Saturday Flashback Back to the Dorms

Saturday Flashback: Back to the Dorms

It’s time for another off-week archive binge, and this time instead of being literal about the calendar I’m looking at September as the month a lot of guys find themselves back on campus, and, if they’re in a story on this site, they’re probably trying very hard to figure out how to deal with a roommate who’s much hotter and sexier than they’re prepared for. I picked a variety of such predicaments, both new and old, and they’re just the beginning—there’s plenty more to choose from if you want dive deeper into the vaults.

Speaking of which, I’ve also added a few upgrades to the search page. The main change is that the results are now paginated, so a search with hundreds of results is a bit easier to navigate. I’ve added the author names into the search content, so you can look for stories by author name plus a tag and/or other keywords. I was also asked to shift the query terms into the URL, which means you can use your browser to bookmark a search you want to be able to run again in the future.

Next site update: 22 September. Enjoy the site, everyone, and thanks for visiting!

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This week’s flashback:


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