck’s sake.

“Okay…let’s give it a try!”

We hurried back to my room, locking the door. The foreplay was wonderful, Sam’s new blubber making a wonderful cushion for my eager humping. But the moment of truth finally came, Sam turning on the bed to expose his monstrous cheeks to me. Slipping a condom on, I slowly entered my boyfriend. He was tight, and the booty weight on either side was almost oppressively thick. It took a little bit to find his hole, but I began to push in, trying my best to be gentle. But we (admittedly) were both virgins, and so the process was new for both of us. I did finally work my way in, pumping slowly as I grunted gently. This wasn’t very pleasurable, by any means…perhaps it was the condom, or perhaps it was my inexperience. But I could tell from the pained gasps and grunts below me that Sam wasn’t enjoying it either. Slowly I pulled out, rubbing his ass gently.

“I…I don’t know if I like this very much.”

“Thank god…yeah, that really wasn’t pleasant.”

I tossed the condom aside, Sam rolling over so I could lay beside him.

“Maybe we’ll try it again! I bet we just have to get used to it.”

“I imagine that’s it. But…this is the first time we’re naked together.”

I rubbed over his average cock, made to look all the smaller by his huge belly on top and gentle fat pad just starting to form atop his shaft.

“I don’t mind this. Is this the first time we’re going to sleep together too?” I grinned hugely, throwing my hand around his broad, beefy arm.

“And I can’t wait for it!”

Due to our very tipsy nature, we fell asleep quickly, but not after another sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack for my growing Sammy. I remember waking up in the night for a bathroom run (for once that seal is broken, even sleep won’t save you) and finding myself covered in sweat. Turns out, Sam’s new blubber put out copious amounts of heat, so much so that I threw all my covers off and just used him as a glorified human space heater, spooning myself into his doughy body. God, he was soft…I reminded myself to use him as a pillow as I slowly drifted back asleep.

Sam had to leave the next day, but he assured me that he’d be keeping up his weight and visiting regularly. We made the summer work wonderfully. Since Sam was close by, he was able to stop by almost every week. I made sure to make a Walmart run beforehand so that he would have all the snacks he could possibly want. Cookies, pastries, and loads of chocolate syrup. But Sam often found himself craving s’mores. He was a camp boy, through and through! So I’d bring bags of marshmallows and whole packages of chocolate to the parties, and the staff would all enjoy a fireside dessert, Sam most of all. Watching him gorge himself on the white goo, growing steadily messier with chocolate and fluff, I found I could just stare at him forever. Him and his insatiable appetite! I must have watched a dozen s’mores vanish down his gullet!

As the weeks went on and Sam continued to gain weight, we got to talking about our futures. My genius of a boyfriend was actually in talks with the government to get a job as a physics consultant, and I found myself facing the reality that life might go on. And when that train left the station, I wanted Sam and myself firmly on it. That train started to hiss steam one night halfway through camp as we lay in bed, my hand rubbing over his body, which he told me was now 280 pounds. I turned to my boyfriend, finger tracing along his smooth, ample abdomen.

“Do you think you’ll have to move across the country, or will they let you work from home?”

Sam sighed, putting a thick arm under my back.

“I’m sure they’re going to relocate me somewhere. They’ve promised me a really good salary, comfortable living, insurance…it’s a really good job, Sean. I’d be an idiot to pass it up.”

My eyes began to sting and I looked away, trying not to cry in front of him.

“I’d never get in the way of your success, Sammy. You would be an idiot to prioritize me over a living.”

He pulled me in close, hugging me tight into his warm body.

“Why can’t I do both?! I want you to come with me, I really do.”

He let go slowly, sighing.

“B-but I know you have your own life. It would be so selfish of me to take you away

from that.”

And just like that, my life became clear. I loved my family and I loved camp, but college was over for me and I had no real goal beyond that other than grad school. What lay in store if I let this pass me by? Debt, more studying, maybe a job as a teacher as I sat in solitude for the rest of my years and bemoaned the loss of the man I’d spent years chasing? No.

“Where are they putting you?”

Sam smiled, believing he knew what I had in my head.

“Hawaii. I know, yet another horrible condition of my position.” I leaned into him, kissing him as sweetly as I possibly could.

“Then we better get ready to tan. You’ll need another pair of hands to get all that blubber sun-screened.”

He paused, turning to look at me in bewilderment. “Y-you really mean it?”

I rubbed through his hair, nodding happily as my heart pounded. It was scary, but this just felt right!

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. It’s going to take a lot of convincing my parents, and I’m going to need a lot of time to process this, but I’d be the biggest idiot in the world to let the boy I’ve obsessed over for more than half a decade slip by me. Especially if he’s got a comfy gig in Hawaii.”

I pantomimed weakly, hang ten symbol in my hand.

“Surf’s up, Sammy.”

He hugged me tight, and I eagerly rolled him on top of me to feel every inch of his softness.

“I’m going to make you happiest boy in the world, Sean. I want you to treasure every minute with me and never regret this decision.”

I kissed him deeply, cradling his beautiful face in my hand.

“I won’t, I promise.”

I’ll make a long story short: I didn’t. The summer went on, and I let my parents know of my decision. They were much more chill than I thought they’d be, although it took a lot of convincing. I promised I would continue my studies and make a living for myself, and I told them that they wouldn’t have to pay a dime. That hardly mattered to them, but they’d known for a while how much Sam meant to me, and they finally conceded that my happiness was more important than their seeing me regularly. It wasn’t an easy choice, but eventually I got their blessing. I made my decision known to camp, and they responded with warm congratulations. I may have told a little white lie that it was where I’d be studying, but that was part of the truth… just not all of it! Preston knew, but I figured the other macho men didn’t have to know the whole deal.

The summer finally ended (all too soon as always), and I realized I’d be saying goodbye to some of my best friends for the last time. But goodbye is almost never forever…I’d make sure to visit when I could. Preston was the worst, and we both cried privately, embracing the other as the best of friends. He wished me the best of luck, and I him, but it was hard nevertheless. I went home a wreck, but I knew it was for the best reasons. I was about to start my new life with the boy of my dreams, and I couldn’t wait. I had a long talk with my parents, promising to call them every so often and assuring them that I’d make good choices. Two weeks later I boarded a plane and flew to Hawaii, all my clothes and some prized possessions in storage. The rest of my home items would arrive over the next few months, and I’d begin my new life with my amazing boyfriend.

We met at the airport, and hugged for so long people started to stare. Hand in hand, we went to meet our assigned agent. Yeah, Sam was so high-profile he had his own agent. Our house was one-story, but beautiful. One kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room! It was a big house, overlooking the most amazing view. Fertile, green brush, tall strong palm trees, and a perfect shot of the ocean a few miles away. I stood at my boyfriend’s side, gazing up at his shining face. I knew it would be the happiest time of my life. To celebrate, we lit a fire in the pavilion and made s’mores, to both bid farewell to and toast the camp that had brought us together. With that, we started our lives in Hawaii.

We decorated our house, slowly but steadily. Some gentle disagreements over what fit and what didn’t, but even our arguments were civil, courteous, and mature. Our conversations were as perfect as they always had been, and home life didn’t change that. We were made for each other, and I knew now that puppy love had nothing to do with it. We held deep philosophical talks, Sam tried his best to coach me in his physics work, but that was far too much even for me. That was the best part about having a genius boyfriend: knowing he’d always be able to impress me. I stocked the house with all sorts of goodies, and Sam and I fully indulged in the native cuisine. So much sweet pineapple and tender pork, the ocean practically in our backyard, the best mixed drinks and coconut desserts, and my Sammy through it all, I was convinced I had gone to heaven.

Sam and I lived in bliss for three months, and then Sam was tasked with his job. His work didn’t take him far, but it did require he commute for the day. But first was a health checkup. Sam’s work didn’t require him to do any tough physical work (because there was no way he’d pass an exam), but they did want to make sure he wouldn’t collapse doing vital government work. And to be honest, we were both curious about the health effects his weight was having. He told me he’d been fine at his last checkup…but that had been when he was at 205…and he was quite a bit bigger by now. I insisted I be there, and I watched the doctor measure, weigh, perform all sorts of basic exams. Finally he consulted us both, voice firm but gentle.

“Mr. Marshall, I must be frank. At six foot six and three hundred pounds, you are just beyond the range of obese.”

My breath caught and Sam straightened a little. Six six?! Three hundred?! The doctor totally misread our reactions, though.

“But, I must admit this next part is baffling to me. You are in perfect health. In fact, I’d expect this kind of body performance in your guest here. I can’t quite explain it with your build, but you run no risk of suffering any ailments. Still, as your physician, I must advise you to try to lose some weight, for mobility’s sake.”

He went on for a bit, then let us go. The second we were out of earshot, Sam scooped me up to twirl me around in a massive hug.

“D-did you hear him, Sean?! I’m obese!”

I squeezed his belly, which did indeed feel doughier with the news.

“No…he said you’re a little past obese, Sammy!” he gasped happily.

“And I’m still getting taller…must be a late bloomer.”

I sighed, noticing that I was just at his collarbone. God, another few inches and I’d be face to face with those moobs…which definitely looked thicker and puffier.

“We have to celebrate. S’mores and shake?”

Sam nodded, patting his ample fat. “All you can eat.”

I grinned hugely.

“And…I have something else I want to share with you. I’ll show you when we get our


Sam tilted his head, long strand of hair coming undone to drift along his shoulder. God, he was hot.

“All right…but now I’m curious!”

Sam and I parted ways, him to run some more errands and me to do some shopping. Getting two bags of jumbo marshmallows, three packages of graham crackers, two boxes of classic Hershey’s bars, four gallons of ice cream, two gallons of milk, and four bottles of syrup, I shook my head in amazement. His appetite always amazed me, but seeing just how much I’d need to satisfy him for one dessert just made me chuckle. I could feed an entire group of kids with this, for god’s sake. Thankfully he made good money, because the amount this boy ate racked up a fortune. Still, buying some more expensive (and therefore more nutritious) foods gave me a good thrill. That evening, we feasted. And by we, I mean Sam. I tried to keep myself in good shape, and Sam assured me that I was continually getting more lean and toned… although next to him, I probably looked like Chris Hemsworth. As Sam devoured his sixth pork loin and eagerly went to open the marshmallows, I cut him off quickly.

“Ah, wait! Before you get your hands all coated and sticky!” I handed him a wrapped square, and Sam looked at me.

“Feels like a book. What’s this for?”

I shrugged, smiling.

“For taking me with you to paradise!”

He opened it, his eyes widening. Over the years, I had compiled a number of photos of Sam… both knowingly and otherwise. We were all cyber stalkers at one point, get over it. The ones from way back in camp were a bit sketchy, but the best shirtless ones I could get. They clearly showed his growth, however. Flipping to the first page, Sam shook his head.

“No way was I ever that thin.”

I traced the picture, sighing as I brushed over his short hair, much thinner and younger face, and tight lean body. Then I turned my head to look at him now. Nipple-length golden mane, a face that was still unmarred by a double chin but much fuller than the picture, and a body that looked like it was stuffed with Jello. Sam and I went through each segment, some filled with more than others.

“Oh wow, you can see me gaining weight here. That was when I dated Rachel, Jesus. How did you get these?”

I blushed, looking away shyly. Sam nodded.

“Quick with a camera, huh? That’s totally from New Year’s.”

“I was thinking every month we take a picture. Fill up that scrapbook…and you.”

Sam closed the book, leaning down to kiss me sweetly. “I love it. I love you, too.”

He eyed the bag of marshmallows, pausing. A strange look I’d never seen entered his eyes, and he began to shake gently.


He bit his lip, and I noticed him tenting his shorts. “What’s going on, Sam?”

Sam shook his head, laughing gently.

“I just got reminded of something. Way back in the day, before camp, I used to be pretty


I poked his flab-filled belly.

“You? Never would have guessed it.”

“Ha ha. But…the other kids used to tease me a lot. They had a nickname for me. I used to hate it…and I guess I forgot it. But it just came back to me.”

“I-I’m sorry, Sam. I didn’t mean to…”

“No no! I’m glad you did! I want you to start calling me it.” He was eager…like, really eager.

“You want me to make fun of you? Sam, I…”

“It won’t be making fun of me! Think of it as me reclaiming a word type thing.” “All right…I guess. What should I be calling you exactly?”

Sam blushed in the light of the fire, breath coming hot. “P-please start calling me…S…S…Smarshmallow.”

I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing gently. Oh, that was adorable. But look how much it turned him on now! He’d come a long way. As he looked at me shyly, I put my hand over his.

“You got it, my big fluffy Smarshmallow.”

Sam gasped, and I noticed a stain spreading through his tight shorts.

“You did not…”

Sam blushed, laughing weakly.

“I’m so sorry…but that name? Coming from you? Oh my god, it’s turning me on so much. I…I don’t like it when you make fun of my fat…”

It was true. He may have been the only gainer I knew who didn’t get turned on by humiliation. Which was fine by me…I would hate to mock him, even erotically. I worshipped him too much.

“…but that name is something so sweet, so caring, so feminine and fat at the same time. I can’t get enough of it.”

I rubbed his thick tummy, patting the jiggly belly firmly. “Go get cleaned up, Smarshmallow, and we’ll eat.”

I close the scrapbook, looking at the picture of us lit by firelight as I remember that evening. I’ll never forget it…how could I? It was the night Sam really came into his own. Shortly after that he’d started gaining more confidence; being around total strangers helped him a lot for sure. And Hawaiian people are so damn friendly, there’s never any shaming around here! His job made him a bit of a celebrity around here, and it provided for us both perfectly. I took on more of a housewife job, which is weird considering Sam likes the more feminine things. But, always unable to sit idly by, I somehow landed myself a job as a screenwriter. Able to work from home, I actually helped co-write some major scripts! Brought some additional money into our home, making sure we lived very comfortably. Neither of us mind, either.

I flip through some more of the scrapbook, smiling fondly. There’s Sam in his beach outfit…god, look at him. Belly proud and fat, sagging like an apron over his swimsuit. We’d taken that the morning after that fireside celebration…holy shit, has that really been nine years ago?! Let’s see, I’m just turning thirty next month, so yeah! Nine long, bliss-filled years. My attention is grabbed by my watch beeping to let me know my alarm. Time to get breakfast ready. My voice carries through the house, into the bedroom beyond.

“Time to wake up, hon!! We gotta eat before our flight! You know you want food!”

I hear my love slowly get up, putting the scrapbook away. It’s thick and full, collection from over the years gracing its pages. Sam’s not growing any more…but we still include pictures from special days and cute moments. I turn to smile at my husband, eyes traveling up and down his body.

Glancing back at the picture open in the book, I shake my head. How much has changed! Sam is six foot ten, and he hasn’t budged from six hundred pounds in a few years. We keep his hair cut at shoulder length so he doesn’t have to tie it up as much, and it never gets any less silky or soft. By some miracle of nature, he never grew a double chin, but I’m not complaining. He’s got moobs the size of watermelons, and areola that take up about a quarter of each, shoving off his chest in enormous flabby mounds. The crop top he sleeps in doesn’t come close to covering those areola, but they do help keep his nipples in when he gets excited. I always joke that he’s got nipple cocks, but Sam denies any correlation. Still, he’s got six inch, coke bottle-thick nipples that shove out of his areola when he gets too horny…so I’ll call them what I want. Come to think of it…I flip through the scrapbook. How have I never noticed that? His nightly crop top is that green shirt he always used to wear. God, that had fit at the end of that summer we’d started dating. Now it didn’t even cover his fucking areola.

His belly is an ocean of adipose and blubber, smooth bottom flopping and wobbling just below his knees. Not a single stretch mark, no gross wrinkles anywhere, it’s the perfect smooth belly that I thought only existed in art. Love handles bulging like wings over hips that have forced us to renovate our house not once, but twice. I could probably fit four times over in each doorway, and yet my Sam can just squeeze through them with that pumpkin-sized booty. Even that mess of fat and blubber is smooth and round, the ideal perky bubble butt that balances out his ultra-perky, spherical moobs perfectly. Thighs that are sleek and sexy, pushed together by their sheer enormity but never folding over each other. The only thing that has rolls is his stomach, and even that’s only when he sits down. In other words, he’s the most beautiful man in the world.

“Morning, Smarshy. Hungry?”

He nods, patting his belly. Just the simple act of walking makes him ripple and wobble like a bowl of jelly, and I use that to my supreme advantage.

“You have to ask?”

I laugh, already cracking eggs.

“I’m making omelets. How many do you think you’ll eat this morning?”

“Ummm…I’m not super hungry, so let’s cap it at a dozen.”

I nod, loading up the three egg omelet with lots of cheese. Despite my Sammy’s horrific diet, the doctor can never find anything wrong. He’s admitted that Sam should have been dead five years ago…but my healthy-as-a-horse husband keeps on going. He can even jog for a few minutes, so walking is no issue for him, even with his colossal weight.

“Try to eat quick! We’re on a schedule.”

Sam nods, grunting as he lowers his formidable weight onto the huge couch we use as his chair, the booty shorts he wears as bottoms straining around his world-ending thighs. Even in sweatpants, we have to go custom.

“I know. I’m excited to go back.”

It’s the 150th anniversary of my old camp, and Sam and I are traveling to meet our old alumni friends.

“I doubt they’ll even recognize you. You were skinny the last time you showed up there.” Sam nods, laughing happily as I put the first of many omelets onto his plate.

“Skinny is a relative term, babe. I was over two hundred when we left…and you’re still fifty pounds shy of that.”

I shrug, pleased and content with my fun-size self. I haven’t changed a single bit through any of the scrapbook photos, although Sam insists I keep putting on muscle. I suppose I have to, continually lifting and playing with all that fat. After his colossal meal, I help Sam shower. The best part is getting under that behemoth belly. Teasingly greeting his fat pad-engulfed cock, I wash and clean him meticulously, making sure I get a good snuggle into that warm, wet body. Despite Sam’s condition, there’s no shortage of sexual joy in our lives. Even when we could do it, sex never got any better for us, so we just never did it. The joy of Sam’s growing body is enough, and now the combination of fatplay and nipple stimulation can get him orgasming in no time. After the shower and subsequent drying, I run through his closet.

“So what shall we dress you in for your grand debut? Button-up, suit?” Sam grins, familiar shy blush spreading across his cheeks.

“As much as I wish I could show them how well I fit my old camp sweatshirt, let’s go button-up.”

I eye the grey clothing item in question, chuckling.

“That wouldn’t even cover your boobs now, Smarsh.”

I grab a light blue button-up shirt I could go camping in, helping him slide in as I button it up slowly. Grabbing a matching pair of pants, I help him slide into it, shaking my head in amazement as I catch sight of the “Size 60+” tag on the back. They don’t even make sizes as big as my fat hubby. There’s always a struggle to get the back up over his ass, but we manage as we always do.

“God, this is restricting.”

I pat his gut lovingly, watching his curves flop and wobble through the fabric.

“You’ll be in public, and there’ll be no nice warm beaches at camp. You’ll just have to suck it up…I promise when we get back, you can change right back into your crop top and booty shorts!”

Sam grins happily, gathering up his belly like a curtain as I button his pants, letting him drop his ocean of a belly as waves traverse its ultra-doughy surface. Sam and I attribute his belly’s unbelievably fluffy texture to the two bags of marshmallows he eats a night, but I think it’s just great genetics. He was meant to be a Smarshmallow, without a doubt. The flight is uneventful, although we do get stares. When you have to get three seats all to yourself, you get used to them. Driving is always tricky, but we find a rental big enough to fit Sam. Pulling up to camp, I let out a wistful sigh.

“Wow…I’m nostalgic.”

A voice from the porch gets my attention.

“You’re getting locked in your room is what you’re getting.”

Grinning in disbelief, I turn to find my best friend in the whole world walking toward me. “Preston, you son of a bitch…you still remember that?”

Preston hugs me fiercely, looking way up as he shakes his head.

“I remember when Sam Marshall left camp a little pudgy. What do they feed you boys in

Hawaii? I want some!”

He hugs Sam as best he can, giving his belly a playful poke.

“Soft as a pillow. Goddamn, the boys won’t even recognize you. Only reason I did is because you’re with Sean and he hasn’t changed a bit.”

“I resent that. You look good, Pres. Any wife keeping you fit and trim?” He chuckles.

“Nope. Bachelor life keeping me working out. I don’t mind though. You two ever end up tying the knot?”

I show him my ring, and Sam smiles shyly. Jeez, all that bluster and the second he gets back to camp he’s the old shy Sammy. I don’t mind…it’s the man I fell in love with.

“About four years now! Every day’s a dream.” Preston smiles, patting me on the back.

“Well, congratulations you two. I’m gonna go in, it’s fuckin’ brick titty cold out here. See you in there.”

I wave him off, watching him leave. Sam puts his hand around my shoulder, hugging me into his ballooned tit. That’s about how far I come up on him, anyway.

“You ready?” I nod, patting his gut.

“Let’s show them how far you’ve come, my beautiful Smarshy.” He bends down as I get on tiptoes, the only way we can kiss.

“I wonder if anyone will recognize me. I’m getting all nervous!”

I laugh, giving his belly a playful shake, mesmerized as usual by the way it moves.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Taking his hand, I slowly guide him along.

“Come on, big guy. My huge fluffy Smarshmallow.”

We kiss again before walking into the place where we met, all but a lifetime ago.

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