Critical mass

by TonnyGiant

A powerful new workout supplement has an immediate and spectacular effect on a family of bodybuilders—and soon on the rest of their sleepy town.

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When the MegaMass supplement began to be manufactured, no one imagined what would happen next. It was the biggest growth spurt I had ever seen. In every corner of the small town of Sentinel Hills, men grew to sizes beyond reason. The event was called Critical Mass by scientists. The term usually refers to the moment when an amount of mass of radioactive substance is added to a nuclear fission and it generates something out of control. And that’s how it began.

Sentinel Hills was small town of the American interior. There was a family of bodybuilders who were famous in the city. Joey was the patriarch of the family, a big man in all ways. His massive, perfectly honed muscles had gotten Joey named Mister California eight times. He was a giant even among his bodybuilding friends. His younger brother, Jeff, was blond and angelic-featured and was probably the most famous bodybuilder of his age group. The week it happened he had just won his third major title, following the family tradition of always taking home the Mister California champion trophy.

Felipe was Joey’s only son. At the age of 18, young Felipe was as big, strong, and muscular as his father Joey and Uncle Jeff. He was the promise of next-generation champions of the family of bodybuilders.

Measures for reference before the growth spurt knownn as Mass Critical:

Joey Sergo, dad: 6’9” tall, 300 pounds.

Jeff Long, uncle: 6’8”, 296 pounds.

Felipe Mattos, Joey’s son: 6’8”, 290 pounds.

On the day of the growth spurt, Joey, Jeff, and Felipe were in the gym and well into their daily weight-lifting routine. Today, though, they had with them three bottles of a new locally-made supplement that just had hit the market with the promise of greater yield in the weight-lifting routine. The label said: “Have more strength in your workouts.” And it was more strength, more muscle, and more size than the three bodybuilders craved.

The first to drink from his bottle was Joey. He twisted his mouth, finding the yellow liquid too bitter compared to other muscle supplements. He let out a big burp when within seconds he felt his muscles burn, demanding more weight lifting. The energy rose in his veins feeding his already huge muscles. Joey loaded weights at the curl station to work on his biceps and as he started pumping the veins swelled and jumped. He roared, feeling a huge power and energy kicking around inside him.

Felipe was the second to drink from his bottle. Impressed by his father growing and swelling in front of him, the young bodybuilder drank the whole bottle of yellow liquid. The reaction in him was the same. Felipe flexed his arms in an insane double biceps and realized that his veins were dilated like test tubes. He grunted and flexed his pecs, ripping part of the black T-shirt that covered his chest. Felipe ran to the leg press machine and pushed away a student climbing out of it too slowly, knocking him to the floor. The young giant growled at the small man and started to push his leg muscles with unnatural fervor.

The next one to drink the liquid was Jeff. The up-and-coming star bodybuilder drank all the contents of his bottle, and the reaction started instantly. The blond bodybuilder felt his skin tingling and power surged through him. He felt a raw, limitless hunger to grow larger. Jeff roared and rushed to the pec deck. Jeff put on more weight and yanked the cables away with scary roars.

The people who circulated in the gym did not quite understand why the three bodybuilders were growing before their eyes. The comments among the students in the gym ranged from admiration to fear of what was happening. For other bodybuilders in the gym jealousy increased as they watched Jeff, Joey, and Felipe got bigger. A high school student approached Jeff and saw a discarded bottle lying nearby on the floor. He picked it up and read the label.

“Oh shit! I also bought this supplement!” said the boy, looking the bottle over. He went back and told his friends about this revolutionary supplement. The boys did not waste time and also drank from their bottles. Others overheard. Word spread. Soon the concept of critical mass began to take over. The gym became a place of roaring, thumping metal and small earthquakes with the weight of the newly grown men inside.



The giants inside the gym walked, roared, and forced themselves to increase their muscles. The walls of the place began and collapsed. Deep cracks in the floor and ceiling appeared.

Damn! Is this liquid doing this to us, daddy?” Felipe said as he spotted Joey.

“That’s amazing, son! We’re getting bigger… grrrrrrrrrrrfuuuckbigger…” He looked his family over, eyes wide and wild. “I need more muscles,” Joey roared.

At that moment, deep cracks appeared in the walls of the gym. The ceiling shook and pieces of plaster fell as the giants grew inside and shoved weights up and down, the motion sending dangerously strong resonance through the building. It was no longer just Joey, Jeff, and Felipe, but more men were growing up. Their size varied. Joey and Felipe reached a height of 7’8” and weighing almost half a ton. Jeff went on to match up to the others also getting to 7’8”. The other men inside the gym also grew to match them, but Felipe… he seemed to be getting still bigger.

Some of the new giants began to realize that Felipe was getting bigger than them. Then one of the men decided to leave the gym, roaring and clamoring for more muscles and more strength. The new supplement was being sold at a small store in downtown Sentinel Hills. The man named Adam Gerber, a twenty-something Jew who trained in the same gym as the family of bodybuilders, was the man running through the city.

“MORE … MORE MUSCLES … MORE SIZE … MOOOOOORE!” Adam roared as he ran through the city.

More guys in the gym realized what Adam was doing. He was looking for more of that miracle supplement. The other newly bred giants began to leave the gym in search of the store, smashing through the gym the walls as if they were made of paper. Soon chaos was beginning to set in in the streets of the city. Two men tried to get into their cars, but it was no longer possible. They were too big to fit inside their now-tiny cars.

“DAMN! I WANT MORE MUSCLES… MOOOOOORE!” a handsome Russian named Nikita roared, flexing his biceps.

He followed in Adam’s footsteps, and soon a herd of muscular bulls, all at least 7’8” tall and now weighing almost a ton each, was racing through the streets of Sentinel Hills.

The asphalt of the city’s central avenue began to crack as the giants got bigger and heavier as they ran through the streets of the small town. BOOOOOM… BOOOOOM… BOOOOOM… BOOOOOM… BOOOOOM… BOOOOOM. The banging got louder as the bodybuilder herd was centered on the city’s central avenue. At that moment all the giants were over 9 feet tall. A group of 15 men from the Joey’s gym was joining three other groups of neighboring gyms. Altogether the herd of muscular men was about 30 muscular giants. Pandemonium reigned in the sleepy town of Sentinel Hills.

And Felipe… he grew even bigger. He was now something like 20 feet tall and over 5 tons of massive muscle. Separating from the crowd, Joey’s son moved on his own in a different direction from the other muscle giants. Felipe was going to the industrial area of the city where the supplement factory was located. We still do not know how, but Felipe reacted differently from the other men to the new supplement. His genetics were impressive and the critical mass of muscles made Sentinel Hills almost disappear from the map that day.

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