Claves, the midnight marauder

by Ziel

Claves, the kingdom’s most notorious thief, has been cursed! What was meant as a means to entrap the thief and blow his cover forever backfires spectacularly as Claves ends up enjoying the curse. Now armed with a massive cock, the power to spread the curse to others, and an exhibitionist streak almost as long as his dong, Claves sets out to spread the curse and sow a little mischief and a lot of wild oats.

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The Midnight Marauder Claves, the kingdom’s most notorious thief, has been cursed! What was meant as a means to entrap the thief and blow his cover forever backfires spectacularly as Claves ends up enjoying the curse. Now armed with a massive cock, the power to spread the curse to others, and an exhibitionist streak almost as long as his dong, Claves sets out to spread the curse and sow a little mischief and a lot of wild oats. (added: 18 Jun 2013)
Into the Archive  (added: 30 Jun 2013)
Mask of the Mirror
Dinner for Two A seemingly romantic dinner for two turns into a spectacle as Leo finds a way to boost Claves’s magic—and his equipment. (added: 7 Aug 2013)
Gate of Eros  (added: 24 Sep 2013)
Palatial Expanse Scher, now cursed with twelve feet of cock, is supposed to be staying inconspicuous; but one sort of precludes the other, especially when Claves is around. (added: 10 May 2014)
Yuletide Balls Claves’s investigation of a mysterious mage leads him straight into a swinging party at the mage’s college. With so many powerful spell-casters in one place, Claves simply can’t help but cause some raunchy, cock-growing, cum-inflating mayhem. (added: 3 Jan 2015)
The Bay of Scherzo After the events of Yuletide Balls, Scherzo has been more or less confined to the castle. His life a boring drudge of politics and social posturing. but the matters of court aren’t nearly as exhausting as maintaining the spell that hides the Prince’s “big” secret.  (added: 9 Dec 2023)
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The Midnight Marauder

Armor clattered noisily as three armed soldiers charged up the stairs. They were all clad in identical uniforms consisting of heavy iron gauntlets, boots, and helmets with green tabards emblazoned with a fierce lion’s head covering their breastplates. The man leading the charge had a golden sash to denote his elevated rank and status. The soldiers slammed through the doorway at the top of the stairs and spilled out onto the rooftop of the sprawling manse. On the far end of the roof stood a lithe figure clad in stylish blue tunic and slacks and a brown traveling cloak slung over his shoulders. The young man’s bright pink hair was easily noticeable even in the darkness of midnight. He slowly turned to greet his pursuers. A smug smile was easily visible on his lips, but his eyes were hidden behind a black butterfly shaped mask.

“Good of you to join me, Captain.” The young man laughed. “I was beginning to get worried I would have to leave without anyone to witness my daring escape.” He continued with a feigned pout.

“Claves! You’ve got nowhere to run!” The captain shouted back.

“Nowhere to run? Now where have I heard that before?” The shady figure mused sarcastically. “Oh! I know. That’s the exact same thing you said last time I gave you the slip.”

“Fan out! Try and cover his exits!” The captain commanded his two soldiers and then turned his attention back to Claves. “Where can you go from here? It’s one hundred feet down on all sides.” He sneered at the overly smug thief.

Claves let out a whistle as he pretended to be impressed. “One hundred feet? I would hate to fall from here alright.” He mused in his casual melodic voice. “Do you think I could just jump down and skip the whole painful landing part?” He asked with a sly grin.

“What are you planning?” The captain asked apprehensively.

“It’s so much more fun if you try to guess first.” Claves responded, his smug grin never once leaving his lips.

“My guess is you’re going to jail.” The captain shot back as he gave the order for his men to engage.

“No, sorry, that is incorrect.” Claves replied casually as he took a step back and plummeted off the side of the building into the darkness below. The two officers looked over the ledge, but they could see no sign of the elusive thief.

“Shit ” growled the captain. “Spread out. He couldn’t have gotten far!”

Claves waited for the sounds of the soldier’s heavy iron footfalls to fade away before he pulled himself back up onto the roof. “Oh, baby. You are so talented.” He praised himself as he dusted off his shirt. “And they are so dumb.”

Claves knew his pursuers would be scouring the grounds below, and so he took his time silently lobbing his grappling hook to the top of the neighboring guard tower and rappelling his way up. Thanks to his little stunt, the captain’s office was completely unguarded as were the keys to every room in the house. Claves smiled broadly as he used the captain’s own key to unlock the desk drawer and pull out the single ornate key that was stored therein.

Several hours later, the guards had given up their search. It fell on the captain to once again deliver the bad news. He slowly approached the heavy set old man who was seated at a large ornate desk which was covered in stacks of paper.

The captain bowed his head and delivered his report. “Lord Doyle I regret to inform you that we have been robbed again.”

The baron seemed surprisingly nonplussed at the news of the break in. “Did he take anything of value?” He asked lazily.

“Just the scepter, sir. It seems he knew what he was after.” The captain remarked sullenly.

“Well of course he did.” The baron relied with a chuckle. “I put him up to it.”

“Sir?” The captain replied in astonishment.

The baron grinned knowlingly as he explained. “I commissioned him to steal the scepter for me. I used a fake name, of course, but he probably saw through it instantly.”

“So it was a trap?” The captain asked. The baron nodded in reply. “If he knew it was a trap, why did he do it? Surely he knows that you wouldn’t make good on your offer to pay for whatever he stole.”

“He did it out of pride. Simple as that.” Doyle responded with a bored tone in his voice.

“If you intended for him to steal it, why didn’t you let us in on it?” The captain continued to question.

“Authenticity.” The lord replied flippantly, but then a dark grin spread across his face. “I didn’t want him to leave out of boredom. Not before he took the bait anyway.”

High above the city, Claves was hopping from rooftop to rooftop with the greatest of ease. He had always felt at home on the rooftops of the busy city. It was the only place that he felt truly free. The buildings were all packed so closely together that he got to feel a little claustrophobic when down on the streets. He skidded to a halt on one of the higher rooftops and took a seat on the ledge. This was his favorite spot to sit and think. He could see the entire city spread out beneath him. The lights spread out for miles making the ground below look much like the heavens above.

“Now what’s so special about this stick that the baron would try and trick me into stealing it from him?” Claves asked out loud as he reached into his satchel and pulled forth the golden rod. The scepter was pretty standard as far as over priced gem sticks go. It was just a solid gold handle with emeralds and blue diamonds encrusted on the top. It seemed harmless enough. He flipped it over a few times as he inspected every inch of it. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. He cautiously sniffed it in an effort to detect any toxins that may have been used on the surface; he knew the local lord well enough to know that the trap wouldn’t be lethal in nature, but it never hurts to check.

Seeing no discernable danger in the scepter, Claves took off his gloves and ran his fingers over his prize. The craftsmanship was remarkable. He couldn’t find any blemishes or scuffs on the surface. This stick would fetch him a fair price if he ever decided to sell it. Part of him was keen on keeping it displayed above his bed at all times as a sort of trophy.

He slid the scepter back into his satchel, but no sooner had he let go of the rod than he started feeling a strange sensation in his pants. It felt really good, as if he was in the throes of powerful arousal, although the rest of his body felt really good too. His dick didn’t even feel hard at all, but it was straining against the fabric of his pants. Claves watched the expanding bulge with bemused fascination. This definitely seemed like the baron’s style of trickery. He slowly got to his feet, aware of the weight of his steadily expanding endowment. It was so cramped in his pants that it was actually starting to hurt, but he knew that wouldn’t last long; the stitches in his crotch were already popping. It wasn’t long before the fabric gave out completely and his now massively enhanced member spilled out.

Claves was pleasantly surprised by the size of it. The tip of his soft cock almost reached the floor, and his now enormous beach ball sized nuts drooped down to his knees. The beast was just a little narrower than his own waist. Just staring at his new and improved cock was getting him worked up. He watched in awe as the gigantic shaft steadily hardened and rose up. Before he knew it, he was face to face with his own enormous cock. The tip of it reached right up to his lips. It was the absolute perfect size for him to lick and kiss it.

Claves wasn’t about to let this turn of events go to waste. He wrapped his lips around the tip as best he could. It was far too large to ever take the thing in his mouth, but he was able to lock lips with the oozing slit. The bittersweet pre flowed into his mouth and down his throat as he stroked the giant shaft with both hands. He could barely think about anything other than how amazing his over three feet of cock felt cock felt. The intense pleasure consumed all of his senses and all he wanted was more.

Despite the pure, unbridled euphoria he was experiencing, Claves felt strangely empty inside literally. He reached into his pouch and pulled forth the only thing he had to use, the golden scepter. He pressed the handle against his eager hole and moaned in ecstasy as it easily slid into him. The ornate golden stick was almost two feet long and easily thicker than a baseball bat, and yet, it still felt too small to satisfy him. Claves looked around at his surroundings to see if there was anything else he could use. His eyes lit up as he noticed the small shapes on the corners of the roof. The small statuaries were very modern looking in their design. They consisted of three large spheres stacked one on top of the other; each one large than the last like some avant-garde snowmen.

Claves walked over to the nearest one and sat down atop it. The top sphere was no larger than a grapefruit and went in extremely easily. Claves slid down the sculpture and began to take the second sphere. This one was slightly bigger yet still only the size of a soccer ball. He could feel his ass stretch ever so slightly to take the new, larger object. It felt amazing. He had never been filled quite so full before, but there was plenty of room left inside of him, and he was sure he could go further.

The third and final orb was almost as wide as his hips. He could feel his ass stretch out impossibly wide as he slowly sank farther and farther down. He breathing became shorter and more labored as he was overcome by arousal and desire to cum, but still he held off. He was determined to reach the bottom before blowing his load. He strained as he reached the widest point of the ball. It was a tight fit, but he slowly and deliberately managed to get it into him. His ass made impact with the concrete as he let out a long, sensual moan of relief. Thick ropes of cum fired from his enlarged shaft and rained down upon the darkness of the city streets. He could hear some gasps of shock from a few night owls who were wandering the streets at this late hour. He figured some of them had probably even been hit by the hail of spooge, but he didn’t care. He felt so amazing right now that all he wanted to do was cum and cum and cum some more.

Eventually even his massive nuts had managed to be fully drained. He had literally came gallons of jizz upon the streets below. The immense volume of spunk was far larger than what even his enormous nuts should have been capable of holding. Claves ran his hands contentedly over the bulges in his gut. He was so thoroughly filled by the statue that his body had distorted to take it all in. He could actually see the outline of the figure as it pressed hard against the inside of his abs.

Claves let out a long moan of euphoria as he slowly lifted back off of the new age retro snowman. He had to bite his lip to stifle a loud cry of ecstasy as he felt his ass once again stretch out to pass over the extra large center of the largest sphere. Part of him wondered why he had bothered. He was so used to be stealthy that it had just came as a reflex, but by this time most of the people on the street knew he was up there, if for no reason other than the cum shower he had given them all.

His pants were in tatters and his shirt was soaked clear through with jizz. There was no salvaging any of his clothes. Claves shrugged and discarded his sordid rags on the rooftop and returned to hopping from roof to roof. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his new enhancements didn’t seem to slow him down at all. On the contrary, he felt much more alive and vigorous than he had before. He was definitely more virile sexually than he had been; his hefty nuts were already sloshing with pent up cum even just a few minutes after having dumped that previous immense load.

He landed with a dull thump as he dove through the open window of his friend’s apartment. Leo was almost as big a night owl as he was, so Claves doubted he’d be asleep. Sure enough, he found the blue haired gentlemen hard at work filling out papers by lamplight. Claves was sneaky, but not nearly sneaky enough to get the drop on the slender man at the desk.

Leo slowly tuned around in his chair, allowing the lamp light to illuminate his handsome features. Despite being very similar in age, he looked much more mature than his roguish compatriot. His long, blue hair was pulled back into a stylish ponytail, and his slim, elegant features of his face were accentuated by a pair of wire thin, golden spectacles. His eyes quickly darted down to Clave’s enormous cock. “That must be the baron’s newest trap.” He commented with a sigh.

“Yeah.” Claves responded, strangely casually given his condition. “What can you tell me about it?”

Leo shrugged and slipped on a pair of gloves. “I assume it is linked to an item? Most likely the scepter you were asked to steal by none other than the baron himself? The one that was obviously a trap?” Leo said with a bit of good natured “I told you so” snark.

“Here you go.” Claves responded cheerfully as he tossed the scepter to Leo. Leo again was a little surprised by just how well his friend was taking this. He shrugged it off and pulled a small crystal pendant from the front of his shirt. A few minutes and several incantations later, all of which caused the pendant to change various colors, Leo had managed to scry the nature of the curse.

“Well the good news is it is reversible.” Leo said matter-of-factly. “It will actually go away on its own. All you have to do is not climax until the spell runs its course otherwise it will become permanent.”

“Oh. That is good news!” Claves responded happily. His contented grin made Leo a little uneasy.

“No way you didn’t ” Leo murmured as he started to piece it together.

“Yeah. Isn’t it great?” Claves said as he stood up and posed seductively. Leo had to admit, Claves had always been hot; his lean, toned body was just the right level of muscular to really accentuate his boyish good looks. Now that Claves had ditched the mask, his cute face was openly on display. His large, bright eyes, cute button nose, and deceptively sweet lips belied his true age.

“This is not great.” Leo replied with a sigh. He was trying to divert his eyes away from his friend’s now permanently massive wang. As much as he hated to admit it, it was extremely hot, especially on Claves’s cute body. “You’ve officially blown your cover. Don’t you see? This was his game all along. Now whenever you go out in public, people will be able to see that you are the midnight marauder.”

Claves chuckled a bit at the nickname that the local papers had given him. He was sure that his new nickname would be so much better. “Don’t worry about that. I already have a plan.” Claves said with a sly grin as he took the scepter back from Leo. Leo gave him a confused look, but a look of understanding slowly spread across his face as he caught on. It was too late for him, though. Claves had already given a playful pat on the cheek with the bejeweled end of the fancy rod.

Leo moaned sensually as he felt the rush of hormones and pleasure that accompanied the rapid growth of his loins. His baggy pajama bottoms provided only the most meager of resistance before shredding under the weight of his massive equipment. His looked down upon his new cock and balls in wonder. He didn’t want to admit it out loud, but it looked amazing and felt even better. He sighed and resigned himself to his new enhancements. He already knew that it was going to be permanent anyways.

Claves got down on his knees and lifted the head of Leo’s cock with both hands and held it to his mouth. He slowly and passionately locked lips with the beast. He kissed and licked and sucked every inch of the spongy tip, all the while, Leo shuddered and moaned in unbridled ecstasy. As Leo’s cock got steadily harder and began to lift up off the ground, Claves stood up to keep pace with it. Before long he was standing up with their two massive cocks sandwiched between them and staring directly into Leo’s eyes as he continued to make love to his friend’s enormous cock. Leo was too far gone to fight back. He let out a low moan as he fell back into his chair.

Claves grinned victoriously as he slowly climbed up on top of the blue haired young man. He lowered himself down, slowly and sensually, on his friend’s mighty shaft. It felt so much better than that statue he had used earlier. His fiend’s cock was warm and soft and yet still firm and alive. His whole body wanted to scream in ecstasy from the feeling of being pumped completely full of giant cock.

Leo stared on in awe as claves slowly mounted his gigantic cock. It didn’t seem physically possible, but Claves was slowly taking his cock inch by inch. He could actually see the outline of his cock in his friend’s body as Claves’s gut bulged outward to accommodate the massive dick. It was such a bizarre sight and yet somehow, it was completely erotic as well.

Leo shuddered as he felt Claves’s muscles and body move and shift around his enormous cock. He could feel it as every inch of his pink haired bud’s body quivered and shifted around his massive dick as if his friend had been reduced to little more than a living, breathing, flesh jack. Leo never imagined anything could feel so good. He didn’t care that he was going to be stuck with a giant cock for the rest of his life, if anything he was actually excited by the prospect now, especially if it meant he could feel like this on a regular basis.

Leo moaned loudly as he unloaded his spunk into his friend’s ass. The sheer volume of spunk he was pumping out blew his mind. There had to be gallons and gallons of the stuff. It seemed impossible even with the massively enlarged size of his nuts.

Leo’s eyes wanted to roll back into his head as his brain fogged over from pleasure overload, but he refused to allow it. He didn’t want to miss a second of what was happening before him. With nowhere else to go, Leo’s massive load began collecting in Claves’s stomach, causing the pink haired beauty’s once flat, toned tummy to swell up and inflate like a water balloon. Seeing the bizarre spectacle before him somehow just made him cum harder.

It didn’t take Claves long to reach climax once Leo’s torrent of cum was unleashed within him. He could feel his gut getting larger by the second and it felt amazing. The very lining of his stomach ached orgasmically as it was forced to expand ever outward by the onslaught of jizz. This skin of his once lean tummy was warm and tingly to the touch. His entire torso was now an erogenous zone. He could do nothing but moan happily and cum like a fire hose and he stroked his erotically bloated gut.

Claves’s geyser of spunk fired hard into the air, causing his load to splatter against the ceiling and rain back down upon both of them, but as his stomach expanded, his gut pushed his cock steadily forward so that before long he was firing he load directly into Leo’s face.

Leo lapped up the tidal wave of cum joyously. He had longed to get this close with the thief that had stolen his heart, but he had never in his wildest dreams imagined it would be like this. Now that they were both going to be hyper hung sex freaks, this crazy sex might even turn out to be the norm.

Eventually, both lovers finally reached their limit. It had felt like it lasted hours, and yet it felt like it had not lasted nearly long enough. Claves slowly stood up, letting Leo’s enormous, soft cock slide out of him with a sticky plop. He could feel warm jizz seeping out of his blown out hole. He never wanted the afterglow to fade. He felt as if his entire body had been fucked into jelly. Every inch of his skin was tingly and sensitive to the touch, but nowhere more so than his enormously distended belly. He wrapped his arms lovingly around it, but he couldn’t even get his fingers to touch of the other end. His entire gut jiggled like a water balloon as all of Leo’s spooge sloshed and churned within. He felt so wonderful and content that he would have been happy to stay their forever just basking in the afterglow and stroking his engorged tummy, but he had other matters to attend to still.

“Just great.” Leo moaned sassily. “Now everyone will know that you’re the butterfly bandit and I’m your cohort.” Despite his grumbling, Leo sounded just as pleased as Claves felt. It was obvious that Leo had wanted it as badly as Claves had, maybe even more so.

Claves climbed into the windowsill and looked back at Leo with a smug grin as he replaced his mask. Somehow, Claves still managed to look suave and debonair even in spite of his enormous, jiggly belly, his obscenely large cock and balls, and the steady stream of cum flowing from his ravaged ass. “No need to worry about that. By this time next week, half the city will look like us.” Claves tapped the scepter to his forehead as a farewell salute and vanished into the night air clad in just his black mask.


Into the Archive

Claves leapt effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop in spite of the gigantic cock that dangled down to his ankles and the two humongous, beach ball sized nuts that swung down around his knees. He was currently clad in just a pair of lightweight, cobalt blue shoes, Similarly colored, cuffed gloves, his stylish, new, white traveling cloak, and, of course, his trademark butterfly mask. His attire wasn’t technically legal, but then again, as the country’s premiere cat burglar, legality was never one of his primary concerns. His oversized endowments had made pants unwieldy to say the least, and he far preferred the feeling of the wind rushing against his bare skin anyway. He had adjusted to a life with an ensorcelled cock and balls rather easily, which is to say, it hadn’t even slowed him down for a minute. He loved his massive equipment and had no intention of reversing the enchantment even if there had been a way to do so.

He loved everything about his new form. He loved the way his massive, waist thick cock swung and bounced as he hopped over the cityscape. He loved how the enormous quantities of jizz sloshed and churned within his magnificently huge nuts. Although, as he had quickly learned, that when it got to the point that he could actually feel the jizz churning, it was time for him to unload. The nature of the enchantment seemed to make it that he would continue to produce more and more spunk every second of every day, causing his already huge nuts to steadily swell and swell until he finally found release. This made for very, very messy mornings for him and his live in lover, but at least a large percentage of the population of the city were in the same boat.

Claves had started the rumors about the enchanted scepter that could turn any man who wielded it into a veritable sex god. He of course had made the rumor sound as phony as possible to get more people to blindly accept it. Facts always seemed to diminish the thruthiness of such rumors, especially if said rumors were actually true. It didn’t take long before people were lining up around the block to try their luck with the dick stick.

The oddest part about it was that the results seemed to vary wildly from person to person. To date, Claves still had the largest cock out of anyone he had met, which filled him with no small amount of pride. Leo, his bookish lover had explained the whole situation to him before, but Claves had tuned out all the parts that didn’t directly pertain to him. As best he understood it, a person’s final size was based on their innate magical powers. Leo had come close to rivaling Claves’s size, but fell short by a few inches; a fact that Claves was sure to never let him live down.

Claves silently popped the lock on one of the windows and slipped inside. Below him stretched rows and rows of bookshelves, each one stood over twenty feet high and contained thousands of tomes. Claves was a little disappointed at how easy this heist was turning out to be. He had expected at least a small patrol to be well patrolling as he broke into the Duke’s Archives. All the guards must be busy jacking off their plus size tools instead of doing their actual jobs.

Claves silently darted along the top of the shelves; his keen eyes rapidly scanning all the books on the shelves as he ran. This was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but at least he wasn’t too picky as to which needle he pilfered. All he needed was a few old spell tomes to test out a few theories. If, as his jumbo cock seemed to imply, he had above average aptitude for magic, then he should be able to learn a few basic spells from these books. He had always wondered what it would be like to be a sorcerer, and there was also something else whispering in the back of his mind. He remembered hearing that magical aptitude was like a muscle; the more you worked it, the bigger it got. His cock began to chub up just thinking about what that would be like.

Claves skidded to a halt abruptly as he noticed a strange figure mixed in amongst the rows of books. He recognized the robes immediately; this guy had to be a student from the mage’s college the next town over. It was what was coming out of the robes that really got Calves’s attention. The guy’s dick was so large that it dangled well beyond the hem of his robes, but even the guy’s hefty cock was dwarfed by the immense pair of nuts that filled up much of the space between the shelves.

Claves looked around to see if there was anyone else in the library. The two of them seemed to be alone so he silently hopped down and darted over to the mage. Judging by the mage’s position and steady muffled breathing, Claves was able to deduce that his robed friend was out cold, but there appeared to be no sign of a struggle. Claves moved in closer and lifted the open book off of the mage’s face. He was surprised to see that the unconscious wizard was no older than himself. Claves had expected to see some wizened old greybeard. He had to admit that the young magic user was pretty cute in spite of the soft snoring and little bit of drool trickling down the side of his face. He had very neatly trimmed, short white hair and a small pair of round glasses that perched on his nose that seemed to stay up without the aid of arms as if by magic. Claves then realized that if this young man really was a mage, then it made perfect sense for his glasses to be enchanted to not fall off.

He wasn’t sure if he should just leave the dozing mage be or wake him up. Claves pondered for a moment and decided it would be best to wake him so he could deal with him accordingly. The last thing he needed was some nutjob flinging magic missiles at him while he was trying to abscond with the goods. Claves placed a hand firmly over the mage’s mouth. It only took a moment for the interrupted air flow to cause the white haired guy to awake with a snort.

The mage awoke to Claves’s face staring at him from a few scant inches away. The mage immediately began to gesture excitedly and ramble on, but he didn’t seem angry or afraid; if anything, he seemed amiable and even joyful, almost as if he was greeting an old friend he hadn’t seen in years, but Claves could not understand a word of it. Thanks to Calves’s firmly clasped hand over the mage’s mouth, all that was escaping was a series of muffled, emphatic mumbles. Claves moved his free hand to his mouth and placed his pointer finger to his lips in a signal for the excitable student to shut up. A look of understanding came into the mage’s mint green eyes as he stopped trying to talk. He silently nodded in agreement and waited for Claves to pull back his hand.

“What are you doing here?” Claves questioned sternly. The mage stared at him in silence for a moment as if waiting for something. Claves eventually took the hint and added with a sigh. “You can talk now just be quiet about it, ok?”

The mage nodded happily and then began to let loose a stream of words that made Claves’s head spin. “Right. Yes. Very good. I am here on official business from the Arcanum of Allegretto. The Duke here has the single greatest collection of old spell tomes in the known land, and I am here searching the Archives for a series of ancient and long thought lost tomes of great scholarly significance. There were rumors that they may in fact be hidden in plain sight amongst the several-“ Claves once again placed his hand back over the excitable spell caster’s mouth, but the mage continued to ramble on about his scholarly duties, completely oblivious to the fact that his words were coming out as merely a series of muffled grunts. Claves narrowed his eyes at the mage menacingly which seemed to drive his point home. The caster abruptly stopped talking and even let out a little whimper.

“Keep it brief, would you?” Claves moaned in annoyance as he once again pulled his hand back.

“Um Yes, sir. Where should I start?” asked the befuddled sorcerer.

“Name.” Claves said curtly.

“Yes, well. I am second apprentice to High Enchanter Staccato at the Arcanum o…” Again the mage’s ramblings were cut short by Claves’s gloved hand, but again he continued to ramble. Finally he seemed to realize that he was being silenced again and waited expectantly for his next order.

“Just the name.” Claves said with a sigh.

“Right, well My name is Timpani but I guess. You could call me Tim?” He said as he stared up at the pink haired thief expectantly.

“Good. Now why are you here?” Claves asked firmly.

“Well. As I was saying. I was sent here on official business from the ” Tim took the hint this time and stopped talking the second he saw Claves lift his hand.

“No. Why are you here.” Claves asked again, pointing to their current spot for added emphasis.

“Well I seem to have lost the ability to walk.” Tim said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Yeah. I noticed you were a bit pent up.” Claves responded nonchalantly as he playfully poked one of the mage’s immense nuts. “First day being enhanced?” Claves inquired curiously.

“Third actually. I heard the rumours when I got into town and I just had to research them further. You see I am an enchanter and an item like that had to have some form of high level enchantment placed upon it. My scholarly curiosity could not allow me to pass up a chance like this.” Tim rattled on as quickly as he could, hoping to spill his story before the lithe thief once again got tired of him speaking.

“Couldn’t hold out, could you?” Claves asked with a sly smirk as he ran a hand across the bit of cock that was hanging out the bottom of his robes.

“Well. I am sure I could have held out just fine but the crowd had other ideas.” Tim explained as he began to blush a bit. “It seems they had never seen anyone quite as afflicted as I, and they chose to capitalize.”

Claves raised an eyebrow questioningly as he mulled over the mage’s choice of words. “Afflicted?” He asked, trying to hide his own jealously. Tim had him beat for size by a good margin, but the mage didn’t even seem to appreciate his gift. “You act as though this is a bad thing.”

“Oh. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite enjoyable, but it can be a bit cumbersome at times especially if I go too long without emptying, as you can see.” Tim explained as he gestured to his massively enlarged balls.

Claves’s sly grin returned as he began massaging the closer of Tim’s two enlarged nuts. “So. You obviously know enough about your new body to know how to handle it. So how exactly did you find yourself in this position?” He asked playfully as he continued to sensually knead the turgid cum factory. He could actually feel the jizz sloshing around inside as the giant orb slowly but steadily swelled.

“Well there’s a perfectly logical explanation to that ” The enchanter explained. “You see. I was looking through these tomes and found a particularly interesting bit of history. I got so enrapt in the pages that I didn’t even notice my size until it was too late. I figured I would just wait until a patrol arrived and have them help me out, but it’s been hours and no one has come for me so far. I suspect they were under orders to give me privacy as I carried out my research.”

For once, Claves was glad that the mage didn’t seem to know when to shut up. He had just let slip a key bit of info about the lack of guards this night. He also found out another bit of choice info, but it was less a matter of what Tim had said. Claves grinned wider as his eyes fell on the “history” that the enchanter had been perusing. It was a particularly sordid tale of a fictitious young prince from a bygone age and his frequent dalliances with the captain of the guard. The rate at which Tim’s balls had inflated seemed to indicate that the mage’s interest in the book was far from academic.

“Well I may not be a squad of soldier’s but I’ll certainly help you get up and mobile again.” Claves said playfully as he ran a hand across the exposed head of Tim’s immense cock. The enchanter’s dick had been steadily chubbing from the steady kneading that Claves had been giving his large, sensitive nuts, and was quickly hardening under the thief’s tender touch.

“No. No, no. Don’t do that.” Tim muttered.

“What? Why not?” Claves asked playfully as he stood up beside the enormous cock that was now flying at half mast.

“The Archive ” Tim managed to say between shudders and gasps as Claves’s masterful touch brought him to fully erect and beyond. Claves ground his own humongous cock against the absolutely gigantic one that was now standing straight up before him as he rubbed both sides with his arms and licked the tip sensually. “Please don’t damage the books.” muttered the mage pleadingly.

“So that’s why you couldn’t just get yourself off?” Claves continued to tease the pent up mage. “Well how about this I promise not to spill a drop.” The thief pulled on the towering dick and positioned himself so he was seated right on the spongy head as he looked down on the enchanter with a gaze of lusty triumph. The mage’s eyes went wide as Claves’s hips spread wider to take the massive tool inside of him. The thief’s whole body shifted and adjusted, taking on the shape of the enormous cock that now filled most of his body. Claves’s whole body was now a living sheath that completely enveloped the monstrous cock.

Tim could actually see each and every vein and contour of his dick as the thief’s skin wrapped tightly around it. He could feel every shudder of Claves’s body as the thief’s muscles wrapped tightly around the mage’s cock, pumping and stroking it with every minor twitch he made.

Claves was only able to make it halfway down the shaft. He sat there, impaled on the enormous dick as he used his feet to stroke the soft, sensitive underside of the immense wang. Each and every buck, twitch, and shudder of the colossal cock reverberated through his entire body, bringing him closer and closer to cumming. He could feel his increased arousal taking its toll on his own twin orbs of cum. The increased production was causing his nuts to swell noticeably as his cock started to drool pre onto the mage’s robes. Claves had never been filled quite so full or been stretched quite so far before. His entire body was in ecstasy, and he knew the sensations would just get more and more powerful when he began to be pumped full of cum.

Tim seemed to be muttering something under his breath, but Claves ignored it. It wouldn’t be the first time that the dude he was riding started to pray to whatever divine he believed in, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. All Claves cared about was that he was reaming himself on the biggest cock of his life, and he didn’t want it to end. He was so caught up in the waves of pleasure rocking his entire body that he didn’t even notice the sparks fly from the enchanter’s hand as he snapped his fingers or that the steady stream of pre seeping from his painfully erect cock had suddenly dried up.

Tim moaned loudly as the contents of his nuts gushed up through his cock like water through a fire hose. Claves didn’t even have time to fully brace himself as the most powerful flood of cum he had ever experience washed into him. The changes were almost instantaneous. The sheer volume of spunk pumping into him caused his belly to begin to distend almost instantly. His gut inflated rapidly as the gallons upon gallons of spunk flooded into him. Claves moaned in pure ecstasy as he ran his hands along the expanding surface. As his belly continued to swell, it got so large that he could no longer wrap his arms all the way around it. His gut was now the biggest it had ever been, and Tim had not shown any signs of slowing down.

Claves’s cock twitched and lurched as it tried desperately to cum, but nothing came out. His brain cried out for release as his entire body and soul was wracked with the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced. He hovered between euphoria and anguish, pleasure and pain. It was simultaneously the most amazing and most terrible experience in his life. His belly continued to swell from the constant deluge, and his nuts continued to grow from the heightened state of arousal. He was reaching sizes he had never even dreamt of, and yet there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Finally, Tim’s immense cock began to slowly soften now that his now basketball sized nuts had been completely drained. The enchanter’s dick plopped out of Claves’s stretched out ass, but no liquid came with it. He was still as plugged full of cum as ever. Claves could hear the doors on the opposite end of the giant library slam open as the sounds of guards voices filled the room. “Did you hear something?”

“Spread out! Search for the source of that noise!” They called back and forth to each other.

Claves knew he had to escape. He was in no condition to be dealing with guards as he was. He could barely even move. His gut was stretched so full and wide that he didn’t even have room to turn around. The sides of his massively inflated stomach brushed against the bookshelves on either side of him, and his now huge, beanbag chair sized balls dragged against the floor as he moved. He couldn’t even see the mage below him anymore, but he could tell from the groggy murmuring coming from below that Tim would be of no help. “Had to save the books ” the enchanter continued to mutter over and over as he dozed peacefully.

Claves hobbled off as best as he could towards the opposite end, keeping an ear out for any footsteps. His mobility was impaired, but his keen senses were not dulled in the slightest. He could keep tabs on each and every guard purely from the sounds of their footfalls. He had seen the layout of the maze of shelves from above and had already memorized the paths. All he had to do was make it to the other side without getting detected.

The turns at each intersection were slow and laborious, but somehow he managed to stay ahead of his pursuers every step of the way. It would have been so much easier if he could have just leapt up the shelves and ollie out the window like he had planned, but in his current state he could barely walk, let alone jump. With all the guards searching the archives top to bottom, Claves was free to walk straight out the front door and into the busy streets.

He knew he must be quite the sight to behold. His absolutely enormous gut spilled out in front of him so far that it even poked out farther than his painfully erect three and a half foot cock. The sides of his stomach bulged out so wide on either side that it was easy three times as wide as his waist. His massive nuts dragged behind him and he slowly marched towards his home. His enormously bloated belly churned and sloshing and wiggled and his cock bobbed up and down and side to side with each labored footfall.

Despite how ridiculous he knew he must look, he still felt too amazing to worry about it. A few flash bulbs went off here and there as some wannabe journalists snapped some pictures for the papers. How would they spin this, he wondered. Would they mock him? Would they laud his brazen escape even when so obviously encumbered. Out of the corners of his eyes he could see the looks of the crowd. Several people in the crowd were among the enhanced, and they could not hide their own erections. These people must have already learned how great it felt to be pumped so full of cum that their bodies turned into veritable balloons of jizz. Even now, despite his awkward and embarrassing circumstances, Claves found himself wishing he could cum, that he could shower this street in all of pent up jizz. Every step caused the spooge inside of him to slosh wonderfully. Every footfall sent another orgasmic wave of bliss through every inch of his body. He felt like he was losing his mind from the never ending onslaught of euphoria.

Somehow he managed to make it to Leo’s cozy little abode. Claves staggered through the large double doors and into the parlor. On the other side of the room sat Leo, contentedly reading the paper as he sat in the worn, old recliner that was his favorite seat in the house. “About time you got home.” He said flatly as he looked up to see the sad state of his lover. “And just what have you gotten yourself into this time?” He asked with a touch of bemused surprise.

“Well come on. Over here where I can look at you.” Leo gestured to the thief without even getting up from his seat. He then set down the paper and folded his hands atop the large blanket that was covering his legs. Claves slowly labored his way across the room until he was in range of the scrying crystal that Leo had pulled out of his vest pocket. “Hmm Fairly simple enchantment in theory. Used for storage and transport of liquids. Fluids go in, but can’t come out. I have never seen it used on a living being before, though Huh Whoever did this is far above my skill level. I don’t think I can even undo this enchantment.” Leo mused as he ran a diagnostic on his inflated boyfriend. “The best we can hope for is that I can track down whoever did this and get him to reverse it.”

Claves actually managed to chuckle between his labored gasps. “Way ahead of you.” He said breathlessly as he pulled a glowing sapphire pendant out of his small satchel he kept slung over his shoulder.

“That’s an Arcanum Key.” Leo said in awe as he stared at the ensorcelled bauble.

“Yep. Timmy won’t be able to go home or even be allowed to carry out Arcanum business without his ID.” Claves explained with a strained grin. “If my memory is correct these babies have a beacon charm on it. Don’t worry about him. He’ll come to us.”

“Interesting I’m not so sure if this counts as a victory for you, but it does leave us with a unique opportunity.” Leo said thoughtfully as he stared off in to the distance. Claves tilted his head quizzically as he waited for his lover to continue.

“You see ” Leo said as he slowly got up from his chair. His blanket fell free revealing his already fully boned cock and absolutely colossal nuts. “I’ve been keeping myself primed all day as I awaited your inevitable return.” Leo explained with a sheepish grin. “Want to see how much bigger we can get you?”


Mask of the Mirror

Claves was once again on the prowl, hopping from roof to roof with the greatest of ease in spite of the massive, waist thick dong that dangled down to his ankles and the accompanying beach ball sized nuts that sloshed audibly with jizz. Clad in just a flowing white cloak, lightweight, cobalt blue cloth shoes and gloves, and his trademark butterfly mask, he could feel the cool night air whipping across his bare skin.

Claves didn’t really have a goal tonight. He wasn’t the type to just break into places all willy-nilly. He far preferred to plan out his heists well in advance and only strike places with great significance. He wasn’t doing it for the wealth; he had accrued plenty of that. He broke into heavily fortified places for the thrill of it. Once there he would nick an object or two just to prove that he could. Said objects tended to fetch a large sum, though. Claves did have an eye for the finer things in life, and he could spot an expensive piece from a mile away.

Tonight, though, he was only interested in getting some fresh air and maybe making a spectacle of himself. Even if he had been clothed, the appearance of a dashing thief on a windowsill or balcony high above a courtyard patrolled by guards tended to make an impression. Claves got more of his notoriety from showing up places uninvited than he did from actually stealing anything. He could still vividly remember some of his more daring stunts. His personal favorite was when he had crashed the prince’s masquerade ball birthday party without even wearing a costume. Everyone was so amazed at how authentic his butterfly mask looked. They hadn’t even thought to check if he really was the daring thief he was dressed as. The only thing he had stolen that night was a sweet kiss from the prince as well as the little lord’s virginity.

The hairs on the back of Claves neck stood up as a chill ran down his spine. Someone or something was watching him, but he didn’t know who or what. He skidded to a halt on the next rooftop he landed on. He took a defensive stance as his eyes scanned the neighboring rooftops. They all seemed empty, but he was sure it couldn’t just be his imagination. Just as he was about to turn and take off running again in an attempt to flush out his pursuer, Claves spotted him.

The cloaked figure was serenely balancing atop the highest spire of a nearby cathedral. Even in the darkness of midnight Claves could make out the defining characteristics; a flowing white cloak, blue gloves and shoes, and a very intricate and very exact copy of his own butterfly mask. The figure grinned at him and leapt off of the cathedral with the greatest of ease. He seemed to float as he crossed the entire distance to Claves’s rooftop in a single bound. As the figure made his descent, the flowing cape floated up, revealing the lithe, nude body beneath.

Claves had to admit, whoever his doppelganger was had obviously done their homework. He even had the cock and ball sized almost exact. As the mostly nude boy reached Claves’s location, Claves was able to pick out small differences. The most obvious was that his duplicate had light blue hair instead of pink like Claves’s. The newcomer’s dick was also slightly smaller than Claves’s. The figure’s cock was only slightly shorter than Claves’s but was noticeably thinner, and his nuts were closer to the size of basketballs instead of the massive beach balls that Claves had swinging between his knees.

The cloud that had been semi-obscuring the moon rolled away, and bright moonlight illuminated the doppelganger’s features. He was very similar to Claves in terms of height and build, but now that they were so close together, Claves could see that he was just an inch or two shorter, had more of a slim, slight build, and the few facial features that weren’t hidden behind the mask were quite a bit more delicate and refined looking.

“You trying to be my sidekick? Sorry, but I work alone.” Claves quipped with a smirk.

“I’m no sidekick. I am a mirror of the truth.” The figure spoke dramatically. He then did a back flip, landing flawlessly on the neighboring ridge of the roof. The double then raised one hand straight up and the other straight down. Keeping his arms outstretched he traced two semi-circles, one with each hand, and he swiftly spun his arms clockwise. As his hands simultaneously reach the opposite end of their mutually exclusive arcs, he quickly snapped into a new, and risqué pose. With his right hand on his hip and the other making a sidewise V shape across his eyes, the doppelganger lifted up his left knee and pivoted at the hip in some strange action hero pose. His cloak miraculously fluttered despite the lack of any wind in the still night. The pose might have looked dynamic and maybe even inspiring had he been clothed, but in his current, mostly nude state, the heroic stance just served to show off both his cute little butt and massive package. Claves also caught a glimpse of a small, familiar looking birthmark on the mysterious figure’s inner thigh. “I’m here to make you reflect on the error of your ways, Claves.” The figure announced triumphantly.

Claves merely laughed at the imposters taunt. “You clearly don’t get out much.” He teased dismissively. “So what are you going to do? Pose me to death?”

“No! I’m going to end this in one strike!” The figure launched forward with his right fist held out before him. “Lunar Knight Str-“ He didn’t even manage to finish his cheesy attack name. When the doppelganger came in range, Claves reached out and effortlessly grabbed the boy’s wrist and redirected his flight path. A look of shock began to creep across the double’s face right as the side of Claves hand made impact with the back of his neck. Everything went dark for him after that as his body drifted down to the streets below.

Sometime later, the blue haired duplicate finally began to stir. He groaned as his eyes fluttered open. He felt groggy and tired and couldn’t remember where he was. As his vision finally came into focus he found himself staring up at the grinning, masked face of the renowned master thief. It was then that he realized that he was lying comfortably with his head resting on the thief’s exposed thigh and their twin cloaks pulled over him like blankets. The double gasped and jumped to his feet with surprising speed, causing the two cloaks to fall off as he did so. Realizing his cloak had been removed, his hands instinctively shot up to his face. He let out a slight sigh of relief as he realized that his mask was still in place.

“Nice tricks you had there.” Claves calmly remarked with an amiable grin. He was so pleasant and calm that his mimic found it very unnerving. “A nice set of enchantments that could make you almost able to sneak up on me; muffled movement, clouded visage, slow fall. I also like how you tried to make yourself look like me with the slightly boosted height, and my favorite part enhanced equipment.” Claves added with a smirk as he gestured towards the other guy’s exposed privates. The doppelganger’s cock and balls had returned to their normal size. His soft six inches dangled down over a pair of respectable ping pong balls. The double quickly reached down to hide his shame as he realized that he was no longer playing in the big leagues.

“You cheated!” The now slightly shorter, slimmer, and less endowed copy shouted back. “One punch was all I needed to take you on!”

“Oh, right. The torpor enchantment on your gloves. You put so much work into stacking the deck in your favor, and you call me the cheater?” Claves replied with a bemused grin.

“What was that thing you did? With the grab and the hit?” The duplicate sputtered.

“A simple counter takedown. It’s one of the most basic self defense moves out there You didn’t really think you could just show up with a couple enchantments and a bunch of cheesy lines and think that that’d be enough to beat me, did you?”

“Well I never really wanted to beat you ” The copy said looking suddenly bashful. “I just needed to, you know duel you to a standstill and then you’d have to recognize me as your rival, and then we’d continually clash at random intervals on moonlit nights, and our epic rivalry and tragic friendship would be remembered in song and legend for centuries to come!” The doppelganger got steadily more excited as he spoke until he was positively pumped by the end.

“You know It doesn’t really count if you have to create the whole persona with magic. If you really want to be my rival, maybe I could teach you some basic martial arts moves.” Claves replied casually as his hand slowly drifted to the satchel at his side. “And I can set it up so you’d never need to fake the dick.” Claves grinned wider as he reached into his satchel.

The double’s heart was beating in his chest as he watched the thief’s hand slowly pull forth an ornate golden scepter. He recognized it instantly. It was the source of the outbreak of massive dongs around the city. “Keep that away from me.” The mimic said as he slowly backed away; his voice faltering as he did so.

“What? You don’t want what I have to offer? You certainly seemed interested in it earlier, and it looks like at least part of you wants to be big again.” Claves held the scepter out in front of him and pointed it at the doppelganger’s exposed, erect cock. The blue haired double’s dick was so hard that it was already dribbling pre from the excitement.

“Please I can’t.” He pleaded as he continued to back away. He didn’t get very far before he bumped up against the brick wall of a neighboring building. The thief continued to stride towards him, swinging the scepter playfully as he did so. Claves’s implacable smile sent shivers down the imposter’s spine. Finally, Claves was a scant few inches from the trembling double. The doppelganger clenched his eyes shut and waited for the spell to inevitably be placed on him. His whole body tensed in preparation, but instead of feeling the cold surface of the scepter touch him, he instead felt the thief’s warm, toned arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him in close. The mimic gasped in surprise as his eyes quickly flew open.

“Do not worry, sweet prince.” Claves whispered sensually in the boy’s ear. “I would never do anything you did not want me to.”

“You You knew!?” The prince gasped in shock; his voice breaking into a squeak as he did so.

“Did you think a haircut and a few extra inches would fool me?” Claves asked with a smug grin. “And even if I hadn’t figured it out almost instantly ” He leaned in closer and whispered into the prince’s ear as he slid a hand down and tenderly rubbed the boy’s inner thigh. “I’m the only person outside of the royal family that know about your little birth mark, aren’t I?” Claves could feel the prince’s body tremble from his soft touch and seductive tone.

The prince silently turned his face away from the dashing thief, but even though he hadn’t said a word and the mask covered most of the rosy tint of his blushing cheeks, the slight curl of his lips gave him away. Claves continued beaming as he guided the boy’s chin back around so that the prince was once again gazing into his eyes. They held each other’s gaze for a moment before Claves moved in. There was a soft click of the twin masks bumping softly together as their lips met.

“I’ve missed you.” The prince muttered breathlessly as their lips parted. “Why haven’t you at least come to visit?”

“Even for me, breaking into the royal palace is no small feat.” Claves responded with a wry grin. “And people might talk if I made a habit of showing up in the presence of the royal family on a regular basis.”

“Let them talk. I could always have you knighted or something to keep you close by.” The prince huffed.

“It’s not the nobles I am worried about, and I am not the type to be kept around like some pet. No, mon Scherrie. We both know it’s better like this.” Claves said tenderly as he ran a hand through the prince’s hair.

“Stop calling me that.” The blue haired teen stammered as he once again turned his face away from the thief to hide his blushing.

“Ah, would you prefer it to be more formal?” Claves said playfully as he dramatically backed away and struck a dynamic pose. He dropped to one knee and extended his arms like a Shakespearean actor about to deliver a heartfelt sonnet. “O, my dear lord Scherzo.”

“That’s even worse!” Prince Scherzo shouted indignantly as he stamped his foot. It was clear that he wasn’t at all upset, though. The blush had spread through much of his face so that even with the mask on, it was blatantly obvious, and the lack of clothing made it so that he couldn’t hide his still rigid cock even if he wanted to.

Claves’s massive cock had been steadily chubbing up as he teased the prince. It was already approaching half mast before his little pose, but seeing how much he was getting the blue haired lord all worked up, was all that Claves needed to send him over the edge. “That’s right. We’re far beyond formalities now, aren’t we, Scherrie?” Claves asked lasciviously as he strode forward, slowly stroking his hardening cock.

Scher had been painfully aware of the enormous dick swinging between his paramour’s legs this entire time, but now that it was almost rock hard he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Even though his was an imitation, a cheap illusion that he had conjured up for his little charade, he had enjoyed the feeling of it swinging heavily between his shins as he hopped and dashed. He found himself wishing that he had a wondrous cock like the one that towered before him, but he was a prince and next in line to be king. He couldn’t give in to his base desires or at least not do so in such a way that it would be obvious to everyone in the court. He had to maintain his aura of poise and dignity, and that aura did not include several feet of dick.

As Claves slowly strode forward, still stroking his now pre-oozing cock, Scher slowly backed away from him until he was once again with his back to the wall. Calves steadily bridged the gap until he was so close that the tip of his erect cock was pressed against the prince’s chest. Claves continued to move in closer and closer; the head of his cock slowly moving up the boy’s chest, leaving a trail of slick pre as it did so. Claves placed a hand against the wall on either side of he prince’s head. As he leaned in, the head of his cock pressed up against the boy’s chin.

With the giant shaft propping his head up, Scher couldn’t look away even if he had wanted to. The scent of Claves’s pre flooded his nostrils as the stream of clear liquid flowed from the head of the massive cock even faster than before. Their masks clinked softly as Claves leaned in and pressed his forehead against the prince’s. Their eyes were now but scant inches apart. Scher’s entire view was flooded with the eyes of the elusive thief. Claves’s irises were the same shade of pale pink as his flowing hair, and in that moment, Scher couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful.

Claves could actually feel the prince quivering in anticipation under his immense dick. The enormous shaft was pressed against the boy’s torso so that the prince’s entire chest and abdomen were wedged up against it. Claves could feel every shudder, every muscle twitch in the teen boy’s upper body against his gigantic, rock hard shaft. “It’s been ages since I’ve fucked you hasn’t it?” Claves asked with a bit of a guttural chuckle. His voice had taken on a deep and raspy quality that he knew drove the prince wild. “Feel like going again?”

Scher tried to focus and remember his duties and his position. He also knew that it was impossible for him to take a cock that was thicker than his slender waist, but his hormone addled mind was too busy thinking about his amazing it must feel to be spread open so wide that his hips had to actually shift to take the cock. “You’re too big.” He managed to gasp breathlessly. “It’ll never work.”

Claves chuckled again and then responded. “What do you actually know of the enchantment placed on the scepter? What if I told you that it allows those affected to stretch to accept any size cock they could dream of?”

Scher’s mouth hung open as he tried to process what he had just been told. If he accepted the curse, he would be able to actually ride that glorious cock. “I I can’t…” He managed to stammer. He immediately began beating himself up for rejecting the gift yet again, but he had his position to think of.

“That’s too bad.” Claves responded with mock resignation. “I suppose that’s all there is to it then.” He let out a long, comically overdone sigh. He flashed the prince one last sly grin before he turned and swaggered off down the empty street; his cute, round, bubble butt swishing as he went. His now beanbag chair sized nuts grazed the pavement with each pendulous swing, and his huge cock bobbed and dribbled with every step.

Claves reach the end of the alleyway and turned back to call out one last bit of information before he left. “Although, I suppose I should mention that the changes aren’t permanent unless you climax. Not that that would really help you. I mean, I do know a spell that would make it impossible for you to cum, but why would you want me to do something like that?” He said with mock confusion.

Scher’s jaw fell open. He was so stunned by this revelation that he didn’t even notice Claves strolling casually out of the alleyway and down the major thoroughfare. When Scher snapped to his senses he ran down the alley after the thief. By the time he skidded onto the main road, Claves was already well down the street. “Claves! Stop!” He shouted after the pink haired thief. Claves pretended he hadn’t heard and continued his leisurely stroll down the road. “As crown prince of Sonata, I demand that you halt!”

At this, Claves casually spun around; a smug grin clearly visible on his face as he continued to walk backwards. “I see no princes here. Just a couple of rival thieves meeting in the dead of night.”

Scher looked around. The few people who were out and about this late at night seemed to be glaring at him intently, and it wasn’t just because he was out and about with next to no clothes on. Scher was suddenly glad he still had his mask on. At least he could try and play off his outburst and keep his identity a secret. “Well, maybe there aren’t any lords here, but it got your attention didn’t it?” Scher replied with as much bravado as he could muster. “Now go on. Use the spell. I dare you!”

Claves’s grin spread into a beaming smile. Sparks erupted from his hand as he snapped his fingers together. Scher didn’t even have to wonder what had just happened. Almost instantly he could feel his cock get even harder as the pre that was trying to dribble out suddenly found itself trapped. He rubbed his thumb against the now dry tip of his cock in bemused fascination. He was still as horny as he had ever been in his life, but he couldn’t seem to get anything out of his dick. He was so fixated on his cock that he hadn’t even noticed Claves quickly closing the gap. Scher jumped a bit as he heard Claves’s voice speaking to him from mere feet away.

“Now here’s the rules.” Claves explained intensely as he extended a finger to correspond with each rule. “Rule one. If you cum during the effects of the scepter all changes will become permanent. Rule two. You will be physically unable to cum for as long as I keep the enchantment on you. Rule three. I will under no circumstances remove the enchantment unless you beg me. Literally get down, on your honor, and plead for release. Are we clear?”

“Oh, yes. Please.” Scher gasped.

“Very well.” Claves replied with a contented grin. Claves slid around behind the prince and pulled forth the scepter. Scher’s whole body tensed as he waited for the changes to begin. Claves held aloft the scepter and pressed the thicker, bejeweled end of the scepter against the prince’s cute little butt. Scher could feel the magic take affect almost instantly. His cock and balls swelled and swelled. The sensation was magnificent. He felt like he could cum at any second just from the intense arousal caused by the warm, tingly, pulsing through his loins. He was so fixated on his growing cock and balls that he didn’t even register his ass spreading to accept the football sized mass of gems atop the scepter.

“Looks like you’re ready.” Claves said triumphantly as he easily slid the scepter back out of the prince’s now extra pliable hole. “Now for the real fun.” Claves slipped the scepter back into his sack and looked up. It was then that he realized that Scher’s cock was still growing.

Scher’s nuts had already gotten so large that they rested on the pavement, and his cock was so big that it was thicker than even Claves’s waist and towered well over either of their heads. Claves stared in awe at the almost seven feet of rigid cock that towered over the street.

“What happened?” Scher asked as he stared up and up at the immense dick that was bigger than his whole body.

“The final size is based on the magical power within the user.” Claves said as flatly as he could. He was trying to hide his awe, but it was near impossible to not feel complete amazed by the magnificent sight before him.

The royal family all descended from Mage King Allegretto, the man for whom the Arcanum was named. A sorcerer so powerful that they say he single handedly crushed the feuding principalities and united the entire kingdom. Since that time, the royal family has always been populated by immensely powerful sorcerers, but even among the nobility the rumors had spread that the young prince could surpass them all. Judging by what he could now see towering before him, Claves had no reason to doubt the sheer size of the slim teen’s aptitude.

The growth of the prince’s cock gradually tapered off leaving him with a towering spire just over ten feet tall. Scher placed a hand tentatively against his own giant shaft. The colossal cock bucked and twitched as if it was ready to cum, but nothing came out. Calves could feel the jizz churning in his own enlarged nuts as his arousal reached new heights. Claves knew he would have to get his dick into his slender friend soon or he would blow his load just from standing in the presence of such a phenomenal cock.

Claves placed one hand on either of his huge balls and uttered one last incantation. He had learned a few new spells from Tim, and he had discovered new and erotic ways of using them. His current spell allowed him to ramp up his production of cum even more. He could see and feel his balls swelling as his supercharged cum factories started working at far above normal speeds. “It’s time, my prince.” Claves said breathlessly as he lined up his cock with the boy’s eager hole.

Scher was still too enthralled by his own growth to say anything. He ran his hand tenderly across his massive shaft, feeling how small and insignificant his touch was compared to the spire of cock that stretched out before him. It wasn’t until he actually felt Claves’s cock pressing against his butt that he snapped back to reality. He let out a loud moan of sheer bliss as his hole stretched to new and unheard of extremes. He looked down and he could actually see his hips spreading wider as his body stretched to accept the immense shaft. He could see every vein in Claves’s enormous dick bulging out as his body wrapped tightly over the intruding member like a second skin. Scher could even make out the folds of Claves’s foreskin through his own incredibly taut skin. The sensation was far beyond anything he had ever imagined. He could feel every twitch and shudder of Claves’s cock as if it was part of his own body. He could feel the steady stream of pre flowing into him. He could even feel the pressure welling up deep down inside of Claves’s huge dick as the thief struggled to old back the tidal wave of jizz. It almost felt to Scher as if he had actually become one with the thief’s enormous cock. His whole body shuddered with orgasmic pleasure in tandem with Claves’s cock as the thief struggled to hold back his spunk.

Scher wished he could cum. He had never dreamed he could need to get off this badly. The sensation of needing it so bad was painful and maddening. His nuts felt so pleasantly full as they continued to swell and swell as a result of his intense arousal. Scher shuddered and his toes curled and uncurled as the maddening waves of pleasure buffeted against his mind. His entire body screamed for release and yet he was not physically able to do so.

Claves’s huge cock continued to ream him mercilessly. The behemoth rammed in and out of him causing his stomach to bulge out farther with each pass. Scher’s normally flat belly was already showing signs of distending as more and more of Claves’s pre seeped into him. With each thrust, Scher’s brain called out for release. With each plunge, his body became more and more sensitive. With each mercilessly reaming, Scher found himself wishing that he could dump the contents of his painfully swollen sacks of jizz all over the city. “please cum ” He managed to whimper.

Claves was all too happy to oblige. He gave one last, deep, powerful thrust and held it in as he unloaded the contents of his now sofa sized nuts. Gallons upon gallons flooded into the prince every second. Scher gave one last violent shudder before the flash flood of spooge crashed into him.

Scher had been trying to plead for Claves to release him from the spell when he muttered his last few words, but instead the thief had interpreted it as an open invitation to cum inside the young noble. Scher’s whole body was wracked to its core with pure, intense, unfettered bliss. It was as if every cell in his body orgasmed in unison. He could no longer focus his eyes or stop his screams as everything he had been feeling a minute ago became amplified tenfold. The small bump in his gut that had been forming quickly ballooned outwards. In a matter of seconds, it had gone from a small basketball sized paunch to a full scale blimp of cum. Scher could no longer even wrap his arms around his enormous, jiggling belly. The cum sloshed audibly inside of him as the pink haired thief continued to unload his impossible huge load. Scher was barely even capable of breathing as the waves of pleasure coursed through him and overloaded his brain.

His rapidly expanding gut spilled over the sides of his colossal cock and showed no signs of stopping. In a matter of moments his belly was so huge that it blocked his vision. Everywhere he looked was a solid wall of quivering flesh. His entire body sloshed with pent up cum. Every orgasmic shudder caused the jizz stored inside of him to churn audibly within. He could feel his toes leave the ground as his belly got so large that it lifted him upwards. Claves gripped him tight and never let even an inch of his cock slip out.

The two continued to rise as they rode the steadily expanding swell of the prince’s gigantic cum-gut. Scher felt his cock, which had at first been pinned under the expanse of jizz-laden belly, slowly spring free as his upward climb steadily caused his body to shift into a more horizontal position. Before he knew it, he was suspended above the city street atop an absolutely monolithic reservoir of jizz. His eleven foot cock angled downward and pressed against the pavement like a kickstand to stabilize the titanic spooge blimp that he was resting on top of. Scher could do nothing but cry in pure ecstasy. By the time Claves finally stopped cumming, Scher’s gut was so huge that his immense cock could no longer touch the ground.

“So. How was it?” Claves asked with a self-satisfied tone. Scher could not even muster the will to speak. Every swell and roil of the sea of cum sloshing around inside of him caused his brain to overload all over again. He wished with every fiber of his being to be able to cum.

“please.” He managed to utter almost inaudibly. “release me.”

“What was that?” Claves asked playfully.

“release me I command ” Scher managed to say slightly more forcibly.

“You command? You are in no position to command.” Claves taunted mercilessly as he ran a hand through the boy’s silky smooth hair.

The slender teen continued to try to mouth words, but only a few actually formed. “I am your prince commands.”

“Remember our agreement.” Claves teased as he dug his fingers into the skin of the prince’s colossal cum-flooded gut causing the vast reserve of spunk stored within to slosh about even more wildly. The prince cried out even louder as the sensations became even more intense. Claves placed his thumb and middle finger together and held his hand before the prince’s eyes. “Just say the magic words.”

“I’m please I’m begging you.” Scher choked out.

“Bingo.” Clave responded triumphantly as he snapped his fingers. The second the snap rang out Scher came with such force that his mind completely blacked out. He couldn’t even scream or moan anymore. His tongue lolled out the side of his mouth and a blank stare spread across his face as he twitched and convulsed from the sheer, mind-breaking euphoria of his titanic cumshot.

Each of Scher’s now gargantuan nuts held enough spunk to fill a water tower and then some, and every last ounce of that pent up jizz was now flooding out onto the city streets. He fired rope after thick, massive rope of spunk onto the streets below, each jet seemingly bigger than the last. He must have been cumming for at least ten minutes straight by the time his stream finally started to diminish. By the time he was done, the streets below looked like a winter wonderland of spunk. Entire blocks were overflowing with the thick, sticky load.

Claves looked out over his handiwork. The prince was suspended atop a giant blimp of jizz that was so large it would take the prince several hours, maybe even days to fully process it all. In the meantime, the young prince would be stuck there, blocking traffic in a busy part of town, openly on display for all of his adoring subjects to gawk at for hours on end, his colossal cock and balls dangling down above the crowded city streets.

Claves leaned in closer and brushed away the hair from the side of the slender teen’s beautiful cheek. He gave the boy one last gentle kiss on the cheek, right below the edge of the mask and whispered into his ear. “Of course you know this means it’s permanent.” A slight smile crept across the prince’s lips as he was rocked to sleep by the steady sloshing of the spooge roiling around inside gigantic, comfy belly.


Dinner for Two

Claves sighed happily as he sunk into the hot water of the fresh bath that Leo had drawn for him. Claves hadn’t known how exhausted he really was until he finally got around to taking a break. He had been spending all his free time lately flinging around the few spells that Tim had taught him. Claves had been working hard for weeks, and he could definitely tell he was getting a lot better at casting spells, but he wasn’t as interested in boosting his stamina so much as he was interested in boosting his size. The weeks of rigorous training had only added a few inches to the size of his dick. He knew it would be slow going, but he had hoped for more noticeable gains.

Claves had been fine with the slow growth until he had seen Scher’s transformation. The prince’s towering eleven foot cock was seared into Claves’s memory. The guy had more mana than he knew what to do with, and he had never had a formal day of training in his life. Now that the whole city had seen the prince’s aptitude, it wouldn’t be long before sorcerers from around the globe would be vying for the chance to train the young prince. Who knew how huge Scherzo could become by the time he really came into his own as a mage.

Just thinking about Scher’s massive cock expanding ever larger was getting Claves completely boned. The head of his own large dick rose up and hovered before his eyes. He wrapped his arms around the thick shaft and raised his hands up to the head, digging his fingers deep into the slit as he massaged the soft, spongy flesh. He greedily lapped at the sweet pre that now freely rolled out of the oozing slit. He shifted a bit and wrapped his legs around his now immense nuts. He used his legs to gently squeeze the huge, sloshing orbs as he dug in and massaged the massive cum factories with his heels.

He was so horny that he just wanted to get off, but he felt so hollow and empty inside. He slipped his right hand down to his ass and slowly slipped his fingers in. Thanks to the enchantment, his hole barely offered any resistance. Before he knew it, he had his hand buried up to the wrist. He could have gone deeper, but the position was uncomfortable. His arm was already cramping from being held at such a strange angle and his back wasn’t feeling too good either. He let out a sigh as he pulled his hand out and returned to working the tip of his cock.

Claves was getting close to blowing his load. His constant twisting and rubbing had caused much of the bathwater to splash out onto the floor by this time, but his pre was flowing fast enough to replace it. The now sticky and slimy bathwater laminated his skin as he began to buck his hips and prepared for a huge, messy load. Right when he was about to unload, he heard a short, terse rap on the door.

“You’ve been in there plenty long. You better not be jacking off again.” Leo scolded from the other side. Claves bit down on his lower lip and let out a muffled grunt as huge, thick wads of jizz splattered against the wall behind him. Claves shuddered as he continued to fire. A heavy layer of jizz coated the far wall. The cum slowly slid down and pooled on the floor. Once the torrent finally died down, Claves let out a contented sigh and slid down into the goopy bathwater.

“I’m not jacking off.” Claves replied happily.

“Because you just finished.” Leo responded with an audible sigh. “Fine, just get cleaned up and meet me downstairs in ten minutes.”

Claves lazily chanted a spell and then dipped his fingers back into the bathwater. The water cleared up almost instantly and began to foam over with scrubbing bubbles. Claves once again relaxed and slid back down into the warm, soapy bath. When he was finally done, he quickly dried off and trudged downstairs to meet up with his boyfriend.

Leo looked up as he heard footfalls coming down the stairs. Sure enough, Claves was walking over while rubbing a slightly soggy towel into his damp hair. His enormous cock shook and jiggled from the force of the towel jostling his scalp. Leo highly doubted that Claves was even drying his hair at this point. It was far more likely that his pink haired lover was just putting on a show to draw attention to his gigantic cock that now almost touched the ground.

“I’ve already got your clothes set out. Now hurry up and put them on. We have a reservation for two in twenty minutes.” Leo commented firmly as he gestured towards the tailored blue tunic and slacks that were hanging next to the doorway.

“I was thinking something a bit more classic.” Claves responded playfully as he draped his towel over his shoulder as a makeshift cloak and covered his eyes with his free hand.

“This is a date, not a heist. Try to act normal for once.” Leo responded with a touch of annoyance in his voice. Claves loved to make things difficult, especially when things involved going out amongst polite society. Leo loved his boyfriend’s playfulness, but sometimes he wished Claves could be serious once in awhile.

“Spoilsport.” Claves responded playfully. He stuck out his tongue comically for added effect, but wasted no time in pulling on his clothing. The outfit was tailored very well. It hugged his lean, lithe body perfectly, and even accommodated his well above average cock and balls nice. Claves just wished that the front wasn’t so boring looking. The huge pouch in the front held his cock and balls up and inwards, but little else.

A devious smile played at the corner of Claves’s lips as an idea crossed his mind. He turned and looked into the mirror and silently uttered an incantation. The front of his pants immediately began to tighten up. The pouch began to constrict and conform to the shape and contours of his huge cock and balls. In a matter of seconds the front of his slacks hugged his package perfectly. The fabric was stretched so thin and snug that even the shapes of the veins on the sides of his cock and the folds of his foreskin were clearly visible.

Claves hummed happily to himself as he pulled on his tunic and threw the small stylish blue cloak over his shoulder. “What’s got you so ” Leo didn’t even have a chance to finish his question. The second Claves turned around, he could clearly see what had his boyfriend so happy. Leo rolled his eyes, but made no effort to try and talk Claves out of it.

“You know you like it.” Claves teased. “I’d be glad to do it to you too.” He added playfully as he slipped a hand down the front of Leo’s pants. Leo’s brown slacks were as well tailored as Claves’s had been before his little enchantment. As such Leo’s own three foot cock and beach ball sized nuts were tucked away in such a way that his immense bulge was almost suitable for polite society.

“I’d rather not make more of a scene that I have to.” Leo responded flatly as he walked on ahead. He could already feel the front of his pants shifting and adjusting to match the contours of his huge dick, though. He grinned a little, but hoped that Claves hadn’t noticed.

Claves picked up a small satchel that was hanging from the closet door and began to rifle through it for his mask. He felt the edges of the black butterfly shaped mask and began to pull it out when he heard Leo admonish him from the other room. “You won’t be needing that. We are going out in public as normal members of society tonight.” Claves sighed and slipped the mask back into the pouch.

They got to the restaurant easily enough. It was a very fancy place, complete with waiters in tuxedos and a live string quartet. Claves had never felt so out of place in his life. His clothes felt itchy and he hated having his face exposed like this. He couldn’t help but think of how ironic it is that he would feel so naked while fully clothed when he often ran around clad in just a mask. Leo seemed to be doing fine, though. Even with all eyes in the restaurant firmly on them and their obscene bulges. They had by far the biggest dicks in the room. Even the few socialites that had been enhanced as well barely capped out at over a foot and a half.

They arrived at their table and sat down. Claves was almost a little sad to have his huge dick hidden beneath the table, but on the other hand, many of the patrons had now lost interest in them.

“So why are we here?” Claves asked while rhythmically rapping his fingers on the tabletop.

“What do you mean why? We’re having a nice romantic night out.” Leo responded. Leo’s voice wasn’t quite as flat and dry as it usually was, though. Leo was the type of guy who preferred to have romantic nights at home not out in public. There had to be a special reason for him to want to go out, especially to someplace as nice as this. “When have we ever had a romantic night out? Especially at a place as nice as this?” Claves asked gesturing to the fancy room around them.

“I was just thinking we could stand to get out more, and we can definitely afford to splurge a little.” Leo responded casually. Claves still didn’t quite buy it, but Leo had made him leave his gear at home, so maybe there was some truth to it. “Huh. So that’s it? No work, just a date?”

“Don’t sound so disappointed.” Leo chided playfully. “How about this. Let’s play a little game while we wait. If you were to do a job here tonight, what would you take?” Claves perked up at the mention of a heist, and quickly but discretely scanned the room. “Hmm Tough to say. If that statue were the real thing and not just some cheap knock off I would totally snag that.” Claves replied, nodding subtlely towards the large plaster statue of a naked man pouring a vase of water.

“Even if that were the real thing, it would hardly fetch a lot of money.” Leo remarked skeptically.

“I know, but can you imagine the scene it’d cause? Something that huge, taken from a packed room? My notoriety would skyrocket.” Claves replied excitedly. Leo grinned as he watched the pink haired thief’s eyes light up as he spoke.

“Well let’s be more realistic then, shall we?” Leo replied. “Hypothetical dream heists aside. What would you take, from what is actually in this room.”

Claves took a moment to think. “I dunno. The chandelier is pretty classy, and would probably make a big scene, but those are hard to hawk. I suppose more realistically, I would go for the hairpin the lady in green is wearing.”

Leo raised his eyebrows in mild surprise as he heard Claves mention the hairpin. It was such a small object that most people would overlook it. “You caught that, did you?”

“Yeah. It’d be such a boring stunt, though. I mean I could pluck it off on my way to the restroom and no one would be the wiser.” Claves sighed.

“I suppose I have trained you better than I thought. You’re getting quite the eye for appraisal. It’s a shame it’s a green feather or else it would be worth a king’s ransom.” Leo remarked proudly.

“Hmm? Check the shape. It’s a half moon. The green tint is just a low grade enchantment to make it match the dress. That’s a first run. There’s only two of those in the world, right?” Claves commented matter-of-factly.

Leo pursed his lips and glared at Claves for a brief second. He wasn’t used to being one upped at his own game. He had underestimated Claves and had gotten sloppy. He should have spotted the Lunar Topaz, especially one of such a rare cut. Leo sighed and tried to relax. It was supposed to be just a fun little game. There was no point in getting upset about it. If anything he should be proud that the student could go toe to toe with the master. “But why do you think she would change the color?” Leo said, changing the subject a bit to cover his own goof.

“Seriously? Look at her. She’s loaded. I bet she doesn’t even know that thing is rare. It’s just another shiny bauble to her.” Claves replied. Leo did a quick scan of the lady’s accessories and he could tell that Claves was right. She was practically dripping in rubies and diamonds.

Their discussion was momentarily halted when the server arrived with their meals. This restaurant didn’t bother taking orders from their customers. The chef made what he wanted when he wanted, and people paid a lot of money for the honor of being served. Claves furrowed his brow at the tiny pâté on his plate. Once the waiter was out of earshot, Claves leaned forward and asked his boyfriend in a hushed voice. “Is this the whole meal?” Leo grinned. “I’ll make it up to you with desert. Don’t worry.”

Claves cocked an eyebrow at his boyfriend’s cryptic remark, but shrugged it off and took a bite of his dinner. It was surprisingly rich, but he still wished there was more of it. There was no way he was going to be full off of just that much.

Claves polished off his tiny entrée in record time and had to sit there watching Leo slowly savor his. He fidgeted in his seat during the dull downtime. His clothes felt so itchy and stuffy. He couldn’t wait to get home and take them all off. Part of him wanted to just doff all of it right then and there and olly out the window.

Finally Leo finished his meal, and the waiter brought out two nearly identical slices of chocolate pie. Claves dug into his eagerly, and quickly polished it off. He picked up the small strawberry that was sitting on top of them pie and then ate that too. Leo was watching him and grinning as he slowly and methodically ate his slice.

“I have a bit of a surprise for you.” Leo said casually as he cut off another bite with his fork. Claves perked up and stared at him expectantly, but Leo stuck the bit of pie in his mouth and made sure to drag out savoring the bit as long as he could. Claves knew Leo was just doing it to annoy him. Even so, he couldn’t keep it from getting under his skin.

Finally Leo swallowed and pulled forth a small item from his front pocket. Claves stared at it for a moment. It was a small berry that looked a lot like a raspberry, but the small little beads on it were all different colors. The rainbow berry seemed to shimmer with some strange innate magic. “What is it?” Claves asked excitedly.

“I know how hard you have been working to boost your magic, and I did some research. I followed some rumors and legends about a rare plant that only grows in the farthest reaches of the frozen tundra. They say that the flower creates but one fruit every one hundred years.” Leo explained dramatically.

Claves was starting to get excited by the prospects. If what Leo was egging him on to believe was true, this one tiny fruit could give him the boost he had been looking for. Leo stopped his story abruptly and ate the last bit of his pie, leaving the black strawberry on the plate.

Claves was practically bouncing in his seat as he waited for Leo to finish the story. Finally Leo finished his bite and continued. “They say that just consuming this berry will double the amount of mana one person can produce.”

Claves didn’t even wait to hear the rest of the explanation. He swiped the berry with a lightning fast grab and tossed it into his mouth, leaves and all. He grinned like the cat that ate the canary as he swallowed it. All the while, Leo stared at him intently.

“So how was it?” Leo asked after a few minutes.

“Not bad it tasted just like a raspberry actually ” Claves responded.

“Good, because that’s all it was.” Leo replied as he speared his strawberry with his fork.

“Huh?” Claves responded. He was starting to catch on that the whole thing had been a trick. “The whole story was a lie?”

“The story was more or less true.” Leo responded and then popped the strawberry into his mouth. “The berry was a decoy though.” It was then that Claves realized that the strawberry that Leo had was a different color than the one from his pie. Realization came crashing down on him like an exploding dam. “You little b—” was all that Claves managed to say before he was interrupted by the sound of fabric shredding.

Leo’s cock burst free from its cloth confines as it rapidly doubled in size. The previously manageable three feet quickly turned into six. Leo’s cock was now larger than his body and not even hard. His enormous boulder sized nuts filled the entire space beneath the table and then some. Leo’s cock now rivaled Tim’s as far as length, but it wasn’t quite as thick around as the enchanter’s.

“Heh. Look at you. How do you expect to get out of here with your dignity intact.” Claves sassed as he felt the head of his lover’s huge cock bump against him.

“How indeed.” Leo replied calmly. “It would help a lot if someone were to provide some sort of distraction.” Leo pulled out a black butterfly shaped mask from inside his vest and placed it on the table. Claves caught on instantly.

“This whole thing was just a set-up, wasn’t it?” Claves gasped in shock.

“Nothing so duplicitous.” Leo replied with a smirk. “I just know how you love an audience.” The table began to rock and sway as it was lifted up off the ground by Leo’s steadily hardening cock.

Claves grinned at his lover and, in one clean motion, put on his mask and shucked his clothes. Seeing his lover standing nude before him with his trademark mask and equally trademarked smug grin was enough to get Leo really worked up. His cock got harder and harder. His steadily boning cock noisily flipped over the dinner table. Any of the other patrons who had not turned to stare at Claves’s light speed strip tease, were now fully fixated on the lewd display in the center of the room.

“Surprised no one has said anything yet.” Claves mused as he gently stroked the giant cock that was towering before him.

“Welcome to high society.” Leo remarked. “They will mutter amongst themselves, but it would be impolite for them to actually say or do anything about it.”

“Well let’s really give them something to talk about.” Claves replied with a devious grin spread across his face. He hopped up on his chair to face his lover’s enormous cock. He now stood just a bit above eye level with the massive slit of Leo’s cock. Claves leaned in and began to lick around the sensitive edges of the slit. He could hear the sensual moans of his lover and feel the bucks and twitches of the huge cock as he did so.

Leo noticed something strange. Claves’s hand seemed to be glowing, but he didn’t have time to say anything about it. “You wouldn’t ” Was all Leo managed to say before Claves pressed his hand against the side of his shaft. The enchantment coursed through the length of his dick and spread through his balls. Leo could feel the jizz in his balls churning as the production ramped up. Leo knew he should have expected at least some retaliation for his little stunt, but he had underestimated his boyfriend’s love of making a scene.

Leo’s cock was streaming pre like a fountain by this point. The viscous liquid was quickly streaming down his impressive cock and seeping into the carpet below. “If you’re not careful you’ll end up making quite the mess ” Leo managed to croak up between hollow gasps.

“What? Little old me? It looks like you’re the one who is making the mess.” Claves replied saucily as he continued the dig his fingers into the spongy tip of his lover’s massive cock. Claves deeply massaged the head as he listened to the shallow gasps and slight whimpers coming from his boyfriend. Leo’s cock was lurching violently and the head was puffing up as the blue haired shopkeeper struggled to keep his load down.

The sound of someone clearing their throat loudly momentarily distracted Claves from publicly teasing his boyfriend. “Sirs. We must insist that you cease this at once.” came the stern voice.

Claves looked down at the pair of tuxedo clad waiters who were staring him down like a pair of bouncers. Claves smiled politely as he looked down at the two servers. “Oh, don’t worry.” He replied warmly. “We were just finishing up.” Claves rapped on the soft, tender underside of his lover’s cock, right below the head. Just as Claves had predicted, that was the last straw for Leo. He let out a muffled moan as his cock erupted with jizz like a freshly opened bottle of champagne.

The jets of cum were so thick and so powerful that it splattered against the ceiling and the light fixtures well above the couple. Leo tried to fight back and limit the extent of the damage, but he was so pent up and once he got started like this it was very hard to stop. Massive wads of spunk clung to the expensive chandelier, and huge gobs of jizz crashed down all around the room, splashing down in customer’s food and drink and even landing on the patrons themselves.

The thick spunk began pooling on the floor, flooding the dining hall with cum, and yet still, Leo could not stop the flow of jizz erupting from his cock. The sensation was far beyond anything he had experienced before. It was not just that his cock was enlarged, although there was certainly that. At its current size it was not just that it had doubled in length, but girth as well. The sheer size of it had grown exponentially as had the sensations. Even without the spell that Claves had undoubtedly cast to increase his sensitivity, Leo’s body was wracked with the intense euphoria that came from experiencing orgasmic pleasure throughout the entire length of a cock that was larger than the rest of his body. Even his enormous, boulder sized nuts were wracked with bliss as the tensed up and squeezed every last drop of spunk out into his cock. Leo was partially aware of things going on around him, but they came in a distant second to the sensations in his cock. He was aware of the warm spunk lapping against his legs as the water level rose ever high. He had a vague inkling of the hail of spooge that had coated his entire body by now. Leo even had a pretty good understanding of the ire that was directed at him from the rest of the equally saturated diners, but he could not bring himself to really care. This was the most amazing sensation in his life, and he no longer cared about trying to stop it.

Finally Leo’s bursts tapered off and his nuts felt empty for the first time in what felt like weeks. He struggled to steady his breathing as he felt the warm liquid sliding off his face. It wasn’t just spooge that coated him, though. The orgasm had been so intense that he was dripping sweat as well.

“I think it’s time we made out exit.” Claves remarked coolly as he looked around at all the angry patrons.

“I doubt they’ll ever let us in here again.” Leo commented between gasps.

“Well yeah, but I’m not too upset. The portions were weak.” Claves joked as he reached down to pull his boyfriend up from his seat.

Leo staggered to his feet. His now soft cock was spread out several feet in front of him. It was now a good deal thicker than his waist, and so long that the last few feet of it rested solidly on the ground. Even though his nuts had just been emptied, they too were so large that they grazed the ground as he stood up straight. He could already feel his nuts steadily inflating. Claves’s spell was nowhere near done running its course.

Claves gripped Leo’s hand tightly and made his way towards the doorway. Leo staggered awkwardly along behind as he struggled to walk with his newly enhanced cock. Even without his massive dong slowing him down, it would have been slow going slogging through the knee deep lake of jizz.

They reached the doorway which was currently shut tight. Many unhappy diners had tried to escape when the room started flooding, but they all discovered that the doors opened inward. The deep pond of spooge made it nearly impossible to doors through sheer strength alone. Claves thought fast, and came up with an idea, though. His list of spells that he knew were limited, but he did know one that could work in this situation.

A quick flick of the wrist and a muffled incantation later, the doors began to shimmer. Claves reached for the handle and, sure enough, the doors slid open easily. “What did you do?” Leo managed to ask. He was constantly surprised by how quick Claves was on his feet both literally and figuratively.

“You know that old water-lock spell, right? It was just a hunch, but I figured it would repel liquids, right? So all that cum bounced right off the door.” Claves explained quickly as they continued their escape.

They made a few quick turns down various roads and alleys before coming to a stop in a fairly empty stretch of road. “Whew. That was a fun escape. Not used to having to actually take someone else with me, though.” Claves remarked as he tried to stifle his laughter.

“Yeah. I knew you would make a scene, but I never imagined that you would go that overboard.” Leo commented as he fought to catch his breath. He hadn’t managed to fully recover before he got dragged along by his fleeing lover so now he was even more winded than before. “Surprised you didn’t try and steal anything.”

“What? I’m insulted.” Claves responded. There was a look of pain and betrayal in his eyes. “I don’t try. I do.” He added with a wink as he slipped a hairpin into Leo’s blue, jizz-streaked hair. “Just wash it off a bit, and it’ll be good as new.” Claves said with a mischievous smirk.

“When did you ” Leo began to ask, but he was cut off when Claves planted a deep passionate kiss on his lips. He could feel the thief’s three foot semi steadily boning up between them. Claves steadily worked on undoing the buttons on the front of Leo’s vest while they made out passionately. In no time at all, Claves had taken Leo’s vest and shirt completely off. Leo meanwhile kicked off his shoes and the tattered wreckage of his slacks. The two of them continued to make out, completely naked, in the middle of the sparsely populated street.

Claves straddled Leo’s enormous cock and rocked his hips back and forth, using his thighs and butt to stroke his lover’s steadily hardening dick. Claves held his own large cock with his right arm to keep it from getting in the way while he and his lover continued to lock lips.

“Right here?” Leo managed to ask between kisses.

“Not like you can go anywhere anyway.” Claves shot back with a devious grin. It was true though, and Leo knew it. As a result of both Claves’s spell and his own arousal, his nuts had swollen so large that he couldn’t move even if he had wanted to. “And besides, I still haven’t had a chance to get off yet.” Claves added with a lascivious grin. Claves’s own balls had been steadily swelling through the course of their little escapade and were now both the size of large bean bag chairs. They were not just awkward and cumbersome, but so sensitive that he could barely focus on fleeing.

“Now for my favorite part.” Claves said in a sultry whisper. Leo didn’t even need to ask what the thief meant. Claves deftly maneuvered back up his boyfriend’s gigantic cock and positioned himself atop the head. Leo’s dick was even thicker around than Claves’s waist, but he knew that would in no way deter his pink haired lover. Claves flashed a winning smile down at his boyfriend as he lined up the slit with his own quivering hole.

Claves slowly eased himself down. He felt a bit of resistance when the tip of Leo’s massive cock pressed up against his hole, but that quickly passed. The thief moaned loudly as he felt himself being stretched wider by the second to accommodate the colossal cock. Leo could do nothing but watch in awe as he saw his boyfriend’s hips spread wider to accept Leo’s dick inside of him. Claves slowly slid down the length of the shaft, his body stretching and shifting as he did so.

Claves finally slowed to a halt about halfway down. Claves had apparently reached his limit, but he was too contented to care that there was still almost three feet of cock left exposed. Claves was suspended above the street, impaled on his lover’s gigantic cock, but he was in heaven. It had been quite awhile since he had been stretched so wide, and he could already tell that he was going to be pumped full of an immense load any second how.

Claves shifted and shimmied as best he could, using his entire body to jack off his lover’s enormous dick. He could feel the shudders and bucks from Leo’s cock reverberating through his entire body. Claves’s cock began to ooze pre rapidly as he felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming without even stroking his cock. Leo’s field of view quickly became obscured by Claves’s nuts as his own cock got so hard that it lifted the thief even higher into the air. When Leo’s cock finally reached its full upright and locked position, Claves’s crotch was just a little bit above eye level for Leo. Clave’s huge cock jutted straight out, right over top of Leo’s head. Leo craned his head back and reach up to pull down his lover’s cock so that he could lick and rub up against the glorious cock. Leo held the cock to his face and took a moment to just bask in the warmth of his lover’s dick. He could feel the steady shudders and the rhythmic pulsing as the soft ridge on the underside puffed up. Leo tried his best to hold onto Claves’s cock even as he felt himself lose control of his own, but as the intense pleasure wracked his body all over again, he could not muster the strength to clutch the glorious shaft close to him.

Claves felt is lover’s gigantic cock shudder, flex, and buck one last time before huge torrents of jizz flooded into him. Claves could do nothing but grin and happily rub his belly as gallons and gallons of warm, thick spunk flooded into him. The volume of jizz and the strength of the current was so much that he could see his gut swelling almost instantly. He grinned happily as he watched his previously flat stomach bulge and swell before his eyes. He loved this part. He loved the way it felt to have his lover’s seed flood into him and fill up each and every nook and cranny. He loved the feeling of his stomach slowly swelling as more and more cum flooded into him. He loved how warm and happy it made him feel his enormous jiggly cum laden belly roiled and sloshed. His gigantic gut was already getting too large for him to wrap his hands around and showing no signs of slowing.

Claves couldn’t hold back anymore. He let out a soft grunt as his cock lurched and began spewing thick jets of spooge across the empty street. His load splashed against the grey, stone wall of a small business and oozed down onto the cobblestone street below. Jet after jet launched from his cock and splattered against the road and buildings. All the while his belly continued to swell and expand.

Finally, the two lovers’ streams tapered off and their cocks softened. Claves was slowly lowered to the ground as the immense spire that he was impaled upon finally drooped down low. Finally Claves was low enough that his feet touched the ground. He shifted his weight so that his huge, jiggly gut was no longer mashed against Leo’s face. Leo’s cock slid the rest of the way out of the thief’s ass with a noisy plop.

“That was amazing.” Leo managed to gasp.

“You’re telling me.” Claves cooed as he happily rubbed his absolutely massive cum-flooded belly. His gut was so large that he couldn’t even see over it, and it drooped down so low that it touched the ground in front of him. He spread his arms wide to hug his gigantic belly, but his arms couldn’t even make it halfway around. “I can already tell I am going to love your new dick.” Calves said with a contented sigh.

“Sorry to rain on your parade, but I think I’ve only got an hour left of this size.” Leo replied dejectedly. “The legends are misleading. My research has led me to believe that it only lasts a few hours, and I’ll most likely be exceedingly ill for the next few days.”

“Totally worth it, though.” Claves murmured happily as he buried his face in his inflated gut. “We’ll have time for one more go before you shrink back down, right?”

“In theory, but I don’t think it wise to do it here.” Leo explained as he looked around at the small crowd of onlookers that had arrived during their loud and lurid public display of affection. “Can you move?”

“Yeah, sure No problem.” Claves responded with a grunt. He stood up straight and awkwardly staggered forward a step or two before stopping to catch his breath. “Might need you to guide me, though.” He added with a grin.

Leo staggered to his feet and grabbed a hold of Claves’s hand. The two of them made their way slowly through the city streets. They made quite the odd sight. Leo’s six foot semi bobbed and swayed in front of him with each and every step, and Claves was dragging along his colossal cum-laden belly.

“I can’t believe you do this on a regular basis.” Leo commented aloud as he tried to tune out all the gazes from the various city-dwellers. Some looked lusty, some seemed impressed, and a few seemed downright incensed. Leo was feeling very exposed and embarrassed to have his immense junk openly on display. His could already feel his balls refilling and his shaft hardening a little. He tried to rationalize that it was just Claves’s spell still affecting him, but deep down he knew that he was honestly enjoying the glances.

“You get used to it pretty quick.” Claves replied, but then added with a wink. “It’s a lot of fun isn’t it?”

“Maybe for you. You can hide behind your mask.” Leo shot back. He was still trying unsuccessfully to tune out all the onlookers, but the more he thought about it, the less he saw the point.

“If it makes you feel any better, none of them are looking at your face.” Claves replied jokingly. Leo let out an annoyed sigh, but a small smile was playing at the corner of his lips. As he walked home his stride got steadily more prideful and his posture got steadily bolder. His massive, six foot long rigid cock bobbed and swayed with each and every determined step he took as pre steadily flowed from the tip. Leo didn’t say so out loud, but he definitely felt like he could get used to this.


Gate of Eros

Claves folded his lean, toned arms in front of his defined chest and huffed in annoyance. “Jeez, why do I have to get stuck with the scrub club tonight?” To say that Claves was irritable today would be putting it mildly. He had his reasons for working alone, and having the newbs horning in on his turf made him uncomfortable.

“It’s quite logical, really. You see, section C of the Arcanum Reclamation and Exploration Codex states that all Arcanum sanctioned archeological evaluations must be conducted in the presence of an authorized official.” Tim stated matter-of-factly. Claves was about ready to reach over and stifle that nerdy little caster when a swift slender hand reached over and caught his wrist.

“Just leave it be.” Leo said calmly as he stared down his irritated boyfriend. Claves grimaced at his tall lover, but made no further efforts to mute their loquacious friend. Leo let out an exasperated sigh, but then slipped his hands into his neatly tailored vest pockets and continued following after the mage.

“And why are you here, anyway?” Claves grumbled at his blue haired boyfriend.

“To make sure you don’t strangle our little friend over there.” Leo explained only half jokingly.

“Little.” The pink haired thief scoffed. While it was true that the wiry sorcerer was the shortest and slimmest of the trio, little was not the word that Claves would use to describe the mage. Tim was gifted with by far the biggest dick of the three. The beast stood at a full six feet tall when inflated to its true glory. Claves was more than a little jealous of the mage and even more irked by the great lengths the enchanter went to to hide his impressive endowments. To anyone who might be looking at the three, Tim seemed to be the most normally proportioned of the bunch. His enormous cock and balls were safely tucked away from view using some fancy magic or enchantment. Claves didn’t know the details. He only knew that it pissed him off.

“This is our chance to get in the good graces of the Arcanum. It’s best not to let something like this pass us by.” Leo admonished his bratty lover. “Besides, this will be fun. It’s so rare that we get to go out and do things together.” He added happily.

“We are breaking into an abandoned research lab of some nut job rogue magi. This isn’t like some date!” Claves grumbled.

Leo quickly spun around and grabbed the lithe thief by the sides of his face and pulled the thief in for a passionate kiss. Claves was so stunned that he didn’t make any effort to fight back. He could feel his boyfriend’s tongue work its way into his mouth. Claves moaned softly in spite of himself. Leo always knew exactly how to play him. That was part of the reason that Claves loved him, but it was also the reason that the bookish shopkeeper pissed him off half the time.

“That still doesn’t make it a date.” Claves sputtered when they finally broke apart. He folded his hands in front of his lean, toned chest again and turned the face the other way in a defiant huff, but he didn’t manage to hide the slight pinkish tinge that had spread across his cheeks or the fact that his exposed massive dong had chubbed up considerably.

“Whatever you say, dear.” Leo replied in a teasing singsong voice as he slipped his hands back into his pockets and set off after the silver haired enchanter who was still rattling on about rules and regulations. Leo had enjoyed the kiss just as much as his boyfriend had, if not more, as was evidenced by his own gigantic dick pressing even harder against the front of his finely tailored black slacks. Claves grumbled a bit, but then bounded after the others.

“—so in the event of the discovery of a powerful artifact, it falls to the Arcanum representative to de-gurk.” Tim’s lecture was cut painfully short as a powerful tug on the hood of his beige Arcanum robes caused him to topple backwards. His eyes went wide in shock as he saw a fiery inferno erupt from the tile he had been standing on less than a second before. He let out a soft “oof.” as he made impact with the cold tile floor, but the pain was far better than being burnt to a crisp. When the stars finally faded from his eyes, he was staring up past the guy’s massive schlong and into the black butterfly mask the hid the master thief’s face.

“And that’s why I work alone.” Claves said flatly before stomping on ahead. “Seriously, it’s like you guys don’t even take my work seriously.” Claves continued to gripe and moan as he casually sidestepped an ice lance and then ducked under a crackling blade of lightning. “It’s like, Oh gee! There’s an empty wizard citadel! Let’s just walk in the front door! How hard can it be?” Claves said mockingly as he continued his diatribe. Claves effortlessly grabbed a spectral sword and smacked it against the other one that had just appeared in front of him. The two magics negated each other causing both swords to harmlessly disintegrate.

Tim made a motion like he was about to interrupt, but Leo placed a hand on the mage’s shoulder and gestured for him to stop. “Let him get it out of his system.” Leo said softly as he flashed the mage a reassuring grin.

“And one more thing!” Claves shouted back to the others while effortlessly hopping over a pit of spikes. “Is it so hard to find a mask or something? You’re not even trying to hide your identities.” Claves grumbled as he pointed towards his friends’ choice in attire. Claves turned and delivered a strong, powerful kick against one of the panels on the far wall. The stone cracked and crumbled away into pebbles revealing a small pedestal with a glowing pink gem resting atop it. The thief reached in and unceremonious yanked the gem out and tossed it over his shoulder. The small crystal clinked harmlessly on the floor before turning black and crumbling to dust.

“To be fair, I don’t think anyone is really fooled by your disguise. You just use it as an excuse to flaunt your goods in public.” Leo called back teasingly.

“Oh, you know you enjoy it.” Claves responded in a similarly teasing manner. He looked back over his shoulder and stuck his tongue out as his boyfriend as he shook his hips, flaunting his firm, round, bubble butt for his friends. He straightened back up and pressed a few seemingly random bricks in the wall which caused the wall to open up, revealing a hidden passage way. Claves looked back over his shoulder and gestured towards the doorway. “Well come along then, it’s safe now.”

The mage and shopkeeper watched the thief stroll nonchalantly through the newly opened doorway. Leo let out an exasperated sigh, but then took off after his boyfriend. “Sometimes it’s best to just let him get it out of his system,” he repeated to the bewildered mage as they made their way down the hall. They entered the new room only to find that it was completely empty except for a strange portal that stood in the center. The portal was framed by what appeared to be a golden gilded doorframe and was covered by a pair of sheer, red drapes. Beyond the drapes was a swirling pink vortex. Claves was cautiously inspecting a strange doorway.

“Cool. There’s nothing on the other side.” He exclaimed as he stepped behind the doorway and then remerged on the opposite side.

“Woah ” Tim gasped, being uncharacteristically quiet.

“You know what this is?” Leo asked his robed friend.

“I have only heard of them in stories. It’s a Gate of Eros!” Tim squeaked. “They say that whoever steps into it becomes the physical embodiment of their ideal mate.”

“Sounds fun!” Claves said brightly as he leapt through the portal.

“Wait!” Tim tried to call after the eager thief, but it was too late. Claves had long since vanished into the pink void.

“I take it there’s more to the story.” Leo replied flatly.

“Yes. The legends say that once inside, there is no escape. You become a slave to your lust and get locked into an endless cycle of debauchery.” Tim replied softly. The fear was evident in his eyes.

“Huh. Back home we just call that Tuesday.” Leo said with a chuckle as he too stepped into the portal.

“Oh… this is bad .” Tim squeaked. The mage looked back at the exit for a moment and made a few steps towards it, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave his friends. “This is such a bad idea ” Tim moaned before he too leapt into the portal.

Claves was standing in the middle of a large room. He had to admit, he liked the décor they had going. All eight of the walls were paneled with mirrors, and the floor was made of a soft, plush red velvet pillow. Above him hung a canopy of red drapes similar to the ones that framed the doorway he had entered from. Claves looked around for a moment and realized that the entrance had long since vanished.

Claves turned around as he heard a sound like wind whooshing through a narrow alley. What he saw made him grin lasciviously. Tumbling out of one of the mirrors was an exact duplicate of himself, right down to the blue cloak and black mask. The only minor difference was that the new Claves had a slightly shorter and a bit narrower cock.

“You have great taste in men, babe.” Claves commented playfully at the double that he knew to be his boyfriend.

Leo was about to make some snarky comeback, but before he could, another figure came tumbling through the mirror. A third Claves fell into the room, landing right on top of the second.

“Oh, well now this is fascinating.” The third Claves remarked as he scoped out his new body. “Yes, I do suppose this makes sense, although it appears that the enchantment from the scepter overrides even the affects of the Gate ” The third Claves mused as he noticed his own immense dick spilling out in front of him. His cock dwarfed his body, and his massive bean bag sized balls rested solidly on the ground.

“Hmm, yes. I’ll need to make a note of this what? Where’s my notes?” Tim exclaimed as he patted himself down looking for any pockets. His current blue cloak and black mask afforded him no place to stash his research notes or his Arcanum key.

It was then that Tim became aware of the others in the room. “One ” He counted as he pointed to himself. “Two ” He said as he pointed to Leo, who like himself was a lithe, pink haired, young man clad in nothing but shoes, a cloak, and a mask. “Three ?” He said incredulously as he pointed to the third thief.

“You narcissistic little shit.” Leo said snarkily as he flashed his boyfriend a sassy grin.

“What? I’m hot as hell and proud of it.” Claves responded as he returned the sassy grin tit for tat.

“Well, I suppose I should be glad that you didn’t turn into some blue haired prince.” Leo said with a wry smile.

“Ah, Mon Scherry A bit to twinky even for me, but I’ll admit, I do love that dick.” Claves responded with a sly wink. Leo let out an exasperated sigh and shook his head.

“So now what do we do?” Tim asked meekly.

“I know what I’m going to do!” Claves shouted happily as he pounced on his boyfriend. “Or should I say I know who I am going to do.” He added with a sly grin. Claves was positively giddy. This was literally a dream come true for him.

“I’ll wait here, I guess ” Tim said awkwardly as he watched the two thieves make passionate love on the floor in front of him. Tim was trying not to stare, but he kept finding his eyes straying back to the lewd scene playing out before him. He really couldn’t deny that he thought Claves was the hottest guy he had ever met. Not after he had transformed into the aforementioned thief when he had tumbled through the Gate of Eros, and two Claveses making out with each other was almost too much for his mind to take. He tried to block the view out of his mind, but his monstrous cock was already hardening and his huge nuts were rapidly swelling as well as his libido kicked into overdrive.

“You’re not getting out of this that easy.” One of the Claveses said. Tim could tell instantly from the tone of the guy’s voice and the sly grin on his face that this one was Leo. Tim stared in dumbstruck awe at the ridiculously sexy pair of lean, toned, pink haired guys standing before him. Both thieves’ huge, erect cocks were already streaming pre. Their flushed faces and rapidly swelling nuts were a testament to just how horny they both were.

The twin thieves sidestepped Tim’s gigantic cock and came up beside him. He felt their lips touch his cheeks in unison and saw their giant twin cocks press up against each other in front of his eyes. The oozing tips of the twin cocks mashed against each other as if they too were making out passionately. Tim could feel the identical pair of hands reach down and stroke his painfully rigid cock while the opposite pair of hands reached down and felt up his wonderfully firm bubble butt. Tim squeaked slightly as he felt the twin mouths slowly kiss a path down the side of his face and down the nape of his neck on both sides in unison. As the identical guys passionately kissed the napes of his neck, he felt two identical pairs of fingers slip into his tight hole.

Tim gasped and then moaned as his massive cock shuddered and twitched. He was so overcome by his own libido and the sensations of being serviced by two identical versions of his crush at once that he couldn’t even muster a the resolve to try and stop the tidal wave of cum that was building in the base of his cock. His colossal dick shuddered as huge, thick spurts of jizz launched forth and splattered against the far mirror, completely coating it in the process. He came and came again, and yet he never felt any closer to feeling fulfilled. His nuts continued to swell and swell despite the constant torrent of jizz erupting from them. It took him several minutes to realize that neither of the twin thieves was servicing him anymore. With the outside stimulation cut off, Tim was able to eventually slow the hail of cum that was erupting from his gigantic dick, but by the time he finally managed to stop shooting, the entire far wall was completely drenched and the entire room wasfilled with a foot deep pool of spunk.

“Impressive.” The Leo Claves said while stroking his own painfully erect cock.

“Tch. Such a waste. You should have held off until I could mount that thing.” The real Claves commented with playfully feigned annoyance while he too stroked his rock hard, shuddering cock.

“Relax. I’d say he has plenty more to go around.” Leo said as he poked one of Tim’s massively engorged nuts with his toe. Tim’s swollen balls were now so huge that they dwarfed his body. It was like he had two king sized waterbeds strapped to the base of his giant cock.

“There’s no way I am passing up a chance like this.” Claves said fiercely. A huge, lascivious smile was plastered on his face and his eyes had a determined glint to them as he eyed every inch of the enchanter’s titanic cock.

Despite being weighed down by his own turgid, beanbag sized nuts, Claves scurried up Tim’s gigantic shaft and perched himself atop it. The beast was bigger than he was in every way, but he didn’t let that discourage him. Claves let out a slight whimper of sheer bliss as he lowered himself down upon the shaft. His hips spread wider and wider as he slowly sank down farther and farther along to soft head of the giant cock. He continued to sink down along the shaft until he could go no farther. His whole body was stretched so thin across the surface of the massive dick that he looked like a pale condom with limbs, a dick and balls, and a head sticking out from it. He sighed contentedly as he rubbed his hands along his thinly stretched torso. It had been far too long since he had been stretched out anywhere near this thin, and it was just going to get better when the behemoth he was impaled on exploded once more.

Claves managed to open his eyes and the sight before him made his heart skip and his cock twitch. He was staring face to face with his own handsome visage. He couldn’t imagine anything hotter or more erotic. His double reached up and grabbed him by the sides of the face and pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. Claves’s mind was reeling. He couldn’t even process all the sensations he was feeling anymore. His whole body shuddered and convulsed along the enchanter’s massive shaft. Claves didn’t even try to fight it. He lost himself in the passionate kiss as his cock erupted into a hail of spooge.

The angle that Claves was suspended at left his cock aimed directly at Leo’s chest, but the nerdy guy in an athletic thief’s body made no effort to move out of the way when he realized what was happening. In fact, he welcomed it. He continued to hold his boyfriends handsome face in close as they locked lips while Claves hosed him down with his spunk. The thick, gooey wads clung to Leo’s pale skin in globs. In a matter of seconds, Leo’s entire chest, stomach, cock, and even his balls were completely coated in spooge, but still he held their embrace. The twin thieves’ tongues clashed passionately in their mouths.

Finally the lovers broke apart. Claves’s eyes fluttered open and he gazed down longingly at his mirror image. No words were exchanged between them, but Claves understood perfectly. Leo moved slightly so that his impressive three foot long cock was aimed directly at the thief’s face. Claves greedily wrapped his lips around the massive cock and hungrily sucked and slurped as much of his own cum off as he could. Leo moved forward, shoving more and more of his huge dick into his lover’s greedy mouth.

“I always knew I would find a use for that sassy mouth of yours.” He said playfully as he continued to stroke and pump his rigid dick.

It had taken an inhuman amount of willpower to hold back as long as he had, but Tim had long since reached his breaking point. He let out a loud moan of pure sexual release as the dam finally broke. A seemingly infinite amount of cum erupted from his cock and flooded into the thief’s awaiting belly. The sheer volume of spunk flooding into him was so much that Claves’s gut began to swell and stretch almost instantly. The enchanter continued to moan as gallons upon gallons of spunk flowed through his sensitive cock every second, and yet, his nuts didn’t seem to be shrinking at all.

Claves was in a state beyond ecstasy. He could feel his belly stretching pleasantly far beyond anything he had felt before. He couldn’t have stopped his own flow of jizz even if he had wanted to. He was so wrapped up in the sensation of being flooded with cum that he wasn’t even able to process what was happening at first when he tasted a very familiar bitter, salty flavor cross his tongue.

Leo had never seen Claves so happy before. To say the least, he was a bit jealous of Tim and the way the enchanter was able to fill Claves in such a way, but Leo didn’t let it get him down. He was happy just seeing Claves happy. It didn’t hurt that his boyfriend was currently giving Leo one hell of a blowjob in the process as well. Leo wasn’t even sure if Claves was aware that he was doing it. The pink haired thief seemed so far out of it that his sucking on the tip of Leo’s cock was probably just some instinctive reaction at this point. Leo wasn’t complaining though. It felt amazing. Soon enough, Leo had reached his limit too. His own thick loads burst forth from his dick and flooded into the thief’s eager mouth. Claves seemed to instinctively slurp and suck down as much of the gooey wads as he could, but there was far too much for him. Huge gobs of jizz leaked out the sides of the thief’s mouth as he struggled to gulp more and more down. All the while, Claves’s gut continued to swell and swell.

Soon enough, Claves’s belly had gotten so huge that it even touched the plush floor, but it did not stop there. Tim’s seemingly infinite torrent of spunk continued to flood into him making his belly bigger and fuller by the second. In a matter of minutes, Claves’s gut had been inflated so full he was suspended on the side of the gigantic balloon of jizz while his belly brushed against the ceiling.

Claves had long since been lifted out of range of Leo’s dick, leaving the bookish clerk alone to watch the action unfold. Claves had swollen to sizes hitherto unheard of. Leo stared on in awe as a giant balloon continued to swell and swell before him. Claves’s gut soon filled up every inch of the room in front of him. Leo could hear the sounds of glass cracking as the thief’s gut pressed forcibly against the mirrored walls. The cracking sounds became louder and more frequent as Claves’s cum bloated tummy continued to outgrow the confines of the room. Leo soon found himself pinned between one of the mirrors and a giant, fleshy jizz balloon.

It was then that something truly bizarre happened. It was as if reality itself shattered and fell to pieces around them. As the very air around him splintered and collapsed, Leo caught glimpses of the barren, grey stone room they were in before. Soon, every inch of the red velvet, mirrored room had fallen away in a shower of glass, leaving the trio back in the original room.

With the magic of the Gate of Eros now gone, Tim was finally able to make some headway against his rapidly swelling balls. In but a few minutes he had fully drained his nuts, causing them to revert back to their normal beach ball size. His now soft dick slid out of the thief’s sloppy hole with a gooey plopping noise. Tim took a brief look at himself and saw that he was once again lean and boney. He let out a small chuckle before passing out from the exhaustion that came from a nearly twenty minute orgasm.

Leo was the first to recover. He took the time that he had to himself to pick up the remains of their articles of clothing. Very little of them remained, but at least he was able to recover Tim’s Arcanum key and all of the enchanter’s notes. He let out a sullen sigh as he looked over the ruined scraps of fabric. It looked like they were once again going to have to stagger home bare assed naked.

On the plus side, Leo could see that a new door had opened up for them. It seemed that somehow their lust filled escapade had broken the seal that had been barring them access to the vault. It would be awhile before they would be able to check it out, though. Leo knew better than to go exploring without their master dungeon guide to scope out traps for them, and it looked like it would take Claves hours to fully process all the jizz that had been pumped into him. Even now, the thief was suspended atop his massive belly that was the size of carriage.


Palatial Expanse

Scher’s bare feet plodded aimlessly against the cold, stone floor of the palace grounds. He was slowly adjusting to life with a massive cock. It had seemed like such a great thing at first, but it quickly became apparent just how difficult having a dick that was larger than his body could be. That’s not to say that he hated it, far from it in fact. He just wished that he could get out of the palace more.

The king had blown a gasket when Scher had returned home from his midnight rendezvous with the notorious thief. Scher had originally hoped to try and hide the changes for as long as possible, but seeing as it had taken an entire platoon of royal knights to hoist his jizz laden balloon of a body onto a cart and carry him back, that was completely out of the question. Then again, even if he had somehow gotten back home quietly, how exactly was he to hide his almost twelve feet of cock?

That question was the main reason he was confined to the palace. The king had decided it best if Scher lay low until they could find a way to undo the curse that had been cast on him. Spellcasters and sorcerers from around the world had come to the palace in hopes of breaking the spell and gaining the king’s trust and the sizeable reward that went along with it, but so far not a single one had managed to shave even an inch from the prince’s colossal wang. If anything Scherzo’s dick had grown considerably since that fateful night.

Scherzo’s cock was simply too big for him to get around normally. He had taken to using spells and enchantments to make the task easier. He scoured the palace library for any spells he could use, and he soon discovered he had a remarkable knack for magic. Before long he had converted just about every small area rug in the palace into a flying carpet which he used to help carry his immense junk. He currently had an array of twelve carpets gripping his gigantic package at various points causing his entire, enormous bait and tackle to float in front of him. This of course made it impossible for him to see, but he had found a way around that too. He had devised a method of scrying the area around him and displaying the entire scene in a small crystal ball which floated directly in front of his face.

It was incredibly awkward walking around in third person, but he had soon learned to adjust to the bird’s eye view of his own mobility. The hardest part was keeping his libido in check. The third person view meant that he was constantly staring at his own cock and marveling at just how much larger it was compared to his small, boyish body. Just seeing how massive it was compared his body and compared to everything around him for that matter, just got him hornier by the minute.

During the course of his weeks of isolation his magic powers had developed further and further which led to more and more growths in his junk. Now his dick had gone from a manageable eleven feet to monstrous twenty, and it was showing no signs of slowing. If anything it was requiring him to use more and more magic just to navigate the humongous tool which just caused his size to creep up ever faster.

Scher’s concentration was beginning to falter even before he passed by the grand fountain, but upon seeing that even just one of his massive nuts could fill the entire circular basin, he felt his concentration slip and his cock lurch. He loved that his junk was so massive. He had to deny it whenever the king and queen or court officials questioned him, but it was pretty hard to hide the fact that seeing the size disparity between his cock and just about anything else drove him wild. Already his dick was hardening and his already massive balls were swelling up from his arousal.

In a moment of weakness, Scher’s concentration broke completely which caused his animated carpets to flop lifelessly to the ground and his enormous cock and balls to thud audibly down atop them. Even Scher’s floating sight orb dissipated. Scher collapsed face down onto his own chubbed up cock and buried his face into the shaft. He could feel the warmth coming off of it and even hear the soft, audible churning sound of his own cum sloshing around inside of his titanic balls. His mind drifted towards the mysterious masked thief who had enchanted him.

Scherzo knew that Claves loved huge cocks, and there was no doubt in Scher’s mind that his dick was far and away the largest in the kingdom. Some small, hidden part of Scher’s mind cried out in joy every time the official measurements came in of his enormous size. He just knew that there was no way that Claves could pass up a chance to see such a specimen. Even if the thief wouldn’t come visit him personally, there would come a time where Claves could no longer resist the lure of such an immense cock.

Scherzo chuckled softly as he nuzzled against his enormous semi-boned wang. Just how much bigger would it need to get before the allure became too much for the sexy bunny to resist. Would it have to dwarf the palace? Scherz’s steadily boning cock gave a slight shudder in anticipation as the prince thought about it. Would it have to get so large that his towering, rigid spire could be seen from the far borders of the kingdom? Scherzo’s cock lurched in excitement at the mere thought of it.

“What are you doing out so late, young master?” Came the tired, high pitched voice that Scher immediately recognized as belonging to the old woman that had raised him. “And where are your clothes?” She added in admonishment.

Scher didn’t want to respond. What could he even say? It was one thing to let the various citizens get a good, hard look at his fantastic dick, but the old nanny was more of a mother to him than the queen. Being bare assed naked and fully boned in front of the woman who had raised him was almost too embarrassing to bear. There was no way he could try and play it off like nothing was happening. Maybe when he had but a few inches of dick which easily fit into his pants he could have pretended to not have a boner, but now that his fully boned cock stood taller than the walls that surrounded the courtyard, he had no way to hide it. Instead he dug his face in deeper against his cock in an effort to hide his blushing cheeks.

“I needed some air ” Scher finally murmured. “ and it’s not like I could find anything that’d fit me.”

The matron made a stern “tut tut.” sound. “At least put on a shirt or something. You’ll catch your death of cold at this rate, and then who would take the throne when your father steps down?” She scolded.

Scherzo softly grumbled in annoyance. Someone telling him he needed to act like a king seemed to be a daily occurrence lately. He had been old enough to take the throne for a while now, but the push to act more regal was a pretty recent phenomenon. Scher figured it had something to do with him now having a dick that could fill the throne room.

As his cock continued to creep up in size, it was becoming more and more difficult to keep it a secret. Scher had to spend most of his time locked away in his room so that none of the visiting dignitaries would catch sight of him. He felt like a prisoner in his own home. He whiled away his days reading books and using his scrying powers to draw the scenes out of the crystal records he had smuggled from the palace library. All the while he dreamt of some dashing hero coming to his rescue. In every one of his daydreams the hero had pink hair and wore a stylish black mask.

Scher was so lost in his musings that he had missed much of what the old caretaker was rattling on about. All he managed to catch was the last little bit. “ the best minds in the kingdom are working on a cure. You’ll be right as rain in no time. Just hold tight until then.” The matron said reassuringly.

Scher nodded and mumbled a halfhearted thanks for her kind words. He probably sounded a bit more forlorn than he had intended, but it was just as well. The longer people thought he actually wanted a cure the better. That said, he wasn’t opposed to the idea of shrinking down so that he could once again get out of the palace, and there was a certain allure to finding a way to reverse the growth if for no other reason than it gave him an excuse to go out and get cursed again.

Everything about the night he had been enchanted was so fantastic he could scarcely believe it had happened. If not for the massive cock and balls that he now had to lug around everywhere it would have been easy to play it off as a dream, but every inch of his body remembered how great it felt. It seemed like every night he found himself reliving the moment in his dreams; the way Claves’s cock stretched him wide as it plunged into him; the way his own cock and balls felt as they surged in size; the intensity of his need to cum despite the spells holding him back; and especially the way his body felt as it was pumped so full of jizz that his gut has expanded into a massive balloon of spunk. He found himself longing to once again experience that sensation.

Scher was so lost in his reveries that he hardly noticed how boned he was until the sound of large gobs of pre splattering loudly against the stone walkways snapped him out of it. His dick was shuddering visibly and streaming pre like a faucet. He knew he wasn’t going to be going anywhere until he got his libido under control. He just hoped he could keep himself in check long enough to flag down some guards to get him out of the courtyard and over to one of the designated draining spots. His recent daydreams had gotten him so worked up that his nuts had almost doubled in size. Even with his magical powers, there was no way he was going to be able to hoist his immense package. Just one of his balls was now the size of the royal carriage that the king rode on in the annual parade, and said carriage was the largest float in the parade!

Scher looked around to see if the old matron was still lurking around. He hoped to get her attention and have her call for assistance, but she was long gone. He wished he had paid more attention to what she was saying; it might have given some clue to where she had gone. As it was, he was literally stuck in the middle of the sprawling palace grounds with no one in sight to help him. He just knew if he creamed here he’d never hear the end of it. Not only would it be a pain to clean up, but the king and queen were expecting delegates from neighboring kingdoms to be arriving first thing in the morning. Even with the army of animated mops that the palace cleaning staff had at their command, there was no way they could clean it all before the guests began to arrive.

Scher focused on steadying his breath as best he could. He needed to get his libido under control. If he could just hold out until one of the patrols arrived he was sure he’d be fine. Surely they could muster the manpower to hoist him to safety.

Everything was going so well for the prince until suddenly he felt something bump against the extra-sensitive tip of his rigid cock. The impact sent shockwaves of pleasure up and down his twenty feet of cock. The sensations were so intense that Scher found himself moaning in spite of himself. His cock gave a hard lurch and began shuddering in anticipation of the impending wave of spooge that would no doubt coat the entire palace grounds.

“Well. At least someone is glad to see me.” A familiar voice said blithely. Even without looking Scher could see the smug grin in his mind’s eye. There was no doubt in his mind who the voice belonged to.

Scher managed to fight his arousal long enough to stare upwards at the head of his cock. What he saw simultaneously filled his heart with joy, his stomach with butterflies, and sent what little bit of logical thought he had left in his brain into high alert. Perched like a bell tower gargoyle atop the prince’s towering dick was none other than the kingdom’s most notorious and elusive thief. Claves’s huge, chubbed up cock drooped down over his gigantic balls and dangled down past his feet.

Scher was flooded with a multitude of emotions. He was so happy to see his crush in person, but at the same time, this was by far the most inopportune moment that the thief could have chosen to show up then again, Claves loved to make sure that his arrival was entirely on his terms. It wouldn’t surprise Scher at all if he discovered that Claves had been lurking in the shadow for ages waiting for the perfect moment to spring into action.

“You came!” Scherzo cried out happily. His cock gave a lurch as if it too was expressing joy in the thief’s arrival.

“So will you from the looks of it.” Claves teased playfully. He ran a hand across the tip of the prince’s enormous cock. The thief’s gentle touch sent ripples of bliss arcing through the prince’s colossal dick. Scher could do nothing but moan in ecstasy.

“Although it’d be a shame to ruin such a nice lawn ” Claves said playfully as he hopped off of Scher’s shuddering cock and landed gracefully directly behind the blue haired royal. A soft sound escaped Scher’s lips that was somewhere between a sigh of relief and a whimper of longing.

Scher stood there for a moment leaning against the shuddering spire that was his own cock as he fought a battle against his raging hormones. Claves sat back and watched the prince’s lurid expressions with bemused fascination. The thief loved playing with the little royal, but his goal wasn’t to make the little prince blow his load all over the royal flower garden not yet anyway.

After a minute of struggling against his own desire to cum, Scher finally managed to bring his libido back into check. The small, slender prince was panting heavily and his face was flushed pink with arousal. Once he had finally worked up the resolve, Scher looked over at Claves and asked, “Why didn’t you come sooner?”

Claves was taken aback by the pain and longing in the prince’s voice, but he tried to play it off as best he could. “Even for me, sneaking into the royal palace is no small feat.” The thief said as he flashed the prince a smug grin.

“What if you didn’t have to sneak in?” Scher suggested. The look in the prince’s eyes made it clear that he was about to start pleading with the thief before he had even stated his intent.

Claves cocked his head to the side and looked upon the prince. “You’re just going to open the door and let the world’s most notorious thief waltz in and out? That kind of takes all the fun out of it.” The bunny said blithely. What little of his face that was visible had a look of bemused fascination as he waited for the prince to continue.

Scher looked down at his feet as he spoke. “I’m the prince ” he muttered nervously. “I could I mean you don’t have to come in as a thief I could have you knighted ” the prince stammered. After a moment of awkward silence, Scher finally worked up the nerve to look up at the thief’s face. Claves still had the same bemused grin as he had had earlier.

“I mean I’ve seen you fight.” Scher gushed. “You could be the captain of the guard!”

Claves grin faltered and he let out a soft, reluctant sigh. “Do you really think I could stay here?” He asked the prince.

Scher perked up immediately. He had completely misinterpreted the nature of the question and began rattling on, “Yes! Of course! You could serve as my guard! You’d never have to sneak anywhere and you could come visit me anytime!”

Claves let out a wistful sigh and ruffled the prince’s hair. “That kind of life is not for me.” The thief said softly. “Think of it this way I know you love stories, right?”

Scher took a moment and looked the thief up and down as he tried to assess where this conversation was going. It already sounded like Claves was going to turn him down so he didn’t really want to continue the conversation, but he knew he had to see it through one way or the other. “Yeah ?” The prince replied skeptically.

“What’s your favorite part?” Claves asked. “Do you like the action? Maybe the suspense ?” The thief sidled in closer and whispered the next line seductively into the prince’s ear. “Or maybe the romance?”

Scherzo felt his knees go weak as he listened to the thief’s soft voice. “All of it ” The prince replied breathlessly.

“So we have a great tale full of action suspense romance!” Claves said dramatically. “How would you feel if I told you that story and all I told you was, ‘They live happily ever after’?”

Scher looked confused. “That’s not a story at all.”

“Isn’t it?” Claves replied cryptically. The tone of his voice and the sly grin on his face seemed to be goading the prince on to explain.

“Not at all! It’s just the ending! Where’s all the stuff that makes the story worth listening to?” The prince explained emphatically.

“Exactly.” The thief concurred. “The suspense is what I live for. The tests of skill. The feel of the wind against my skin as I dash across the rooftops. Now how can I have all that if I am cooped up in a castle?”

“It’s not like you’d be a prisoner ” Scher tried to argue, but his gaze dropped to the floor. It was clear he knew where this was going.

“It’s the same thing, isn’t it? I would be honor bound to remain at your side, and my station would mean that all doors in the kingdom are open to me.” Claves explained. “Where’s the fun in that?”

“But I wouldn’t be alone anymore ” Scher pleaded.

The pain in the prince’s voice actually made Claves want to drop everything and take him up on his offer, but there’s no way he could leave his life behind. What the prince needed was a friend, and that didn’t necessarily have to mean him. “Once we get you mobile again, you won’t need to worry about that anymore.” Claves reassured as he ran his fingers through the petit teen’s blue hair.

“They’re working on a cure ” Scher said quietly. “but they don’t know how long it’ll take and I don’t know if I want it ”

“You say cure like it’s some kind of disease.” Claves replied playfully.

“Well the king seems to think it is ” Scher replied.

“What if I told you I had a solution that might suit both of you?” Claves asked. Scher perked up instantly and gazed expectantly up at the taller thief.

“What? How do you mean?” Scher sputtered excitedly.

“You don’t need to reduce it You just need to get better at hiding it.” Claves responded cryptically. Scher furrowed his brows and waited for an explanation, but none were forthcoming.

“I’ve got a friend who could help you with that ” Claves said just as cryptically as before. The thief seemed to be mulling something over. “Hmm yes, I think that would work ” He muttered as he thought it out.

“What? What’s going on?” Scher asked. He was practically pleading for any information.

“I’ll explain after I do what I came here for.” Claves replied. His voice took on a lusty growl that made Scher’s still boned cock shudder in anticipation. “ but before we begin Did I hear correctly? There’s a rumor going around that whoever can help with your ‘little’ problem will be appointed the new royal tutor?”

“Yes!” Scher replied emphatically. He didn’t know how Claves could help him but having the thief as his personal tutor was almost as good as his original plan, and if it meant he’d be mobile again then even better.

“I see that look in your eyes.” Claves chided playfully. “But as I said, I won’t be the one to help you. I know someone who would be far better suited for the job.”

Scher looked crestfallen, but it didn’t last for long. Claves crept up behind him and kissed the prince’s neck and tenderly caressed the prince’s bare bottom. Claves could feel the prince shuddering from his touch. “And now for the reason I came ” Claves whispered lustily into the prince’s ear.

Scher knew that tone, and he knew what the thief wanted. As much as the prince wanted it too, he knew he had to resist. “Not here ” He muttered.

“Then where?” Claves asked playfully. “It doesn’t look to me like you are going anywhere.”

It was then that Scher became aware of just how much he had grown during the course of their conversation. Just being in the sexy thief’s presence had kept the prince in a constant state of arousal. His nuts had been steadily swelling the entire time. Now the two immense orbs filled much of the courtyard. Each one was the size of groundskeeper’s cabin which resided on the far corner of the gardens.

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t get budge you at this size.” Claves explained playfully. Scher knew he was right. He was stuck here until until he managed to cum.

“Unfortunately we’ll have to make this quick.” Claves whispered into the prince’s ears. “That old crone said she’d only keep the grounds clear for an hour.”

It was then that everything had begun to fall into place. The old caretaker had set this date up for them. That was how Claves had managed to slip past all the wards and guards that kept intruders at bay.

Scher tried to think of any other alternatives. Surely they could use a spell or something to transport him out of there and to somewhere where it was safe for him to unleash his load, but he knew that the castle’s own defenses prevented any such spells. He really was stuck here. He tried to search his memory for any other course of action, but his ability to think clearly was fading by the second. Claves’s soft kisses along his neck were driving the prince mad, and that’s not even factoring in what the thief’s hands were doing.

Claves slipped a gloved finger into the prince’s shudder hole. Scher inhaled sharply at the intrusion but then let out a soft moan of bliss. It was over for him then. He could no longer muster the resolve to fight back. All he wanted was to have the thief’s huge cock planted deep within him.

“I have a little confession to make ” Claves growled seductively into Scher’s ear. “ I’ve been getting myself ready for a while.”

Scher wasn’t sure what Claves meant, but he wasn’t confused for long. As Scher glanced back over his shoulder Claves flashed to prince a smug grin and nodded to indicate that the prince should look lower. Scher did so, and as his gaze fell upon the thief’s balls, the prince’s eyes went wide as saucers. Claves’s nuts were so huge that they rested solidly on the ground and were expanding before his very eyes. There was no doubt in Scher’s mind that the thief had used some enchantment to ramp up his production. The prince let out a soft whimper as he imagined being reamed by the thief’s enormous cock and being pumped full of spooge. Scher’s cock lurched hard and began to dribble pre even faster as he imagined just how full of spunk the pink haired hotty was going to pump him.

“That’s enough of that,” Claves chided playfully as he placed a gloved hand against one of the prince’s colossal nuts. Scher instantly felt the rush of energy surge through him. His balls began to swell once more, but what was more interesting was that the stream of pre from the tip of his cock had stopped. This was hardly the first time Claves had used such a spell on him. Scher knew that he was not going to be able to cum until the thief saw fit to allow it.

“ do it ” Scher murmured softly.

“What was that?” Claves asked playfully. “I couldn’t hear you. You’ll have to speak up.”

“I said do it ” Scher said slightly more forcefully.

“You’ll have to be more specific than that.” Claves teased. “There’s a lot of things I could be doing.”

“You know just do it ” Scher murmured. Claves couldn’t suppress his chuckle as he watched the prince squirm. They both knew what he wanted, but Claves wanted to see how long it would take the posh and proper princeling to say such a vulgar thing.

“Do what? Could it be that you want me to fuck you?” Claves asked playfully.

“Yes ” Scher whined pitifully.

“Yes what?” Claves asked. “I want to hear you say it.”

“ please f fu .” Scher stammered between hormone addled huffs.

“Come on It’s one syllable. How hard could it be?” Claves teased playfully.

“ fuck me ” Scher finally managed to utter softly.

“You’ll have to do better than that. I could barely even hear you.” Claves growled seductively into the prince’s ear and then returned to planting kisses on the nape of the boy’s neck.

“F-fuck me.” The prince groaned.

“Louder.” Claves growled sensually.

“Fuck me!” Scher cried out.

“Well If you insist ” Claves replied with a soft chuckle. The thief took a few steps back so he could aim his huge cock at the prince’s eager hole. Scher whimpered and shuddered as he felt the bunny’s thick dick stretching his hole. Claves went slow at first but once the tip was in he shoved the rest in in one swift motion. Scher cried out in ecstasy as he felt the immense cock ram into him. He could actually feel his gut stretching and distending to make room for the enormous tool.

Scher was so lost in ecstasy that he didn’t even care that there were no doubt several guards in ear shot or that his nanny was still most likely nearby. All he cared about was how great it felt to be so full of cock. He cried out with each and every thrust of the thief’s huge cock. He felt like his insides were being churned into butter, but that was just fine with him.

With each powerful thrust, Scher’s cock tilted ever so slightly forward until it was too far for it to remain upright. The two lovers were carried along as the titanic member fell forward and landed with a deafening thud against the stone pathway. The two lovers were far too lost in each other to really worry about the sudden change in venue. If anything it just made things easier for them. Now Claves was free to really dig in.

Claves grabbed the prince’s hips and buried his cock in down to the hilt which caused the prince to cry out louder than ever. Claves began reaming the prince so hard that Scher’s entire massive cock lurched back and forth with each thrust. With each pass, the tip of the prince’s cock mashed against the far wall of the courtyard. Each collision sent a shockwave of pleasure which arced through his cock and then exploded into his brain. He felt like he could cream just from that, but the feelings in his dick was nothing compared to the sensations that wracked the rest of his body.

Scher’s body was already warping and stretching pleasantly with each pass of the thief’s massive cock, but the second Claves began to cum, Scher entered a new and exciting world of bliss. His skin felt wonderfully warm and tingly as his gut began to stretch and swell. His hair stood on end as it felt like his whole body crackled with raw sexual energy. He couldn’t even form a rational thought anymore. All he could think about was how warm and wondrous he felt. With each passing second more and more of the thief’s spunk washed into him. Already his gut was so huge that he could no longer wrap his arms around it, and judging from the way the pink haired bunny was still plowing into him at full speed, Scher doubted Claves would be stopping anytime soon.

That was just fine with the prince. All he wanted was to feel like this forever. As his belly continued to swell and fill, it soon got to the point where his he was lying face down on a king sized mattress of bloated belly. His huge, swollen gut began to spill over the edges of his humongous cock.

Scherzo was barely even conscious by the time Claves finally reached his limit. The prince was left writhing in ecstasy. It was as if every millimeter of his body was begging to cum, but he was simply unable. He was stuck in a maddening state of perpetual bliss. All he could do was cry out in ecstasy as the sloshing reservoir of cum that was pumped into his belly gently rocked him back and forth. His cock shuddered and lurched but nothing came out. The prince continued to cry out. His voice was an orgasmic wail that simultaneously begged for more and pleaded for release, but there was no one to free him. The thief had once again vanished into the night.

Scher remained in that delirious state trapped between heaven and hell until the early morning light washed over the courtyard. A large crowd had gathered to gawk at the spectacle, but no one could do anything. None of the court wizards had ever heard of such a spell. The king had placed a call out to any and all enchanters that could save the prince from this curse, but so far no one had been able to do anything.

“Oh. Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry. I think this is the place?” A wiry little mage rattled on as he forced his way up to the front of the pack.

“This area is off limits.” The guard growled menacingly.

“Yes. Quite. Of course, but I was asked to come down here personally and see to the state of the young lord.” The mousey caster rattled on. “You see, as a member of the Arcanum I have insights into such matters that may or may not be useful, but I will not know until I see the see the subject first hand. This kind of spell it really quite rare, and I would love the chance to look upon-urk.”

The mage’s rambling was cut short when the guard brusquely grabbed the front of his robe and picked him by the collar. “Arcanum ” The guard growled into the mage’s face.

“What? Arcanum? Yes. Right. As I was saying.” The mage squeaked as he fumbled for his pendant that showed his rank within the order. “My name is Timpani. First apprentice to the high enchanter of the Arcanum.” Tim rattled on as he flashed his badge of office.

The guard growled menacingly, but put the mage back down and allowed Tim to pass. Tim quickly scurried over towards the bloated mound that was the prince and balked at the sight. Scher’s balls alone filled the entire courtyard, and even the massive slit of the prince’s enormous cock was taller than the scrawny caster, but what really got Tim’s attention was the lack of liquid flowing from the shuddering cockhead. “Yes. Quite. I really wish I hadn’t taught him that spell sometimes, but this is a very simple matter to reverse. All I have to do is undo the seal and then allow the built up pressure to handle the rest. If I could just yes, that should work and then factor in the first law of quantum hydraulics very good.”

Tim’s calculations were interrupted when one of the guards grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. “You can fix this!?” The guard asked. This new guard had much shinier armor and a sash that denoted a higher rank. He was obviously much more intelligent and rational that the grunts that were handling the crowd.

“What? Fix? Why yes. I believe I could. If you could just get the citizenry back so I can take care of the rest. It will be a simple matter. As I was saying I just need to—” Tim rattled on until he was once again cut off.

“Yeah. That thing you said. I don’t understand a word of it, but if you can help the prince, then I’ll leave ya to it.” The captain replied flatly.

Tim opened his mouth to say something, but the guard didn’t give him the opportunity. Without even a moment of hesitation, the captain was rushing towards the front lines to give the order. Tim merely stood there for a moment in bewildered silence, but then decided not to worry about it and go about his business.

“Let’s see a slight swish of the wrist, a flourish, aannnddd viola.” Tim said as he went through to motions of undoing the enchantment. He was actually quite impressed with the quality of the seal. He had been the one to design the original spell, but Claves had added a lot of personal touches to it. Tim was about to make a note to try and get the elusive thief to sit still long enough for a discussion into the finer points of the newly modified spell, but he was once again rudely interrupted.

“Is it done? Is the prince safe?” The captain asked. The seasoned soldier was practically begging the mage for answers.

“Huh? Oh yes. All I have to do is place my palm upon the subject to finish the incantation.” Tim said calmly as he leaned over and rested his hand upon the soft, spongy flesh of Scher’s shuddering cockhead. “I must say. I am impressed with your efficiency. I never would have imagined you could have successfully evacuated all those people in such a short period of time.”

“Evacuated?” The guard asked nervously.

“Oh my, yes. As I said, you need to get the people away from here because once I finish the incantation ” Tim’s voice drifted off as he looked over at his hand which was now resting against Scher’s cock. The prince’s massive dick was shuddering violently and the young lord’s cries were getting louder by the second.

“Oh dear ” Tim uttered meekly. “This could get messy ”

Scher cried out in pure sexual bliss as he finally managed to cum. Shot after, thick, massive, gooey shot of spunk erupted from his titanic cock. Each spray was enough to coat an entire building in his spooge, and there seemed to be no end to the amount of spunk stashed away in his colossal nuts.

Scher couldn’t see; he couldn’t hear; he couldn’t even think about anything other than how great he felt. With each new shot it felt like his brain was exploding like a firework of sexual frustration. After just three shots he lost the ability to shout altogether, and was reduced to a quivering, panting heap as his cock continued to fire away completely of its own volition.

Claves and Leo watched the scene unfold from atop a nearby rooftop. Claves gave an impressed sounding whistle as the first jet of spooge launched over the palace walls and rained down upon the main thoroughfare. There were gobs of jizz that were larger than people crashing down upon the crowd. Within seconds, everyone who had gathered to watch was completely drenched in the prince’s jizz, and Scher showed no signs of stopping.

Leo didn’t have near as good a view of the festivities as his boyfriend did. The lean clerk was too busy trying to catch his breath after clamoring up to the top level of a three story building.

“Why are you so tired? I practically carried you up here.” Claves sassed playfully.

Leo didn’t dignify his lover’s ribbing with a response. Instead he breathlessly asked, “Did you really have to leave him like that overnight?”

“I had to be sure that Tim was the one to free him. It’s not my fault that he was late.” Claves replied with a noncommittal shrug.

“Still that was a nice thing you did.” Leo replied.

Claves responded with a dismissive “pff.”

“You said it yourself, having an Arcanum official in our debt is good for business, and I can only assume that goes double for princes.” Claves explained huffily. “Plus once little Scherrie is out and about again it’ll make it so much easier to tease him.”

“Riiiight ” Leo responded sarcastically as he got up and dusted himself off. Leo then casually sauntered over towards the edge of the roof and dropped down onto the second floor balcony. Leo landed with a dull splat. The lake of spooge had already risen so much that it was beginning to spill over even onto the balcony.

Claves scurried over to the edge of the roof and leaned over to shout a retort back at his boyfriend. “I am not nice!” The thief cried out indignantly.

“Whatever you say, dear.” Leo replied dismissively as he ducked inside the house to get away from the rising tide.


Yuletide Balls

Claves perched atop a snowy rooftop and peered down at the streets below. He didn’t have any real goals in mind for tonight, but he just couldn’t sit still. There was too much excitement in the city this time of year for him to stay cooped up in his apartment. The lights, the sounds, the smells, Claves loved everything about the holidays everything except the lack of security.

It seemed like this time of year people didn’t seem interested in locking their doors or arming their wards. Everyone wanted to make their homes as accommodating as possible for the arrival of a certain jolly, old, fat man in a red suit. The lack of security took all the fun out of sneaking into places. Claves had even managed to slip right into the prince’s bedchambers, and he hadn’t even broken a sweat in doing so. It had been a bust though; the young prince was nowhere to be seen which Claves found quite surprising given the difficulty that lord Scherzo had with maneuvering his incredibly massive cock.

Claves was just about to call it a night when he saw something most unusual. Darting through the darkened streets below was a singular figure clad in something akin to the typical garb worn by apprentices at the Arcanum. To the untrained eye the young man’s outfit could even be said to be an Arcanum uniform, but there were some things that just didn’t add up.

For starters, the young mage was shuddering from the cold. Warmth spells were considered basic entry level magicks. Every apprentice at the Arcanum knew how to cast spells that allowed them to generate their own heat. Even Claves knew how to use that magic, and he had never had a day of formal training in his life. The heat emanating from his ensorcelled skin had caused the snow around him to melt into a puddle which now pooled at his feet.

Claves was currently clad in his trademark gear which consisted of nothing more than a mask, a cape, some boots and gloves, and his trusty satchel. Claves’s bare skin and massive cock were left exposed to the element, but he didn’t feel even the slightest chill. His enormous cock hadn’t experienced even the slightest bit of shrinkage from the weather. His huge, waist-thick schlong dangled down to his toes. The only thing stopping his enormous cock from touching the ground below was the fact that it was draped over his enormous, beanbag chair sized nuts.

Weather proofing spells such as the one Claves was using were not just handy tricks, but they are also seen as a necessity for Arcanum magi especially apprentice arcanists. For arcanists, bare skin was prime real-estate for runes and etchings. The more skin someone had showing the more spells they could imbue into their skin. As such, young arcanists tended to wear as little as possible. The typical outfit for apprentices consisted of a small shawl, etched bracers for channeling spells, small, functional shoes, and some form of garment, usually a loincloth, to conceal the genitals.

The mysterious mage in question was wearing just that. In fact he had even gone the extra mile and swapped out the traditional loincloth for a small, black thong which covered his modest package and nothing else. The mage had also added a wide brimmed, conical hat to the ensemble. The hat made it impossible to make out the guy’s face and even obscured much of the mage’s hair, but Claves managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of the familiar young man’s familiar looking blue locks.

The young mage had the outfit right, but his milky white skin was completely devoid of etchings or runes. The mage’s skin was absolutely flawless; it didn’t even have the typical scorches and scarring that a young arcanist tends to accrue during their brutal training regimen. Whatever school of magic the young mage had trained it, it was obvious that he wasn’t an arcanist. In fact, Claves would have been quick to write the guy off as a mere imposter had it not been for the glowing, green gemstone hanging from his neck.

The pendant was unmistakable. It was an Arcanum key; a powerful trinket that was only bestowed to elite magi. It was said that only a select few knew how to even make them. Forgeries were easy to spot, and duplications were thought to be impossible. So how did this apprentice come by one?

Claves’s curiosity wouldn’t let him leave well enough alone. He decided to follow the young mage to his destination. If nothing else it was a nice diversion from an otherwise boring night, and there were some distinct advantages to trailing a nearly nude dude. The little thong the mage wore really showcased his cute little bubble butt. An ass that fine was a rare sight indeed. The goosebumps across the mage’s booty did nothing to detract from his perfectly round and bubbly booty. Claves had only seen an ass like that once in his life. If not for the distinct lack of a monolithic cock, the mysterious mage could have been a nice body double for the missing prince.

Claves kept to the shadows and followed from a safe distance, but he kept close enough to the young man that he could watch that bubbly booty bounce and sway with every step the young mage took. Claves was not at all surprised to see that the mage’s trek took him right to the looming gates of the Arcanum itself. This was the moment of truth. If the gates opened for the young man then he was without a doubt holding a key. If not, then the pendant the young mage wore was merely a very convincing knock-off. Claves crept in closer as the young mage raised the pendant up high. The green glow of the gemstone grew even brighter than before. The pulsing light grew brighter and brighter until the entire courtyard was enveloped in a jade hue. The large, iron gates creaked and slowly began to slide open. There was no doubt in Claves’s mind now. That pendant was without a doubt an Arcanum Key, and he had to have it.

Claves crept up behind the young man. He was so close that he could hear the mage’s teeth chattering. He could actually see the slight shudders reverberating through the young man’s freezing body. Part of Claves wanted to wrap his arms around the young man and lend him some warmth, but he was far too fixated on his prize to do something so charitable especially something that would have completely blown his cover.

Claves effortlessly undid the clasp on the back of the chain and stood back as the mage bolted into the open gates. Just as Claves suspected, the young man was in too much of a hurry and was too numb to feel the heavy pendant sliding off his bare chest and landing with a dull thud in the dense snow that covered the ground. Once the mage was far enough away, Claves knelt down and scooped the key up. It was by far one of the easiest thefts he had pulled off, but now the real fun began.

Claves hung back and waited for the gate to shut once more. The last thing he needed was to be caught by the mage or one of the other students of faculty members that patrolled these hallowed halls of learning. Once he was sure the coast was clear he strode up to the large, iron gates and held the pendant aloft. The gemstone glowed once more, and the gates slowly creaked open.

Claves was more excited than he had been in ages. He had long been looking for a way to infiltrate the scholastic fortress of the secretive magi, but he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that the key would almost literally fall into his lap. He was actually a little surprised at how easy this had all gone. He had obtained Arcanum Keys in the past, but they had always been bound to one person. Try as he like, he could never get one to activate for him. Either the young man Claves had tracked here had done something to remove that particular enchantment, or this key just somehow happened to not be bound. Whatever the case may be, Claves wasn’t too interested in worrying with it now. He had a lot of exploring to do and not a lot of time to do so but first he needed to check in on his prey.

There were still too many mysteries surrounding the young mage for Claves to just leave it at that, and the fact that the young man was so cute didn’t hurt either. For the mage to have access to a key like this he had to be a powerful spellcaster, and that meant he had to have plenty of magic energy billowing beneath that flawless skin. Claves couldn’t wait to see how huge the dude’s cock would become once exposed to his scepter. The mysterious mage might even give the crown prince a run for his money.

It didn’t take long for Claves to find his mark. All he had to do was follow all the noise. He soon found his way to the main dining hall which had been converted into a large, festive ballroom for the occasion. It was plain to see from all the co-eds schmoozing and the various Christmas ornaments hanging from the walls that Claves had just stumbled upon the elite magic college’s yuletide ball.

Claves peeked around the corner and instantly spotted his target. The young man was looking much healthier now that he was out of the snow and into the warm, toasty ballroom, and his comfort wasn’t just limited to his physical wellbeing. Now that he was in the relative safety of the Arcanum, the mage had removed his hat granting Claves a clear look at his face.

Claves couldn’t suppress his smirk nor did he try to. He had had his suspicions before, but now he knew for sure. This presented Claves with a new mystery to uncover. Just what had happened to the prince’s mountainous cock and balls? Claves had no doubt in his mind that Sherzo’s new private tutor had a hand in this. Claves chuckled silently to himself as he slunk back into the shadows. He had some preparations to make before he put his plan in motion.

Scherzo sighed contentedly as he watched all the students mix and mingle with each other. He had never had the opportunity to be at a party like this—not incognito anyway. He had had many galas and balls at the palace, but they had all been held in his honor. He had had to sit atop his throne and watch the festivities from afar. Even had he been able to step down into the gala itself and speak with the attendees, he wouldn’t have enjoyed it much. The attendees were all foreign dignitaries or high tier nobles. Rarely was there anyone Scherzo’s age, and even rarer was there someone that Scherzo could tolerate speaking to.

“Hey. You’re a new face.” Said a red-headed mage. Scherzo quickly scanned the new guy’s body, and he liked what he saw. The mage’s body was chiseled in more ways than one. Glowing red runes adorned just about every square inch of exposed flesh of the dude’s form and there was plenty of exposed flesh to be seen. He was dressed in the same style of uniform that Scherzo was wearing right down to the stringy thong, but the redhead filled out his pouch much more than Scher did.

“Oh. Yeah. Just transferred here.” Scherzo replied.

“Ah yeah. That would explain why you haven’t gotten your markings yet.” The redhead replied while nodding his head knowingly. He then added. “You know. You don’t gotta wear that outfit if you don’t want. You aren’t marked yet so there’s really no reason for it. Believe me, I know it takes some getting used to.”

Scherzo could see a faint bit of red tinge the mage’s freckled cheeks. It seemed that even just remembering how awkward it had been adjusting to the nearly nude life caused the redhead to blush.

Scherzo on the other hand had no such problem being seen in such skimpy outfits. He had been seen wearing far less. He could still vividly remember what it had been like when that handsome thief had first transformed him. Scher had been left suspended atop his own enormous cock for hours. He knew he should have been embarrassed or ashamed, but he had loved every second of it. It was a completely new experience for him. His whole life he had had people giving him forced adoration. So few of them actually saw him as anything more than the palace brat, but that had changed when Claves had cursed him.

People turned out in droves to stare at his cock and balls. They had fawned over his slim, slender body. He was drop dead sexy, and he knew it. The palace spin doctors had had to work overtime to limit the damage that had been done to the royal family’s reputation, but Scherzo didn’t care about that. The rumors had already started spreading and so had the images.

“Anyways. I hope to see you around campus.” The redhead said. Scherzo snapped from his reverie to see the mage’s hand outstretched and waiting for him to return the handshake.

“The name’s Rudd, by the way.” The redhead said.

“Oh! Hope to be seeing more of you too!” Scherzo replied. He then reached out and shook the mage’s tattooed hand. Scher could actually feel the warmth emanating from his enchanted runes. It was as if the mage’s hand was bristling with cosmic energy.

Rudd stared at Scherzo as if waiting for something more. It took Scher a moment to realize what it was. Scher’s jaw dropped when it dawned on him. This dude had no idea who he was. This was the first time the Scherzo had had to introduce himself. He was so giddy at the thought of being completely anonymous that he had to stifle his own giggles.

“My name’s Sch—” Scherzo began to say, but quickly stopped himself.

“Sch?” Rudd replied.

“…Sorry. I almost sneezed there.” Scher lied to cover his mistake. He had almost given out his real name. The last thing he needed was to blow his own cover now. His name wasn’t exactly common. Only those from noble families had musical names, and even then he was sure everyone in the Arcanum had heard of him.

“Yeah. You can call me Al.” Scherzo said as he shook Rudd’s hand once more.

“Great to meet you Al. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta shake my groove thang.” Rudd exclaimed happily. He then turned and sashayed into the crowd giving Scher a great glimpse at his chiseled backside as he did so.

Scher was just about to get onto the dance floor himself when he heard a voice from above. “I do so love a good party.” The mysterious voice said. Scher glanced up and gasped at what he saw. It was none other than the notorious thief, Claves. The pink-haired master of stealth’s normal cloak was replaced by a red one with white trim which matched his festive Santa hat. His cock was covered in what appeared to be a giant, fuzzy red stocking, but the tip of it was not shaped like a foot. The tip of the cock-sleeve rounded off at the tip to fit his massive dick perfectly. His outfit was a little different, but there was no denying it. Scher would have recognized that smug grin and that huge cock anywhere.

Scherzo was as astonished as he was elated to see his crush make an appearance. Even for the notorious thief, sneaking into the mage’s stronghold was thought to be an impossible feat. Scher himself was only able to get in because of the special key he had crafted by Maester Timpani.

Scherzo gasped in shock and his hands shot up to his neck. He felt around but could find no trace of the pendant. How could he have lost it? His teacher had entrusted that to him and he had not only lost it, but let it fall into the hands of one who could cause the most mischief with it.

Scherzo slowly glanced back up at the notorious thief. Scherzo could feel his dick stirring to life as his eyes slowly traversed the length of the thief’s massive cock. Scherzo’s ass ached to have that huge tool embedded deep within him once more. It felt like it had been far too long since he had been reamed by that or any other dick out there.

When he finally managed to pull his gaze away from that fantastic dick, he realized that Claves was staring straight at him. Their eyes met. Scherzo knew he was busted, but Claves didn’t seem interested in him not yet anyway.

Claves leaned against the stained glass window thirty feet above the dance floor and grinned at all the students that were mingling down below. He did so love to make an entrance. The look of shock on their faces made all the work it had taken to slip in undetected totally worth it.

“You have no business here.” Someone from the crowd shouted up at him.

“That’s where you and I disagree. You see, I have business wherever it suits me, and I just looove balls.” Claves replied playfully. He then leapt off of the windowsill and landed gracefully in the middle of the dance floor.

One of the mages rushed forward with his wand held high and shouted, “I don’t know how you got in here, but you need to leave.”

Claves didn’t even seem to notice the robed man. He merely began casually rifling through his satchel. “Hmm I was sure I put it in here somewhere.” He muttered out loud.

“I’m warning you.” The mage stated. He was trying his hardest to sound defiant, but his voice was cracking and his hand was trembling.

“Oh, please. You can’t even hold it properly. You’re more likely to hit someone else than you are to hit me.” Claves replied. Claves’s eyes were hidden behind his trademark mask, but he sounded so disinterested that the people in the ballroom could practically hear his eyes rolling.

The mage’s resolve faltered. He lowered his wand and stepped back in trepidation. Claves looked up from his bag and flashed a benign grin at the mage.

“There’s no need to be afraid. I’m just here for the party. In fact, I brought something that might spice things up here.” Claves said. He pulled forth the jeweled rod from his satchel and held it aloft. Murmurs and chatter erupted from the crowd. Everyone had heard the stories, but the magi of the Arcanum rarely ever left the confines of their fortress. None of them had seen it up close like this.

Claves waved to scepter playfully in front of him as he approached the mage who had stepped forth to oppose him. “You know what this is, don’t you? What it does? How it works?” Claves asked. The mage tried to back away, but he found himself pinned by the crowd of magi that had clustered around to watch.

All the students in the Arcanum had heard about the rod. They all knew what it did. There were a few in the crowd who wanted to experience its effects firsthand purely for the sexual rush that was sure to come from the growth in caused, but many of the others had different interests in the magic. If the stories were true then the more innate magical power someone had the bigger their cock grew. The few magi that had ventured outside the Arcanum walls and experienced the scepter’s magic firsthand all came back with dicks that hung to their knees, but this thief had a dick as long as his legs. Many of the Arcanum magi saw this as an insult. There was no way that this nobody could have that much power.

Claves shrugged dismissively and tossed the scepter at the mage that had tried to oppose him. The mage tried to dodge, but the crowd afforded him no room to move. He jeweled head of the rod bumped against an exposed patch of skin on his arm, and his fate was immediately sealed. He felt the changes immediately. It was much different than he expected. He had expected the some form of nefarious curse to wrack his body and warp his cock into the oversized tool that the thief was sporting, but it was actually quite pleasant. A warm sensation coursed through his dick and balls. His nuts felt so full that it was as if he hadn’t gotten off in month. His cock and balls steadily grew. Soon the tip of his dick was poking out from underneath his loincloth, but its growth still showed no signs of stopping. He found himself craving the sweet relief of a good climax. He couldn’t wait to drain his pleasantly full balls, and his arousal only grew as his dick and balls swelled and swelled. By the time he was done his dick dangled over halfway down to his knees and his wonderfully full balls were the size of grapefruits, but his euphoria was soon derailed.

“That’s it? Give me that.” Another mage spat. He was thinking what all the other magi were thinking. There was no way they could lose to this nobody. They were the best and brightest magi in the kingdom. He shoved his way to the front and grabbed the scepter for himself.

The second his hand made contact with the staff of the jeweled scepter, an orgasmic moan escaped his lips. He could hardly think about his desire to prove the magi’s superiority. All he could think about was how great it felt. He found himself staring at his swelling cock with an expression of manic glee as he watched his bulge swell and the inches stack on. His thong snapped and his bait and tackle spilled out revealing a still swelling dick. He was sure he was going to be the one to put the thief in his place, but his growth ground to a halt just before his cock could stretch half way down his thigh.

The first mage sneered at the would-be show-off. “You were saying?” He asked sarcastically. He swished his hips slightly causing his huge, fat cock to sway and wobble mockingly before the other mage. His dick was only a few inches longer, but his grapefruit sized nuts dwarfed the other mage’s orange sized balls. It was a categorical defeat for the second mage, but Claves wasn’t too interested in that. He was just enjoying all these magi failing miserably at coming even close to rivaling him.

Another mage and then another lunged for the rod. Before anyone knew it students were clambering over one another to get their hands on it. Cocks swelled, and waistbands snapped. Throughout it all the partygoers were gloating and cheering and measuring against one another, but still no one came even close to matching the thief’s enormous cock. The only one who was even in the same ballpark was a morose looking elf. The slender mage’s dick had grown so large that it reached his shins. His thick cock rivaled his own slim, slender midriff for sheer girth, but it was nowhere as fat as Clave’s fantastic cock.

Throughout it all, Claves kept a keen eye on Scher. The prince had kept to himself and observed the spectacle from the sidelines. The look of pure, unadulterated lust on his face made it obvious that he was enjoying watching those cocks grow and swell. There was no doubt in Claves’s mind that Scherzo was wishing he could feel that rush once more.

Claves still wasn’t sure just how it was that Scher had gotten his dick back to a manageable size. At first Claves thought that maybe someone had discovered a way to undo the enchantment, but the more he watched the more he realized that that was impossible. As Scherzo got more and more aroused, it was clear that something odd was happening in the small pouch of his skimpy thong. It looked as if his bulge was warping and distorting into odd shapes. The size of it didn’t seem consistent at all. Claves tried to think of where he had seen that happen before. A sly grin spread across his lips as the realization came to him. He was going to enjoy unveiling Scherzo’s cock for these competitive magi. If they thought his cock was daunting, wait until they get a load of the prince’s palatial prick.

Claves redirected his attention towards the party. The magi were sporting boners of all sized. The more adept of them had cocks that rose up almost to their faces, but for most of them, the tips of their dick reached up towards their midriffs. Claves recognized the look of lust in their eyes. The effects of the extra enchantment he had added to the scepter were readily apparent.

There were only a handful of magi whose pride would not allow them to succumb to their arousal. They fought back Claves’s enchantment with all their might and scoured the ballroom for anyone who had not yet undertaken the trial. They searched high and low until they found him

“Make way. We’ve got another!” One of the magi shouted.

Claves looked over to the source of the commotion and saw a group of magi shoving a redheaded mage towards the front of the crowd.

“H-hey now! This is ridiculous!” The redhead shouted.

“We need you to do it!” The first mage shouted.

“You’re the top of your class. If anyone can beat him it’s you!” The second mage said. The group of magi gave one last powerful shove which sent the redhead staggering towards the masked thief. Rudd barely managed to regain his footing before colliding with the smug thief.

“So, um. Hi. I guess I’m taking the trial.” Rudd murmured.

“You don’t seem to enthusiastic.” Claves replied.

“Well, you know. I don’t see the point in proving anything, but I mean, they demand it so…” Rudd responded uncertainly.

Claves merely shrugged. “Let’s give them what they want then.” He said. He snapped his fingers and the scepter flung through the air and returned to his hand. The sheer speed at which is hurtled through the air knocked a few unfortunate magi sprawling to the floor.

Claves held the scepter out in front of him and nodded. “Take it if you’re ready.” He said solemnly.

Rudd shrugged and said, “I’ve come this far. Would be kinda silly to back down now.” He reached out and placed his hand on the bejeweled head of the scepter. He immediately began to shudder as a wave of euphoria coursed through him.

“Oh That’s actually kinda nice…” He moaned. He was so lost in the pleasure that was wracking his body that he couldn’t even focus on his dick, but the rest of the crowd had their sights firmly locked on his expanding cock and balls.

Everyone could see that this was different than anyone before. His dick wasn’t just swelling. It was surging outwards as inches stacked on in rapid succession. It wasn’t long before the tip of his dick reached his knees, and still it kept growing. The student body held its collective breath as his cock grew and swelled some more. With each additional inch the anticipation rose more and more. Would he be the one to finally surpass the smug thief? It seemed like he just may, but right as it seemed he would surpass the masked marauder his growth ground to a halt.

The entire crowd of magi began to groan and grumble, but Rudd was not about to complain. His cock looked absolutely fantastic. It was so huge. It was almost as wide as his hips and dangled down to his ankles, and he had two, massive, beach ball sized nuts to go with it. His dick felt even better than it looked. The whole length of his monstrous cock was tingling with arousal. Rudd couldn’t keep his hands off of it. He wanted to feel and stroke every last inch of his gigantic cock.

His already enormous dick swelled to life as he rubbed it down. As the blood rushed to his massive cock it steadily hardened and rose. Before long he was face to face with the gigantic, puffy head of his fully-boned cock. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He needed to experience even more. He leaned forward and began lapping at the head of his massive cock. His tongue glided across soft flesh. He could taste his own pre as it oozed out his rock-hard cock and dribbled down the spongy tissue of his cockhead.

Rudd was so overcome by his own hormones that he didn’t even notice that he had laid down atop his own cock. He straddled his dick and ground it against the smooth, stone floor of the banquet hall while continuing to groan and stroke and lap at his cock. Somewhere in the back of his mind a single memory struggled to force its way to the front of his thoughts. He knew deep down that if he continued he’d soon be cursed to have such a huge cock for the rest of his life, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It felt so fantastic and it looked even better. He couldn’t see any downside to going through life with this fantastical beast between his legs.

Rudd’s body shuddered and his cock lurched. He couldn’t hold back, nor did he want to. He let out a moan of pure bliss that reverberated through the dining hall and surrendered himself to his fate. His cock bucked and lurched as huge, thick spurts of creamy jizz erupted from the tip. He came again and again, but he never felt like he was getting any closer to relief. His balls still felt full, and his cock still felt as hard as ever. His spooge sprayed across the room dousing friends and classmates in a hail of warm, sticky spunk, but nobody seemed to be complaining. In fact the lewd display spurred others on to abandon their inhibitions as well.

Everywhere one looked, magi were going at it like bunnies. Those whose cocks were still small enough that they could get their hands around them were pounding away with all their might, but the larger students had to find new ways to find relief. Some of the largest magi took a cue from Rudd and proceeded to hump the ground, but others found others to help them out. Friends and rivals were soon locking lips and grinding cocks as they worked themselves into an erotic stupor. One by one they each blew their massive loads and collapsed into a sex-addled heap. Before long everyone in the ballroom was coated in sweat and cum everyone except for the two party crashers.

Claves looked over and smirked at the prince. Scherzo had kept to the sidelines throughout the entire lurid ordeal, but the look on his face made it clear that he wasn’t completely unscathed. His hormones were raging just as hard as anyone else’s, but the small bulge in the front of his thong didn’t seem to indicate arousal.

Some of the magi had already recovered enough to be relatively coherent. “Nobody could beat him…” One of them muttered.

“Oh, worry not.” Claves replied and nodded towards Scherzo. “There’s one last person who needs to take the trail.”

The few magi that had recovered all looked over to where Scher was standing. It was as if they were seeing him for the first time.

“Who is he?” One mage asked.

“Why are we even bothering with him? He doesn’t have his marks yet.” Another said.

“You don’t know who this is?” Claves asked playfully. Scherzo gasped. Was he going to blow his cover? Scher silently pleaded with the thief, but Claves’s coy smirk showed no signs of sympathy.

The magi muttered amongst themselves, but no one recognized the new recruit. It wasn’t until Rudd managed to snap himself out of his own euphoric trance that someone finally spoke up.

“Oh. Hey, Al.” He murmured groggily.

Claves chuckled. He hadn’t expected someone to know Scherzo, but that didn’t change anything. He doubted Scher had devised a decent cover story. The prince was not the duplicitous type. Claves was amazed that Scher hadn’t accidentally given away his royal status already.

“You are looking at the first…” Claves stated dramatically. Scher looked mortified. He shook his head and silently pleaded for Claves to stop.

“And only…” Claves continued.

Scherzo braced himself for the big reveal. He knew what was coming next. He was the first and only son of the current ruler of Sonata. He was the crown prince, and soon all these people would know his secret.

“… apprentice to the newly appointed Maester Timpani.” Claves concluded.

Everyone including Scher stared at him in silent shock. The magi began once again murmuring against themselves.

“Tim got a promotion?” One asked.

“I didn’t think he’d ever take a student.” Another said.

“Yeah. He can’t remember where he is half the time. You think he can teach someone else?” Another chimed in.

Despite the snarky jabs and playful jibes there was a sense of reverence that had descended on the room. Tim had a reputation of being a total space cadet, but his skill as an enchanter was undeniable. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he got made a professor, and there were students waiting for the chance to seek his tutelage. The fact that this nobody had beaten them all to it was shocking and humbling.

The murmuring and muttering slowly died away. Soon the entire banquet hall became dead silence. The magi looked amongst each other as they waited for someone to say something to break the tension. Finally a lone voice rose up from the crowd.

“Give him the trial!” The voice shouted.

“Yeah! The trial!” Another shouted. Soon the entire banquet hall erupted in cries and shouts. Everyone wanted to see Scher touch the scepter.

“I I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Scher muttered nervously.

“Nonsense. Your fellow magi want to see if someone can beat me, and I think you’ll be the one to do it.” Claves responded playfully. He strode across the banquet hall and effortlessly hopped over exhausted magi as he did so. He finally came to a stop directly in front of the skittish prince.

“Do I get a say in this ?” Scher asked nervously.

“No.” Claves said flatly as he gave the prince a soft, playful tap on the chin with the tip of the scepter.

Claves stepped out of the way to give everyone a clear view of the prince. A hush fell over the crowd as everyone waited for the changes to take effect, but nothing seemed to happen. The small bulge in Scherzo’s thong didn’t grow at all. As it became apparent nothing was going to happen, the magi began to mutter amongst themselves.

“Are you sure he’s apprentice to a Maester?” One mage asked.

“Even Tak’s grew more than that, and he’s failing half his classes.” Another mage shouted.

“Hey. Fuck you, Jin!” Tak shouted back.

Claves raised a hand to shush the crowd. Once the magi stopped bickering amongst themselves, he began to explain. “He can’t grow because he’s already been exposed.” Claves said. This elicited another round of murmurs and mumbles from the magi in the room.

“He’s been given the trial long before any of you have even heard of it, and I can safely say he beats everyone in this room.” Claves continued. He shot the entire crowd a sly grin and sensually stroked the prince’s flat stomach as he waited for the latest round of murmurs to die down.

“But I don’t see any growth!” One mage shouted.

“Oh, please. You think the student of a Grand Enchanter wouldn’t know a few tricks to hide something like that?” Claves asked mockingly. This retort spurred another round of chatter from the crowd. Claves continued to grin as his fingertips brushed across the prince’s stomach and made their trek lower. His fingertips glided across the prince’s clean-shaven crotch and slipped beneath the fabric of Scher’s little, black thong.

All chatter stopped as Claves’s hand vanished beneath the fabric. The pouch was far smaller than the thief’s hand, but he had his entire hand, fingers and all, buried into the pouch, and there wasn’t even the slightest change to the shape of the bulge. The silence grew more and more deafening as Claves shoved more and more of his arm into the pouch. Soon his arm was buried up to the elbow, but still he kept shoving his hand further in. It wasn’t until his arm was buried down to the shoulder that he finally stopped. The thief’s entire arm had vanished into the thong, but the bulge hadn’t changed at all.

As the magi slowly overcame their shock, they began to chatter anew. The shock and awe was audible in their voice. No one was quite sure what to make of what they saw.

“You knew ?” Scher asked.

“What good thief doesn’t recognize a bottomless bag trick when he sees one?” came Claves’s smug reply.

“I can only imagine how much focus it takes to maintain this spell. You can’t even maintain a simple warmth spell while holding all this in, can you?” Claves asked. He magi once again murmured amongst themselves, but Scherzo gasped in shock. He had dealt with the masked thief enough to know where he was going with this line of thought.

Claves stood back up and sidled up behind Scherzo. He slipped both hands down the front of the prince’s thong and whispered softly into the blue-haired lord’s ear, “Next time you sneak out of the palace, I suggest you get some warmth rings. They’ll save you a lot of trouble in the future.”

“That’s if there’s a next time.” Scher replied.

“Heh. You’ve learned from the best. They’ll never be able to hold you in.” Claves replied with a soft chuckle.

Claves pulled one hand out of Scherzo’s pouch and slipped it around the prince’s round, bubbly butt. He loved the way those juicy cheeks felt against his fingertips. The prince’s soft moans were maddening. He couldn’t wait for those moans and sighs to give way to cries of ecstasy.

“I wonder how long you can maintain that spell.” Claves asked coyly as he slid a finger into the prince’s twitching hole.

Scher shuddered in ecstasy. His mind was flooded with thoughts of the thief’s huge cock. He wanted it inside of him so badly, but he resisted. There were hundreds of eyes glued to him. He felt more like a performer than a partygoer. As much as he loved the attention—as much as he loved showing off his slender build and his huge cock, he just didn’t feel ready.

“I wonder what they’ll say when they see your cock in all its splendor.” Claves teased some more.

Scherzo shuddered again as he felt another finger slide inside of him. He could feel the warmth and softness of Claves’s lips against the nape of his neck. The way the thief’s fingers were stretching out his hole felt so nice, but he wanted more. He needed more, but he didn’t dare let himself have it.

“Wait stop…” Scher moaned.

“Are you sure?” Claves asked playfully. He curled his fingers and tenderly stroked the inner linings of Scherzo’s hungry hole. The prince writhed in ecstasy but said nothing. Claves was surprised at the prince’s resistance, but he didn’t let it show on his face. He slowly, tenderly pulled his fingers out of the prince’s ass and whispered softly into Scherzo’s ear.

“Are you sure?” He asked again, but this time his voice took on a serious tone. It was an honest, gentle question.

Scher knew from the tone of his voice that he wouldn’t go any further without permission. He could have called it all off right then and there, but he felt so empty without those fingers inside of him, and Claves’s soft voice sounded so wonderful in his ears. He couldn’t think of anything else other than how much he needed it.

“Do it.” Scher moaned.

“Do what?” Claves asked. The coy, playful tone of his voice returned in full force as he did so. He had been hovering at a semi throughout the entire ordeal, but his cock slowly swelled to life as he felt the prince writhe and moan in his arms. He knew that Scher was going to give in. Now the fun part began. He always loved teasing and toying with the prince, and he couldn’t wait to hear the blue-haired mage begging to be impaled on his huge cock.

F . f-f . fu-…” Scherzo stammered.

“Say it…” Claves gently coaxed him on.

“Fu-fuck me.” Scherzo moaned.

“Right here? In front of all your friends?” Claves asked. The question was playful and teasing, but the delivery was that of a sultry grown. Scherzo shuddered from the intensity of his own arousal. Claves’s voice was driving him wild.

Scherzo glanced out at the crowd. Everyone was staring at him. Some were staring in awe or fascination, and even a few others were looking at him in confusion, but most of them were staring at him with a look of unbridled lust. Nobody knew how he was expecting to take a cock that was thicker around than he was, but the look in his eyes made it clear that he was determined to do so.

Scherzo made eye contact with Rudd who was staring at him with a look of hormone-addled, slack-jawed, lusty awe. Scherzo managed a weak smirk and shouted, “I said fuck me. I command you.”

“You’re in no position to command anyone, but I’ll accept your invitation.” Claves replied with a saucy chuckle. He slipped his hands under the prince’s arms and effortlessly lifted the shorter, slimmer guy up above his head. Claves was lifting the prince as high as he could, but it still was not enough. The tip of the thief’s fully-boned cock pointed straight up at Scher’s abdomen.

It was clear to the prince that Claves’s cock had grown some a bit more since their last encounter. Claves could no longer lift Scher high enough to lower the prince down onto his cock, but Scher wasn’t about to let the pink-haired thief do all the work. Scher grabbed the huge, thick tip of Claves’s cock and hoisted himself the rest of the way up. The tip of Claves’s cock was staggeringly huge. It was thicker and wider than Scher’s hips by a good margin, but Scher wasn’t about to let that stop him. He knew he could take it, and he desired to have it inside of him.

A gasp of shock echoed through the crowd. No one could believe what they were seeing. They couldn’t believe the new apprentice was actually insisting on trying to take that huge cock inside of him, but here he was with his ass poised to go down on the impossibly huge cock. Scher flashed a saucy smirk to the audience as he leaned forward and pulled the back string of his thong aside to give the cock unimpeded access to his hungry hole.

Scher moaned and cried in ecstasy as his hips spread wider to accept the gigantic cock. He was sure of it now. It was even larger than before. He hadn’t been spread so wide last time. As he sank further and further down along to colossal shaft, his gut began to bulge out obscenely. He stared on in manic glee as the bulge became more and more pronounced. Soon the very shape of the thief’s immense cock head could be seen through the prince’s taut tummy. Scher ran a hand across the bulging protrusion. He felt like he and Claves’s cock were one. He could feel the spongy head flaring up inside of him. He could feel the warm pre oozing out inside of him.

By the time Scher’s ass made landfall atop Claves’s immense nuts, the bulge in his gut poked up higher than his head. His entire field of view was filled by Claves’s cock and his own tummy which was wrapped around the thief’s dick like a second skin. Scher couldn’t even see his audience anymore, but he could certainly hear them. The magi gasped in awe at what they were seeing, but soon their awe gave way to lust. They were all so turned on by what they were seeing that they couldn’t help themselves. Everyone reached for any cock that was in range whether it was theirs or not. Friends, rivals, and strangers took turns sucking and stroking each other off until finally a shout split the air.

“Wait! Look!” One of the magi shouted.

The arcane orgy ground to a halt as everyone turned to stare at the prince. His small package was warping and shifting rapidly. It no longer looked like a small cock wrapped in black fabric. The shape and size was fluctuating wildly, but no one could deny that it was steadily getting bigger. The fabric of the pouch was steadily becoming sheer as it got stretched far beyond its max capacity.

A loud shredding sound split the air. A single tear formed on the front of Scher’s thong. A huge clump of flesh began to spill through. It looked like a single, fleshy vein protruding from the front of his skivvies, but it didn’t last long. More and more tears began to form, and soon the fabric gave out altogether.

The prince’s cock and balls spilled out so fast that his expanding balls shoved countless co-eds aside. The impact had bowled over many of the magi and sent them hurtling into the rest of the audience. As the magi clambered to their feet they began to see the true size of the prince’s cock.

The balls alone filled much of their field of vision. Either colossal nut looked to be the size of a carriage and sloshed and roiled audibly with pent up cum. The shaft itself dwarfed even the massive pillars the lined the sides of the room. Scher’s dick was thick as a redwood and rose so high that it nearly touched the roof.

The magi could do nothing but stare up in awe at the towering cock. It dwarfed everyone’s in the room. There was simply no comparison. No one could believe that such power existed in this world, let alone that this powerful mage was a mere apprentice.

They didn’t have long to ogle the enormous cock though. The sudden expansion had knocked Claves and Scherzo off balance. It was simply impossible for them to keep Scher’s titanic cock upright. Gravity soon took control and pulled the prince’s cock downwards. The magi scattered as the colossal cock came slamming down in the middle of the room.

Scher let out a loud cry of pure orgasmic bliss. The impact of the ground against the sensitive flesh on the underside of his cock as well as the thief’s dick shifting inside of him was almost too much. He wanted to cum so bad, but held back with all his might.

Now that his cock had made landfall, the magi could see firsthand just how huge it was. Even just the massive, pre-oozing slit was taller than anyone in the room. The shaft itself was longer than the banquet tables that lined the sides of the room, and each table was designed to easily seat forty people.

The audience was so overcome by the sheer size and magnitude of the enormous cock that they couldn’t help themselves. The orgy resumes in full, fervid force. Even total strangers were soon locking lips and grinding cocks. There was only one mage in the crowd who couldn’t pull his attention away from the mountainous cock that filled his field of vision.

Rudd’s cock filled much of his field of view, but he could still see Al’s enormous, oozing slit in front of him. He could feel it calling to him. It was as if the gigantic dick itself was begging to be fucked. Rudd was not one to turn down an invitation like that.

He staggered forward until the tip of his dick was lined up with the massive, shuddering whole on the tip of Scher’s cock. He could feel the warmth and wetness of Scher’s pre cascading down across his own dick. It felt so fantastic that he needed more.

He quickly grabbed a nearby bench and carried it closer to the massive cock. It was an incredible strain even for his well-defined muscles, but he was driven by a force so powerful that no matter how much his muscles screamed at him he could not back down.

He hopped up onto the bench and took aim at the massive, shuddering slit that spread out before him. He could feel the warmth, slick walls of the inside of Al’s cock gripping his dick as he slid his own dick in further and further. It felt like heaven. Rudd’s massive cock shuddered and lurched. He felt like he could cream at any second, but he refused to allow it. He needed to feel this even more.

Before he knew it, his nuts slapped against the spongy tissue of Al’s colossal cock head. Rudd couldn’t believe it. He was face down against a cock that dwarfed his entire body. His dick which was low longer than his legs was buried down to the hilt down the oozing opening of this massive cock. It was all so surreal, but it felt far too wonderful and vivid to be a dream.

Rudd wholeheartedly threw himself into fucking the gigantic cock. He could feel the sides gripping and hugging his cock as his dick slid in and out and in and out. It felt so fantastic that he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. His eyes rolled back and his breaths came out as loud, guttural moans as he continued to slam his dick into the gaping maw over and over.

Scher moaned in ecstasy. Being reamed by his crush’s cock was more than he could take, but now he could feel something else filling his dick from the inside. It was maddeningly fantastic. It was as if he was already cumming, but his balls had yet to loose any of their pent-up spunk.

Scher couldn’t take it anymore. Try as he might he had reached his limit. He threw his head back and cried out. His orgasmic wail was deafening. It reverberated through the large, open banquet hall. All the magi looked up from their own erotic endeavors and stared at the massive cock as it shuddered and trembled all of them except for Rudd.

Rudd shoved his cock in one last time and cried out in unison with the prince. He could feel the cum launching from his cock straight into Al’s cock. Rudd pressed himself against the spongy tissue of the head of the colossal cock and braced himself as he came and came again. No matter how much he came he never felt like it was enough. He had so much cum he needed to drain. His dick just didn’t seem large enough to funnel it all through.

Rudd’s loads hadn’t even begun to taper off when he felt the giant cock head give a hard lurch. A massive surge of warm, thick, sticky spunk slammed into him with such force that it sent him toppling off of the bench and sliding across the smooth, stone floor of the ballroom. The massive spurge of Jizz from Scher’s cock blasted through the crowd like a flash flood. Magi were spent sprawling onto the floor from the sheer force of the gooey tidal wave.

Rudd quickly staggered to his feet to get above the rising pool of spunk that was flooding the banquet hall. He was so horny that he felt like he’d never be able to get ahead of the cum churning in his nuts, but what he saw as he stared at the massive, spewing cock made him cream even harder.

Scher groaned and moaned as he rubbed his gut. He knew what happened next. He could feel Claves’s cock shuddering inside of him. Soon he would be pumped full of his crush’s spunk, and he couldn’t wait. He craved the warmth that came with it. He craved the orgasmic feeling of being stretch into a balloon. He craved the peaceful rocking that came from having gallons upon gallons of cum sloshing around inside of him. He heard Claves grunt and knew it was time.

Scher cried out once more as he felt the rush of jizz pump into him. Even after just the first spurt he could already see his gut swelling and distending even more than it already was. There was no doubt in his mind that this was going to be a huge load, and he couldn’t wait to take all of it.

Which each consecutive spurt, Scher cried out louder and louder. His throat was dry and scratchy before Claves was even halfway done, but he was feeling so amazing that he couldn’t stop shouting out in ecstasy. His gut continued to swell and swell with each passing second. Soon his cum-blimp of a belly was so large that it blocked his view of even his enormous cock. All Scher could see was soft, taut flesh of his own milky-white tummy. He dug his fingers into the stretched out flesh which just sent another wave of ecstasy arcing through his body.

By the time Claves was spent, Scher’s gut was as large as a reservoir on a water tower. It was comically huge even compared to his colossal cock which filled much of what had once been the dance floor. The standing pool of spunk in the room was so deep that the magi had to stand up just to keep their heads above it.

Scher murmured incoherently as he nuzzled up against his swollen gut. Claves gave him a soft peck of the cheek and slowly pulled out his dick. Scher’s ass made a loud, sticky popping sound as Claves’s cock slipped free. Cum flowed freely from his stretched out hole, but it would be hours and hours before he would even begin to shrink down enough to be mobile again. It’d be even longer still before Scher would be cognizant enough to begin another bottomless pouch incantation.

There was no doubt in Scher’s mind that he was going to miss the palace Christmas party, but he didn’t care. He doubted anyone there would even know he was missing. At least here he would be in good company.

“Hey! Al!” Came a familiar voice from down below. Scher glanced around. He was not at all surprised to see that Claves had already slunk off into the shadows. Rudd was standing down below and was waving his arms to get Scher’s attention. Scher was surprised to see a familiar green pendant in the cum-coated, redhead’s hand, but Scher was too blissfully exhausted from the mind-blowing sex to really show it.

“This is yours right? I found it lying on the table over there. These’re important. You really shouldn’t leave ’em laying around.” Rudd said.

Scher couldn’t respond even if he wanted to. He tried to make some semblance of a response, but he only succeeded in sighing wistfully. He was just about to drift back into a post-coital stupor when he saw a shadow darting across the stained glass window high above the ballroom. Scher tried to catch a glimpse of the elusive thief, but Claves was already long gone.

Claves easily vaulted the high walls surrounding the Arcanum and landed flawlessly in the courtyard below. He’d have to find a new way inside next time, but that was fine with him. Having a key made it far too easy and boring, and after the stunt he pulled tonight they’d be talking about him for ages to come.


The Bay of Scherzo

Prince Scherzo let out a long sigh as the last of his appointments left the grand hall. His father had insisted that Scherzo take a larger role in governing the country. As far as the rest of the nobility knew, Scher was being groomed to take over the role of king soon, but the truth was that Scher’s father was trying to keep him out of trouble. Between overseeing petty squabbles in the grand hall and studying magic with Maester Timpani, Scher very rarely had time to escape the confines of the castle. Not that he minded the magic lessons. Time with Tim was some of Scher’s favorite part of the week. Even the castle wasn’t so bad. Scher rarely saw his parents and other than making public appearances for the court, Scher was free to do whatever he pleased.

“Is he gone yet…?” Scher muttered to his new attendant.

“Yes, sir. He should be safely out of range,” The red-haired enchanter replied. Rudd, the figure that stood at Scher’s side, was clad in nothing except for a small cloak that barely covered his shoulders and a pair of sandals. The enchanter’s body was inscribed from head to toe with glowing runes. Even the enchanter’s cock and balls were aglow with magic sigils, and thanks to Rudd’s experience with the notorious thief, there was Plenty of real estate to inscribe. As the enchanter stood stoically at the prince’s side, the enchanter’s massive nuts rested solidly on the floor in front of him. Either enormous nuts the size of a yard bag filled to the brim with clippings. His cock was similarly massive. The enormous shaft was almost as thick as his toned midriff and stretched several feet in front of him. The mage’s shaft was almost as long as he was tall! His constant training and practice had paid dividends since the events of the Yuletide ball. It had gotten so huge that it impeded his ability to walk. Fortunately, there were plenty of spells to aid with that. The runes on his body flashed, and his cock and balls began to hover inches above the stone floor of the great hall.

Once the cat was out of the bag about Tim’s new apprentice “Al”, it didn’t take long for people to piece together that Al was actually Prince Scherzo. On one hand, the prince pretending to be a common mage was a bit of a scandal, but Scher being named the sole apprentice to the eccentric young High Enchanter was something that could make a great story to tell the general populace. The prince secretly attending college was a much better cover story to explain the prince’s clandestine outings than the truth. If the people knew that the prince had been having a fling with one of the country’s most notorious criminals, there was no telling what the other nobles would say!

The king was quick to step in and make some arrangements with the Arcanum so that Scher could continue his studies from the safety of the palace. This unfortunately meant that Scher’s visits to the campus were far rarer than they had been, but the plus side was that Scher was able to name his own assistant. It didn’t hurt that Scher’s friend from school was also top of his class. Rudd’s top marks made it easier for them to smooth things over with the King.

Truth be told, the king hated Rudd’s lack of social graces, decorum, and most of all his lack of clothes, but the benefits of having him around outweighed the negatives. Not to mention that after the stunt Claves had pulled at the Arcanum, massive cocks became a sign of station for the casters in enrollment at the academy. Rudd’s colossal package was intimidating to those who came before the prince not just for the sheer size but for the magic power that it signified.

Scher hopped up unceremoniously from his throne and stretched. He was similarly attired to his classmate and friend. Scher had a similar small cloak and sandals but was also clad in a small pair of briefs which protected his “modesty”. Truth be told, the briefs he wore were the key to a powerful magic that he had to maintain at all times while appearing in public. As much as huge hogs had become a mark of power among the Arcanum, they were less welcome among the aristocracy. Scherzo had to keep his true size (and his dealings with certain criminal elements) a secret from society at large.

“I already put in a request to have all the guests and staff leave the gardens. We should have the place to ourselves by now,” Rudd said.

“I can’t wait to get out of this thing. It’s not only embarrassing but it’s exhausting as well!” Scher whined and gestured down towards his briefs. His briefs were little more than a thong which gripped the outline of his impressive looking cock. The briefs were enchanted with a powerful magic that the High Enchanter had developed to help the prince with his mobility issues, but it served double duty by hiding the prince’s true size from the king and other members of court. Truth be told, not even Scher knew how big he really was nowadays. It was so rare that he had time to really let loose. Even when asleep, he had attendants who worked tirelessly to maintain the spacetime compression magics that coursed through his skivvies.

It had been days since he had last been able to peel them off. He needed to air out his junk and give it a good scrubbing. He had showered and used basic cleaning spells to wash as best he could through the fabric, but the nature of the compression magic made it incredibly difficult to do a solid scrubbing.

Having to constantly maintain the magic meant that Scher was constantly in a state of exhaustion which didn’t help his mood nor his attention span, and today had been the worst it had been in ages. As noble and noble came before him to air their petty grievances it was all Scher could do to avoid throwing them out of the castle. Part of him was even tempted to drop all pretense and remove the spell holding his junk in just so he could get some relief.

The difficulty Scher had been having weighed heavily on his mind. There was something gnawing at the back of his consciousness, and he wasn’t sure if it was fear or excitement. This spell required all his strength to maintain which wouldn’t be a big deal except that he could tell that he had gotten stronger over time. Maintaining powerful enchantments like this was a great way for someone to increase their magical power. It was like doing weight training for muscles. The problem was Scherzo was already the most powerful mage in the kingdom by a huge margin as was evidenced by the sheer size of his cock and balls.

The nature of the curse that had gripped him and much of the kingdom was that his cock and balls grew in proportion to his magical power. As his power grew, so too did his package which meant that it took more power to maintain the enchantment to hide it, which meant that he was getting even more powerful! It was a perpetual feedback loop! It was ironic in a way that the king’s efforts to hide that Scher had such a massive cock was making it bigger and bigger and bigger with each passing day! The magic to hide his size was now so taxing that the palace had had to employ another three magi to maintain it while he slept!

Fortunately, there was no shortage of interns from the Arcanum eager to work at the palace, and maintaining an enchantment didn’t require much knowledge about what the enchantment actually did. All they really knew was that they got to watch the prince, who was a renowned hottie, while he slept and maintain a powerful spell which, of course, caused their own powers to grow and grow. It had gotten to the point where students at the arcanum were eager to be selected for palace duty!

Scher was starting to sweat as the duo made their way towards the large, double doors which lead out of the palace and into the palace grounds. His fatigue was incredible! Just how much power was he using to maintain this spell!?

Rudd threw an arm over the prince’s shoulder to help Scher keep his balance. “We need to talk to the king about this. You need more time to recover. No one should have to maintain a spell this powerful for such a long period of time,” he said.

“When has he ever listened to anything anyone else has said?” Scherzo said dejectedly.

“Well, if he won’t listen to reason, maybe we should show him what you’ve been hiding?” Rudd said.

“That would be hilarious. He’d probably have a heart attack right then and there!” Scherzo laughed.

“And then you’d be free to make your own rules,” Rudd replied only half joking.

Scherzo let out a long sigh of both exhaustion and exasperation. “If only there were some less drastic way to get him to listen,” he said.

The pair made their way towards the palace grounds. Scherzo was too exhausted from the spell to be much for conversation so the only sound was the sound of their footfalls and the soft hum of the glowing runes on Rudd’s cock and balls as his package hovered in front of them.

Past the great hall, past the garden, up the trail that led to the cliffside the duo marched. Soon, the pair reached their destination. The steep cliffs overlooking the ocean made the palace easily defendable, but tonight they were going to serve a different purpose.

Scherzo plopped down on the edge of the cliff. His legs dangling over the abyss. His hand hovered over the small clasp on his hip. One flick of that, and his briefs would fall open, causing his cock and balls to spill out in all their glory.

Rudd cocked an eyebrow as he watched the prince’s hesitation. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

“It’s probably nothing, but… this week has been so exhausting. Like, more so than it should have been. I… wonder how much I have grown,” Scherzo said.

“Are you afraid?” Rudd asked.

“No… not exactly. I think… I think I’m excited, and that’s what worries me,” Scher said.

“Oh. Is that all?” Rudd said. There was a huge, playful smirk on his face.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Scherzo yelped.

“Do you want to make an event of it? Should I give you a drumroll? Maybe some lights?” Rudd teased.

“Do you mock me? I am your prince?” Scherzo cried in mock protest.

“You don’t have to act so uptight anymore. We’re by ourselves,” Rudd teased.

“Why I never! Guards! Arrest that man,” Scherzo protested in a fake, nasally, foppish voice.

“Oooh. I’m really in trouble, huh? I better do something to deserve it then, huh?” Rudd said playfully. Then, before Scherzo had a chance to react, he reached down and effortlessly flicked open the clasp that held up the waistband of Scherzo’s briefs.

“Wai—wha—?” Scherzo sputtered, but it was too late. All he could do was watch in awe as his packaged spilled forth from the pocket dimension that had struggled to hold it.

Even Rudd was speechless. Scherzo had grown even in just this past week, and he had grown a lot! The prince’s cock continued to rapidly spill out from the dimensional tear, but there appeared to be now end in sight! Just the shaft was so thick that Rudd couldn’t even begin to process how long it would be once fully exposed. It was like staring out at an open field of exposed flesh.

Scherzo balls crashed down with a splash. The sound of waves being sent careening from the point of impact caused the two friends to balk. The cliff was almost a hundred feet off the ground! Last week, Scherz’s balls hadn’t even reached the water, this week they hit and kept going! The meteoric strike of his sack hitting the sea sent tidal waves in all directions!

The two friends stared out in awe at Scherzo’s new size. Scherzo’s balls were beyond massive! They used to not even touch the waters below, but now they crested higher than the cliffs! They rested solidly on the seabed below and still had over one hundred feet exposed! And much like an iceberg only the tip was exposed! This was no shallow beach. This was a sheer cliffside overlooking a deep, deep ocean.

There were wards at the palace– magics that controlled the weather, magics that cast illusions over the palace grounds making it always appear idyllic and calm to the outside world. That’s the only reason Scherzo’s size had remained hidden so long. That was why he was able to let it all hang out when the palace was empty, but he had outgrown those wards. He had outgrown the illusions! His impossibly huge cock and balls had burst through the barricades and kept growing and growing. His dick was not just visible to the outside world, it was so huge that it was visible for miles around! His balls now filled much of the bay! His cock extended out impossibly far towards the horizon. Shipping vessels had been thrust aside by not just the waves of the impact of his balls but by the arrival of his World Serpent of a schlong!

Scherzo couldn’t even fathom how huge he must be now. The only real point of reference he had was the bay itself and the shipping vessels which now circled his cock and balls. Each enormous freighter looked like an ant next to his cock. The entire capitol city of Sonata would have been eclipsed by his cock and balls had he not had the foresight to unleash it away from town.

“No way…” the two friends said in unison as they stared out at the absolutely colossal cock that spread out before them.

Scherzo’s mind was racing. How had he grown so much? Just last week, his shaft was only a few hundred feet long. It hung past his balls and rested into the sea below. Even then it was mind-blowingly massive, but now… Hundreds of feet felt like nothing. His enormous hose draped over his balls and rose far, far into the air. His shaft was so thick that he had to stare up at his like staring up at a mountain! His entire field of view was filled with cock and balls, but he needed to see more. He needed to see how he compared with the world around him.

Scherzo floated forward. He didn’t have the glyphs to augment his powers like Rudd did, but he still had enough power to levitate his monolithic cock and balls enough that he could shift forward. He floated onto his nuts which caused his center of gravity to shift. His cock no longer draped over his nuts, and instead jutted out in front of him and went straight into the ocean. Even just this minor shift of his position caused massive waves to wash into the nearby port and send vessels scrambling to stay moored.

Scherzo was now able to stare out past his balls and see just how long his cock truly was. The view was breathtaking. His cock extended out past the bay and into open waters. It was easily a half mile to the inlet, and his balls alone almost reached that far. His cock stretched out far, far beyond that.

The image before him was dizzying. Again, Scherzo’s mind raced. How had he gotten so big in such a short period of time. True, he had been pushing himself beyond his limits every hour of every day for months now, and this week he had reached a breaking point where the exhaustion was forcing him to tap into reserves hitherto unheard of. He had heard of something like this. The greatest mages in ages long past had found a way to push past their limits and in that breaking point had unlocked greater potential. Legends told of the exponential growth possible. Countless mages had burned themselves up trying to reach that enhanced state, and Scherzo had been living in that state for a week! No wonder he was so tired! No wonder he had grown by an order of magnitude! He had to have doubled in size every day! Instead of hundreds of feet, he had reached thousands! His massive cock now stretched for miles.

His mind was racing. There was no way he was going to keep this a secret. There was no magic powerful enough to mask his size. No enchantment powerful enough to make an entire populace forget what they saw. His balls alone were bigger than the entire city!

Scherzo tried to fight it, but a soft chuckle escaped his lips.

“Are… are you all right?” Rudd asked.

“I doubt even the king can sweep this under the rug,” Scherzo said with a laugh.

“I don’t think they even make rugs big enough,” Rudd agreed which caused Scherzo to laugh even louder.

As Scherzo watched his cock expand exponentially, he had expected to be horrified, and he had expected to be mortified that his cover was so thoroughly blown. Now everyone in the capital knew how huge he was. Word would spread across the country by morning! This should be awful! But it wasn’t! If anything, it felt liberating! He no longer had to hide. Not only was his secret out, but who could even say anything about it? Even if the king wished to admonish him, Scherzo had visual proof that he was the most powerful caster alive– maybe even to ever live! Maester Timpani had previously been the owner of the “largest” cock and balls, and even he had capped out at little over ten feet. His cock was the size of a carriage! Scherz’s was the size of a county!

As Scher laughed, he could feel not just the rush of exhilaration fill his body but his cock as well. His cock was getting bigger and thicker, and this time it wasn’t his power growing. He was getting harder and harder by the second. His cock raised up from the ocean. Water cascaded off of the immense shaft like waterfalls. The vacuum left by his cock lifting up caused all the water from miles around to rush in and fill the void causing ships to be carried along by the intense current.

Scher was soon rock hard. He was harder than he had ever been in his life. He was bigger than he had ever been in his life. Hell, he was bigger than anyone had ever been! His massive rod reached up into the sky. Even angled forward as it was, the tip of his dick scraped the cloud cover. Beads of pre dripped from his massive cock. Each tiny bead was so huge that it could eclipse an entire freighter. Even the bigger ships on the sea paled in comparison to even the tiniest bead of pre of his enormous cock!

Each salty bead splashed down causing massive waves to surge forth from the point of impact. Some part of Scher hoped that these vessels were strong enough to weather his storm. The Sonata ships were known around the world for their arcane enhanced stability and seaworthiness. They could weather the biggest, strongest hurricanes, but the world had never seen something like this.

Rudd stood speechless beside his friend. His own cock had reached full mast in record time as he stared out at the dick that would dwarf even the eldest dragons. Rudd’s cock was huge in its own right. In the time he’d been serving as Scherzo’s attendant, the exertion of his duties and his rigorous training had seen him grow by leaps and bounds. Even soft, his cock was longer than he was tall, and he was much more a grower than a shower. Now that his rod was fully hard, it towered over him like an oak tree, and yet, it was hard to think of himself as huge while staring down a schlong that would rival mountains.

Rudd was so overwhelmed by the sight that he let out a load moan and his cock gave a hard lurch. He was cumming without even laying a finger on his cock! He came again and again! Each spurt as large as the last! He could have filled a swimming pool with even just three spurts, but he continued to cum and cum again. His jizz splattering against the side of the prince’s impossibly huge balls. Scherzo’s nuts were so massive that Rudd’s massive spurts looked like little more than dribbles against his sack.

The intensity of his climax was so much that Rudd found himself unable to stand. His legs felt weak and shaky. His head felt light and hazy. He began to fall backwards but was caught by a strange force that enveloped his body. Rudd was only vaguely aware of what was happening as he was carried like a ragdoll over the bay towards where the prince was perched atop his own cock and balls. As he floated closer, it became clear that the energy that was holding him was emanating from the prince!

Scherzo looked over his shoulder pleadingly at his friend. He didn’t speak but he didn’t need to. The prince’s bare butt was raised into the air as if begging to be fucked. Rudd was only to happy to oblige.

Despite the fact that Rudd’s cock was more than twice as tall as Scherzo was, the tip of his cock slid into the prince’s hungry hole. Rudd watched as Scherzo’s hips spread wider to accept a cock that was far thicker than his torso, but the prince’s body did not expand as much as Rudd had expected. If anything, it was as if his dick had slipped into a hole that was far larger than Scherzo’s hole body!

The magic that Timpani had created! The spatial compression! Somehow Scherzo had turned his own body into a pocket dimension. His desire to be reamed was so intense that he made himself able to take any cock, no matter how huge.

Rudd’s eyes glanced up towards the prince’s cock that now broke through the clouds… Well, almost any cock.

Rudd wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Rudd dug his cock into the hilt into Scherzo’s ass. Even with the spatial magic condensing Rudd’s rod, Scherzo’s gut bulged out in front of him. Rudd could see the outline of his own cock against the prince’s gut, but that didn’t last long. Rudd hadn’t stopped cumming the entire time. As more and more jizz erupted from his cock deep into the prince’s seemingly impossibly accommodating body, Scherz’s gut begin to grow and grow with gallons upon gallons of jizz. Rudd was too lost in ecstasy to run the numbers. His cock only appeared a fraction of its true size while inside the price, and he had cum enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool. Scherz’s tummy was so full of condensed jizz that it bulged out in front of him like a giant beach ball. His gut was so huge that Scher couldn’t even wrap his arms around it while he nuzzled his face against his huge, sloshing, jizz-filled water balloon of a belly.

Scherzo couldn’t think. All he could do was feel the indescribable pleasure that surged through his thousands of feet of fat cock. Each spurt of his colossal cock was so powerful that the very earth beneath him trembled. The sea churned. Even winds themselves were knocked aside. Scherzo’s cum shots tore through the clouds causing them to part. The formerly cloudy day was suddenly sunny which just made his enormous cock all the more visible for miles around.

Scherzo came again and again and again. Each massive spurt arcing miles and miles into the open sea. The sea itself began to turn white and soupy from the sheer volume of cum sloshing around. The choppy waves caused the thousands of gallons of jizz to churn and froth. Seafoam mixed with semen turning the entire bay and the neighboring beaches into a white, hot bog of spunk.

Scherzo had no idea how long he had been cumming, but eventually his exhaustion overtook him. His shots slowly tapered off and then stopped altogether. His colossal cock drooped and softened and came to a rest in the ocean.

Rudd had long since collapsed. He now lay face up on the mountain that was the prince’s sack, staring into the sky and breathing heavily as he struggled to catch his breath enough to be able to even so much as stand. He was vaguely aware that a crowd had gathered. Countless guards and soldiers… as well as a stern figure that led the troops.

The king stared out at the mess. The prince was resting face down against a massive cum-filled blimp of his own belly. Jizz oozed from the prince’s stretched out ass. The prince’s balls filled the entire bay, and his cock plugged the entire inlet with its sheer girth.

Scherzo was only barely conscious. He was aware that there was a crowd gathered, but he was so overwhelmed by the afterglow that he couldn’t bring himself to care. He managed to glance over his shoulder and flash a groggy smirk at the king, but his attempt at smiling was interrupted when he coughed up a huge mouthful of cum.

The king had an entourage of advisors at his side which all took turns whispering into his ears. The expression on the king’s face changed by the second. Shock. Horror. Surprise. Disgust. Curiosity. Acceptance. Suspicion. Understanding.

The last advisor said their piece, bowed, and slunk back into the crowd. The king nodded and mulled it over for a moment. “Yes… I see…” he mused.

“You’re in so much trouble…” Rudd murmured groggily.

Scherzo was too euphoric to panic. He tried to chuckle but only managed to spit up another mouthful of cum.

The king let out a long sigh. “I have half a mind to banish you for the damage you have caused,” he said sternly.

There was a tense moment where the king waited and let his words sink in. The gathered crowd murmured. Hushed whispers rippled through the crowd.

“… But my advisors are right. Your very existence is an incredible deterrent to our rival nations. Everyone can see your… aptitude… for miles around,” he said, pausing heavily on the word ‘aptitude’ to really let it sink in.

After another tense pause, he spoke up again. “Even were I to order you expelled from the kingdom, we lack the ability to even… well… move you,” he said awkwardly.

Another tense pause. More murmurs from the crowd. The king began to fidget. He glanced over his shoulder and looked to his advisors once more for guidance.

The king cleared his throat and tried to sound imposing, but it was hard to do while looking at the scene that now filled the harbor. He instead turned around and addressed the crowd instead.

“It was always my plan to abdicate soon. The royal family has long held a reputation of being a long line of powerful magi. When my son was accepted as a special pupil of the High Enchanter, I knew that he would continue that legacy, and we can… erm… see that he is… gifted…” the king muttered awkwardly.

One of the advisors stepped forward to address the crowd since the king was clearly fumbling, “This is all something that will be handled at a later date. It seems imprudent to discuss these matters while the prince is still… uh… leaking…”

Scherzo tried to give a nod of agreement but ended up spitting up another huge mouthful of cum instead. Realizing it was a lost cause and being too exhausted to fight it, Scherzo once again collapsed face down into his own cum-filled belly. He was so exhausted and overwhelmed by the afterglow that it was easy to ignore the crowd that had gathered. He instead let his mind wander to the sensations that overwhelmed his body. His body felt warm and tingly. He was so euphoric that even the tense scene with the king couldn’t make him feel any less giddy, and the lapping of waves against his cock was so relaxing, and there was something else too. A feeling of his nuts being cradled…

…Cradled? Scherzo was still too dazed to focus, but something gnawed at the back of his mind. He still had room around his balls before, but now it felt like his balls filled the entire bay! His sack pressed up against the seawall on all sides! Had he grown even larger?

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