Bond of the necklace

by Roland Patten

Zac moves into an "all gay" roomshare, but the other hot guys in his apartment are more than just roommates.

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Zac had made the mistake of waiting until the last moment to find housing for the semester. His options seemed to get worse and worse the more he searched craigslist for available rooms. All that seemed to be left were nasty basement apartments and frat houses. Before giving up and closing the browser, Zac decided to refresh the page one more time. To his surprise, he found a new post for a shared room in one of the nicer complexes. The price was exactly what he was looking for and the pictures looked great.

He became a little uneasy as he read the description though. It was an all gay apartment. He wasn’t homophobic at all, but also wasn’t sure what to expect. At the same time though, the idea seemed to tickle his curiosity. Zac was smart enough to be honest with himself. Although he preferred girls, there had been a few times he had seen another guy naked in a locker room and found himself aroused. Fortunately he lived in a time when this wasn’t considered crazy, but it was never to the point where he considered himself gay or talked to anyone about it. Realizing this could be his last chance to get a decent apartment, he decided to at least call the number on the post and see if he could come see the apartment and meet the roomies.

Later that afternoon he knocked on the door and a tall, muscular, dark haired jock opened the door. Zac was welcomed inside and introduced to the other guys that were there. He was relieved to find they were all the genuinely friendly “straight acting” type. What surprised Zac though was the other guy’s bodies. Perfect. Not the over-the-top body builder, but not the too-skinny type like Zac was. Zac felt both out of place and extremely aroused at the same time. There was a strange moment though when Zac let the roommates know he wasn’t gay. Or at least he had never had sex with another guy. They seemed to be really okay with it as they smiled and exchanged a certain look with each other.

The next day Zac signed the contract and by the end of the weekend, he was all moved in. It didn’t take long for Zac to realize what was meant by “all gay apartment”. The other five roommates pretty much had an open door policy with each other. He would constantly find them fooling around and could occasionally hear them at night. He even felt a little bad for his roommate Jordan who was probably used to a different kind of company in bed. Eventually Jordan just slept in another room entirely from the other guys. During all of this, Zac couldn’t deny that he wanted to be a part of it all, but wasn’t sure he wanted to take that step in “becoming” gay.

One evening Zac was invited by two of the roommates to watch a movie while the others were out. They were cuddling by the end of the movie on one side of the couch while Zac sat on the other side. Just as Zac was about to get up and head to bed, Jordan asked him if he might be interested in joining the two of them tonight. Zac, still uncertain about the whole thing, admitted he would like to, but wasn’t sure he was ready. Jordan smiled at his response and left the room to go get something. He returned with some sort of necklace. Jordan told Zac that this necklace was a magical relic they had acquired on a hiking trip in the mountains. He explained that everyone in the apartment had been in the same position as Zac at one point, but the necklace had helped them. Zac, skeptical, but curious, held the necklace in his hand and then found himself putting it around his neck.

What happened next, Zac did not expect. He felt something deep inside him change. A dormant energy and desire. After a few moments, his body began to feel strange. He removed his shirt to see his skinny frame was being replaced by a perfect six pack and well toned muscles. His boxer briefs changed in size to become a thong. His smaller than average dick began to grow and expand. When it was over, he felt one of the clearest, most distinctive feelings: he was gay and he loved it.

Jordan and the other roommate walked over to Zac and started feeling his new body while removing their own shirts and pants. Zac simply stood there as the other two touched their mouths to his chest, arms neck and finally his mouth. As Zac’s lips touched Jordan’s, he felt a satisfying to a craving he didn’t know how else to satisfy. For that wonderful moment, Zac felt where he was meant to be, holding Jordan close to himself and making out.

The two made their way to the bedroom. Together, Zac explored new sensations and pleasures. He experienced a connection to another person that he had always wanted to. In the morning, Zac found his head resting on Jordan’s chest. The two, still in their underwear. In this perfect moment, Zac was happy. He felt safe and loved.

The next few weeks were the most enjoyable Zac had ever had. Together, with his new found friends and lovers, he became a part of the roommates who all shared the common bond of the necklace.


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