Adventures of a selfsucker

by willy8

Silas loves going down on his own big cock, and while the intense experience of autofellatio doesn’t help him with his girlfriend it does bring him closer to his handsome roommate Ben.

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Part 1 Silas loves going down on his own big cock, and while the intense experience of autofellatio doesn’t help him with his girlfriend it does bring him closer to his handsome roommate Ben.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14 Silas can’t get enough of sucking his own cock, and these days he even likes the thrill of maybe getting caught doing it. But what he really wants is his absent boyfriend, Ben. (added: 16 Mar 2016)
Part 15
Part 16 Ben has made a mistake Silas can’t forgive, leaving him alone with the only partner he truly understands—his own dick. (added: 28 Jul 2017)
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Note: This story contains some hetero material, but it shifts toward male/male along the way. It originally appeared at the LPSG and is reprinted with permission of the author.


Part 1

When I was a senior in high school, it was hard to find alone time. Mom and Dad would come home around 6, just when I came home from practice. I was responsible for getting my sister from her music lessons, and we would meet at home for dinner. There was no “me time”. None in the mornings, nor days, nor nights. Sometimes, on the weekends, I would get some, but that was few and far between. I took to driving around town and rubbing one out, to get a little bit of privacy. The most difficult part was going from my engorged cockhead to the manual shifter in the Saab. I would slowly get myself hard as I drove to my favorite little hidey-holes on the edge of town. The drive up to the park and through the little forest was exciting in the dark, cause I knew what would be coming. There were sometimes people at the park but I didn’t care.

I left my parents’ house wearing a t-shirt, gym shorts, and no underwear. Pulling out of the driveway, and reaching through the leg of my shorts I took my long soft shaft and low-hanging balls into my hand. All together, the package was way more than a handful. I began by pulling on my heavy, warm shaft, and letting my balls sit against my leg. Soon enough, I began getting hard. With every pull, blood rushed into my inflating dick. When my dick pressed above my belly button, I was ready. By that age, I’d already mastered the special skill of autofellatio.

I pulled into the lot over-looking the lake and grassy expanse of the park around 8:30, just as the sun was setting in the summer, or past dark in the cold winter hours. I was hard by the time I got to the park, my cock reaching past my belly button, and straight up against the steering wheel. I picked out good music and got to work.

I started by twisting my hand in time to the electronic bass, rubbing my head with every downbeat, and stroking the shaft with the off-beats. Going in time to music made me last longer, and caused more pre-cum to leak from my cock. As soon as a drop came out, I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and brought it to my lips. That first taste of the sweet juice made me so stiff. It was always a contest to see how long rubbing my shaft up and down would last, letting the pre dribble and coat my long shaft with slickness before really starting. Then, after about 5 times of my pre sliding out, I scanned the lot to make sure no one was watching. Anticipating my soft warm tongue was excruciating, but holding off was even better. I bent over and licked the warm clear liquid from my dick. The first lick was always the best, a gentle flicking of the cock- slit, watching my pre slide down the head of my dick. My tongue was so warm and wet, pre making the entire head sticky. The first lick was always soft and barely made contact. That was so thrilling. Then, leaning up, and scanning the lot again, I licked my lips clean. After the first lick, my dick continually and slowly leaked, making the shaft moist and easy to rub.

At this point, I always re-adjusted by pulling my dick and plump nuts back through my shorts, and putting the band underneath my sack. This way, my dick was pulled up, and leaned against my stomach. Then, scanning the lot once more, I furiously worked the shaft up and down. Hands one on top of the other, a blur with a mass of flesh between them. No one was in the lot. I leaned forward to kiss it, my moist lips meet my wet cockhead. The smacking sound of the kiss was like the opening bell to a fight, me against my balls, to see which could hold out longer. I started sucking slowly. First, my lips slipped over the fat tip of my dick, and I held my tongue back. Feeling a wet and eager hole slipping around my head caused the pre to flow more voluminously, oozing out between my mouth and head. I stopped at the base of my cockhead, the flare of my glans spreading my pursed mouth, and then sucked hard as I leaned back up. Scanning the lot again, then diving back down, I immediately took the entire head in and formed a tight seal around the top of the shaft with my lips. I held the tip in my mouth for a long time. I comfortably whirled my tongue around my dickhead, feeling the contour of my glans. Fat and filling against the roof of my mouth, resting on my tongue beneath. I twirled my tongue as quickly as I could, like a tornado flicking around the whole sensitive head. Juice hit my tongue as I fought the urge to swallow the whole thing. Then, I slowed the swirling motion and gently nibbled my head. It throbbed with every deliberate slurp, every purposeful tongue flick along the slit. It sent shivers down my spine. Then, pulling up on my dick, I squeezed the base tight. Inflated, I twirled my tongue like a wild man. Sitting like that, sucking on my head slow and hard for a minute or two, holding the spit and pre in my mouth, I felt ready to cum. Instead, I rose with one great slurp to a sitting position again. My sticky saliva, mixed with precum, fell onto the shaft and into my hand. I rubbed it into the length of my cock. I thought of how jealous every guy must be, how they wished for a bj on demand, as I slowly jacked off.

I rubbed my dick until it began to soften, then slipped my left hand under my thigh, and squeezed the thick base of my dick with my right, to massively erect the top half. Then, bending over, I gave my cockhead fast, soft, circular licks, teasing the edge of my rim, and feeling the soft skin against my tongue. The slowly leaking precum was quite sweet. Then, like a vacuum, I’d slurp up the juice and tongue my slit, before slipping the shaft into my mouth, and pressing my dick against the inside of my cheek. I fucked my own face. My hips thrust wildly towards my chin, my thick dick widening my hungry mouth. With it sliding against my cheek, this almost felt like a real BJ. My dick slowly got hard against my cheek. The feeling of it slowly inflating inside my own mouth was the best part. I held the position as my cock throbbed against my tongue, and pulsed against my lips. My cockhead slowly inching into my mouth with each beat. My mouth become more and more full, I fought to not suck as my big cock grew more stiff. Then, when hard, I slowly jerked the base and held the tip inside my lips, increasing the pace and speed. I gently slurped the head while my hand twisted the bottom of my shaft. I was in heaven. Eagerly, I swallowed my precum and worked my mouth a little further down, taking the shaft in for the first time that night. After all of the licking, it was quite slick. I kept my head still and let my hand guide my dick, rotating it in small circles inside my dripping mouth. Then, my dick escaped with a crisp pop as I leaned back, and closed my eyes.

I anticipated what would come next, the control needed, and the imminent pleasure. Rubbing my flat stomach, and pecs with my gooey hands, I slid over to the passenger seat. The steering wheel was getting in the way of truly enjoying my talent. With my right hand I pulled on my long shaft, and held my pec in my left. The lot was still empty, and even though the car sat in a back corner, I was still apprehensive about being discovered. I was parked in the shadow cast by a clump of tall evergreens, so the dark blue Saab was not very visible from within the lot, and impossible to see from the road. The lot was still empty. I put my bare feet against the dash, so I was still sitting in the seat, but in more of a squatting position. With legs drawn up close to my head, I could more easily have fun. In this position, I was startled by how close my dick was to my face. Mere centimeters separated my mouth and the one-eyed monster. I stuck my tongue out, and flicked a pearly glob of precum from the tip. The sweetness mixed with spit as I leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on the slit, letting the slick lube sneak past my lips. I made out with the very tip as the juice oozed down toward my wildly pumping hand. Then, repositioning, I pulled my arms inside the bend of my legs, and my dick smacked my chin. It had never been that close in this position. It opened new doors, new possibilities flooded my mind as I quickly kissed my dick. With my hands wrapped around my ankles, I stuck my tongue out and met the ridge, and pushed it with my tongue so I could wrap my mouth around the red pulsing cockhead.

Without struggling, my cockhead jumped into my mouth, and I laughed at the ease I could do this. I methodically circled my head with my tongue, breathing gently through my nose. Then my lips joined in. I worked them down my shaft and started really swallowing it’s length, quickly pulling half of my cock into the hot wet hole of my mouth. The fleshy mass pushed down on my tongue, and made the circles tighter. The gentle scraping of my teeth fired my desire to take more of my dick. The ridges sliding past my lips throbbed as my cockhead found the entrance to my throat. I took a deep breath and plunged past the halfway mark of my shaft, sucking harder with each inch I pulled in. Then, mouth full with 6 inches of my cock, I bobbed up and down just like a real blow job. The feeling was unreal as my long, fat dick plunged my mouth and spread my lips. I slid into my own throat. The wet, squelching sounds filled the car and overtook the throbbing bass. Then, I went in time to the music, pulling up on the offbeat, and plunging six inches down on my shaft with the pounding bass drum. Dancing with myself always pushed the orgasm closer. Then, the long electronic song would end, and I slowly pulled off of my dick, sucking hard as it escaped. Taking my feet off the dash, and relaxing, leaning into the seat, I looked out the window. It was far to steamy to see through, so I wiped it off. My hand continued to massage my hard swollen shaft. There was a car at the far end of the parking lot.

Slowly massaging my shaft, keeping it hard, I wiped off the window more. The car was unfamiliar so I decided to continue. I wrapped one of my socks into a tight little ball and stuck it between my dick and stomach, to draw it away from my body some. Positioning myself in a ball was making my leg cramp, so I put them straight to the floor of the car. Pushing against the floor, and tucking my hands under my butt, I lifted my hips and well-loved cock towards my face. I bent down and swallowed my dick. I needed to hurry. I bobbed my head very fast, twirling my tongue manically around the voluminously leaking slit on the upstrokes, and pressing it against the hard ridges on the top of my dick with every downstroke. Then I felt the hot, boiling climax building in my balls. Grabbing them from under my thigh and gently pumping them brought it on quick. A floodgate was opening at the base of my shaft. My balls pulsed in my hand and pulled towards my shaft. Then it happened. My dick jumped wildly in my mouth, the shaft beating spreading my already strained lips, before I felt the powerful spray of jizz hit my throat. With cock-shaft filling my mouth, the spunk didn’t have very far to go to flood my throat. I started swallowing each and every drop of the juice, tasting only the sweaty wet length of my cock. The second blast was the biggest, and I struggled to pull it down, and slurped against my shaft as it came. Then, a titanic spasm shook my mouth as a huge dollop oozed from my slit. My cockhead flared inside my throat and filled the space entirely. I sucked the last drops with all my might before pulling my softening dick from my mouth. I leaned back in the passenger seat, savoring the sweet cum lingering in my mouth, intensely satisfied. I was convinced there was no better feeling I could enjoy.

After a few moments spent in jello-like bliss I looked out the window. The car was still there, and had not moved. I got out of the car and stepped around to the driver’s side. Whoever was at the park had not seen me but probably suspected something strange. I could see a huddled mass inside of the car, but could not tell if they were watching me. I pulled my 7-inch soft dick out of my pants and took a piss, watching the other car; they still did not see me. Just to entice them, if they were watching, I stood behind the hood so they could see. When I was done, I got in the car and took off. That was not the first time I practiced selfsucking, and it certainly was not the last.


Part 2

Selfsucking was not something I did all the time. I had a regular social life, and could, really, pull myself away from my dick. But it was always tempting. There were plenty of other thoughts, ideas, and fantasies passing through my mind, but the possibility of “sucking my own dick” was always an undercurrent. It was a constant thing, and sometimes I had to really suppress the desire to blurt out “I sucked my own dick during passing period!” when called on to answer a question, or “I want to blow myself for two hours this afternoon.” It became a huge mental distraction, more than a physical one.

Now finally at college, and living away from my parents, I had plenty of time to myself. But, I also had plenty of time to distract myself with other activities like getting drunk with friends, and smoking too much pot, and fucking my girlfriend at her friend’s if she visited for the weekend. Given these new-found hobbies, time spent with my dick had dropped off. It had not stopped, but grown infrequent. It was nearly December, and I had enjoyed my mouth only four times that semester—which was far below my average. Before arriving at college it had been a weekly, if not every-other-day, experience. I cut-back without intending to. The week before leaving for school, I planned to do it daily, if possible. But, having a roommate did not factor into this plan.

Sean was an architecture major, and monopolized an entire third of our dorm for his draft table and associated supplies. He was there constantly. Every time I returned from class, he was at the table drafting plans, or working on intense calculus problems while his shit music played. Sean was a good roommate, but in the room far too often. Once I had blown myself while standing in the showers, the water steaming up the whole communal bathroom, and cascading over my shoulders while I plunged my mouth, and two other times had been in a bathroom between classes. These events were performed out of necessity, out of sheer horn-itude, since I barely even had time to jerk-off. So, I’d only enjoyed one full night of pleasure that whole semester, while Sean was out with friends.

I was sexually frustrated. I had grown quite attached to selfsucking, and thoroughly appreciated doing it. Even though I was regularly having sex with my girlfriend, it felt as though a piece were missing. One snowy Friday night after lab, I arrived back to an empty dorm room. I text Sean:

me: yo, where are you tonight?

Sean: At a party! come join

Right, I was about to skip out on my first night alone in a month. Me: I’m just going to relax and go to bed early. Coming back tonight?

Sean: Nah, going to Tasha’s for the night.

My opportunity had finally presented itself. I had the whole night alone, and could spend it with my dick firmly between my lips. I went to the window, and pulled the heavy grey curtains shut. Then, standing in the middle of the room, I stripped and tossed my clothes into the laundry basket at the foot of the bed. I turned to look at my reflection in the full-length mirror. My long, dark blonde hair was pulled into a loose bun at the base of my neck. I undid the bun, and let my hair fall. Yeah, I was kind of a hippie at the time. I brought one hand to the gentle line of my pectorals, and traced the muscle from armpit to sternum, then up to clavicles and over trapezium. I ran both hands over my pecs, gently grazing my nipples, and further down to my abs. I was no Adonis, but had definition from years of yoga and biking. I traced the subtle outlines of my six-pack, my hands exploring the gentle ridges and valleys on the way to my ab-cut. It was the most defined part of my body, and stood out from my hips and upper thighs by at least a centimeter. With both hands placed lightly at my waist, I followed the rise down towards my hips, feeling the hard wall between my hip and upper quads. I followed it all the way down and into my crotch, and cupped my soft, heavy package in both hands. I gazed into the mirror, into my own hazel eyes. Then, down at my reflected hairless chest, pecs rising and falling with every gentle breath, and abs tensing and releasing. I flexed, bringing my right hand to them, feeling the prominent, yet shallow valleys. In my left hand were my loose ping-pong sized nuts. I followed the trail of blonde hair from my belly button to my pubes with my right, and finally onto my dick.

Still flaccid, it hung straight down between my nuts and past their hefty weight. Taking the fleshy hot mass in my right hand, and gently tugging it, feeling the shaft stretch and elongate slightly sent shivers down my spine. I dropped it with a soft plop against my left hand. I lowered my hands and stepped away from the mirror. I stared at the reflection of my huge, swinging dick. It was easily over 6 inches completely soft, and was framed by my low, ample balls. I twisted my hips from side to side, and watched as my dick swung back and forth, nearly hitting my iliac crest with each sideways motion. I became entranced watching the foot-wide arc. It started getting hard. I stood perfectly still watching it grow longer, fatter and more veiny, until it began rising from my nuts. I brought my hands back to my stomach and ran them up and down, playing my abs like a washboard. I closed my eyes, imagining what would come next, the intense pleasure I would perform on myself, and the load I would feel on my tongue. Holding my pecs, I slowly began to rock back and forth. With every forward thrust, my dick smacked my lower abdomen, and with every reverse motion flung against my balls. I opened my eyes a few moments later and stared into the mirror. I was now fully hard. My cock pointed straight out from a tidy clump of light brown pubes, trimmed so condoms wouldn’t snag, nor hair get in my (or my girlfriend’s) mouth. The reflection of my dick pulsed with every heartbeat. It got a little more plump with every thump. I grasped my shaft.

I put my right hand flush against my pubic bone, and wrapped my fingers around the mass of hard flesh. My fingers could not touch. I placed my left hand directly on top of right, and still, shaft was exposed. I took my right hand away and placed it on top of my left, which left my tip poking through. I felt a flush of excitement. Somehow, my dick had grown. Tearing myself away from the mirror, while still stroking my thick shaft, I looked for a ruler. I pulled one from the top drawer of Sean’s desk and returned to the mirror. The veins running up my shaft pulsed in my hand as I lay the ruler on top of my cock. The ruler rested on its flat edge along the top of my shaft, and flesh still peeked out on either side. I pressed the clear plastic gently into my pubic bone, and let out a small gasp as the head of my dick squeaked past 9 inches. My dick had not grown for two years, and I believed a solid 8-incher would sprout from my crotch for the remainder of life. The new growth happened only this first semester at school, nearly 3/4 of an inch and I had not noticed. I was elated at the new possibilities. I set the ruler down by the sink. Wrapping both hands around my shaft, I worked them slowly up and down. The inner ridges of my cock slid between my fingers, the warm mass feeling like it could burst through my tight grip. I watched as a drop of precum oozed out of my long slit, then worked it into my shaft. I rarely used lube because of how much precum I produced. Even then, there was usually spit on my dick.

I sat down on the edge of the counter, with my legs straight out in front of me. I admired the way my legs flexed in the mirror, the veins coursing against my calf muscles and up my defined quads. Leaning against the vanity mirror, hair falling over my shoulders, chest beginning to glisten, two hands on mammoth dick meat, I was in heaven. I admired my reflection. With every in breath there was a slight rippling at the bottom of my pecs, and extending down my abs, nearly down to the hard V-shape of my torso. Every exhale caused my abs to flex and become momentarily chiseled like a Roman statue. I pulled my left hand away from my pulsing cock, and rubbed my stomach, then chest. A misty layer of sweat covered my body. I worked my right hand furiously, feeling the precum sneak out, and slide over the blur of my hand, massaging it into my long shaft. My toes curled.

It was time for the first lick. I placed my left hand under my thigh, and squeezed the base of my cock tight, trying hard to make my middle finger and thumb meet. The tip inflated slightly. I bent down and lightly twirled my tongue in a quick circle around the ridge of my helmet-head. I eyed myself in the mirror while licking the flare of my glans up and down until a drop of pre came forth. I pressed my tongue hard against the spongy surface, and flicked the precum into my mouth with a gentle kiss. Sitting up, and again leaning against the cool vanity mirror, I sighed. It had never been so easy to lick my own cock. Easy as tying my shoes, I could lean over and thoroughly lick the head. Relaxing my arms, I bent forward to see if I could reach without added tension. Sure enough, my dick brushed my lips. I stretched down and forward towards the ground and my feet. My cock pressed through my lips of its own volition. I obliged my cock and opened my mouth.

Precum slowly leaked as I pressed the head further into my mouth. It tasted surprisingly sweet. The ridge gliding against my tongue felt so sensitive, and every time I pressed against it I felt another drop of pre slide onto my tongue. I spread my lips to let it slip out and down my shaft: sliding my tongue sideways, across the tip to work the juice down, and letting it flow across my bottom lip towards my pubes. I was still in a half-standing position, my firm ass against the counter, with my hands holding tight onto my ankles. I looked sideways in the mirror. I was entranced at my lips pursed around cockhead, fully disappeared into my mouth along with the top inch or two of shaft. I looked stretched-out, but felt incredibly relaxed. I suckled gently on the sensitive tip, slowly circling the ridges and loose circumcision with my tongue. A steady flow of precum melted onto my tongue like a dripping popsicle.

By breathing through my nose, I stayed down for as long as I wanted. I tried hard to keep my head still, and fought the urge to swallow more and more shaft, because I wanted this to last all night. Stealing sideways glances into the mirror nearly made me burst, and I stopped the ceaseless tongue swirls as I caught my breath. I reseted with my cock disappearing into my mouth. Pulling my hands away from my ankles, and placing them under my thighs, caused my pelvis to push up and out. My dick pressed it’s way another inch into my mouth. I laughed. The muffled vibrations buzzed through my throbbing meat, and tingled the base of my shaft. A hot, wet rope of thick saliva and gooey precum glided down my shaft, and I stared, mystified, as it went towards my balls. I caught it in my palm and rubbed it all over them, testing the weight and gently squeezing them, then my right hand came to my shaft. I sat there, dick resting in my mouth, enjoying the pulse against my tongue, while slowly stroking to stay fully hard. Then with a slurp, I stood up and stretched my arms over my head to touch the ceiling.

It was nearly midnight, but it felt like I had just begun. I realized how thirsty I had become, and gathered change to get a juice from the basement vending machine. I quickly pulled on sweats and a t-shirt, and left the dorm room. It was quiet for a Friday, so most kids must have been out partying. The lights were off in the basement, so I fumbled for the switch. I got an OJ, and returned to the steps. My stiffy had not deflated one iota, and I lazily rubbed it through my sweats, thinking of completion as it strained against my hip. I opened the door, and was practically naked by the time it shut. I plopped down on the bed, extending my body and stretching. I took a long pull from the OJ, then ran my hands down my lithe, defined body. I left the light on in order to admire my long cock. Wrapping both hands around my shaft, I went back at it. I was really working up a lot of precum, my hands making squelching sounds as they slipped up and down. I didn’t even hear the door open.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Holy shit dude!” was the first thing that alerted me to the presence of another human.

I was definitely caught red-handed. Naked on top of my bedspread, with a raging 9-inch boner, and hands both very much occupied, there was no way I could escape the situation. “I thought you were at Tasha’s?” I released my cock and stared into the face of my roommate, clearly bleary-eyed and intoxicated.

He threw a hand in front of his face. “She told me I was too drunk to stay.” Sean was wobbling on his feet. He turned away and began removing his coat and hat, tossing them haphazardly on his desk chair. “I see you’re having fun.”

I was paralyzed in the shock of being discovered. “Well, I was trying.” Until you showed up, I was. I would have had a lot of fun.

He was now stripping down to his boxers. “Don’t let me stop you, do it if you got to.” Sean was sporting an obvious bone, it pressed against his button-fly boxers, and there was a small stain at the very apex of the tent. “I have major blue balls, so, yeah.”

“Are you serious? You don’t mind if I continue?”

He collapsed into bed and began struggling with the button on his boxers. “I’m going to…so you can to.” He added with a grunt as he finally mastered the button, and reached his hand inside.

I placed my hand back around my erection, and re-ordered my focus. Looked as though I would never get time alone. I was working my right hand up and down, and massaging my nuts with my left. I glanced over at Sean to see him furiously working his shaft, with his eyes on me. “Like what you see?”

“Damn, Silas, you must have a ten-inch prick. I didn’t realize you were packing.” He said, reaching for his computer.

Thanks for the flattery, but it wasn’t needed. I smiled, remembering Sean’s ruler. “Only a bit over nine,” I stated with a flushing of pride. I noted Sean’s own thick six-and-a-half inch uncut cock. “It’s kind of excessive.”

“I’m sure you’re girlfriend likes it,” he slurred “I can only imagine what I’d do with a dick like that.” He was holding his in one hand and searching for porn on his computer with the other.

“Well, thanks.” I said, stealing a glance across the room. Sean was intently focused on the screen. Sexuality and always been a spectrum to me, so if he got off on masturbating with a friend, I could not judge. I wrapped both hands around my shaft and began to jerk-off as furiously as he was, pounding my long cock in rhythm with the squeaking of bedsprings from across the room. I had never compared my cock with other guys; but I knew I had something big from the way others spoke about theirs. Sean was the first erect, throbbing dick I had seen outside of porn. Throughout the next few minutes I peeked at Sean a few times. “What are you watching?”

He reached down next to his bed for a cable, and plugged it into the computer. “this.” He turned the TV on. An amateur video of a couple fucking in a bedroom filled the screen.

“That’s pretty hot,” I said, and refocused on the TV. Then, I realized Sean was paying more attention to me than the video. He was practically staring at my dick, nearly drooling as I throttled myself up and down.

“You are hung like a fucking horse, bro.”

I laughed. “Don’t know about that, but thanks.” I was seized by an insane idea. If I had not been blowing myself for more than an hour before he walked in, if Sean was not so interested in my dick, I would never have thought it. But, I had been so damn horny for weeks that I floated an idea in his direction. “Do you want to see a neat trick?”

Sean looked away from the screen and at me, his eyes glistening with liquor. “Definitely.” He sat up in bed and turned towards me, his hand still working his fat dick.

“Get ready then.” I rotated around so my legs hung off the bed, and stretched my arms over my head, leaning from side to side. I reached down and grabbed the bed frame. Here goes nothing, I thought. Without any introduction, I bent forward and gave my cock the longest lick yet that semester. I stuck my tongue out and hit the halfway point of shaft, and gave it a wet, lingering stroke to the slit of my dick, where I pursed my lips and sucked a huge dollop of precum out. Immediately, I formed a tight ring and plunged my head down, my thick cock pressing against my cheek, causing it to bulge out. I bobbed my head up and down a few times, to really give Sean the idea of what I was doing, so he could see my dick moving in and out of my mouth. Then, I extracted it with a pop and opened my mouth wide, placing it firmly against my tongue. I moved it back and forth, showing Sean that it really was in my mouth, then started rocking my hips back and forth so I was fucking my own face. Half of my shaft was sliding in and out of my mouth.

“I thought that was fucking impossible!” He said, awestruck.

I gripped the base of my shaft and sucked my way to the top, practically flinging my dick out when I got to the head. “No, It’s very possible.” I looked at Sean, his chin practically on his chest in amazement. I watched him in silence for a moment. He had stopped jerking off, but his dick still throbbed in his hand. “Best feeling in the world.”

He regained his composure. “That was amazing! Can’t believe I just saw that.” Sean shut his computer and jumped unsteadily off the bed.

I leaned down once again and kissed the head of my throbbing, pink cockhead. “You better believe it.” Suddenly, he was next to me, all traces of his usual self-conciousness evaporated.

“I want to see you cum from that,” he said in an almost whisper.

I wasn’t opposed, but this was an entirely new experience for me as well. I had been selfsucking for years, yet no one knew of my talent. No one, besides my girlfriend, even knew what I had between my legs. I just discovered a geyser of exhibitionism within myself I had no awareness of until that moment. I wanted to show off, I needed to. “Enjoy the show, then.” I kicked the desk chair in front of me, so it was facing my crotch and motioned for Sean to sit down. He would look up into my face, being fucked by my own dick. So as he went to the chair, I reached down to re-grip the bed frame, and took my cock in once more. It was hot, even in my mouth, and there was a healthy amount of pre adhered to the tip. I swirled my tongue quickly to coat my shaft and let my spit ooze down. Quickly, four inches of dick filled my mouth and I was in heaven. I slowly moved my head up and down, slurping and sucking as I warmed up. More and more filled my mouth, and it began pressing down into my throat. I started humming. Below me, Sean fapped wildly. I had always been interested in dicks, but this was the first time I had seen another guy’s in action. Something was so arousing, so hedonistic about seeing another turgid cock at work. My humming became high-pitched as my cock entered my throat. This was the first time I realized I had little to no gag reflex, with the tip of my cock slowly easing past my tonsils. I was breathing heavily through my nose. Sean was leaned over, and craning his face up to the base of my cock to get a closer look. “Holy Fuck, this is so sexy.” I winked at him and closed my eyes. It was weird to be staring him in the face while sucking myself off. Besides, I could concentrate on the sensations better with my eyes closed.

I took my hand from the bed frame and began to squeeze and pump my balls. I was close. I could feel my lips spreading further and further apart, and my dick throbbing more strongly. Pre was flowing down my shaft and into my throat in an uninterrupted stream. I breathed very heavily, and sweat dripped from my forehead onto the floor between Sean and I. Then it happened.

I opened my eyes to see Sean leaned back in the chair, moaning, his eyes plastered to the sight of my nine-inch dick disappearing into my mouth. More than anything, his moans did it. Steaming gooey jets emptied into my throat and desperately, I tried to swallow them, the contractions of my throat tightening around my enflamed cock, their rhythms sending me onto a brand new plateau of ecstasy. I pulled out slightly, as hot ropes of jizz splattered my tongue, and streamed from the corners of my mouth. Below, Sean began to cum, soupy white dribbles leaking onto his flat stomach. I watched his body jerk and listened to his sighs as the last of my load made its way down my shaft. With my cockhead still in my mouth, I grabbed my shaft and slowly squeezed the final viscous globs from the tip of my softening cock, and into my mouth. I looked at Sean, and stuck my tongue out, showing him the white pool of juice there. Then I swallowed it.

“I see why you wanted to be alone tonight,” he said, then stood up and clapped me on the shoulder. “Congratulations, man.” He went to the sink.

“We should figure out a system, so you don’t come in and find me doing that.” I thought of what would be discrete enough. “If I ever text you the word popsicle, don’t come back for an hour.”

“You got it buddy,” he said returning to his bed and flicking off the light. Then through the dark, “but I may come running then.”


Part 3

Finals were approaching, and after studying there was little else I wanted to do but hole up in my room and practice autofellatio. But the timing was wrong. After the Friday night Sean came back to the dorm drunk, I became more brazen. The experience lit a fire in me, which could only be quenched through selfsucking. It was not my habit to wake up early, but that next week, I began waking when Sean left for his eight a.m. class. I stole an hour before he returned with breakfast, and I left for my nine-thirty across campus. Jumping out of bed as the door shut behind him, I locked the deadbolt and security slide, then slipped the gym shorts I wore to bed to the floor. My morning wood sprang up, needing attention and I was so ready to give it. For about ten minutes I stretched, extending my arms and rotating my shoulders, then reached down to grab my toes. I rotated my torso with my legs spread, then swan dove to place my hands flat on the floor. After a few sun-salutations, I lay back down with my cock twitching, and pointing directly at the ceiling. I was ready to go.

With a pillow under my head, I flipped my legs back and settled my feet flat against the wall at the head of the bed. In this position, my throbbing dick rested against my cheek. I placed my right hand firmly on the small of my back, and reached through the window between my thighs and chest with my left to adjust my dick. I rubbed it against my forehead, and nose, and gently smacked my cheeks with it, fully awakening the engorged mass. After licking my lips, I slid my cockhead back and forth along their slick lines, wetting my shaft and tasting the day’s first precum. Then, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed half of my cock. There was no struggle in this position. Half of my cock simply rested inside my mouth, and I didn’t need to do any work. I breathed easily, and could have fallen back asleep if I really wanted to.

Instead, I placed both arms flat on the bed, and really sucked on my dick. I worked my lips up and down the shaft, taking every drop of precum into my throat, and feeling my orgasm quickly building. The tanginess of unwashed shaft filled my mouth, and my teeth grazed the ridges. I lolled my tongue slowly around, exploring every square inch, following the pulsing lines of veins, and pressing on them. Slurping those large amounts of saliva made me suck myself further and further in. I walked my feet down the wall behind my head, and gained another two inches of cock in my mouth. My entire body buzzed and tingled, my dick turning into a pleasure magnet. My lips were strained and spread, my throat beggining to feel full. I brought a hand to my face, and made a tight ring with my fingers, flush to my lips, and extracted my cock.

I released it slowly, savoring the weak vacuum of my mouth, and the smooth cock skin on my tongue. When the tip was the only bit left, I spun my tongue as fast as I could around it, encircling it with wetness. I pulled it out all the way and licked from the inside of my slit, down the sensitive underside, to my hand. I easily got six inches in, and often more, in that position. I moved my hand and continued licking towards the base of my cock. My balls filled my field of view as I pushed my dick closer to my stomach, and gave my sack a good lapping before nibbling and sucking each nut into my mouth. If I didn’t jump the gun, and spray all over my chest and stomach at that moment, I grabbed the base of my dick. Guiding it back to my hungry hole, I nestled the tip and maybe top inch in my mouth, and jerked off like that, sucking hard on the bit inside my mouth. I gave a new meaning to breakfast in bed. Julia usually text me around then.

Julia: good morning sweetie :)

As my orgasm subsided, and cum lingered in my mouth, I answered Julia. Me: Good morning! Did you sleep well? Her morning could not have been eventful as mine, and I ached to tell her of my physical talent.

She was always quick with a response, Julia: Well, I had a dirty dream…and I really want to see you now.

I needed a shower, and to brush my teeth specifically. I gathered supplies into my shower caddy and wrapped a towel around my waist. I left the dorm room and went to the bathroom. Beneath the towel, I was still sporting a thick bone, and it rubbed against the fabric with every step. Me: Well, I can definitely come up this weekend!

The bathroom was steamed up this morning, and the sound of running water filled the space. I had never been in there while it was packed. I went to the last shower in the row of stalls, and shut the door behind me. I stripped off the towel and hung it against the divider. I was still so horny, and my dick jumped from its confines. I reached down and tugged it a few times while I turned the shower on. My phone buzzed.

I opened the message to see a pic of Julia lying naked in bed, with the sheets resting above her mons. Her hand disappeared below the covers. Julia’s soft, flat stomach had a tattoo of a seven-petaled flower etched onto her solar plexus, right at the bottom of her cleavage. With one hand diddling her hole, and one above taking the selfie, Julia’s size-C tits were pressed together. Her nipples were visibly stiff. Her eyes were half-closed, and she bit her lip. Julia: Please come now!

Steam rose from the shower. I opened the camera app, and reached down to my perpetual hard-on, snapping a picture of my body in profile, with my dick filling the bottom of the frame. I sent it to Julia, Me: Soon as class is over ;p and I have something to show you.

Time was running out before I could get to class. So I showered very quickly and hurried back to my room, brushing my teeth as I walked down the hallway, removing my intense dick breath. I changed very quickly while swishing mouthwash back and forth. I left just in time for class. I was distracted all day by thoughts of Julia, and her perfect round tits. I stole quick glances at the picture throughout the day, anticipating seeing her that night, eating her out, pressing my hard cock into her wet hole. I thought about showing her my talent. What she would think, and how she would react. I left campus and sped towards the interstate immediately after my last class. 30 minutes later I was parked outside of her dorm.

Julia came to the door in a pair of low-slung jeans and a hoodie. It was not a sexy outfit, but the stirrings of an erection filled my pants. We embraced, and I leaned down to kiss her on the lips. “I’ve been so excited to see you this week.” I said, as our lips parted.

She grabbed my hand and led the way to the elevator. “Me too.” The doors shut behind us. “Honestly, I’ve been so horny this week. Don’t know what got into me.” She said, looking up into my face. We locked lips and made out as the elevator rose ten stories. On her floor, everyone’s doors were open, but it was bizarrely quiet.

“It’s like you live in the honors dorm,” I said.

“Everyone’s studying for finals.” She pulled me purposefully towards her door. “But Samantha went to her parents’ for the weekend to nun-out, I guess.”

We entered her room, and I tossed my backpack onto a chair. With the door shut, she threw her arms around my neck, and I grabbed her round ass. Her breath was heavy against my cheek. I picked Julia up and carried her to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I stood between her thighs, making out hard. Our hands went to each other’s waists. I snuck my hand under the hoodie. Her skin was warm and flushed as I traced the inward curve of her hip up to the base of her breast. I cupped it and gently wiggled her nipple with my thumb. “I see you didn’t bother wearing a bra today,” I breathed into her mouth.

Her hand was running up and down my abs. “I just stayed in and studied.” She sighed heavily as my thumb played. “I want to be naked with you right now, Sy.”

I pulled the hoodie over her head, and took a step back to remove my shirt. Julia’s dark brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, and covered the very top of her round, perfect breasts. A metallic necklace hung in her cleavage, the charm disappearing between two voluptuous mounds. Even her tattoo was obscured by them. Her stomach was flat and taught. “You are fucking beautiful.”

She ran her hands around to the small of my back, and slipped them into my back pockets, pulling me close again. “Well thanks, Mr. Handsome.”

I ran my large hands up her thighs and undid the button to her jeans, slowly unzipping them. I could feel heat coming through the fly. Putting the heel of my hand to her panties, I felt a hint of thick moisture. I applied the slightest pressure and she squirmed beneath it. Now, her hand was at my belt buckle, methodically unclasping it. I slipped my middle finger through the side of her panties, and began skimming my finger around, exploring the wet folds. Her sighs fell on my neck as she undid the zipper.

She practically ripped my jeans down from my hips, so I stepped away again, and starring into her golden eyes, stripped them off. Her hand immediately went to my cock-ridge, plastered to my hip with a growing dark spot at the tip. She ran her hand up and down the ridge a few times, kissing my pecs as I continued circling her lips with my finger. Julia then pulled my cock over the top of my boxer-briefs. I looked down into her face, and we kissed again. She broke it first, and quickly put her mouth to my dick. She kissed the very tip of it, then sucked it in, holding the base as tight as she could, hopelessly trying to encircle it with her hand. She had grown into an amazing cocksucker, with all the practice we had together. I really appreciated her efforts, and appreciated even more experiencing her able tongue and plump lips, while I relaxed entirely and fell into pleasure. She then cupped my balls and tried to swallow more, which I knew would be impossible. After about five minutes, I cradled her cheek and took her mouth away from my dick. I kneeled down, where we were at about eye-level, and kissed her hard on the mouth. The familiar taste of my own cock perfumed her breath.

I pushed her shoulders down onto the bed and put my face to the pillows of her big tits. I kissed them, and tongued her nipples, flicking them and circling them quickly, gently sucking them until they were stiff. I enjoyed them growing between my lips. I cradled one breast while sucking on the other, then eased my kisses down, past her tattoo, over her stomach, and down to her wet hole. I licked my tongue slowly, deliberately, enticingly up and down her clit, feeling the little mass get a bit bigger. Julia was already very wet, even as my tongue went between her labia, circling her hole, I could tell she was ready and wanting more. She ground her pelvis into my mouth, as her juice leaked down my chin and neck. She began to moan.

“Oooohh, Silas, please just fuck me.” I twirled my tongue slowly around her hole, speeding up and sneaking it in a bit with every circle, until I made out with her pussy. “I want you in me now.”

I pulled away. “Right now?” then went back to lapping the head of her hard clit. I wanted to show her my skill so bad.

“Dammit, yes,” she heaved, as her hands wove through my hair and pulled hard at it. I stood up, bent over with my tongue still glued to her hungry hole. I took one hand from her breasts and grabbed my throbbing cock. This would take some effort, I thought, as I pulled my cock towards her pussy and rubbed it between her labia. I slipped the tip in and she shuddered beneath me. My tongue was still at her clit. “What are you doing, come up and kiss me,” she said while pulling my hair back. She gasped.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had my cockhead and an inch of shaft inside of her, and was still licking her wildly. She squeezed tight around my head a few times, rhythmically, and moaned. I wondered if she was already cumming. I kissed the very top of the patch of black pubic hair and licked towards her belly button. “Did you not like that?” I pressed a little further into her, and looked up into her eyes.

Her words came out in huffs as I pushed deeper. “It felt amazing.” She let out a little grunt. “Can you do it again?”

I had never done anything like this, and wanted to see how much of my dick I could get wet while still eating her out. I reached for the base of my dick, extracting it slightly. “Of course,” and went down again.

Julia held my hair back as she watched. I leaned over and kissed her clit, easing slowly into her. I could suck my head and two inches of shaft if I stood up straight, so I went slow. I licked fast as I pushed in, feeling her contractions quicken. “Oh my god, this is amazing,” she sighed. I pushed further, widening her pussy with every thick centimeter of shaft. “I’m going to cum!” she practically screamed as she began moaning more loudly. I felt rippling wave upon wave squeeze my cock. I wanted to be in her balls-deep as she came, and thrust forward hard, my tongue still glued onto her clit. “Fuuuuuuck.” She screamed as her hips spasmed and a wave of goo wash down my shaft to coat my balls. I pulled out, my dick dripping with her slick juice, and quickly sucked the tip, sliding my shaft up and down between her labia.

She was staring at me then. “Are you…are you sucking your dick?”

I raised my eyes and looked into her face, my lips spread around my thick cockhead. Loudly, ridiculously, I slurped my spit and her sweetness from my throbbing cock. I wanted to cum so badly. “I am.” I continued gliding my dick against her lips, and bent over to suck myself once more.

“That is so fucking sexy,” she signed, threading her hands through my long hair again, and pushing my head down onto my shaft. “I knew you were flexible but that is insane!” She was still leaking, and it bathed my balls with wetness. I slowly humped her and rocked in and out of my mouth. I was getting about three inches with each thrust. Julia’s hands left my head, tickled my shoulders and back, squeezed my biceps and made their way to my cock. “Do you ever make yourself ejaculate?”

My mouth was full of precum as I left my dick, and crawled a little forward to meet her face, her mouth half open anticipating a kiss. Our lips met as her tongue immediately searched my mouth and stole the pre. Cock still in hand, I broke the kiss and slipped into her. “someday I’ll show you that.”

“I want to…oh fuck, oh god, warn me first, Sy….oh wow.”

I let my cock go as I pushed six inches or so steadily into her. I supported myself in a push-up position, and pulled half-way out. “Well, consider yourself warned.” I wrapped my arms under her, and lifted Julia towards me, pressing deeper and harder. Her back arched dramatically as we both got onto the bed. Her lips squeezed the base of my cock, and her kegels flexed around my tip. I wanted to fuck her so hard, but knew I had to start slow. So I eased almost my entire length out as we readjusted to face the correct way in bed, and then slammed quickly into her. She gasped, and I took her.

Julia’s legs were in the air, one leg wrapped around my waist and the other hitting the wall. Our lips smashed together, and tongues swished wildly in and out of each other’s mouths. I was still going slowly, working my hips up and down with each thrust, circling when all the way in. She broke the kiss and breathed heavily, nibbling on my trapezoid. I looked own and saw her quivering body gleaming with a fine mist of sweat. Her tits jiggled with every powerful thrust. I sunk deep in and smiled down at her. She was drunk with pleasure. “I want to be on top.” She said, resting a heavily-ringed hand on my chest.

We spun around, our bodies stuck together with sweat and lady-cum. I lay back, and raised my knees. She leaned back against them. I ran my hands up Julia’s thighs, and held her hips while she rotated on my pelvis. Her tits were huge from underneath, and gently swayed with her motions. She pressed her hands into my chest and started using my dick as her own personal fuck-pole. She ground wildly against me, and bit her lip, her eyes closed tightly, clearly at the height of ecstasy. I slammed in and out of her, and brought my hand to her breast. When I did, the slow leak of her cum began again. I pushed against her breast, and we sat up, both in half cross-legged positions, and leaning back on one hand. We admired each-other’s sweaty bodies as I rocked in and out of her.

“You are so sexy,” I said as I began kissing her body all over. “Your neck is smooth, your breasts are perfect, your stomach is so soft,” I kissed each part in turn, and rubbed her long, sexy legs.

Her arm wrapped tight around my shoulder, she whispered, “you’re my mammoth-dicked sex machine,” and nibbled my ear gently. “I love your huge cock.” Her hot pussy squeezed tight around my shaft, and her body rocked against mine. We began making out again, oscillating against each other, our orgasms building.

Then, my balls tightened and pulled towards my dick. I think it grew half-an-inch inside of Julia. She bit my lip. “I’m going to cum…”

We were smashed together. “Ooh fill me up, Sy.” She leaned her head back and was trembling, her entire body wracked with pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted. My cock spasmed and throbbed, I rammed uncontrollably into her as I blew. Impossibly, she pushed against me and I was pulled even deeper in. Thank god for birth-control, I thought. Rhythmically, contractions squeezed my cock. Julia screamed, actually wailed in gratification as she came, too. I held her, slowly rocking in and out now, as our cum mingled and leaked out of her body. She leaned against my shoulder, and breathed slowly, deeply. “Julia, that was amazing.”

“No, you were,” she said with a peck on my forehead. “I”m going to run to the shower, make yourself comfortable.” She extracted my nearly-soft dick with a sigh, and hopped off the bed. Wrapping a bath robe around herself, she said, “I want to see that talent again when I come back.”


Part 4

I lay back into Julia’s bed, fully satisfied, yet unsure. Why had I just shown Julia that? Granted, even at the age of 19, I had been selfsucking for awhile. I was really good at it, but was I wrong to share it with my girlfriend? Should I have kept it a secret, pleasurable, amazing masturbatory practice? I was wracked by these guilty thoughts for about ten seconds before concluding that as part of my sex life, I shouldn’t feel guilty. It was intensely pleasurable, and Julia had enjoyed the unexpected bonuses. Even Sean had taken envious pleasure from watching me. If every guy could do it, the world would be a much less aggressive and more satisfied place, I thought. My hands roved over my body, and massaged my pecs. My nipples were incredibly sensitive tonight, just grazing them sent shivers down my body. My plump soft dick lay against my hip. I really longed to suck it, to feel the spongy mass inflate in my mouth and taste Julia on it. My fingers traced the outlines of my abs, working down to my cock. I was getting horny again.

My hands found their way to my balls, and gingerly scooped them up. They were heavy in my hand, and incredibly loose. We had made Julia’s room quite hot. The curtains were open, and the window was steamed over. Lazily, I massaged my nuts and thought about my favorite activity. I loved having my dick in my mouth. It was so..comforting, not to mention arousing. Would a different dick feel the same way? I started at the thought, which had never crossed my mind. The only time I thought about other dicks was while watching porn, and then it was only a brief rush of excitement in seeing one actually bigger than mine. But, I had been really excited at the way Sean reacted, at his interest in my skill, even by his uncircumcised dick. I think I wanted to jerk him off. I opened my eyes to see that my dick was lengthening and pointing towards my belly button. It throbbed slowly. I went to the foggy window, contemplating whether to shut it or not. The door creaked open behind me.

“MM look at that man ass.” Julia cooed behind me. I turned and went to her, stripping off her bathrobe, and kissing her. She was still wet from the shower. “Lay down, you probably need a massage.”

I lay down on my stomach, and she straddled my back. I could feel the warmth coming from her crotch while she rubbed my shoulders, and removed the tension from my lower back. “Ugh that feels so good.” She worked her hands lower and lower, eventually rubbing my glutes and gently squeezing my balls. My cock grew hard between the bed and my stomach. I was gently humping her sheets.

Julia dismounted. “So, you ready to show me now?” she said with a gentle pat between my shoulder blades.

“Yeah, so ready.” I rolled onto my back, and she grabbed my hard cock. “Do you want to hold it for me?” I inched my way to the edge of the bed, and Julia knelt next to me.

“I want to see you cum in your mouth, more than anything.”

I looked at her, my mouth probably agape. “Then you can hold it for me.”

Leaning over and grasping the bedframe, I took my cockhead in, gently swirling my tongue as usual. The taste of Julia’s clear juice adhered to it, and my lingering orgasm was renewed as a drop of precum leaked out. I pulled my mouth off and flicked it with my tongue. Julia pointed my dick straight towards my mouth. Gently, I bit the smooth flesh. “I’m sure you can get more than that in your mouth.”

“Is that a challenge?”

She slowly stroked my long shaft, working my spit into a lather. “Yes.”

I didn’t want to put her to shame, but was enticed by her tone. “I can deepthroat myself.” Having said that, I had to show her the full extent of my abilities. Jamming both hands under my thighs, and lifting my pelvis, I grasped both butt cheeks. I dove down immediately, taking my helmet, one, two, three, and four inches of shaft into my mouth. By pulling against my butt, another inch snuck past my lips, which hit Julia’s hand. My tongue lolled out and I grazed her thumb, aching to take in more. I bobbed my head up and down, never releasing my cock. I sped up, holding my pelvis completely still, head banging manically on my shaft.

Julia removed her hand, and lay her head on my thigh, looking into my eyes as I sucked. Her eyes were full of awe, and something else, though I couldn’t discern what. But I was enveloped in the task before me. Spit and precum slid down my shaft and soaked my nuts. The sensation tickled, I watched as the liquid dripped into a growing pool on the floor. It saddened me to waste such a delicious treat. I made two more vertical trips, then from the top, slowly lowered myself as far down as I could go. Julia had her hand on my shoulders, and still looked up at me. Her eyes were hungry. I coughed around my dick and pulled up. “Is that what you wanted to see?” I asked as my cock jumped free.

“I thought you were going to cum?” Julia said, leaning back onto her pillow and closing her eyes.

I laid down next to her. “I will now.” I flipped my legs back, settling into my favorite position. She had seen me do this plenty of times before in yoga, but never with dick in my mouth. I was very close to the edge. Taking a deep breath, I popped my cock into my mouth. I sucked hard until my shaft went six, seven, eight inches in. My fat cockhead filled my throat. I could barely breathe. Slurping the last bit in, I kissed my ballsack, the heavy package obscuring my face. Obscene guzzling and gulping sounds filled the room, Julia stared wide-eyed. I came and was choking on the load. I pulled my cock out, spraying half the load onto my tongue. She leaned over and kissed me, taking the load from my tongue. I relaxed my legs and spread out on the bed.

“That was hot, but we really should sleep.” She flicked the light off and curled into my crouch.

I slept soundly. When I awoke Julia was gone, there was a note saying she was at a study session. I had to leave for my own school-related events, and she knew it. I text her a goodbye. Me: Sorry I had to go home, can’t wait to see you when finals are over ;).

That was the last time I saw Julia for quite some time.


Part 5

The semester ended two weeks later, and I still had not heard from Julia. After that first weekend with no response, I frequently used the ‘popsicle’ privileges. I text Sean almost every day after class, and he steered clear of the room for an hour. Even if Julia disregarded me, I could still get amazing head. I ended the semester with a 4.0 GPA, and moved back to my parents’ for break.

Thankfully, they lived only 20 minutes away from the campus area, and I could easily escape to my friend’s house. If I didn’t stay the night, passed out on the couch, I stopped at the park on my way home to blow myself. Over break, I fell into a relaxing routine: waking up around ten, working all afternoon, then smoking pot with my friends at their house, before falling asleep after midnight. The first semester was taxing, and it was nice to get time away from school. It came out that my friend Jimmy’s parents would be out of town for the weekend. He would be watching their house, and wanted to give a huge house-party.

It was the middle of December, and snow covered the ground. I got off work around nine o’clock, and went directly to Jimmy’s parents’. They lived in a very nice part of town, near the University. A few cars were already parked outside. Lights blazed in the windows, throwing orange light on the cake-icing layers of snow. I came up the front walk and to the door, muffled music greeting me. I knocked and the door swung right open.

Jimmy was tall, like me, and had brown hair. His glasses were slightly askew. “Silas, buddy, what is up?” He went to school out-of-state, and I had not seen him since the end of the summer. He reached a big arm around my shoulders for a hug.

“Oh, not too much, Jimmy! How was the semester?” We walked into the house, arms around each other’s shoulders, he filling me in on his life at school. It sounded like he was having just as much fun as me, and doing as well. He pointed out the beer in the fridge. A few bottles of alcohol sat on the counter. “So where’s Julia?”

We had been constant companions for two years, and tonight she was not at my side. “I think we broke up, haven’t seen her for two weeks.”

“That’s a bitch, man, I’m sorry. If she shows up, I’ll keep her away from you.”

I mingled around the party. There were plenty of people I had not seen since the summer after graduation, and a few I saw on the regular. It was nice to have the whole group together. Beer-pong at the granite kitchen island, and everyone was getting drunk. In the basement, people jammed on guitar, bass, piano, and drum set, while others sat around smoking weed. Something was familiar about the scene, but we were all a little bit older, and feigned worldliness. Jimmy and I dominated four rounds of beer-pong, before relinquishing the table. I went into the basement.

A haze of smoke filled the rec. room, where couches sat along the walls. The instruments occupied the center of the huge room, and people rotated in and out, providing vocals, or subbing in on instruments. We had gone to the city’s arts magnet school, so it was a creative group. I played the drum set for a long time, and then rapped over a reggae beat. There was always a bowl, or joint going around. I missed Julia, but drowned the feeling in beer.

Everyone was lubricated. The music in the basement became sloppy and loose as we grew more drunk. I sat on the couch between a girl I didn’t know, and Jimmy, too drunk to rap intelligibly, or drum in even rhythm; but not gone. It was after midnight, and the party thinned out. Couples formed and went to the upstairs guest rooms, some individuals were passed out on the floor in the basement entertainment room. Jimmy, the girl, and I went upstairs. My feet unsure on the steps as I followed them. My dick jumped at the sight of their swinging hips. I was unsure how to deal with this growing set of feelings. I wanted to suck another dick. I wondered if it was enjoyable to suck another guy, enjoyable as sucking myself off. I had always appreciated the aestheticism of a nude male statue—but now found myself considering what real guys looked like naked, what hung between their thighs, what got them off.

Jimmy swung his arm into my chest at the landing, holding me back from following the random girl to the kitchen, and looked down the steps at me. “She’s here.” His touch felt correct, something I had always wanted. “Do you want to come up?”

I had nothing particular to say to Julia. “I’m not holding any animosity.”

We came up into the kitchen, where a few people stood around the island, laughing and continually pouring shots. Julia was among them. I felt her eyes hit me from across the counter. I cut limes, and retrieved salt for the tequila shots. Her eyes were glued on me. Jimmy was talking to her group, as she stood with her arm at the waist of a short, squat, bearded guy. I tried not to care. She whispered something to him, and the guy’s eyes flashed towards me while they took a shot. Jimmy busily poured about ten tequila shots, chatting and trying to split Julia’s attention. I ignored her. We all took a shot of whiskey, as Julia stared at me over the top of her little glass. I watched a group on the flight of stairs to the upper story, attempting to discreetly make their way into a guest room, halted in their progress. Jimmy chatted with them as we took the tequila fixings downstairs.

I plopped into an over-stuffed chair. There was a couple on the couch, the girl laying her legs across the boys lap, and a few people on the floor. Jimmy and the girl, who I assumed he was trying to get with, squeezed onto the couch. The group were discussing Nietzsche pretentiously. I rolled a joint, dissatisfied and uninterested in their effete statements. We smoked. There was yelling floating over the slow hip-hop in the other room. The voices were bizarrely in time to the beats. I stood up, the party becoming a surreal swirl. I heard my name repeated from the top of the stairs. I went to the bottom. Shadows played nightmarishly on the wall, elongated down the steps.

“Silas doesn’t want to see you,” it was the voice of my friend, Ryan. He sounded very drunk. “So why don’t you just take this ass with you, and leave.”

Well, fuck, it was all happening. “Ryan, stop it man, let me talk to her.” I tripped up the steps, and bear-ran to the top. Jumping up, I towered over Ryan and Julia. “Hey, where have you been?”

“Well, it was obvious you didn’t need me anymore,” she was wasted. “I wanted to tell it to your face, twat.” Ryan looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“You never got back to me, I still want to be with you.”

“More than with your own dick?”

She prodded me in the chest, and I nearly lost my precarious balance on the top step. Thankfully, Ryan caught me and was the only one who heard her say it. “What the fuck, that’s why you’ve been ignoring me?” I grasped for understanding.

“Just leave me alone. We’re through, Silas.” She raised a hand to smack me, but Ryan stopped her mid-swing. She shook out of his grip, and Ryan tumbled down the steps. I was in stunned silence.

The group on the flight of stairs leaned over the railing to watch the ensuing scuffle. Two guys took advantage of the distraction and ran towards a guest bedroom. Jimmy appeared behind me, stepping over Ryan. “What’s going on up here?”

Julia turned and grabbed her purse and coat, and motioned for her friends and the bearded guy, obviously her new boyfriend, to follow. They did. She was fuming and stomped to the front door. “Goodnight, assholes,” she said. Throwing it open, she shouted over her shoulder. “I hope you fucking love sucking your own cock, Sy.” Her group left.

Ominous, nausea-tinged dub bass issued from the basement. No one said a word, no one laughed. Somewhere in the house, a girl moaned in pleasure. The five or six people on the main floor and upstairs balcony stared at me. My two best friends had wide eyes. Jimmy clapped my back. “Well congratulations man! Wish I could do that.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Well, Julia had one thing right, I did love sucking my own cock. Everyone returned to their own devices, and laughter filed the house again. I leaned against the wall, and sank into a seated position at the top of the stairs. Ryan crawled up next to me as Jimmy went to the kitchen. “I never wanted to say it, but she was too dramatic for you anyway.”

Jimmy returned, handing Ryan and I each a beer, and opened his. “Don’t tear yourself up man, she was no good.”

I took a long pull from the can, feeling that I had lost Julia before her outburst. “Screw it, she can’t take a joke.” We sat for a moment, enjoying the brews. Around us, the party recovered from the momentary excitement. I wobbled to my feet. “Let’s get drunk,” as though we were all sober. The three of us went to the counter and took a series of shots. No one else was in the kitchen.

Ryan cut the suspended tension after the third vodka shot. “Dude, can you really suck your own dick?”

I took a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of coke from the counter. “Well, she screamed for a reason, right?” I was about to lose control of a situation. I had failed at keeping my talent secret. I went around the corner of the kitchen, and headed up the stairs. “Let’s get in the hot tub.” Ryan followed me.

Jimmy smacked his hands on the counter and looked around, everyone was in the basement. “I’ll gather the troops.”

Ryan and I went into Jimmy’s room to get our suits. I set the bottles down on his dresser, and hastily stripped my shirt off, while kicking off my shoes. Ryan had his back to me, and was rummaging in his backpack. I shuffled back and forth, struggling with my belt buckle. “Was Julia just really crazy?”

Ryan held his trunks. “I mean, she didn’t need to do that in front of everybody.”

I pulled my jeans off and stood in my boxer-briefs, presenting myself. “She doesn’t know what she’s missing.” My hand slid against my obliques, and rested on my abs.

Ryan looked me up and down. “You’re a good-looking guy.”

I took my backpack from Jimmy’s bed and extracted my board shorts. I was angry, and somehow relieved I was no longer chained to Julia, though I hadn’t realized we were chained together. The weight of the last weeks evaporated, and my chest grew light, I was feeling giddy. Thank you drunk revelations. “And yeah man, I can suck myself off.” Our backs turned to each other, Ryan changed as I stripped my underwear off. I reached down and tugged my dick a few times, saying one last goodbye to her in a way.

“Honestly Silas, I’m jealous.”

“I’ll show you guys tonight, if you want.” I couldn’t believe my own words. “Since it’s come up.” I stepped into my board shorts, and Ryan and I left the room, bottles in hand. I un-screwed the whiskey and swigged from it while we went downstairs. We passed Jimmy and the girl on our way down.

“Hanna’s going to sleep it off, I’ll be down in a few minutes.” They went into Jimmy’s room.

Our gay friends Evan and Ben were in the kitchen. Whoever else had been at the party was passed out in the guest rooms, or on the floor in the basement. One unfortunate soul was sprawled on the couch in the living room, magic marker scrawled over her face. “Just the boys tonight?” Ryan asked, going to the glass sliding door. He went to the hot tub and opened it up, turning the jets on. There was a foot of snow blanketing the ground and it was very cold. We held our bodies and shivered, our breath hanging in clouds, mixing with the steam rising from the hot tub. Ryan nimbly jumped over the side and into the tub. “Come on in!”

We climbed into the tub, and each took a corner seat, enjoying the feeling of the jets on our backs. Music sprang out from speakers mounted on the deck, and Jimmy ran outside, practically cannonballing into the hot water. We scooted around and he took the best corner spot. We relaxed and told stories of the semester we just completed. I didn’t realize how much I had missed these guys. Underneath the swirling foam, one of them was rubbing my feet with theirs. Ryan was in the corner next to me, Evan sat between us, Jimmy was next to me, so it must have been Ben in the opposite corner from myself. I let him continue sneaking his feet up my legs.

“So, that was pretty standard Julia, earlier,” Evan offered when the conversation began to die out.

Now, there was a hand slowly tickling my thigh under the water. “Yeah, apparently I’m the last one to figure out that she’s really whack.”

“I’m sure you can take care of yourself, though.” Jimmy said with a wink. There was a rippling of laughter. “But really, was she baseless?”

I looked around the circle. The hand now rested on my thigh, comfortably close to my crotch. These were the guys I could tell anything. “No, she spoke true.” The hand crept across the front of my shorts, squeezing my floating cock. “Guess I really fucked it up.”

Ben looked right at me from across the tub, the foot rested on my knee. “I’m sure you’ll find someone else.”

Jimmy and Ryan murmured their agreement. I didn’t even know if I wanted another relationship, if I required another needy person in my life. I was rather content in my life the last couple of weeks, and thought it best to continue on the same trajectory. I leaned out of the tub, the foot on my leg jumped off, but the hand slipped further down my thigh. “If it’s meant to be it will happen.” I grabbed the bottle of whiskey, swigging it before passing the bottle. The hand was now rubbing my cock to erection. We all took large pulls. “So, do you guys want to see what Julia was mad about?”

The hand jerked me slowly, as the guys said yes in unison. I eased out of the tub, and sat on the headrest. My board shorts clung tight to my body, my cockhead and ass clearly visible through the wet nylon. I rubbed my hand over the long snake of my cock, and untied the drawstring. I yanked the velcro open, exposing my pubes, and pulled out my rock-hard cock. The guys stated their approval, not previously knowing I was truly hung. My body was loose from the liquor and the hot tub. I put my hands on my knees, and slowly wrapped them around under my hips. “Here we go.” My cock shivered, not from cold, but from excitement. I leaned over to poke the tip with my nose, then chin, and then kissed it. I laughed nervously, and riding the whiskey courage, opened my mouth to receive my cock. I wrapped them around the tip, and sucked in the loose skin of my cut. It tasted clean tonight, almost not like dick. Holding it tight in my mouth, sucking hard as it twitched on my tongue, I eased further in with every gulp. I lifted my head, and heard Jimmy whoop, his fist punching the air. I grabbed a handful of shaft and rotated my cock inside my mouth as I pulled free. Then, I stuck my tongue out and slapped my cockhead against it, shaking precum loose and into my mouth. I swallowed it and looked around the tub.

“Don’t stop now,” Ben said. “Let’s really see what you can do.”

“Yeah, swallow that load!” Jimmy said, clapping.

“Do it,” Ryan said in awe.

“Stop it guys, I’m getting horny just watching,” Evan said next to me. Both his hands were underwater.

“You guys really want to see that?” I sat holding my pole, ready to get off. So I went for it. I bent back down and could only see Evan, his face practically in my lap. I was sure it was his hand which had rubbed my cock, the same hand now massaging my calf. I spread my mouth wide, with my tongue out, and shook my cock around inside of it, enjoying the warm hard length against my lips, and on my face. I closed my lips, and ran my face around it, sliding my cock against my cheeks, and light stubble of facial hair. I slipped my head against the bridge of my nose, enjoying the smell of my meat. I cracked my lips open, and snuck my tongue out, gliding up and down the top side of my shaft, coating it with saliva. I repeated the process on both sides until my whole cock dripped and glistened. Then, I finally came to the head, and let a long rope of spit fall onto it. I lunged immediately down onto my dick, eyes shut and rolled into the back of my head. It slammed far down into my throat, with how slick I made it. I gasped, mouth flu of cock, feeling another hand on my length. I opened my eyes, and looked down my shaft. Evan was on my left, stroking the bottom of my shaft, Ben sat next to me on the lip of the hot tub, rubbing my thigh and stroking himself. Even Jimmy and Ryan had moved closer.

Jimmy leaned on his elbows against the lip of the tub, craning around Evan, while Ryan jerked off next to Ben. I bobbed my head in time to the electronic music thumping from the speakers. I went down from the left and sucked up to the right. My balls started tightening. So, I pulled slowly off, wanting to hold off my orgasm. My entire cock trembled and vibrated in my mouth, the ridges expanding and pushing on my tongue.

“Fuck you face, bro!”

“I just need a second.” I leaned back, relaxing my back. I was feeling spent, from the liquor more than anything. I looked at the veritable forest of hard cocks. That was my real desire.

“Well we should go in and continue this!” Evan said, still stroking my shaft. “If you’re down.”

Jimmy stood up, he was fully boned, and a disappointingly small tent formed in the front of his board shorts. “You guys can, but I’m going to go up to Hanna. I think the room next to mine is open still.” He climbed from the tub, wrapped a towel around himself, and went in.

I throbbed inside Evan’s tight grip, and lowered myself for a quick lick up and own my long smooth shaft. “Qhat do you guys think?” I briefly sucked the tip, and pulled it out with a crisp pop. “Let’s go in.”


Part 6

We climbed from the hot tub, and Ryan grabbed the whiskey. He slipped his dick back inside his shorts. Ben still unabashedly rubbed himself. Hot water ran down our bodies, while steam rose from our shoulders. We stumbled back inside, and up the steps to the guest bedroom. Ryan turned around a corner. “I think I’m going to skip out guys, I’m really tired.” Just as well, he had a girlfriend.

Evan followed Ben and I into the bedroom. I flicked the light on and we stripped off our wet shorts. Evan took them all into the adjoining bathroom. His round ass swayed as he crossed the room. I took advantage of the moment and looked at Ben’s hard cock. He was really quite large, but appeared average next to me. Evan strutted back into the bedroom, making circles around his fat prick. He couldn’t even get his hand around the tip. It was like a plum on the end of a short can of body spray. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, filling my grip entirely, the veins pulsating in my palm. He sighed and put his hand around my side. His warm body against mine felt amazing, and made my cock jump.

Ben pushed me onto the bed, and sat down next to me. “Are you going to finish the show for us?”

I tightly held Evan’s cock. “If you guys want to keep watching, I will.” I pulled Evan by his dick onto the bed. We sat in a row on the edge of the bed, cocks out and pulsing. We each held our own now, stroking steadily. I looked down at Ben’s. It was an inch or so shorter than mine, and on the thin side, but was perfectly shaped. It looked like a miniature version of my own. Two veins rose up along the sides, dark and purple against his pale shaft. His glans was tapered and red. “You both have really nice dicks.” They laughed as I positioned myself to fuck my face as requested earlier. I stuck my feet out, and straightened my legs to a 45-degree-angle from the floor. Wrapping my arms around my thighs, I got going. Out the corner of my eyes, I watched Ben jacking off. Staring at his cock, just inches from my face, made me thrust my hips aggressively against my own mouth. I wanted him to slide in and out, widen my lips, and poke into my throat. I thought about another guy for the first time while selfsucking, imagining Ben’s long cock ramming my mouth, not my own. I wanted our dicks to slide against each other inside my mouth, practically tearing my lips apart, but that was probably impossible. Mine was more than wide enough to strain my own mouth.

I was really pounding my mouth now, spit pouring from the corners of my mouth. My thrusts, Ben and Evan jacking off hard, and my head-banging really shook the bed. I was close to climax, so pulled off and immediately wrapped a big hand around my cock. “What should I do with this load?”

Ben moaned next to me. Evan twisted his hand around the fat tip of his prick. “Cremapie….” was all he could huff out.

I loved taking my seed into the back of my throat. Swallowing the first drop made the succeeding shots rocket back, my throat tightening around my fat, sensitive tip. I would miss my shaft subsiding in my mouth, and gliding it slowly against my soft tongue until it slipped out, spent and jizz-soaked. I was a cum-slut for myself. But if they wanted to see a creampie, I would oblige. I stopped slamming my face and let my mouth do the work. Cock tingling as I rode, and unexpectedly, shot right onto my tongue. Warm jizz enveloped my mouth as I fought hard against the impulse to swallow. Thick streams oozed between my lips until they ran down my shaft and coated it in white gel. I slowly licked around my tip, tasting the thick texture of cum, before letting it fall off my tongue. I pulled away, jizz sticking to my lips, and dropping in globs onto my shaft. The last few drops hit my cheeks.

Evan knelt at my knees. “Can I suck it off your balls?” His hand was a blur between his legs, as his body began spasming.

I licked the drops clinging to my lips, as Ben’s hand tangled into my hair. “That would feel fucking fantastic.” There was a sudden suction around my sack. Evan’s mouth was cupped over my nuts.

Ben pulled me close. “I wanna taste too.” He licked the corners of my mouth, where little drying pools adhered, then kissed me full on the mouth. It was shocking. Hot splatters hit my calves. Evan was cumming. We looked down, and Ben shot immediately, splattering his abdomen with big ropes. We were all moaning, and covered in spunk.

I rose, Ben’s sticky hand found my firm ass. “I think we all need a shower.” We went to the adjoining bathroom, cocks deflating. I twisted the spigot, and steam filled the bathroom. We all stepped into the glass-walled shower. I looked at the guys’ naked bodies—Evan was about 5’8, and had a fine layer of brown hair covering his chest, stomach and legs. His body was strong, but had little definition in its musculature. Cum matted his hairy stomach and thighs, and clung in the traces of a beard on his jaw. Ben was more attractive. He was just over six-foot and had a tight buzz cut, and brown eyes. His stomach was chiseled, but the rest of his body was thinner than mine. He had a very long back, and looked like a swimmer. Little hair covered his body. Water issued from the rainfall shower-head, coating us all and rinsing the cum, sweat, and chlorine away. A pair of hands wrapped around my chest, from under my armpits.

Ben had his face on the back of my neck, and gently nibbled it. His hands wandered over my abs, as I watched Evan rinsing the filth from his hairy body. I fingered a line from his shoulders and over his thick arms, down his sides, and wrapped my hands around his hips. He turned as I leaned down to kiss him. This was the first time I had kissed a guy, with the exception of Ben not five minutes earlier. I had never felt this level of intensity in a kiss before. Girls, I realized, were not dispassionate kissers. However, there was never the urgency, the hot anticipatory breath, nor the excitement on their lips. Evan and I fought with our tongues.

Ben pulled my plastered hair away, and really began in on my neck. It felt amazing. I stood and craned around to Ben’s face, Evan’s tongue going to my pecs. I put my hand around Ben’s face and we kissed deeply, our tongues wandering in and out of each other’s mouths, breath mingling and our noses rubbing. It felt phenomenal to stand up straight and be kissed. I turned around, Ben’s hand going deep into my long wet hair. Our bodies pressed together, the water cascading between our hard chests and stomachs. His cock stirred against my weighty flaccid package, beginning to reawaken against my wet member. Evan’s tongue explored my back, gently flicking between my shoulder blades, his hands massaging my tired muscles.

Ben and I made out deeply, his tongue everywhere at once in my mouth. I gently bit his bottom lip and he sighed, relaxing further into my arms. I slowly rotated my hips against his. My face nestled into his clavicle and I kissed every inch of it. Evan made his way around to the side of our tall, soaked bodies, and kissed Ben. We opened our embrace and he came into it, sucking on Ben’s nipples, his face just below mine. I placed my hand under his chin, and brought his face to mine. Evan was an even better kisser than Ben. Our lips were locked, tongues swirling around each other. I felt a hand making it’s way down my hip, and briefly looked down to see Ben holding his nuts with mine, rubbing them together and twirling our fleshy soft lengths together.

I reached back to turn the water off, but the three of us kept kissing, licking the last droplets of water from our bodies. “Do you guys want to lay down, it’s getting pretty late.”

They agreed. We stepped out, the shower walls and the mirror were completely steamed over as we toweled each other off. We went back out to the bedroom, collapsing into the queen-sized bed. We took turns drunkenly kissing, our bodies curled against each other, and hands exploring our bodies. Next to me, Ben was hard and slowly humping my side. I wanted just he and I in the bed so badly. I wanted his body on top of mine, or him squirming underneath me. But, it seemed inappropriate with Evan still there. I was already wondering what I had gotten into. These were two of my best friends, had I made a massive mistake, or was this an overture to a brand new and exciting life? After that night, I was entirely converted.


Part 7

The rest of break was uneventful compared to the night at Jimmy’s parents’. I worked every day, and continued spending time at Ryan’s, with Jimmy and others. For the two of them, everything was the same. One thing did change in those platonic settings. Ben always sat by me, or leaned against the sofa next to my legs. I didn’t mind his new attentions, but was hesitant to stay over at Ryan’s. If I did, I knew Ben would stay too, and complicate matters. I had not told Ryan or Jimmy about what happened that night after they had both passed out. They held no judgements whatsoever, but I didn’t want to shatter our friendships. I wanted things frozen in crystal. After a few hours of hanging out after work, I would leave their house. Often, Ben followed me at the same time.

The first few nights we walked out together, we parted with a lingering hug at the bottom of the walk. Ben’s hand at the small of my back, and one on my shoulder. Then one night, he kissed me on the cheek. I had no idea one tiny kiss could make me so horny. Really, I was boned up by the time his lips left my face. “I’ll text you tomorrow,” he said with smiling eyes.

We walked to the street, hands stuffed deep into the pockets of jeans, shivering in the cold. I slowly jerked the massive snake in my pants, covering it with my hand. He was parked behind me, and when we got to the street he placed a brief, wet kiss on my mouth. Shit, I was about to blow. “Have a good night.” I turned quickly and opened my car door. I cranked the seat warmers and waited for him to leave. What was I doing? By this point, I was pretty sure I was gay, but could I really disrupt our entire circle of friends by dating Ben? We were so entangled, and if things did not work out, where would that put everybody else? I needed more than a week to really consider it. Even with these thoughts, I grew impossibly hard with him on my mind. If I didn’t get with Ben, though, I wanted to find another guy. He pulled away a minute later. My car was good and toasty, as I unzipped my fly.

I ran my hand over my form-fitting boxer-briefs, along the twitching ridge of my cock. I discovered a wet spot beginning at my hip, where my dick slit rested. I snuck my fingers inside, running them over my soft cockhead. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked the icing clean. I really loved the thick taste of my precum. Now, whenever I had my own, I instantly thought what Ben’s sweetness would be like on my tongue. I was parked on a side street, so pulled my dick out.

It was always a challenge opening up the fly and tugging out my hard shaft. I wrestled the pole out, sinking into the seat a little so I could force it through the hole. When it was finally out, I leaned over and gave my cock a kiss. A lot of precum came along, and as I sat back up, a spidery strand connected to my cock. I bent down and kissed it again, heat radiating into my mouth, clear juice wetting my lips. I took just my helmet in and tenderly nibbled, sucked, tongued every little bit for five minutes straight, until spunk filled my mouth. I leaned back, eyes closed, swishing my thick load around in my mouth. It was hot and velvety on my tongue, unlike anything else I could imagine. I drove home, holding the cream in my mouth and drinking it bit by bit, until I pulled up to my parents house and swallowed the last drops.

I was awoken by a buzzing, It was Ben: Good morning!

I couldn’t just avoid him. The situation needed to be met, and handled. Before a week ago, it wasn’t strange for him to text me in the morning, now though, I knew there were other motivations. A mass was constrained in my shorts, I reached under the covers and fondled my big morning wood as I typed a response. Me: Well hey! How are you doing?

The house was empty in the morning, my parents being at work and my sister still in school. I slipped my shorts off, and threw the covers from my torso. I rubbed my lithe body up and down, feeling the heat of sleep evaporate. A dirty dream lingered, but I couldn’t remember exactly what it had been about. I thought about Ben laying his head on my abs, holding my shaft and kissing it before taking it whole. I spit on my hand, then moved it down my whole length. Ben: Great! Just woke up, struggling to get out of bed.

Me: haha same here, I sympathize entirely. What are you doing today?

Ben: Nothing, day off.

Spur of the moment, I decided to bite the bullet and play the situation out, Me: I’m off too, want to do something?

Ben: Want to go to the mall with me, christmas shopping to do still? I can get you in an hour

Me: Sounds chill, see you in a bit

The prospect of an afternoon with Ben excited me. In the past I would have said no, or invited Ryan along, but I really wanted some one-on-one time with Ben to click as more than friends. First, the mass between my legs needed attention. I wrapped both hands around the turgid shaft and furiously beat myself off, balls bouncing against my ass. I exploded quickly, painting my chest with warm drops. Then, I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom for a shower. As I scrubbed myself clean, I imagined Ben’s soapy wet body across town, how he probably had just jacked off too.

The mall was decorated for the holidays. Wreaths adorned every second-story balcony overlooking the main-floor promenade. As we walked past the Santa’s Workshop, Ben joked about sitting on Santa’s lap under his breath. I giggled, because it was really funny. In our circle of friends, he was the one who made everybody laugh. We went into a few stores. I bought my sister a gift card at a candy store, because she had a massive sweet tooth. We went into a sporting goods store and spent a lot of time perusing the skiing stuff. “I want to get my dad new poles, but they’re so expensive!” He bought them anyway, and we left the store. I bought my mom a watch, and new sunglasses for my dad. I wanted to spoil them just a little bit.

“I”m feeling really hungry,” I said. Time was moving on, and through the vaulted windows above everyone’s heads, the sky grey dark. We went to the food court, and stood in line at China Wok.

“So, today has been fun, I like spending time with you,” Ben said as the line slowly inched forward,

“I enjoyed it too.” It had been awhile since we had hung out alone. “I forgot how silly you were.”

Ben smiled and my heart skipped a beat, he was really quite handsome. His purchases sat on the faux-wood floor. “Oh thanks Silas,” he said, punching me gently in the ribs. “But you were the one that made me smile.”

My face grew hot and I blushed deeply, like an embarrassed kid. “Stop it, just stop. You flatter me.”

He winked. “That’s the point, right?” He approached the counter, and ordered.

We made our way through the crowded food court and to a secluded booth, there were no tables open. We tucked into the steaming bowls of noodles. I whispered, “but really Ben, I like you, and definitely not just as friends.” I chewed my noodles.

“Let’s keep hanging out then.” He slurped his noodles hungrily.

My stomach did flips, like we drove over rolling mountain roads. “Can we pretend Jimmy’s didn’t happen? I was just so drunk!”

“Silas, I’m probably never going to forget that night.” We were nearly done with our food. “You were just so sexy.”

“I didn’t say forget, I said pretend.” I chewed the last few pieces of beef.

“We can take things slow.”

“That would probably be best, I really don’t want to mess things up with all of our friends.” We were both done, leaning into the booths and digesting. “I know they don’t give two shits if I’m gay or not, but if we were together things might get weird.”

“I don’t see how Silas, they love us both. It could just make things stronger.” Ben did have a point.

We got up and slowly walked back through the mall, and towards the parking garage. I felt Ben’s hand brush against mine a few times, but switched my bags so he would stop. I felt odd about being seen like that in a public place. This was a two-weeks old life for me, I didn’t want everyone seeing it. We put everything in the backseat of Ben’s Cherokee. He gently pinned me against the door as it shut. His hand on my hip, and his face inches from mine, I opened my mouth and leaned towards him. Eyes closed, we brushed lips, our mouths barely open, his tongue gracing my lip. It was the sweetest kiss of my life. I wanted it to continue all evening. I leaned against the car door. My knees were weak. I felt nauseous with excitement. My hands were limp at my side, my body buzzing with anticipation. I kissed him back, enticing more and more with gentle nips of his lips. His tongue rolled in and out of my mouth. I took his face and pecked his lips a few quick times in succession. “We should go, it’s been a long afternoon.”

In the SUV, as Ben put the car into drive, I placed my hand over his on the shifter. I kept it there and our fingers played as we drove back to my parents’. I wanted Ben to know I was not personally ashamed of his touch, but didn’t want to show everyone in public just yet. I was still very new to everything. We discussed going snow boarding sometime over break, before returning back to the dorms in January. I wanted to spend the night with him, cuddled up in bed after a long day, our bodies tired, aching for each other. In front of my parents’ house, we kissed again. “I had a great time today, let’s do it again soon.”

I snuck my purchases inside, and wrapped them while hiding in my walk-in closet. A stirring filled my pants. I had been semi-erect all day from being with Ben. I rubbed it absentmindedly over the top of my jeans, thinking about his kiss lingering on my lips. I wanted him with me now, kissing me again. I was getting so horny. The presents were wrapped in front of me. I took my cock out and started stroking, imagining Ben pressed against my body and his mouth on mine. I licked my lips, and looked down at my leaking cock. It needed attention bad. Upstairs, I heard the bustling sounds of dinner being prepared; I was hungry for cock. I wedged my feet against the shelves in the walk-in, and leaned against the wall. My hips rose up and my cock hit my chin. I opened my mouth and began vacuuming the tip. I sucked hard and slow, filling my mouth with the salty flavor of sweaty shaft. I was tender from the load that morning, but still throbbed longingly between my lips. The fleshy mass began to slowly cream, the orgasm dribbling into my throat. Teeth scratching into my shaft, making my jizz vein pulse on my tongue. My whole body buzzed. I couldn’t wait for it to be Ben’s mouth on my cock.


Part 8

It was a long few days until I saw Ben again. I gave myself a delicious private moment of ecstasy, sucking to completion, but I thought exclusively about him during the session. Before, I had concentrated solely on the stretching in my body, the wetness on my cock, my lips spreading; now I thought about Ben and swallowing him whole, his lithe body, and his cute, blushing smile filled to the brim with my fat cock. He text me often, and we called each other a few times, but it was not enough. I wanted him in my life.

At Ryan’s one night, he finally broke his silence on the issue. “So, dude, what’s with you and Ben?” Ryan always packaged questions carefully.

I took the bong, and had a long full rip. “What do you mean?”

“He asked me if you were gay.”

I sat in stunned silence, the bong firmly in my lap. “What did you say?” I passed it off to Ryan.

“As far as I know, you’re straight. And had never even seen another dick until that night at Jimmy’s.” Ryan waited for my response.

We sat through a few uneasy moments. The TV show continued in the background. I wanted to tell Ryan, allow him fully into my life, but I was still unsure myself. “That night at Jimmy’s was crazy. I think we all did things that were a little out of character.”

Ryan hit the large water pipe. “That’s for sure. But from the way Ben told it, you were the most unusual.” He handed the pipe back to me. “You did some pretty crazy things that night.”

I set the bong right between my legs, lowered my head, and hit it. “Just like this.” I coughed, and set it down on the table. “The hot tub incident was weird. I don’t need to hear about it from anyone.”

“You were pretty awesome, dude.” Ryan said. “About Ben, are you into him, like, are you gay, Silas?”

“Not really sure what I am, definitely not heterosexual. I enjoy sucking my dick too much to be 100% straight.”

He laughed a real, deep, belly laugh. “I’ll let him know you said so.”

“I think I am gay.” I let the coin drop. Ryan’s expression remained unchanged. “At least gay enough to want to try dating a guy. Shit, maybe even Ben.” He never said anything to Ben, and the issue died entirely. I stayed the same in his eyes no matter what, regardless whom I decided to love. Ryan was my best friend, and always would be.

Ben was a different story. He asked me on a date the next day and I jumped at the opportunity. It was going to be a real date. He wanted to buy me dinner, and see a movie. I was so nervous. I felt 16 again, like I was meeting Julia for the first time. I spent an hour-and-a-half in front of the full length mirror deciding on clothes, whether my hair should stay down, or tied into a loose bun, and what shoes to wear. Then I remembered Ben had seen me in almost everything I owned. I wriggled into a pair of tight chinos, and snapped on a jean shirt. I pulled my fleshy cock up to my hip, making it discreet as possible. My phone buzzed. Ben: I’ll be by in 5 min.

Shit! He was practically here. I pulled my hair back, and knotted it. I took my coat from the hall closet, and stepped into a pair of black nikes at the door. I went to the end of the driveway. Before I even really shivered, Ben’s headlights appeared. His car tore down my parents’ street. Tires crunched to a halt on the compacted snow, and the passenger side door jumped open in one movement. “I see you also decided to wear a jean shirt,” he said.

I looked at his chest, he wore almost the same shirt, except in bright red. “I can run in and change!”

“No, we look cute, sort of a red vs. blue thing. Get in the car, the cold’s coming in!”

We drove to a little mexican restaurant across town, near the university. The music blared and we sang along the whole way over, but didn’t say very much. We arrived, and hopped out of the car. Ben had driven up onto a pile of snow plowed into the corner of the lot. I kind of slipped down it, and he helped me up, brushing my back and tousling my hair. “Looks like you got some snow clinging.” I got to the front door first, and held it open for him.

“Such a gentleman, Silas.” He approached the hostess stand. “Two please.” She led us around the packed steaming restaurant to a table at the back. We settled in to chips and salsa.

After a few minutes of chit-chat we shared an easy silence. “Ben, what are we doing here?”

“Just getting dinner, and seeing a movie if you want. I can get dinner if you want to pay for the movie.”

“I mean, is this really happening? I keep pinching myself waiting for it to not be true, for you to say that the last few weeks have just been a joke with you and Ryan. I don’t know.”

“Believe me, I’ve been waiting for the same thing. I know you’re straight, Silas…”

“But, I’m not. That’s why I’m feeling weird, you know?” The restaurant was so packed that even if someone knew us, they would not have seen us clearly through the crowd. I put my hand on his. “I don’t want to be a horn-dog, that’s not why I’m doing this.”

“So, you actually want to date me, Silas?” Ben wrapped his fingers through mine.

“We’re having dinner, at a restaurant, in public,” I cooly sipped my limonada “we are on a date, right?”

“Of course, just didn’t want to be the only one who thought this was a date. I’ve liked you for a long time.” By the time we ordered food, we had decided to actually be together. After a week or two, we would tell our friends.

We switched entrees halfway through, because Ben’s mouth was watering over my enchiladas. “You picked the best thing on the menu!”

“I usually do,” I said, “or at least I try to.” We finished up. Ben, as promised, paid. I held the door for him again, while I opened a mint and popped it in. He grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the parking lot. I wove my fingers through his, our hands growing cold in the frosty night. I pulled him closer into a sideways hug. We wrapped our arms around each other’s waists and went towards the Cherokee.

The movie theatre was full, it seemed there was little else to do in the dark, cold nights. I bought tickets for a horror movie, and popcorn. We made our way to the only open seats far in the back. Before the previews were over, our hands were clasped on the seat rest between us. We tickled each other’s palms and fingers, stealing little pecks on each other’s cheeks. The movie began, and intermittently, I squeezed Ben’s hand. I always got afraid during scary movies; never really frightened, but nervous. They affected me so much. Ben put his arm over my shoulder, and I leaned into it. He squeezed my shoulder at the jumpy bits, but he actually screamed a few times.

I had my hand on his knee and eased it up his thigh, but very slowly. It was the first time we really shared body heat. His weight against me felt great. He grabbed my hand, and brought it to his lap, holding it gently. The movie was really frightening, I was unsure if my heart rate was up from that, or the excitement of being with Ben. My hand was not directly on his crotch, but I sensed a growing atmosphere of warmth rising from it. Soon, the movie ended. As we stood up, Ben adjusted his crotch and I felt flattered.

As we left the theatre, he delicately grabbed my hand and we walked out. Fat snowflakes fell from the sky. The cotton candy sky glowed pink, we went along laughing about the movie. My heart still pounded, Ben was definitely the cause. We got into the SUV. “So what do you want to do now?”

I leaned into the seat and chose music. “We could do anything. Get coffee, go hang out at Ryan’s, find somewhere private.”

“Well, I do have to work tomorrow. Maybe I can just take you home?” Ben turned the car on. “I would really like to chill, just have to be up early.”

“That sounds fine.” I said. Ben drove back across town, speeding over the icy roads, and crashing through banks of piled snow. It was thrilling, and we shouted with every puff of snow over the windshield. He took a route through a field, and into my parents’ neighborhood. Snow burst up around us like fireworks, exploding across the bright headlights. The car jostled over the bumps. Soon, we arrived outside my parents’. “I really had a great time with you tonight. I’m sure when we get back to the dorms, we can cuddle and watch movies all night.”

“That does sound fantastic.” Ben leaned across the center console, and tenderly kissed my lips. They sparked.

We parted, and smiled at each other, and I leaned back in for another kiss. Our lips lingered, while I placed a hand on his chest. Ben sighed against my cheek, and his chest leaned closer. There was no tongue in the kiss, but our lips grazed each other’s over and over, never parting through the song, and another. He pulled away. “Do you need to go?”

“I do, just want to get some good sleep in tonight.” He pressed his lips hard and briefly against mine.

“Well, goodnight.” We kissed fast again, and I stepped out of the car. “Text me when you get home!”

“I definitely will.” Ben’s tires flung snow as he pulled away, and I stood in the drive laughing at his antics. I looked into the pink sky, my chest so incredibly light, like I floated on ten beers. I wanted Ben next to me in bed, laying together all night until the morning. I stood outside, my head tossed back and face flushed, catching snowflakes on my tongue. I made a snowball and threw it into the air at no one. I jumped and danced around the driveway, hopping in place and swirling my arms over my head. I exhaled thick clouds of breath, which hung over my head like mist. I then felt the cold, and shivering, went inside.

I threw my coat over a kitchen chair, and kicked off my shoes, the snow melting from their soles. I slid around the kitchen, drinking a glass of water, and drumming against random surfaces. A mass filled my pants. I had mostly avoided selfsucking that break, but was so horny I went in the guest bath needing release. I pulled my mostly soft cock through the zipper of my pants, and let it flop across the crotch of my chinos while lowering my round butt onto the lip of the tub. I reached up under my thigh and squeezed the base of my cock, inflating the tip. I took it into my mouth. I couldn’t get all that much with a semi, but knew it wouldn’t stay soft for long. I pinched the tip between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. My head tickled as it widened, flattening out slightly. It filled my mouth. I relaxed my grip, and grasped both of my thighs. I slurped on my cock like a noodle, quick and hard, feeling my helmet engorge and sneak back into my mouth. I grew hard. My lips moved up and down in rapid succession. I was nearly ready to blow, Ben had excited me so. I pressed my tongue down and lowered my head, taking more than half my shaft. My orgasm bubbled, cock jerking hard against my chin as spit streamed down the shaft and coated my fly. Juice banged into my throat, and I moaned through stuffed lips. I slammed my head down, my cock still cumming, but my throat full. I swallowed the load, and jizz still rocketed back. I couldn’t swallow it all and started coughing. I pulled up quickly, and shot the last few drops onto the floor. Next time I wanted a BJ, it would be Ben.


Part 9

Everyone discovered our relationship on New Year’s Eve. We filled the TV room at Ryan’s, counting down seconds to the ball drop, drunkenly shouting “seven…six…five…four…” An alcoholic glint glazed Ben’s eyes. I wrapped my arms tight around his waist, and we looked into each other’s eyes. “Three…two…one…” Of course, the guys stole new year’s kisses from girls around them, but Ben and I made out voraciously. Our beers spilled. After that, our friends became quite encouraging.

The next day, a group of us left for a long ski weekend. We piled into Jimmy’s parents’ Tahoe and headed for the mountains. Nothing happened between Ben and I, except sharing the same bed. Our bone-tired and exhausted bodies collapsed together from the long days on the mountain. He did, however, give me the best back and leg rub of my life that second night at the townhouse. Otherwise, we just cuddled and slept hard those two nights. It was very PG. School would start back up soon.

I returned to the dorm a few days before Sean. My mouth stayed firmly around my dick for most of those days. I woke up, and sucked myself off for an hour, then had breakfast and went to work. First stopping at the usual park to suckle on my head and tease myself, I then returned to the dorm. I arrived, and immediately stripped my clothes and sucked my dick properly. In those two short days I enjoyed at least ten loads from my own cock. I loved having it between my lips, the hard spurting into my throat, and the velveteen slickness on my tongue. I didn’t realize just how under-sexed I was over break, and indulged in two days alone. I only stopped for work or sleep. Ben was still at his parents’, but would return to the dorms soon. Part of me would miss this unending pleasure once the semester started.

Ben lived in a dorm across campus. Fortuitously, he discovered that his roommate had dropped out after the first semester at college, and Ben now had a single room. We could spend every night together. I crammed some clothes and toiletries into my backpack and made the trek, through deep snow, and cold, to his dorm. I knocked, and he answered in a pair of sweats. A heavy glass pendant on a woven hemp chord hung from his neck, resting directly between his nipples. Ben’s body was long and lithe. His waist was probably smaller than the length of his pants, I mused, and he was pretty taught. The grey sweats hung at his hips, where a dusting of hair disappeared under the drawstring. His unapologetic bulge mounded out from his legs. Ben was barefooted. “Well good evening, sexy.” I said pecked his cheek.

We had done nothing but kiss passionately since the night in the hot tub. He pulled me inside, and snuck his hands under my coat by the time the door shut. He slid them up my back. The bright blue parka and grey pack fell to the floor. Our lips were smashed together, making slick wet popping sounds. Ben slid his hands under my shirt and pulled it over my head. We stood in the middle of the room. Ben had already re-arranged. The two desk occupied a corner, and the dressers were stacked. A plasma TV and stereo sat on top of them, facing the two small single beds which he had pushed together into something resembling a king-size. There was a lot of space. His hands explored my abs. “You are so beautiful, Silas.”

I took the pendant and pulled him close, the small rope gently digging into his neck. My hand found its way into his sweats and gripped his firm bubbly ass. “You are.” I pulled him into me, pressing our bulges together. His chubbed-up against mine, elongating and stiffening through his sweats. I wanted him so badly as my hand rubbed, and squeezed his butt. My other hand went to his back, following the gentle curvature of his spine.

He sighed. “Lemme put on some music, get into bed.” He chose down-tempo electronic.

I jumped onto the bed, and leaned against the pillows. He danced towards the bed, hips swaying and his cock gently bouncing in rhythm to the heavy bass. Ben crawled onto the bed, and slowly approached, kissing my abs, licking his way across the expanse of muscle. His tongue flicked my nipples on his way up. I rubbed his short hair, and pulled him towards me. We began kissing and his body slowly relaxed on top of mine. I was cold from the walk, but his body tingled against my chilled flesh. As he inhaled, his chest and stomach pressed into mine. I explored his back with my hands, every inch electric with anticipation. We rolled around in bed for a long time before anything else happened.

I pressed my hand against Ben’s waist, and slid it into his sweats. I found his hard cock and gave it a squeeze, massaging it within a loose grip. He sat up, kneeling across my crotch. Ben’s hand went to my belt buckle, and undid the clasp, button, and zipper in one fell swoop. I held his cock. “Someone’s excited.” I brought him close again.

We spoke into each other’s mouths. Ben crept his hand over my boxer-briefs and along the heap of cock inside. “You are too.” We made out furiously as he pulled my cock above the waistband. He extracted it, and gripped the middle of my shaft, rubbing the skin up and down but not moving his hand along the length of shaft. He lied down next to me. We embraced each other with one arm, and the other worked on a cock. The music bumped in the background.

The very tip of my cock brushed his, and a bit of slick wetness transferred to my cockhead. Ben worked it into my shaft. Our knuckles smacked together, and I let go of Ben’s dick. He opened up his fingers, and a hot wet length of shaft pressed mine. My cock twitched hard as his hand tried in vain at encircling both big boners. Ben had a lot of precum, and his hand slid easily up and down or shafts. I reached down between us and gripped the bottom half of our shafts while Ben held the tops. His tip leaked continuously as it rubbed against the base of my glans. We twisted them together, his wrapped partially around mine. I humped in and out of our grip in time to the music. “Fuck, this feels fantastic.”

“Yeah, I’m leaking a ton.” Slick, squelching sounds issued from between us, we were drenched in goo. Ben gently nibbled my neck, and worked his way down my chest. His cock slipped away as he drew his hands up to my pecs, and ran them down my body as his mouth ventured lower and lower. My torso now shone with a film of precut. “I want to suck you off,” his hands were on my hips, pulling my jeans down. “I’m going to fill my mouth with that tasty-looking dick.”

My pants and boxer-briefs slipped over my ankles. I was only wearing socks. “Ben. It is tasty, I can assure you.”

Ben stood up on the bed and stripped his sweats off, his subtly curved cock sprang forward. He fondled his large, tight balls, and looked down at me. “Just lay back Silas, enjoy this.” He bent straight over and gripped my ankles, running his hands up my legs. His plump ass poked above his back, and I watched it as he came towards my cock. He finally came to my hips, and skated his hand down my v-shaped abdominals. My cock pointed straight up, directly at his lips. He glanced at me, a determined look in his eye. Gently kissing the tip, he took my low-hangers into his hand and plunged down onto my cock. Ben took the first 5 inches easily.

I wanted to bust then and there. I had sucked myself for so long, wanting a mouth adept as my own, and I had found it. He knew the way a huge cock needed to be treated. He sucked his way to the top, and without releasing me, plunged back down. His hand left my balls, and he placed them flat on the bed, practically doing pushups as he started swallowing me in earnest. By the fourth trip down my shaft, he swallowed at least seven inches if not more. “I haven’t gotten a real bj in forever.” My hands found his head, and rubbed his neck and shoulders. My back arched away from the bed and gently pushed more cock into his mouth. His throat was tight around my tip, and his breath heavy on my pubes. The gentle suction around my shaft was heavenly. I wanted this to last, but felt my nuts tightening and boiling. I slowly sat up while Ben forced himself further onto my cock. I kissed his head, then tongued his ear. “Gimme a second I’m already so close.”

With one huge slurp, he sucked all the juice from my cock, and began jerking me fast. “I want to make you cum.”

My hand grasped his throbbing member. “I want to cum too, but not so fast.” I jerked him just as hard. We sat facing and jerking each other hard, our arms around each other’s necks. Our foreheads were pressed together and we both stared down at the sight of the two huge wet, beautiful cocks below us. I leaned forward and kissed his chest, his abs, and pointed his tip towards my mouth. “I want to return the favor anyway.” His hand wound through my long hair and pulled it from my face. I took the tip first. I had only put my own cock in my mouth, this was the first time with another. Ben’s felt different from my own; not as fat, nor as filling, but his cockhead seemed longer in my mouth. My tongue explored the ridges around of his glans, and flicked along the slit. The corresponding sensations I enjoyed did not come. I wanted to have more in my mouth. The familiar anticipation of filling my throat began to take over. I easily sucked him in.

“Oh, damn, you are really good at this…” Ben moaned as I shook my head from side to side, working it further back. His hips gently rocked in the seated position. I stood on all fours, holding the base of his cock in one hand, and furiously pounding mine with the other. I removed my hand and slurped the last few centimeters of Ben into my mouth. I was smashed against his pubes. He smelled spunky. “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.” I sucked up slow, hard, keeping my lips sealed around his shaft. We released each other and fell back onto the bed, making out hard, exchanging the taste of our cocks. I was on top of Ben, slowly humping him, our cocks gliding past each other.

“That was the first time I sucked another dick.” Our hands roved up and down each other’s long shaft.

“I would not have guessed. That was like, porn status.” He kissed me.

“Well, lots of practice on myself.” I kissed him back.

“Fuck my face, Silas,” Ben whispered. “Feed me your load.”

Still kissing, I brought my knees to either side of his chest. I grabbed the base of my cock and pushed it between our lips. For a brief moment, my sponginess separated us, and I sat up. With the tip of my cock in his mouth, and his tongue swirling slowly around it, Ben eased up onto the pillows. I stood on my knees, and began thrusting. His hands found my round ass and squeezed my cheeks, pulling me further into his mouth. I thrust hard, giving him all nine inches. I leaned forward, bracing against the headboard. I felt my orgasm coming up hard. “Here it comes, Ben,” and I started shooting. My ass clenched in his hands as I unloaded. Three, four, five spurts…I was still cumming, but he hurriedly brought his hand to my lowest ab and pushed against it. My cock popped out and I shot three more voluminous times on his chest. I leaned over and licked it off of him, then brought my lips to his.

He slipped the sweet hefty load into my mouth as we kissed. We made out, passing it back and forth, until jizz coated our lips and filled our mouths. I ended up swallowing it. I fell on top of him, my ass in the air, and cock still hard between us.

“If giving you a blow job is always that hot, sign me up for the duration.”

I laughed. “That was nothing Ben,” my hand went down between us and squeezed his wet, oozing prick. “You still need some attention.”

“Only if you want to get me off.” He ran his sticky hands in my hair. “Will you give me my load?”

I jumped to the bottom of the bed, immediately kissing his cock, and licking it from base to tip. “Of course.” I lapped his fat, tight nuts, and tried to suck them but couldn’t get them into my mouth. I pressed my tongue onto his cock and licked up and down, working towards the tip. I pushed it onto his stomach, and flicked the sensitive underside of his head. He squirmed underneath me. “You like that, huh?”

Ben was moaning nonstop. “Please make me cum, I want to bust so bad,” he pulled my hair. “Shit, I’m going to shoot if you keep doing that.”

I increased the rate of my tongue, and swirled it around his tip. I loved Ben receiving this pleasure. I knew the places to lick and nibble to make him shake. I could make him blow without taking him in my mouth. I pulled his dick up and popped half of his shaft inside, bobbing my head up and down while twirling my tongue. Without warning, hot goo filled my mouth, as Ben grunted. I held his tip in my mouth, swirling my tongue and the load around his cockhead. I pulled off, and went back to Ben’s face.

“Give it to me,” he said, opening his mouth wide.

I pursed my lips and the thick white cum fell out in a long, thick rope. It coated his tongue and filled his mouth. “Eat your jizz, that’s so hot.”

He swallowed it, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Fuck, that was so sexy.” He pecked my lips. “So fucking sexy.”

I fell down on the bed next to him, exhausted and spent. I closed my eyes. “I think I love giving head.”

“You’re a genius at it, embrace the skill.” Ben yawned, and stretched his hands over his head. “Let’s go to the showers, maybe order some food.” He climbed down from the bed, and stretched again.

I smacked his ass hard. “We can both fit in the stall?”

“I wasn’t suggesting that, but if you want we can.” He picked up his phone, and ordered a pizza, delaying it for an hour-and-a-half.

We wrapped towels around our waists, and gathered supplies.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

No one was in the bathroom, and I followed Ben into the stall at the end. We hung our towels and went into the shower. Both of us being over 6-foot, it was a little tight, but we made it work. I lathered up my hair while Ben washed his body. Suds covered him as he washed his ass. He got in all the cracks. Ben washed my body as I rinsed my hair. He cupped my package in both hands and tossed it gently around. “Need to clean up for round two.” We washed all the drying jizz off.

We stood under the hot falling water, rinsing and gently kissing. When we were completely rinsed off, we wrapped the towels back around ourselves and returned to Ben’s room. I felt my dick stir as Ben stripped, his ass was almost like a teenage girl’s. How had I not noticed before?

“Hope you brought condoms, I don’t have any magnums just laying around.” Ben laughed. “At least no XL’s.”

I went to my backpack, and stroked my cock to full attention, I pulled out a box of condoms. “You’re in luck.”

Ben lay on the bed on his stomach, the curve of his ass inviting my entry. “Come put that big fuck-pole in me.” He reached into the bedside table, and pulled out a bottle of lube which he squirted onto his fingers. He brought his hand to his ass, and started fingering his hole while I pulled the condom on.

I stroked and walked to the bed. “I’ve never done this Ben, how does it work?”

“Just like sex, how do you think it works?”

“I mean, what position is best?” I was kneeling on the bed now, ready to slide into Ben’s wet, lubed hole.

“I’m going to stay like this, and you can go on top.” He spread his legs.

I put the tip of my cock up against his pucker, and holding the base, pushed into him. It was tough going, and was much tighter than I could have hoped for. Ben sighed under me as the tip of my cock squeezed in. He spread his legs even wider, and reached back to spread his cheeks. I got a little further in, his ass gripping my cock hard. He handed me the lube, and I spurted some onto the top of my shaft. It helped, and soon I slid slowly in and out of him, not my entire shaft, but plenty. I bent over and kissed his shoulder. Ben moaned below me, and was humping the bed. With every stroke I took, his cheeks squeezed around the base of my cock. I had not been prepared for how tight his asshole would be.

“Fuuuuck,” he moaned out. “You’re big as my dildo.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I stopped thrusting and flexed my cock inside of him. A few sympathetic squeezes engulfed my shaft, and I nearly shot.

“Oooohh no, it feels great, Silas, keep going, please.”

I placed my hands at each side of his shoulders, and really fucked him. With every thrust I dug deeper into his hole, his ass squishing against my pubic bone, and drawing me deeper. He almost screamed. He was tighter than Julia by far, squeezing my cock hard.

“Pound my ass,” he came up onto all fours.

I grabbed Ben’s hips, and pulled his plump butt towards me. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” I thrust hard, over and over, wanting every inch of my cock in him. Sweat dripped from my forehead and splattered his back. I reached under his stomach and found his jumping cock, bouncing to and fro with my quick motions. I jacked him with every thrust.

“I’m going to cum again…” he moaned loudly. “You’re so fat inside me.”

“I wanna see you gush, Ben.” I stroked him fast, and quickly there were spasms around my shaft, hard and tight contractions as my hand became coated in goo. I pushed all the way in, and drew out, then with one titanic thrust forward, my balls released. “Holy shit….”

We were both groaning, sighing and dripping in sweat. I stroked in and out of Ben’s lubed up hole a few times, and collapsed on top of him.

“Fuck, dude. Fuck me.” Ben was nearly crying as I pulled out. He dropped onto the bed, his whole body limp and loose. “I think you ripped me a new one.” He felt his still intact buttonhole.

I hopped out of bed and pulled the full condom off my cock with a kleenex, whipping my shaft clean. “I hope not, because I want to go again, that was really hot.”

“I’m just glad I’ve been playing with a nine-inch dildo.” He was curled on the bed, a smile dancing across his face. “Otherwise it would never have worked. You filled me up just right.” There was a knock on the door. “you have to get the pizza, I can barely move.”

I jumped into Ben’s sweats and went to the door, paying for the food. We stayed in bed the rest of the night, falling asleep together with an entire semester of bliss ahead of us.


Part 10

The semester passed quickly. Ben and I were lost in each other, but doing very well in school. All of my books and school things were in one of the desks, and my shower caddy sat on the floor by the sink. I spent so much time at Ben’s dorm, Sean asked why I had not moved all of my things there. I enjoyed being a bit of a nomad, and stopped by my room every few days to pick up some things. I preferred sleeping with someone, rather than alone in a too-small bed. Besides, Ben was great company.

All things considered, I had not stopped blowing myself. I did not stop, by any means. My personal encounters grew more frequent if anything because being with Ben had increased my sex drive. I had not experienced that with Julia. I was horny all the time. If I wasn’t sucking Ben’s beautiful cock while he read for class, I wanted mine jamming down my throat. Instead of lurking in my dorm for the 30 minutes between my classes ending, and Ben’s getting out, I snuck into a bathroom stall at the lecture hall. It thrilled me to know the bathroom was more or less full, and I was selfsucking in it. Leaving bio and having a private moment in the science hall became a nearly daily activity.

The biggest impetus was a nearly priapistic erection. It would go down, but only after I came. Even then, I stayed fleshy and semi-hard for an hour or so before it roared back to life. So, I snuck into the stalls out of necessity, either at lunch if I would be seeing Ben immediately after classes, or after my bio lecture if it would be later. I usually stood, leaned my butt against the divider and bent forward. My legs were in an obtuse squatting position, and I wrapped my hands under my thighs. I really enjoyed the act of sucking rather than the oral satisfaction in these sessions. I imagined Ben pounding my face, as he was wont to do. I always took myself to completion, semen filling my mouth and flying into my throat like hot icing.

I stumbled from the stall with jizz pooled in my mouth. The row of urinals was entirely occupied, and a fat kid shuffled past me into the stall. I slung my pack over my shoulder and went to the sinks. The kid next to me kept stealing looks, so I glanced at my reflection. There was a droplet of white at the corner of my mouth. I looked at him, winked, and wiped it clean.

The day was beautiful, the sun hung low and orange in the sky—it was the time of year when everyone wore shorts and a hoodie, or jeans and a t-shirt. I put sunglasses to my face and admired the show on campus. I was looking for a guy, a visual treat, who I usually saw after my sessions in the science hall. He was short, but always had a huge bulge in his thin athletic shorts. I made slow progress, admiring the cocks swinging in loose shorts, and those compact bulges in tight jeans, visible just below the hems of tank tops. Then he approached. The guy was almost a foot shorter than me, probably 5’6” or so, but his dick was obviously massive. As he closed in, I finally swallowed my load, thinking about his cock bouncing forward and back as he strolled. My eyes were fixed. The tube snaked halfway down his right thigh, trapped by the crotch seam. His dickhead stood out plainly far below where the legs of his shorts split. It bounced happily. Seeing this hung fleshy cock made me want more. At least once, I considered following him to the gym, but I knew Ben waited, naked in his dorm.

When I opened the door, Ben ran up, throwing his arms around my neck and we kissed. He jumped and wrapped his legs around my waist. “I was so horny all day.” He wore athletic shorts and a tank top.

I held his thighs, and supported his weight on my hips. “Well, glad I made it just in time.” We teetered towards the bed. “Is that a hard cock I feel.” His dick raged against my stomach as I dropped him onto the bed and ripped my shirt off. Ben tore his clothes from his body. “I’m never going to get over how sexy you are.”

Ben’s cock was like steel, and he immediately started rubbing it. “Your body is even better than the fall…I think it’s all the sex we’ve been having.” He rubbed his cock and pulled me close to him. Instead of kissing, I went straight to my knees and swallowed his cock deeply. His hips bucked against my face wildly. “I love when you deepthroat me….swallow every inch of my long cock.” I took him all the way in, forming a tight ring around his base. Ben’s hands were atop my head, forcing down as if I could take more.

I rose, my cock inflating by the millisecond. “We should do your favorite thing.” I stroked my thick shaft as I walked to the dresser for a condom. “I feel really flexible today.”

When I turned, Ben was wanking furiously. “I would bust in two seconds.”

I tossed the un-opened condom onto his chest. “Good, I want to taste your jizz.” I stood between his legs, forcing them apart, and pressed our shafts together. We grabbed them from each side, and I bent forward to lick and kiss the bouquet of cock. I spun my tongue in frantic circles, twirling around both of our helmets, before spreading my mouth wide, my lips almost tearing taking our heads in. Together, we were at least eight or nine inches in circumference. I could only really suckle on them, swallowing was almost impossible. I continued the lightening-quick circular licks, then felt Ben begin to pull the condom over my head, and stopped.

Ben pulled it down my shaft and I knew he was ready. I rammed into him fast, and he let out a soft scream. His asshole swallowed my meat. His legs were pulled up, with his knees near his ears. He moaned, groaning in lust. “Do it Silas, do it before I cum on my chest.”

I grabbed his cock and jerked it slowly a few times, feeling the throbbing shaft in my hand flex, and the same muscles contracting tight around my pounding cock. I enjoyed taking Ben to the edge of pleasure, and letting him hang there. I stopped thrusting my long, fat cock, leaving it buried deep inside. I bent forward, and circled Ben’s cockhead with my tongue. “Is that what you want?”

He squirmed, his ass quivering uncontrollably against my hips. “Fuck yes.”

I slowly resumed thrusting, and at the same time began swallowing him inch by inch. I had a perfect point of view of his ass devouring my cock, and his fat tight nuts bouncing with every hard push. I swallowed while pushing into his tight ass with my thick shaft. Filling my mouth with his cock while fucking was phenomenal. I could swallow quite a considerable amount of Ben’s dick, the angles were much more manageable than blowing myself. Besides 69, it was what I had always wanted. I thrust even quicker in and out of Ben’s lubed, hungry hole.

“Fuuuuck….Fuck me hard Silas. I’m about to explode!”

I pounded harder, and sucked like a vaccuum, feeling Ben’s dick grow in my mouth, and watching his nuts contract. Then, they jumped repeatedly, fast, and my mouth was flooded with his warm hot spunk. I pounded in and out a few times, never releasing his turgid dick as I unloaded. The walls of his ass clenched against my spasming cock. I let his meat fall from my mouth. “You’re so tasty.” I gently rotated my hips against his ass cheeks as our lips met. He tongued the load from my mouth, our lips smacking and sticking together, tendrils of cum connecting them. We briefly parted and a milky thread hung between our mouths. Our kiss grew sloppy as Ben’s load leaked from our lips, and dripped slowly down our chins and necks. The kiss seemed unending, cum oozed from our mouths with every brief parting. I was still hard in Ben’s ass.

He wriggled and pulled away from me. My cock slipped out, fat fleshy and limp. I pulled the condom off and took it to the trash can. I peeked out the window. The sun had just gone down. “What should we do tonight?”

“Well, it’s Friday, is Ryan having a party?” Ben asked.

“Probably,” I ran my hand up and down my ass cheek, massaging it and toying with my hole. Ben had topped me a few times, but he was mostly a bottom. I turned away from the window.

“Well, let’s go, or just hang out with them.” Ben lay on his back, his cock long and soft on his stomach, his body glistening with sweat. “Or we can stay in and fuck all night.”

For once, my cock was staying relatively soft. “Let’s go over there, for a little bit at least.”

We went to the showers, where every other guy on Ben’s floor seemed to be preening for a night out. We went into adjoining stalls, then back to Ben’s room to dress. Sometimes it felt like every second of our alone time was spent being sexual. Ben’s eyes were on my cock. My eyes were on his ass, and all over his body. He looked more toned than the winter time as well. We made the walk across campus and to Ryan’s house hand-in-hand.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A sizable group was already drunk upon our arrival. Girls screamed in the kitchen, and guys played beer pong in the backyard. People hung out on the front porch smoking weed. Ben stayed there and I went to the backyard. Inexplicably, Jimmy was there. He had gained about twenty pounds since I saw him over winter break.

“Jimmy, what’s up man?” I hugged him, and he broke it very quickly.

“How’s it going?”

“Good man,” we shot random shit while Jimmy owned at the round of BP. We went back inside together. “So why are you back, man?”

“I’m dropping out.” He swigged the dregs of his beer. “School sucks, I hate it.”

“I’m really sorry dude,” he became angry.

Jimmy cornered me in the kitchen, next to the keg. “I’m sure about what I’m doing.” He pumped the tap deliberately. “But are you?”

“What do you mean, dude?”

“Oh, fucking Silas, don’t play the stupid higher than you crap,” he burped loudly and filled his cup, taking half of it in a single swig, before pouring more from the keg. “I’ve heard some shit about you and Ben.”

“What about us?”

“So it is an ‘us’,” he glared at me. “I’ve heard some awful rumors about you, man.”

“I’m sure they’re not that bad,” I had nothing to hide from Jimmy.

“So you are a cock-sucker, Ben fucked you.”

Well, this was all technically true. “We’re together, yeah.”

“You dirty fucking slut.”

“I wanted a boyfriend,” I said. “I’m not a slut, and don’t really need to be.” A girl-friend ran up and hugged me around the chest, she kissed my face.

“As you’ve so beautifully illustrated.” His cup was full, and he ripped mine away. “But, dude, Ben? Really? That’s who you are going to pick?” Froth poured over the top of my cup.

“We found each other, what you want is always right in front of you, I guess.” I took my cup, and handed him one for Ben. I looked into the living room, where Ben now sat with a few of the party-goers.

“I just can’t believe you’re a faggot, Silas. Of all people.” He pressed the second cup into my hand.

I had never heard him use the word. “Jimmy, you fuck.” I ripped the cup from his hand and it poured down his jeans.

Jimmy threw his cup onto the floor, fire spitting from his eyes. “It’s on now, you little bitch.”

He lunged at me over the top of the keg, his hands clenched in fists and his arms flailing. Jimmy knocked me hard into the wall, and the two beers I held spilled to the floor. His fists banged repeatedly into my sides and knocked the wind from my lungs. He was really trying to hurt me. I pushed back, throwing him against the keg. Jimmy stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. I leapt across the kitchen and straddled his chest. I balled up my fists and wailed on his chest. A crowd was suddenly around us. Everyone was shouting. “Don’t call me a faggot ever again.” There were hands all over my body, pulling me off of Jimmy, but I clenched his chest hard with my thighs. I heard Ben in my ear.

“Get off him Silas, he’s just drunk.” Ben pulled wildly at my shoulders, trying to stop the fight.

My punches slowed, and I stared down at Jimmy coughing on the floor. There was a sharp pain in my back, and I felt Jimmy grip me with his legs and toss me to the ground. We wrestled, he violently, and me defensively. All I could see were legs surrounding us and hands reaching between us. I grabbed onto his shoulder and tried to hold him down while I stood up.

“Silas, get the hell outside,” Ryan shouted, suddenly between Jimmy and me. “There is no fighting in this house, get out.”

I stormed into the backyard, followed by Ryan and a group of others. Through the window, Ben yelled in the kitchen, held back by a pack of girls, obviously screaming at Jimmy on the floor. “He started that shit, Ryan, I didn’t do a damn thing.”

Ryan looked satisfied, about ready to laugh. He smiled. “I know you didn’t. I heard the whole thing. Jimmy’s gone, don’t worry.” He applauded softly. “No idea you had that in you, Silas.”

I paced like a caged dog. “I’m a big guy, he shouldn’t have crossed me.”

Ben threw the back door open. “If I see you again, Jimmy, expect more of the same.” He ran up to me, kissing my cheek. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, kid, don’t worry.” I kissed his lips briefly. “Yeah, I’m gay, what of it!” I shouted to no one in particular. The small crowd in the backyard cheered, and toasted Ben and me. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Maybe we should, that was crazy. You seem to attract that kind of attention.” Ben pulled me through the gate and into the alley. He immediately pinned me to the fence and devoured my lips. His hands rummaged between our crotches. “Fuck me right now.”

My cock was hard from the skirmish, and it popped free. “You’re riled up.”

Ben had his jeans down around his thighs, and was turning around, placing his hands on the fence. “You were so hot in that fight.”

“I’m going to dominate you, just like Jimmy.” I put my pink throbbing cockhead against Ben’s hole, holding the base tight. I spit on the top of my shaft and worked up a good lubricating lather, and slammed in. “Do you like taking my big-ass dick?”

Ben whimpered, his arms braced against the fence, and his legs ever-so-slightly bent. His kegels tensed and relaxed as I worked further and further in. “I love when you pound me.”

I was quickly balls-deep, lust over-taking any desire I had to remain quiet in the exposed alley. My hands went to Ben’s hips and ran up his stomach. There was a new hardness there, a taught firmness I had never noticed. His abs were more defined beneath my fingers. I slammed in and out of his ass, building my orgasm quickly. “Fuck this feels amazing without a condom.”

Ben groaned. “Fuck yeah, I can feel your veins throbbing.” He was pushing against me, rocking his ass against my cock, taking it quicker and quicker. “Shoot your load in me.”

I reached around and jerked Ben’s shaft hard, His ass clenched around my cock and he moaned loudly, it was enough to send me over the edge. As jizz erupted into his ass, a splattering smacked the fence, and steamy goo covered my hand. “Fuck that was fast.”

Ben stood up straight, and my still hard cock popped out of his hole. A little bit of my jizz came with it, slowly leaking from his pucker. He quickly pulled up his jeans. “I hope that’s not the last time we fuck in public.” With that, we kissed and walked back to the dorm.


Part 11

The semester wound down. Ben and I finished successfully, both of us making the dean’s list. We made plans for the next school year. Unfortunately, Ben was transferring out of state, and it hung over our relationship like an undetermined weather front. Ryan asked me to move into his basement. One of his roommates decided to move in with a girlfriend, leaving a vacancy in the house. Ben moved back to his parents’ during finals week. I moved to Ryan’s. Ben and I saw little of each other that last week. I shuttled back and forth from my parents’, moving furniture from there to my new house. I moved a drum set, an assortment of percussion and djembes, and keyboards into the large space adjacent to my bedroom. Ryan already had a bass and amp there. We were halfway to a band.

As soon as the old roommate left, I moved my bed, desk, dresser, and a couch in. The concrete floor chilled my feet, so I covered it with rugs. I hung tapestries over the walls. Finally, my own space, with all the privacy I needed. After organizing everything, I loaded a fat bowl in the bong, then drummed for a few hours. Ryan was at work, and our other roommate, Cody, was visiting his family for the week. Ben called and I invited him over, but he was drinking at a girlfriend’s. I was alone for the evening. I banged on the drums for another 45 minutes, until my arms grew tired. I played a few simple bass lines, and chord patterns on the keyboards, and tried recording a few things. I hadn’t been with my equipment that school year, and I was rusty. I gave up quickly, after accidentally deleting the beat.

I returned to my room, and flicked the TV on, before realizing I wasn’t yet on the Netflix account. Bored as fuck, I decided on a bike ride. When I returned home, the sun was setting. What to do? I chugged a glass of water in the kitchen, watching traffic speed down College Street. The light blue fabric of my tank-top clung to my abs, nearly shear from sweat. I stripped it off on the way downstairs, and hung it on the basement door. I caressed my tight muscles while plodding down the steps. I lazily entered the bathroom and splashed water on my face. I looked into the half-length mirror. My body was quite defined, but not jacked. I admired the sharp v-cut of my abs, and my hard 6-pack. My hands ran across each and every line, then down into my athletic shorts. My bait and tackle was heavy and soaked. My junk was like a juicy sausage, restrained in the speedo-like briefs. I reached into the shower, and turned on the water, the small bathroom immediately filled with steam. The shorts fell to the floor, as I turned in profile and enjoyed the image. My dick was easily visible, mounding out over my balls. I rubbed the obscene lump with one hand, and slid my other under the waist band between my butt cheeks. I pulled down the tight underwear and stepped into the shower.

The shower was my deciding factor for moving into Ryan’s. The shower head was about seven feet high, so I easily stood under the spray. It felt like the first shower I had all year; the dorms had 6-foot heads, so showering was miserable—literally, I stooped to properly wash my hair and face there. Here, at my new place, it was a breeze. I stood under the hot water, massaging my tired quads, biceps, and glutes. The water enveloped my whole body. Tension melted away, and my muscles relaxed. Water cascaded down my torso, and waterfalled over my long soft cock and hanging nuts. Water massaged my shoulders and back. I relaxed for about thirty minutes. Then, I exited the tiled stall and toweled off. Walking naked to my room, I stroked to attention.

I plopped onto the couch, leaning against the suede, my body incredibly loose. I gripped my seven-and-a-half inch semi around the base, and lowered my face. A dollop of precum leaked from the tip, so I flicked it to the underside of my cock and circumscribed my glans with my wet tongue. I smelled musky despite the rinse. Hands rested at my side. Gently, the tip entered my mouth. My breath cool against the radiating cock heat. I started slowly, licking the helmet in large circles, precum mixing with saliva and lubing the head. I hardened, and resisted easing past my teeth. My cock was smooth on my lips, and warmer than my mouth. I wasn’t sure if precum or spit rolled down my shaft. The flare was wide as my relaxed fuckhole, and cockhead rested heavily against my lip. Though my mouth was relaxed, I worked my tongue franticly. I flicked along the cockslit, occasionally snaking down to the sensitive underside, and around my entire glans to the flare. I pushed it away from my lips, and tenderly suckled on the extreme tip, allowing precum into my mouth. Millimeter by sensitive millimeter, I took my head just past my teeth.

My lips remained sealed, but not too tight, as the cock-flare slid against my tongue, rough, on the slick, smooth skin of my cockhead. I held my mouth open, loose, hungry for my fat length. I stared down the underside of my shaft, balls splayed at the base, covered in wetness of unsure origin. Droplets ran from the large mounds, forming small swamps on the couch. I brought a hand to my balls, and rubbed them, coating the sagging mass with my special spit-and-precum mix. I pulled off my cock, for the first time in many minutes, and leaned back with my eyes closed. I massaged my nuts in my left hand and rubbed my pecs with my right. I wanted to spoil myself, using my mouth as much as possible. My mind focused only on autoerotic plans: how my tongue flicked, how hard I would suck, if my hands would play at all, and the way my dripping balls would taste. I formed my thumb and pointer-finger into a ring around my sac, and pulled the loose mass up. My eyes opened, and lowering myself towards my balls, I stuck my tongue out and surrounded them with licks. My cock jabbed my neck as I lapped the taught surface. It tickled so much.

I stood up, and stretched my arms high over my head while bending from side to side. I crossed the room, watching my wet cock bounce with each step, and unrolled my yoga mat perpendicular to the couch. I lay down on the spongy surface, staring at the tower of cock rising from my lowest abdominal. I rolled backwards into a modified yoga plow position, cock nearing my face with every vertebrae rising off the ground. My feet pressed against the couch, as meaty shaft rested on my cheek. I lolled my tongue out, pushing my cock around so it pointed towards my chest, and the underside rested on my chin. I had to use my hands a bit. I took my sac in both hands, and pulled it towards my pursed lips. I kissed each nut individually. As I sucked the wrinkles, each disappeared and the nuts pressed against my sac. I opened my lips wide and took both in for a brief moment. They filled my mouth entirely. They popped out as I pressed my head against the floor. In the position, my cocktip twitched against my chest. I walked my feet up against the cushions, and twisted my head sideways. The fat length of my cock filled my line of sight. I used my tongue like a finger and pulled my cock close. My lips grasped the head, suckling along the turgid length as it filled my mouth. I was immediately lost in lust as the top half of shaft rested inside. I closed my eyes again, enjoying the hot meat, the stretching in my back and mouth, the comfort of my dick being sucked. My teeth scraped along the length, tingling my cock from base to tip. I very slowly rocked my hips against the tension provided by my feet, every inch of my cock feeling loved.

My overhanging nuts nearly rested on my lips. I was going slow today, enticing myself on to every new moment of bliss, every wet tingling washed my body in wave after wave of excitement. My cock was a pleasure magnet disappearing into my mouth. I wanted it in my mouth all night, multiple loads filling my throat and brimming from my lips. I slurped gently, denying myself the last four-inches or so. I really took my time, spending thirty-seconds exploring the glorious expanse of shaft between my head and mid-point. My tongue rode the ridges like miniature rapids. Then, another intense thirty-seconds spent pulling my shaft out between my lips, never releasing my always-leaking cock head. I repeated the process five, ten, fifteen times, before releasing my tip and bringing my feet forward. I lay flat, arching my back off the mat and rubbing my glistening torso. I placed my hands at my ears, and raised up into a full bridge, stretching against the curvature I’d been in for more than 30 minutes.

I stood directly up from the position, raising my hands to the ceiling. I leaned sideways from the waist, to both sides. Then, bent down and hooked my fingers under my toes. My stiff dick kissed my lip, so I briefly spun my tongue around it. I stood up and walked around my room, making sure no cramps snuck up. I drank from a water bottle while looking at my phone. Ben had text me.

Ben: I’m so drunk and horny! Wish you were here…

It was almost a lie, but I responded. Me: I wish you were here more ;p

I stood in front of the couch, and took a wide stance, slowly squatting to the floor. I leaned the small of my back and ass against the cool suede. My elbows rested on my kneecaps, hips spread wide, and feet placed about 45 degrees out from forward. I took a few deep breaths, then slid my hands down my shins, bringing my body forward over my crotch, and shoulders through my knees. Before I worked halfway into position my helmet pushed my lips apart. I held my ankles and swallowed about six inches of my cock down. I reached for my phone directly below my twitching balls, and snapped a pic. I sucked up off of my cock, then placed my elbows back on my kneecaps.

Ben: Prove it!

I sent the picture to him. Me: This is how horny I am…

Slowly, I twisted my cockhead in my hand, riding a bubbling at the base of my cock, rising from somewhere deep inside. I had almost cum when I snapped the pic. Ben: holy shit!!! Warn me next time, Nikki almost saw that!

Me: Consider yourself warned.

I set my smartphone down, the camera positioned for another selfie. My shoulders pressed against the inside part of my knees. I leaned my head forward, suctioning my wet lips over my cockhead and swallowed most of my cock in one long swoop. I just barely pressed the button with my thumb, and winked in the pic. I pulled up again, precum stuck to my shaft and dripping from my lips. I snapped yet another pic with the tip just entering my lips, precum glazing them like an old-fashioned doughnut. I sent the second picture, followed by the first one with my cock disappearing into my mouth. I set my phone down, and leaned down from my neck, and gripped my ankles again. I had only recently discovered this position. Until then, I selfsucked while sitting, or in a modified plow, and rarely, while standing. How had this easy position escaped my imagining? Six-inches popped easily into my mouth. I breathed easily, and my torso did not feel squeezed. The only tension existed in my quads and hips, but that disappeared with a workout and warm-up stretch. At once, I bobbed my head up and down, my cock just teasing my throat, and rocked backwards and forwards on my ankles. I imagined Ben face-fucking me hard.

Ben: I’ma jizz in my pants.

My taint was so low to the ground, my balls almost scooted the phone around the floor. While I spoiled my cock, the phone buzzed again. It was a dirty picture of Ben. His long cock filled the foreground, stretched from bottom to top of the image. On one side of his foreshortened shaft he flashed a thumbs up, and on the other he peeked his goofily smiling face. I stared at the picture and was struck with a thought.

Me: facetime. now.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Right away I saw the incoming call. Mouth still wrapped around my cock, I answered. As much as possible, I smiled around my fat shaft. Ben’s slim shirtless body filled the screen, his cock rising proudly at one side, pointing up towards his belly button. He sat on a bathroom counter. “Fuck yes.”

I held just the very tip in my mouth, and slipped off. “See this is what happens when you can’t come over,” I kissed my cockhead. “I get bored and don’t know what to do.” I watched as my miniature imbedded image eased its mouth onto the long shaft. It looked massive against my chest, rising between my nipples.

Ben jerked his cock hard. “I’m too drunk to leave!”

I lowered my head wordlessly, and sucked dripping precum and spit loudly from the tip of my cock, easing further and further down, taking more than the six-inches I had at any point that afternoon. I bobbed my head slowly, gradually increasing the tempo. I stared at Ben pulling his cock. He sighed and groaned.

“Swallow your cock whole, I want to see your balls slam your face, Sy.” His hand was a blur on his shaft.

My tempo picked up, my mouth stretching further and further as more of my shaft disappeared. With every downward bob my cock widened my throat a bit more, and Ben neared my vision. I stopped the fast bobs, with seven inches in my mouth. I breathed hard through my nose. I began rocking on my ankles again, slowly pushing more and more in. I was so thankful for yoga.

“You suck dick like a champion.” Ben pressed one hand against his pubic bone, pushing his boner away from his body with a finger. “I wish you were on your knees in front of me.”

I winked. I couldn’t talk, slutty mouth stuffed by my own weighty cock meat. I continued the gentle rocking motions. Seeing Ben stroking his long shaft brought me closer and closer. I wanted to cum so badly. I stopped, gripped the base tight, and slowly extracted myself centimeter by centimeter. I rolled my tongue from side to side with every escaping section, then rammed thick cock-shaft against my cheek before fully releasing. I bobbed my head very fast a few times, bringing myself to the very brink of orgasm, then pulled it out at the last possible moment. I stared down my shaft and into Ben’s virtual image. I rested the very tip of my cock on my fat bottom lip. Cock slurred my words. “I would swallow you in one gulp, and you know it.” I swirled my tongue around my cockhead, keeping myself electrified and on the brink of cumming. “I’ve been going for at least an hour-and-a-half. I need cum.”

“I can tell, your balls are tight for once.” Ben still pointed his long dick away from his body, stroking it slowly now. “I”m about ready to blow a huge one, too.”

I sucked hard on my head, nearly cumming, the first quivers of orgasm rising. “On three we’ll shoot.”

“One…” Ben huffed.

“Two…” My tongue was probably a blur around my shaft, my lips a wildly flapping fuckhole.

“Three!” Ben screamed as I watched drop after drop of jizz splatter his chest.

My load streamed from between my lips, I watched it ooze down my shaft, and coat my balls. As my orgasm subsided I raised up, cum bubbling between my lips and dropping audibly to the floor. “So, you should come over later tonight,” I said with a mouthful of cum. I opened wide and brought the camera to my face so Ben could see. “This could be yours on my tongue.”

He picked the globs from his taught stomach, and licked his fingertips clean. “I’ll be good and drunk if you want to meet me halfway.” Ben sucked his fingers dry. “We can have some real fun.”

“After Ryan comes home,” I rubbed the spunk into my nut sack, toying with my deflating shaft, shivering from the tingles up and down my length. “Then we can fuck all night.”

“For sure, I’ll text you,” Ben brought the camera to his lips and ended the call.

It was only about eight o’clock. I had plenty of time to shower, nap, and eat before Ryan arrived after ten. I threw my head back and rested it on the couch. I slowly released from the squat, sliding my feet gingerly forward, extending my legs, then lowering my back and head to the floor. I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the yoga mat, jizz and sweat coating my body.


Part 12

My phone rang, rousing me from sleep. A few hours had passed, and I still lay in the melted position on the floor. “Hey sexy,”

“Well hello, handsome! What are you up to?” Ben burped, and girls giggled in the background. “My bad, I am pretty drunk.”

I opened my eyes, and roved them over my body. “No worries, Benny,” my cock lay limp and small, for me, on my hip. “I fell asleep after our FaceTime. I needed the rest.”

“I hope you’re not too tired to see me.” The background noise suddenly died. “I want to see you Silas, I’m still so hard.”

I stood, and groaned, stretching my tight muscles. “Well come over, Ryan’s still at work and Cody’s gone.” I took a t-shirt and a pair of shorts out of my dresser. I decided not to bother with underwear. “Where are you anyway?”

“Off College, on like 30th street.” He shouted something at a fresh wave of background noise. “I’m leaving in like 5 minutes.”

I sat down at my desk, and rolled a joint for the walk back with Ben. “Alright, me too,” he was only about 10 blocks away. I finished dressing. The stench of cum lingered on my body, but it could have been the taste stuck in my mouth and nose. I popped in a piece of gum, and went upstairs. The night was clear. It was the first truly warm night of the summer, moths flitted in the cones of streetlights as bats chased their spastic movements. Ben was only a few blocks away. I strutted down College Street, one had in my pocket slowly rubbing my cock through the fabric. My hat was backwards, and while passing through each orange streetlight, I heard a few honks and whistles from passerby. I had never considered myself good-looking, but had discovered in the last months that people thought me attractive. It wasn’t just Ben .

A party bumped up ahead on the left, young men and women streamed out and stood around the lawn, red cups in hand. I jogged across the street, and saw Ben on the lawn with a girl. He smiled huge as the girl laughed. I recognized no one at the party. I stopped right behind Ben and wrapped my arms around his torso, kissing him on the neck briefly. “I thought you were going to meet me halfway?”

“Ah fuck, Silas, you scared me,” he turned and we quickly kissed. He said a few goodbyes and we headed down the sidewalk. Ben wavered on his feet, not stumbling, but definitely swayed back and forth with each step. “I am so horny, you have no idea.” He put his arm around my waist.

“Actually, I have some idea.” I ran my hand over the crotch of his shorts, and then grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the alley. “Wanna show me?”

“More than anything.” We made the right turn, and went the half-block towards the dirt alleyway. Fences lined both sides, and houses stood behind the wooden walls. Trees overhung the path and cast heavy shadows. We dipped into the alley and went down it a ways, dust rising as our feet scrapped the path.

Ben pinned me to the fence, immediately running his hands up my chest, and under my shirt. He squeezed my nipples, hard. I huffed into his mouth, our lips pressed together. His hips bucked uncontrollably against mine, as his eight-inch rubbed against my fat flaccid dick. He really was horny. His chest rose and fell quick, first-of-summer sweat beading along his neck and at the collar of his shirt. I ran my hand over his tightly shaved head, and over the stubble of his chin. His hips ground into mine. I ran my hand down his flat stomach and immediately into his green cotton shorts. I squeezed the very tip of his cock, and he moaned into my mouth. I grabbed Ben by the shoulders and flipped him around, against the fence, continuing to squeeze and massage the leaking cock in his pants. “Tell me if anyone comes down the alley.” I knelt in front of him and undid his belt, unfastening the button, and pulling down the zipper.

His long dick lay sideways, suctioned to his thigh under the tight briefs. I tickled it towards the base, and cupped his nuts, stretching the banding to release his cock. I pulled it through the leg hole and under the opening. He sprung out in need of attention. I wrapped my mouth around it and started sucking. Ben’s precum dripped onto my tongue. His hands wound through my hair and undid the bun at the base of my neck. He took the hat off my head, and put it on his own. All the while, I took more and more of him into my mouth. He was really moaning above me. I lifted my eyes away from his perfect dick and looked into his face. His eyes were closed, his mouth agape and moaning. I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and pulled up slightly, looking up and down the alley. There were shadows moving down it. I quickly stood up, and Ben popped his eyes open. “Let’s just go to my house, we’re like three blocks away.”

Ben wavered on his feet, his dick still out. “I’m seriously about to cum.” He pounded his hand furiously on the tip of his cock.

I still held onto his base, and was stroking it slowly. His hand clanged against mine. We stood in a patch of darkness, but the group advanced. “So what if they see us, I’m going to cuuuum right now.” Indeed, louder and louder squelching sounds were coming from between us. I leaned down, still standing, and wrapped my lips around his head, pulling hard, and flicking my tongue fast against his slit. “Silas, like five more seconds.” A new wetness bloomed at the tip of his cock. The group was still far off. Ben erupted suddenly, flooding my mouth with thick steamy wetness. I stood up quick and he kissed me, pulling the heavy load from between my lips with his tongue. He spit it on the ground.

I swallowed the lingering drops, and pulled the joint from behind my ear. “I brought this for you too, horn dog.” I lit it with a flick, and turned.

Ben hung from my shoulder, with a satisfied smile painted on his face. His eyes were half-closed. “I’m excited to sleep-over tonight. Don’t think I’ve ever been in your actual bed before.”

“You haven’t, it’s going to be great. We’ll have room to spread out and cuddle right.” We stumbled further, and were almost to my house before the joint was gone. Ryan’s car sat next to mine at the back. We went up the steps. “Ryan, Ben’s here with me.”

A group of guys sat around the living room as Ryan held the bong in his lap, carefully loading it. “Come say hey guys.”

Ben leaned against the kitchen counter, out of view of the others, and waved his hands in front of his face, before pantomiming a facial. “He’s kinda drunk, I think we’re going to pass out.” Ben gave me a thumbs up. “But I might come up in a little while.” Ben hopped onto my back and I carefully walked down the steps. I dropped him onto the bed, and Ben wrapped his legs tight around my waist. I couldn’t escape.

“I’ve ben thinking about servicing your dick all night.” He quickly slipped his hands into my pants, grasping my thick, light-brown pubes. “You went commando just for me?”

“Well, I was wearing nothing when you called.” His breath was hot on my neck. “There wasn’t a point wearing underwear.” I ran my hands up and down his thighs, which flexed hard against mine, Ben’s body spasming simply from the touch on his exposed skin

His hand cupped my nuts, my warm cock pressed against the cool flesh of his arm. He massaged the whole thing, and with the other hand unzipped my Navajo-print shorts. His hand gripped my heavy package and pulled it through the front of my shorts. “That was a great idea. I did notice a little wet spot by your hip.” Ben moved his hand over the length of my hardening shaft. “I can see why it was all the way up there.”

I twisted my neck a bit, and we started making out. Ben pulled my shirt over my head, and I was suddenly nearly naked. I hopped off the bed and stripped my shorts off, sliding them past my hips and dropping them to the floor. “Feels good to be naked again.”

Ben unceremoniously slipped his shirt off. “Let’s be naked until one of us has to work.”

I rotated my hips side to side, my semi slapping both thighs. “I don’t work tomorrow.” I went towards the bed slowly.

Ben unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off in a blur, and tossed them onto the pile of our clothes on the floor. “Neither do I.” He lay down on his stomach, and pulled my hips towards his face. “Tell me I suck dick as good as you.”

With that, Ben swallowed my cock, slipping nearly five inches in on the first gulp. His hand pressed hard against my hip, and he worked it into his throat, lubricating the entire shaft with every trip down the length. He raised himself onto his elbows, as his hands dropped away from my hip. His mouth sucked hard on my cock, and my semi 7-incher went all the way into his mouth. His dripping lips pressed against my forest of pubes. His breath was hot on my crotch. Ben pressed my shaft with his tongue, easing it further into his throat. He coughed, and pulled it halfway out. My cock started getting really hard. It widened his lips with every throb and pressed deeper. Ben raised his eyes up at me, and winked, I was growing hard in his mouth. His tongue made slow circles around my cock tip. “you suck dick like a champ.”

He bobbed his head up and down the length of my shaft, quick on the top, and slower as he neared my base, but now he could’t reach it since I was rock hard. He sucked a voluminous amount of jizz and spit up, swirling it around my cock head. “I want to deepthroat you.”

“Dude, I don’t think it’s possible.” I went to the desk, opened my laptop, and put music on. “But you’re so welcome to try.” I returned to the bed, where Ben still lay on his stomach. His legs were spread slightly, and his cock pointed towards his feet. His balls were at either side of his long cock. I ran my hands down his back and squeezed his perfect round ass hard. It was so firm. “You might need to lay on your back.” I bent forward and licked from his pucker, between his nuts and to his cocktip.

Ben’s tongue twirled gently around my tip, as he adjusted on the bed. “I’m going to swallow you whole.”

I stood back up, and my cock slipped further into Ben’s wet mouth. He held the tip and an inch of shaft on his tongue. I looked down, his face was set and determined, though hidden by my shaft. “Just lean your head over the edge of the bed. We’ll go nice and easy. Make sure you’re relaxed.”

Ben started pulling me in, his hands rubbing my ass and hips behind his head. I stood straight up, not thrusting, letting him work further down my shaft. I wanted to see him swallow the whole thing if possible. I’d never had my cock sucked balls deep. It would be tonight. About five inches filled his mouth, and Ben started pulling my ass towards him. I leaned forward, and kissed his chest, sucked on his nipples, and began working down his taught abs. I started gently thrusting. Ben wriggled and his mouth opened around my shaft. My base was dry, but I felt his lips slowly creeping down the thick bottom of my cock. I rested my forehead on his abs, and looked through the small window between us. I thrust gently into his mouth, feeling no teeth and no grating. His tongue slid back and forth along the top of my shaft. Three or four inches of my cock was still dry. “Your mouth feels so good.” I grabbed his cock and brought it to my lips, gently kissing it and enjoying the flare on my lip. “You’ll be able to get the whole thing in no time.” We stayed in that position for a while, enjoying each other’s bodies.

I stood up slowly, gently thrusting in and out of Ben’s mouth. He really was doing a great job. My heavy, low-hanging balls obscured his face. Only about two inches of my shaft sat between us and the goal. I was in unchartered territory now, another person had never gone this deep on my fat shaft before. I put my hands on either side of Ben’s pecs. “Let’s go for it.” As much as he could with a mouth and throat full of fat cock, Ben nodded and smiled. I pulled out and rested it on his lips.

Ben’s cock was throbbing, and he had both hands wrapped around his package now. “Silas, fuck my face I want to choke on your monster cock.” He briefly took a hand away from his own shaft, and crammed me into his mouth.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I started humping, a little deeper with each downward thrust, each forward motion pushing me closer to cumming and deeper into Ben’s wide throat. “You’re a champ Ben, keep your mouth open.” Light grazes of his teeth grated against my shaft, his mouth was as open as possible. One last tantalizing inch stood between us and the goal. Ben’s muffled moans filled the room, even over the sound of the bass thumping. Thick slippery liquid streamed from the corners of his mouth. My thrusting grew more aggressive, I watched Ben’s hands beating his cock, so fast, so pleasurably. I sped up, and stood all the way up. When I did, it happened. Suddenly, his breath bathed my nuts, and my cock disappeared entirely into his mouth. He probably had an eyeful of my ass. The thrustings slowed, and I plunged his mouth balls deep. I pulled out and eased back into his throat each time. He choked lightly with each entry into his throat, but his hand never slowed on his long cock. My hand went to his cock, and we jerked it together, until I felt his orgasm cascade over it, his moans strangled by the cock filling his mouth.

When I felt the juice coating my hand I started to cum. “I’m going to blow, holy shit.” A huge titanic spasm rocked my loins. I jammed uncontrollably, further into Ben’s mouth, my heavy, low-hanging nuts contracting up from his nose. “Ughhhhh, oh shit, oh fucking shit…” With every jerk into his throat, my body felt more loose, more satisfied, and close to collapse. “Fuuuuck” My vision even went slightly dark. Ben put his hand to my pubes, and pressed against me, I stumbled backwards and popped out of his mouth.

Jizz coated his lips, filled his entire mouth while he caught his breath. “I think I could swallow a sword right now.”

My cum coated our lips and the smell of my cock filled his breath as we kissed. He tasted great. My load just made the kiss that much wetter. Cum squeezed out and dribbled down our necks, and onto our chests. There was so much. I lied down next to Ben and rubbed his entire body, my hand still covered in his spunk. We were growing sweaty and covered in a thick, sticky, white film. We went to the shower.

I held Ben under the cascading shower of heat, our lips smashed together, and bodies sliding past one another. We were both flaccid, but his cock still tickled and sent bolts of pleasure down my body as it flopped against mine. The shower steamed up very quick, and we both began to relax even further. Ben leaned against the tiled wall and closed his eyes, letting the water cascade over his body. I cleaned the cum and sweat from my body, finally, and scrubbed his body down. We were both growing tired. As the water shut off, we kissed again, and returned to my bedroom. “I’m going upstairs for a second, do you want anything?”

“Just a glass of juice or something. Maybe some pretzels.”

I tossed the remote to him, and then pulled on a pair of athletic shorts. “Pick a movie, I’ll be right back down.” Upstairs, the guys were still in the living room, drinking beer and smoking weed. There was a basketball game on the TV.

“Sy, come in here,” Ryan shouted from the smokey room.

I went in, and took a few hits from the bong. “How are you guys doing tonight?”

“Stoned, drunk,” came the chorus from the living room. It was not quite midnight. “You and Ben should come hang out for a bit,” Ryan said.

“I think we’re going to pass out here in a second.” I went to the kitchen and kept talking. “We’re both kind of beat.”

“I’m sure you gave him a good working over.”

“Dude, just got the best blow job of my life.” I said.

Ryan laughed and looked at me knowingly. “At least someone in this house is getting some.”

I gathered up the bottle of juice, pretzels, and a box of cookies. “Damn right!” I went down the steps, and called over my shoulder. “Have a goodnight guys!” Back in my room, Ben had crawled under the covers and turned the lights off. A sci-fi movie was playing and Ben was lounging in bed, his eyes glazed and his body limp. I set the snack next to my bed, and shimmied in next to him. I never wanted Ben to leave.


Part 13

Ben’s new school was on trimesters, and he began a few weeks into June. I was not ready to give him up so quickly. We spent nearly every night together until he left. Consequently, the drive to the airport was both very sensual, and sad at the very end. The first twenty minutes, Ben blew me as I drove down the interstate. We stopped at the waiting zone and I sucked him off in the back seat. At the terminal, we kissed and Ben cried a little bit. I did too. “We’ll cam as soon as I get my place set up,” he said.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” He had been a very intense physical part of my life, and it was ending cold turkey. We made out hard by the car, and would have continued all day, if the TSA official did not come and break us apart. I watched Ben enter the terminal, pulling his bags and waving at me. I wanted to watch until his shaved head disappeared in the sea of people.

But, the TSA woman came up to me. “Baby, I get that you’ll miss your boyfriend, but you really can’t hang out here.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes, and put sunglasses over them. “Right, I’m sorry, leaving now.” I plopped into the car and drove off, everything blurring and melting around me. I made the hour-and-a-half journey in silence, missing Ben. When I got home, Ryan and Cody were leaving for work. I sat in the living room smoking weed, drinking a beer, and binge-watching a TV show. Feeling depressed, I sunk into the couch and chugged down the rest of the beer. I had the weirdest erection. My phone buzzed, and my heart jumped, anticipating Ben’s words.

Ryan: Dude, what are you doing?

Me: Sitting on the couch. missing Ben.

I hit the bong. I really wished Ben were here, cuddling and watching the show with me.

Ryan: I’m sorry. I forgot he was leaving today. Wanna go to a party in Denver with Cody and me?

I tugged my inflated cock through my shorts. It felt soft in my underwear, but still heavy and inflated.

Me: I just want to chill tonight, have fun though.

Ryan: Alright, well we’re leaving from the house in like an hour, on my way now.

I finished the bowl, and loaded another one. Ryan walked in and we smoked, when Cody came in he joined us. They packed overnight backpacks, and left a few minutes later. I still sat on the couch, bored and growing horny. I couldn’t shake the loneliness, nor the sensation of my sagging package. I reached through the leg of my khaki shorts and gave it a squeeze. I couldn’t get up the motivation to pull my shorts off, let alone to change into something more comfortable. My hand slid along my toned thigh, and squeezed my huge floppy cock. Hot, sticky, precum dripped onto my hand and coated my palm. I pulled my hand out and licked the smear of clear liquid. A bolt of energy shot through my body. I stood up from the couch, and undid my buckle. I went down into my bedroom, and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt. I admired my body in the full-length mirror. My hands cupped my pecs, then slid down my defined six-pack. I ran my hand over my cock a few times, loving the sensation of the fabric against my helmet. I pulled the tight trunks off and slipped into a pair of mesh gym shorts.

I got back upstairs, and started the next season of the TV show. With one hand, I loaded another bowl, and rubbed my cock against the cool fabric with my other. I stiffened up now, the length of shaft less spongy, more hard now. After a few bong rips, some major wood strained against the mesh. I set the bong next to the couch. I pulled my long cock under the band inch, by delicious inch. Rubbing slowly, and working up to full mast over the course of an episode. Precum leaked from my cock-tip by the end, making it glisten and shine in the late afternoon light. With my thumb, I worked it into a lather and coated the very top dry bits of shaft. At the start of the next episode, I made a loose ring with my thumb and forefinger, flush to the flare of my cock tip, and slowly worked along my circumcision. As the third episode began, precum dripped out in an unending stream, and leaked down into the ring of my fingers. I leaned back into the couch, really struggling against my impulse for autofellatio. I wanted the musky taste filling my mouth. Instead, I released my huge cock for a moment and took a rip from the bong.

I couldn’t resist any longer. My cock needed a seconds-long, loving lick from the middle of my shaft to the very tip, and I obliged my dripping, throbbing member. A pearl of sweet juice oozed out as I followed the line of an obscenely prominent vein. I flicked the precum from my tender cockslit into my mouth. Leaning back into the couch again, I wrapped my hand around the fat shaft. For the next few episodes, my hand rotated around the top half of my cock, cockhead poking through, precum continually leaking over my fist. The rate of rotation slowly quickened as I zoned out on the TV show. I watched nearly the rest of the season doing that, bending down between episodes, swirling my tongue around my own wet, luscious cockhead. I was still lonely, but this felt like a better use of my time than anything else.

I really jerked off starting with the next season. My cock twitched in my palm, as the thick vein along the top pulsed with each heartbeat. Ben and I had so much fun, I nearly forgot how much I enjoyed masturbating. The tantalizing hours with my cock in my hand, gracing my mouth with my own hot gooey length, before finally, hungrily, sucking myself to completion, were heavenly. I wanted to stay on the couch for days. I wanted Ryan and Cody to come back and discover me on the couch, loving myself with my mouth. I wanted to exhibit my talent. I leaned forward and gently suckled on the tip of my cock, pulling on my shaft with my lips, drawing more and more blood into the already enflamed tip.

Cockhead filled my mouth like a strawberry. My tongue explored every slick, dripping, square millimeter. The underside, where cockhead meets shaft, was my favorite. I flicked it wildly, rolling R’s like I practiced for Spanish class. The motion always made the pre leak absurdly while my tongue lapped. It oozed out onto my tongue in honey-like drips. I swirled it over the entire surface of my cockhead. Before I knew it, an episode ended and I had not seen one scene. I was nearly ready to cum. It was also late, I had been on the couch for hours. Parties were beginning on our street, shouts and laughter filled the night. With the sound of joy on the street, I wrapped my mouth around my cockhead and swirled my tongue around the bulbous mass, draining every drop of sperm into my waiting mouth. Sitting on the couch was a workout for me.

I was very lonely in the coming week. I couldn’t get up the motivation to do anything. Ben frequently text me, but had not called, nor tried to FaceTime. I missed him so much. I was horny all the time, but couldn’t even find the energy to swallow my cock. I only left the house to work. Upon returning, I collapsed into bed and watched netflix while smoking copious amounts of weed. A few days later, something struck and I wanted to get out. Plus, I needed groceries.

The afternoon on the couch had been a one-off. I had been soft since the day Ben left, almost as though he took my libido with him. The day I finally left the house, I only wore gym shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals; no underwear. It was early in the day, and fog clung to the tops of trees. I started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. I wanted to get hemp, and maybe some beads. I was so restless. Perhaps retracing the paths I used to take at night, or just the immensely long time since I last came, got me hard. I got so hard. The short’s mesh fabric stretched as I sprung to attention. It may have been wise to turn around and change, but I was practically to the destination.

In the parking lot at the craft store, I debated if I should go in. My cock was an obscene mound resting against my hip. It looked like a beer bottle, or an industrial maglite stashed in my shorts. I was almost ready to turn around, and go home to take care of it. The lot was rather empty, and I decided to go for it. Getting out of the car, I flipped the mammoth erection into my waist band, and locked the car. Maybe it was the head-on angle, but my cock was clearly visible pressing against the thin, but thankfully dark, fabric of the tank top. Maybe only I saw it, as I knew where to look. My meaty cockhead did rise above my belly button, and if anyone looked for cock in public, it was doubtful they looked there. I strutted towards the store.

The tip of my cock rubbed gently against my defined abs, and caressed the lines of my adonis cut. Slickness grew along the definition, and my cock slid gently against it with every step. The automatic doors breezed oped, and a small, perky girl greeted me. As I followed her towards the hemp and bead section, her eyes roved over my frame. My cock dislodged from my waist band, and fell towards my hip, as we stopped in front of the hemp. She pointed out the selections, right at the level of my cock. She had to of seen.

I leaned forward, and felt my cock press against the shorts. I looked up at her, she was blushing. I smiled. “So, these are all the weights?” I asked, selecting the spool of thickest hemp.

She sighed audibly. “Yeah, you have the thickest one there.” Her eyes were stuck on my cock. I hadn’t received female attention like this in awhile.

“Yeah, this rope is pretty thick,” I followed her gaze down to my crotch. There was an unmistakable bulge at my waist-line.

“Do you need anything else?” the girl was beet-red.

“I can take care of the rest myself, thanks.” As she turned to leave, I watched the rhythm of her hips. I bent forward and picked out a selection of beads.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I went to the counter, my hand jammed deep into my pocket, holding back the tube in my pants. I paid and left in a hurry. When I got home, Ryan and Cody were at work. I dropped the stuff in my room, feeling a fire in my stomach, and needing release. I ripped my clothes off, and grabbed ahold of my shaft. The veins running under my palm throbbed with each heartbeat. I thrust against my hand. My other palm found its way to base of my cock, and I jammed my pubes hard against my fist. My libido came flooding back. I wanted to cum so bad, I wanted to coat my body in sperm, and rub it over my chest. I wanted to lick the icing from my sticky fingers. I popped the tip of my cock into my mouth, then smacked the glans hard against my tongue. A silky string of precum connected to my tongue as I stood. It stretched before falling onto my pink mushroom tip.

I looked at myself in the mirror, running my hands over my abs, and slowly over the length of my shaft. I licked every drop of precum from my finger, and rolled it around in my mouth. I thought about sitting down on the couch upstairs, having a long afternoon of oral sex, but it wasn’t appealing. I wanted to get out, I had energy for the first time in a week. I went around the house and stuffed hiking gear into my backpack. I stuffed weed and a chillum, a jacket, energy bars, banana, pocket knife, and my full camelback in, then left.

While driving towards one of the town mountain parks, my cock was undefeated, and pulsed strongly in my shorts. It was barely past nine o’clock, and the park was still relatively empty. I found a spot, and looked up at the ‘small’ mountain in front of me. Energy shot through my body, I felt like running up and down the mountain three times before heading home, but shook off the ridiculous notion. I stepped out of the car, and slung the backpack over my shoulder, before taking off. The trail began on a grassland slope, and wound towards a stand of evergreen trees clinging to the steep side of the mountain. As I walked through the tall grasses, a group of older people came through the tree-line and smiled at me. I said hello and went under the tree cover. It was cool and the air was wet in their shadow.

About an hour-and-a-half later, I broke through the tree-line, and came near the top of the mountain. It was capped by a huge granite mass, but wasn’t alpine. A few groups scrambled up ahead of me, and I waited my turn before practically running up the steep and massive boulders. I spun around the top for a moment, grasping at the sky, and stared into the distance at the high, alpine and still snow-dusted peaks in the distance. I ate an energy bar, and a banana away from the other groups, at the very crest of the boulders, and left as another group came up to the peak. At the base of the huge granite mass, I picked up a large stick for the mantle, and went back into the trees.

I walked along the trail for forty minutes or so, and saw no one else. It felt like a good time for a bowl, so I stepped off the trail, and towards a large outcropping of rocks about 20 yards from the designated path. They overlooked the town on the plain below, and the top of the foothill I had climbed peeked through the treetops. I went around the back of the boulders, and sat down indian-style, looking over the town. I pulled out the chillum and packed a bowl. My cock was still turgid in my shorts, straining against my briefs. I took a hit from the chillum, running my hand along the ridge in my pants. I undid my belt and admired the large wet spot at my hip. I freed my cock from the sport briefs, and it stood up straight and rigid, like the tree trunks around me. I placed the chillum and lighter next to me while gazing at it. A large drop oozed from the tip, I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out, torturing myself with a lingering lick, and bringing the sweet juice into my mouth.

I kissed my cockhead, close-mouthed, and swirled the precum against my tongue. It leaked from my lips and ran down the sides of my cock. The spit and precum mixture was cool against the radiating heat of my monster. I kissed my cockhead repeatedly. With my lips still resting against the spongy tip, I stuck out my tongue and circled it once, twice, three, four, five times. Slow and tortuous laps. While the flare hit my tongue, the underside pressed against my nose, and filled it with the scent of sweaty cock. As I grazed the underside, the flare brushed against my wet chin. My cock tingled. I rested the tip on my tongue, and reached for the chillum. My cock slipped an agonizing inch along my tongue, into my mouth. I sealed my lips around the very tip, and put the chillum to the corner of my mouth. The glass rested against my cockhead as I took a hit. I inhaled, and leaned back against the sun-warmed rock. I took another hit, and set the nearly-spent pipe next to me.

Again, I leaned forward, decided on swallowing more than my tip. The mushroom spread my lips as I eased it into my mouth, filling it with the salty length of cock. I wanted to torture myself, slipping more and more of the mass along my tongue, gently breathing through my nose as my lips strained against the thickness of my shaft. The fat vein running along the underside of my cock pressed against my tongue. It flexed against my tongue’s pressure with every wave of precum. When a few delicious inches filled my mouth, I gripped the base and stroked my meat. I wagged my tongue back and forth as much as I could, but my mouth was so pleasantly full, it barely moved. Precum leaked out and mixed with my spit, dripping over my hand. After about five minutes of this agonizing pleasure, I came up for air and the last hit from the chillum.

My cock twitched as I pulled from the chillum. The end glistened with spit and precum. I set the pipe back down, and went in for a round of thorough sucking. But, soon as my fat head passed onto the back of my tongue, I heard a dog barking, very close by. Without removing my shaft, I raised my eyes and saw a shaggy australian shepherd in front of me. Then, there was the call of a high masculine voice behind me.

“Don’t worry, he’s friendly!”

Oh fuck. I was caught. Visions of being arrested for indecent exposure flooded my imagination. I was frozen with my cock three-inches deep in my hungry mouth. I sat still, willing the dog away, my cock pulsing between my lips.

“Shiloh, come!” he snapped his fingers and whistled. “Smells like you’re having fun.”

From his angle, he had to know what I was doing. My cock left it’s true home as it left my mouth in agony. Slowly, quietly, I slipped it from between my lips. A thick strand of clear liquid stuck to my tongue. I crammed my 9.25 inch quickly into the speedo-like briefs, and hurriedly did-up my zipper and belt, the dog wagged his tail and looked at my stupidly. “I’m not too worried.” I said, while trying to make my crotch less noticeable. “He just startled me.” There was a chorus of young voices behind the first, and I heard approaching footsteps. Precum still glistened on my lips. I licked it away and wiped my arm against my mouth.

“My bad.” The young man came up next to me, and his dog scampered forward. He pulled out his water bottle and took a long swig while a second guy, and a girl came up to the outcropping of rocks. “This is a really beautiful spot.”

The group sat down at the base of the boulder with me, and all took out their water bottles. I had not seen them on the trail, and assumed they must have come from a different route. They were all sweaty and breathing heavily. The day had become hot since I came down from the peak.

The girl unzipped her bag, and pulled out a pill bottle, and shook it. “Mind if we join you? We forgot a pipe.”

I looked at the smoldering chillum next to me, covered with my spit and precum. I didn’t want to expose my activities so suddenly, and handed her the pipe. “All I’ve got is this chillum.” I handed her the pipe, and she quickly loaded it.

We smoked about four bowls. I could only think about my precum on each of their lips, if they tasted it. If the young man had seen me selfsucking. When the pipe came to me I sanitized the end with the flame. We talked about the trail and the hike, and the beauty of the forest before heading the last mile down the trail together. In the parking lot, the guy who first came up hung back while his friends took off their hiking boots next to the car.

“So, Silas, right?”

“Yeah, Greg? What’s up man?”

He kicked the ground and looked at his feet. “Just us guys dude, what were you doing when I came up?”

I laughed under my breath, thinking of excuses without any sounding realistic. “I was, uh, I was just having some fun.”

“I’m sure, buddy. It just looked a little…intense.”

I was caught. Immobilized. “What do you mean?”

“Not many guys can have fun like that. You should think about doing porn.”

I laughed. The prospect was ridiculous. I would never be in porn. “Thanks for the compliment, but I was just jacking off.”

“I’m sure you have to bend in half to do that.” He clapped me on the shoulder. “You should definitely hit me up sometime.” He took my phone and entered his number, before going to his car. I climbed into mine still hard as a rock, and horny as ever.


Part 14

The car tore down the mountain. I couldn’t wait to get home and finish. My cock rested, semi-erect and heavy on my hip, but throbbed gently. Being caught spurred me on. I wanted to show off, and not just for my sexual partner. I wanted someone to find me leaning down, mouth slick with precum. My dick was hot under my hand as I rolled into town. I wanted to be discovered sucking, unmistakably and frantically, my mouth crammed full of shaft. By the time I pulled up in front of the house, my cock was at full mast and plastered to my thigh with precum. It leaked through my briefs, and spotted my shorts. Ryan and Cody’s cars sat in the driveway as I went up the walk, and into the house.

“What’s up, Silas?” Ryan said from the couch.

I stood in the living room, the sticky wet spot growing at my hip. “Just got back from a hike. I needed to get out.”

“Yeah, you’ve definitely been in a funk, man.” Cody said. “What are you doing this weekend, we’re thinking of having a party.”

“That sounds fun, but I think I’m going to pay Ben a surprise visit.”

“Yeah, get it!” Ryan said.

“You guys have fun, though. I have to get ready for work.” I stripped the clothes from my body en route to the basement. As the briefs slipped over my big cock, it sprang free, and slapped hard against my stomach before returning to its normal straight ahead position. I grasped the middle, and jerked furiously for a moment while walking to the shower. There were only a few minutes before I had to leave, and no time to jerk off, let alone selfsuck. After a hurried shower, I threw on some flour-covered clothes. The pizza shop waited, and the night would be sexually frustrated.

As the shift wore on, my cock did not deflate. It didn’t help that I thought about Ben; his lithe but muscular body, our lips pressed together, then 69-ing, before finally fucking. I sucked off in the bathroom. The restaurant was busy, but I didn’t care. I unzipped my fly and sat on the toilet, quickly extracting the nine hard inches tucked away inside my smelly briefs. It sprang forward, pointing rigidly at my face. Immediately, I bent forward, my mouth open, and dripping with saliva. My lips wrapped around the midpoint. I sucked hard, pulling my cockhead towards the back of my throat. The struggle to twirl my tongue around the fat length already in made precum leak, causing my cock to inch deeper. Precum spilled onto the back of my tongue, and oozed into my throat.

Obscene sounds issued from the stall. Deep moans, and slurping filled the bathroom. It didn’t matter. My pleasure was more important. I grasped underneath my thighs, and leveraged lower. My cock pushed deeper as my balls tightened, and contracted against my body. I nearly came. I extracted my cock with a loud slurp, and leaned back against the wall. The gooey mass throbbed, rigid and inviting. I leaned down with my lips open and puckered, then caught sight of my watch. The break ended five minutes previously. Two more hours stood between me and freedom. I stood up reluctantly, desperate urges to swallow my cum flooded my brain. I needed to taste my own sweet load; aching for my hot meat, beating against my tongue. I braced against the divider and licked the tip a few times. Sadly, I stuffed my cock back into the briefs, thoroughly washed up, and went out into the pizza kitchen. I put on an apron, and went towards my station.

The clock inched slowly along. Every minute seemed doubled, and I only thought of my sweet delicious meat spreading my lips until it choked me. I nearly blurted out “selfsucking” to my co-workers when they talked to me, the thought preoccupied my mind so. After an hour of time standing still, the manager yelled across the kitchen. “Who’s going home?”

I undid my apron and shouted. “Silas is going home!” and clocked-out before she could say otherwise. I left through the back door of the restaurant, and unlocked my bike. My cock throbbed painfully, straining against the briefs. On the half-mile ride home, my prostate pressed hard against the bike seat, and made my cock leak even more. The damp constrained sensation was intense. I hopped off in the back yard, went through the back door, and straight into the basement.

The music thumping from the floor above buzzed my window. Laughter and shouting filled the upstairs. I ripped off my clothes, and sat down in my desk chair. My cock leaked and throbbed, gently pressing my abs, near my solar plexus with each pulse. A slippery and sticky pool clung there. I scooted my butt to the back of the chair and leaned forward, taking my full cockhead into my mouth. I felt so powerful, like a completed and firing circuit, each time my cock entered. I eased it deeper. First, barely licking the tip, sending waves of pleasure down my shaft, through my balls, and up my spine. Then, slowly pressing the hot sweet bulb of my cockhead against my tongue and past my lips. That was always when my brain flooded with desire. Hot spit flowed cooly against the radiating meat as it slowly slid towards my nuts. I held my lips tight under the base of my head and swirled my tongue slowly, tasting the leaking, and accumulated dried precum. It had never been so slick against my tongue.

Every single drop was a delicious surprise. The slippery goop caused my cockhead to push just a little further in. The teasing had to stop. I stood up without releasing my cock, and re-wrapped my arms under my ass. Sinking back into the chair, I wriggled my hips forward and angled them up. I took a deep breath through my nose while pulling on my ass. My cock suddenly plunged into my throat. My cockhead poked at my tonsils. My sagging nutsuck came towards my face as the whole shaft of my cock nearly disappeared. I wrapped my lips over my teeth and formed a tight seal.

I placed my feet on the edge of the desk, and pressed against it, forcing my cock in and out of the tight, wet hole I created with my mouth. I started gagging, and eased it out, so about four inches filled my mouth. I caught my breath and went back for more. I sucked hard, pulling about seven inches back in, and took a hand from my ass, wrapping it around the base of my heavy package. Holding on under my balls, I fed the last tantalizing inches into my mouth. I watched as my taint started twitching, causing the tip buried in my throat to writhe. My balls were pressed hard against my lips, the sweat and musk from the hike, and BO from being confined in briefs all day sent me over the edge. My asshole squeezed tight as my load began to release.

I dropped my hand, and pulled down on my thighs, as the first shot rocketed back. I swallowed it easily. The second followed instantaneously. I sucked frantically, slurping every drop into my throat. The third jet became stuck and I coughed, causing the fourth and fifth to spray out of my mouth, and leak down my shaft. My head bobbed up and down so quickly, even though I coughed around my dick. Shot after shot erupted in my hungry mouth, then cascaded between my lips. I longed to swallow it all, but kept coughing. My jizz dripped down and through the short pubes at the base of my cock. I was still cumming, pouring all the delicious sperm into my mouth. But the coughs kept me from drinking it. The hot load rolled down my heavy nuts, and coated them with a sticky film. I took it out of my mouth, coughing and nearly choking. I couldn’t stop. I stood up, and stumbled around looking for my gym shorts. It felt like a glob of peanut butter was stuck back there. Coughing, nearly falling down, I pulled my gym shorts on and stumbled up the stairs, and into the kitchen.

I stood at the sink, filling a glass and hacking. I took a swig and choked on the water.

“Sy, are you ok man?” Ryan yelled from the living room.

I took another sip and felt the clogged strand dislodge. “Fuck.” I finished off the glass of water. “Yeah I’m good now.” I looked into the living room. There were about ten people playing beer pong and smoking. I stood in the kitchen, in nothing but my gym shorts, dripping with sweat, and covered in sperm. I wiped my mouth with a paper towel.

Ryan walked over to the door, closely followed by a girl. “I thought you were at work?”

“Got off early and had to take care of something really quick.”

Ryan gave me a sly look. “Looks like you were working out.”

The girl came up next to Ryan and pushed her way into the kitchen, unabashedly checking me out. “Mmm yeah it does.”

“Sure, we’ll go with that.” I said, refilling the glass.

Ryan laughed and clapped his hand on his thigh. “Are you still going to see Ben?”

“Yeah I think so. Just trying to decide if I should leave now or at like 5 in the morning.” I leaned against the counter. Next to me, the girl mixed a drink.

“It would be a bigger surprise if you showed up first thing in the morning.” Ryan sipped from his beer.

“So true, maybe I’ll leave now, then.” I turned and went to my room to pack a few things. I stuffed a change of clothes, condoms, lube, a bag of weed, and a pipe into my backpack. I put on a t-shirt, and pulled a hoodie over it. I went upstairs and said goodbyes before heading out the door.


Part 15

It wasn’t late yet. The summer sun had barely dipped below the mountains when I got home. The deep-purple night sky darkened as the car accelerated down the on-ramp. Traffic clipped along as towns melted by the window. The taillights in front of me slowed, so I snuck into the far left lane, and zipped by. The exit waited hundreds of miles down the interstate. I let them unroll, my feet resting on the floor and the engine on cruise. Dubstep thumped from the speakers, and probably rattled car windows. An hour or so later, I slipped through the capital, and my bladder started itching. I stopped on the extreme south side to fill the fuel tank, piss, get an energy drink, and roll a few joints.

Traffic thinned a bit, as the next city glowed on the horizon. It was almost 10 o’clock. I lit the joint, and stayed in the right lane. The interior grew gloomy with smoke. I couldn’t wait to see Ben again, to hold him close, to kiss him deeply, and fuck his brains out. I rubbed the bulge lengthening towards my hip as the joint died. I cracked the back windows, and the smoke vacuumed out into the night. After maneuvering into the left lane, I leaned back into the seat, and relaxed for the drive.

I imagined Ben laying in bed, on his stomach, fingertips sliding along his plump ass and towards his tight hole. In my vision, he slowly humped the sheets, and sighed as his middle finger slipped into his hole. His hips ground into the bed harder the deeper his finger got. My cock was at full mast. I stroked it gently through my shorts. The imaginary Ben flipped onto his back, and began rubbing his long, curved cock, and moaned my name as his finger worked deeper into his ass. Another city bloomed on the horizon, and traffic intensified. I sped along, wanting desperately to see Ben. I increased the speed on the cruise control, and flew through the city. The Ben in my mind began huffing and moaning louder, and sprayed a massive load all over his chest. Precum leaked through my shorts so intensely, that I put my finger to the fabric, and brought the familiar sliminess to my lips. I sucked it from my finger.

One more city stood between the path of the interstate and the desert. Orange light pollution shimmered in the distance surrounded by inky night. Around midnight the traffic thinned. The interstate was nearly empty on the other side of town. I inched my shorts down to my mid-thigh. My cock popped out and smacked hard against my stomach. So much precum had worked up, that a dollop flecked my chin with the dramatic snap. I took the steering wheel in one hand, and with the other, began rubbing my fat cockhead. Through the minty glow of the dashboard lights, it reared up like a sea monster. My precum shimmered. I wanted to lick it, badly.

No one followed me, no cars headed north on the other side of the divided highway. A car sped along a mile or two in front of me, at about the same rate, but that was it. The cruise control was steady. The gas and brake pedals were practically untouched. I needed to taste my continuously leaking precum. I couldn’t waste a drop of the delicious, syrupy goo. I needed it in my mouth. I scooted the seat all the way back, so the steering wheel was out of the way, and went for it. I scanned the road once more, and the situation had not changed. I gripped the base of my shaft in my right hand, and held the wheel steady. I leaned forward, and licked my head in two quick circular motions. My sweet, moist cockhead rested against my tongue. I let it enter my mouth, sucking hard on the tip briefly, pulling all of the delicious clear juice into my mouth. I sat back up, savoring and swirling it around. The car up ahead still clipped along, and the north-bound lanes were still empty. I was dead-center in the lane.

The delicious juice filled my mouth, and mingled with my spit. Sliminess coated my tongue and perfumed my breath. I leaned back, and turned on the seat warmers. I pursed my lips, and dribbled the goop onto my cock, rubbing it slowly into my shaft. Musical beats informed my tempo. I released the steering wheel, and the car did not waiver. I leaned deep into the reclined seat, keeping an eye on the road, on the car ahead. I wrapped both hands, one on top of the other, around my well-lubricated shaft. I slowly and methodically rotated them in opposite directions while simultaneously moving them up and down. I imagined Ben on his knees, licking the tip of my cock, then gently sucking and nibbling my head. I wanted his mouth wrapped around my shaft. I scanned the road once more, the traffic situation had not changed. I bent forward and aggressively sucked up a massive drop of precum.

I applied such hard suction to my cockhead that the squelching sound overtook the music for a moment. The slurp echoed around the car as I straightened my back. The car up ahead kept the same pace. My car had drifted slightly towards the left. I corrected the angle and continued to rub my shaft. All the precum and spit I had swirled around my mouth now coated my cock in a thick, delicious film. The smell began to fill the car. It was a thick, hanging sweat, mixed with the pungent sweetness of a wet cock. My balls hung loose, splayed out on the warm seat. They had been constricted all day, and the stench lingered in my nose. The sperm from earlier that night clung in dry flaky patches on the sagging skin of my sack, and adhered to my pubes. It all mixed together in an intoxicating mixture of smells each time I looked at my crotch.

Autofellatio, especially when easy, is immensely intoxicating. I had performed the act three times that day, but still needed more. I felt cheated out of a blow job when the group had walked up and interrupted me on the mountain. Even though I had sucked in the stall at work, deeply and passionately, I had not been able to cum. When finally able to cum, and choke on my own load not three hours before, it was out of necessity. I needed to swallow my load, and splatter it deep down my throat. This was only to satisfy the backed-up desire. Now, I was horny and excited, not on edge and anxious to finally eat my cum; not desperate to suck my own cock. The smell of horned-up, sweaty, and constrained cock did not help.

A sign flashed by the window. The next exit was four miles down the road, and the state-line was twenty. Another sign stated that this town had the last services for 150 miles. I drifted into the right lane, nearly in concert with the car in front of me. Sadly, I stuffed my throbbing cock into my shorts and stopped at the first, and seemingly only, light in the town. A single car sat at the gas station, and I pulled in at the pump behind them. It was the car I had followed since the capital. The Jetta had California plates, and a young guy, a little older than myself, stood pumping the gas. I ineffectively minimized my bulge. Two or three other people sat in his car. I did an obligatory ‘what’s up’ nod in his direction, and he returned it. I started pumping gas.

I leaned against the car, with my hand in my pocket, slowly roving along my cock. I felt someone watching. Turning my head, I noticed the guy stealing glances. We made brief, awkward, eye contact, then looked away. I pulled my hand from my pocket and stretched the fabric tight over my cock, so it was explicitly visible. I squeezed the base, and ran my other hand over the very tip. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him staring at the progress my hand made. His gauge clicked and he went inside to procure snacks. As he passed my car I heard him whistle low. I was in my car when he came out, and had my cock out, resting against my stomach. He stole a brief look as I exited the station.

I wound through the sleeping town, making my way towards the interstate. While accelerating up the ramp, the Jetta whizzed by. I set the cruise control, maintaining the distance between myself and the Jetta. I would probably follow them the rest of the night. I cracked open another energy drink and absent-mindedly stroked my cock. Ben filled my imagination in more and more explicit ways. Eventually, I imagined ramming him balls deep, simultaneously swallowing his cock, while Ben moaned and screamed beneath me. His body limp and sweaty, one hand threaded through my long hair, and his other toying and squeezing his nipples. The fantasy entertained me as I slipped through the night. I lit another joint. The Jetta still went along in front of me.

I calculated arrival times, and realized I would pull into the city around sunrise. I wanted to cum with Ben so badly. I wanted to share a moment with him. But, as I got closer to the destination, I grew doubtful about why he had not communicated much. As the sky grew grey to the left, I saw the city on the distant horizon, glowing like a gemstone. I was close to having him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I followed the Jetta down the off ramp. We were both winding through the city towards the university campus. The sun rose. Ben had sent me a few pictures of his dorm, and campus, so I had a vague idea of the destination. I scrolled through our message history and looked at the pictures. I saw the dorm rising above the other buildings. I was so close I could almost taste his ass and cock on my tongue. I parked in front of the building, took a deep breath and walked up to it. The front door was locked, so I sat down to wait for someone to let me in. I kept waving at the Resident Assistant yawning at the front desk. My cock throbbed. I sat out front for about twenty minutes before someone came out of the front doors, dressed for the gym. I slipped inside and went up to the desk.

“How can I help you?”

I drummed on the desk. “I just drove down to surprise my boyfriend, but I don’t know what room he is in.”

She looked over the top of her glasses. “Well, we don’t really give that information out.”

I was feeling wave after wave of tiredness. “Please, I just drove through the night to come down and surprise him.”

“I believe you, I’m just not allowed.”

“You probably know him, maybe he mentioned me.” I sighed hard. “His name is Ben Farrar. He’s 6-foot or so, pretty skinny, brown short hair.”

The Asian girl smiled. “You must be Silas, then. Ben talks about you a lot. He lives right across the hall from me, actually.” She looked around, as though a Dean was about to stride through the front doors. “His room is around that corner, near the end of the hall. Number 157.”

“Thank you so much!” I backed away, went around the corner, and down the hallway. It was still early, and the dorm was quiet. A distant alarm clock buzzed from the floor above. Otherwise, everyone slept silently. I found room 157, and knocked on the door, rapping gently. I waited for five minutes before knocking again. There was a rustling inside, and I heard muffled voices, one of which was definitely Ben. He giggled and I heard him distinctly say. “No just stay in bed.” My heart began to race as a pit opened in my stomach.


Part 16

The door popped open, and Ben’s smiling face filled the gap. He wore nothing but a pair of sweats, his adonis belt slipping beneath the hem. Sweat glistened between his pecs. Behind him, a mass shifted in the bed. Ben’s smile melted as he took in my face. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh my god, Silas,” he said. He shut the door and slipped into the hallway. “I had no idea you were coming.”

“Yeah, I wanted to surprise you.” I heard a laugh resonating from behind the door. “What’s going on here?”

“Nothing,” Ben looked left and right down the hall, looking for an escape, or maybe a savior. “It’s like seven in the morning.”

“Well, you never really told me how things were going. I wanted to see you.”

There was a muffled call, “Ben!”, in the background. “You should have warned me,” Ben told me.

I reached for the door handle, and turned it. “Do you have someone in there or what?” I burst into the room, leaving Ben frozen in the hallway. The dorm room was the standard. There were two beds, one on each side of the room, and two desks on either side of them. A guy and a girl lay in one bed, against the far wall. The empty bed, which I assumed was Ben’s, was tidy and made. I stood in the center of the room, putting the pieces together.

“Who are you, dude?” the guy asked.

I turned around. Ben stood framed and backlit in the doorway. “Are you…are you fucking your roommate?”

The guy sat up in bed. The girl lay behind him, partially covered by the sheets. “Again. Who the fuck are you?”the guy demanded.

“I’m Ben’s boyfriend.” I stared right at Ben as I said it. He remained in the doorway. A long and uneasy silence filled the room. Everything went sick and green. “What is going on here? Seriously?”

“Please don’t hate me Sy, but it just happened so quick. We all got really drunk a week ago, and ended up in a threesome.” He re-entered the room. Slowly, pleadingly, he said, “It was only supposed to be a one-time drunk thing.”

“But I wanted to do it again,” the guy said. The girl still lay silent next to him.

“It’s not like cheating,” Ben went on. “There’s no emotions here.”

I stared at him. He stood right next to me now. Placing his hand on my shoulder, Ben looked squarely into my eyes. “Silas, I’m not cheating. This is just sex. It’s meaningless.”

I crumbled at those words. We didn’t have an open relationship. There was no agreement. “So, sex is just meaningless to you? Everything we had is meaningless?”

“I didn’t say that… ”

“You just took a shit on it all, Ben. On everything. Consider this over.” I turned, and left the room quickly.

Ben followed, hurrying after me. “Silas! Baby, come back here.” He grabbed my arm and spun me around. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done this.”

“Damn right. I care about you, Ben. And you just proved you don’t give a fuck.” I stared angrily into his face, wanting to punch him and throw him to the ground. “This is over, Ben. Enjoy your life.” I jerked my arm from his grip and went quickly down the hallway.

Ben followed. “Silas, I’ll do anything, if you say the word. I’m done with the two of them.”

“If you’d do anything, you should have not done this,” I shot back. “You should have known this wasn’t what our relationship was about. Leave me alone, Ben. I don’t want this anymore.” We were in the lobby now, and Ben started to cry. He looked pathetic in the early morning light, standing there in his sweats, shirtless with tears streaming down his face. He sobbed openly. I watched as the front desk girl stood up.

“I’m so sorry, Silas. Please take me back.”

“No. You cheated on me with two people. It’s not going to happen.”

“What if you fuck them too?” he whispered through sobs. “Shame me for what I did.”

The whole thing turned me off. I wanted to be gone, and back home. I felt like an idiot for driving through the night to see Ben. I wanted to take the whole thing back. “Ben. It’s over. Have a good life.” I quickly left the building, and didn’t look back. Fast footfalls reverberated behind me.

“Silas, it was a dumb drunk mistake. Don’t tell me you’ve never made one.”

“I have, but not like this. Not anything close.” Heat wafted from the already-baked asphalt. “Leave me alone, goodbye.”

Ben melted as I unlocked my car. “Silas, I only want you.”

I laughed. “Goodbye, Ben.” I sat down in the driver’s seat, and turned the ignition. The last I saw of Ben was in my rearview mirror, red-faced and crying in the parking lot.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the mirror, I saw Ben run after the car. His face burned red. I sped onto the street, and he disappeared. I felt like shit. Apparently, this relationship thing never worked for me. First Julia, and now Ben. It seemed things would never last with another human being, regardless of their gender. Betrayal welled up as I sped through town in the early morning light. Sharing who I was with Julia caused her to leave. Ben was away for two weeks before he succumbed to desire. I sobbed, and pulled off the main drag, into a strip mall. Tears filled my eyes. Immobilizing catharsis held me for fifteen minutes before I could see through the mist.

I was dazed, upset, and tired. I went into a coffee shop for a pick-me-up and sat down, thinking what would happen next. Maybe a relationship could work if I didn’t introduce selfsucking, if I kept it private. Maybe, really, it was my partners that had felt cheated on. It certainly seemed that way with Julia. But, Ben had only been turned on by it, and thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of my flexibility. I sat in the corner of the coffee shop, absentmindedly raising and lowering the cardboard sleeve on the cup. There was no way selfsucking would be deleted from my life. I loved it too much. I loved the idea of a blow job on command. Of feeling my cock slide into my throat. The suction on my balls. And, showing off. I pulled out my phone, looking through my contacts for the guy I had met on the trail.

I found ‘Greg Hiker’ and texted him. Me: hey, we met on the mountain yesterday. How’s it going?

A little whistle quietly echoed through the busy coffee shop as the message sent. It wasn’t just about showing off to my partners, or Greg catching me. I almost wanted the world to see it. I wanted everyone to be envious of what I could do. Sure, if a psychologist heard that, they would shout illusions of grandeur or histrionics. But it was an overwhelming feeling. I wanted to show everyone. A familiar heaviness filled my groin.

Ben had told me about a bath house in the capitol where he had gone shortly after turning 18. It was the perfect place to begin. I logged onto the coffeeshop wifi, looked up the address, and memorized the route. My cock lengthened in my shorts. My balls felt heavy and moist. I stood up, and my shaft slid down my thigh a few obscene inches, and pointed out from the leg of my shorts. Without adjusting, I walked out the front door and to my car.

The drive couldn’t be over soon enough. I raced up the interstate, my cock stiff and throbbing. The smell of dried sperm and sweat adhered to my shorts. It mixed with the odor of sweaty throbbing cock and precum as the destination neared. I couldn’t take my hand away. I kept thinking to myself, “Fuck Ben, fuck Julia, fuck relationships.” I was over it all. I wanted to date myself, explore my personal desires, and fulfill them. After about two hours, my cock sprang free through the leg of my gym shorts, glistening and shiny in the morning sun. I wanted so desperately to swirl my tongue around it. Traffic was too heavy for such a daring move. I rubbed my strawberry-sized cockhead as I flew down the deserted interstate.

The sun rose in the sky, the car heated up, and sweat beaded out along my arms, and chest. I had not showered after my session last night, and the film of sperm coating my chest slowly liquified. The mixing of sweat and sperm drove me wild. I looked down at my cock, pulsating and dripping onto my thin tank top. My hand was coated in the nectar. I deeply sucked each finger just to taste the delicious juice. The slick sweet texture on my tongue made me leak even more. I repeated the process about fifteen times as I sped down the road, each time sucking more precum away from my fingers. The capitol was still an hour or so away.

I wanted every car that passed to see my monster cock rising up my abdomen, nearly to my pecs. For the first time ever, I cursed my tinted windows. On the horizon, the city finally appeared, the buildings rising through a faint haze. I sped up, and found the exit. The gym was close. I parked behind the building, and took a deep breath, and killed the engine. The discreet parking lot seemed full. Bending forward, I spoke to my penis, “You are one in a million, bud. Let’s have some fun.” My lips wrapped around the wet throbbing glans, as my tongue swirled around it expertly. Sweet precum coated my mouth and leaked onto my tongue. I took my hand from my mid-shaft and grabbed under both thighs. My cock slipped four inches or so into my mouth, and poked into my throat. I was ready; didn’t want to do it unless there was something worth showing. I sat up, tucked my cock under the waistband of the athletic shorts, grabbed my pack, and went into the gym.

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