Bulgey boi

by Ziel

Boey wins a pair of briefs from a new brand called Bulgey Boi. All he has to do is fill out a quick questionnaire. How Bulgey is best? The bulgier the better, right?

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Boey was in that half-crazed hormonal state that came from edging for what felt like hours. He didn’t want to cum just yet though. He loved that feeling in his dick and in his mind of hovering right on the edge. He felt giddy and warm all over.

While he clicked through pic after pic on his favorite sites, his wank-time reveries were derailed by a sudden pop-up ad. He was shocked and confused to say the least, and not just because his braincells were more focused on stroking that reading. He had so many layers of ad block and malware protection. How did this ad even get through!? Not to mention, the site he was on was not the type to be riddled with junk.

It was his confusion and arousal that made him actually read the pop-up. It was an ad for a new brand of underwear. Better yet, it seemed to be indicating that he had in fact won a free pair! Had Boey not been so thoroughly throbbing, he might have taken a step back and pondered how fishy this whole thing seemed, but the dude on the ad was so cute, and the claims they made were so amazing! “Make your body bulge better in all the right places! Bulgey Boi Briefs!” Boey found himself giving a cartoonish wolf whistle in spite of himself as he stared at the model on the site. The dude’s package was filled to the brim with fat cock and hefty nuts. His backside stretched against the rear of his overstuffed underoos. Boey had never seen such a fat ass before! Those glorious lumps couldn’t possibly be real!

Without even thinking, Boey with one hand on the mouse and the other on his rod, clicked through the ad onto the website. He had a to answer a quick survey to be given his reward. How bulgey did he want to be: Normal? (How boring!) Bulgey? (Sounds fun!) Bulgier? (How bulgey is that? Like the dude in the ad?) Bulgiest? (That can’t possibly be a real word, could it? Whatever! The Bulgier the better!) In fact, Boey even typed just that into the comment box after he clicked the Bulgiest button.

Boey chuckled to himself as he ogled the model on the website. Sure, the dude was relatively clothed, but his briefs left little to the imagination. That ass! That cock! Those balls! They were so huge! The stuff Boey was browsing before was great, but this dude was in a whole ‘nother class!

Boey let out a soft moan. His dick lurched. Jizz spurted from the tip. His wads were so hot and heavy that they splatted against his chin and dripped down his chest. Boey slumped back against his chair and just soaked in the afterglow. Images of that hot model still floated through his mind as he laid back and smirked.

Boey couldn’t tell how long he had been relaxing. All he knew was that by the time he started to come down, his cum had begun to dry and flake. His gaze drifted back towards his monitor. He was slightly surprised to see that it had gone back to the site he had been at before. There was no trace of the Bulgey Boi website he had been enjoying earlier. Had he clicked out of it while he was in the throes of climax? Had the special timed out? Whatever the case, it wasn’t there now.

Boey scratched his head, shrugged, and got up to clean off. It was probably best that things had shook out this way. He wasn’t in his right mind when he was edging, and now that he had the benefit of post-nut clarity, he was glad he hadn’t entered any personal info into such a shady site.

The rest of the day went on as normal. A quick shower, some homework, some gaming, and finally sleep. By the time he woke up, and trekked to class the next day, he had all but forgotten about the strange pop-up ad and supposed sweepstakes, but there was something that brought the site back to the forefront of his mind when he got back to his dorm room: A small parcel left in front of his door with the Bulgey Boi logo on it. So much for discrete packaging!

Boey quickly scooped up the box and darted back into his dorm. Had anyone seen the box? He’d be the laughingstock of his whole floor if word of this got out! Maybe even the whole dorm! He was so busy freaking out about someone spotting his parcel, that he didn’t even ponder how the company had found his address, let alone delivered it to his door instead of the front desk, let alone, how it had gotten here so fast!

Once safely in his dorm, Boey sat cross-legged in bed with the parcel nestled in the gap between his legs. Now that he was out of immediate danger of discovery, he had more time to parse what was happening. No matter how he looked at it, this was weird. Was this some kind of prank? Some kind of set-up? Had his computer been hacked? Was he being spied on? Was this some kind of Punk’d style TV show bit?

If left unchecked, his mind would have come up with even more outlandish scenarios. Deciding to nip the situation in the bud, Boey ripped into the shipping pouch and poured out the contents.

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly given the scenario, a pair of blue briefs fell from the package and landed on his lap. Boey picked it up, shook them out, and turned them over a few times to inspect them back to front. They seemed… perfectly normal to be honest. Nothing really stood out.

Boey shrugged. His fears appeared to be unfounded. There was no sinister plot afoot here. It was just a promo for a new brand. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Boey quickly tried out his new garment. He kicked off his shorts and his old undies and pulled up the new briefs. They felt nice. They gripped the important bits comfortably without and pinching and the leg holes didn’t dig into his thighs at all, but the real test would be if they made him an official Bulgey Boi.

Boey turned and faced the full-length mirror against his wall. With his t-shirt hanging past his hips, he couldn’t get a good look at the goods. To remedy this, Boey quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head and tossed it unceremoniously aside.

Now that Boey was clad in nothing but his new briefs, he could get a good look at himself, but there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The briefs fit him nice enough. They gripped his otherwise average bait and tackle giving him a modest bulge, but he wouldn’t say he was particularly “bulgey” let alone “bulgiest”. He was just a fairly average, unassuming guy with a slight paunch and blue skivvies.

He turned around and gave a glance at his backside in the reflection and cocked an eyebrow at what he saw. His cheeks certainly looked more impressive. He never had the biggest butt, but he seemed to have a decent bubble back there. He chalked it up to just a trick of the briefs. They must have somehow gathered what little bit of booty he had and pulled it up and in like some kinda push-up bra for his backside. Yet despite this, his buns didn’t appear to be smashed into the fabric like he would have assumed with such a gimmick. Boey smirked as he reached back and put a couple fingers under each mound of booty and playfully bounced his supple buttocks. It was strange, but it felt as if his backside wasn’t just being shaped into those mounds. It felt like those luscious lumps were fully formed of flesh! Boey chuckled to himself a bit as he thought about it. Wouldn’t that be wild? Shorts that made his ass literally grow! Eventually, Boey got bored with bouncing his booty. These undies might not be some miracle garment, but they did make his ass look fab, and for that they definitely had his seal of approval.

Boey was grinning from ear to ear as he turned back around and faced the mirror, but his smirk suddenly gave way to a gasp of shock. He looked… different! It wasn’t just his ass. His package was looking fantastic as well! His average dick was looking more like a fat slab of sausage! His underwhelming nuts now looked like hefty golf balls! Was this some trick of the light? Was it how the fabric cupped his junk that made them look bigger and better?

As Boey stared in awe at his reflection, he slowly became aware of something else…

The slight bit of pudge around his midsection had vanished! His paunch had seemingly melted away! This made no sense. This couldn’t be just a trick of the fabric. The fabric didn’t even cover that!

As Boey stared in awe at his newly flattened abdomen, he began to run his fingers across his belly. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting. Was he thinking it would feel the same as always? Was he expecting some kind of illusion or trick of the light? Whatever the case may be, his gut didn’t just feel flat and smooth, but firm as well! There was some definite definition forming just beneath the skin. Boey hadn’t done so much as a sit-up since high school gym class! There was no way he should have abs, and yet he could feel the firm muscle just beneath the surface.

Boey stared in awe as the muscles slowly came to the surface. It was like watching rolls rise in the oven. His abs slowly but steadily rose upwards, growing thicker and more defined with each passing moment. It wasn’t long before he had definite shadows in the ridges between each defined abdominal muscle.

Boey was so fascinated by his growing abs that he almost missed what was happening elsewhere. His chest had gone from slightly saggy to completely flat as well, but that had not lasted long. As his abs grew, so too did his pectoral muscles. He soon had a respectable pair of pecs He couldn’t help but explore these new developments as well. He reached down and gripped a pec in each hand. He could feel the firm muscle beneath a thin layer of soft, supple skin.

Boey looked up from his pecs and stared at his reflection. He barely recognized the guy standing before him. Sure, he had Boey’s face, but that was where the familiarity ended. The body was that of a Greek god! Each and every muscle on his body looked like it was lovingly crafted by an artisan. There was a deep cleft between Boey’s thick pecs. There were defined grooves between each and every one of his sculpted abs. There was a noticeable mound around his neck where his formerly invisible delts were now clearly visible. His biceps bulged out further than they ever could before, and he wasn’t even flexing them! His legs were almost twice as thick as they were before thanks to his newly swole thighs! He even had well-defined calves! He had the best of both worlds. A swimmer’s upper body definition and a runner’s toned legs! And it was more than just his muscles that were looking out of this world.

His cock had grown even more. His bulge was now obscene. His fat foot-long sausage strained against the front of his blue briefs. It wasn’t even hard! His chicken-egg-sized stones filled the front pouch – of both the briefs and his sack – to the brim!

As he ogled his front side, he steadily became aware of a faint sound. It was almost like a creaky door or maybe an old ship settling. The sound confused him and piqued his interest, but he couldn’t quite place it. As he focused in on the sounds, he slowly started to figure out what it was. It was the sound of threads straining. His shorts creaked as they struggled against the bulges of his steadily swelling glutes.

Boey turned around and glanced over his shoulder at his reflection. There were long, thin shreds forming in his new briefs as they steadily lost the battle against his beefy buttocks. Even though Boey had only had these briefs for a few short minutes, he had to admit, he hated to see them go, but he loved to watch them leave. As his ass grew bigger and beefier the shredding and popping grew louder and louder and the tears in the fabric grew longer and wider. More and more of his beefy backside spilled into view. It wasn’t long before there was more ass exposed than covered, and yet his growth showed no sign of slowing!

Boey could have stared at his backside as it grew and swelled, but a building pressure around front demanded his attention. Boey turned back around and stared in awe at his reflection as the obscene bulge of his cock and balls strained audibly against the pouch of his boxer briefs. The sheer size of his package was staggering! Even though he was still rocking a semi, his cock was as fat as his neck! It was tough to tell the length due to how it curled in on itself as it wrapped over his massive nuts, but he wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was longer than his forearm! And his nuts had both swollen to the size of his head! It was a miracle that his briefs had held out as long as they had, but they were fighting a losing battle.

Suddenly, a rending tear split the air as his bait and tackle spilled out from their cloth confines. Now that his cock and balls were now free to dangle to their full size, Boey was once again taken aback by just how huge they had become! His super thick semi dangled down past his knees! His watermelon sized nuts hung down to his shins! Just seeing how ridiculously huge his cock and balls had become caused Beoy’s brain to go into a spiral. This was insane, right? This was way too huge, right? Sure, he had told the popup that he had wanted to be “The Bulgiest” but surely, this was too much… right?

As if to answer his question, his cock began to grow even more, but this was not solely the fault of whatever magic still coursed through his body. Boey’s rod stiffened and thickened and soon his cock was so hard that it jutted out in front of him like a two-foot battering ram. His fat fuck-stick was as long as his arm and almost as thick as his mid-section – a midsection that was now laden with the thickest, most sculpted muscles Boey had ever seen. He now dwarfed even the biggest body builders he had ever encountered. The grooves of his abs were so deep that he could lose change between those cushions! His massive, meaty pecs jutted out in front of him so far, the had it not been for the mirror, he’d not be able to even see his toes! His bicep bulged out like a basketball even though he wasn’t even flexing! His triceps were as thick as footballs. His legs were as thick as oak trunks! His lats flared out so far that they spilled past the edges of what his mirror could even see, but given how much trouble Boey was having lowering his arms, he could tell that those were beyond massive as well! Boey was so hot and bothered, by how huge and hunky he had become that he could no longer restrain himself. He had to explore his body with more than just his eyes – He needed to use his hands!

Boey grasped his thick, muscular pecs and gave them a good squeeze. The thick muscles felt so firm yet supple beneath his fingers. His chest was so ridiculously massive that the felt like the Dolly Parton of power lifters, but Boey wasn’t content to just explore his muscles. His hands soon drifted towards his cock.

His rod, which was now almost as thick as his midriff, jutted out in front of him so far that the oversensitive cockhead had begun to press against the mirror. The mirror was streaked with pre that was oozing out of the slit of his fully boned cock. The pressure of the mirror against his massive, spongy glans sent a shiver of excitement up his spine and a shudder of arousal down the length of his massive cock. Boey suddenly felt weak in the knees. As his arousal welled up inside of him, his head began to feel light and fuzzy. His thoughts were scattered. It was all he could do to stare at his reflection and bask in how huge and meaty his beefy bod had become and how thick and fantastic his rigid cock had grown.

It wasn’t until Boey bumped against his bed that he realized he had been steadily stepping back to accommodate his steadily swelling wang. His massive rod now jutted from nearly one side of his dorm to the other. Sure, it was a tiny, college single-bed dorm, but it was still a good 6 feet from his bedside to the wall.

Boey was suddenly rocked by the realization.

His cock was now longer than he was tall! His cock was so wide that it now extended past the sides of the full-length mirror! Since Boey was so fixated on his reflection without admiring his body directly, Boey had lost sight of everything below the belt! Boey managed to rip his gaze away from the mirror and looked down upon his body. As he did so, his vision was almost completely blocked by his enormous, meaty, muscular pectoral shelf. It was less of a shelf and more like a buffet table! Had his cock been regular sized, it would have been completely hidden beneath his massive, firm pecs! But as it was, his cock still extended several feet past the shelf… as did his nuts.

Boey had been so fixated on his upper body and his cock that he had failed to take stock of his colossal cojones. His nuts now rested solidly on the ground! Each enormous stone was easily the size of a large sofa!

The pressure in the tip of his cock increased ever so slightly, but soon it reached a point where Boey needed to back up even further, but there was nowhere else for him to go! He was already flush against his bed! Boey plopped backwards, letting the force of his swelling cock and gravity do their work against him. His massive, beefy backside landed with a thud against the cheap, stiff mattress of his standard-issue dorm bed. The thud was followed by a creak. Which was followed by a crack. Which was followed by a SLAM! He was now so enormously heavy that the bed stood no chance against his growing bulk.

Boey stared down in awe at the wreckage of his bed. As he did so he noticed just how wide he had become. His enormous, swole lats now flared out as far as his bed was long. He had a wingspan of nearly six full feet! He was easily three times wider than the doorway leading into his dorm!

It was with that that new thoughts started racing through his head. How was he going to get out of here? Was he trapped in his own dorm? Was he doomed to be a prisoner of his own bulk? Boey started to feel claustrophobic. Beads of sweat began to form on his brow. He had to get out of here, but how?

He glanced around and noticed the window. Maybe this morning he could have crawled through it, but now it was far, far too small to accommodate his massive bulk, and yet, it gave him an idea. Boey’s heart pounded in his chest. His enormous pecs rose and fell with each labored breath as he pivoted at the waist and pressed a hand against the wall behind him. It didn’t require much effort. He barely felt like he was even pushing, but the wall began to crackle and crumble. The drywall gave way easily against his incredible brawn. He may as well have been pushing through construction paper. Boey awkwardly got up to his feet and staggered through the wall backwards. His beefy buttocks breached the wood and stucco with ease. Boey soon found himself covered by the warm mid-day sun… as well as surrounded by the gasps of shocked onlookers who had stopped at first to watch as the side wall of the dorms crumbled away like little more than kinetic sand and then to gawk at the most enormously muscular fully nude dude anyone had ever seen staggered into the sunlight.

Boey couldn’t see the crowd at first, but he could sure hear them. The gasps, the gawks, the clicks of cameras. Boey took several steps back as he listened to the sounds of the crowd. He knew he should cover up, but how could he even do that? He was too huge for his hands to do any good, and they didn’t make clothes in his size! And besides… some part of him loved the feeling of all eyes on him, and that part of him was slowly pulling out from the wreckage of his dorm room as he stepped back. The crowd continued to gasp and gawp and gawk as foot after massive, rigid, foot of his colossal cock spilled out from the wreckage of his dorm. Boey had no frame of reference for just how huge his dick had become. He had dwarfed his body a while ago. Now as it continued to grow and grow, the sheer size and scale of it made his head spin.

Boey slowly, laboriously moved backwards, step by awkward step. It was getting harder and harder to move, and it wasn’t just because of the car-sized cojones he was currently dragging across the quad. His body was just so damn huge! His muscles were starting to bump into one another. He couldn’t lower his arms more than halfway due to the massive wingspan of his swelling lats! His stance grew wider and wider with each waddle as his massive, meaty thighs smashed against one another. His pecs were now so huge that they hung over his abs and rested against his swelling cock! Boey needed to see just how huge he had become, but as he grew and grew it became more and more difficult to even turn his head due to the massive, muscular mass of brawn building between his shoulder blades.

Boey gestured awkwardly towards the wreckage of his bed. “Phone!” He grunted. “Someone give me my phone!”

Someone in the crowd managed to pull themselves away from the spectacle and scampered over the rubble and fished out the phone that Boey had gestured to and brought it to the nearly immobilized titan.

Boey managed to take the phone and press his thumb against the screen to access the fingerprint lock. At least that part of him hadn’t changed much. His phone could still recognize his thumb even if Boey could no longer recognize himself!

Boey dropped the phone on his massive, pectoral shelf and began to thumb through apps. It didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. Unsurprisingly, his brawny body was all over the local news and the campus alerts app. He could scroll through seemingly infinite videos as onlookers filmed him from every possible angle.

Boey found a vid of him from the back and was amazed at what he saw. He knew he’d be huge, but somehow seeing it first-hand blew his mind! His buns were like two massive slabs of mattress-sized brawn! The deep trench of his spine between the two enormous slabs of muscle on his back looked like the Grand Canyon! His arms were so thick and muscular that either limb would outclass the biggest bodybuilder! But perhaps the most surreal part was the complete lack of a head on the enormous, brawny figure! The massive, muscular lump of his traps had now grown so large that they crested over the top of his head!

Boey swiped through to another video. A view from the side this time. His pecs jutted out in front of him so far that his chest looked like the front half of a fleshy retro-future style sedan with nipples instead of headlights! Yet despite how huge his pecs were, they paled in comparison to his cock. The massive rod jutted out in front of him like a Greyhound bus! Thick, rigid, veiny, throbbing cock extended out in front of him for feet upon feet upon feet! As he stared at the video, he became aware of what the off sensations he was feeling were. At first, he hadn’t put much thought in the odd tingling sensation across his cock. He was so entranced by so many other stimuli. But now that he could see the video the sensations made sense. People were climbing atop his cock! He could see groups of college co-eds using his growth as a photo op! Entire troupes of twenty-somethings were perched atop his rod – some sitting, some standing, some striking silly poses for their friends! More still were seating atop the soft, fleshy sack of his now silo-sized nuts! His water tower reservoirs he called balls were filled to the brim with spunk and were shifting in anticipation of what was sure to be a cum shot for the record books.

“God… I’m so huge…” Boey whined blissfully. His cock bucked and lurched. The throngs of thrill-seekers that had scaled his palatial package were along for the ride. Some screamed. Some jumped off. Some hunkered down and cheered as they rode his subway car sized schlong like the world’s largest rodeo bull!

Boey cried out. His cock gave a powerful heave. His colossal nuts seized. Cum arced from the person-sized slit of his colossal cock and sprayed massive, hot, sticky sprays of spunk into the already battered remnants of his dorm room. Boey cried out and moaned as he came over and over and over again. His mind went blank as he lost himself to the most amazing orgasm of his life. He could feel himself go slack all over, and yet he stayed upright the entire time as he pumped gallon upon gallon upon hundreds of gallons of white, sticky, slimy spooge into the wreckage of his dorm and the surrounding grass and sidewalks. Soon the quad was covered in a standing layer of spunk so thick that it covered people’s ankles, and yet Boey barely felt like he had begun.

Boey had no idea how long he was cumming, nor did he have any idea if he was awake the whole time. His mind slowly started to clear as his eyes slowly started to focus. He felt so amazing. His cock and body tingled blissfully all over, and he felt the most relaxed and giddy he had ever been. He felt completely slack and yet he was still standing upright. As he slowly regained his senses, he realized just why that was.

His body wouldn’t let him fall over. It wasn’t some conscious decision to stay standing. He just had so much muscle stacked upon muscle that he couldn’t even bend his knees, and tethered to his monolithic wang as he was, there was no way that he could fall backwards either! His body was a marvel of engineering. It was held in place by the sheer force of its own parts acting against on another like that Pringle wheel his friend had forwarded him on twitter just a few weeks back.

The realization slowly set in that he was stuck like this. He didn’t seem to be growing anymore, but he didn’t think he’d shrink back down either. Yet, despite the fact that he had only the smallest amount of motion in his arms and legs, he didn’t feel too worried about what the future may hold. If he could continue to cum like he had done moments earlier, he was in for a lifetime of bliss, and judging by the cheers of the crowd, he’d have a lot of fans to help him out with life’s other issues. Who knows, maybe they’d even hire him on as a model. After all, he was now the Bulgiest Boi.

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