by ZeroZeroNull

 A very drunk guy gets back home after his birthday party only to find a strange gift waiting for him…

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Seb opened the door to his bedroom, drunkenly taking off his shoes and dropping his bag on the floor before throwing himself on his bed, letting out a muffled groan as he buried his face in his pillow. He was, in fact, back from a night of intense partying with his friends to celebrate his birthday, and as he laid there on his sheets, fully clothed, glasses uncomfortably pressing against his face, his bed had to be the most comfortable thing to his aching head and body. Halfheartedly, he let out an annoyed sigh as he turned on his side and proceeded to take off his glasses and set them on the nightstand, only to stop midway through it.

In the spot where he’d usually place his glasses, phone, or other junk was a small black box adorned with a vibrant red ribbon. Raising a puzzled eyebrow, Seb rose halfway and sat on the edge of his bed, much to his tired body’s dismay, as he put back his glasses back on his face to examine the box more closely. It was light but still made a muffled noise when shaken, indicating that there was really a present inside, and an orange sticky note stuck on it wished Seb a happy birthday and the best of wishes.

“Oh? Awww it must be from Null…” chuckled Seb “…he remembered about my birthday.”

Null was Seb’s roommate, he was a scrawny foreign guy he had met on a furry website a few years ago thanks a mutual friend, and who eventually moved to his country for his studies, Seb kindly offering him to stay at his place. Him and Seb had indeed developed a crush on each other, the former having a thing for big guys and the latter for being worshiped by little guys like him. Smiling like the sleepy drunken birthday boy he was, Seb slowly but surely untied the red ribbon as he was glad that his best friend with benefit remembered his birthday, despite sadly not being able to come to the party due to him working late that night. After some clumsy attempts Seb had managed to untie his way out of the ribbon, and now stood with the black box ready to be opened. Slowly, he pulled the lid open and put it aside on the nightstand, revealing… a collar.

Indeed, inside the box stood an animal collar like the kind big dogs wear, its straps made out of a deep black expensive looking material. Attached to the front of the thing was a little golden medal which joyfully claimed “Hey my name’s Seba! If I’m lost then call my master, Null, here!”, followed by his actual cellphone number. At that point Seb was doing his best, but still failing, at holding back his laughter. Seb had in fact gotten the habit of calling Null “his little pup”, and in return he was called “his big pup” by him, so it seems like for his birthday he wanted to switch things up a little, while fulfilling his dream of getting one of these pricey custom dog collars. And pricey it sure looked, thought Seb as he examined his gift in the light of the nightstand’s lamp, the fabric of the straps supple and clearly designed to be soft yet sturdy, its black sheen almost seeming to absorb the light around it.

“Hahaha, he’s such a playful boy, he can only wish having me as his pup though.”

Finally done laughing, a weird thought passed through Seb’s head: what if he tried it? Of course he wouldn’t sleep with it, or even wear it for that long, but his drunken mind told him it would be funny to have a picture of him wearing the accessory so he could show it to his roommate tomorrow. Putting the other half of the box on the nightstand, Seb carefully placed the collar around his neck, surprised at how easily he managed to tie it, almost as if someone was there behind him, gently putting the strap thought the buckle. It was actually surprising how nice it all felt, the collar seeming to gently follow every curve of his neck, making Seb genuinely curious of how well it looked on him.

He excitedly jumped on his two feet, almost loosing his balance for a second or two before regaining his footing and making his way toward the large mirror which was part of his dresser, all while clumsily fishing his phone out of his pocket. Standing in front of the mirror, Seb did his best to get a nice shot, the barely average light from the lamp obscuring some details, with his clumsy fingers and rising excitement making it hard for him to keep the camera held properly.

“Damn…” he moaned “My pup’s gotta love it!”

He was now quite hard, stroking his cock through his jeans and panting softly. Even though he was quite drunk and really horny; even him found it weird how hot he was starting to feel, that and how tight his cock felt in his pants. Looking down, he noticed how the bulge his dick was making looked a bit… bigger? Granted he had never been small down there, sporting a rather thick and heavy cock which was just shy of reaching 18 centimeters, but even to his inebriated mind it was alarming how tight and hot his jeans were getting. Seb pulled on his collar with one hand while the other struggled to unbuckle his pants. Once he was done, he let the belt drop on the floor as he eagerly pulled his jeans down to his thighs and sighed a sigh of relief.

“D-damn…” moaned Seb “That thing is getting me real hard.”

Indeed, his hard cock was making a rather large bulge through his boxers, looking to be at least a good 19 cm and throbbing almost visibly. Seb chuckled, swaying a little and whipping his sweaty forehead while his other hand marveled at how fat and sensitive his dick felt.

“Fuck.” he thought “I really feel like shit, but damn I look huge!”

It felt like a fire alarm had started ringing inside his head, making him dizzy while he overall felt like he was in an oven, large beads of sweat running down his face, each movement feeling slow and sloppy, while Seb couldn’t help but swallow his saliva as his Adam’s apple started rising and falling like he was about to puke. Soon, he just lost all strength in his legs, dropping to his knees and using the closet for support, his breathing erratic as his sight started to blur progressively, darkness surrounding him more and more until he see anything, his ears ringing so much he couldn’t hear or really think about anything.

Then, as soon as it started, it stopped, the darkness dissipating and the ringing subsiding until it disappeared completely. Seb was left panting and gagging, finally able to think clearly as his headache had simply vanished as soon as it had begun. After some time, he managed to get his breathing and heartbeat at a more manageable level, and that’s when he realized how disgusting he felt, sweat coating his clothes to the point it felt like someone had thrown him into a swimming pool. Trying to keep his spirit high, Seb chuckled as he raised one of his arms, sniffing one of his armpits and making a silly face as the strong smell of his sweat, filled his nostrils. He really needed a shower, that and a good shaving, he thought as he pulled his collar down a little to scratch his stubbly neck.

That’s when Seb froze and turned toward the glass to see his face, which had the equivalent of three of four days worth of stubble on his cheeks and neck… except he had shaved his beard off completely the night before. Feeling quite weirded out already, as he tugged at his shirt collar he suddenly realized that not only had his beard grown but so did his chest hair, alongside his pubes, his previously equally clean shaved crotch now having a decent amount of hair. Seb felt like he was about to pass out as he realized that a small treasure trail had also begun sprouting, and lifting his shirt he realized that his previously smooth stomach had become hairy. Suddenly, it occurred to Seb that his entire body felt tingly, and to his horror he could see the hair spreading across his torso and getting denser with each passing second.

“W-what the…”

Seb felt too confused to even speak, only being able to lay there panting softly, blushing as he tugged at the collar of shirt, trying to let his body breathe a little as it was progressively getting covered with a large amount of thick hair. Soon, the skin of his neck, arms, legs, and even the back of his hands was getting harder and harder to see. And yet… Seb wasn’t scared, even though he knew he wasn’t high, and as such that there was no logical explanation for what was happening to him. But despite all that he found himself quite enjoying the whole ordeal, running his hand through the thickening fur feeling strangely satisfying. Gritting his teeth, he let out a moan as he felt his cock starting to throb painfully, now looking to be about 21 cm and already starting to leak a few drops of pre.

Seb couldn’t help but smirk as he peered over his pecs to admire his fat cock… and that’s when it clicked. His clothes didn’t just feel tight because they were drenched in sweat, or even because of the still thickening hair, but because his body itself seemed to be… growing? As he gave his reflection a side glance he was left speechless once again upon seeing his pecs bigger than usual, looking like thick pancakes, while his legs and arms also seemed to have gained some mass and definition.

Feeling quite thrilled by it all, Seb couldn’t help but pant like a dog enjoying a good car ride, and indeed, much like a dog he felt like his enjoyment prevented him from keeping his tongue in his mouth. Looking down, it also struck him how different his tongue felt, being wider and a little longer than he used to. Playing with it for a while, he soon found out that he could reach his nose with it, and that’s when he realized how colder and darker it looked. The low light was making it hard to see his face, but he could definitely see that it seemed… different. His nose seemed to be getting a little bit black, and his usually brown eyes now had a hing rusty red in them.

Not bothering to really give himself a good look, Seb just went back to stroking his cock through his boxers, biting his lower lip as the more he pumped the better he felt, his every muscles contracting and releasing, fueling his veins with raw strength. Seb was now moaning audibly, thrusting his hips up and down rhythmically before just flipping on his belly and dry humping his cock against the floor, each rub making him feel hotter and hotter, his clothes getting tighter and his butt a little wobblier. Speaking of his lower back, he couldn’t help but laugh as it felt like someone was tickling him down there, and looking into the mirror he could see a weird furry appendage growing above his ass, slowly lengthening and wagging lazily. And so he just kept going, gritting his teeth and balling his fists as he felt his clothes getting tighter and tighter, groaning audibly now that strong hairy muscle was pushing its way out of their confines. Not only that, but his assets also joined in on the growth, his cock just shy of reaching the middle of his torso, as thick as his arm used to be, and his balls putting melons to shame.

Something deep inside him was starting to change, Seb could feel it, some sort of raw primal force was slowly taking over him… and to be honest? He couldn’t care less. Looking down, Seb could see his previously awkward looking coat of overgrown body hair starting to blossom into an actual layer of fur, its average brown color slowly being replaced with a deep black, one which almost seemed to absorb light. Moreover, it started to become nicely long, making his tail feel heavy and powerful but also giving his neck a nice thick mane which, while it obscured the collar a little bit, only helped to give him a stunning look. As he noticed some patches of white fur sprouting here and there, alongside some black leathery cushions under his palms and soles, Seb was getting so worked up that his ears couldn’t help but twitch with delight… his triangular canine ears.

It didn’t seem all that odd to Seb at this point, after all what was the point of fighting what was taking over him? How could he mind getting such cute ears, such a sweet black doggy nose, and such an adorable bushy tail? Well… as Seb looked down at his body he was quite satisfied with what he saw: the torrent of fur surrounding his neck, overflowing out of his straining shirt, his meaty athletic frame which gave him a powerful appearance, or even his truly massive cock and balls. Yet.. it didn’t sit well with Seb, granted he looked better than ever, but he just felt like it wasn’t enough, like he was still missing… something. It was like he was dying of thirst but only given half a glass of water, like he could still have more, so much more… He wasn’t a cute pup, he was more than that, so much more…

Seb’s breathing started to quicken as it was like his blood was beginning to boil in his veins until it felt like hot magma was flowing in them, sending shocks of both pain and pleasure through his entire body with each passing heartbeat. He was now snarling as raw power was forcing itself into his flesh, into his bones, and into his mind…

Looking down, Seb smiled impishly as he witnessed his paws growing larger and larger, his fingernails lengthening and hardening until they could finally be called claws. Soon the growth spread to his forearms, and then his arms, the bowling ball sized biceps making the sleeves of his shirt groan to the point they finally started tearing apart, too weak to contain his lengthening and widening arms. The swelling then reached up to his torso, his pecs ballooning to the size of dense pillows, his back becoming way too broad for it to ever fit through his doorway, or even his shirt, which soon was but a pile of sweaty tattered fabric loosely attached to the growing beast that Seb had become. Next came his abs, growing larger than actual bricks and almost as hard as them, while his thighs and lower legs were quick to catch in on the growth, Seb groaning in displeasure as his jeans painfully bust out of their seams, leaving more space for his growing legs to swell and broaden, his feet then quick to rip through his socks. Before he could even take a second to calm himself, Seb let out a deep moan as he felt his derrière swelling like a balloon filled his air, except here it felt like it was filled with juicy sensitive muscle, round and wobbling gently as he rocked his hips back and forth, his tail wagging excitedly.

But it was then that it started, this strange tickling sensation that was almost that of the growth, but somehow even more pleasurable… and located mainly around his crotch. Before he could even do anything, Seb groaned as he felt his cock and his balls throb a little bit bigger… and then a little fatter… and then a little heavier. Not wanting to jump hum the floor this time around, Seb quickly used his new large paws to stroke his fat meat, which by then had long outgrown his boxers and was now throbbing in the open, rubbing against his furry torso, which along the feeling of his paws pads only helped to stimulate it even more. To his surprise, Seb could not only feel his cock growing, but also the rest of his body, each rub making him slightly taller, his muscles growing accordingly, which in terms only made him even hornier than he already was.

Seb’s mind just kept getting foggier the more he pumped, pleasure making it hard to focus as it felt like his entire body was having an erection, his balls groaning as the mere though of growing even bigger filled them with even more cum. Seb could feel himself growing more powerful by the second, hard muscles filling his frame as his cock and balls just wouldn’t stop ballooning up, the pre leaking from his cock-head getting creamier as he got closer and closer to the edge. As it finally reached above his pecs, Seb lost no time locking his maw around his head, letting out a long muffled moan as he buried his tongue in his slit. It was all it took for him to finally reach the edge, his cock erupting like a geyser as his balls emptied themselves like a rupturing dam, forcing him to swallow liter after liter of hot seed, the mere feeling of his tongue around his head striking his mind with pleasure like a lightning would. After what felt like an eternity, his cock finally stopped leaking, and popped his head out of his maw with a satisfying pop. Exhausted, but still too excited to fall asleep, Seb just laid there, afterglow still clouding his mind, his eyes closed as he just mindlessly rubbed his fluffy chin against his glistening cock-head…

Taking off his jacket and then his shoes, Null let out a tired yawn as he stretched and jumped in his slippers, finally back from work and ready to take a good night worth of sleep as he made his way toward his room. Yet, as he passed by the door to Seb’s bedroom a weird feeling came to him, the air feeling heavy and electric, and Null was torn about checking if his friend was okay.

“I’m sure I’m just overreacting, he’s most likely sleeping already.” thought the young man “But… maybe he’s sick, so checking on him wouldn’t hurt. I can’t just let him puke his guts out alone, I already feel bad enough for not getting him anything for his birthday…”

Taking in a deep breath, Null opened the door, his nostrils instantly assaulted by a strong, dizzying, but yet strangely pleasing smell, which seemed to be a mix of sweat, musk, and sex. This, however, didn’t prevent him from freezing on the spot as what he saw facing him wasn’t his friend, but instead a large dark form lying on the floor of his bedroom, its eyes closed as it panted in a low tone. As Seb just laid there in a pool of his own sweat, his acute hearing picked up the noise and he opened a tired eye, seeing none other than Null staring back at him with eyes the size of dinner plates, shaking slightly as he appeared to be scared but at the same time excited. The mere sight of his frail friend was enough to fill Seb’s heart with a warm feeling, and as he got on his feet, the floor groaning under his weight, he couldn’t help but smile as his cock started to harden once again. Null just stood like a deer in headlights as the beast stood up, revealing his perfect muscular body, his head brushing against the ceiling and his fat cock reached up to his chin. The beast, no… Seb, looked down at him with a comforting smile, his electric blue eyes exuding pride and confidence, and as he just stood there, muscular, hard, and towering over him, Null just felt compelled to get closer. He then took a hesitant step, and then another, and soon enough he was just right next to Seb’s mighty balls, which he lost no time hugging and kissing, excitement making him shiver and tear up a little as he finally recognized his best friend’s musk, now losing no time pleasuring him.

As he looked down at his little friend, Seb could help but gently pet his hair with his large paw, before finally greeting his friend in a voice that was deep, powerful, but still gentle, like how one would imagine a fatherly figure sounding.

“Welcome home, Master.”


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