by Douglas Benjamin

Richard and Toby’s usual training for subs is augmented with a new pill that turns out to have an unexpected potency.

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Richard slid his thumb down the ass crack of the blond boy first.

The kid was naked, and kneeling on the floor of the bondage club basement. He was probably twenty or so, thin but not particularly athletic. He had a septum ring, which is what first caught Richard’s eye when the kid walked through the door of the club that evening.

Richard had chatted him up and liked what he heard. The kid wanted to obey, and was looking for an embarrassing scene to do with a group. Richard grabbed him by the arm and led him downstairs, then ordered him to strip and kneel.

A little light brown hair swept across his chest, but his pubes were thick. The kid was shy—or at least he was pretending to be—and covered his dick his hands.

Next to him was the soccer player, also kneeling. He had come straight from the gym, as Richard had ordered after their last session. He was sweaty and reeked, the pits of his t-shirt drenched and his athletic shorts musky and humid. He was studying the blond boy out of the corner of his eye, curious about this newcomer.

And next to the soccer player was an unfamiliar submissive. Richard hadn’t seen this one before, but his friend Toby had sent him down tonight. Toby ran the wrestling pit on the first floor of the bondage club and knew Richard’s tastes, and if there was a wrestler that he thought Richard would like, he’d personally pin him in the ring, then send him downstairs to be humiliated.

Richard wasn’t sure what to make of this one. He was wearing a sleeveless hoodie, and had big muscular arms. The hood was up so you couldn’t see his face. The wrestler was kneeling, his hands on the ground and his head held down. Richard was intrigued, but he’d save this one for last.

“Hands behind your head,” Richard said to the blond.

The kid smiled and obeyed. Richard cupped the kid’s ass cheeks, which had just a light dusting of blond hair, and the boy hummed happily.

Richard slapped him hard on the ass. “Quiet,” he said.

“Yes sir,” the boy whispered. He had a big broad stupid smile. It was his first time at the club, and he didn’t know all of Richard’s rules yet. But he’d learn.

Richard flicked the kid’s septum ring. He was standing with his crotch right in the kid’s face.

“Take my dick out,” he said.

The blond unzipped Richard’s jeans. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and the kid pulled Richard’s semi-hard dick from his pants. He opened his mouth and leaned in to suck it, but Richard grabbed him by the chin to stop him.

“No dick sucking. No ass fucking.”

The kid leaned in again to suck Richard’s dick anyway. Richard slapped him. “Do as I say,” he said.

“Yes sir,” the boy said again, looking chastened.

Richard rubbed the kid’s chin, then slid his thumb into his mouth.

“You want something to suck? Take this,” Richard said. The boy closed his mouth on Richard’s thumb and massaged it with his tongue.

“Good,” said Richard. “You need to learn to obey.” He pulled his thumb from the kid’s mouth and slapped him, but softer this time. The blonde grinned his big dumb grin again at that.

Richard looked over at the soccer player. His smell was strong, manly, sour. The soccer player was kneeling next to the blond, his arms up over his head for inspection.

Richard grabbed the back of the blond’s head and pushed it into the soccer player’s armpit.

“Inhale,” said Richard, but the boy struggled a bit. Richard gripped the back of his head more tightly and shoved it again. “Follow commands,” he said. “Inhale.”

The blond took a deep breath. Richard slapped him hard on the ass again. “Keep your face in there. Breathe it in,” he said. The kid obeyed.

The soccer player ignored the blond in his armpit and just stared up at Richard. “How long was your workout?” Richard asked.

“Two hours, sir,” said the soccer player.

“What did you do?”

“An hour of lifting. Then an hour on the treadmill.”

“How do you feel?”

“I’m so sore, sir,” said the soccer player.

The mysterious newcomer hadn’t moved during any of this. Meanwhile, the blond was still breathing deeply in the player’s armpit. Richard grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him out.

“Look at this one,” Richard said. “He knows how to obey.” Richard grabbed the blond’s head with both his hands and stared deep and close into the young man’s eyes. “I control you now. You do what I say. Everything I say. You obey me. Got it?”

“Yes sir,” whimpered the blond.

“Undress him,” Richard ordered, letting him go again. “With your mouth.”

“Uh,” said the blond, a little unsure. He looked at Richard, confused.

Richard grabbed him by the back of the head, and pushed his face into the soccer player’s crotch. “Pull it down,” he ordered.

The blond bit the waistband of the shorts and pulled them down. Under his workout gear, the soccer player was wearing the latex underwear Richard had given him. It was formed so that the dick fit into a latex sheath, with just the head exposed. In back, there was a nub inside the ass that pressed against the butthole. And there was a small latex loop down at the taint. The purpose of that would become clear soon enough.

The blond had managed to pull the shorts down around the player’s knees, and with a little fumbling they were both able to disentangle him from the shorts altogether. The shirt went next, and soon both subs were kneeling again. The blond was naked, the soccer player in the underwear Richard had supplied.

“Good,” said Richard. “Lie on your back,” he told the player. The soccer player obeyed silently.

“Put your face under his balls,” said Richard. The blond knelt down on the floor and pushed his nose up against the latex loop in the taint of the underwear. The soccer players balls and dick lay against his face, the exposed tip of the dick leaking pre-cum.

Richard took a little clasp from his pocket and reached down to the blond’s face. He snapped one end of the clasp around the kid’s septum ring, and the other into the latex loop. The blond was now attached by his nose to the soccer player’s taint.

“You’re going to stay there for a while,” Richard told the blond. “Your face is going to reek of ball sweat when we’re done. And soon enough, of cum. You’re basically a cumrag from now on.”

“Yes sir,” came the blond’s muffled voice.

“Jerk off,” Richard told the soccer player. “Cum on his face. If you can do it in under 5 minutes, I’ll let you lick my balls.”

“Yes sir,” said the soccer player as he set to work. Richard turned his attention to the hooded newcomer.

“Look at me,” Richard said. The wrestler looked up, and Richard was surprised to see that he looked a little scared. It was unusual for one of the subs to actually be frightened, and Richard thought about ending the scene so he could make sure the guy was okay.

“What’s your name?” he asked. He didn’t usually ask.

The wrestler just barked. Realistically. It sounded exactly like a dog. Then he looked ashamed.

Richard shrugged. Okay, so that was the game. A little pup play. Fine. He patted the wrestler on his still-hoodied head. “Good boy,” he said.

He circled around the wrestler, taking him in. He really was a big buff muscle-head. Richard was surprised Toby had been able to pin him to send him downstairs.

Tucked in the band of his jockstrap was a note, and Richard pulled it out.

“Have fun with this one,” Toby had written. “He really knows his obedience training.”

Richard bent down to look at the man. He still had a fearful look in his eye that Richard wasn’t quite sure how to read. “Toby says you can do tricks,” he said. The wrestler’s eyes darted around nervously.

“Shake,” said Richard. The wrestler held up a hand, his fingers curled to make it more of a paw.

“Good boy,” said Richard. “Lie down.”

The wrestler put his arms down on the ground and lay on his stomach.

“Good boy,” Richard said again. He rubbed the wrestler’s head, still wearing the hoodie, and the man rolled over onto his back, arms and legs held up in a classic rub-my-belly pose.

Richard could get a better look at him now. He had a thick beard that grew down his neck into what looked like a thick chest pelt.

“You’re a hairy fucker, huh?” Richard said. The man barked again.

Richard unzipped the man’s hoodie and saw that his chest was unbelievably hairy. “Oh man, look at that,” Richard said. He rubbed the chest hair, and the man started panting happily. “Who’s a good boy?” he said.

The man barked again, and again. He whined a little bit, then barked once more and looked over to the stairs.

Toby was descending, wearing an assless wrestling singlet. He was big and burly, not as muscular as the pup on the floor but still intimidatingly strong.

“Having fun?” Toby asked. “I heard the barking. He had quite a mouth on him until I took his voice away.”

The wrestler whined and covered his mouth with his hands.

“Nice job on this one,” Richard agreed. “Super sexy with all that hair.”

“Thanks,” said Toby. “The hair’s a new addition. My own little touch.”

Richard looked confused. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Toby looked smug. “You want to know how I got him so obedient? And took away his voice?” he asked.

Richard shrugged. “The usual sub training?”

Toby shook his head. “Nope. I’m trying a new technique. This one’s my first experiment and I think he came out perfectly. Heel!”

The man rolled back over and trotted on all fours over to Toby, then sat down next to him on his haunches like a dog. He looked up at Toby and whined plaintively.

“Check this out,” said Toby, pulling the hoodie off of the man’s head at last.

“What the hell?” gasped Richard. The man’s ears weren’t human—they were dog ears, pointy and furred. Exposed, the man looked panicked and afraid. He howled.

“Quiet,” said Toby, and he stopped.

“What is this?” Richard said, bending down to touch the man’s ears. They were warm, soft, and he could feel the muscles moving them slightly as he petted the cowering man. They were definitely real. The man hung his head, but let Toby inspect him.

Toby held up a little white pill. “I got this a few months back from my regular dealer. A small dose makes subs super-obedient. It’s been working great. So tonight I experimented with a bigger dose, and this is what we got.”

Richard looked baffled. “You’re telling me you have a pill that turns people into dogs?” he said. “That’s—well it’s ridiculous.”

Richard shrugged. “That’s what I thought. But look. I gave him a small dose and he was totally under my command. Did whatever I said. Then I gave him a bigger one and told him he could only bark, and he lost his voice. One more dose and I told him he was furry, and he grew that chest pelt. Told him he had dog ears, and that came true too. Watch what happens when I give him another suggestion.”

He looked down at the man. “You’re a good boy. You always do what you’re told,” said Toby. The man looked up at him, frightened. He barked again.

“Grow a tail,” said Toby.

There was a rustling sound from the man’s ass. Richard couldn’t believe what he saw: hair sprouting above the ass crack. A little nub formed, hairy and short, but steadily growing. It pushed out from the man’s butt, extending longer and longer. It started to wag as it descended down over the ass, the hair growing longer and longer. The tail pushed out until it nearly touched the ground.

“Good boy,” said Toby. The man looked around, confused, then felt something brushing his butt, looked back over his shoulder, and saw the tail. He yelped in surprise. His tail tucked between his legs.

Toby laughed. “What do you think?” he said to Richard.

Richard was agape. He knelt down and patted the cowering man on the head. “Did he agree to this?” Richard asked.

“Yeah,” said Toby, “But I don’t think he believed it would actually work. I’m not sure I did either.”

The man howled unhappily. He pawed at his new tail with his hands, still balled up like paws.

“Can you change him back?” Richard asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” said Toby. “Maybe I’ll just change him all the way into a dog.”

The man looked up at him in shock.

“Oh don’t worry,” Toby smiled, “I’ll take good care of you.”

“Can I try it?” Richard asked.

Toby shrugged. “Do what you want.”

Richard rubbed the man’s head, petting him gently. “Good boy,” he said, and the man nuzzled his head against Richard’s hand. “You’ve got your human voice back.”

The man howled when he heard that, then the howl turned into a series of short barks. Each one sounded a bit more scratchy and rough until Richard could hear a human grunt in them.

“Wruff—ruff—ugh—uh—oh God,” panted the man. “Ugh—thank you. Thank you sir.” He looked up at Richard. “I didn’t know. I didn’t know it would work, that I’d be—that I’d be this.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” said Richard. “Your whole body is covered in fur.”

“Oh please sir no!” the man cried. “Ugh I can feel it growing!”

A brown dusting materialized across his back, his muscular shoulders, his brawny arms. The fur grew in fast, covering him first around his neck, then down his back to his tail. The arms grew shaggy all the way down to his wrists, and his thick thighs and calves soon followed.

“Please,” he panted. “You made me a freak. Please turn me back.” He looked back at himself and winced. “I can’t go out like this. I can’t hide this tail.”

“Quiet,” said Richard. “You like it.” The man shut up. Richard slowly patted his head and the man closed his eyes and instantly calmed down. Richard slid his hand down the man’s furry back and scratched just about his tail. The man moaned.

“How’s that?” said Richard.

“That’s real nice, sir,” said the man.

“Good boy,” said Richard. “You like being a pet. It’s what you’re made for.” He looked up at Toby. “How long does this last?”

“And hour, maybe two,” said Toby. “Then their changes revert, and they stop being so obedient.”

“You hear that?” said Richard. “You’ll only be a dog a little while longer.”

“But I wanna be your pet,” panted the man, wagging his tail.

“Then you’ll have to keep coming back,” said Richard, still scratching the spot by the tail. “And we’ll make you a dogboy again.”

“Yes sir,” then man panted. He rolled over and exposed his furry belly. Richard gave it a rub, then jerked the man’s still-human dick. “And maybe we’ll play with this thing next time.”

To Toby, he said, “so in small doses it just makes people obedient? No body changes?”

“Yeah,” said Toby. “You want some?”

Richard looked back over to the wrestler and the blond. He’d almost forgotten they were there. The wrestler had just finished jizzing on the blond’s face and looked pretty pleased. The blond was whimpering a bit. He probably wanted to be released.

“Yeah,” said Richard, “I have some ideas.”

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