by dunnyboy

 Jay's already growing submission to Chris escalates dramatically as Chris reveals he's been taking injections that will turn him into the ultimate muscle fantasy. But Chris won't be the only one affected.

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I groaned as the jizz hit me right in the eye. My boyfriend’s body bucked under the pleasure of the huge load he had spent all over my face. I don’t know how his nuts made so much juice, we’d already had sex earlier that night, and then he had woken me up in the wee hours of the morning ready to go again, plopping his big nutsack over my mouth and ordering me to suck. To be honest, it was kind of strange for my boyfriend. Chris had always been a little more deferential, he never even talked during sex, usually just a little “oomph” when he shot his load. Other than that, he didn’t really like to be verbal or aggressive, he said that it made him feel awkward. He was also the hornier of the couple, wanting sex at least a few times a week. Lately though, he’d been too horny to even keep up with, and a lot more insistent about sex, going so far as to undress me a few days back. I got up to wash the cum off my face and chest, and then I crawled back into bed. Chris snuggled up next to my back, already hard again. He rubbed his dick against the cleft of my ass for a bit, before thankfully drifting back off to sleep. I had trouble falling back to sleep though, and laid awake for awhile. I couldn’t help but think that something had been different lately.

The sex had definitely been great, I had always wanted Chris to be more dominant, and lately he had definitely been a lot more verbal and less passive. Surprisingly, he’d also been less self-conscious about his body. Six months prior, he would have complained about the extra pounds he’d packed on. However, he had seemingly stopped worrying about it, and in fact had added another eight to ten pounds. I loved the extra weight, I always had. I enjoyed the feeling of his belly as it slapped into my body. I enjoyed the way it pushed his big nuts farther away from his body. He’d also had some gains in his arms and chest in the past few weeks, and his biceps were now hard and pumped every day after the gym. He really was perfect, and thinking about his body, his olive skin, his green eyes, his white teeth, I popped a boner. Now I wished I had gotten off with him again. The only thing I would still change about him was his body hair. He kept everything neatly shaven. I loved it when he let his dark, curly hispanic hair grow, but he shaved and trimmed everything. It was a battle I had long ago given up on. I rubbed myself for awhile against the pillow I had wedged between my legs, before exhaustion finally overcame me and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by the feeling of a cock popping into my ass. There wasn’t nearly enough lube (or was there even any lube), and it hurt like hell. I rolled over angrily, roughly yanking my boyfriends dick out my ass, which was already sore from the night before.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

He put a hand over my mouth and continued to advance his cock into my tight asshole. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll spit on it again.” He withdrew his cock, spit in his hand a few times, and then moved his hand down between our bodies to rub the saliva over the head of his cock. Then he took his moistened fingers and rubbed them over my aching hole, slowly teasing one finger in and out of the hole, and running the moistness around the rim of my ass. I was horny, since I hadn’t cum the night before, and my last thoughts before drifting to sleep had aroused me. So I decided to humor him this morning, besides he would probably just get up in a few minutes and get ready to go to work.

He pulled his hand from between us, and switched it out with the hand over my mouth. He took the fingers he’d had in my ass and put them in my mouth as he began to press the head of his cock against my anus again. He would apply pressure, then pull away, return and apply a little more pressure, then pull away. I started touching my hard cock, but he stopped, removed his fingers from my mouth, and then grabbed my arm, lifting my body to pull the arm closest to the bed under my body. Once he had my arms crossed behind my back, he pinned my hands between my back and his stomach, moved his hand back down to shove his fingers back in my hole, and then returned his fingers to my mouth. He pushed his cock a little harder, and then pulled back, pushed harder again, this time popping the large head of his cock into my ass. Without touching myself, it hurt. He pulled the head out again, and then popped it back into my ass again. He repeated this several times, pulling the head out, pushing hard against my contracted anus until he popped it back in. Finally he began to work the shaft in by angling his hips forward and applying a forward vector of force. I could feel his cock head rake the sides of my anus as he moved every centimeter forward. With every inch gained, he would pull back out to allow my rectal muscles to relax, and then he would jam the head of his cock back in, reaching further into my hole than each previous iteration. Once he was finally embedded up to the base of his cock, Chris began a rhythmic in and out motion. He picked his hips up and lifted them back, then brought them slamming into the back of my hips. Each slam would produce an audible slap of his nuts against my perineum, and also an audible slap of his belly fat against my back. He became more and more excited as he picked up the pace, until he was at a frenzy.

“I’m gonna fucking shoot this load in your ass boy. Tell me you want this hot load. Tell me how much you want my seed inside you.”

I moaned in agreement, the thrusting had finally started to feel good, and I was getting into his dirty talk. Then he started stroking harder and faster—slap…. Slap …. Slap …. Slap…. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap-slap-slap-slap-slap

“Fuck Jay, I’m cumming in your ass, oh god, ohhhh take this fucking load.” As he grunted in my ear, I felt the first jet of hot liquid shoot into my asshole. Chris pushed his fingers farther down in my mouth and ordered me to suck them. I felt the second jet of cum warm my rectum, followed quickly by a third, fourth, fifth streams. Eventually, I couldn’t distinguish the shots any longer, and just felt the volume continue to expand, some of it leaking out around his dick and dripping down my perineum. My cock was quivering, and oozing with precum, but without being able to touch myself I hadn’t yet cum. I lay there, breathless, as Chris collapsed against me. I could feel the sweat drip off between us, and he pressed his hairy, sweaty stomach up flush against my back.

“Can you pull out?” I asked him.

“I’m not done yet, you haven’t cum.”

Hmmm, weird. “I’ll be ok, I don’t want you to be late for work. You can get me off another time.”

He wasn’t listening though, he had pushed his stomach into my back, my hands still wedged between them. He put his fingers back into my mouth. Then, he encircled my neck with his other arm, forcing my head to angle upward toward his hairy armpits. He began to move his hips again, this time with a staccato rhythm. I could feel the quick tempo of his body slamming against me, his sweat dripping onto my face and down my back, the fingers in my mouth gently moving and exploring—insisting that they be sucked. I could smell the sweaty musk of his armpits, the black hair there was plastered to the skin with sweat. I could hear the slap of his stomach making contact with my back, and the slap of his balls making contact with my ass. Every thrust produced a squelch as he worked the cum in my ass up to a creamy lather. His breath grew more labored, and he began to grunt with every thrust into my ass.

“You like that fucking dick don’t you? Yeah? Are you a little cock slut?”

His fingers were so deep in my mouth that there was no way I could respond. He took this as an affirmative, and began to pound harder. His hand moved out of my mouth and he gently choked me with his saliva coated hand. “Come on little cock slut, I want to hear you say it. Say you like this fat dick. Tell me what a little whore you are, that you need this cock inside you.”

His domination of me made my cock go crazy. I could feel my balls drawing up closer to my body as my cock flexed with each thrust of the head of cock. I could feel it pushing against my prostate, nudging my body towards the edge of release. “I want your cock Chris, I need it inside me, I need it inside my ass.” This urged him on, he pulled out and then roughly flipped me onto my back so that I was looking up at him. He perched himself up on the heels of his feet, and then shoved his cock back into me. I tried to touch my cock to ease the pain, but he grabbed my hands and pinned them back over my head. The sweat was running down his chest and over his stomach. He had shaved yesterday, but his stomach was already covered in black bristles. His balls hung low and heavy between his feet, and they moved back and forth like a pendulum as he pushed his cock deeper into my ass. He didn’t wait long before he resumed his ass bashing pace, the clap clap clap of his stomach hitting my body in time with the slapping of his sagging nuts against my ass. The sweat flew off his forehead and ran in streams from his armpits. Every time he slammed my body, my cock surged forward and my testicles drew further up into my body. “Babe, I’m going to cum soon, oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

Chris looked down at me and responded by slamming into me even harder, pushing his cock as far it would go into my body, and then thrust his hips upward. This new motion bounced my ass off of his cock and let gravity pull me back down, his cock pushing into my ass all the way to the hilt. I began to feel a familiar burn in my prostate, and my cock spasmed. I tried to pull my hands away to touch myself, but he forced them down even harder. As he slammed into my body again and again, my prostate finally relinquished, and each push of his cock squeezed out a huge spurt of cum from my cock as it danced around on my stomach. My entire body went rigid with the agony of pleasure, and after the spasms subsided, he kept pounding me. Thwack thwack thwack—his balls slapped upward into my ass, the sweat pouring off of his forehead, his chest and stomach soaking wet, the sheets ruined by all the cum he had churned out of my ass. He kept pounding, until finally after what seemed like ages his face contorted into a grimace. “Fuck, I’m cumming again. Uhhh, you’re going to take this fucking load.” For the second time that morning I felt him fill my ass to overflowing with hot, creamy jizz.

“Yeah you little cum slut, you feel that hot load? I’m filling your fucking ass up. You’re mine now, this dick fucking owns you.” His entire body quivered with the strength of his ejaculation, and he pushed his dick into me hard one last time after he finished. He slowly pulled out, and as the head of his penis popped out I tried to squeeze my anus closed, but there was so much jizz that a lot of it ran out anyway and soaked the sheets around my ass. Not that it mattered, it just joined the jizz that was all over my chest, face, headboard, and the pillows that were behind me. I had jizzed literally everywhere, I was surprised that there wasn’t jizz dripping from the ceiling fan.

I looked up at my boyfriend, who was still perched on his heels, his chest heaving with the effort of the exercise he’d just done. Chris’s body glistened with sweat, every hair clung to him, and he had this wild look in his eyes that I had never seen before. I started to roll over to get up, but he still had my hands pinned.

“Are we getting up?” I asked. He didn’t respond, he only let go of my hands and pinned my chest as he walked himself up over my body, coming back into a squat squarely over my face. He moved his hands back to my arms, pinning me again.

“Suck my dick.”

“Chris, no! It’s got jizz and ass all over it”

“I’m not asking you Jay, I’m telling you. Now suck my dick you little slut.” His cock was covered in a creamy white froth, and it smelled of my ass. I opened my mouth and just put the tip in, but this didn’t satisfy him. He released one of my arms, grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock all the way to the back of my throat until I gagged. He held it there for a moment, until the gagging had subsided, and then he started to fuck my face with as much vigor as he had fucked my ass. His cock tasted salty, and every time he went all the way into my mouth my nose was pressed up against his sweaty bush of thick brown hair.

As he pounded his cock into my mouth, his nuts would slapped against my chin, they were already wet and slicked with ass jizz, but they became even wetter as my saliva ran down off his cock and onto his balls. He stopped and pulled his cock out of my mouth, and moved off the bed to stand on the floor beside the bed. He grabbed my arms and yanked me over to the side of the bed, pulling at my shoulders until my head hung off the bed. Then he lifted one leg and set his balls over my face.

“Lick those big balls. I want you to clean every bit of cum off of there. Then you’re going to clean my ass, get all the sweat off.” By now I was getting into it. My boyfriend’s balls had always turned me on. They were big, and a darker brown than the rest of his body. He shaved them smooth so they contrasted nicely with the bush of hair all around his cock. His nuts were larger than mine, each one a little bit smaller than an egg. When Chris was warm, they hung low on his body, three or so inches from his cock. When he wasn’t hot, they hugged up to his body in a huge voluminous sac, floating in a blissful balloon of cum. I’d been especially turned on by them lately, because the extra pounds Chris had packed on added a little fat pad under his balls, which made them jut out from his body even more. I started at the thick base of his shaft and worked my way down, licking from down to up. Every few strokes I would pop the head of his cock back in my mouth to taste his precum. His balls tasted like nut—salty with a little sweet. They smelled like your balls do when you finish working out really hard, and you’ve sweat a lot—a very pervasive smell of sweat, musk, pheromone, and hormone all wrapped up with jizz.

“Good boy. Now clean my ass. Come on, get all the sweat off of it. I don’t have time for a shower, so you’re going to wash me clean little slut.” He moved my head down behind his balls and with his hand on the back of my head shoved my mouth into his ass. Weird, I’d never noticed any hair on my boyfriend’s ass before, but this morning there was a thick line of black hair lining the crack of his ass. The hair had caught all the sweat, and the sweat running down off his cheeks ran into my mouth and onto my face, adding to the saltiness. His ass tasted good, a little sour, a little sweet. I worked my tongue around the outside of his anus, a dark brown ring that gave way to it’s pink interior. Chris moaned with pleasure, and smashed my face even closer to his ass. I slowly worked my tongue up the hairy cleft of his ass, then back down to his hole, savoring all the salty sweat. I pushed my tongue out and worked it deep into his hole, making a circling motion.

“Fuck boy, that’s right. Clean up that hole. I worked my way in and out of his hole, flicking lightly at his anus every time I popped my tongue out. He smooshed my nose into his moist anus and rubbed it around, then he lifted off of me and pushed my head back down.

“It’s time to finish this up little fuckboy.” He pushed his thick cock into my willing mouth, and really went to town on my throat. He lifted his hips to pull his cock almost out of my mouth before slamming it back down to the back of my throat. From this angle his balls and ass sat over my face, while his cock pillaged my mouth. His nuts seemed so swollen to have already blown two huge loads today, and they were intermittently blocking my only route of breathing. As he began to move faster, he started sweating again, and the sweat ran in streams down his back, collecting at his anus before dripping into my eyes and nose. The sweat carried all the smells of sex, plus the manly stench of the beast currently occupying my mouth.

Chris adjusted his legs a little wider, pulling me closer to the edge. Then he was really able to get a good angle and push his cock deeper, bringing my face all the way to the hilt and nestling my chin in his pubes. By now I was really riled up again, and I lifted my head to meet his every downward thrust. He quickened his pace and really started to fuck my face. From my vantage point I could see his ass cheeks jiggling in time with his rhythm. I was entering sensory overload. The sensation of his full, heavy balls slapping my face mixed with the scent of his sweat, the scent of cum in his bush, the scent of my ass still left on his balls, and the scent of his ass which was in close proximity. This was all coupled with the overwhelming sensation of his thick dick diving deep into my throat. He quickened his pace again, making his strokes shorter and leaving more of his cock down my throat at the end of each stroke. Sweat was pouring off of him, hitting my face and mixing with the saliva that was running down into hair. I felt his balls begin to pull up closer to his body, and he began a low guttural growl as he continued to pound my face.

“Oh FUCK, I’m going to shoot again.” In his excitement, he rammed his cock hard down my throat and elicited my gag response. I tried to pull my head down away from his cock but he just pushed the back of my head forward. “Don’t you fucking pull away, fuuuuuuuuck.” The first spurt was huge. It felt like he was pissing cum into the back of my throat, and as it filled my throat I gagged a little more. He moved his dick out some, and then rammed it back in. As his balls slapped my face, his cock erupted again. One, two, three, four, five big squirts came in succession. His cock was so far down my throat that I couldn’t swallow, and he still wasn’t done cumming. Ten, eleven, twelve, my cheeks were bulged out, and there was no where else for the cum to go. I coughed, and the cum came flooding out the sides of my mouth, mixed with saliva it was runny and it coated my face. Once the tidal wave finally subsided, he slowly started to pull his cock out of my mouth, but then he thrust it back in again, bringing my head to the hilt of his cock. He finally pulled out, I’m gasping for air by this time, and his cock is dripping with saliva and cum, dangling right above my face. He grabbed the back of my head, and moved it back to his ass again.

“Smell that sweaty ass one last time. Put your tongue in my hole.” I did as I was told, swirling my tongue around his creamy brown anus, reveling in the smell of sex and sweat that had collected there.

“Oh fuck that was good Jay.” He finally moved off of my face and walked over to the dresser, pulled out a pair of Hanes briefs. He stepped into them, and pulled them up, leaving his hard cock sticking out over the top of the brief. His balls were still so swollen, you could see them because they pushed the fabric away, creating a space between his thigh and nut where you could look in. He turned around and I could see the underwear clinging to his ass, already darkened and damp from the sweat that was pouring from all over his body.

“You’re not going to get a shower?” I asked.

“I’m already late. Besides, I want the smell of your ass on my dick all day.” He pushed a polo on, it sucked up the sweat and formed twin dark spots under his arms, and small little patches of wet all over the shirt. I noted that I needed to go buy him some new shirts. I had just bought him this shirt several months ago, but he had gained weight in his stomach, chest and arms. The arm bands were tight on his biceps, and rode up. The shirt was starting to get a little small because his stomach pushed it out, creating a little space between the shirt and his underwear. He walked out of the room. I was toweling off my face, watching his sexy ass jiggle in his briefs as he walked away. He came back from the living room carrying a small black bag.

“What’s that?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he responded, “it’s not for little sluts to know.” He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard the toilet seat lift, Chris pissing. The toilet flushed and then there was quiet for a few minutes. Finally I heard the sink come on. After a few minutes he came out. He was still sweating and by now the sweat had soaked the front and back of his shirt, as well as the back of his underwear, which now clung tightly to his ass. He was still rock hard, and his dick was pulsing and had precum dripping from the end of it, a string connecting his dick and the wet spot on his underwear below where his precum had landed on the bulge created by his nuts. The head of his dick was hugely engorged, and it looked red and angry. He walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of khakis, he adjusted his dick so that it ran upwards up the side of his underwear, and then shoved himself into a pair of pants. He pulled a pair of socks out and walked out of the room.

I saw him go over to his work bag, and put the little black bag into it. Once his shoes were on he ran out the door without so much as a goodbye.

I fell back onto the sex soaked sheets, exhausted and aching. The entire room smelled strongly of sex, strongly of Chris. His cum was coating my hair, my chest, my ass. The sheets were wet with saliva, cum, and sweat. I could still smell his balls and ass on my face every breath I drew in through my nose. My dick rose up again, but I was too tired to do anything about it. Instead I laid back on the bed and fell asleep on the damp sheets.

When I woke up several hours later, I checked my phone. Chris had sent several messages.

CHRIS 9:18am: that cum better still be in your ass when I get home today

CHRIS 9:18am: that’s going to be the only lube you get

Then an hour later, he had left a more mysterious message:

CHRIS 10:32am: fuck, I really screwed up I think

Jay 10:41am: why, what happened?

CHRIS 10:42am: i’ll explain this afternoon

CHRIS 10:44am: just have your pants off when I get home… you’re getting fucked again

Jay 10:53am: no way! I’m so sore already

Chris assumed radio silence after that. I got busy with my day, since I happened to be off from work. I stripped the bed of the sheets and got those washed, then I cleaned house and went to the grocery store. I considered going to the gym, but decided to wait until my usual time in the evening. I was laying on the couch watching Netflix when I heard a key turn the lock. I immediately felt nervous, because it was too early for Chris to be home. I got up from the couch as the door opened, but saw that it was only Chris.

“Why are you home so early?” I asked. He didn’t’ answer, and I actually looked at him, and got worried all over again. His face was red, and his forehead was beaded with sweat. There was a huge wet triangle on his shirt that extended from the base of his neck down to his belly and extended over the crotch of his pant, and his shirt also had huge sweat spots under the arms. His shirt looked even smaller than it did this morning. His neck bulged against the collar, and the shirt rode up a bit over his stomach, revealing the hairy fat roll that bulged over the hem of his pants. The entire front of his pants was wet with sweat, but there was a sticky-shiny spot on the left that dripped down his leg. He was carrying his shoes, instead of wearing them, and walked in only in socks. His big toe stuck through the sock of his left foot. As he came in, he shut the door and walked over to the table to set down his work bag. He stood at the table, and stretched his arms up, fully exposing a belly that was definitely larger and hairier than I remembered it being this morning. As he lifted his arms, the smell of him physically struck me. It was a mixture of body odor, the sweaty kind that you get when you work out really hard in the gym, and sex. He smelled like five day old underwear, jizz, dirty gym socks, and ball sweat all rolled into one. My mouth started watering, and I could feel my cock swelling up inside my pants.

“Babe, are you okay? You don’t look so hot.”

“I’m fucking amazing!” He dropped his arms, and then pulled the mysterious little black bag out of his work bag. He unzipped it, and took out a… wait, what the fuck! He took out a needle and syringe.

“HEY! What the fuck is that?” I yelled at him.

He didn’t reply, he just lifted his shirt again, rolled up some of the fat on his side, and injected the needle, pushing the plunger all the way down. He capped the needle, and walked over to the trashcan and threw it in. Then he walked back to the table, and put his hands down and leaned over the table. His face had become even more red than when he first walked through the door, and the blood vessels in his neck were bulging. In fact, the blood vessels in his arms were bulging too. He flexed his socked foot, and the left sock gave way at the seam, allowing his other four toes to rupture through the fabric.

I was so pissed, I just sat back down on the couch. “Chris, are you on fucking drugs? This is unacceptable! I can’t believe you would ever do something so fucking stupid.”

He turned to look at me, his eyes looked kind of crazed and wild, and he was really sweating now. The sweat was running down his face and neck, his shirt clung to him, and the sweat was darkening the back of his pants and running around to meet the huge wet area on the front. He reached down to grasp the bottom of his shirt, and then lifted it over his head. The smell hit me again like a freight train, and despite my anger I felt my cock betray me as it started to ooze precum. He tossed the wet shirt to the floor, and as it hit the ground it landed with a splat. His body verged on unfamiliar. His arms were large, the biceps bulging with huge, pulsing blood vessels feeding them. His chest was coated in a thick carpet of hair that was plastered to him by the sheet of sweat running down his body. His nipples had expanded to the size of an eyeglass lens—larger than I’d ever seen them, and they looked hard but swollen, as if they were engorged with blood. All this gave way to a magnificent belly, he looked like he must have gained ten pounds since the morning. And gone was any sign that he’d ever shaved his stomach. It was coated in coarse dark hair that ran down to meet a thick bush rising up out of the top of this pants.

“You talk way too fucking much,” Chris sneered. “That can only mean one thing for a little bitch boy like you—you need a fucking cock down your throat so you won’t be tempted to talk.” He moved towards me, and the smell grew stronger with every stride he took in my direction. I was almost captivated, held in the air, by the his overwhelming scent. He walked over the couch, and pushed me back to a full seated position. Then he stood over me, and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled the wet khakis down over his bulge first, exposing the moist briefs beneath. The smell exponentially increased. The briefs were soaked and clung to him all over. Where the head of his cock pushed against the briefs there was a large and presently expanding area of his sticky precum, oozing out through the brief, causing the white fabric to cling so tightly you could see every detail of his cock. Further out on his thigh there were huge yellow wet spots- it looked like he’d cum in his underwear in the past few hours. They soaked the underwear to his leg, and extended further around to his ass. Shit, it looked like he had cum a lot in his underwear. Every piece of his bulge strained against the briefs. His balls were pushing the fabric away from his leg, sweat running out of the space in his briefs created between his balls and his leg.

“Go on boy, touch my cock. Get those underwear off and put it in your mouth.”

I slowly raised my hands, as if in a trance, to the hem of his underwear. As I peeled them down over his cock, it bounced out, as if ecstatic to be free of it’s cloth barrier. My mouth dropped and I could feel my eyes bugging. His entire cock was red and angry. The head was almost purple with blood, and massively swollen. The head was much larger than the shaft, making it look like his thick shaft came to a red, globular, point. The slit was larger too, I was sure of it. Now it was a huge gash from one end of the bulbous head to the other, and precum oozed from it in a steady drip. The head flared outward before coming to a thick ridge that met the shaft of his cock. Each of the veins in the shaft were distended, and raised out from his dick, creating a textured surface. The huge artery on top of his cock branched into three massive tributaries, and you could see the arteries pulse with blood, beating to the rhythm of his heart. His newly gained weight had enlarged the fat pad beneath his balls, and they were now pushed even further from his body. His sac, which usually had some loose skin, was today distended, the entire sac huge with fluid, pushing up against his cock and outward against his legs. I cradled one of the swollen nuts that hung at the bottom of his sac. It had expanded to the size of a large egg, and had a similar ovoid shape.

“Babe, are you sure we shouldn’t get you to a doctor? I think you might be having some kind of allergic reaction….”

Chris didn’t respond with speech, instead he just took his cock in one hand, and the back of my head in the other hand, and pushed the two together. As my nose came closer to his groin, the smell intensified even more. I felt absolutely drunk with horniness. My cock surged and pulsed in my pants, and I felt a jet of pre shoot into my underwear, making a wet spot around the head of my cock. My asshole was moistening with sweat, and I could feel the fabric of my underwear starting to cling between the crack of my ass. As his cock slid down my mouth, I was distinctly aware of every taste. I could still taste the salty tanginess of our fuck in the morning. I could taste the sweat that slicked his entire cock and balls from their long confinement in his pants. I could taste hours of precum that coated the huge, purple, pulsing head. I could taste the strong, bitter taste of the cum that he must have repeatedly blown in his pants at work. My face slid all the way down the shaft of his penis, bringing my nose to rest in his thick bush. The hair was slicked with precum, and heavy with scent. The hairs were coarse and thicker than I ever remembered them being, and they spread up from his pubic area to meet the newly dense carpet of hair below his belly button.. The dense curls created a tangled forest of hair soaked in pre, sweat, and pheromone, and as he pushed my nose deep into that forest I felt my eyes roll back in pleasure as electricity surged through my body.

“How do you like that?” Chris asked as he slid his cock back out of my throat, popping the engorged head out of my mouth. “You like that big fat cock don’t you? Yeah. You live for that cock now. You need it, you need to have my cock in your mouth, my cock in your ass. You hunger for my cum now you little slut.”

He pushed his cock back into my throat, sliding all the way to the back of my throat where he held it. I could feel the head pulsing against my tonsils. He made small motions with his hips, moving his cock centimeters in and out of my throat. After several minutes of my face shoved into his hairy groin, my hot breath capturing steam in the hair, his sweat pouring down off his forehead and raining onto my head and shoulders, I could hardly breathe. The smell of him grew stronger and stronger, and I could feel intoxication surging through my body, swelling into my cock, rushing through my asshole. I could feel his cock throb in my mouth, and with every pulse it seemed that my mouth grew a little smaller, or his cock grew a little bigger. With every pulse, my own cock throbbed in time.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

I felt the first hot jet of jizz hit the back of my throat and run down. It threw me over the edge, and I could feel my own cock respond in my pants, the wet creeping outward in my underwear. Shot after shot of hot liquid cum filled my throat, and with each shot I could feel his cock engorge even further. The head filled my throat, pouring spurt after spurt of hot cum down my esophagus. It had swollen so much that I could feel it pushing my throat outward, expanding it. He pulled his cock out, and let it hang in front of my face. It was even more massively swollen than when I’d removed it from his pants minutes before. The thick head hung like a purple plum from a thickened shaft. Chris had never been small, I’d always appreciated his thick five inches. The head had never been this big before though, and it seemed to extend farther from his body than I was used to, it looked more like seven inches today. Chris wagged his hips and his fat cock head slapped from one hairy leg to the other.

I gasped in shock at the sight and sound. “Shit, Chris what’s happening to you?”

He looked down at me with a mischievous look. “Do you remember the guy you couldn’t stop staring at on vacation a few months ago? You know, the hot Mexican on the beach with a huge bulge?”

“N-n-n-o, I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” I stammered in reply

Chris took his cock in hand, and slapped me across the face with it. “Don’t lie to me. I watched you all day, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from that big bulge in his speedo. You were fascinated by it, you couldn’t help but look, watched him walk up and down the beach. I would do anything to control that lust, to command it.”

He took his cock and slid my face back down onto it, pressing the head of it back against my tonsils.

“So when I saw that guy go into the bathroom, I followed him. I got down on my knees, and I found out what was inside that speedo. I let that guy fuck my face with his fat cock, and then I let him fuck my ass in the bathroom stall. When he was done, I let him fuck my face again. As a fine thank you, he told me exactly how he’d come by such a large dick.” Chris lifted his hips back, sliding the cock all the way out of my throat until it touched my lips, then he rammed it back in, gagging me, but still relentlessly pushing until my mouth was up against his hairy pubic fat. My nose was once again pressed into his thick bush of hair. He held my head between his hands, as he stepped up one foot at a time to stand on the couch. He crouched down so that he totally loomed over me, never once letting his cock slide a millimeter out of my mouth. From his position, his heavy, low hanging balls rested on my chest.

“He told me about these injections they make in Mexico, something devised by the body builders. He pulled his cock out, and thrust it far back down my throat again. “It’s a hormone enhancer, increases my production of sex hormone, but it also contains a binding protein that amplifies my body’s storage and utilization of sex hormone.”

His body was placing pressure all over me. His big stomach was pressing down on the top of my head. His groin was pushing into my face. His big legs were pressed against my body. The sweat poured off of his body all over me. My hair was soaked with his sweat, and every time he slammed my face into his pubic bone, sweat splattered off his body and rained down on me. I breathed the sweaty droplets into my nose, I tasted them in my mouth, I felt them stinging as they ran into my eyes.

“So when we got back, I looked them up on the internet. I found the small lab that makes them, and they were willing to ship them over, and they gave me a wholesale price too.” He pulled his cock out, and slammed it back into my throat. “The first few weeks, nothing happened. Then I was pissed because the next month I only seemed to be gaining weight, not that you seemed to mind. Then my sex drive went up, and my cock started to feel thicker, heavier. Now I don’t give a fuck how much weight I gain, as long as I’m gaining some weight in my cock too and I can shove it in your slutty little mouth anytime I like.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and moved his body to position his sweaty nutsac over my mouth, pushing my head up into the space behind his nuts. It smelled sweaty and tangy, it tasted sour and salty. As I tongued his swollen nutsac I could taste our sex from the morning. I slathered my tongue across the base of his nuts, moving back and forth between one heavy ball and the other. I worked my tongue down the back of his sac, and dragged it across the sweaty skin of his perineum until I reached his asshole. Where there had only been a line of hair in the crack this morning, it was now quite hairy around his hole and across his ass cheeks. I tongued around his tight asshole, starting below the hole and licking my tongue upward, crossing his anus and pausing a moment to run my tongue around the outer ring of his hole, before moving upward in his hairy crack.

“Fuck yeah, good boy. You like eating that ass huh, you little whore. So now that I have these, I’m going to grow huge. I’m going to be your ultimate lust, your final vice. Now I’m the cock you’ll never be able to stop staring at. I own you, because you’re a slut and you’re addicted to this cock, to the scent of this cock, to the taste of this cock. It owns your thoughts now.”

I could feel a moan begin deep inside me, rising slowly as the truth of his words filled me. He was right, his cock owned my thoughts. The smell of his sweaty ass made me feel frantic inside, almost mad with lust. I twisted my body so that I faced his ass, and I pulled his hairy asscheeks apart to fully expose his anus. I pushed face deep in between his cheeks, which also seemed heftier than this morning. My tongue moved in circles around his pink asshole, before slowly working it’s way inside. I could hear Chris moan in appreciation as he allowed more of his weight to rest on my face. He began to move his ass up and down on my face, my tongue sliding into and out of his hole. His entire body quivered with nervous energy, and I watched as a shadow of hair grew across his back. His balls seemed to lower further from his body, as if the sac was heavier and fuller. He lifted his body off of me and stood, he was definitely taller, and I could feel heat radiating of off him. He stretched up onto the balls of his feet, and we both looked down as we heard the fabric of his other sock rip. His feet hung out of the remainder of his socks, making it look like he’d put on children’s socks that morning. His size ten foot had grown at least three sizes, and they stretched out far from his body.

“Get on the floor,” he commanded me.

“What do you want me to do on the floor?”

“I want you to worship these feet. You’ll get a prime seat for the show that’s about to start.”

“The show? What are you talking about?”

“That injection I just did, it was the last in a series. The way the guy explained it to me, all the other injections were just leading up to this one. This one is different from all the rest. The others only add to my natural chemistry, but this injection changes my natural chemistry- it alters my body forever. He told me there was no going back. That’s why I had to come home today, I was feeling so strange, like I needed that last injection.” I shucked off my shirt, and lowered myself to the floor. Once on the floor I laid on my back with my face upward, and my nose resting right between his feet. I could feel the moisture coating his feet and just like the rest of his body they had a strong and intoxicating smell. The ripped shreds of his socks still clung to his ankles.

“Lay down face up,” he ordered me. I complied, and was gratified with an upward view of his new body. His nutsack was huge, each nut now larger than any of the eggs we had in the fridge. It was still hairless, but the rest of him had gotten dark with hair, and the bush around his genitals was thick and black, the hair swirling into nests. His legs were coated with black hair that reached down to the tops of his feet. But the best part was his penis. It stood straight out from his body, probably seven, thick inches. Chris lifted his foot and gently placed it over my face. The sole of his foot smelled even more strongly, like sweaty shoes, locker rooms, and masculinity. I began to run my tongue the length of his foot, caressing between his big toes with my tongue. He began to moan, dipping his big toe into my mouth for me to suck. As I sucked, his body shuddered, and a wave of energy seemed to run through him. He took his toe out my mouth and put his foot on my chest. His head was thrown back, and the blood vessels in his neck were bulging and visibly pulsing. His breathing was fast, and his chest expanded and fell with his rapid breath. I could see heat radiating off his body in waves His stomach quivered, and his cock quivered too. His cock bobbed around in the air as he flexed it, and with each flex it seemed to swell up a little more on the upward swing on his shaft. The swelling, however, never relaxed with the downward swing of his cock, and I watched his already enlarged meat slowly inflate like a water balloon. It was a deep red, and all the veins were swollen, and they pulsed across the surface of the skin as if they were their own living entity.

“OH FUCK, it’s happening. My body is on fire Jay. I’m going to get so fucking big!” His entire body seemed to shiver, like it was trying to warm up on a cold day. But the shivering was accompanied by a visible swelling. The shivering intensified into a violent shaking, like he was having a seizure. His chest was swelling, his stomach was swelling, his legs were swelling. I felt his foot expand across my chest, the bones creaking and cracking, the ligaments stretching and realigning. He lifted his foot off of my chest and held it over my face, it must have been the size of a two liter bottle. He shoved his toe back in my mouth, and I could feel hair sprouting along the dorsum of his toe, the thick bristles tickled against my tongue. His face seemed to stretch ever farther away from me as his head inched towards the ceiling. His huge, heavy ballsac dropped even further, his balls swelling in the taut, full sac. His dick was still flexing and swelling, but now a steady stream of jizz dripped out of it, raining down on my chest and stomach. His feet surged forward again, shoving his toe deeper into my mouth. His foot was bigger than my face now, and the smell of it was about to drive me over the edge. He took his foot off of my face and crouched down, bending so that his face was directly over mine.

“FUUUUUUUCK YEAH! You like big boys don’t you? I know what a horny little bitch you are, I bet you can’t wait to slather all over this cock.” He took his cock in one hand and began slapping it in his other hand, each slap producing a spattering of thick white jizz that flew all over my hair and face.

“OMFG Chris! I can’t believe this happening! This is amazing, you’re fucking huge!!” His nuts dangled close behind my head, and already the overpowering smell of sweaty balls and cock were wafting over me, driving any residual sanity from my head. He jutted his cock forward, so that it hung over my face, the slow leak of precum oozing out in a stream onto my lips.

“I’m going to fuck you like a bitch in heat. I hope that ass is good and sore from this morning, because I’m about to break you in allll over again.” He groaned deeply, and quickly rose back to a standing position. His body started shivering again, but this time the shivering was more pronounced, like a peristaltic wave wracking through his entire body.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to grow again, I thought it was done. Tell me slut, tell me how big you want me to be. Tell me how you want me to be massive.” I looked up at him, and I could see all the signs that his body was preparing for another explosion. His neck was thick and pulsing, his muscles were quivering like he’d been lifting heavy weights, the sweat was pouring down off of him, his afternoon shadow had thickened into a beard, and the hair on his chest and stomach had thickened to a forest that ran down to meet a massive explosion of sweaty pubes soaked in precum.

“Fuck baby, grow for me,” I whispered in awe. “I want you to get big, I want to see your cock get so big baby, I need that cock to be huge, make me a little cock slut. Make me your little size queen. You own me, I’m your little slut. Get massive for your little slut.” My pleas seemed to drive his body forward, as the shocks of energy coursing through him intensified. Chris rolled his eyes back in his head, and the pulsing and shivering got worse. His legs were quaking over me, and his whole body was shaking off sweat and pre- it was showering down on me in a scented rain.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck, I’m fucking growing. Fucking Christ I’m gonna get fucking huge!” He lifted his foot and placed it on my face again, the scent overpowering. I could feel his feet expand outward and lengthwise across my face- now his foot covered the entirety of my face and neck, reaching down to my chest. He put his foot back down on the floor, and I watched as his calves began to swell and harden, the hair coating them grew darker and thicker. HIs calves swelled outward, with new veins popping up under the surface of the skin and carrying the swelling upward. The swelling reached his quads, which also hardened and began to push outward, cutting themselves into sharp peaks and valleys. The swelling spread upward until it reached his balls and dick, and they expanded even more. The blood pulsed into his dick, and then it started to change color. I watched as his normal burnt olive coloring darkened into a deep purple-black that contrasted against the rest of his olive skin. Chris’s nuts had been replaced with a pair of bull balls, his testicles were the size of plums and the voluminous sac around them sat hugely between his thighs. The hard dick that rested on top of them was steadily pushing outward, Chris flexed his dick and it would stretch just a bit more, releasing a few drops of precum. It almost looked like those nature videos where you speed up the metamorphosis, every few seconds it would flex and stretch a bit more, until his beautiful average cock had transformed itself into a gargantuan, dark beast.

“Fuck Chris, you’re a god! You’re my fantasy brought to life. Keep growing big boy. I want to see you get taller, get that dick bigger.” The shivering continued to move up his body, his pecs expanded outward, and I could see the circumference of his nipples get larger as they went from the size of half-dollars, to the size of a jar lid, like the flat side of a soda can. His chest looked firm but soft and supple at the same time. There was a layer of fat that jiggled in time with his breathing, making his big, soft, brown nipples see-saw up and down on his chest. Underneath that layer was a shelf of massive muscle that held everything up, making his pecs perky but sort of coming to a point around the nipple where the fat coalesced. His biceps and triceps sprouted hundreds of new vessels that ran the length of his arm, feeding them more and more of the drug. His arms shook violently as the diameter and length of his arm grew. The hair had spread from his chest, across his shoulders, and was now running down the tops of his arms all the way to his hands. His hands were moving closer to my face, and I could see them getting larger, the palms expanding exponentially. As his hands came closer to my face, the rest of his body moved upward. His quivering stomach had been steadily expanding, matching pace with his cock until it had become a beautiful, hairy, ball belly.. He must have gained another thirty pounds in fat. The brown hair had been replaced with a dark coat of black hair swirling all across his magnificent gut, and his obliques had been covered with his newly grown love handles. All of his fat areas came together nicely to form a big fat upper pubic area which proudly displayed his piece de resistance- that massive, pulsing member. As big as his stomach had become, his cock was still the winner for distance, it jutted straight out from his body like a long rod pinned to his pubic bone.

My boyfriend was completely gone. The man I had fucked in the morning had been transformed into something entirely other. His facial features were rounder, softer in some areas because of the added fat, but then sharper in others such as the chin. His hair had grown out into a curly mop that reached his ears, and it was soaked in sweat and clung to his neck, ears, and forehead. His neck was massively thick, with a gargantuan Adam’s apple in it’s center. His chest and back had broadened, each packing on what must be at least 100 pounds together. His back was broad and muscular, the traps were flared and huge, his lats tight and compact. His lower back dipped inward as the fat began to pack on his frontside, finally rounding out to a handsome, hairy ass that clenched and relaxed in time with his still pumping cock. Sweat ran in rivers off the curves of his big ass, which came to a sharp, deep cleft where it met the back of his huge thighs. His legs were so massively muscled that his huge nuts had been pushed to the front of his legs, rather than hanging between them. His head extended almost to the 8’ ceiling, with maybe a foot to spare. This huge body stood atop feet that had doubled from their size, and were now hulking Neanderthal feet.

“God damn, this is so fucking amazing. I feel so powerful, so tall, sooooo fucking horny.” Chris looked down at me, beads of sweat dripping off his forehead and crashing the long journey to the ground where they splashed off my chest. He took his massive, thick schlong in his hand, and beginning at the head pulled the wet precum back, soaking the rest of his veiny shaft in a slick, shiny, coat of jizz. His hairy hand barely reached around the circumference of his cock, and his cock was now longer than his two hands put together. He circled both his hands together around his penis and began to slide his dick in and out of the hole they created. As he moved his hips, his huge balls sloshed and slapped against his legs, creating a raining spray of sweat and pheromone that assaulted my senses. He put his foot back over my face, covering my mouth and nose but leaving my eyes free to look up and watch, entranced, as his huge nuts swung back and forth like a pendulum

“Fuuuuck yeah, look at this big cock boy. I bet your mouth is watering for it. You want me to shove it down your throat and give you a nice, big load don’t you?” Something inside me clicked, some inner mechanism of submission in the face of my boyfriends newfound and overwhelming masculinity. I could think of nothing but serving that cock, of opening up every orifice to the pleasure of this adonis. I wanted him to violate my body, to reach secret places inside me that no one had ever reached before. He was now my god, I was owned part and parcel by the lust raging inside me for him.

“I need it Chris. I need you inside of me.” He smiled an evil little grin, and then he bent his tall body down and put a hand on each side of my zipper, then he ripped the zipper apart, pulling the button off in the process. He took the two parts of my jeans and he ripped downward, separating the jean down to the seat of the pant. He roughly flipped me over onto my stomach and grabbed the two parts, continuing his work down the back, until the jeans fell off my torso in two pieces, Then he grabbed and bunched up the fabric of my briefs, and ripped them, creating a huge hole over my ass. He flipped me back over, and grabbed me around my ankles with one of his gorilla hands, lifting my lower body upward so that my ass was positioned up in the air. Then he craned his neck downward until his mouth was around my anus, and began sucking on my ass. He slowly worked his tongue around the rim, flicking it in and out of the hole. Like the rest of him, his tongue must have grown too because he began to reach deeper in my ass with it than ever before. He began alternating between digging deep with his tongue, and sucking on my ass, building blood up in the rim of my anus causing it to engorge and swell. Suddenly he pulled off, and I felt the cum from this morning begin to leak out and run down my ass.

“There it is, that’s what I’m looking for baby!” He reached down and shoved his fat finger in my hole, producing a spasm of appreciation from my cock. He slowly worked his finger until the cum poured out in streams. He slathered it all over his cock, rubbing it until his cock achieved a frothy white coat over it’s entirety. Still holding my ankles, Chris repositioned himself so that he straddled over me. His long legs were spread out, and his big foot rested up by my face. He crouched down over me, and pushed his cock downward to bring the big head to rest against my sloppy wet asshole.

“Are you ready for this cock boy? Is this what you’ve been needing? Huh? You ready to serve your master, your new god?”

“YES, I’m ready sir. He smirked and ripped the remaining shreds of my cummy underwear off of me, freeing my wet, rigid cock to slap against my stomach, spraying globs of cum all over me. He began to apply pressure to my anus, rubbing across my anus with the fat head of his cock, willing it to relax and open. Then he increased the pressure, and began to direct his force into my hole. The head of his cock was so thick that my anus resisted it, contracting against it, probably in fear of the pole that was about to wreck it. Chris slowly released the pressure, pulled back and then thrust downward, pile driving his dick into my ass.

“OH GOD! Chris that fucking hurts!” I nearly passed out from the pain, and my vision was swimming with stars. He held his huge cock there while my ass contracted around it. I felt every throb of his cock as blood raced through his veins. “Ohhh fuck, your cock is still growing.” I looked up at him, his face was straining and he was panting heavily. His balls shifted a little lower, and I could feel his cock pulse and swell inside of me, stretching out my anus and rectum to accommodate it’s newly attained girth.

“Oh your ass feels so good. God you’re such a whore for this cock. Your hole is squeezing me, it wants me to fill it up. Do you want me to fill you up?”

“Fuck yes, I want your cum!”

“Here it is, I’m going to fucking cum, oh god damn, oh, are you ready for this load? You want this load slut? Uhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck yes.” His nuts began to contract upwards, and I could feel his body tense as his cock began to spasm. He started to thrust into me as I felt searing hot cum fill my ass. Spurt after spurt, it felt like I was being filled with burning hot water. I felt the warmth creep up my bowels as he kept shooting. I could feel my rectum expand and fill, and cum began to pour out of my ass and run down my back. The heat was almost unbearable, his cum had never been this hot before. My ass was burning, on fire with the pressure and the heat. Then, as the heat worked its way up and through, I felt it enter my prostate, heating it up, engorging it, enticing it. My ass began to contract and spasm, and a long string of precum oozed out of my cock and slowly fell toward my face.

“Holy fuuuuuuuck Chris, oh my god it feels amazing.” I almost blacked out from the sheer pleasure that was wracking my body. He crouched down even more, and shoved his dick further in my hole. The burning had subsided, leaving a warm sensation that relaxed and soothed my anus. I no longer felt like he was ripping me apart, but rather I felt like I had become more pliable, adjusting to the needs of his cock.

“If you thought that was amazing, I haven’t even fucked you yet bitch.” He pulled his cock out of my ass, leaving the giant globoid head hanging just above my gaping anus. Then he shoved his fingers in and scooped out some of the cum, I was so full that jizz began to overflow, running like a white river down my back. He cupped his hand at the bottom of the stream and scooped it up, then he brought his hand above my face and overturned it, dumping all that ass and jizz on my face. He cupped my entire face in his gigantic palm, and began smearing it in. “This is what you wanted isn’t it you whore?” He lifted back up, and then drove his cock deep into my ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and the ecstasy of such a large cock so deep inside me. Chris adjusted his grip on my ankles, and then he began slamming his cock into me in earnest. My hole was instantly sloppy, and every thrust into my body produced a squelch and made cum fly everywhere. The pace was beginning to accelerate quickly, and I could feel his hairy belly slamming into my leg, his huge bull balls were slapping against my back in a staccato rhythm THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP. I loved this view, looking up at him. Every time he slammed his cock down into me, I could see his fat pecs jiggle, bouncing his big brown nipples up and down. HIs massively muscled neck was straining with effort, every vein and artery standing out, slicked with sweat. His brawny arms pulled my body up by my legs, which looked like pale, white sticks in comparison to the breadth of his hairy brown arms that were so bound with muscle. I reached my arms around my legs to grab his plush, hair legs, leveraging my body further up so I could take even more of his cock. As he drove his pulsing member deep inside my body, I felt the burning hot sensation begin again, starting at the outer ring of my anus and moving inward. It felt like the entire area was heating up. As the burning heat surged forward into my anus, I felt it relax and loosen even more, expanding to make room for the oversized cock that demanded control. As the burning extended into my body, I could feel Chris pushing his dick ever farther into me.

“There you go boy! You’re gonna have a little pussy from now on. You want that? You wanna be a little pussy boy?” Chris widened his stance, moving his long feet further away from me so that he now squatted closer to my ass and begin to pile his cock into me, pushing it all the way in until his pubic bone pushed into my ass. Then he slowly pulled all the way out, the fat head popping as it came out of my ass, and then he would press his rigid staff against my anus and slowly push back in until his dick was again completely enveloped by my body. I felt the burning grow more intense, and the next time he pulled out he took his big meaty hand and began to slap my anus, gently tap tap tapping it. It was a pleasurable experience, and I felt the burning intensify. I could feel more blood rushing to the area, engorging the outer ring of my anus. It felt like it was puffing up under the insistent ministrations of my boyfriend’s hand, engorging until it felt like he was slapping a pair of lips. The burning grew more intense and began to spread outward. Then, to my surprise, Chris quickened his tapping as a wet fluid began to gush out from the outer rim of my ass. At first I thought it was just the cum that I had stored inside myself all day, but then Chris began to finger my hole like a vagina, and I felt the burning reach a climax. I gushed white, nutty fluid all over his big stomach, it soaked the hairs and made them plaster together into a black, goopy mess. He grinned deliriously and then slammed his cock into me.

“Yeah, that little pussy is real wet now. You’re never going to be the same! I’ve made you my toy, my tool.” I had never heard him talk like this. His eyes looked crazed again, and he slid himself back into me and started to thrust his big dick a little harder and a little faster. His bull nuts were slapping my back again, and with each drive into me he grunted in his deep baritone voice. After a few minutes, the friction began to increase and I could feel the burning start again- surging around my anus and driving deeper up my rectum, I could feel my prostate begin to burn as the head of Chris’s cock encouraged it to climax. It felt like my prostate was swelling inside me, growing larger, shifting. My hole was burning with so much heat that it bordered on pain. His musk fell off of him in sheets of sweat, pouring all over my body, the carpet, the couch behind him. The entire room smelled of semen, sweat, armpits, sweaty ass, saliva, and feet. The scent was like a fog, suffocating and enveloping. The smells wrapped around me, pervading and invading my senses, and it made the burning intensify. I felt the heat extend from my my pulsing prostate into my balls and cock. My mouth was hanging open and a constant, low guttural moan was involuntarily drawn from my throat.

“Oh fuck baby, you’re fucking me so good. Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum soon Chris.”

“Yeah? Your little pussy gonna cum?” He stopped thrusting, and pulled his cock out. It felt like my entire life force left with it, like I was deprived of the one thing that made life worth living. Chris reached down and encircled my body with his wet, massive, hairy arms and lifted me off the floor. He turned around and practically flung me down onto the couch.

“I want you to cum properly little sweet one. I’m gonna fuck you hard until your little hole isn’t a hole anymore. We’re gonna make it a plump, wet, pussy.” He plunged himself back into me and began to viciously thrust into me. His broad shoulders were thrust back as he swung his hips back and forwards, his belly beating against me in time. He had positioned his body so that his penis drove down into me at an angle, and when he pulled out his ass thrust upward into the air. As the pace became frenzied, I could hear the slap slap slap of his ass cheeks bouncing together, the thwap thwap thwap of his balls slamming into my back, and the fwap fwap fwap of his belly slapping down on my body. The mixture of the sound, the smell, and the anal stimulation quickly reignited the flame in my anus and prostate. I could feel every slide of his massive cock head across my prostate, and as it pulsed I could feel it grow inside me. As his shaft ground against the walls of my anus and rectum, I could feel myself stretching and accommodating, and I could feel the skin around my hole begin to proliferate and fold outward, thickening and secreting, making his cock wet and slick, covered in a musky, viscous white slime. The burning intensified towards my back and I saw Chris look down, he pulled his cock out and adjusted it, moving it superiorly towards my balls. When his thrusts resumed the burning reached a new high, and my moaning became a mixture of pleasure and pain. It felt like my ass was splitting, and as he moved his cock more towards my balls it felt like one end of my hole was loosening while another was tightening. The burning plunged upwards into my body, and for a moment I think I may have blacked out from the overstimulation and the pain. All I know is that one second I felt like his donkey dick was in my asshole, and then next it felt like his cock was somewhere…. Different somehow.

Chris changed his position, angling his hips more downward, shifting his cock to thrust it upward into my body. It felt like he was ripping new places inside of me, and the frenzied look in his eye seemed to grow more animalistic, almost mad.

“I’m fucking growing again. Do you feel that you fucking slut? Do you feel my cock growing in you, stretching you? I’m going to make that little boy pussy squirt.” I could feel his cock growing, it pulsed inside of me, and on every exit I felt the head push a little more as it popped out. I felt the shaft thicken, raging as the blood coursed through the dense web of vasculature that covered the dark surface of his penis. He mercilessly stabbed it back into me, and I felt like the thick shaft was splitting me open. The burning began to mount again, and as I felt his cock pulse and grow, the fog of scent was beginning to intoxicate me again. I felt my own cock pulse, and watched with widened eyes as the head began to swell with every surge of blood that washed into it. Inside, I could feel my prostate expanding again, but this time it was accompanied by a tingling. The burning reached fever pitch and began to spread outward, into the pink, meaty folds of skin around my hole, up into my balls, and into the head of my dick. It felt like hot water had been poured all over me. Chris bent over closer and put his massive, meaty hands on my shoulder. This put me much closer to the bushy black hair in his armpits and the plastered thick forest of hair on his chest, all of it was coated with a sheen of musky sweat and the smell flooded my senses. SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM he had reach a frenzied but steady fucking rhythm, and with every passing thrust, I felt the burning grow in intensity, I could feel the hot, liquid cum begin to swell up in my balls. His cock squelched with every inward drive, his cock was dripping wet and the nutty smell soaked my body and the couch beneath me.

The sensations inside me finally reached climax and I could feel my eyes roll back in my head. My cock began to spurt huge, voluminous streams of thin cum that splattered over my face, all over the couch and wall behind me. With every spurt I felt my cock lengthen, extend further from my body. Chris quickly pulled out and moved downward to put his mouth over my sloppy hole. As he inserted his fingers, another wave of cum spewed out of me, and I could feel my cock grow longer and my nuts grow heavier. Then, he started to suck on my hole, and a new sensation came over me, a different kind of tingling. This one felt like every nerve in my body was in hyperdrive, and I could feel all the muscles in me tense up. Then there was an explosion of stars, and my head went back as a guttural scream was ripped out of my mouth. My consciousness was split in two, one part of me watched as the strange white fluid gushed out of my hole covering Chris’s face and the other part of me was exploding into pin, needles, and fireworks as my nervous system was wracked with climax. Chris greedily sucked and slurped on my hole, letting the fluid fill his mouth and coat his beard, and dancing his tongue in and out of the gaping orifice. As the intense wave of pleasure began to subside, and my consciousness began to meld back into one, I realized what huge mess I had made. My entire body and the wall behind me was coated in jizz, and the couch and carpet below me were soaked in some strange fluid that had the strong smell of cum. My cock had lengthened and thickened, and laid half erect up past my belly button. I reached down and felt my nuts, the balls had grown much bigger, but they hung up tight against my body.

Chris rose up from his knees, the white cummy fluid dripping off his beard. His eyes looked even crazier than before. I could feel the heat coming off of his body intensify, and I knew what was coming next. His body began to shiver, and his breathing quickened. Then his body lurched upward as he gained a few more inches in height. As the shaking intensified, I watched as his jiggling fat began to expand outward, and his arms began to stack more muscle on. His chest broadened, and he extended his arms outwards to drive forward the full effect of his massive lats. All this held up his magnificent chest and stomach. His pecs burst forward with more fat and muscle, his nipples getting darker and larger, their perky hard tips extending further from his body. He began panting, more like a dog than a man, his ragged breaths coming in a broken rhythm. He clenched his teeth as a low guttural roar rose up and out of his throat. I watched in horror as the head of his penis swelled even larger, and the shaft thickened even more. From the side I could see his hairy ass expanding, little craters of fat coating its surface beneath the thick carpet of hair. Finally the changes began to slow, and his cock relaxed a bit from it’s full mast hardness. It hung thick and heavy between his legs. What had been around five inches in the morning had transformed into a massive ten inch cock. The girth was akin to a wine bottle. In truth, it looked like a genuine horse dick hanging between his legs. It was much darker than his skin, almost black now. It hung heavy and low, and the huge head was flared, jutting like a promontory off the shaft by at least an inch. The piss slit extended from one side of the head to the other. All of this rested atop grossly swollen balls that looked like those guys who inject dextrose into themselves. His legs were so thick that there was no room between, so everything just sat on top of his enormous quads. His entire lower half was coated in slime, and it joined with his precum to drip in long threads off the tip of his round hanging head.

He grabbed my head with his hands, which were so large they nearly covered my entire head. He pulled me forward into his soaked, smelly bush. I inhaled deeply and opened my mouth and began to work my way down his shaft. The thick slime that coated it tasted like a watery jizz, it was thick and had a nutty smell, sort of like cum that has been churned around in your asshole. The consistency was like a viscous mucus. The taste of it was foreign yet familiar, and it excited me. I moved forward until I was on the edge of the sofa cushion, and bent my body so that I could take his head in my mouth. I was instantly rewarded with a spurt of precum that jetted out of the hanging shaft. As my mouth worked over the head, I could feel blood pumping into his cock, hardening it, raising it up. Chris stepped back so that there was enough room for his cock to expand forward. He began to gently push it forward into my mouth. The head was too large to go far, and he wasn’t satisfied with that. He pushed my head off of his cock and moved forward again, positioning a leg up on the sofa and pushing me into his balls. The coarse hairs tickled my face as I began to clean up the ass jizz off them. The balls themselves were massive, they must have been the size of tangerines. The sac was full of jizz and it moved like a water mattress around my face. I worked my way down his balls, then underneath them. I repositioned, and moved my body so that I was laying on the couch, my feet resting on the wall behind the couch and my head hanging off the couch underneath Chris. I voraciously lapped at the sweat on his balls and began to work my way back. Once I started to reach the back, Chris pulled away again. He turned around and backed into my face, burying me in his massive ass cheeks. My entire face fit in the cleft of his ass, and his beautiful hairy hole beckoned me like a siren song. I pushed my tongue into it, tasting the salty sweat, deeply inhaling the fragrant musk that dripped down over my face.

I was so turned on, I could feel my own cock pulsing, extending up my stomach again. I could feel it surge forward with a little growth each pulse, I could feel the head of my cock balloon out. My nuts began to tingle again, and I reached down with my free hand to cup over them. They were slowly swelling with cum, but they were each pushed to one side, my sac had shrunken to such an extent that each ball was trapped by the thick penis that jutted out between them. Below my penis, was a huge, meaty gash. I began to rub at the meaty skin mounded up on the sides of the gash, and felt the familiar burn and tingle. The skin was flooded with blood and very sensitive. As my hands caressed this new development, it made me moan with pleasure into Chris’s anus. As I moved deeper, I could feel the wet interior, and my fingers were coated with the slick, white fluid. I worked my fingers down to where the hole ended abruptly, and continued my journey around only to find another hole, this one tight and round where the first was elongated. I realized with a start what I was feeling. The small, tight hole was my anus. Which meant that the meaty gash between my penis and my anus was something else. Holy. Mother. Fuck. I had a vagina.

Chris was bent forward, and could see between his legs what I was doing as my fingers explored my new anatomy. He reached around with his long arms and pushed my hand out of the way. He slowly slipped one of his thick, hairy sausage fingers into the hole and began to move it in and out. As he slipped it in, it squelched as I dripped out some more of the juice, and he began to move in and out faster. Then, he pushed his finger in and pushed superiorly, hitting a really tender spot inside. I could feel the blood pulse beneath his finger, and I moaned in ecstasy as he gently tapped the spot, sending electric waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

“Fucking hell, what a sweet little pussy. It’s better than I imagined it would be. You even have a little clit, feel that slut? Tell me thank you for giving you a pussy.”

I managed to pull my face out of his musky anus long enough to moan out a thank you as his finger continued to tap against the tender, pulsing spot. I could feel blood rushing into the mounds of flesh on either side of my hole, swelling them, making them wet. The juices were dripping down, wetting my anus and adding to the huge wet spot that already soaked the couch. He started to tap harder, moving in and out over the spot. The blood began to pulse harder, and I could feel the spot shifting, moving outward, swelling. The pulsing grew stronger, and the familiar tingle started to move up through my hole and into my cock and balls. I sucked on my boyfriend’s beautiful brown anus, feeling it swell under the ministrations of my mouth. The sweat poured down off his back onto my face, joining the jizz and saliva I already had coating my face and hair. The musky smell grew stronger, and I could feel his sweaty balls rubbing against my chest. I was getting really turned on again.

“Hell yeah, look at that clit get all pumped up. It’s getting bigger, how’s it feel?”

I popped my tongue out of his anus to respond “Don’t stop, it feel so fucking good. I think you’re going to make me cum again.”

“Oh yeah, my goodness you’re a horny little whore. We have a ourselves a greedy little boy pussy here. Focus slut, I want that clit bigger, you hear me? Focus on it getting bigger.” Chris now had his finger hooked into my hole, but the lump had moved more outward, and it was pulsing larger and larger. He turned his body back around, bending his legs so that he was practically sitting on my face. In this new position he had more control of his hands, and began to rub it harder, producing friction and heat. The familiar burning began, racing outward to the skin and inward to my prostate. I felt the burning take hold in my prostate, as it began to pulse and grow. I could feel my prostate swell inside me, pushing out into the walls of my hole. I moved my face from his ass back to his balls, taking one of the large nuts into my mouth. His cock was fully erect again, and raining a steady stream of clear precum onto my chest and stomach.

“I’m gonna make that pussy squirt huh? Yeah, a little slut like you should squirt out of all your holes. You’re just full of holes, and they’re all mine. I’m master of each and every one, I’ll do with it what I please. Fuck it. Suck it. Finger it. Whatever I want because you belong to me.” He removed his finger and now started rubbing my clit with his entire hand. It had grown so large that it almost looked like another miniature penis, it was red and angry, making the big mounds of flesh wet and hot. I could feel the head of my cock swelling up too, as my cock began to push even further upward, curving up my chest. I also felt my ass getting bigger, plumping up, and the burning extended into my pecs and my arms. I could feel my entire body getting larger, swelling in every place that could swell and stretching in every place that could stretch. The burning reached a pitched climax and my face fell off of his nuts as a scream of pleasure was pushed out of my body. Every muscle and nerve fired, and I felt my body buck and convulse under his big hands. My cock squirted big jets of jizz towards my face, some of them hitting Chris’s cock and big hanging balls, only to drip down onto me. He kept rubbing, and then the explosion happened again. I began to convulse even harder, screaming in pleasurable agony, as juices squirted out of me. I squirted straight up into the air, and the thick white fluid rained down on me, soaking the couch. One squirt, he kept rubbing, two squirts, he kept rubbing, three squirts, he rubbed harder, four squirts. Finally the convulsing subsided, leaving me feeling spent. I was completely soaked in juices, and laying in a pool of my own ejaculate. It smelled like a concentrated jizz, and the stench was overpowering. Chris bent over to suck the pool of juice out of my bellybutton, moving his mouth from my bellybutton to the head of my cock to clean off the jizz that lingered there. Then he picked me up effortlessly, carrying me away from the couch to gently lay me on the floor. Once on the floor, he mounted me from behind, pushing his cock deep into my hole. He was crouching over me, his feet were planted firmly on the floor holding him up instead of laying over me. I could see the tension in his massive calves, every muscle fiber in his thighs was rigid and pumped. As his dick plunged into and out of my pussy hole, I could feel the heavy balls slapping against my newly formed pink anus. His substantial ass cheeks were clapping in time to the rhythm of his stroking. He pulled my chest up so that my back was curved upward, which allowed his cock to plunge even deeper, and it brought me closer to his dank armpits. His big ball belly pushed against my back, sliding up and down the curve, lubricated by sweat and juice. As he plunged, his huge pecs bounced, and musky swelling sweat flew everywhere. The huge head of his cock raked against my prostate on the way in, and raked against my clit on the way out. I could feel Chris’s horse-dick dive all the way into me, and his rhythm was getting faster and faster. I looked to my side and saw Chris’s massive, bulging calves and quads, and I could spot the swinging bull balls out of my peripheral vision. Chris’ entire body was balanced over his massive feet which were nearly double his original size. A perfect musky man smell wafted off of his feet and from between his toes, adding to the intoxicating perfume that was making me so drunk. I could feel everything inside of me swelling again, the meaty flesh around my pussy was soaking wet, and I could feel juice sliding down over my balls and coating the base of my cock. He pulled me back even further and started pounding deeper, bending his head forward so I could hear his deep grunt in my ear.

After awhile, he pulled out and quickly moved down onto his knees, pushing his dripping wet cock forward to caress my anus. As he popped the head into my ass, I gasped at the sudden feeling of expansion. The pain that coursed through me was quickly converted to pleasure as he began a long, deep stroke. Then he pulled out and moved forward, jamming himself back into my pussy for a few more deep strokes, before returning to my ass. As he alternated back and forth, my ass grew sloppy with the juice he carried up on the head of his dick. Once my asshole was wet and juicy, he started to move faster, focusing only on the smaller, tighter of my two holes. His body sat heavy on me, and as he pounded into me he gyrated my hips against the carpet. There was a flood of precum surrounding my dick, and I could feel the burn beginning again. His growl grew louder, and more insistent, and then I could feel his dick swelling inside me, threatening to rip my hole. My breathing grew quick with the exertion of taking him. The burning moved through my body, and I could feel my ass cheeks begin to jiggle more as his belly slapped against them. My feet began pushing at the couch behind, where before there had been a comfortable distance from the base of the sofa to my feet. I felt him surge inside me again, and I could feel myself stretching as his huge cock pushed into me, placing pressure on both my prostate and my clit.

“Fuck baby, you’re gonna make me cum again!” He didn’t respond, only continued his deep growl as he pillaged my ass. Finally his crazed look peaked, and his eyes rolled back in his head.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” it felt like the walls were shaking with his booming voice. I felt the first jet of cum squirt inside me, the heat growing unbearable. His dick swelled again as the second spurt jetted into me. The heat of his load sent me over the edge and my entire body began to buck against his dick as I squirted white jizz juice everywhere from my pussy, soaking the floor underneath us and coating his balls and inner legs again. His cock swelled even larger as he sprayed the third jet into me. I squirted again, and felt my entire body swelling as I spasmed against his huge dick. My dick began to spray under me, adding even more agonizing ecstasy to the overwhelming sensations surging through my nerves. With every contraction of my balls, I felt my cock push further up my body. My arms were burning and swelling, as if I had been stung by bees everywhere. My quads were lifting me up off the floor, they were so tight and large. I could feel the corded muscles in my neck and back surging, contracting, tightening, enlarging.

“FUUUUUCK, I’m getting bigger. Your pussy boy is getting bigger! Fuck me Chris, fuck me more!” He lifted and lifted his hips, sliding his meat out of my ass. As he popped out, there was a flood of jizz that followed. It felt like a river running down my ass to cover my balls and the wet gash between my balls and ass. Chris moved that magnificent cock down towards my pussy again, working the slick of jizz inside me. Then he plunged hard into me, I gasped at the sudden invasion, and he wasn’t planning on affording me any tenderness.

He bent his head forward to bring his lips close to my ear so he could whisper, “I love this fucking pussy. I’ve made you my fantasy, a gaping hole that exists only for my use.” He viciously drove his cock into me and out of me, the pace already at a breakneck speed. His heavy nuts splashed juice and jizz everywhere, and I could feel my pussy begin to gush already at the rapid-fire stimulation it was receiving. The burning was working up quickly, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came again. The throbbing in my muscles hadn’t even subsided from the last burst of growth, and already I could feel it the pulsing throb swelling again, in time with the swelling of my body. My ass seemed to be the focal point of this growth spurt, and Chris’ big belly began to produce larger and larger waves through my expanding ass with each stroke. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP our flesh slapped together, making a song of our moans and sighs with his stomach and my ass as the bass drum background. After only a few minutes, I could feel the burning reach a climax, and I screamed as my pussy began squirting again. Chris continued to pound me, each push into me producing a wet squelch and an ocean spray of juice. He roared as he came again, and I could feel the hot burning of his jizz filling me, flooding out of me, flooding into me.

Exhausted, Chris finally rolled his sweat slicked body off me, laying in the floor beside me. I sat up to observe the room, only to realize my efforts at cleaning earlier were futile—the room is wrecked. The couch and the wall behind it are coated in white juices and jizz. The carpet is a veritable bog, also coated with juices and jizz. The entire room smells like sweaty balls, body odor, and sex. I run my hands across my wet body. My hair is soaked and dripping. My chest has sprouted a thick forest of hair across my expanded pecs- it’s drenched and clinging to my skin. My nipples are large and dark- a dark tanned brown that contrasts against my white skin. My biceps are huge, my hands have fingers that are thicker and longer. My dick hangs long and heavy between my two huge nuts that are pulled tight against the base of my shaft. It must be a good eight or nine inches now, where before I only had four. It’s so big that it hangs down over my freshly minted pussy, almost reaching my asshole in it’s half hard state. My ass was plump, usually I would feel my bones bearing down into the floor, but I could only feel the firm cushioning of my glutes against the floor now.

“Ok Chris, you have some explaining to do asshole.” He rolled his eyes before grabbing me and rolling me over to sit on top of him. He gently pushed his huge half hard cock into my vagina.

“Well, after that guy in Mexico gave me the low down on the growth serum I found the startup pharmaceutical company was developing the stuff. I decided to make a little investment. See, the company’s CEO wanted to move forward to focus on a military-grade formula. This formula just amplifies the tissue type that is already present. Their vision was ultimately trying to create a formula that altered tissue types, so the guy wanted a cash influx.”

“So what kind of investment did you make?” I asked, gently gyrating on his penis.

“Here’s the tricky part. See, I closed out some of our investment accounts, basically using the majority of your inheritance money to buy him out.” I felt a little jolt of anger move through me, but as his big penis slid against that sensitive bump of tissue inside me, I relaxed and instantly released any anger I was feeling. Besides, even if I wanted to be angry with him I was so completely enamored that he would just have to command me to let it go and I would instantly comply. Arguments between us were going to be a thing of the past.

“Well, money is just money,” I replied calmly. I think we can make a return on that investment anyway, if we’re smart about this.

“Oh for sure,” Chris responded. “We just have to fly under the radar, we can’t take this through any approval process, so for now we’re going to have to smuggle the stuff into the country and sell it black market.”

“So why do I have a vagina now?”

Chris chuckled, then thrust his cock hard into me. “I’ve been breeding you with a viral particle for months now. The injection I took tonight was an activator. Basically, the viral particle alters your genome, and when the activator is given it finishes the sequence to produce the receptor protein. That’s why the response was so sudden in me. I injected myself with the activator and then my own cells began producing copies of the activator protein. Then, when I bred you the first time, you received a mega dose of activator too. The protein I’ve been infecting you with for months lies dormant in the cells, prepping them for rapid cycles of mitosis in order to produce tissue growth. But, since it’s a viral protein that reverse integrates into the host genome, you can also target tissue expression patterns and alter them. I just found a way to use your own DNA as a key, so that the gene is silenced in my cells, but activated in yours due to differences in transcriptional splicing. There’s also a few behavioral modifications, but you’ll see those in time. The best part is, I’m now a walking pharmaceutical machine. Every time I cum in you, I’m inserting more copies of the viral protein and the activator. The changes will ultimately level out, unless I add a new protein command to the mix.”

I rose off of his wet cock, now standing at full attention. “Well, we’re going to see what changes are to come. Right now, though, we’re going to have buy you new clothes and shoes. And I’m starving. So get up and put on some gym shorts and a sleeping shirt, whatever will fit. We can discuss this more at dinner.”

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