Hookah head

by Amus Cobblestone

Jamie and Gary agree to plot the seduction of hot freshman dude Tim, with a little help from their hookah and a mysterious herbal blend. The only stipulation: they have to share.

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“You sure this little scheme is going to work?” Jamie asked his handsome roommate, Gary.

“It certainly will. It’s not as if I’ve never done this before for someone.” Gary replied brushing his long red hair. Jamie paced the small college dorm room like a neurotic goldfish, never really remembering what was bothering him for more than 4 seconds at a time.

A few days ago, Jamie brought up to his roommate how he had been absolutely fascinated by some of the freshmen boys, but was feeling far to shy to approach any of them. He had fooled around with guys in high school but since moving to college, random boys had ceased to catch his attention for a little while. Instead Jamie enjoyed his roommate’s company instead. Gary had a lithe and well-proportioned body and moved so gracefully and sinuously that Jamie even started to have erotic dreams about his tall and buff roommate. Those dreams eventually broke their way into reality as the semester dragged on. What began as experimental gay play became routine business after a while. Gary would come home after a long day of studying and like a switch had been flipped, Jamie found himself salivating to the idea of eating his luscious ass.

That had pretty much been the whole of his sexual life at college until just a few weeks ago when his libido must have caught up.

“You’re pretty good at influencing people, aren’t you?” Jamie asked his roommate one night.

“I’d think you should know that by, now.” Gary replied pecking his lover on the cheek. His lips felt like a firm feathery brush.

“Well, I was wondering….I know it’s not your thing, but I’m really starting to get the hots for some of the guys a floor below, and well…”

“Are you asking me to seduce a guy for you? Can’t you handle something like that yourself, it’s not that hard to grab a man’s attention, especially with that bunch.”

“I don’t want the whole bunch, just Tim. It’s just that, well, I feel a bit out of practice flirting what with all the you-time I’ve been up to.”

“Ugh! Here we go with the guilt, trying to make out like it’s my fault.” Gary said with a pout. “Well, I guess it can’t really be helped then, and Tim is pretty cute in that dopey way. Okay, I’ll help you, but only on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“I get half.”

An innocent invitation sent to Tim brought him to the boy’s door that was just above his own room and slightly to the left. Rumor in the dorm had it that the two roommates inside were raving queers, a fact that Tim could also attest to, thanks to the school’s pitiful sound proofing. He knocked twice hearing some shuffling and squirming inside before the door swung open to reveal Jamie dressed in a tight tank top that clung his eye-catching pecs out just a bit. Tim had noticed the brunette cutie over the last few days around campus and wondered if he was exclusively gay.

“Hey, Tim, come in. Do you know my roommate Gary?” He asked, waving his hand back to the red head stretched out languorously on his bed.

“I’ve seen you around a bit. How’s it going?” He asked Gary.

“Oh, busy as hell, of course.” Gary squirmed on the bed stretching his arms up and pushing his chest out through the thin t-shirt he wore. His arching back made his round ass push into the wall. “How ‘bout you?”

“Yah, bout the same.”

“We were about to break out some hookah. You interested?” Gary said rolling up while still maintaining a stretching pose. Tim nervously fidgeted his gaze away from his chest. Those are definitely his nipples I’m seeing through that thing he thought.

“Umm, well okay,” he said, taking a seat down by the circular coffee table. A giant four hosed hookah towered over the table like a great purple phallus poking up over the living room, the chrome bowl on top reflecting his warped image back at him.

Jamie smiled warmly at him while he lit the coal. Something inside of him squirmed in delight. He hardly felt any of the inhibitions that haunted him earlier, almost as if Gary’s presence radiated confidence and filled his head with ideas of how to make Tim more comfortable. He felt positively aglow to finally have some time all to himself with the attractive young man. Well to himself and Gary that is.

Gary slithered up to the table and the three toasted their hoses, drawing the warm air through the bubbling water. Tim exhaled with a hacking cough.

“Aaah…mmmhmm…” He choked. “There’s no weed in this, is there?”

“No, did you want some?” Gary said with a smile. “I should have asked. I’ve got lots, wait here.”

“No! no. I…it just hit me a little harder than shisha. What is this?”

“Just a little herbal blend I came up with.” Gary took another long drag from the pipe, blowing out a long jet of blue smoke that hovered over the room. “Do you like it?”

“Well…yeah, actually.” Tim said, a little surprised.

“Try some more.” Jamie encouraged, acting on Gary’s silent cue.

“Sure.” Tim’s head began to swim pleasantly. Whatever that stuff is, it’s pretty tasty. For a few minutes Tim just stared lazily as Gary blew perfect smoke circles through his full lips. Tim lost track of time as he sucked down more smoke, he didn’t notice the boys fidgeting with their tops. He just lay his head back on the cushions watching the smoke drift over his face swirling and spiraling with his slightest breath.

A firm hand firmly grasped his chin and slowly brought his eyes back down to the two females sitting in front of him.

“How does our cute drowsy boy feel now?” Gary asked, his eyes wide with anticipation. Tim peered out through the foggy haze in his mind to see two thick pairs of pecs floating in front of him. Jamie’s wide chest bulged thicker than Gary’s and flexed enticingly. Gary’s sheer size and mass, however, were enough to drag Tim’s eyes to his chest like gravity. His chest dangled in front of him, his long nipples thickening on their own. Or was he hallucinating? Were these guys even naked?

“Are you okay, Tim?” Gary cooed. “You seem a little distracted.” He shook his shoulders casually, making Tim question what was happening all the more. “Hmm, you should just relax. The smoke affects everyone differently. Some people get sleepy and dreamy, other’s get giggly and sometimes, even a little bit horny. Especially with us. We get so turned on toking on this. Sometimes we even like to take our clothes off.

“Now with other guys, its a little different. They usually get so distracted getting dreamy and horny all at once. It’s especially bad once they get an erection.” Tim gulped suddenly feeling a rush of blood to his crotch. “Yep, once they get a boner, they can’t even think properly. Poor things don’t really have much of a chance at all. You see, the smoke also stimulates hormones that interact very well with the y-chromosome. We’re immune to it, but you should be feeling very suggestible and compliant right now, hmm?” Gary said, raising a finger to his swollen nipple.

“Uh—huh.” Tim could only mutter as he stared at Gary’s pecs. His head bobbled over to Jamie’s proud rack and he felt his cock get harder.

“Yes, and I bet all of this attention and horny energy we’re bathing you in is making you drowsy and sleepy now, yes? Well, maybe you should close your sleepy eyes. That’s right let your eyes close and keep thinking about our big sexy muscles. Don’t worry. You just go to sleeeeeeeeep.” Gary whispered.

Tim’s eyes drooped down with his head. Gary winked at Jamie even as he took another drag on the hookah.

“C’mon, we’re close now,” He coaxed at Jamie. He couldn’t blame the young man. The smoke and sight of his shirtless torso had probably dropped back into trance. Well, that was hardly a problem, as Jamie responded by tenderly caressing Tim’s swollen crotch as he fiddled with his fly. “We still need to do one last thing, and then we can enjoy ourselves.”

Jamie pulled Tim’s pants off from his waist letting his engorged penis flop out. Jamie smile appreciatively as he began to stroke him. His dick oozed precum and Tim let his head fall back in rapture. Not much of his consciousness remained at the steering wheel, but the shred that did noticed that he had never felt so hard, or so long. Indeed his penis stretched a impressive ten inches out from his legs. Jamie began to rub his cock head against his firm pecs as Gary took a final deep hit of the hookah.

“That’s right, baby.” He cooed, sliding up closer to Tim’s face. His cheeks were flushed in pleasure and a vapid smile spread itself over his lips. “That’s right, you can feel it right now, can’t you?” he whispered hotly into his ear. “It wants to come out, it’s going to come out. It’s going to feel so good when it does. You won’t have any fear, no thoughts at all. Just let us help you.”

He juggled one of his massive pecs up to the boy’s face, playfully smacking his head a few times with it. Tim could hardly do anything to resist. He finally popped a juicy nipple into his mouth, relishing the feeling of his tongue sliding over his skin.

“Here, this will help it come. That’s right, drink it down. Yes….that’s good. Just drink deeply. It’s coming out right now. Yes, you can feel it. It wants to so bad. Jamie’s sucking you off so well. Feel it coming, yes, yes, let it out and obey the pleasure. Obey!”

Tim’s screams of orgasm only came out as muffled groans weakly escaping Gary’s magical pecs. Jamie squealed in delight as his mouth was suddenly filled with rich creamy cum and Tim’s huge cock pumped up even larger. Gary murmured sweetly to Tm as wave after wave of orgasmic aftershock shook his frame. Gary laughed now, and slithered his hand down Tim’s chest.

His long fingers traced over his pecs, slid down his happy trail, and stopped tentatively at a strange firm rod just below his navel. He inched his hand up deliciously until he grasped his second cock head. Tim, in a unheard of act of will, raised his head to stare down completely befuddled at the sight of Jamie gently caressing his sagging cock that had just ejaculated, and Gary grasping a new cock that had miraculously sprung to high attention literally from nowhere. In an instant, the extra member had grown to the same size as his original penis had just swollen to.

“Mmmm…it worked.” Gary sighed. “That was rather good teamwork James. Now comes our own fun time.” He winked at Tim as he started to suck his other cock.

“Bet that makes you horny, again?” Jamie asked. It was true. Time could feel his arousal overwhelm him stronger than it had already. To his shock, he could feel his first cock begin to swell again under the wide-eyed gaze of Jamie. He bounced his pecs over it, coaxing it out farther.

“Ah-ah, pet,” Gary said, rubbing the cock in his care against his inner thighs, his ass heating it. “Don’t go too hard on our new friend. He’ll hurt himself if we overdo it.”

“But I want to fuck him so badly, I didn’t even get to put him in my ass.” Jamie protested.

“Well, if you insist.” Gary reached into a drawer underneath the table and pulled out a pale yellow round crystal. Without releasing Tim’s cock from his ass he leaned over his lolling head and waved the stone in front of his eyes. He took a lighter and carefully ran the flame over the faceted surface.

“You see this.” He said, taking long thrusts down his shaft. “This is called my fire crystal. I’m charging it up. I’m putting so much energy into it. It stores it like a battery. It’s going to use that energy to super charge your balls. You’ll have so much cum, you’ll need us to keep taking more and more. You are a cum slave whenever I put the fire crystal on your balls. It feels too good to resist. You will be our own personal hookah, to suck and drag on at our leisure, and you’ll just lie back and enjoy it like a good boy, yes?”

“Yesssssss.” Tim hissed helplessly. Gary smiled evilly and reached back to Tim’s oversized scrotum. His ball sack had to grow to compensate for the double demand on his cum. It had stretched to the size of a small pillow anchored heavily between his legs. He rubbed a bit of his cum on the underside of the crystal before gently placing it on his engorged balls. Immediately his two cocks swelled to equal proportions and Jamie giggled excitedly as he sat down on his shaft, his pecs brushing into Gary’s back.

Gary savored Tim’s expression one more time and then twisted his body around on his second cock to face Jamie. They grasped greedily at each other’s pecs as they rubbed their hungry clits together. Tim’s mind was completely lost in a whole other dimension of pleasure as he felt his dual penis alternate ejaculations into the screaming boys. Gary and Jamie rocked up and down on Tim’s lap like a see-saw, their own climaxes from their impressive pricks soaking each of them in harsh-smelling spunk.

An hour later and the two boys lounged lazily at the foot of the sofa while Tim reclined helplessly in the same position he had collapsed in. The two boys casually took drags off Tim’s cocks, slurping down a mouthful of cum and then lying back letting the horny feeling wash through them and then jacked each other off, only to start again.

“Tim,” Gary said between drags of his cock. “I have some very important instructions for you now. I need to tell you how you’re going to keep your extra present a secret. About how you’re not going to consciously remember what happened here today. And, most importantly, how you’ll sink back into his delightfully horny, relaxed, obedient state again whenever I show you the special ball warming fire crystal. You’ll bet hard in both places and be ready to be a hookah to me, Jamie, and just about anyone else we ask. But for now, just sleep. Sleep and listen.”

Tim closed his eyes and let his tired mind drift into la-la land.

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