Benefits of vore

by brazboy

 Despite different bodies and talents, everyone can serve their nation at times of war. Sometimes, one finds enormous personal benefits to serving.

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When the war started, the lads up and down the streets started being recruited. First it was people like André—the tall ones, with broad shoulders and burly muscles, who seemed like they could carry the whole world. They looked the best in a uniform, and were the favorite of the generals too, both for the front and for the back. Then, they came for people like Pedro, Carlos and Miguel—those who were a bit too chubby, a bit too short, or a bit too meek. These, the generals didn’t like as much, but they had their usefulness too, especially after some hard training.

Igor, however, never thought they’d come for the likes of him. Who would need someone like him in the battlefield? What use would he be to the national war effort? Someone whose height reached a full 4 meters when standing up, whose muscles were so thick that they made movement difficult and cumbersome, whose penis was as thick as his burly body and as long as a truck, whose ball sack was as big as an elephant. Even feeding and housing those like him in the battlefield would be a logistic nightmare. Surely, they’d be seen as nothing but a drag on resources, a drag on the war machine’s perfect efficiency.

And in a way, Igor was right. No sensible officer would want someone like Igor in the battlefield. But officers aren’t always sensible, and not all their goals are in the battlefield—thought Igor, as he heard of their new conscription orders.

Igor heard the news about his own conscription in the radio—all anacondococks age 18 to 20, they had said. Luckily, that meant that his older brother could stay and take care of their household, for which their small family was all very thankful—even if, being 21 at the time, it was not unlikely that the government’s endless hunger for recruits would come for him soon enough. As expected, it didn’t take long after the announcement for the soldiers to knock at Igor’s door wanting to pick him up. They came in a large military truck to haul him and others like him—a vehicle that had originally served to transport cattle, but had been slightly adapted by the army to collect hypers.

“Mister Pereira? The nation needs your services,” said one of the army recruiters as he handed Igor a letter. While two others opened the back of the large truck in the middle of the street, Igor read the convocation to duty. Reading it made him nervous enough that he bit his lips, but he tried to look stoic.

As the door to the back of the truck was opened, a waterfall of pre flowed down, certainly due to the slow production of lads already stuffed inside the cargo space. Knowing his time had come, Igor nodded to the recruitment officer and, having already said goodbye to his family the night before, he snaked his way to the massive cargo carrier.

After positioning himself so that his cockhead pointed inside the truck, Igor had to push his burly form into the relatively small cargo space already occupied by two similar-sized recruits. It was uncomfortable and constraining enough without him, but with three anacondococks together, they literally felt like super-muscular hyper-sexed sardines. Igor apologized to them as he was forced to push his immense muscular self against their muscular and fleshy bodies, the three lads moaning as their cocks and balls rubbed, and so did their limbs and other parts, their skin smashed against each other, as hyper were now walking and generally living fully naked to save up on material for the war effort.

“Hmm! Ouch! Be careful not to step on my cock!” said one of the other recruits as Igor then chose to straddle his massive member with his powerful legs, and then snake his own cock in. However, even as Igor tried his best, his cockhead remained massively hanging outside of the truck, oozing its clear juices down on the street. The soldiers outside saw that and then they too started pushing the soft and wet cockhead in, until they managed to close the door keeping the three massive lads fully compressed inside the truck, barely able to move and breathe.

“Don’t worry, lads, soon we’ll take you to heaven,” said an officer laughing before closing the gates on them, forcing the lads to stay in the darkness as their massive bodies rub against each other. As Igor tried to move, no matter how slightly, one of the other guys moaned.

“That’s my balls…!” one shouted as Igor hugged something massive and squishy, and then the other recruit moaned and his cockhead oozed some of his dense pre, as Igor’s ass cheeks rubbed against the other lad’s sensitive glans. As the hours passed, the smell inside the truck became stronger and stronger and it was harder and harder for the lads to contain themselves, as they remained in total darkness, feeling only each other’s cocks, balls, skin and muscles.

Igor and the other guys were helped out of the truck, and then given showers. At the shower, they met many other guys like them, brought in from all parts of the country for the very same reason. There, each one of them was assisted in their shower by two specially trained foot soldiers, who would start soaping up and cleaning their massive muscles, including their nice round assess, and then focused for a long time on their immense sexual members—pulling the foreskin to make sure the immense mushroom heads were red, plump and really clean. They sometimes would push their arms inside of the massive lads’ slits, before being reprimanded by a higher officer.

“Don’t play with fire! Most trips there are only one way!” they were told.

Eventually, all the hyper recruits were cleaned and ordered to go outside where their immense bodies touched, shoulder against shoulder, mega-cock against mega-cock. Some of the lads were so nervous that their members would tremble and start oozing their abundant pre, making the angry officers stare at them full of condescendence.

“Stand still!” they’d be ordered, but they couldn’t help themselves as they were not properly trained. One of the officers would then grab a whip, and smash one of the troublesome throbbing cocks, making the lad howl from the burning sensation on his massive glans where the whip smacked him.

After the naked lads were organized outside in a proper line, the camp’s commander walked ahead inspecting them. Their bodies were of different sized, but they were all immense, as were their members and their muscles, and so the commander had to observe them from quite a distance away—still, he stepped on puddles formed by their oozing pre, as that amount of huge anacondococks really was too much to keep total control of. As he walked, the commander looked at the lads one by one, never touching their bodies at all, but sometimes ordering the foot soldiers to do so, before he said something to his secretary who would take notes.

“Squeeze his pecs,” said the commander as he passed Igor, and then a soldier climbed Igor’s towering manhood, and his hands went to each of Igor’s massive chest muscles and squeezed them hard, “Lick the nipples,” says the officer, and the soldier then engulfed Igor’s 10-centimeter-long soft nipples one by the time, sucking on them and biting them until they oozed an exquisite milk. As the milk flowed, the soldier drank it for a while, before looking back to the officer and reporting to him, leaving Igor to moan as his nipples continued dribbling his male milk.

“Thick fat milk, sir. Really abundant, sensitive nipples,” reported the solder, as Igor blushed. The same or similar processes then happens to all the other new recruits, as they are thoroughly inspected by their commander.

After the inspection, the lads were divided into groups, and given their new assignments and clothes. The clothes themselves were really minimal, and they basically only really served as bandanas tied around their abs, identifying rank and position. Soon, the lads were sent in groups to their tasks, not having eaten anything since they were recruited, nor having had the chance to relief their frustration and needs. They felt uncomfortable, but also excited that they could help in the war effort.

Igor was one of the first to be sent to their new obligations, immediately behind the frontlines. There, the naked giants and their immense manhoods were tasked with guard duty, particularly around the camps which held the prisoners of war. By design, the amount of resources provided to them was scarce, and so the lads and the prisoners lived near starvation levels. In the case of the hyper soldiers, that meant their slits were oozing with sweet, sweet pre, like saliva, drooling as they patrolled the camp, or ordered the prisoners to work.

Unable to fulfill their desires, the sweet scent of the anacondocock’s pre was getting stronger and stronger by the day, and their thought process was getting more instinctive, as if clouted by a need to satisfy basic desires rather than rational logic.

One night, as he was going around the camp, Igor’s body snaking in patrol as his balls trembled of hunger and need, and his cock oozing out his sweet pre, Igor saw a figure running from the prisoners’ barracks. The responsible soldier then rapidly crawled his way there, using the weight of his immense cock to guide his body, like a torpedo, as he used it to move like a snake. The sound and speed of his cock’s movement would have been amazing to watch, but no-one except for that lone runaway prisoner was awake.

Instead of running away from Igor, though, the prisoner ran towards the immense superhuman body snaking his way, and when they got to one another, the poor starving soldier jumped on Igor’s cockhead, and started drinking its deliciously sweet juices as he got drenched in pre. Igor moaned, in shock and confusion, as his cock was being caressed, licked and kissed by the prisoner. His body’s natural response was to tremble and produce more pre, which the prisoner enjoyed tasting and drinking abundantly. The prisoner soon started humping Igor’s cockhead, as he licked and kissed and bit and drank its oozing juices.

Igor’s body was trembling with pleasure, a sensation that started overwhelming his mind, as he felt the prisoner’s hands and face kissing his fat sensitive cockhead, and then his slit. The prisoner was almost pushing his head inside of Igor’s wet slit, drinking its warm juices, almost nibbling from its sensitive walls. Igor moaned, losing his head, until, instinctively and almost by accident, his cock slurped the sucking prisoner’s whole body down Igor’s immense cock, tasting and swallowing him down his urethra. Igor then gasped, in confusion but immense satisfaction, exasperated, as his penis compressed and devoured the prisoner’s body, first pulling in his torso, while his legs kicked outside, resisting being sucked, before being pull and engulfed deeper by the walls of Igor’s urethra, as the immense member devoured the arrested soldier’s whole body.

“Ahhhh, ooooh, fuuuuuuck!!” screamed a blissful Igor as his balls trembled and produced even more juice, which created a puddle around him, as the manly body was invading his tight urethra, being swallowed by it, but also stretching his insides. Igor’s eyes rolled, as his body naturally tried to swallow that which was the largest single thing he had ever consumed.

As Igor’s member consumed the prisoner, he moaned almost drowning in pre. He was, weirdly enough, loving the warmth and the pressure Igor’s cock provided along his whole body, as well as the deep, wet and manly smell which overwhelmed his senses. His own sensitive member, reaching a full 25 centimeters fully erect, rubbed against the insides of Igor’s urethra, making both lads go crazy. Soon, the prisoner orgasmed inside Igor, his male juices joining the much larger pre current flowing out of Igor’s now hardening, oozing, cave-sized manhood.

Igor gasped loudly as the prisoner passed from his cock into his balls. The feeling of the large male body sliding through his smaller inside muscles, crossing the tight muscles which pumped out Igor’s juices, was delicious. Feeling the man suddenly fall inside his balls, meanwhile, gave Igor total satisfaction as he moaned and drooled from his mouth. The anacondocock lowered his torso on his immense manhood, hugged it, and started stroking his gigantic cock with his overly muscular arms, as his nipples started to ooze male milk just from the overwhelming pleasure Igor felt all over. As he hugged his own massive oozing member, as his hard nipples drooled milk down his muscles, and as his legs massaged his immense balls, Igor felt, for the first time after a long, long time, total fullness and happiness.

As Igor moaned like that, enjoying this guttural satisfaction, his balls trembled, consuming the soldier and digesting him as Igor’s hunger abated. The soldier’s clothes were then ejected out of Igor’s cock alongside abundant pre, as Igor moaned and continued stroking his own member between his pecs and massively strong arms. As his cock throbbed, his balls felt nice and full, and he felt quite satisfied—but his slit was still drooling, and he still wanted more. He gasped, his hot red wet manhood rubbing against the ground until Igor’s whole body trembled and he drooled, his cock hardened and trembled, bobbing up and down, and he came two dozen immense thick shots of thick white cum, covering the field in front of him with warm male juices as he mumbled incoherently in orgasmic bliss, splashing down on the barracks ahead like a rain of cum.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuck, waaaahhh!!!” moaned and shouted Igor, almost lost withing his overwhelming feelings as his muscles all trembled to expel vast quantities of male juice and shoot them as far as possible. After a while, Igor started to recover himself and thought he was now fine, basically back to normal, but as his orgasmed subdued he could smell the small prisoners back in their cum-covered barracks.

Almost without thinking, Igor’s massive body snaked its way to the barracks, and then he used the weight and power of his cock to slam against the wooden door, breaking it down, his limp cock falling inside with a big wet thud. Thanks to the sweet scent of his abundant drooling pre, not even one of the prisoners woke up immediately. Igo’s cock, meanwhile, was wide awake, and as he moaned from his mouth his cock moved between the bunkers, like an immense predator, oozing its drool on the floor. When it felt like it, his cock turned to the prisoners, one at a time, and Igor moved his penis so one of their arms or legs slipped inside his slit. His cock muscles then slurped and easily swallowed the prisoners, sometimes along their linen and pillows.

“Hmm, fuck… so thick,” said Igor moaning and gasping, still hugging his massive member with his large burly body, as his slit ingested a particularly large and muscular prisoner. By now, as his cock moved about engulfing people, his urethra was filled with several men, their limbs rubbing together inside Igor’s cock, as the strong muscles of the hungry rod pulled them deeper and deeper.

“What, wait… what is going on?!” asked a prisoner as he woke up in the middle of that Armageddon. The handsome prisoner was initially confused, but then tried to run for his life, away from Igor’s hungry member. Igor’s fat cock, now slower as it was filled with people being swallowed in, moved lazily behind the lad, as the lad reached a wall and started hitting it, trying to get out.

“Help, help! Let me out! He is eating us up!” he shouted, as Igor’s immense manhood just bumped against him, plastering the prisoner against the wall, and making his body slide inside the only available space for it: into the hungry cockhead through Igor’s warm smelly slit. Igor’s body, now lost in a multitude of feelings—sexual bliss, being stuffed and stretched beyond imagination by mumbling resisting bodies inside him—stopped hunting for new prisoners and instead as Igor continued hugging his cock, he started humping the wall, using the whole building as a toy. Eventually, with a strong enough thrust, the wall collapsed in front of the immense hunk, freeing his tired, glutted penis as bricks and wood fell on Igor’s sturdy cock, but also giving an opening for the other prisoners to flee, as the original door was occupied by Igor’s massive overcrowded balls.

The prisoners fled until there were no humans other than Igor inside the barracks anymore, his full balls digesting the prisoners his powerful rod had ingested during that eventful night. The men sometimes woke up inside his balls and started to contort themselves inside Igor, before his digestive juices started acting and they fell asleep for good. Igor too fell asleep, satisfied, full, not hungry anymore, his balls fuller than ever. He’d only wake up the next morning when another macro guard came to check up on the prisoners.

From that day onwards, the guards started eating their prisoners. Few did it in as obvious a way as Igor had during that fateful night, but they would slurp one of the smaller men during mandatory work hours, or during lunch, or sun bathing. The prisoners vanished one by one, as the government didn’t ask any questions and simply sent more and more captured soldiers. The anacondococks were left to run the show and, well fed, they were growing. They became burlier, their cocks became longer, fatter and stronger; their muscles got rounder and more lustrous; their pre, sweeter. Their milk became richer in flavor and collecting it became the only reason people from other units of the army would come to their camp.

The anacondocock’s living conditions at the camp also changed with their change in life-style. Their well-fed bodies were now providing them with enough warmth that the lads chose not to sleep inside their barracks anymore, but in a cock-nest where their gigantic fat and long members swirled and intertwined together forming a nest-like space to keep their balls and bodies warm and protected in the middle.

The officers of the regular army had a general idea of what was going on in their camp, but they preferred to ignore it, as the disappearance of useless prisoners of war served them well, as did the rumors of what happened to detractors of their national army. Still, they could smell the strong manly stench in the air when they drove down the highway pass the camp, and that made some of the officers fear what those lads would do if they ever couldn’t be provided with the resources necessary to feed their new lifestyle.

Igor himself was eventually given some time off to visit his family. When he got home, his abs covered by his bandana-like uniform showing several medals, he was barely recognized by his older brother—so large, muscular he was now, it was he who had become the ‘big bro’.

“It’s the diet,” explained Igor, “And the exercise. We live better in the frontline than here at home,” he mentioned to his older brother, and it was true rationing had cut his older brother’s meals from a pig a day to only three chicken and a quarter of a pig. “There we don’t have the same limits that we impose on ourselves here, we live… more like our ancestors did back in the days,” he completed.

His brother was suspicious of what Igor truly meant by that, but he couldn’t deny Igor had changed, and that his body looked amazingly healthy, having grown to gigantic proportions—having, in fact, surpassed any anacondocock that the older brother had ever seen in his whole life. However, when truly pressed about the specifics, Igor would still not explain things any further.

“Enroll yourself if you want to find out, big bro. You’ll not regret it,” would respond Igor, while his older brother imagined what kind of war secrets were being kept from him.


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