Cody and Todd

by klj

Little green pills lead to roommate fun.

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Cody sat at his desk at work with his hands on his temples. He had pounding headache. Fortunately, in about 5 minutes it would be late enough that he could sneak out without anyone really commenting on it. His girlfriend had broken up with him two days earlier and his mood had really been in the tank since then. That had almost definitely compounded the frustration at work an that's what had probably led to this tension headache. He was definitely looking forward to this weekend and having a couple of days away from the office. He looked at the clock on his computer screen and decided that it was late enough to walk out.

He stood to his full 6' 3" height and stretched his lean arms out from his sides then up, causing his loose gray T-shirt to ride up, exposing his very well rounded bubble-butt in not-too-tight jeans, then stretched his neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, as it had the last half dozen times he tried this, it didn't relieve the headache, it just made his head throb more. He rubbed his eyes again and brushed his long, black, slightly curly hair out of his face and put on his sunglasses.

Getting out to his pickup, he opened the door and climbed in. On a hunch he looked in the console compartment, and there was a small pill bottle, like the ones you pick up with aspirin or motion sickness pills in any truck stop or convenience store. The label had been scratched off, it was his girlfriend's—rather ex-girlfriend's. Cody popped it open, his long, nimble fingers sliding nimbly across the tab. Inside were four small pills. "Well, it's either X or Excedrin, and right now either would be fine," he thought. He dumped the four little pills into the palm of his hand and then popped them into his mouth. Grabbing a bottle of water out of the cup holder, he washed them down, then started the truck and headed home.

Cody didn't notice that those pills were slightly greenish in tint, and a little irregular in shape. She had picked them up in Jamaica a couple of months earlier, and had been waiting for the right moment to slip one to Cody without him knowing…


By the time Cody got home, about half an hour later, his headache had subsided significantly. He was beginning to look forward to a cold beer and maybe just veging out on the couch for the evening.

When he opened the door to the apartment he was hit with the strong odor of pot smoke. Todd had been smoking up again. Sometimes it really pissed Cody off that his roommate wasn't having to work all the time, and now that it was summer was doing this two day a week internship and spending the rest of the time playing roller-hockey or getting high.

Cody walked over to the 'fridge and grabbed a Full Sail out of the six-pack in the door. He opened it and took a swig while closing the fridge. "Man, I'm getting light headed from the smoke already. It's been a bad day," he though as he walked over toward Todd's room.

Todd looked up as Cody stopped in his doorway. "Hey, man, what's up? Wanna roast one?" Todd asked holding his breath before exhaling a cloud of smoke and putting the bong down and grabbing his own beer off of his night stand. He was sitting on the edge of his bed wearing a pair of jeans that rode just lower than the black elastic of his boxer-briefs. He turned toward Cody and put a foot up on the bed. His bare chest had a sprinkling of golden hair, and there was a light brown treasure trail leading from his naval to that black elastic band.

Cody wasn't sure why he noticed this, but he realized that he was also noticing for the first time that Todd had a very handsome face, and the golden blond hair that he kept cut short in back and a little longer in front really accented his "Elijah Wood" big, blue eyes. Cody wasn't sure how long he stood there staring at his roommate's trim, slightly muscular, well defined body.

"Come over here and hit this," Todd said, breaking Cody out of his reverie.

Almost mechanically, Cody walked over to the bed, and sat down next to Todd. He grabbed the bong, and licked his lips in anticipation. He took the lighter from Todd and took a long drag, then carefully put the bong back down and put the lighter on Todd's nightstand. He grabbed his beer and took a swig before releasing his lung full of smoke.

"Smooth, isn't it?" Todd asked. Cody just nodded.

"Fuck, man, all of a sudden, I'm so fucking horny I could fuck your bong," Cody said after a brief silence.

Todd didn't know what came over him. The sound of Cody's voice was strongly seductive. Like some kind of shot that went into his ears and then straight to his groin like a shock of electricity. "I know what you mean, man," he said, trying to act cool.

Cody reached down and scratched himself through his jeans and jockeys, unconsciously letting out a low moan. He took another swig of his beer and grabbed the bong again to take another hit.

That moan caused Todd to start to get hard in his jeans. He got up to try to hide this from his roommate. "I'm gonna grab another beer," Todd said and walked out of the room.

Cody watched Todd's tight ass sway as he walked away. "I bet that's real tight," he thought, "Wait, what am I thinking?"

Todd returned a moment later with two more beers. "I grabbed you one, too," he said to Cody as he walked into the room, and handed one of the bottles over.

Cody finished his first beer in one long swallow, then turned to Todd, "Thanks."

It had a stronger effect on Todd then the last time Cody spoke. Todd almost felt like he was going to cum in his shorts. Todd grabbed the bong and hit it again, still trying to hide that he was seriously tenting his shorts over his roommate.

Cody watched lustfully as Todd took a long drag, then held his breath while putting the bong back on the floor. Cody locked eyes with Todd as he exhaled. "I seriously need to get laid," Cody said in a quiet voice. He wasn't sure why he said that to Todd.

Todd looked back, his big blue eyes locked with Cody's green ones. "Fuck me," he said.

As soon as he said it, Cody was rock hard. He reached over with one hand and nimbly unbuttoned Todd's Levis, and Todd obligingly wriggled out of them. Lounging on the bed in nothing but his red boxer briefs with a black waistband, it was obvious that Todd's 6 1/2" was straining for action.

Cody just stared at him for a minute, then pulled his own T-shirt over his head, revealing his lean, smooth torso. Todd took a swig of his beer and watched as Cody kicked off his boots and pulled down his jeans. his turquoise bikini briefs contrasted sharply with his skin and with the few curls of public hair that were showing above the low waist and blending into Cody's black treasure trail. Cody took another swig of his beer as Todd leaned over to his night stand. Todd rolled back over with a condom, which he had already deftly opened and a bottle of lube.

Todd turned around and pulled down the front elastic of Cody's briefs to let Cody's full 8" spring out. As his cock rolled over the back of Todd's hand, orgasmic shocks soared through Cody's entire body. Unconsciously he moaned again, loudly.

Todd's cock was leaking significantly, making a big wet mark in his sorts. He grabbed Cody's raging hard on, making him stand.

"Careful with that," Cody rumbled. Standing face to face, half out of their underwear made Todd very aware that Cody was almost a foot taller than he was. He pulled Cody's shorts the rest of the way off and, while he was down there, took the head of Cody's prick into his mouth. He licked around the edge of the head for a moment, and Cody started to snort and squeak. Todd pulled his mouth off of Cody's helmet just as Cody's hands cam down and pushed Todd's head into his groin.

Todd licked at Cody's shaft, and inhaled deeply of his musk. But no matter how nice this was, he knew where he really wanted that big dick. When Cody pulled one hand away to run it through his hair, Todd slid the rubber over Cody's raging wood.

Todd rubbed his ass on Cody's thigh a couple of times, and then in one deft move, removed his boxer-briefs and was kneeling on the bed. Cody didn't need any explanation or encouragement, he knelt on the bed behind Todd, and slowly, and with the help of Todd's extreme willingness and some lube, buttoned the head of his cock into Todd's cherry ass.

"Oh, Baby, you're so tight. I don't think I've ever had anyone anywhere near this tight before," Cody whispered. At the sound of his voice, Todd was ready for him, and suddenly Cody was nut deep in his roommate's ass.

"Oh, God," Todd moaned, and pushed back on Cody. Cody thrust tentatively a couple of times, eliciting moans from Todd. Todd began rocking in time to Cody's thrusts.

"Ride me, Baby, ride that big cock up your ass," Cody ordered.

Suddenly, Todd pushed back and Cody was on his back on the bed, with Todd straddling him. Todd turned, keeping Cody's cock up his ass while doing so, so that he was facing Cody, then he leaned in and kissed him. "I'll ride you, you assfucker, ride you like you don't know what hit ya," Todd whispered wile nibbling Cody's chin.

Todd slid his head down Cody's torso so he could suck and bite at his left nipple, while grinding his pelvis against Cody's. Suddenly, Todd convulsed. Cody felt Todd's ass spasm against the intruder, and then Todd was shooting. One rope of thick white cream stuck to Todd's golden chest hair, then another went into Cody's mass of black locks on the comforter. Several smaller ones landed on Cody's belly. The convulsions around his cock sent shocks of pleasure throughout Cody's body, and for a moment, he, too, went stiff.

Then Cody felt a warmth in his chest and stomach, and he instinctively started thrusting and grinding against Todd. Within another two minutes, Todd shot again.

"Oh, fuck me harder you faggot," Todd shouted in the throws of orgasm. The convulsions in Todd's rectum around Cody's hard shaft again caused a surge of warmth through Cody's torso, and even stronger waves of pleasure to course through his body. Even his fingers and toes seemed to be on fire.

Cody pushed back over so that Todd was the one on his back on the bed. Cody began thrusting in earnest, pulling several inches out and then shoving home again like there was no tomorrow. Todd lay under him, moaning, "More," "harder," and "Fuck me," in between gasps.

Within a minute, Todd was climaxing again. He locked his muscular legs around Cody's lean waist. His cock shot two or three pathetic drops of clearish liquid, but his whole torso convulsed. Again, Cody felt almost painful jolts of pleasure emanating from his balls cascade through every fiber of his nervous system, and the warmth in his stomach was redoubled.

Cody began thrusting and grinding again, pulling out even further, then spiraling back in. He was beyond clear communication by this point, and was mostly grunting and whimpering, and occasionally moaning, "Oh, Baby." Todd, under him, was also moaning. he was so lost in what was happening that his eyes had glazed over and his mouth was hanging open. Every few minutes he would climax again, and when he did, Cody would pause. Todd didn't want Cody to pause, he wanted it to keep going. he really wanted to reach up and grab Cody by the back of the neck—get a hold of all that luscious black hair and shout, "Fuck me you faggot, fuck me harder," and, "Deeper, oh, God, fuck me," but he didn't have the strength to move his arms or even to speak. A small detached part of his brain wondered how Cody had managed not to cum yet, when he had, by this time, cum at least 8 times.

Cody kept thrusting and grinding. Todd was so goddamn sexy. He couldn't believe they hadn't done this before. Looking down at Todd, Cody finally felt his orgasm building. he could feel his balls churning and rolling in their heavy sack, and the sack slowly constricting and pulling up toward his cock. He thrust one final time, deep into Todd, and felt the dam break. He convulsed, and felt the sudden pressure inside of Todd pushing him out.

Suddenly, Todd was awake, he didn't realize that he had lost consciousness. he felt an incredible pressure in his gut, like a really bad cramp, then suddenly he was cumming again. He looked down at his dick, and suddenly Cody's cock popped out of his ass. It was huge, Todd realized, as a huge gob of sticky, white fluid shot out of the tip and covered Todd's face. As soon as Cody's gigantic dick popped out of Todd's ass, the pressure subsided, but wiping the jizz out of his eyes, he could see that his gut was distended, as though he had just put on another fifteen pounds around his waist. Then another stream of cum shot out of Cody's cock, and left a trail four inches wide from Todd's sharp jaw to his hip.

Cody had another five or six big shots and then a few little dribbles (most of which were bigger than a normal wad), then he looked down. His cock was just starting to go flaccid, and it was easily longer than his forearm, and probably bigger around. Todd was covered in cum, which he was wiping out of his eyes.

T rent sat up gingerly, pulling on the sheet to use it as a towel. The way his gut felt, he was pretty sure that there was more of Cody's seed inside of him than on him, and he wasn't sure if he could walk, he felt so stretched. He looked at Cody, and then down at Cody's massive member. Completely soft now, it was about a foot long, maybe a little less, and big enough around that Todd could just overlap his finger tips if he wrapped them around it—and it was soft. His own dick wasn't even that big around hard.

Cody's balls, having just been completely drained, in the biggest orgasm of his life were about the size of tennis balls. Todd's attentions to the massive phallus were causing it to stir and lengthen.

"You're not ready to go again already?" Todd asked, slightly worried.

"You have no idea," Cody replied, "but I can give you a couple of minutes to catch your breath first."

2,654 words Added Jun 2005 23k views 4.9 stars (16 votes)

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