Bigger issues: Ultimate growth

by muscl4life

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Part 1

Mike and Fred barely held their excitement as they got into the truck. It was no easy thing to convince Fred’s uncle to let them borrow it. They came up with this moving the gym stuff for a bigger spot, but it took much more to finally get what they wanted: a 40 feet-long-superheavy-truck. It was one of the newest trucks on the market. Super long it could fit almost everything inside. And that would be necessary afterall, it would be the only way to get Sean, Steve Mark and KYLE to the facilities Sean told them.

“Man I can’t believe we managed to fool Uncle Tom. He never let me borrow even the company car!

“We can do almost everything… depends on the motivation—Said Mike as he remembered the immensity of Kyle’s body near him, the hot pulsating skin against his own. The sheer size of his biceps and the musk odor of his arm pits were all the motivation he needed to accomplish any task he was sent to. They drove the way back to Sean’s almost without saying a word. Both of them were too busy in their own fantasies about the behemoths they had to fuck, and turn into themselves. At a certain point Fred asked: “How big do you wanna be anyway, Mike? Mike looked at Fred. His eyes had this strange glow.—The BIGGEST! “What do you mean by that? Asked Fred feeling his groin tingling with his growing excitement

“I want to grow to a so much muscular and freakish behemoth that I will pin SUPER KYLE’s mega muscle butt!

“Is that possible?—Fred asked

“Well, Mark, Sean and Kyle all took the serum by shooting it into the bloodstream and then they all fucked and drank each other’s spunk “Don’t forget Steve only drank their jism and he’s fucking enormous! “Yeah! But even Sean is bigger than him, at that can only because that he never got to have the serum

“But they didn’t take the serum with them did they? Fred asked barely contained his raging hard on….

“ I guess not! But I know where it is…

“How come? Fred said as he realized his dick touching the wheel hard and hot pulsating with each heart pump.

“ I heard Mark and Sean talking, it seems that it is kept at their lab… That one on the University complex..


“ It is in they way to Sean’s house… Mike’s eyes had this mean glow “You mean we’re going to …—Fred was afraid to continue “Get what we are entitled to! Completed Mike with his usual cocky attitude Fred never realized the extension of Mike’s speech.—What the heck are you saying? Mike took a deep breath and continued—Look, Fred I loved when Kyle made us feel so tiny and fragile, but I simply can’t be comfort knowing that I could be the BIGGEST! We were the biggest mother fuckers of the College Fred, now Steve and even KYLE for heaven’s sake are way bigger than us, we’ve gotta do something about it and now we can…

“ Mike we don’t know for sure, how are going to apply the serum ourselves?

“Just like applying roids, Kyle told he just injected into his butt. So we will do the same…

“And how much we should take?

“Don’t worry, we just do it slowly and we can handle it ! Mike was fiercely confident. They drove into the University side gate, where the security was diminished. Fortunately they guard who worked that evening was their gym buddy. They chatted for a while and the guard bought their story about having some work to do at the Science Laboratories Facilities. The security guard named Randy opened the door for them and they pretended to be looking for some papers Dr. Bennett had assigned to them. Soon Randy had to leave and asked them to call him at the gate as soon as they got what they wanted.

“How can we recognize that serum anyway? Said Fred as he looked inside of the drawers…

“You got me … Mike replied going after something which could help them..

“Check this out!—Fred said as he went trough an old notebook “ “and I think that because of the proteic structures enabled with special chemical receptors we added at the previous stage, the compost reacts to light reflecting a color spectrum similar to purple..”

“What the hell is this….—Mike had never been much clever “Can’t u see the that? It says that the serum must be purple colored!!!

“There’s a tube in that fridge over there which is purple… Mike opened and grabbed the tube half empty with a thick liquid… “You think this is it?—Mike said as he smiled the thing—Smells like shit!

“And how do you expect it to smell, like strawberry or vanilla? Fred took the tube from Mike’s hand and examined it for a while as he continued his reading…

““ Due to the very complex proteic chain of the serum, the best way to apply it should be injecting into the muscular tissue, at the level of concentration we are working with, the bloodstream would take longer time to reach the target cells…”

“You mean we just have to shot our butts isn’t it? “Mike said in a burst

“Yeah, but listen this “ I’ve considered to use the serum by oral way, but it should take much more time to reach the target cells, because of the digestive process, although it was proved that the digestive process can’t disable the chemical receptors, the only problem is that the anabolic process would have to be started by a great amount of adrenaline into the target organism, which means the target cells wouldn’t be affected until the host organism produces abnormal quantities of adrenaline and testosterone..”

“Since when you get al that science crap? Mike asked impatiently “We don’t need to be geniuses to understand that… It says that he couldn’t believe that the serum would be effective if taken the oral way, but…

“ But what Einstein?—Mike interrupted

“ Well, he didn’t know what he does now, that his serum works even better than it was supposed to…


“I think it would work even if we drink it! Concluded Fred “What? Why would we do this, we just have to shoot it… “But that would not be fun! Fred exploded “Huh? “Wouldn’t you want to know if it would work? “Wouldn’t you prefer to GROW? “ Yeah, but we would never be able to shot it here, that guard must be back any moment now, how would you explain being two times bigger than him…—Mike thought as he heard those words—We could ask Sean to shot us, but I think he is too serious, he would give us just a small dose…

“ So what?—Asked Mike nervously

“ If we drink part of the serum diluted in water, it will take more time to work, then we can drink it right before we enter Sean’s house, then let’s just wait, if it doesn’t work, then we resume to the usual way…

“You mean fuck and drink their cum? Mike completed

“We could do it any way, and then we could GROW!

“That is not a bad idea…. Mike said in a low voice

“So what do you say? Asked Fred looking at his silent friend

“I say Let’s do it man, let’s make those geeks back to where they belong, lower than our heads and thinner than our lats… They both were laughing when the security guard arrived at the lab. Fred quickly hid the tube into one pocket of his coat. They pretended that there was anything there. Randy conducted them to the truck. They went in and drove straight to Sean’s house, only stopping for a bottle of water…

“Don’t you think it will be too diluted? Asked Mike as Fred poured the thick purple liquid into the bottle.

“Nope… This only tube was enough for Kyle and Sean, and look at their size, I am pouring a few of the serum into the water. I think it will be enough for both of us…

“Hey I want to be HUGE!—Said Mike in a brave tone Fred looked at him and without a word he gave the bottle to him. Mike took a good sip of it and then another, and another and another. When there was just about one third left Fred grabbed the bottle of Mike’s hand:

“Leave some for me too! Protested Fred

“Relax, just make some more for yourself…

“No, I think this is the last of the serum Sean had done. This is the work of his life we can’t spend all of it fooling around—he gave one big sip of the purplish liquid and then he gave the bottle back to Mike:

“Take it, I know you just NEED to be huge! He blinked at Mike as he finished with the solution. They finally made to get to their destination. It was almost sunrise now, they had to take the giants of there before it would be too late..

Sean had to take a few steps back. He lost his senses at the peek of that sight. Three ENORMOUS musclefreaks lying down on his bathroom “SEAN, I THINK THIS TIME WE’VE GONE TOO FAR… The voice echoed through the house like thunder in a desert valley. The POWER it carried made Sean almost faint such masculine, dominant low tone it as. It sounded as an explosion, making room for a wild river and its furious waters going all the way down to meet the sea. It was Mark. Not the Mark Sean had met or even the Mark Sean had transformed into a super muscled heavy duty hunk. It was more than anything Sean expected even for Mark. Sean had never imagined such body would be physically reachable even with his growth serum working at the genetic level. The muscles were just another thing augmented and improved. EVERYTHING seemed to be amplified, optimized and refined into the highest impossibly freakiest level. He wasn’t Mark or MARK he was definitely MEGA MARK. And he wasn’t alone: STEVE was there too! The same Steve which had grown just because he drank Kyle’s spunk, never had the chance to drink from the original serum, was now as freaking huge and muscular as Sean and even more. He was somehow so thick his muscles seemed to have three times the density on Sean’s super heavy 13 feet behemoth gargantuan overmuscled body!

“Mark? For heaven’s sake, honey couldn’t u just hold on?

“SEAN, I AM SORRY! WE COULDN’T NOTICE UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE! “Shhh! Lower please, Gee! What’s the matter—Asked Sean complaining about the potency of Mark’s powerful voice making his ears tremble such intense was the sound!

“I THINK I AM NOT USED TO THAT NEW SIZE—Mark coughed—Better whisper with you!

“Mark what the hell were you thinking about? You are not a hormone crazy teenager! You are a doctor a Scientist ! You knew we have many things to do, and being your PREVIOUS size wasn’t much help at all, now LOOK at you

“YEAH MARK !LOOK AT YOU ! YOU ARE FUCKING IMMENSE! Sean tried to remain stand as he saw that figure ballooning in front of his eyes. KYLE. No not KYLE anymore, not even SUPER KYLE as he saw the boy coming out of the garage of Mike’s house. He was more than that. He was more than any living being. No words could describe him not even super-ultra-over-powered-gargantuan-augmented-colossal-titanic-behemot h-mega- buffed-overwhelming freak ! Sean looked at him mentally comparing his own enormous body to that incredible muscle sculpture. He was MUSCLE in its maximum expression, he was POWER in his most simply and true manifestation, he was LUST and PLEASURE at levels unattainable for any standards we could understand. He wasn’t Kyle anymore, he had surpassed KYLE he had overgrown SUPER KYLE, he was just everything and much more musclefreak Sean’s cock could hope for, he was ULTRA KYLE.

“Kyle! You are too damn HUGE!—Said Steve already containing the power his voice.

“You tell me baby!—ULTRA KYLE said as he engulfed SUPER Steve’s mouth and kissed him with so much force, Steve had to break it or he could suffocate. Sean tried to enter the bathroom, but ULTRA KYLE’s mega bubble butt was stuck right after the door. MEGA MARK looked at the kissing ultra behemoth couple with lust in his face. Sean knew that if he didn’t interrupt the things at that moment, the guys could literally BLOW up his entire house:

“Guys, Guys please, PLEASE!—Sean punched the bathroom door, and he broke the thing with the slightly effort .

“Guys, I know, I can understand your feelings. I mean, my whole body vibes with this MUSCLEPOWER as much as yours, I feel an intense burning down at my groin every time I touch myself, I want to fuck until my whole cock burns out! This kind of speech coming from whom it was quickly made the desired effect on the hyper horny musclebounds just about to start another fuck-a-grownatron session.

“I really want to be with you all the time and explore all the pleasure our super muscular organisms are able to grant us, but at that moment, I ask you, really to control yourselves! Look around you! Did you realize that you are literally STUCK in my bathroom? SUPER STEVE, MEGA MARK and ULTRA KYLE realized for the first time since they entered the bathroom, that there was ANY left space on that room. KYLE was sat on the floor and he had to keep his butt near the door, otherwise his head would go through the ceiling. MARK and STEVE were at his side partially sat on the floor and the rest over KYLE’s overgrown thighs and hips. KYLE’s ultra developed arms were the only thing which could envelop the huge chests of SUPER Steve and MEGA Mark. The impossibly thick trio leaned back at the whole wall of Sean’s bathroom . The box itself was broken and the shreds were spread all over the floor, nothing that could hurt anyone, afterall the density of their skin was fairly augmented due to the incredible muscular mass beneath it. The shower had been crushed in order to make space for their passionate muscle fuck. The water leaked and splashed their huge muscles, refreshing supreme bodies after their boiling Sex. Steve used Kyle’s heavenly mountainous super chest as a warm brick pillow. Even though he was not comfortable, Steve had this smile in a mix of exhaustion and joy. He used Kyle’s outstanding arms to nest himself . Mark made his way till Kyle’s lustful mouth savoring the water he found into the many muscle fjords and kissed the BIGGER man with such passion. They couldn’t literally take their hands off each other, their lust was unbearable, but what the growing trio couldn’t really understand was how did Sean manage to keep COOL even witnessing such display of MUSCLE, POWER and LUST. Kyle opened his eyes but still had his tongue tied with Mark’s. He looked into the eyes of his once teacher and friend, he was able to see into the fortress of muscle and power, he saw the worry on Sean’s face and he understood the urge on his appeals. He gently broke the kiss with Mark and said softly: “Guys, let’s do as Sean’s say we have to make things safe for ourselves!—He caressed Steve’s forehead and blinked to Sean’s as they tried to stand up. But there was a problem, they were STUCK! Stuck is not the right word, they were cramped inside the small space of the former bathroom. Even the roof was hit, by cum, legs and heads and the debris were there just to prove.

“Ugh-oh!—Mark noticed they couldn’t get out of there without destroying one or two walls. They could never get out by the door. “WE ARE CRAMPED!—Protested Steve—Kyle would mind moving your tits a little! I can’t breath!

“I COULD, if MARK finally get up of my lap…

“WELL, my friend I hope to do that as soon as you open those arms and let me stand…

“YEAH, If you could ever stand inside here… The argue went on and on, and Sean couldn’t contain himself.; He bursted into one loud laugh as the three behemoths manage to detached each others. The all looked to Sean and joined him in the laughter.

“All right you three muscle freaks!—Sean pointed to the wall and stepping out to the corridor—Allow me! With his giant paw, Sean easily put the wall down, with strong punches which sounded like a hammer made out of flesh he finally opened the exit for his overgrown friends

“I’ve always said you’re a gentleman!—Teased Mark as he pushed his big butt out of the so called bathroom!

“WOW! You sure could make a living out of demolition area!—Steve said when he got out

“ISN’T THIS THE SAME GUY WHO TEARED A VAN?—Kyle laughed as he left the room literally demolished by the power of their muscles. Out of the bathroom they were, but not to a much bigger place, they soon noticed. Even Steve the once smaller of the morphed guys was AT LEAST a head TALLER than SEAN, and much WIDER too.

“Looks like we’ve got to put some meat onto those bones of yours skinny—Teased Mark towering his lover by over a foot poking his overmuscular chest—You’re practically skin and bone!

“CAN’T WE GO TO ANOTHER PLACE, I WANNA STAND UP FOR A WHILE—Complained ULTRA Kyle as his head went through the roof made of wood. The voice was came from the attic and the debris were still falling over them as they helped KYLE to get out of there…

They heard the sound of a huge truck parking behind Sean’s backyard “ It must be Mike and Fred—Sean went to the door and opened it for the two jocks. They were still playing with each other and had this strange look, like children when they’re up to something.

“So, did you guys made it? Asked an impatient Sean

“Don’t worry! Said Mike—We brought the truck

“Yeah, we are the men! Fred said as they high-fived

“Great! You guys saved our asses!—Sean embraced BOTH of them at the same time lifting the two jocks effortlessly form the ground and crushing them together

“Hey hold on, keep that for when we are 12 feet tall as you… Fred complained, but Mike enjoined the muscle bear hug quite a bite, his hard on showed trough his skin tight jeans

“Actually, I am 13 feet tall—Said Sean as he leaded they in—And due to some arrangements I am the small kid of the group now… “What do you…—Mike needed no more explanations as he saw the scene over the corridor, STEVE and MARK now showing MUSCLE built over MUSCLE helping KYLE to get his motherfucking HUGE head out of the roof “Fuck! Fred said as he was able to see the freaking display

“ ME FIRST! Kyle answered in a cocky tone—SORRY GUYS! I THINK WE GOT CARRIED AWAY…

“No one could ever carry you—Mike answered as he jumped at the arms of his giant muscle freak fucker Kyle grabbed Mike as he jumped for his embrace. Although he wasn’t waiting for it, he could never miss Mike, his BODY would never allow it, he was there to hold his lover and make him feel protected. They kissed passionately and Kyle felt the hard of Mike’s prick poking his nipples.

“Let’s just keep a little bit more, you won’t regret it—Said Kyle flexing his pecs

“I know I won’t!—Answered Mike with a glint in his eyes. They got into the living room, well almost all of them, Kyle had to remain at the end of the corridor, because there wasn’t any space far from the windows -They couldn’t take the risk to be seen now. “Listen, I’ve phoned the University facility and already sent the permission via fax—They’re waiting for a deliver of supplies, and been told not to check the cargo, I’ve taken full responsibility… “Isn’t that suspicious?—Steve asked as he adjusted his stiffness caused by the presence of Fred in his lap.

“No, this is usual. What Mike and Fred have to do is just drive us there and that’s all!

“And what are we supposed to do after delivering you ? Mike asked Sean made a pause—I intended to ask you to forget about us—Mike jumped out of Kyle’s arms—But don’t worry, I know I don’t have the right to ask you this, you will be allowed to remain there and follow my directions

“And they bought it?—Fred asked with disbelief

“They don’t give a fuck, as long as you sign the papers they want in order to release the company of any liability, you may do whatever you want!—In fact, the whole complex has only two watchmen, and none at night, the facility will be demolished soon but while it isn’t we’ll use it to resolve the final issues…

“What issues? Asked Kyle as he gently grabbed Mike and nested him in his arms

“You’ll see, now let’s get going before the sun rises…

Loading the truck was really more difficult that they thought. Although it could hold their mass, the problem was the accommodation, They had literally to cramp the four giant men into the truck, but Kyle quickly found out a good way to spare the space:

“I could stick my cock inside of you and then he could go in my top! Although it seemed much more like another trouble, because if they ended up fucking during the travel, they could tear the whole thing up “And then, my uncle kills me! Protested Fred “All right! KYLE and MARK enter first, Steve you sit right after then and I go by the door, You can stretch your legs over my lap… “You always get things the way you want don’t you? Asked Mark as he entered the truck

“You know me! I love being the smart pants around!

“Yeah! Like you could ever wear any pants again! Kyle replied from the inside

“Shut up and let’s go!

They’ve managed to fool the security just as Sean told them. The only problem was to explain the shaking of the heavy truck and the sounds of someone moaning from the inside

“Those are horses!—Fred made up—We’re bringing them to some kind of experience, but they are kind of “horny” But the guards couldn’t care less, it seemed that the complex was really abandoned. There wasn’t a living soul around the whole thing. Many buildings and high ceiling structures. The labs were distant form the main entrance, “the perfect place to GROW”—Mike said to Fred as they parked the truck behind the Lab number 7, just as they were told. The complex was immense, the garage itself was enormous, and it had plenty space to park the truck inside of it, and then they could finally FREE their “stallions”. As soon as they opened the doors they could SMELL the lust inside of the truck. All of the huge men were over each other, even the always controlled Sean was lost between Kyle’s guns and Mark’s chest. “Hey guys! We’re here! Come on get out before we have to destroy the truck, if you continue on this you’ll got bigger and bigger. The lust and the desire had to be contained. Sean held his breath and let Steve’s nipples go.

“They’re right, let’s go, we’ll have plenty time to fuck later! “Oooooohhh! When are we ever going to fuck again? Asked Kyle as he helped Mark to get his cock out of Steve’s butt. Sean got out of the truck and stretched reveling the whole glory of his body, soon he was followed by STEVE, MARK and KYLE, and they started a flexing display never seen before, so much muscle in one place, arms so veined and peaking, chest bigger than barrels, legs so thick they looked like pillars and forearms which made hams look pathetic. There were four of them, four glorious astonishing unbelievable freaking musclemonsters, four ways to the same pleasure: MUSCLE LUST. Fred and Mike were both hypnotized by the muscle chant worship, as the four giant behemoths flexed and stretched their awesome muscles in order to recover from the trip at the truck the two formerly “big” jocks had to take a few steps back, not because they fear their muscle gods, they unconsciously were shocked by such mass near them and had to get a little far. But their cocks were at full masts, showing to the giants in front of them their desire. Kyle looked at them, and wished he could grab those tiny bodies and fuck them both, squeezing their firm muscles into the immensity of his own body, and share with them his muscle growth cum, his growth spasms and make them as big as they wanted to be, and enjoy himself, savoring their newly transformed emissions and taste what they would be capable of. He lowered his hand and embraced both of them with just one arm and brought their desiring mouths at his chest and quickly they were about to start licking and worshipping the granite sculpture of their giant lover

“Oh yes, yes! Come lick me, bite me, make me grow more my little lovers, make me grow into your MUSCLE GOD… Fred and Mike need no more encouragement. They were all over Kyle’s body, when Sean gently grabbed them form their muscle nest, they seemed like puppies when taken from their feeding breast. They had this sad look and Sean felt bad to once more avoid their initiation : “Please, Mike Fred! I know you want this so bad, I just ask you to hang on a little bit more… Kyle rolled his eyes when he heard the voice of his science freak. He kissed the heads of Fred and Mike in the arms of Sean and looked into the bigger man’s eyes:

“You owe me, you owe BIG TIME!—He said as he poked Sean’s chest with his wet hard cock oozing precum at the muscular surface of Sean’s glistening torso.

“Believe me, I am an excellent payer! Sean answered showing his own hard cock and kissing Kyle’s mouth crushing Fred and Mike who were still hanging over their arms:

“Hey, hey, remember us? “ Yelled Fred as he tried to avoid to be pushed against Sean’s superchest Fred and Mike were put back at the ground, and they went to other room of that complex

“Look, this is an old laboratory complex. The University abandoned it when the new campus was donated by a former student, but it is still in good conditions, many of the laboratories still have good equipment…

“And why the hell do we need equipment for?—Kyle asked realizing the space they would have to grow

“Because we still need to answer some questions about the serum—answered Mark as he carried Fred in his arms

“Which questions? Asked Fred afraid about their “trick” of drinking the serum

“Well, we do need to find how the feedback works and how to control the potency of the growth process

“What for? Asked Steve as he approached Mike and put his hand over the smaller guy’s shoulder

“You’re kidding right? This is one of the most valuable discover ever made! We can get rich! Kyle said embracing Mark’s astonishing back and kissing his ears

“And if we could put it into commercial doses… Completed Sean. “You mean, making kind of a supplement? Asked Mike reaching for Steve’s cock over his head…

“Kind of, sure they would never get near half as big as we got, but the improvements would be quite noticeable—Mark calmed the other guys, turning himself to Kyle and kissing his chin

“Anyway, I still need to run a couple of tests with Steve, Mark and Kyle—Sean said, poking Mark’s butt and breaking his embrace with Kyle

“And what about you? Asked Steve massaging Mike’s nipples which got hard and pointy.

“Since I’ve never had the chance to absorb your emissions, I can use my data as a standard to compare with your results—Sean answered leading the guys to another part of the lab…

“And what about US? Protested Fred Sean stopped, looked at them and he had this mean smile on his face, he approached Fred and grabbed him in his arms, Mark did the same with Mike.

“I thought you could help us, you know we always need someone to show off…

“Show off? More than you already do? Asked Fred as he felt the hugeness of Sean’s biceps under his butt. It was so hard and big, in fact such mass was making him uncomfortable

“Well, it is becoming quite a routine, not that I have ANYTHING to complain about, but every time we go through a growth spurt we have to check the stats…

“You mean?

“Exactly, we’re gonna show you all the mass we’ve got—Kyle said as he grabbed Fred and Mike from the arms of Sean and Mark

They went to a enormous place, with high ceiling. There very few walls, most of the room was empty.

“At least we have plenty space to grow here!—Steve said opening his arms spreading his mass all over the place Kyle gently put the jocks at the floor and stretched himself, preparing to show his desiring audience MASS.

“Before you begin Kyle, I think we should follow an order here… Kyle rolled his eyes and said, “OK! Runts go first “ he said as he pointed his place. Sean smiled and completed waving his magnificent cock “ When I stick THIS up into your big butt, I wanna hear you call me runt…, anyway, let’s start with me, because I have the standard data to set the differences in our proportions …

“Sean, babe, you may be a little smaller than me now, but you can never call yourself “thin” you make me fell hard just to see this freaking body of yours… Mark said leaning in the wall in front of him….

“Thanks, honey, but your opinion isn’t ‘scientific’ at this point.., now I am going to ask Fred and Mike to read my measurements, that is if you guys want…” Fred and Mike were all over Sean’s hyper body with measuring tapes and many other instruments Sean indicated over one table

“13 feet 2 inches high—Fred read with the help of Mark holding him as he read the stripe

“1437 pounds! Mike read shocked “ Man and you’re the less freak of them all

“223 inches chest!—Fuck me you’re amazing, Sean! Fred exclaimed

“169 inches of thighs… Delicious, whispered KYLE in Sean’s ears

“and 97 inches calves—completed him as he reached for another measurements Steve and Fred got together to get the read of Sean’s biceps, the mountain of flesh rose just before their desiring eyes, the peak had peaks over itself and the sheer size was something which made ULTRA KYLE get hard as he helped them to get the reading : 154 inches, so inhumanly freaking that its form was absolutely glamorous, not only the peak and the ultimate veins over the golden skin but also the unbelievable hardness of such muscular mass made the guns their most desired body part.

“Man, if you grew THIS big all by yourself you certainly have way much serum running wild in your organism—said Steve as he reached for the last measurement…

“I always like that part—murmured Mark as he realized the hardness of that shaft, and the purplish shine of the glistened cock getting it awesome size: 5 feet and seven inches long, it may seem TOO much, but at almost 14 feet high, that giant cock was just at the right size for his owner’s standards and his fellow giant fuckers.

“Gentlemen, I hate to leave you there wishing but we can’t resume that matter later—Sean said grabbing his thong and shaking it in front of the devouring looks of his lovers.


Part 2

“I don’t understand one thing”said Fred, still impressed at the size of Sean, afterall he was the “smallest”of the grown men—Why you don’t want to grow more? All you had to do is sucking one of them and you become bigger than Kyle

“HEY! I AM THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER IN HERE AND THAT’S FINAL! Teased Kyle grabbing Mike’s waist with just two enormous fingers and lifted him at his face level with a furious look, which was quickly replaced by a warm desiring babyish trick in his lips, and then the tremendous kiss. Mike loved the kiss, but what he desired the most was pinning ULTRA KYLE’s mega butt, being BIGGER than him, being the BIGGEST of them all! Sean smiled—He was getting used to see Kyle being the biggest of them all, sure he tried to outgrow him, but now he felt that even with the amount of serum he had taken ,if he could avoid becoming bigger than Kyle he would do it, and if afterall he ended outgrowing his pupil, he could give him “something to put some meat on his bones””Mike, I need to get accurate data, and mine are the only which were transformed only due to the serum effects and the organism feedback, with that I can get to some results to fix some problems at the original formula”

“Speaking about that—Fred approached Sean after his cock was finally softening—Mike and I managed to take your serum at the lab—and gave the tube to Sean.

“You guys are really efficient! Sean observed the tiny tube in his hands, remembering all the work he had and above all, the changes it caused in his life Steve showed the measuring stripe and said a little shy :

“Can I go now? The eyes quickly recovered their desiring look as the results of the measurement were about to get known

“Steve, you are the proof of the power of the serum, you’ve never taken the original formula, only the growth inductors at the emissions of Mark and Kyle’s, and somehow your organism amplified it making your own cum a growth factor itself. I already have a few theories, but in order to prove them, I need to get some samples of your blood, besides your stats—he had this strange glow in his eyes. The measurements almost shocked Sean, although Steve had never taken the serum, he was in fact even bigger than Sean, but not much taller, he was 13’8”high but it was not the best part, he was much THICKER than the inventor of the growth serum. It was obvious to the look, Sean was shorter of course, but he seemed somehow much “thinner”than Steve, starting with the weight : as Sean weighed 1437 pounds Steve’s read was astonishing : 2124 incredible pounds—687 pounds of muscle made Steve outgrow Sean, and not just the mass, but the SIZE of his muscles, even as Sean’s spectacular forms were astonishing he seemed to keep proportional, but Steve’s measures indicated he was a little more massive in different parts. At 276 inches around his marvelous chest made Sean look a little thin compared to his 223”pectorals, 50 inches chest is an excellent mark for any bodybuilder and that was the difference between of those muscle super pecs. His 198 inches legs were so ripped and veined, it seemed as sculpted in marble, but made any “David”hide such was the freak of his proportions.

“Steve, you’re amazing, just amazing—Fred kept mumbling as he took the measures, he seemed entranced by the size and hardness of his former wrestling buddy. Steve felt so vigorous, so alive as Fred kept measuring him. Fred was always so beautiful, and he loved when he got to suck the now dwarfed jock cock, and specially desire of having Fred inside of him. They used just to play around and even Steve gave Fred and Mike a few blowjobs but never got to be fucked by them and now Fred and Mike were so tiny compared to him, so deliciously petite, and that made him desire him even more.

“119 inches calves—Quite impressive, quite impressive ! Was all that Sean could say, he was fearing the possible extension of the growth caused by his serum, something was sure out of control The incredible amount of 16 packs abs muscles was now kind of expected, because the incredible size of each muscle revealed the colossal proportions, booming over his “tiny”65 inches waist, compared to the immensity of his chest and legs. When they got to read Steve’s biceps, Sean asked Steve with a look combining lust and science :

“Steve, I want you to FLEX your biceps the harder you can, just think on the size and make it bigger, you gotta flex with ALL your might. And so he did. Steve’s guns rose like it has a will at his own. The mountains were so thick Sean swore he heard the skin stretching as the peaks flourished and boomed and augmented just in front of their eyes, muscle in its his maximum expression, the width, the simetry, the POWER they showed, all of those images made all the guys including MARK and KYLE got excited as they realized that Steve’s guns weren’t done yet, the more they kept booming, the bigger and the redder they became and within this process, his whole arms seemed to swell in order to accommodate such mass. The peak appeared but then it just got too big, and then it was crowned by another supreme peak so delightful, so incredibly potent it deserved to be pictured, and the most beautiful thing part was the look on Steve’s face as he noticed his new capabilities, it was like a child discovering he can do something weird with his body, although weird is not the word Steve and his partners were thinking at the moment, the look on Steve’s face as he admired his guns bursting effortlessly and growing right before his eyes, and most of all, that now HE, who used to admire Mike’s and Fred’s muscles was being admired, what the hell, he was being worshipped by the shocked gazes of Mike and Fred, and even the BIGGEST guys who could ever exist were looking down at him and desiring his as a whole, as their object of lust and muscle. Now he was the center of all the attention, he was being desired as he could never think as possible, because now he could, he was MUSCLE, he was POWER, he was everything he desired to be, complete, and that was just too damns arousing, his muscles, his inhumanly powerful muscles, his thickness, his width, his size, his arms, his legs, his enormously overdeveloped thighs, his mega muscular chest, his impossibly thick neck and his wonderful abs were too much for anyone to resist and that includes himself:

“Oh fuck, fuck, measure me now Sean, I think it’s the max! Fuck measure my guns!—Steve whispered as he reached the peak of the peaks in his flexed gun. Not even the MOST muscular of those cartoon heroes could ever be dreamed with a gun like those, and Sean knew it, he realized much sooner that Steve’s growth was quite different than his own, meaning that the potency of the serum is somehow amplified once the serum works at the cellular level.

“Come on ! I can’t hold for too long!—Steve complained as Sean and his tiny helpers managed to sum the many parts of the circumference of power they were measuring “Man this is fucking terrific!—Fred kept saying as he hugged Steve’s right biceps, like it was a whole person, the hardness and the warmth, the tremendous size. Fred was so hard he felt his cock’s pain inside of his pants, it was unstoppable, feeling such power of MUSCLE was something beyond his expectations, unzipped his pants and let his throbbing cock feel that wonder of lust itself, poking the entire thing and nesting at the angle between of the elbow and the biceps itself, feeling the immensity of the muscle wall. Steve realized the hot poking fucking finger feeling his hardness, and when it touched the spot between the forearm and the biceps, Steve lost it all. He squeezed it so hard he never considered he could hurt Fred, all he thought was how small that cock he once saw as enormous was compared at his impressive mega stats, how titanic he had gotten and how much more he could grow, he wanted to grow as much he wanted to make his guns balloon for Sean and Mike and Kyle and Mark and Fred, Fred’s worshipping poking cock was the ultimate proof of his new status, MUSCLEGOD!

“AAUHHHHHGHH! Fred’s groans were so loud as he cock was massively compressed by Steve’s gigantic arms and then all he could feel was the explosion inside his groin blasting in every direction creaming all the lustful width of Steve’s gun.

“Fred, Fred FRED! Steve moaned as his Cock exploded into a stream of cum and his guns reached its top proportions! The scene shocked by its beauty. The hot blessing of Fred’s jism made Steve’s control escape through his pours. His overgrown balls squished into a power source and his unbelievable 6 feet and two inches cock totally erect practically creamed all the guys around them, in a cum rain full of sensuality and power. Sean manage to measure Steve’s mega guns as he was at the edge of the orgasm: 198 fucking incredible awesome mind blowing inches biceps. And then Steve cam into a stream so thick and loud it covered all of them. Even Mark and KYLE were hit by the jism such the force of the stream. “WOW! Was all Mike could say as he saw the limp body of Fred still dripping cum trapped in the arms of the impressive Steve, whose face was all red and covered of cum, his chest seemed even bigger as he tried to recover form his recent cumming rain, the sweat still ran down his over muscular body. Steve grabbed Fred gently and nested him in his chest, Fred was kind of hypnotized, his look was barely there, like he was out of his body. But then, Steve kissed him so deeply and warmly, that even a rock would kiss him back.

“Thank you! Steve said in his new low sexy tone—He cleaned a gush of cum at Fred’s face as he gently caressed his worshipper.

“Oh, Steve, All I can say is that you are so beautiful, your face at the top at that body, makes me desire you even more—Fred said still recovering form the last kiss They remained looking at themselves and caressing for a while, feeling their desiring bodies rub against each other in their own muscle desire dialogue. Mark looked at them and then to Kyle who was already erect and gently said:

“Calm down boy, you know that if you cum now, all of this is rotten!—Mark warned Kyle.

“OK! OK!—Kyle said trying to recover his senses—But that’s kinda hard since he came over ALL of us! Mark smiled and looked at Sean who was grabbing Mike by the waist in order to avoid him of jumping over Steve and make Sex with him: “Calm down Mike! I know you’re crazy to grow like them, but remember, Steve’s emissions do not have growth inductors by itself Mike literally shook his legs trying to free himself of Sean’s powerful grip. But he couldn’t it was too damn strong. Those ultra thick fingers around his waist, totally overpowering him as if he was a mere doll. Then he heard Sean’s words. If Steve’s cum did not have muscle growth power then it would be useless. But FUCK! He was pissed. He was tired of being treated like a rat, he was the biggest jock on campus, he pinned every opponent with extreme easy, but now here he was being lifted by the waist like a bug, and those freaking musclemonsters keep remembering him of his smallness, but that was soon to be ended.

“You can put the little guy on the floor now, Sean! He’ll be all right! Said KYLE blinking to Mike as he finally obliged and quit trying to get of rid of the grip. So, Sean gently put him back and said:

“Mike, I know you are dying to get big, but seriously, I only have a few things to do before I can make you GROW! So can you hold on just a little longer? Sean’s words weren’t a request, they were a direct order, because his eyes were serious and his impressive chest a few feet above his chest was all the arguments he needed to obey, his wish to grow was stronger than anything, and if he would have to wait in order to get his GROWTH, so he would wait, afterall he was quite enjoying such display of muscle before”

“OK, then! Said Sean as he picked his notebook again—Steve I gotta say that you and Fred gave us quite a show! Anyway, I think your condition as a non-serum morphed allows you to have an orgasm without a consequent growth spasm”

“I am sorry, Sean I didn’t mean to”Steve tried to apologize “You don’t have to be sorry!—KYLE said—Fuck! You’re one of the BIGGEST motherfuckers of this whole planet! Your body is just amazing! You could get us to cum just flexing for us, and you deserve it ! You’re a freaking muscle monster yourself!

“Kyle is right! You are quite amazing to be ashamed of your body—Sean completed- And I am sure that we ALL will enjoy your amazing stats in the right time! Steve rolled his eyes, again he was embarrassed, but afterall he WAS the freaking musclebound flexing and cumming over everybody, just the immense, outraging, overgrown musclefreak, they made transform into. Fred finally recovered all his senses: “Steve, can u put me down?

“Sure babe! Steve gently lowered his friend to the ground and they kissed .

“Sean, if those stats of Steve are right, it means that—Mark’s face had a strange worry

“Yes, the muscle growth acts different in Steve’s organism. As you’ve said before, it developed the muscle tissues much more than the original serum, the muscle fibers seemed to optimize the results of the muscle growth, specially because Steve had two different sources, yours and Kyle.

“So you say that the amount of serum took by the “source”indicates how much the “supercum”is going to be optimized? Kyle said approaching them both

“Precisely!—Said Mark and Sean together to their towering friend “But we can’t deny the results of the serum itself! It can be very potent too! Fred said poking Sean’s butt.

“Yeah, Sean you’re fucking HUGE, and you only had ONE spurt! Mark said his hands cupping the doctor’s butt. Sean smiled and gently guided Mark’s hand trough his body till he they reached Sean’s erect cock “You know I can’t wait till I grow again! “Hey, hey! If we can’t fuck you guys are not allowed either!—Kyle said in chorus with Fred, Steve and Mike

“OK! OK! We’ll cool down! “Mark answered

“I believe it is my turn to be measured now”- Mark insinuated with his piercing blue eyes looking down at Sean’s desiring face “Let’s see how much I’ve outgrown you my petite lover”

“Why can’t I go first, we have grown together the last time—protested KYLE Sean said in a contending tone—Maybe we could do both of you at the same way, afterall we have people to take the measurements, two musclefreaks and two normal jocks, it is just what is need, the freaks take care of the upper bodies and the jocks get the lower body stats”

“Sounds perfect to me, but I want YOU to get my stats—Mark said to Sean poking his marvelous chest. He had this amazing smile in his thin lips which was the only argument to convince Sean”

“R-right, right! Mike can u help me here?—Sean asked without taking his gaze off MEGA MARK’s sensational body

“Sorry, Sean but that little guy is mine—ULTRA KYLE’s voice echoed as he grabbed his former jock and kissed him”moans and gasps were the only sounds Mike made as he picked the measuring equipment. “Let the guy with his plaything, Sean—Mark smiled and pointed down—I think Fred is already getting my stats, at least with his look. Fred was literally drooling at the sight of MEGA MARK’s cock getting hard and red with his throbbing veins They kept saying the stats out loud, just for fun:

“Mark’s 14 feet and 10 inches high!—Sean said proud of his former colleague—“I want you so bad, you mother fucker freak of muscle!”- Whispered Mark at Sean’s ears

“Big deal! Said Steve stretching himself to get the read—ULTRA KYLE is 16 feet and seven inches high

“How’s the weather down there “shorty”- Kyle teased Mark as he and Sean kept with their loving change of looks.

“Shut up! I am much more thick than you ever be! Mark replied

“We’ll see skinny!—Kyle showed his arms and kissed them””Wow, Mark you’re fucking 2986 pounds of MUSCLE—exclaimed Fred as Mark got down of the cattle scale.

“Ya hear that, worm? Mark laughed at Kyle

“Holly cow! Mike said as he read KYLE’s weight—3877 pounds? Is this shit right?

“I am sure it is Mike, and I agree with you—Holly freaking cow!—Said Sean as he got the weight again

“In your face skinny! I am almost 1000 pounds heavier than you poor body! Kyle laughed as he went down of the scale!

“Mark’s chest is amazing 315inches around—Sean said as he kissed the oversized nipples of his lover.

“My guy is 353”- Steve read not believing the results Fred bite his lips as he finally got to get Mark’s legs—247 inches around! Mike was not less shocked—274 inches here!

“Ha! Even my legs are thicker than your puny chest, you runt! Yelled Kyle at Mark, who kept smiling as Sean ran the strip around his colossal proportions.

“Mark’s calves are at 159 inches around! Fred said barely to wait the answer of Mike

“186 inches here!—Fuck! How come you’ve got so thick you mother fucker! Asked Mike smiling at his former worm

“I said that I am the BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER around here! Kyle replied bouncing his pecs in the face of an astonished Mike. Sean was absolutely lost into the immensity of MEGA MARK. When he got to read his biceps, he was gasping in advance to the outrageous mountain of flesh which was about to rise. But he was desiring this. Since the beginning, he only lusted after his lover’s muscles and it wouldn’t be now that he would get less excited, not now that his lover was such a MUSCLEMONSTER, he needed to find out how bigger Mark had gotten. “Would flex that freaking gun for me honey? Asked Sean in a low tone, revealing his submission and his desire for his muscle lover, his life time desire, his impossibly HUGE lover

“I’ll do anything for you babe, and you know it, don’t you?—MEGA MARK said as he flexed the power of his guns, making an enormous ball made out of flesh and POWER, MUSCLE building over muscle, and rounder, and bigger and fatter, the arm seemed to grow along just to hold such definition, the amount of MASS! Sean barely held his breath, he had to touch it, lick it, and so he did, but he remained in focus, he managed to cool down and get the read of those HUGE guns : Fucking 219 inches—two hundred nineteen freaking outstanding inches around, it was so impressive, so lustful, he had to fuck him right now, but again his throbbing cock had to be somehow ignored—he had something more important to do.

“Come on STEVE, they think MARK had a HUGE gun, come on man let’s make them shocked again—Kyle said in a cocky attitude—the same for you down there—He grabbed Mike and make him seat in one of his biceps while Steve measured the other. Mike never felt so better in his life, Kyle’s biceps was just between his cock and his balls, causing him a strange sensation, a mix of pain and pleasure. But it was only when ULTRA KYLE starting flexing those guns Mike really felt pain and pleasure. It ballooned as a mountain making its way through the Earth and surging form nowhere. As Kyle flexed, his guns bursted into a graphic appeal who made even Sean and Mark look at the display, Mike was being literally fucked by ULTRA KYLE’s biceps, and his owner did not know about. He kept flexing and the flesh appeared form him and got each time more impressive, more muscular, bigger, freakier, like those guns were going to explode! Kyle’s face showed his pleasure feeling as his green eyes shone with his effort. His sweat went down his muscular ways and his biceps didn’t stop to mount and grow, grow, as if he had no more limits. And Mike’s face showed his pleasure, as much as Kyle’s gun squished his cock and his balls, the more hard it was getting and the bigger Kyle’s gun was. Mike suffered in silence, letting his whole body feel like Kyle’s gun, like if he was ballooning himself, he could feel the blood running through the veins of that hugely veined rock, he could feel the density of the skin, and the hardness of the muscle beneath it, he was throbbing just like his cock, he was shaking as the veins keep pumping to get bigger and the gun impaling his cock got rounder and bigger, it was over his butt, touching his prick, like it could fuck him, he felt it growing under him, with no mercy it crushed his cock and balls, red and sore, and then it grew again, making the pain stronger and the pleasure unbearable, he was being fucked by a biceps, and that was so freaking orgasmic, he just wished it would never stop. “Steve, please measure him, I don’t know for how long I can hold—Mike asked as he felt himself ready to burst, even with the pressure Kyle’s gun made against his cock and balls, it wasn’t enough to avoid Mike to cum right over Kyle’s spectacular body. Mike felt that tremendous pressure on his flat stomach, that biceps peak was HUGE it was like hugging a whole person! It crushed his cock and balls, but also his abs and the lower part of his chest, its circumference was above anything attainable at human proportions, Mike could hug it with his both arms and still it was hard, red and veined, hot and stinking like a real bull, the POWER it contained was sensually strong, he could GRAB the peak with all his might, embrace it like it was his own man and squeeze it with all his might, like making love to a marble statue, only that this one has warmth, and the heavy breath of KYLE’s mega chest, made his entire body move unison as that impressive gun insisted in growing and get even freakier. Mike’s legs couldn’t reach the bottom of that gun, Kyle’s triceps were so damn huge, completing the display of his delicious biceps, making his whole arms look like another grown man was attached at Kyle’s arms. Mike was loosing his left control, he kept rubbing and biting and kissing the gigantic arms as his owner continued to squeeze him like a bug, he felt the hardness, the musk odor and specially, he could hear the gasps and the groans of KYLE as he managed to pump his biceps even more, compressing even more Mike against his forearm .

“Oh please, Kyle flex harder, harder, I want you to crush me here, let me feel your power your MOTHERFUCKER, let me feel the power of the biggest honcho around. Mike kept kissing the peak of Kyle’s mega ultra developed biceps, and Kyle could only feel his tongue licking him, making him desire to grow more, he could feel in each heart beat that Mike was each time more pressed, more crushed, and he was absolutely loving, he wanted to make him feel his power, to make him beg for him to show him muscles and his tremendous body, he felt the tiny jock caressing his gun like it was his lover, he wanted to make himself bigger and bigger and BIGGER! All that matters is getting muscular and freakier and totally overgrow the others, being the center of the worshipping, feel the smallness of them against his titanic proportions. Mike caressed and kissed and even punched the gigantic muscle in order to feel it dent, but it was impossible, such power could NEVER be controlled, his muscles deserved to over rule any worshipper. Kyle smiled as his face got redder form the rush of blood, he was pushing himself beyond his limits, he needed to, he gotta get BIGGER, he need his gun to make Mike cum, he was the MUSCLE FREAK, he had to pleasure his tiny man, afterall that’s all he desired. Mike’s worship, Mike’s cum, Mike’s appeals for him to flex his muscles, to make him feel tiny, that was all he had to focus, he wanted everybody to look puny near him, even Mark could stand near him without getting hard, and he was too damn huge himself, but not as ULTRA KYLE he was MUSCLE in its raw power, no beauty, just POWER! No more he wanted to remain human, he needed to be a FREAK, a MUSCLEFREAK, his arms weren’t big enough, they could grow more, he would never be too big, he had to grow more, no matter how, he just felt he was far from total satisfaction with unattainable muscles. Mike was lost, such power had made his head spinning, maybe because of the pressure of KYLE’s gun grip, but surely, because of pleasure, his pain was nothing compared to the pleasure he was feeling being overpowered with just a GUN FLEX, to be simply slaved by the SIZE of his lust, he saw KYLE’s face and it was no longer Kyle could feel Mike’s cock being crushed by his gun, and he loved it,. He loved the power, the lust, the incredible feeling of being so much stronger and bigger than his former bully. He just wanted to make him cum over him, the same way Steve forced Fred to do, even though he didn’t predicted it. But it was all he demanded, he need to fell his sheer size against the smallness of Mike, he loved to carry them around, and make them his playthings, to show off his body, and specially his biceps, he wanted to make them worship him, he wanted Fred to stare at his size and Mike to feel his power, he kept pumping his guns with all his might, he knew he was squeezing a little to hard, but it was so easy, so simple, using his power was the most natural thing in the world, he just wanted to be more powerful, to make Mike cum more, to be his lover, to finally get his revenge, not a simple revenge, a true vendetta, he wanted Mike to be his lover, his tiny little lover, to pleasure him and make him desire him, all he wished was to be as bigger as it would take to overtake Mike’s power, and to make him desperately wish to CUM!

“259 inches around! Fuck 259 inches! FUCK! Kyle’s upper limbs are bigger than his legs! They had realized it just at the moment, Kyle grew thicker in the upper body as he flexed his gun, like he started a located spurt, like he could control, and then he kept growing just on the desired part to pleasure himself, and now he looked in one word COLOSSAL! His limbs were so big and round, his legs were somehow forgotten, although still astonishing. But as KYLE’s held his double biceps flexed, you couldn’t think in looking at any other part, unless his seven feet two inches long and four feet and a half inches wide mega cock throbbing in the middle of his impressive legs. And at the top of the mountainous MUSCLEMAN, poor Mike kept being crushed by Kyle’s mega guns. He begged for mercy with his look, and then finally, after getting the read of his biceps, ULTRA KYLE loosened the grip around Mike’s cock and balls. But right at the moment, he was about to do it. Mike exploded into a stream of cum, not so much cum as Steve or any other morphed freak would do, but at their stats, Mike had totally blew his mega load over Kyle’s gun. He moaned and passed out sliding form his “seat”and falling into the floor. But Kyle would never let him fall. He quickly grabbed him and gently nested him in his arms, kissing his pleased face and spreading over each other his worshipping cum, taking it as the most significant present he could ever get from any one. “Phew! Mark whistled tapping on Kyle’s back—Congratulations man, you are certainly the BIGGEST mother fucker around—he said pointing at ULTRA KYLE’s overgrown biceps.

“Thanks, man, and you know you’re the second in charge here—Kyle replied just before they kissed, the two biggest muscle freaks splashing their big hands all over each other and exploring their mutual immensity. Sean was still shocked at the power of his serum, why could KYLE grow that much, he was about 50 inches bigger than Mark in all the stats, and both of them had passed for similar experiences which caused the growth spurt, what would be the missing link. He was so fascinated by Kyle’s proportions that he couldn’t think right, he could not establish a common point between their growth. Sure Kyle and Mark drank form Steve’s emissions. Kyle did twice, and he managed to drink form Mark too, which could be the cause of such growth, but still they were way to far from each other’s stats. Mark was heavenly muscled, but compared to Kyle’s inhuman proportions he wasn’t such THICK or MASSIVE, afterall they had about 1000 pounds making them apart. That’s the biggest weigh difference, if compared to the height data. It was not such difference, and yet it couldn’t explain such MASS Kyle had over Mark. MEGA MARK and ULTRA KYLE’s stats were as expected astonishing, but they revealed that the serum combined with the emissions had quite a significant effect, they made the muscular groups develop into other genetically commands, it means that their muscular groups were being adjusted in order to provide an optimized muscular growth, and it was visually noticeable, Mark and Sean looked incredibly thick, but that’s not all, their muscles were somehow so BIG they seemed to have more than a normal organism provides, and that was specially proved in ULTRA KYLE’s arms, a line divided the peak of his gun, and then KYLE realized he could move the two hemispheres independently, because now instead of one FUCKING FREAKING HUGE biceps, he had TWO AMAZING sets of super developed basketballs biceps in each arm!

“Sean, are you OK babe?” asked Mark trying to bring his lover into this world.

“In fact, I have something to say,” Sean said as he tried to get is cock soft.

“Shoot,” Kyle said still rocking Mike in his arms

“Kyle, how many times did you experienced growth since you left the lab?”

“Well, I stayed in your house, then I went to the garage, and then your bathroom! Kyle answered a little ashamed. Sean coughed his chin, he wanted to establish a link, Kyle had the serum first, he was the first who grew, and yet, he was the first serum taker who drank from Steve’s emissions, and he is definitely the BIGGEST among them.

“Don’t forget to mention that time you drank from yourself! Said Mike—finally awaking from his orgasmic pass out—That time you almost blew my house away!

“Hey, skinny! I thought you melted down in my arms—Kyle teased as their mouths looked for their passionate kiss!


Part 3

“That’s interesting! Sean mumbled—Maybe the emissions are effective even in the source, it means that the serum gets more potent each time it passes through an organism, no matter if it get back to the same source…

“And he did the same in your bathroom! Mark pointed to KYLE’s mega cock!

“Hey guys, what can I say, if the cock reaches your mouth, there’s no reason not to suck yourself!

“That’s why you are so much more massive than us!—Sean said grabbing KYLE’s mega tits—You have combined, the serum, the non taken emissions, the emissions of Mark and yourself twice!

“Hey, I just want to be the big honcho around ! That’s all ULTRA KYLE needed to say. They understood. All of them. Except Mike, he needed to be the honcho himself.

“Now I finally have the answers! I think I can adjust the potency of the serum and make it way less powerful, so we can sell it to a pharmaceutical industry and get ourselves rich!—Sean exclaimed looking in advance to Kyle’s glowing eyes

“And to whom you intend to sell this stuff, and how are we going to convince him ? Fred asked

“Don’t you little jocks worry, we have it all arranged—Mark kidded—I have some contacts here and then we can solve the whole deal as fast as you cum!

“Sean, you really can get the formula less potent? Kyle asked recovering his pupil interest in his big green eyes

“I am absolutely positive! But then we don’t need to worry, our plan is working just as a clock!

“What plan? Mike asked assuming he had lost it during his “nap”

“I can’t tell you right now—he paused and looked at Mark—You know what to do!

“Right! Mark went to the other room where the phone was. He dialed some numbers with extreme difficulty due to the size of his fingers, and spoke uncomfortably over the phone, which could reach only half way the distance of his ear and mouth. While Mark is at the phone, maybe Kyle and Steve could get a few boxes I brought home, and you guys can clean this mess here! Sean pinched Kyle’s mega bubble butt as they went to the truck. Steve quickly followed them, since he didn’t want to clean after his cum, saying, “This is a task for little men.” Fred and Mike were still kind of shocked with the display of muscular power, and their outstanding cum session. Fred kept walking and Mike approached a table. They would not “clean”, because they were not their maids, only because they were smaller, they didn’t deserve respect? Mike was really pissed, he hated being called “little jock”, he was 6’4” 230 pounds of muscle, it couldn’t be much inside of that walls, but in the real world he was pretty big. FUCK he was enormous. If only he could show them

“I told you this crap about drinking the serum, would never work! We could be HUGE right now, but NO, you had to convince me… “Fuck! Fred exclaimed as he read the scale “What are you doing here? Asked Mike making fun of his buddy! “I am 20 pounds heavier! He looked at Mike excited “You’re kidding me! Mike laughed ironically

“No way! I was 217 the morning everything happened, and now look 239 freaking pounds! I am 239 pounds Mike realized Fred really looked “buffed”, like he had a great pump at the gym, but he would never guess he was more than 20 pounds heavier, afterall, near those freaking musclebounds he would never notice such gain.

“And I am two inches taller too! Fred bursted as he read his height: 6 feet three!

“But you don’t seem taller to me, and you are now only one inch shorter than me, in fact you look shorter… Fred looked into Mike’s eyes and thought “Yeah, he looks the same to me, I guess he would have to look al little shorter.., but in fact he seems much TALLER than he used to be.. .”

“Mike hup on the scale!—Fred bursted into excitement Mike did what he was told and Fred read his height

“Of course I couldn’t look bigger to you, you’re six inches taller for heaven’s sake!

“What? Mike froze as he hear his height—I am 6 feet ten? How come “And you’ve also gained a LOT of muscle too!! You are weighing 278 freaking pounds! Fred said shocked

“ Almost 50 pounds of muscle! I used to be about 230 That’s impossible, the serum couldn’t take effect—But then Mike looked at himself for the first time for a long time, and noticed his muscles so pumped and bigger, as they’ve never been, everything was much bigger than used to be…

“But we didn’t pass through the shake thing! Insisted Mike “Yeah, but I gotta say that when I came over Steve, I felt pretty weird, like my whole body was being twitched! Fred said still repairing in his gains Mike remembered the time Kyle made him cum over his guns, and yes he felt weird, he felt a strange pain, like he could be torn apart, so intense and painful…

“Maybe, because we drank the serum, it took more time to work on us, but since we’ve already pass by the first stage, I think that we are…

“Ready to GROW!—Growled Mike as he imagined the possibilities

“I gotta find Steve! I’ll make him a surprise—Said Fred as he rushed out of the room Mike felt his whole body tingling in excitement, he knew he grew 6 inches and 48 pounds, but yet, he would never be bigger than KYLE in time, he had to GROW more, quicker and BIGGER, bigger than everyone! He remembered Sean saying things about serum and cum.

“Well, if I could take the serum again—he wondered as he Saw Sean alone in the other room taking some notes—“Kyle will see something, you’ll all see!” Steve and ULTRA KYLE were almost finishing to unload the truck, really easy since they were SO BIG, just one of them alone could handle the whole cargo, especially KYLE. Steve would never get used to such POWER he now possessed, it was like his body was some kind of lifting machine with no limits, all he had to do was think in the movement and BOOM, his muscles exploded into a complex of veins and POWER making him conquest anything, and it was so damn easy, it barely felt like normal, even the effort was almost insignificant to his miracle muscles.

“Kyle, how do you feel?—Steve asked looking serious at the MOUNTAIN towering him by at least three feet

“Fantastic!—Kyle said flexing his abnormally mega buffed gun “Yeah, me too!—Steve replied flexing his triceps, which would probably the size of a horse leg, not just the its shoe .—But, will this last ?

“What do you mean? Kyle asked still flexing his chest and not looking to Fred

“Well, for my whole life I tried to be big, not THIS BIG, but bigger than I was, and I was really achieving some good improvements at my body, but now FUCK! I only can see how fucking HUGE we are, and how much we’ve surpassed even the biggest of the bodybuilders, at any possible and impossible way, we shall be the BIGGEST guys in the whole planet, THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET, for heave’s sake! “Yeah, and I just LOVE it! Kyle answered looking down at Steve’s eyes…

“So am I, but I don’t want it to stop, I don’t want to get back to the size I was…

“Don’t worry pal, I don’t think that it is possible, even in your case, your muscular tissue is totally reprogrammed—Kyle spoke gently touching Steve’s shoulder with his giant hand and tapping him

“And afterall you can always have your “tonic” again, I think it can still be effective in you, not that you need it, but because you DESERVE to be bigger, my muscle freaking friend Steve looked deeply into the immensity of ULTRA KYLE’s body and he reached all the confidence he needed, he DESERVED to be even BIGGER, because that’s what give him PLEASURE! KYLE grabbed ALL the boxes they unloaded and said in a low tone: “When the right time comes WE WILL GROW EVEN MORE, now just relax and enjoy yourself, your power your BODY! Kyle left with the boxes and Steve was just there admiring the mountain he had became and the ENORMITY Kyle had brought himself into, and just the mere thought was so hot it was so fucking hot, so muscular and desirable, how could deny such thing to himself? Fred overheard some of their conversation, and now, more than ever, he knew STEVE was just the man for him. He just needed to be with him, to make him happy, the thing he most wanted right then was to pleasure Steve, in every possible way, he would do anything EVERYTHING! Fred approached in silence, and gently tried to embrace the width of Steve’s hips. His worshipping arms exploring the hardness of his thighs and waist so apparently thin, but actually TOO wide for Fred’s attempt, he ended almost in the middle but it was more than necessary to call the attention of his target

“Hey, babe! Steve greeted Fred and then turned to grab the tiny jock in his omni potent arms

“Have you finished with the mess in the lab? Steve smiled kissing Fred’s ear lobes

“Why don’t cut the jokes and kiss me? Replied the smaller man pretending to be angry And so Steve did, his tongue gently invaded the small space of Fred’ mouth, twisting and licking every spot, desiring Fred as he never did before. And Fred was lost in the feeling of being such maneuvered, he felt like a puppet in Steve’s arms, he kisses, turns, licks, and they are so engaged into this ritual of mutual worshipping and muscle lust time seemed to stop and no one else matters to them Just the two of them feeling each other hard cocks begging to interact.

“Oh, Steve, I never thought you could be so HOT! You’re so strong and big, I feel so protected in your arms!

“Come on babe, haven’t you take a look at Mark or KYLE?—Steve smiled as he kissed the back of Fred’s head, breathing hardly near his ears, just to make his small lover shiver, and get his knees weak even at the grip of his arms…

“Yeah they may be a little bigger than you, but for me you’re THE BIGGEST! Fred confessed as he dived into the huge cleavage of Steve’s chest…

“How come? Steve asked gently lifting Fred’s chin with his enormous finger

“Because you’re so damn HOT, your face, it is just the perfect crown to your glorious body, I adore the other guys’ bodies, but not just as I dig YOURS!

“Steve looked into Fred’s eyes and when he was about to ask why such adoration over him, Fred continued:

“It’s not that BODY, I adored you since you were smaller than me and Mike, I simply admired your tenacity, you keep training with us even though we were quite bigger than you, but you insisted to train with the same height we handled, sure you also had a supreme lean muscular body yourself but, the way you worked so hard to keep up with us really amazed me…

“That’s because I urged to be like you and Mike, to be so muscular, I looked just like OK near you two, so I decided to train as heavy as you did hoping I could one day catch you—Silly me… Steve smiled with his shy look once more, going red and trying not to look at Fred…

“But you were so AMAZING! Don’t you see, this BODY you now have, it everything you DESERVE, you’re SO FUCKING MUSCULAR, look you could kill me with just… Steve grabbed Fred firm and brought him near his face:

“I would NEVER do anything to hurt you, NEVER ! Fred brushed his hand under Steve’s eyes and scooped his falling tear:

“I know that, and that’s why I LOVE you babe…. Then Fred took the initiative and kissed Steve with all his might, his wild tongue going all the way down to Steve’s throat, and Steve no more contained himself kissed back harder than Fred, making the smaller guy break the kiss first in order to recover his breath. “Fred! I love you too, I love your loose temperament, your amazing face, your gorgeous look. When you were measuring me, all i could think was how could I flex harder and harder just to make you proud of me…

“Proud of you? Babe I am more than proud I am your servant! When you called my name when they measured your fucking enormous biceps, I wished I still had cum in my balls just to salute you with my juice! “You’re saying you’re not mad at me because I’ve overgrown you and Mike?

“Babe, I can only speak by me, but you’re doing a hell of MUSCLEFREAK role just now! I love your SIZE and POWER, I love to feel tiny and protected around you big guy! Steve barely believed his own ears, Fred was just nested in his arms begging to be overtaken into his muscle POWER, declaring him all his desire to worship his freaking muscle in all his glory… “Fred, I want you to know that I will be always near to protect you form everything! Steve hardened the grip and Fred was pushed against the hot hardness of Steve’s chest, he could actually hear Steve’s now enlarged and improved heart pumping and smell the male scent from his armpits

“Steve, I just… Fred paused

“What ? Steve asked lifting Fred back to his face level

“We never really had the chance to really get TOGETHER if you know what I mean!—Fred was right, Steve usually gave Mike blowjobs, but except for some very few making outs and sucking parties, they’ve never had the chance to FUCK! And after Steve’s transformation it was more than obvious that Fred was dying to have Sex with him.. “So we better solve our issues don’t we? Steve started with a new attitude which came together with his improved muscles—He lowered Fred to the floor and gently lowered him approaching his giant body near him and making sure he didn’t crush him under his enormous weight. But Fred quickly realized that Steve was WAY TOO BIG to fuck him, he would never be able to have such GARGANTUAN rod inside him, well not until his growth was done, but he was dying to be with Steve… “Honey, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle your “issue”! Fred said pointing to throbbing pole which grew wider and longer with each heart pump. Steve looked down and smiled—Fred could be tore if Steve shifted his MEGA tool inside his “skinny” ass. And then he kissed him gently, licking his nipples, biting his ear lobes admiring his big brown puppet eyes

“In that case, you don’t mind to take care of my ass do you:? Steve asked in a sexy tone Fred gasped—You want ME to FUCK YOU! But you are TOO BIG!

“Fred, I’ve always wanted you, deeply, badly, it’s no matter you’re “small” compared to me, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, please, I am aching so horny I am! I want you as I never want to be fucked, even for Mark or KYLE, I want you inside me, please, be my MAN, my FUCKER, my LOVER! Fred got all the inspiration he needed. He stood up as Steve remained laid on his back. He was so BIG in every sense. Fred kept admiring his beautiful muscle god, he had just for him.

“You’re sure I can please you, you’re too damn BIG!—Fred said realizing Steve’s curved legs were at the level of his head. “Don’t worry, babe! I want YOU, and I know you want ME! Steve teased opening his legs revealing his desiring butt hole, right under the glory of his ballsac. Fred approached, he leaned a little, just to get a good position, he caressed Steve’s powerful legs, feeling their hardness and the beauty of their veiny surface:

“Oh Steve, you’re just perfect to me! No one will ever be more beautiful than you, no one! OH YEAH!—Fred said as his hard seven incher quickly made his way inside of the immensity of Steve’s hole. It was so wide, but yet, it was so tight around his shaft. Like Steve could accommodate the magnitude of his size to such smaller proportions so naturally it was almost unbelievable. Fred pumped his desiring cock into Steve’s hole with all his might and Steve moaned as he felt the hardness of Fred poking his power butt begging to deliver pleasure.

“Yeah, Fred! Come on babe, take me, stronger, I know you can do better than that! Steve moaned and gently his gargantuan arms reached under Fred’s butt and pushed him further inside Steve’s hole.

“You are so HOT, babe, come on ! Give more of this cock, I want you ALL! Fred tried to go deeper, but his cock was buried completely into Steve and even his balls were inside of him. Then as Fred was almost giving up, he felt this strange urge inside of him, an urge to GROW! “Hold on Steve, this ride is just beginning! Fred looked at Steve desiring but yet inquiring look. He felt his joints tightening, his muscles hardening and his entire body tingling. All he could do was keep ramming his cock into Steve’s butt. And so he did. Fred remembered that the serum had given him only the very early benefits of muscular growth, and all that talk about growth feedback Sean and Mark kept mumbling all the time. “So, it this how they fell? Great, now I can REALLY take care of Steve’s SIZE condition”. Steve barely felt it at the beginning, but then he noticed that Fred’s cock managed to reach deeper into his butt, and this only made him hornier:

“Yes, give me that pole of yours little man! I want you inside of me honey! Steve kept whispering as he opened his eyes and got to see the look on Fred’s face: he was somehow more confident, his eyes had a sensual glow in them, his mouth was tight like he was having quite a hard time to fuck him, but also, his hands had firmly hugged the inner side of his impressive thighs, and he looked back at Steve complementing him—“Your ass is everything I expected it to be and much more”. Fred whispered as his pumps increased both in rhythm and power. Fred kept rubbing Steve’s thighs as he kissed the head of Steve’s pole which was poking his face. Fred had to stand up in order to catch the pole as it mad his vigorous way to heaven. Fred’s legs muscles flexed hard as he stood, because he was supporting STEVE’s massive butt weight as he stood. In fact the grip of Steve’s hole in Fred’s cock was so tight, even when he stood, he could still feel the power around his shaft.

“You sure you are comfortable ? Steve asked kind of impressed with sudden display of strength .

“Yeah, I think I can handle this! Fred answered, as he shifted Steve’s butt and going even deeper into Steve’s hole. Fred didn’t notice, but he was MUCH bigger than when he started his fucking session. His freckled skin glistened as he poured. His face was red and this only made his white teeth smile even more cute. He grabbed Steve’s massive thighs and rested OVER his shoulders, almost covering his own head. Still he continued to fuck Steve’s hole and the gargantuan man could only moan as he felt the cock managing to go even deeper into him. “Fred, I am too heavy babe! Why don’t put my leg down for a while? Steve said concerned Fred’s effort to lift his butt and his leg, afterall he would never hold such weight for that long…the he realized, he noticed, almost accidentally, Fred’s arms EXPANDING right before his eyes…

“Fred…! Steve moaned as he finally understood that Fred’s cock wasn’t sliding into him, it was GROWING by the inches all the way down into his hole. Fred’s chest blossomed magnificently as he breathed deep to fuck Steve even harder. The thighs were so red and striated, they shone as ballooned and flexed even harder. Steve felt Fred’s abs muscles popping near his ballsac, his cock could touch the growing hardness of Fred. His face remained red and glistening with sweat and his hands seemed to grow wider and stronger as they rubbed the inner thighs.:

“Fred, you’re growing?! Am I making you grow? Asked Steve as Fred maneuvered around his butt and was now on his knees but still ramming harder than never:

“No babe, I am sorry! I am growing because I’ve taken the serum myself! Fred smiled tight as he cock seemed to be hurting. He could feel his balls swell and his muscles getting each time bigger… “Sean gave it to you? Steve asked between Fred’s insistent pumps into his butt.

“No, Mike and I drank it! Fred said amazed with his growing POWER, each time he pumped Steve’s mega muscle butt.

“You drank it? Wasn’t it to be shot? Steve asked his eyes closed such pleasure he felt as Fred’s cock pushed his guts inside, it should be about 15 inches now, much wider than it started.

“Well it is working fine for me, and what about you?

“Hummm… No complaining here! Steve moved a little and grabbed Fred’s hips and making himself sat as he pushed Fred’s hips even closer his pussy.

“ OOOhhhhh! Fred exclaimed as Steve’s grabbed his butt—Steve, is this normal?

“You’re doing great babe! Steve replied in trance!

“No, I mean, I feel like I could cum any minute now, but I can’t! “So shut up and get me to the same point you are! Fred looked into Steve’s eyes. He had to see how much he had grown. Steve, obliged. Fred eased his cock and finally stood TALL in front of Steve. Not as tall as Steve, but much taller than he was when they started. They approached and Steve realized Fred was now at the level of his lower chest, what meant Fred would be around 8 feet tall, and MUCH bigger than he used.

“Fred you’re becoming AMAZING! Steve said as they hugged. Fred’s still expanding arms reached around the spots they couldn’t reach before.

“Shit, Steve, how THICK you are anyway, I had grown so much and still I can’t embrace you! Fred smiled, pouring much more than ever .

“Who’s talking about WIDTH! You’re doing excellent! Steve grabbed Fred’s butt and squeezed it HARD, showing for the first time to him his REAL POWER.

“You feel so fucking good by the inside! Fred teased as they kissed.—But I think I can handle you inside of me now ! Fred grabbed Steve’s mega tool and they remained that way. Steve feeling the warmth of Fred’s expanding proportions . They embraced romantically and Fred kept stroking Steve’s mega cock feeling it get even harder.

“Fred, you are growing so beautiful! Steve said i his ears. I can’t wait to fuck you!

“So FUCK me! Please Steve! I can’t hold it! I feel like I going to burst! Fred bursted as he realized that he was now at the level of Steve’s neck, almost one foot taller than a few moments ago! Steve gently got Fred in his knees, gently arranged his MEGA COCK into Fred’s butt . Steve notice that Fred’s entire body pulsating and growing in different places, but he seemed not to be cooling down, it looked to be augmenting even more. Steve finally inserted his mega cock into Fred’s hole. Fred moaned and cried and so did Steve as he felt the tightness of Fred’s prick. It almost twitched inside of his hole. Steve couldn’t believe such SENSUAL it felt there :

“Fred, you are so FUCKING HUGE! Steve repeated as he rammed his cock into him, and Fred was literally being pumped wit every time he did that.

“Please Steve, make me cum, please! I don’t know if I can hold it anymore! Fred standed and so did Steve. They were almost totally stacked into each other, STEVE’s WHOLE prong was buried into Fred and yet he felt like he could do more. Fred could only moan and gasp feeling his muscles each time bigger. They kept fucking like a ritual of mutual worshipping. Steve brushed his power paws into Fred’s hair and he kissed his ears as the fuckee kept moaning and almost crying such pain he had desiring to cum.

“I am almost there! Fred! Hold on—Said Steve as he shifted his cock harder and banded Fred over so he could force his cock even more into him. Fred was totally confused, he wanted to cum, but yet, he felt like he was already cumming, his muscles felt like an endless orgasm, shaking and growing like the pump he never had in the gym . His cock was HUGE! Just like the ones of the morphed guys, but yet, it seemed much bigger because it was full of cum! He needed to cum… he needed to cum, he was ballooning right there, each time bigger, stronger, BIGGER, STRONGER! He felt like he could do ANYTHING. He was intoxicated such POWER he now possessed . And yet, Steve continued to fuck Fred harder and harder, he could see his whole body glistening such effort he was doing, afterall, Steve was almost as BIG as him, and it meant a LOT of MUSCLE to fuck! “Fred, don’t worry you are doing excellent, we’re almost there! You’re HUGE babe! WE ARE HUGE!

“Oh, STEVE! I am so PLEASED, I WANT YOU! PLEASE LET ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM STEVE! An the two gargantuan jocks remained in their fucking session. Fred was very much near Steve’s proportions and he seemed he could surpass him . But Steve didn’t mind. Hr was kind of used to have Fred bigger than him. All he needed was him, ALL of him, no matter his size. But now he demanded to make him cum, he had to. That was his man, his lover. If he was that HUGE all Steve’s gotta do is worship him, make him feel his POWER and show his LOVE. They deserved it. No one could ever understand. They were mean to be together.

“Steve! You were right! YOU are making me grow—Fred said almost fainting such intense was the feeling of the growth feedback! “What? I haven’t any growthcum! Steve replied trying to focus on his fucking rhythm..

“You don’t need that! You are making me grow because of the feedback! You are giving me all I need to GROW even more, and that’s why YOU are making me grow sweetie! Fred kissed his cheecks as Steve obliged and intensified his pace going even wilder

“So hang on my cock! Because I am gonna get you THROUGH THE ROOF!” Steve exploded as his cock tried to get even deeper and he could grab even harder on Fred’s nipples, twisting them and teasing him with his teeth. Fred couldn’t understand why he was lost in that feeling of cumming without an orgasm. His whole body was tires and pleased as if he had the load of his life, but yet his cock was PAINFUL, and his balls ache, his muscles seemed to swell even more, and he needed to FLEX them, making Steve moaning as his butt squeezed the (still) bigger man. He flexed his guns and almost passed out as his peaks were higher than hia head, his chest was so WIDE he could never see over them again. His abs were outstanding! He counted 12 of the most impressive pack he ever seen, unless on the other morphed guys . “Steve, I LOVE you! Fred said as he reached Steve’s butt and pushed it against his body, squeezing Steve’s cheeks with all his might, showing to him now, that they were equals. Equal MUSCLEFREAKS! Equal GARGANTUAN man who desired to be even BIGGER! Who were going to GROW EVEN MORE!

Sean was, once more, in his habitat. He could feel in his guts that he actually owned the place, he had all the knowledge and the experience to conduct the whole lab alone, but he was glad Mark was around, afterall he had many other things to run in order to accomplish his so called “master plan”. As he got the data from the samples of the his “grown” men, Sean quickly understood the theory of the growth spurts, just in theory, because there was a few things he just couldn’t explain, yet. According to his theory, Kyle and the others had undergone a stage which besides improving their already transgenical muscular tissue, enabled the process into a further stage, now their genetic programming were being practically rewritten. Instead of just increase the muscular size, now their muscular fibers do not obey the human standards of growth, they are morphing to something beyond possible for human proportions. “Freak” would be no more suitable for their upcoming stage, because we only call freak something in comparison to what we have established as “normal, but as the analysis confirmed, their organisms were in such advanced of muscular development, they could never been recognized as human cells by anyone who hasn’t Sean and Mark’s knowledge. In fact, just the volume of one altered cell of KYLE was at least EIGHT times bigger than a “normal man”, and considering the structures, the muscular tissue was so much better composed that it consisted in a high endurance complex system allowing the muscles to accomplish tasks which no other organisms were capable, even regarding other animals such as gorillas and horses, the POWER those little things inspired was something the world wasn’t sure prepared to deal with. Sean looked at the culture in front of him and remembered the necessary time to make it grow—15 minutes, fifteen minutes and the results were there astonishing himself. It means that, in appropriate conditions, the cells could grow almost instantly to their “normal size” and then further more, if they were at the presence of a high level saturation of adrenaline and testosterone, the “ignition” key for the whole process, and the feedback inductor which allowed the powerful spurts. Establishing any kind of limit to the potential of THOSE MEN would be a very hard task: first because he wasn’t sure WHEN or IF they were stop growing taller, more MUSCULAR and BIGGER, and second because, even if the cells itself don’t grow by themselves there e would be always the possibility of the exchanging of fluids; The process seemed to be elevated at new level, so when KYLE drank Steve’s jism and if is that correct, by the time KYLE drank form himself at Sean’s bathroom the process was at Sean’s calculations 6 TIMES stronger than when started.

“6 TIMES! FUCK ME!—Sean exploded as he realized the meaning of those numbers: If KYLE established this change in their organisms, the consequences would be dramatically improved, because as the original formula results proved a 6 times more potent growth inductor means almost 3 times the growth rate into the organism, but we can’t forget that growth rate is a measure which can only be accurate if we take it to the CUBIC level—so a 3 times higher growth rate means that the subject will be at the end of the process 27 TIMES more potent than it was supposed to be! Sean poured like a pig, his sweat ran through the many entrances of his magnificent body, in a mix of fear, excitement and LUST! He was just confirming what he had seen with his own eyes, and felt with his own giant cock! But then Sean considered another factor, the amount of serum which the subject was exposed: because form those who had been injected KYLE was the one who took the SMALLEST amount! Mark had taken a small dose during the development of the inactive serum and 30 c.c. form the active one which resulted into the explosion of MUSCLE during the Sex with Sean, and MARK had been exposed to the emissions of STEVE, even though it had made him INCREASE his muscle growth, Mark never had drank form any injection.


Part 4

But then Sean considered another factor, the amount of serum which the subject was exposed: because form those who had been injected KYLE was the one who took the SMALLEST amount! Mark had taken a small dose during the development of the inactive serum and 30 c.c. form the active one which resulted into the explosion of MUSCLE during the Sex with Sean, and MARK had been exposed to the emissions of STEVE, even though it had made him INCREASE his muscle growth, Mark never had drank form any injected men, which explained why KYLE was so MUCH bigger than him. Since Kyle drank from himself Steve and MARK, the amount of growth inductors running wild at his organism allowed him to achieve his unique proportions. But then, MARK never had the same experience, he only got to drink form Steve’s who had never been injected, what leads to the exciting final statement: Since SEAN was undoubtedly the one who had been injected the MOST of the serum, if HE drink form either MARK or ULTRA KYLE he surely ended up MUCH BIGGER than both of them together! He could make them feel like toothpicks! Just the possibility got Sean’s at full mast, like his cock demanded him make them BIGGER! But Sean had other things in mind! He had a plan which was the only way to give them a chance to live in peace at their colossal standards. He only need a few more things to do and then one phone call to make, then everything would be ready… “Dr. Sean! Can u hear me? It was Mike’s deep voice calling him. “I am sorry Mike! I was lost in my thoughts! Answered Sean in a friendly tone

“Yeah, I can realize that! Said Mike trying to grab the immensity of Sean’s pole, and obviously failing, because it was just TOO wide! Steve moaned as he felt the grab of Mike in his cock. Those tiny hands squeezing him with all their power, although he could say it was pretty intense, still it was far from causing pain, specially because of the PLEASURE it caused.

“Sean, you promised me that if I brought the truck you would give me the serum…—Said Mike in a low sexy voice, making sure to squeeze Sean’s cock even more, feeling the titanic expansion of the doctor’s chest as he tried not to feel so horny as he actually felt.

“I- I know Mike, I promised you and Fred, but…—Then Mike climbed at the hardness of his cock and started humping it, like it was a horse, his legs squeezed and jerked the length of Sean’s pole faster than he could try to control himself

“Sean, you know the only thing I want is to be as big as you guys, this way I could finally have you inside of me, to be as BIG as you, as BIG as you…—Mike repeated that muscle worship chant on and on as he slipped along Sean’s cock, twitching his own nipples as he tried to reach for the gargantuan doctor’s chest. Sean finally lost his control, lifting Mike at his chest level they kissed and he used the small jock’s body as his rag doll and rubbed him against his wall hard muscle body and feeling his small cock hard poking his impressive hardness, he could see how BIG he was, more than twice Mike’s size and about to grow even bigger, and then when he was almost feeling the first signals of the growth spurt he managed to get Mike down at the floor and said:

“Listen, Mike, I know why we can’t fuck now, believe me I know… “Mike looked at him with the eyes of a crying puppy and claimed “But I just wanted to be BIG as you… Sean smiled back at him, he could no more deny something so significant for Mike. If he wanted to grow, hell one more freak at the group meant, another butt to fuck and another dick to suck! “O.K. cute! You won, go get Fred and I will give you guys the serum Mike changed the look on his face, from sadness to an extreme excitement and then his eyes had the glow of conspiracy… “Sean, Fred is there making out with Steve, as you said Steve wouldn’t grow as long as he didn’t drink from you, Mark and Kyle, I don’t think it would be cool to break their moment, afterall, I am HERE and BEGGING you to give the serum, if he REALLY wanted the same we would be together here… Sean bought that and he went to get the serum—“We can give Fred his share whenever he wants!”—the doctor said as he was filling a syringe with the thick purple fluid…

“How much are you going to give me? Mike asked barely ripping his pants so anxious he was Sean considered for a moment—“ Mark took 30 c.c., Kyle took 50c.c., this guy is ALREADY very huge…”

“How big are you now Mike?- Sean asked holding the serum in the air… “ About 210 pounds—I am really far from the weights last month—Mike lied, trusting that at Sean’s proportions he would never guess Mike’s real stats 6’10” and almost 280 pounds of MUSCLE!

“You do seem a little big than that to me, but I guess it’s because all the “work out” we BIG guys are giving to you and Fred—Sean blinked and thought “I’ll give him 45 c.c., It will make him grow HUGE and yet, he won’t be a problem, at least for while “

“OK runt! Sean said pointing to his lap—I wanna see that tiny butt of yours ! Mike felt like a child, he was so tiny at Sean’s legs, they seemed pillars of the Temple of muscle gods, such thick hard and veined they were. Sean grabbed him gently and inserted the thick needle into the tissue “You won’t feel much pain, with a muscle butt like that in a primary subject, your muscles almost broke the needle added the morphed doctor as he rubbed some ether at the shot spot. Mike felt terrific! He had the things just the way he planned, no matter how much Sean had given him, he surely would get HUGE, HUGGER, the HUGEST of them all, because he had the serum he drank with Fred and yet the growth cum of ALL of the muscle freaks. The smile on Mike’s face was so beautiful, Sean finally said: “Look I gave you the serum in a way it will start a little slower, but it will be O.K. because the amount I shot inside you is BIG! The growth will start within a few minutes, I advise you to get together with the other guys, you saw hoe uncomfortable it can be in the beginning

“Mike heard those words and his cock went hard and painful, if Sean himself said the amount was BIG, only God knows how big he would get.! No that it matters, afterall he only wants to make KYLE’s mega butt his trophy for his size, he wants to pin ULTRA KYLE’s mega butt and make him worship his soon to be superior muscles… Mike was leaving to the other room, when he noticed Sean’s struggle to dial the numbers on the phone,

“You want me to dial for you? Mike asked with a smile in his face, realizing that in a few time himself wouldn’t be able to do the same thing . Sean grabbed a pencil and showed to Mike—No thanks I just have to be more careful with those big fingers! Don’t worry, look for Mark and tell him you’ve just been shot and he will help you through the whole thing!

“OK, then! See ya when we are the same size! Mike teased Sean, thinking ““I mean, when I am BIGGER than you science geek”. Mike felt the temperature of his body rising.—“It must be the serum taking his effect! I must start growing any moment now! Where are everybody?—Then he heard the unmistakable sounds of two people fucking .

“Shit! If those are Mark or Kyle, I will never get to be the BIGGEST guy in here! Mike approached and hid himself behind a column. He saw STEVE and what seemed to be an amplified version of FRED!

“Fuck! If Fred got to that size, I’ll become KING KONG! Mike thought and smiled at all the possibilities. His mouth literally filled as he imagined KYLE totally overpowered by him and then he would do exactly what he did to him—he would drink from him and then BOOM he would blow all of them! HE WOULD BE THE HONCHO GUY ! And they would have to worship him, to fulfill any desire and to PLEASE THEIR MUSCLE MASTER! THE SUPREME MUSCLEFREAK! Mike woke up from his trance and noticed Fred was almost at the edge, and so was STEVE. Although Steve didn’t had any growthcum by himself, he could still be useful for his purposes. And Fred was sure in his way to MUSCLEFREAK! His chestnut hair and his freckled torso magnified many times were just impressive, and his uncut cock glistening with such precum gave Mike the final routine to accomplish his conspiracy plan. Steve felt he would be done any moment now. He kissed the back of Fred’s head and start doing long fucking movements, in order to intensify the feeling for both of them. ONE: He pushed it hard into Fred who screamed in ecstasy. TWO: His entire body shrived with the upcoming pleasure and THREE! He felt himself going weak, but like a magic moment, he realized he finally made it! “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Screamed Fred as he felt his balls squeezing themselves and his cock pulsating to get the cum out of him. He could feel like he was GROWING even more, and that could only make him feel more pleasure, and yet, the more he was going to cum! What Fred didn’t realized was Mike’s mouth gently grip around his head. And that was the final drop. When the desiring tongue touched the edge of the pisshole, all what was being repressed exploded right into Mike’s mouth. The jock almost choked due to the pressure of the jism. But he managed to handle it, he kept drinking and drinking breathing whenever he found a break between the squirts. Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. He closed them right before he get Fred to cum, but when he opens them, he’s looking at a definitely bigger Mike blinking at him and gently mouthing Fred’s cock which immediately exploded into it. Steve smiled, and then he realized that Fred finally was relieved form his feelings?

“You were terrific! Thank you babe! Fred said brushing his hands over Steve’s face!

“Yeah, so did you ! But there’s someone else we should thank! Steve pointed at Fred’s cock! Now Fred could understand what happened. Mike was there sucking on his ever dripping cock like it was the elixir of power, well in fact it was, since was kind of a serum taker, his cum could actually have some growth inductors

“Mike STOP! You’ve barely started growing yet, you didn’t pass by the feedback—AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Fred released another immense squirt down through Mike’s throat, who swallowed all the incredible spunk! Steve tried to do something, but as he tried to move, Fred was hit by another growth spurt. He froze as his muscles expanded and got bigger by the inches, his chest inflated, making strange noises from his ribs, his arms unfolded revealing POWER, MUSCLE AND STRENGTH. And with that Steve couldn’t get his still hard cock from Fred’s hole. Fred only moaned as he felt his ever lasting orgasm going down form his magnificent cock to Mike’s devouring mouth, and mostly because Mike kept teasing his shaft, tonguing the pisshole and literally sucking his precious musclecum from there. But it was at the same time delicious! Mike knew exactly how to “milk” his desired juice and how to maximize his harvesting. After what seemed an eternity, Fred finally seemed to be coming out of his feedback spurt, and he fell down into Steve’s embrace, who had quite a job to hold his newly grown lover. He cold feel just in his grip that Fred had surpassed him, and quite much. He lowered Fred at the floor and asked him:

“Are you fine?—His face with a worried expression.

“Sure, I just collapsed here, because of the POWER of my orgasm! Gee, I never considered it could be so intense Steve! I wonder how you’ve managed to handle it?

“You get used to! Steve smiled as they kissed gently and they stayed there feeling the power still pulsating and electrifying their skin. Fred was in his private heaven, nothing could ever disturb them now—except!

“Hey there! Wassup runts! Teased Mike even still way smaller than the both gargantuan friends!

“Mike! What the hell did you just made? Steve asked in a mix of angry and sadness

“Calm down big guy! Go pick some one your own size—I mean, go get another—He said pointing Fred’s exhausted expression—Or better, just wait until I’m done! Mike said as he stood up, and let Fred’s cock which finally dry. It was just then Steve realized Mike was actually BOOMING in front of him! In fact, Mike himself didn’t realize the intensity of his transformation. It was like he was being pulled from every possible direction, his body parts were trembling and his image seemed unfocused, but his face, his face carried this mean look, such a cocky attitude, It was like Mike planned everything, and if he did planned, it could only mean one thing—he was pissed to be treated like a runt even if was just by one day or so—he was never the small guy around—and by the way it looked, Mike would still GROW a lot!

“DAMN! IT FEELS SO HOT!—Mike shouted to Steve amazing his yet bigger friend.

“Mike, how much serum did you take? Steve was worried since Fred had overgrown him in just ONE session!

“Well, let’s see! I drank almost four times the amount Fred did, and he SURE grew a lot!

“Four times! Mike you’d better talk to Sean—Steve held Fred sleeping body against his chest, but he needed to get Mark there! “ I did speak to Sean, and guess what? The serum geek gave MORE! Steve froze!—Now Mike seemed to stop trembling, but he sure didn’t end his growth!

“I’ve fooled him! He said he gave serum enough to make me HUGE! But I wanted MORE! MORE!—Said Mike opening his growing arms apart, and then his GROWTH really kicked in! He seemed to be widening by the second. His chest unfolded ballooning and covering his face for while, then like he was growing eve faster, his head appeared again in the middle of those glorious pecs! “IT FEELS WONDERFUL STEVE! NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU DRANK FROM KYLE! IT IS PURE POWER! PURE MUSCLE! AND I WANT IT ALL! Steve blinked, each word Mike pronounced he was BIGGER that in the previous! He inflated with such a fiercing pace, his bones made loud sounds as they were adjusting to each new stage of the growth. “Mike! Mike please, look at you! We gotta call Sean and Mike here! Steve tried to get up, but then he was caught by Mike’s powerful hand, who although wasn’t bigger than Steve yet, managed to stop his powerful movements.

“YOU STAY HERE!—Mike ordered and saying this his biceps bursted into a rhythm of growth that surpassed his own body, Mike was already 8 feet tall, and there were no signs of the end of the first spurt, and he didn’t even had the orgasm and the feedback spurts! Steve tried to break free, but somehow, he felt that even his powerful muscles could realize such task! Mike’s muscles were so condensed, they actually had twice the potency their size allowed, which means that even Steve’s supreme body could handle him.

“Look, Mike we have to call them, you could be in danger!

“ WE’LL CALL THEM IN THE RIGHT TIME! NOW JUST SIT THERE AND WATCH ME GROW! That was easy! Mike’s growth was intense, much more than Steve had witnessed. His legs exploded inside of his pants and his jock went flying as he COCK sprang from inside . It was HUGE! Already HUGE just for the first stage. Mike’s look changed, his beard turned into a five o’clock shadow, and his hair body seemed to roll down, showing a side effect no one of the previous transformed men had showed. And so did his hair, his jet black hair grew into ebony locks which were just perfect with his dark blue eyes.

“ IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD TO BE GROWING! Mike said as he realized his achievements!—COME HERE STEVE LET ME COMPARE TO YOU, AND SEE MY MUSCLES HUMILIATING YOU! Steve, who fell into a muscle growth trance, obliged. He was still taller than Mike, but that’s all. Mike was DEFINITELY WIDER. Mike’s proportions were unbelievable even for Steve’s standards. He was almost three feet taller than Steve, but he was WIDER and THICKER in every part. It was like Mike was GIANT compressed into a much smaller frame, his proportions were beyond anything the morphed guys had seen. His arms seemed so thick, even bigger than his chest, and yet, his chest was heavenly big, his legs were so veined and striated. They seemed to be growing into a different structure. Much thicker than human legs, making his thin waist almost disappear. His 16 pack abdomen was nothing compared to KYLE’s. All the pieces were solid as real bricks, and they did seemed like a breathing wall, as Mike inflated his marvelous chest. His neck was so thick ! Mike’s face was now framed into a mountain of MUSCLE, which only accentuated the mean look in face.

“FUCK! I AM STILL SHORTER THAN YOU, AND MY MUSCLES ARE WAY TO MUCH THICK FOR YOUR POOR BODY! I AM GOING TO OUTGROW EVERY BODY EASY! Saying this Mike reached the level of Steve’s pecs. He bite his hard nipples and continues:

“WHAT DO YOU FEEL STEVE! SEEING ME OUTGROWING YOU?—Teased Mike noticing the arousing of Steve’s prick!

“Mike, you’re TOO MUCH BIG! It can harm you!


“Mike! You are terrific, you are the THICKEST thing I’ve seen since we’ve met the guys, but you gotta take care, you’ll ended too BIG! “THAT’S JUST THE PLAN ! And when he finished that sentence he was almost at Steve’s eye level. He laughed out loud as he saw his reflection into Steve’s concerning eyes:

“LOOK AT ME RUNT! LOOK AT THIS MUSCLE! I AM ALMOST BIGGER THAN YOU AND THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING! Mike grabbed Steve’s mouth and kissed him roughly, and as they kissed Mike’s growth increased even more, making him surpass Steve’s height by one or two inches, with that he broke the kiss and embraced Steve forcing his face into his cleavage… “YOU SEE RUNT! YOU SEE HOW FAST I GREW! I AM TALLER THAN YOU AND MUCH, MUCH MUSCULAR ! Mike broke the embrace and showed Steve his new height. Steve gasped, his cock steel hard and hot! Steve felt like hypnotized and he touched Mike’s muscles trying to dent them, but that was impossible, he felt like a living wall.

“ OH YEAH, WORSHIP ME! I MAKE YOU HORNY DON’T I? I AM YOUR MUSCLEGOD! “Yes, master, you’re my MUSCLEGOD! Answered a totally overpowered Steve, even physically as mentally

“GOOD, NOW YOU ARE GOING TO SUCK FROM ME—Ordered Mike grabbing his ever growing member and inserting it into Steve’s mouth forcing him to get on his knees

“I MAY BE NOT BE CLEVER AS THE SCIENCE GEEKS, BUT I KNOW THAT ONCE MY CUM GETS THROUGH YOU IT WILL BE EVEN MORE POTENT, THAT’S WHY I WANTED YOU TO BE HARD, YOU’LL BE MY FOURTH SOURCE! Mike growth was now beginning to cool down his pace, but yet he was about one foot and a half TALLER than Steve, and WAY MUCH BIGGER than him, In fact Steve was almost totally hidden behind his sucked musclegod. Steve no longer mattered about Mike’s size, he just needed to drink form him, and maybe, if he grew stringer, he could manage to overtake him. Then Steve proceeded in his task. Each time he sucked in Mike’s cock it got thicker and bigger, just as his owner:

“THAT’S GOOD RUNT! MAKE YOUR MUSCLEGOD CUM! GET MY MUSCLE JUICE AND MAKE ME EVEN BIGGER.! Mike started to face fuck him, with all his power. Steve really had a hard time! His head bumped against the wall, but Mike didn’t care, all he needed was cumming. He felt his growth finally subsiding and he knew he had to drink from another source… Mike finally was about to cum, he knew it was the end of his first stage of growth, but he couldn’t wait until the feedback kicked in, as he was almost about to cum, he take a look at Fred, who was agian awake, and literally drooling at the sight of him. . He knew when Steve drink form him, he was going to GROW, and he couldn’t take the risk of being overgrown by Steve, and yet he needed to drink form him, and if he was still BIGGER it would easy things a lot! Fred approached Mike still kind woozy from his spurt, but he was AROUSED, sure he was! He was hard again and his cock dripping precum like he was never sucked till he was dry! Mike just extended his hand to Fred who was at Steve’s back and he lifted Fred grabbing him and mouthing his precious ccok once more, milking him as much as he could

““Anything to get me growing while Steve’s growing from my cum” . Fred realized what was happening when it was too late, Mike overpowering muscles imprisoned him as his experienced mouth got him to cum in almost no time. Fred was still much more excited at Mike’s proportions than he was frightened by his mean attitude. Mike sucked Fred hard, trying to get him to cum as quick as possible because he knew himself was about to explode into Steve’s mouth! Steve was so lost in his mix of sucking, and being humiliated, worship and stuff, he didn’t notice Fred’s legs struggling to break free form Mike’s grip. Steve only focused in getting Mike to cum. It was al he needed. If that cum was such powerful, he would GROW too, and then he would have a chance in his attempt to overtake Mike’s size. Mike fingered Fred’s hole and he almost immediately lost it! Once more Fred came into Mike’s mouth and once more, it was drenched of his growth inductors, and despite the copious amount he had goozed last time, he came even more, in which still Mike was surprised. It seemed each time the grown guys cum, they increase the amount of the load. Even better for Mike, who could expect for a whole new growth spurt just before he gets his new source fluids. Such POWER really intoxicated Mike, who finally came into Steve’s mouth, feeling that he might had overdosed himself, he forgot about the feedback growth which started right after he came, and then Fred’s growthcum was almost kicking in, but instead of being afraid, Mike only got more aroused and more he desired to GROW! He tossed Fred’s limp body, who was also experimenting some growth aside and he focused into his growth while Steve worked on his shaft:

“ COME ON RUNT! DRINK IT ALL! DRINK FASTER! YOU STILL GOTTA MAKE MY MUSCLE JUICE ! i NEED MY OTHER SOURCE, BECAUSE FRED THERE IS TOTALLY OVERTAKEN! Just then Steve realized. Fred was thrown at one corner with his cock still dripping cum, and when he looked up he SAW MUSCLE in its RAW POWER. Mike was growing again. And even faster than the previous time. His hair was now long and reaching under his neck, his beard was so sexy in that five o’clock shadow, the perfect frame for his red full lips. But his whole body remained smooth. Only his groin was as hairy as a bear. Mike’s blue eyes were meaning.

“WASSUP RUNT? YOU THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU DRINK FROM ME, THEN YOU OUTGROW ME AND THAT’S IT? DO I LOOK FOOL? Mike crossed his arms over his chest, what made Steve shivers.

“YES RUNT! I AM STILL GROWING THANKS TO FRED! Steve felt terrified. Now he would never accomplish his intend. He let go of Mike’s cock and tried to escape. But the start of the feedback stopped him. He felt his body flex and he started to grow again.

“OK RUNT! LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE GROWING TOO! FINE! Steve barely had time to enjoy his own spurt as soon as it began, Mike grabbed him by the wait and lifted him.. The pleasure was overtaken by the fear. What would Mike do after he finished with him. If Steve’s cum was capable of increasing the muscular growth inductors, what would he do with MIKE! Though he felt his muscles quite stronger, he never had the chance to break free form Mike’s grip. And as hard as he tried, the harder Mike sucked on him, like he was never sucked before, he had to admit the guy had talent. He barely felt it coming and the BOOM! His juice was all the way down to Mike’s throat. And when he finally finished sucking, his balls ache from his milking task. “GOOD RUNT! NOW YOU STAY HERE AS I GROW! Mike said feeling himself expanding into new impossible dimensions and proportions, Steve was almost chest level with him, which meant he was now more than 15 feet HIGH and yet he was still GROWING! He seemed to be WIDER than he was tall, what could explain the SIZE of his muscles. Mike was now so POWERFUL, even Kyle couldn’t take.

“YOU SEE RUNT? YOU ONLY GOT ME BIGGER! AND I WILL THANK YOU FOR THAT IN THE RIGHT TIME!—Each time Mike breathed he was BIGGER, he was MORE MUSCULAR, and he was MORE SEXY. His locks were shining and he brushed his hands through his lustful locks and said:

“ HEY ? I GOT HAIR GROWTH TOO? SEEMS LIKE THE NEW AND IMPROVED MIKE GETS THE BETTER FROM ALL HIS SOURCES! He looked back at Steve, who was still admiring his SIZE, and he laughed:


“GOOD! YOU USED TO CALL YOURSELF SUPER STEVE RIGHT? Steve obliged, without any answer. He nodded with his head


“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?—MEGA MARK itself asked, noticing Mike towering over both Steve and a new augmented Fred.

“HEY LOOK RUNT! DOCTOR GEEK IS TRYING TO MAKE A IMPRESSION ON ME! WASSUP RUNT! Mark approached realizing something that REALLY panicked him. Mike was GROWING in a pace which didn’t seem to end, and he was almost at the size of KYLE for heaven’s sake, it couldn’t be a good thing “LISTEN RUNT, WE CAN DO THIS MY WAY OR WE CAN GET IT THE HARD WAY, BOTH OF THEM I WIN, SO WHAT’S YOUR CHOICE?, WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR MUSCLE JUICE AND MAKE ME GROW MORE OR I SHOULD TAKE IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! Mark tried to calm the growing tower of muscle before him, walking towards him very slow and trying not to get the freak of the freaks more excited than he already was..

“Mike, please, let’s calm down and talk…We can find a way to help you out… But there would be no talking with KING Mike, he smiled mischievously and quickly he grabbed MEGA MARK around his waist and brought him near his glorious ever growing body?

“NO TALKING RUNT! FIRST YOU GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE! Mike kissed Mark so fiercely, he nearly collapsed into his more powerful arms, but then KING MIKE let he fell down on the floor and kept smiling and looking to his soon to be pray.

“Mike, Please look at yourself! You’re already HUGE, we don’t understand the effects of the serum completely, it could harm you! Then KING MIKE leaned and gently lifted Mark back to his feet, his eyes seemed to become normal again?

“MARK, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I NEED TO GROW MORE, MY WHOLE BODY IS ACHING TO GROW RIGHT NOW, I FEEL LIKE I COULD EXPLODE INTO A GIANT ORGASM, THIS IS THE BEST FEELING I’VE EVER FELT, AND I WANT IT TO LAST AS LONG AS I CAN MAKE IT LAST! Mark remembered the time where he grew for the first time being impaled by Sean’s ultra cock and feeling himself expanding into his colossal proportions and also how those magnificent feelings were somehow amplified when he drank form Steve. Those sensations were like an solid orgasm: he could feel the pleasure so vividly, so intensely, it was like pleasure had covered him.

“Mike, I know exactly how you feel, but please, think you are already TALLER than ME! And much stronger and BIGGER! What you still want? Mike’s eyes recovered the mean glow, he laughed loud as he grabbed Mark’s arms and lifted him pressing him against his imperial muscles: “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL! YOU CAN ONLY FEEL HOW BIG AND POWERFUL I AM! I WANNA GROW MORE, I WANNA DOUBLE MY SIZE IF I CAN, I WANNA MAKE ALL OF YOU MY MUSCLE WORSHIPPERS, SPECIALLY THAT RUNT YOU CALL ULTRA KYLE! HE’LL HAVE TO CALL ME HIS KING! KING MIKE! Mark lost his mind for while such intense was the sensations of those expanding muscles! He could feel them struggling for more space to grow, fighting to get more power, to swell even more, to become the maximum of the MUSCLE FREAK personification, to over rule anyone who challenged him… Fred ad Steve couldn’t do anything, first because of the exhaustion effect of their “milking” and second because deep inside they recognized that Mike always had been BIGGER than anyone they met, and he worked hard for those muscles, it wouldn’t be so unfair that he overgrow everyone if he could! Afterall he was used to be the BIGGEST guy in everything… Mike closed his eyes and moaned as he felt that Mark’s pole was already hard and poking his thickest muscles:

“NOW THAT’S A GOOD RUNT! YES, GET HARD FOR ME! LET ME FEEL YOUR COCK DESIRING ME, MAKE IT SWELL LITTLE MAN, AND DESIRE THOSE SUPERIOR MUSCLES! WORSHIP YOU MUSCLE MASTER, YOUR KING! Mark could argue no more! He just could listen to Mike’s deep voice echoing in his brain and making him hard as he never had been not even with Sean, he saw his cock swelling and rising into his supreme length, he could feel his muscles flexing and preparing to the feedback growth, but most of all he could SEE KING MIKE in front of him demanding to be worshipped, and nothing else mattered to him, just those MUSCLES, just that infinite POWER, just that FREAK! Mark obliged and his tongue started licking the impressive size of Mike’s proportions which never seemed to stop growing. Mike himself could only moan so intense was his growth and his spurts. In fact, he felt stranger that when he was sucked by Steve, he felt like his whole body as his ever growing COCK! He felt the POWER, the GROWTH but also, such an urge to burst! Such a feeling of getting rid of such intense sensations…


“Yes, my KING! I wanna see hoe HUGE you’ll get, I gotta feel you bigger! Please muscle master let me give you…

“GIVE ME WHAT LITTLE MAN! DON’T YOU THINK I AM ALREADY TOO BIG FOR YOU? Teased Mike as he felt his growth beginning to subside, but soon he could grow all over again. What he couldn’t understand was that this time he didn’t cum at the end of the process. Last time he squirted gallons of growth cum into Steve’s mouth, but now, although …


Part 5

Oh, yes, PLEASE MASTER, suck me dry ! I can’t hold this! Not anymore, please drink and grow, but PLEASE let me see you growing! KING MIKE paid no attention to his muscle slave claims. All he could focus was that incredible feeling of POWER which once more filled his giant body, and made him hornier than NEVER. He could feel the already unbearable heat inside his body increasing even more, and his impossibly THICK muscles becoming something even him wasn’t prepared for.

As MIKE grew again, both Fred and Steve had to take a few steps away, in order to see his pleased face, he was so tall, even ULTRA KYLE would match him in height’s issue, or even in MUSCLE department, because MIKE no more had normal limbs, his arms begin to thicken very quickly, his forearms too, and each time they seemed to pulsate and grow into harder and harder structures, his biceps, which were HUGE ballooned like the first time they grew, only now they were BIGGER than anything they could see in MIKE’s body. Alone each gun seemed smaller than his CHEST, but when they could notice it clearly, Mike’s biceps were totally split into each gun, which meant that MIKE had in fact not two but FOUR biceps in his two arms. Arms? Those weren’t arms anymore, they were now LONGER going way down form waist line, and MUCH, MUCH thicker too, they were now POWERLIMBS anatomic structures with such muscle density that they seemed to belong to a GIANT organism. And the same happened to MIKE’s legs too, they were so WIDE and POWERFUL, they deserved to be called MUSCLEPILLARS, because they were able to hold entire buildings. Although, Mike’s limbs were SUPREME, they couldn’t say any less for the CHEST, it was so wide, each pec was about three or four feet wide and, boy how THICK they were, they spurted out of MIKE’s body revealing such a feeling of totally FREAKISH marble statue, ultra muscled pectoral shelves hanging over an impressive 18 PACK abdominal muscles, each of them bigger than any “normal” bodybuilder biceps and much thicker too, and they seemed to grow in power and density as Mike heavy breath overwhelm the whole room, filling the overgrown guys with a feeling of humiliation and pleasure. Finally, Mike finished with his fed on Mark and he gently, what surprised Steve and Fred, lowered Mark’s limp ultra muscled body and he laid him down on the floor. And then he turned over and let this primal ROAR come out of his mouth:

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Mike yelled fiercely putting his hands over his groin. Fred and Steve quickly came over to see if Mike finally had killed himself with such muscular growth at once. “Mike, what do you feel, is anything wrong? Steve checked his pulse, noticing it was WAY to fast.

“I CAN’T CUM! WHY I CAN’T CUM! I AM SO FULL OF CUM! MY COCK IS HURTING LIKE IT WAS GOING TO EXPLODE!—Mike shouted into the DEEPEST tone they heard ever since all that fuck and grow thing begun


“I think that’s what he’s trying to do! Fred pointed to Mike’s POWERLIMB, shaking and stroking the ULTRA MEGA COCK up and down, almost shining such was the rush of the jerking. Mike looked to his friends with a question in his face:


“Maybe, you don’t have enough stimulation…—Steve started—I mean look at the SIZE of your cock!—It is almost as THICK as your arm! Maybe you can’t make it to spew its load! KING MIKE looked at Steve, then at Fred and then he looked at himself and his eyes grew wide:

“FUCK! I AM STILL GROWING! LOOK AT ME!—No need to say that Steve and Fred noticed at the same time, they could hear the loud noises of Mike’s bones getting thicker and his muscles struggling for more space and glory—I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, BUT I AM READY FOR SOME ASS FUCKING!—KING MIKE said standing proud and ENORMOUS before the outgrown muscle freaks, towering them for at least TWO hole feet and HUNDREDS maybe THOUSAND of pounds heavier. His cock -that is if you still can call that pole a cock—trembled and his features grew each time harder and his black hair was thicker and long almost at the middle of his back, sweaty and shiny—glorifying that monumental tribute to MUSCLEFREAK, like an over amplified morphed version of the great Arnold’s CONAN the barbarian, but THIS barbarian could handle an entire arms of the other CONANs Both of the “small” guys went back as KING MIKE approached them, each time bigger and BIGGER, and specially his cock! Which seemed as thick as a leg of the serum takers—which meant those guys were undoubtedly overgrown by KING MIKE:

“ COME ON GUYS! I JUST NEED SOME MAN PUSSY TO RELEASE MY LOAD! YOU KNOW THAT’S THE FINAL STEP TO MY GLORY OVER YOU RUNTS! But the sheer size and the each time growing proportions of KING MIKE indicated any one who dared to give him the pleasure he was begging for would end up seriously injured:

“Mike, you can’t ask us to let you fuck us! NO WAY we’ll be able to handle your cock! You’re MUCH bigger than KYLE for Heaven’s sake! Mike grinned—OH COME ON, GUYS! YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WANT THOSE SKINNY ASSES! I’LL BE GENTLE I PROMISE! But even KING MIKE noticed those two wouldn’t be able to handle his “business”, he needed someone more strong, like KYLE! But he wasn’t there—even better, Mike would warm up with another freak—Mark—afterall, he had overpowered that already, and he was knocked down after he was sucked, it was time to pay for such a gift Mike walked towards Mike’s unconscious body. Steve tried to stop Mike, but just one powerful movement and the jock was thrown at the wall : “LOOK STEVE, I DON’T WANNA HURT MORE! I JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN!—He approached Mark, who was already awaking, and put a giant finger near his chin :

“MARK, YOU WANNA PLEASE YOUR MUSCLE MASTER DONTCHA?—He smiled as Mark’s quickly noticed his second intentions.

“But, you’re too big! Mark said in Mike’s ears blowing some hot air into it and causing the giant MUSCLEFREAK to moan and get even more excited—COME HERE WUSSY! Mike grabbed Mark and they started to work on his whole—Mike Couldn’t wait for more, he was almost impaling Mark into his pole, but then Mark remained caressing him and kissing, saying the hottest shit in his ears. Steve and Fred couldn’t understand that situation, Mark seemed to play along with all Mike’s demands, and that was not making any sense, they knew he was in love with Sean, at least that’s what seemed to be happening . Suddenly, while he was caressing MIKE’s back they saw Mark mouthing to them: “GO GET SEAN!”. Then they realized what was Mark’s plan, he was distracting MIKE, because he knew his real goal was KYLE, and Sean was the only who could help them, and time wasn’t at their side. Mike, growing wider and stronger by the seconds…

“ YEAH RUNT! OH WHAT A TIGHT ASS YOU HAVE! MAYBE I NEED TO MAKE ROOM FOR MY COCK ! BUT I WANNA DO THIS WAY IT IS MORE FUN!—Then, Mark was lifted and his butt hole being worked by his They left quietly, but they were able to hear Mark’s gasps as the IMPOSSIBLE cock of KING MIKE making his way up Mark’s ass hole.—“Hang on Mark! We’ll get help!”- Steve thought when he rushed through the corridor looking for Sean.

“… you’ll get the stuff after I check the deposit…. Sure I guarantee it is worth ten times the price you are paying, you saw the proof! You know you won’t regret it ! We’ll talk again after my payment! Bye now!—Sean put the phone down “ “I still can’t believe I’ve managed to deal with those guys! They are like sharks!” The incredible hulking doctor walked to his notebook and checked his recently opened account of a foreign bank in the Seychelles Islands! “ Internet really makes things easier—he said to himself as he typed his password “ Nothing! Those motherfuckers still don’t believe the power of my serum, but they will! As soon as their team confirm what I already know: this stuff is good! Not as GOOD as my personal vintage, but they’ll get astonished with the possibilities, and we’ll be filthy rich!—Sean grinned while he turned the computer off. The he looked back and saw two HUGE bodies coming towards him from the opposite corridor:

“Sean! Sean hurry! We’re in BIG trouble!—Steve grabbed him strongly and easily dragged him along his rush “ Steve, STEVE! What’s going on!—Sean stopped and looked seriously in his bigger friend’s eyes “ It’s MIKE! Steve said with his eyes really opened—He’s REALLY BIG! FUCKING ENORMOUS! Sean smiled and tapped Steve’s shoulder:

“Don’t worry Steve! I just gave poor Mike a little bit of my serum! He may be pretty big, but I am sure it is not THAT much!—Sean said turning his back and returning to his computer

“You never gave me the serum and look at ME!—Fred Said coming in front of Sean’s wide opened eyes:

“FRED?! Sean touched the newly grown man feeling the equal hardness in his recent formed powerhouse muscles, the peculiar warmth which came from every serum or cum drinker muscle freak—What the fuck happened with you—Sean asked even though he knew the answer—You never had the serum ! And you’re almost the size of Steve- The doctor realized Fred’s stats almost reached his own features :

“Mike and I drank it diluted in water—Fred explained—After I read that black notebook of yours, we decided to take the chance, afterall we were the only ones who never got the opportunity to GROW, but then it seemed to be working, because it passed much time without results! “The digestive system must have delayed the beginning of the growth process…—Sean whispered while Fred continued—It was more than that! We didn’t pass through that shake phase, we grew slowly but steady while you were busy measuring worship session, we only realized after you left the room, I had grown two whole inches and more than twenty pounds heavier, and Mike, well he responded to the serum much better than I did, mainly because he had drank three times more than I did!

“H- how much he gained—Sean asked afraid to hear the answer “He went from 6’4” and 230 pounds to 6’10” and 278 pounds! Fred looked to Steve and then to Sean who had his hands on his head:

“Fuck! And he came and seduced me to give him more serum!—Sean walked from side to side

“And how much you gave him? Steve asked in a mix of curiosity and excitement

“If he didn’t take serum before, he would be still HUGE! Steve confessed to his friends

“Yeah, and then he drank from ME TWICE, from STEVE and from MARK too!—Fred bursted revealing the whole truth to an astonished SEAN who had to take a seat:

“He did WHAT!? Sean almost fell down form the chair—WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THAT SUN OF A BITCH! HE MAY HAVE KILLED HIMSELF! “Well, he sure wasn’t dying the last time we checked on him… Steve tried to cheer up the mood of Sean

“How much did he grow so far? Sean asked recovering his scientific look

“Basically A LOT! He’s even bigger than ULTRA KYLE!—Fred completed—He made MARK his dumbbell while he sucked on him

“It is no secret he’ll try to get KYLE’s juice too, and only God knows how BIGGER he’ll get—Sean completed—We can’t let this happen ! “Are you intending to try to STOP him? Fred asked in a nervous tone—He toyed with all of us including Steve and Mark who are BIGGER than you…

“True, but then I never drank from anyone’s cum …

“Even so, you don’t see hoe BIG KING MIKE is! Steve added

“He made us call him that way, and believe me he DESERVES that title—Fred smiled nervously Sean looked to Fred and then he said

“There’s only one who can beat Mike and that is KYLE!—Sean grabbed the tube with the rest of the serum and went in the search of KING MIKE… Meanwhile, ULTRA KYLE had just finished to unload the truck Sean had asked him. It was sure an easy job for all his muscle glory—” At least it took my mind off Sex”—the behemoth walked towards a few other boxes when he heard the unmistakable sounds of moaning and gasping. “Hey! The fucking party started without me? NO WAY!—the ultra gargantuan muscle freak squeezed into the corridors seeking for the source of those familiar noises of their hyper boosted Sex drive. Due to the unexpected chance to fuck and consequently growing, KYLE’s mega pole got hard almost immediately and it was already oozing precum by the squirts. Kyle noticed the sounds coming stronger from a room on his left and he prepared to make his entrance:

“SO YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD START FUCKING EACH OTHER WITHOUT THE BIGGEST GUY AROUND HUH ?!—Those words were said before KYLE enter the room, and if he knew he would never choose them. Mark, not just MARK but MEGA MARK was totally overpowered, you could see in his expression the feeling of incapacity in front of such POWER. Kyle could only notice in MEGA MARK in a position he would never think of: he was being literally IMPALED, he was many inches up in the air, lifted just by the force of a MIGHTY COCK, the MIGHTIEST COCK of them all, and it was MIKE’s cock! ULTRA KYLE froze. He had been surpassed, and not just that he was blown away by such SIZE. He could see the width of MIKE’s uncanny proportions surpassing the cover of MEGA MARK’s impaled body. The veins so pumped and pumping even more each time that impossible cock played with his attachment, like the wildest cock rides of them all, the sheer size of those PILLARS supporting that combined weight, the incredibly narrow waist trapped among those powerful powerhouse MUSCLES, the extremely developed 20 pack abdominal muscles popping out of that awesome stomach, the colossal set of pecs hanging a good feet above the rest of the body along with those mind blowing nipples and the GARGANTUAN inhuman, freakish, unbelievably SIZE of those biceps, which seemed to be four and not just two enormous super basket balls inflated to the max, bigger than anything on that tremendous freakiest of the FREAKS! And that was just the first things Kyle could think when he saw that scene. His own cock pulsated with such a unexpected ferocity, one jet of shiny viscous precum was fired and hit that MASTERPIECE of MUSCLEFREAK right in the face:

“WELL, LOOK WHO’S THERE! IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO IT’S ULTRA KYLE! THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER OF THEM ALL! Mark licked the precum and laughed out loud shaking his no need of more comments muscles and making everything tremble with his deep thunder voice… Kyle tried to speak, but there no words to describe his feeling. Suddenly he was back at where he started and in much uncomfortable position.

“YOU NEVER THOUGHT I COULD MAKE IT HUH?—KING MIKE grabbed MEGA MARK’s limp body and popped his COCK out of him, making a loud sound and liberating a river of precum of his but hole—YOU THOUGHT I WOULD BE SMALLER THAN YOU EVEN IF I TOOK THE FORMULA DONTCHA?—Mark kissed Mark in his lips and gently let him on the floor and started walking towards him.

“MIKE, how come you got …

“SO FUCKING HUGE?—he stopped and flexed his MUSCLES in a display of strength and POWER even ULTRA KYLE felt intimidated—LET’S SAY I PLAYED A LITTLE TRICK IN YOU AND YOUR SCIENCE GEEK FELLOW! I’VE ALWAYS SAID THAT IF YOU CHEAT, AT LEAST CHEAT BIG! Another terrifying laughter and then KING MIKE was in front of ULTRA KYLE and then he realized his target was almost reached: he was already TALLER, BIGGER and MORE MUSCULAR than ULTRA KYLE and that was just in visual basis! -DON’T YOU LIKE ME LITTLE ULTRA KYLE?—Teased Mark, poking Kyle’s chest—YOU KNEW I WOULD NEVER BE TREATED LIKE YOUR FUCKING TOY FOR EVER, YOU KNOW I DESERVE TO BE THE BIGGEST FREAK OF THE WORLD! And then he embraced ULTRA KYLE’s narrow waist and LIFTED his mighty glorious body, sustaining ALL their MASS :

“NOW YOU’LL WITNESS MY POWER YOU ULTRA RUNT! YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE MY STATS AND THEN YOU’LL MAKE GROW EVEN MORE!—Kyle couldn’t say anything, just like the other overpowered guys he felt humiliated, but yet so turned on with such POWER, and that POWER could never be unpleasant, it was so hot to see such MUSCLE, even KYLE never thought he could see BIGGER guns than his, and yet they were they were there, impressive, glorious, gargantuan, lifting him up in the air and squeezing his own massive proportions and making him beg for more, such POWER was there to be worshipped, to be loved and to be pleased, and if that POWER wanted his own MUSCLES to testify his victory, it should be provided. KING MIKE carried his newest muscle freak slave to the other room where they had previously measured the “smaller” muscle freaks.

“What are you going to do with me? Asked ULTRA KYLE in a mix of excitement and fear

“FIRST, YOU’LL TELL ME HOW BIG I AM—AND THEN YOU’LL MAKE EVEN MORE GIGANTIC! KING MIKE kissed his newest puppet and lowed him to the floor, pointing to the various measuring stripes over the room: “COME AND MEASURE YOUR MUSCLE MASTER, ULTRA RUNT! Kyle grabbed two tapes and looked to his mighty biceps booming at the slightest movement of his arms and compared to the mountain attached to Mike’s impossible new arm, realizing how much BIGGER it was, and with that came an undeniable sense of loss. “SHIT! This guy REALLY overgrown me! I look pathetic near him!”

“COME ON MY NEW RUNT! IT’S TIME TO SEE HOW MUCH BIGGER YOU MASTER ARE! Mike was really into this role thing, he grabbed KYLE by the waist, of course he wasn’t THAT much bigger, but his hands were just enough to cover ULTRA KYLE’s thin waist. Mark kissed his new puppy and they went to the scales. They exchanged deep sexy looks, KING MIKE was about to know how BIG his majesty was and ULTRA KYLE how sorry he felt. Mike went up on the scales and it nearly cracked down, all the switches and the fragile mechanic gadgets screamed in a virtual agony with the WEIGHT they were dealing with . Of course, KING MIKE would never be able to read the weight, since he was measured at 18 feet and seven inches HIGH more than one foot TALLER than his pity looking muscle freak so he just looked to his muscle slave and let him do the reading- afterall, it would be more interesting to hear his victory announced by the loser itself: “Fucking FREAK!—Kyle exclaimed realizing the read of the machine “ 5346 POUNDS! And with the read of the height the thing was done Ultra KYLE felt immediately shrunk back to his original size, and worse like a bug near a mountain of muscle. He couldn’t accept the fact that after all he had been through Mike had managed to get back to the BIGGER guy role! He was almost 1500 pounds heavier than he was! “WHAT’S THE DEAL ULTRA RUNT! YOU STILL ARE NOT USED TO SEE THE NEW AND IMPROVED MIKE? The newly made MUSCLE FREAK said hitting a MEGA MOST MUSCULAR pose to make his point absolutely clear!—COME ON! TELL ME MY OTHER STATS, ‘CAUSE WE STILL HAVE PLENTY TO DO! His smile was mean, but who could condemn him, HE was pure MUSCLE and POWER. “C-chest at 423” around (You fucking bastard!) “GOOD… A MIGHTY CHEST TO HELP ME GET OVER YOUR PATHETIC LIMP BODY! “HEY I AM FUCKING HUGE TOO!—Complied Kyle in vain, because Mike just looked up and made him realize how much BIGGER he was… “LEGS!—Shouted him without even looking back at KYLE

“(Holly cow! Those are PILLARS!) 316 inches each!—Kyle was sweating cold, his hands were wet and he was so cold, like he was fearing for his own live again (back to the training at the wrestling team) When Kyle tried to measure his oversized guns Mike grabbed his hands and said: “ “NOT NOW RUNT, CHECK MY OTHER LOWER BODY STATS!”—Kyle did as he was told, he turned around mike reaching his impressive MEGA BUTT—Waist at 193 inches(how come he can walk with such WEIGHT over that tiny waist?) When he look back to the front, Kyle literally was hit in the eye by something HUGE and wet, hot and veiny throbbing like the king of all the anacondas, demanding to be pleased the COCK of KING MIKE! “I HAVE ONE MORE THING FOR YOU TO MEASURE BEFORE WE GET TO THE GUNS ! Mike said in a low deep tone, and he roughly pushed his member near KYLE, who couldn’t avoid getting HARD too, and even in that department, ULTRA KYLE was once more overpowered.

“I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT RIDICULOUS DICK OF YOURS NOW! JUST MEASURE ME! Mike didn’t lose any opportunity to humiliate Kyle’s freakish proportions and that was his plan, to make ULTRA KYLE beg for his attention… Kyle read the LENGTH and the WIDTH of such gargantuan dick : 7 feet and three inches long with 4 feet one inch and a half wide! “GOOD! NOW TO MY FAVORITE PART!—KING leaned over and whispered into the ear of his slave/slut MUSCLEFREAK—” You remember the size of those skinny guns of yours?”—Kyle nodded—“They are freakish 259 inches, you bastard!”

“FREAKISH? I FIND THEM RIDICULOUS! COME SEE WHAT ARE A REAL MAN’S LIMBS, YOU RUNT!—Mike hit a double biceps pose which would instantly kill all the bodybuilders in the world such blowing it was, and then he asked “ YOU WANNA KNOW HOW BIG THOSE FUCKING GUNS ARE? DO YOU PRETTY BOY? Kyle understood what was the game going on, he was getting his payback for all the times he treated Mike like a bug, but it was a little to harsh on him. He NEEDED to touch those guns, he urges to lick them, but also he feels so humiliated by them, they are the symbol of his loss, and begging to measure them is the confession of hi loss for KING MIKE and he knows that!

“COME ON ULTRA RUNT! YOU WANNA GRAB THOSE HULKING MASSES OF MEAT DON’T YOU? YOU WANNA KNOW HOW BIG THEY ARE! I KNOW YOU DO! BUT YOU GOTTA ASK, NICELY, LIKE A GOOD SLAVE!—Mike grinned. He was in heaven! He was blessed, he was finally getting to where he deserved … Kyle could resist no more. For more humiliating it would be, there’s nothing like the pleasure of the MUSCLE, to worship MUSCLE, to feel the MUSCLE, to lick and to hold MUSCLE near you, to feel the hardness, the smell of glory the very meaning of virility. The most distinguish signal of male strength. And he needed to FEEL it, to grab it: “ Please ! Let me feel you most powerful guns! I wanna know how big they are, how big YOU are, I am here to please you to worship you as you deserve, let me be your favorite slave, I would do anything to feel your HUGENESS over my limp body!—KYLE said it almost whispering, knowing that this was the appropriate tone to talk to his new MUSCLE MASTER..


“Yes, Master!—Kyle was finally overpowered. Just like the others he was drawn into the POWER of KING MIKE’s sheer size and muscle, and even him couldn’t resist to the overwhelming sense of worshipping. Kyle could only listen to the words of his muscle master: “YEAH! I AM FLEXING MY GUNS TO THE MAX FOR YOU ULTRA RUNT! FEEL THEM, LOOK AT THEM! THEY ARE MARVELOUS! I AM HUGE! MUCH MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER BE YOU RUNT! AND YOU’LL MAKE ME EVEN BIGGER AREN’T YOU ? “Yes, Master! I will do anything to make you happy! You’re so HUGE! Your arms..


“They are 385 inches around! And you are just MUSCLE master! You are MUSCLE! My MASTER is MUSCLE! And I want to please you !

“EXCELLENT! Now let’s get to the final stage ! KING MIKE hugged ULTRA KYLE and they kissed hard and deep, both oversized cocks were at full mast desiring to release their loads, but Mike had other plans he would finally achieve his goal and when he did it he would truly be MUSCLE! Sean and the others watched the whole worshipping and measurement scene, they managed to stay at other room and saw the whole thing through the intern circuit of TV. Even them couldn’t avoid to get aroused by such scene of MUSCLE and Sex!

“Man those two really get things going on!—Fred said caressing the shaft of Steve’s already hard cock!

“Listen—Sean looked at them seriously—I’ll distract Mike while you two are going to shot Kyle with this!—And he showed the syringe full of the purplish serum

“Why are we going to give KYLE more serum! We’ll just make another KING MIKE! Steve protested in a low tone as his cock was being caressed by Fred. Sean made a pause—Look., we don’t know all the side effects of the serum yet, and it wouldn’t be secure to have just ONE guy so BIG as MIKE, we’d better have KYLE at the same size of him, so we could handle the situation! And when I make more serum I’ll make the rest of us grow just like them! Steve and Fred looked at each other “ “It makes sense, but how do you know it will work with KYLE again?” Fred asked. Sean walked towards them—“ Believe me I did all the calculations as soon as you gave me the details, this amount is enough to our needs!”

“But how are you going to distract Mike? Steve asked naively “Honey, how do you think he will do it? Fred asked brushing his hand on Steve’s hair

“All right! Let’s move before he drinks form KYLE—Sean gave the syringe to Steve:

“And please, don’t shoot yourselves, because the amount is precisely suitable for KYLE and KYLE only, it won’t make you near as big as MIKE!

“OK! OK! We’ll do it!—Fred shook his hands with Sean sealing their pact!

“Now, I’ll distract them, and you apply the shoot ! Sean went to the room where KING MIKE and his ULTRA RUNT were. And he had a plan. Not quite the plan he discussed with Fred and Steve. They would never understand. Not even Mark. Just him and Kyle. Their mutual feeling of worshipping of their HUGENESS And Mike had ruined for them. And it was all Sean’s fault . He was fooled. And not just that he was used. All because of his sexual drive. He jeopardized it all. But he would fix it. Oh, you bet would. KING MIKE embraced Kyle’s own massive body and squeezed it hard just to make sure who was in charge there. KYLE could only moan as he felt the uncanny strength of his muscle master.


“Am I interrupting something?—Sean said ironically, coming from the opposite corridor The massive couple stopped for a moment. Kyle looked to Sean afraid of the consequences of his unexpected attitude

“I am positively sure that sex was still restricted!—Sean standed firmly with his arms crossed at his impressive chest .

“OH LOOK! IT’S THE SERUM RUNT!—KING MIKE said letting Kyle’s body and walking towards Sean towering his figure with each step Sean tried to keep cool but just the mere shadow of KING MIKE’s impressive body made him gulp.

“WHAT YOU SHORTY IS DOING HERE?—Mike laughed as he noticed the difference of SIZE between them. Sean looked UP afterall, there were almost SIX feet between them.

“Look, Mark, I am aware of your trickery! You used me and I AM PISSED! YOU MISERABLE FUCKER! Even KING MIKE didn’t expect for such. His eyes wide opened and his mouth showed this. But he quickly regained his aggressive pose: “AND WHO SAID YOU WERE ALLOWED TO TALK ANYWAY? YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME YOU ARE THE SMALLEST HERE!—Mike grabbed Sean around his neck lifting the impressive smaller man over two feet in the air. Sean gasped as his neck felt almost breaking in the hands of the titanic crusher. He had to do something, his feet hang on the air and then he realized where they exactly were. It was time. Sean gathered his forces and unleashed his kick… right in the middle of KING MIKE’s giant balls, and for that even KING MIKE was prepared, being kicked in the nuts by someone as BIG as SEAN is something almost unbearably painful. Mike felt his balls smashed by the potency of the blow. Then he felt pain and pain. His knees went weak. The pain burnt his glorious body, and he had to breath! Sean fell down on the floor, recovering his breath. He looked at KYLE who was impressed with his attitude.

“NOW YOU’RE GONNA DIE YOU BUG!—KING MIKE rushed into his prey and grabbed him like a simple bunny into the claws of a wolf. Both of them rolled on the floor for a while, but quickly the inevitable came. Being more than twice the size of Sean, KING MIKE didn’t have much trouble to succeed in the fight. Sean, on the other hand, had been overpowered. Mike had him into a bear hug, which would kill any normal men, but not SEAN! He was more than a man, he was HUGE, but even so, he couldn’t stand a chance at KING MIKE.

“YA SEE PHILLIPS? YOUR LITTLE FELLA TRIED TO BEAT ME, BUT ALL HE’S GONNA GET IS A VERY PAINFUL DEATH!—Mike squeezed his grip over Sean and then ALL his muscles crushed Sean’s limp body, who still tried to resist making Mike turn around to maintain his lethal crush. KYLE couldn’t let that happen, it was SEAN, his mentor and lover, the man who made possible his fantaises, the only one who understood his feelings. ULTRA KYLE recovered his forces, standed so fast he didn’t have time to notice the needle going into his skin around his butt. He only saw Steve taking the syringe off as he standed in all his MIGHT! He recognized the warm feeling in his body, and the purplish color of the serum coming into him. Steve blinked at him and so did Fred right behind him.—“Go get him tiger!”—KYLE ran into KING MIKE’s figure who was still turned and he used his knowledge in wrestling to get KING MIKE down. And so he did.


Part 6

Mike felt the impressive mass of KYLE pulling him and he couldn’t stand the balance, he fell down letting Sean off. The doctor rolled a few feet away, being quickly rescued by MEGA MARK, who had just recovered from his round of struggling with KING MIKE!

“Sean, Sean say something!—Mark shook his limp head

“Something!—Answered the doctor opening his eyes and smiling—You are alive! Thanks GOD!

“We’re not remain if we don’t help Kyle out!—Sean pointed to the floor where KING MIKE, with the advantages of his still superior height and weight plus his knowledge of wrestling, managed to recover the control of the fight!


“ Mike, you know that’s not true! Steve said approaching the two struggling figures of KING MIKE and ULTRA KYLE.

“P-please ! Mike!—ULTRA KYLE begged, feeling himself almost at the effects of a new growth spurt!

“ I GOTTA BE THE BIGGEST!—Mike screamed as he felt the tightness on Kyle’s grip around his arms. With a primal roar Mike rolled over Kyle, their sweat HUGE bodies so enormously colossal titanic figures on the floor. Mike saw the mind blowing muscularity of ULTRA KYLE’s mega butt and he instantly got harder than he already was. The shreds of his clothes hanging over his crotch being totally destroyed by his raging erection, his glistening gigantic cock demands to be once more satisfied .

“YOUR ASS! I GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!—Mike roared as his cock rose up revealing his mighty size and throbbing at ecstasy. ULTRA KYLE felt the pressure of KING MIKE in his butt and then he finally connected the dots. Mike wasn’t so difficult to understand, since the begging all he wanted was to be fucked, to be initiated at their “brotherhood” of muscle freaks, but not just that, he wanted to big but specially, he wanted KYLE, and it is an old thing. Since their time at the wrestling team Mike forced Kyle to please him, but he just couldn’t stand the mere idea of being rejected by his scrawny dweeb. All that time, Mike couldn’t admit he had a terrible crush for Kyle, at first because of the prejudicial and Hippocratic behavior of his fellow jocks, they had to look like the all—american studs, but the things they did among them was not so clich”. Mike acted like this bully, but he was actually trying to keep KYLE near him, that’s why he had never been kicked out of the team, even though the things he heard, the broken arm incident, all the anger he felt, and the pain, everything made him get the wrong conclusions, Mike didn’t want to harm him at all, all he wanted was to LOVE him.

“ Why don’t ask then! Kyle let go Mike’s arm. Mike froze. He felt his cock aching and burning, but he couldn’t move.

“Ask me! Don’t be afraid! You think I would EVER turn a guy like YOU down? Mike breathed quickly, his head was spinning. His heart pounded wildly, his cock throbbing over him. And the sight of KYLE and his MUSCLES so beautifully HUGE. Why did he avoid to ask him? Why he had to act like a jerk? Why did he have to force him to please him? Why didn’t he say he was in love with him?

“What the hell is going on ? Asked MEGA MARK

“I think KYLE found out the answer!—Sean said kissing Mark’s lips tightly.

“Come on Mike! You know you want me so bad, you want my body, you want my ass, but specially you want ME just for you don’t you? You think that if I am BIGGER than you, then I will never want to see you again? Well KING MIKE, you are wrong! I felt pleasure every time you touched me, but I couldn’t let you notice that otherwise I would be in trouble, you were the captain of the wrestling team, you could ruin my entire life at the campus, how could I guess all the time you wanted my love? Because if you just said I would give it you… as I am giving you right now—Their lips met, they kissed as they never did before. Mike felt the burning of his cock, he broke the kiss: “Please, please I gotta have my cock inside you right now!—KING MIKE had the eyes of a begging puppy

“I am yours, my KING!—Kyle kissed him and they rolled o on the floor ignoring the other muscle freaks Sean felt his own cock, and his hand felt the same thing on Mark’s shaft:

“Come on Mark, take me! I want you to take me right over the edge, but don’t let me cum please!

“Why? What do you want with that! Mark said already kissing Sean’s ears

“I wanna settle something once and for all! Sean kissed him strongly and soon they were feeling and stroking each other as well as Steve and Fred. Mike felt his cock going each time further into KYLE’s ass. It felt so nice, tight, warm and pleasing…

“Tell me if it hurts! Mike said in a caring tone—I never wanna harm you again! Kyle couldn’t answer. At this point the feed back growth plus the new income of growth serum he was shot, worked more than fast into his organism. He felt himself growing TOO quick! His arms got thicker and THICKER, his legs, his chest, his abs, his COCK for heaven’s sake. Kyle could feel himself growing more and more with each pump Mike gave in his butt.

“Oh yes, what an ass! Mike didn’t notice what was going on! He only could feel himself each time nearer to the edge . He finally was free of that torturing feeling of being unable to cum, even though his cock was hard and more than ready to do unleash his load.

“LOOK AT KYLE! Fred exclaimed breaking the muscle lust trance of every muscle freak. And there was KYLE! He was almost at KING MIKE’s height but much more THICKER, it was like seeing an amplified version of KING MIKE, but it wasn’t done yet!

“SEAN, SEAN, I NEED YOUR CUM! PLEASE!—the GROWING KYLE begged in a loud tone, with make their guts shake from the inside. Sean knew it could happen. Since KYLE had so much growth inductors, his organism needed more and more, he was near o break some kind of barrier and all the help he could have to GROW would be necessary. “Sean, look at him, he’s already BIGGER than Mike, and if you give him your juice…—Mark didn’t have the courage to finish

“Mark, I said I had a plan, things may have gone a little out of my control, but not anymore, I said I would settle something once and for all, and that’s it! KYLE will GROW MORE!—Sean approached the growing figure with tender eyes and said!

“Don’t worry, babe! You know I wouldn’t let you down! ARE YOU READY TO GROW?—Sean inserted his mega prick into Kyle’s mouth and he barely was sucked once or twice and his monstrous load came violently over KYLE’s mouth, who quickly kept drinking and GROWING even faster. “GROW! GROW! GROW!—KYLE you know you deserve it, honey, I wanna see you BIGGER than LIFE! You need to grow, you are MUSCLE! And the more you grow, the more MUSCLE you got! LOOK at you, you’re HUUUGE! And you’ll get even bigger! Kyle kept growing and moaning, his muscles unfolded in a rapid pace, it was like he was building muscle from the outside, his arms, his legs, and his cock, and his chest, everything grew, and specially his face, KYLE never looked so calm, so beautiful, so POWERFUL! He was so BIG, his muscles popped as the seconds passed, and his figure ballooned, his moans and gasps filled the room with pleasure, and soon the other musclefreaks joined Sean in his worshipping ritual: “Come on KYLE! GROW! I wanna see that gun of yours bigger than a HORSE!—Fred yelled

“Be our MUSCLE FREAKING GOD!—Steve encouraged him

“I wanna feel that body all day long!—Mark completed massaging Sean’s butt as his doctor finally stopped cumming.

“Wait! You gotta have my load!—KING MIKE yelled standing up and stroking himself KYLE felt Mike’s cock getting out of his butt, but all the pleasure he was feeling was too much intense for him to stop.


“YOU SURE YOU WANT THAT! YOU CAN GROW YOURSELF EVEN BIGGER THAN ME, WITH SUCH POWER ON YOUR CUM!—KYLE answered in a voice so powerful the windows broke and the floor trembled

“IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVES TO BE THE HONCHO GUY HERE! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO NEVER TREATED ANYONE BADLY, AND YOU KNOW YOUR MUSCLE AND STRENGTH ARE THERE JUST BECAUSE WE LOVE TO WORSHIP YOU! WE LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR POWER IS JUST TO PLEASE! KYLE approached Mike, already towering him over two feet and a thousand of pounds. They traded one last kiss, before Kyle got on his knees and mouthed Mike’s impressive cock, who immediately spewed his load into Kyle’s mouth, starting a whole new process. Kyle grew like never before, his MUSCLES assumed different appearance, like they were MORE than human, the SIZE and the density, each time bigger, made him roll over the floor, his entire organism became different, it was like his proportions were being redesigned, his POWER augmented by the minutes passing, he had MORE and MORE and MORE MUSCLE! His chest looked like two POWERHOUSES, and the ARMS could put a whole mountain down with just one blow ! His COCK was UP and UP and UP! And it grew longer ant thicker, no one could ever take it, even the muscle freaks! Kyle grew for another 15 minutes assuming titanic proportions and gargantuan stats. He was more than any musclefreak could handle, and he was even more, muscular and POWER than all of them together. He was tottaly different of the previous humongous stage. His face was ripped and square, like sculpted in the hardest of the stones, his eyes were so big and green like the wildest forests and yet so tender, his hair grew longer and the chestnut color became darker and darker, almost in a total ebony shade. His square face, his his impressive jaw line which could impose fear with the bare vision put together the face of the most OUTSTANDING man they’ve ever dreamed of


“ 24 feet and 6 inches high ! Steve said barely believing those stats “Guess, I’ll have to be bumping my head on the ceilings from now on! “ Weighing outstanding 13.217 POUNDS! Fred read the scale which literally came down at MASS!

“GEE! That’s a little too much isn’t it honey? Kyle blinked at MIKE who could only droll at his sight

“ Your shoulders are 18 feet apart! Mark commented poking his body with his hard cock and his width showed the ABSOLUTE POWER he had over them. And the other stats were even more shocking!

“ 682 fucking inches chest ! Gasped Sean

“574 inches PILLARS! Fred shouted

“320” waist! Mark added

“You have a 28 pack abs! There are just too many of them, where the hell did they came from?

“ HOLLY COW, IN HEAVEN’S NAME LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE BICEPS! THEY’RE TOO BIG! 627 INCHES AROUND! HIS ARMS ARE EVEN THICKER THAN HIS LEGS! THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE, AND THE GUNS TOGETHER ARE ALMOST THE DOUBLE OF THE SIZE OF HIS CHEST!—KING MIKE couldn’t hold himself no more and jumped to the final stats, the outrageous COCK! A giant 10 feet and 8 inches long 6 inches around MEGA ULTRA COCK ready to burst into cum!


Kyle looked at them and those big greenest eyes had a grin of his own, they only saw the giant cock throbbing and heard the final gasps of KYLE at the edge of his orgasm…


April 10th. 2006 Time really flies when you are having fun. Almost seven years passed since Kyle came to work with me. I still remember his scrawny body. But not now. He’s almost 26, and in all the ways he is THE MAN. I must say that we had quite a hard time to get us out of that building, after the “blessing” we were at least 12 feet tall each and over 5000 pounds. It was hard, but thanks to some contacts we’ve managed. I won’t lose time explaining all the details, because they’re boring. What really matters is that me and Mark sold a much lighter version of my growth serum to a supplement industry, they were more than happy with the results of the samples we gave to them. Millions and millions richer, I bought a nice island near Greece, always had a crush for that place, a really calm away from the tourists routes. We named it ATLAS ISLAND guess that with body like ours, the least we could expect was something which remembered that Greek Titan, he would feel totally comfortable with his size that’s for sure! Another problem was forging our deaths! But, again, nothing that a lot of money couldn’t arrange; a few car disasters, unsolved murders and things like that, it was more difficult not to laugh as we read the notices of our “decease” at the news. Traveling to our new home wasn’t easy either. We had to freight a merchant ship! And we had to travel inside of containers, because no one could ever imagine men the size we were. Those poor sailor men were not prepared for our bodies! Fortunately, we asked for a very small crew, only men, and during the trip we gave them a little “boost”, nothing that would have made them not even one tenth of the size of the smaller of us, but it sure made them loyal to our affairs. We even got two of them, just for fun, but that’s another story.

As time passed I learned more and more about our organisms and our thirst for MUSCLE! Apparently, our bodies are still developing, we are still getting better and better, our entire genetic code was redesigned, and MUSCLE is its primal need. Speaking about MUSCLE, I gotta say it is pretty hard to live at our stats at your ordinary life. We are just TOO BIG for you little men, so we’ve made our lives more comfortable: beds in which we can actually lie down (at the end of our Sex), doors wide enough for us to pass, and ceiling high enough to contain our heads. But that’s not just it. WE are STILL growing. Nothing much in height actually, but definitely in MUSCLE, we are gaining such MASS, I’ve never imagine possible.

Fred is our “petite”- He chooses to remain at 12 feet tall, but he didn’t refuse MUSCLE! He’s about 4000 pounds already, making look very tough even for the “grown ups”. Steve never felt better in his life; at 16 feet and over 6200 pounds he’s one of the most massive proportions on the island, and his gentle behavior surely grants him the title of “cute GIANT” Mark, my dear Mark helps me in the laboratory, he insisted in making me BIGGER than him. Not that I mind, but I really felt he deserves to be at least my size. Anyway he’s pretty big himself: 18 and half inches high and 8000 pounds of MUSCLE with a cock so big, he pleases everyone in the island, in fact I am almost convincing him to make him GROW again, he’s just TOO DAMN good to be true! I don’t have anything to complain. Not at all. After all, I am 21 feet high and over 12000 pounds!After KYLE’s blessing I was the one who more took advantage of it, I practically doubled my stats at never stopped after that, I assume I am gaining almost 200 pounds per month just in muscle. That’s possible because we never experimented training before. Our muscles grew due to genetic manipulation, but the minute we decided to build a gym in the island, where we LIFT weights you tiny bodybuilders would never guess possible, we accidentally made our muscle growth rate increases seriously. Many times we were hit by a growth spurt during the work out, and then you know what happens, it’s cum party all over again.

KING MIKE is another surprise. He’s so MASSIVE, even I have to admit it, he really earns that title. Who else can be that MONSTER? 23 feet tall and 16000 POUNDS of PURE MUSCLE! I mean MUSCLE! He is so STRONG, he is the only once who can spot KYLE. We decide to call him just KYLE, not ULTRA KYLE, because he is beyond adjectives, he is the incarnation of POWER and MUSCLE, no need of another explanations. KYLE never stopped growing. He just get more MASSIVE and MUSCULAR! Yesterday he was 28 feet tall and over 50000 POUNDS—I repeat FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS! That’s right! He’s more than twice as MASSIVE as KING MIKE. And he is growing more thick and MASSIVE each day.

It’s not very easy to deal with KYLE. He had special needs. 3 to be specific:

#1 EAT—Kyle eats about 3 tons of food per week, you just wouldn’t believe i your eyes if you saw him eating, it isn’t a very pleasing sight, he loses all his kindness when he is eating he seems to be possessed by a savage lion, which was fed his whole life with roids! In fact, we have plenty food right for his “snacks”. We just can’t let him sad, he is our MUSCLEGOD! He deserves to be pleased every time he wishes.

#2 is TRAINING : Even though he doesn’t need, Kyle trains everyday 8 hours per day. His weights are so HUGE, only MIKE can spot him. Actually Kyle doesn’t nee spotting, but MIKE couldn’t miss the opportunity to feel the muscles of his love growing. But Kyle demands one more and essential care: FUCK! Kyle fucks about 30 times a day. When he is not eating, he’s fucking, and then he goes training, during training he wants to fuck, and After he fucks he wants to do it again! And most of the time he is jerking off, he jerks of about 20 times a day, his cock only is soft about 5 hours during the whole day, and not even his sleep he is totally soft, not to mention the many times he wakes up just to have a snack and a fuck and thus, we all have to “serve” him all day long. He says the mere thought of our bodies drives him crazy and he can’t avoid getting hard, he says we are so damn HUGE he just want to fuck our asses everyday. And it is not to easy since his cock is about 15 feet long, Fred keeps laughing as he sees the sheer size of the monster prick getting taller than him. Don’t get me wrong, neither me or any other MUSCLEFREAK complains about that, even if he didn’t ask for we would do it anyway, we understand that KYLE is beyond our physical capabilities, He’s JUST TOO BIG for us to handle him alone, so we have to help him, afterall he is there just to PLEASE US. There’s no better reward than when Kyle’s fuck with us and he FLEXES for us, and when he says we are getting too big, and he gotta train harder to give us inspiration to GROW! Kyle is the most sweet person I’ve known, he still helps me in my researches, although he barely fits in the lab, but his mind is as glorious as his body, he is a bright scientific mind. In fact it was him who noticed another of his needs, that we recently call

#3 : WORSHIPPING! WE all worship all the time, but what I am talking about precisely is milking his cum. Since he “blessed” us we felt more POWER than eve, and the same happens to him. After each 4 days Kyle need to be “milked” he produces do much MUSCLECUM even he fucks and jerks off he still has too much juice in his balls and that drives him crazy, so we are now setting a system which allows to him totally empty his balls. It stats at fucking our asses twice each one and when we are exhausted we plug his cock into a milking machine which kept pumping his juice for almost an hour or two, unit he finally is empty. After that Kyle can have about one day more “comfortable” but sexual drive doesn’t go down, in fact, when his balls are full again he comes back harder than ever, and his juice is all full of more potent musclegrowth inductors.

Studying his juice, I was able to develop a whole new series of supplements which we sold to the rival of the company we sold the serum, making our monthly income triplicate. Which is a good thing because we are now spending more and more, specially with food, since we don’t bother with stupid things like clothes. But as the milking sessions are more intense, we are gaining more mass at the fucking feedback, but not nearly close as the first stages, but is quite much, since we didn’t grow from fucking for a long time. And KYLE certainly is growing more and more MASSIVE each session, hence he eats more, he lifts more, and he definitely wants to FUCK more! Anyway, I am just writing those things down while I still have some free time, because it is almost eight o’clock. Any minute now, KYLE will be back form his breakfast, and he said to me earlier “ After my meal I am going to rock this whole island with you, babe” . And judging by his look on his face he must be thinking about a new milking session, and it means he’ll be even bigger by noon, then he’ll have another HUGE meal and head to the gym, where he’ll be fucking MIKE the whole afternoon until he comes back to the house and fuck the rest of us again. It is not easy living as a MUSCLEFREAK but it sure pays of, because you no longer matter with details anymore, you only have mind to MUSCLE, POWER and SEX, after all those are the BIGGEST ISSUES.

Bigger Issues, #2 6 parts 32k words Added Nov 2013 Updated 5 Dec 2013 45k views (#149) 4.4 stars (7 votes)

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