Eggmen chronicles

by brazboy

 2122, eighty years after the anti-AI law, sixty years after the GMHs (genetically modified humans) became officially allowed. The human species counts 21 billion people living in three planets, but only about one in three are from traditional genetic lineages—more and more GMH have been created to fill the gap between supply and demand following the fertility crisis and the ever-growing need of populational expansion for labor and consumption. These new humans are just like the rest of us—except when they aren’t

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Contents (10 parts)
Part 1: Introduction 2122, eighty years after the anti-AI law, sixty years after the GMHs (genetically modified humans) became officially allowed. The human species counts 21 billion people living in three planets, but only about one in three are from traditional genetic lineages—more and more GMH have been created to fill the gap between supply and demand following the fertility crisis and the ever-growing need of populational expansion for labor and consumption. These new humans are just like the rest of us—except when they aren’t (added: 18 Dec 2021)Part 2: Zacarias: ChangesPart 3: Zacarias: Eggman on Eggman Action Zacarias and his team entertain the visiting Koreans ahead of their corporate negotiations. One of them, Byeong-cheol, seems interested in a more intimate form of cultural exchange. (added: 1 Jan 2022)Part 4: Zacarias: A Rose by Another NamePart 5: Zacarias: Bountiful Pecs Zacarias’s assignation with Byeong-cheol and his boss goes forward as planned, but the ramifications extend beyond a simple night of sex between augmented men. (added: 8 Jan 2022)Part 6: Zacarias: Halfway TherePart 7: Intermission I No matter what anyone thinks, Fernando is firm in his decision to become a full-time cum-producer. The process of transformation, meanwhile, is more intense than he imagined. (added: 22 Jan 2022)Part 8: Fernando: ReproducersPart 9: Fernando: Room 191 Fernando undergoes his transformation to full-time producer, creating new challenges for him and his team as he grows and grows. (added: 29 Jan 2022)Part 10: Fernando: The Minder

Crivaldo Balsígula woke up from his afternoon nap in a large hotel bed in Brasília. Still feeling a little tired, he took the remote control from the bedside table and turned on the television on a 24/7 news channel. The anchor—by all accounts a beautiful woman—was repeating old news about protests in Rio and a fire in Salvador, when suddenly the topic changed. She now talked about the 2122 populational count for Brazil: 312 million people, 156 million of whom were eggmen. For the very first time in history, a majority.

“I guess that’s it, the end of western civilization,” said the leader of Brazil’s Christian Conservative Party, as he watched the news from the bed. He didn’t change the channel as the news anchor also informed the viewer that with this change Brazil became one of the 98 countries in the world with a majority eggman population—joining a club of mostly western and Asian nations which included from Russia to Japan and Portugal.

“I’d rather be dominated by damn robots!” snorted the famous conservative politician, before an arm appeared from under the blankets and hugged his soft belly.

“Hmmm, Crivaldo, what are you mumbling about?” said the other voice.

“Nothing, I was just watching the news,” Crivaldo answered. The person under the blanket then uncovered their body, revealing his muscular frame, his large, almost 50cm-long soft cock, and his immense pectoral muscles.

“News? I will show you what’s news. Have you already seen my new nipcocks?” asked the hot male prostitute lying on the bed, his beautiful but completely extraordinary body the most evident proof of his being an eggman.

Crivaldo’s eyes left the TV screen for a second, and laid on the handsome man he had besides him—yes, he had noticed the beautiful nipplecocks cozily laying jutting out of the man’s hardy pecs, but no, he hadn’t had enough of them.

“Come here on top of me and feed me,” said Crivaldo, and the other man obeyed. “But be silent, I still want to know what is happening as I might have to talk about it in today’s session,” he completed, before having the man’s gigantic soft cock invade his mouth.

Crivaldo suckled on the handsome man’s large dick, feeding on his precum, while listening the news anchor’s continual stream of information. She now told the audience about the trends of the eggman population at home and overseas: growth pretty much everywhere, even Saudi Arabia was debating the possibility of lifting their ban on GMHs.

“It must stop,” Crivaldo thought to himself while suckling on the large cock. “This has gone for too long and it must stop.”

I was never really one of those men who had a lot of body changes, but one of my former boyfriends was into them and he had gotten me to start enjoying some minor improvements on myself. First it was muscle, then height, then more muscle and more height, until I reached 2m and decided that it’d be too disruptive to keep going in that direction. I then started doing minor twerks into things like my balls, ass, dick and tongue—you know, small things that people at work wouldn’t notice but that were great in bed. At that point I was definitely big, but continued carefully avoiding not becoming so large that I couldn’t somewhat pass as a non-GMH if I absolutely had to.

Because I have slowed down on visible changes, since I moved cities for work everyone I see in my daily life only knows me more or less as I was last Friday: a 2m tall man, heavy on muscles and with a beautiful bubble butt which shows when I move in my less-than-baggy clothes. What they don’t know, of course, was that I used the carnival holiday week to go to into a fancy eggman health resort—it cost me almost a full year of savings, but it was worthwhile as they can do a lot more there than you can have done in a small clinic or at home. I purchased the complete package: full health improvement, genetic update, and increased cock, balls and tongue size to the absolute maximum that would still allow me to live a normal daily life—I also added 20cm to my height and 45kg in muscle mass, but that’s another issue.

The changing process was, as usual, delightful. I spent most of the time in the gestation chamber, while the nanobots went through my cells re-writing my genetic code and allowing my body to heal and change itself. Fortunately for me the company whose services I was using has lots of experience working with my particular DNA, as I am a member of a quite numerous strain of eggmen here in Brazil—although since I had been last updated more than five years ago, just that overhauling of my genes took about half of my time in the chamber. I did leave, however, a new man: my face was once more perfectly symmetrical, and I looked like a 25-year-old in the spring of their life again; my muscles bulged even more than before, covered by my perfect, spotless skin; my cock and balls filled my pants more than ever, only not looking obscenely large because they were literally overshadowed by my massive pectorals.

So, when I arrived at work this morning and had to both lower my head and turn 90 degrees to the left so I could comfortably enter into our meeting room, there was an obvious awkward silence.

“So you did it,” said Rodrigo, from our import-export department. “I knew you were doing it!” he added, victorious. I pretended to laugh.

“Do you think you can still work normally?” asked José, from marketing. “Is it not… distracting?” he went on, looking down at my bulge before he got red. I laughed once again.

“Nah, it’s fine. This new body does need a higher maintenance than the old one, but nothing major,” I reply, as the two men listen attentively.

“Gentlemen, can we please start with work,” commanded Cláudia, our team leader, from the sales department, while pointing me towards the computer. I, from logistics, put up my presentation and started talking about our business of exporting soybeans to South Korea, and how the whole chain was a nightmare and why it would make a lot more sense if we started to process the beans at home before we sent them to the other side of the world.

As I talked, I felt the attention of all the three sets of eyes that were present, and not only in a professional way—which was good, because I didn’t spend 25 thousand dollars so this body would not bring me any returns. As my words left my mouth and I moved through the slides, I could see that Cláudia bit her pen looking at me; while Rodrigo looked at the movements my arms made as I spoke—the contracting and relaxing of my muscles almost hypnotizing the man. José’s eyes, meanwhile, never really went above my pecs—dwelling mostly around my crotch.

When the presentation was over, I received only compliments—no questions—and that’s how I knew my new body was working wonders. Of course, being this size meant ditching some benefits of not looking obviously like an eggman all the time, but it also revealed some opportunities. After I responded to the compliments and took a place at the meeting table, it was Rodrigo’s turn to stand up and move to start his own presentation—about the current laws on the export of raw versus industrialized foodstuff to South Korea.

While he presented, more often than not Rodrigo’s gaze was coming towards me. José, meanwhile, basically ignored Rodrigo and kept glancing towards my pecs (which were still visible to him even as we were both sitting down). I was aware of their gaze, and also aware that Cláudia tried desperately not to look at me, and so I did move my arms and even my pecs in such I was that I thought would offer my colleagues the highest possible temptation—even if my muscles were well hidden under my work clothes.

After the two presentations we had a debate where Cláudia stressed how key it was that we prepared our research for our meeting with the Koreans, as they’d arrive on Wednesday and it was fundamental for the company that we managed to improve the terms of our current deal. We all then commented on things we thought we could improve and left the meeting planning to talk again to finalize the presentations and the proposal tomorrow. We also discussed where we’d take the Koreans during the week to try to build a better professional relationship: each one of us would be in charge of taking them to lunch one of the days of their stay, and we’d all go have dinner and drink together after work hours, and take them to some Brazilian music event during the weekend.

After all of that was settled, I went to my office to make some small changes to my presentation and also add some key points that my colleagues had raised. As I walked around the company I felt all eyes on me, even more than ever before. It was rather difficult to really walk through the hallways of our office with my new, larger body, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy forcing people to move aside to let my muscular self pass—one could even see my dick stirring up from it. I did make a mental note not to grow any more muscles or height, however, or it would start to really be an impediment to my normal work life.

About an hour later, as I was working in my office, I heard a knock on the door.

“Please, come in,” I call, and our cute intern entered. His name was Gabriel, he was 21 and had been with us since the middle of last year. His eyes saw me and devoured me, but he didn’t seem surprised, which made me smile. I obviously didn’t spell out to him that I was going to get some improvements done to my body during carnival, but I most certainly had dropped some hints when we spent time together.

He closed the door behind him, locking it up, and advanced to hand me some papers—yes, we still use paper in 2122, it has to do with the anti-AI laws and redundancy.

“Hello, boss. I am bringing you some of the reports you asked about the costs of transporting soy from Mato Grosso to Belém and to Santos, and also those numbers you wanted on corn and ethanol shipments to South Korea,” he said, and then his professional visage transformed into a cheekier one.

“Thanks, Gabriel,” I said, and then I looked up and saw his smile. “What else do you need?”

He coughed. “Do you have some free time now?” he asked, and I recognized that voice. I pulled away from my table, and turned my face ever so slightly to the left. The window being behind me meant that this young handsome lad was bathed by the sun rays, from my point of view. The natural lights only accentuated his sharp features, his blond hair and brown eyes—his nice muscles hidden under those social clothes were still mostly invisible, but the fact that he fit his clothing perfectly was clear as day.

“Depends on how urgent the matter at hand is,” I responded, and he got closer to me, walking around the large desk.

“Very urgent, boss,” he said. Gabriel was a nice attractive college senior who had been accepted into a very good internship at our company. He was in every way an amazing human—including his shape. That was not surprising, as he was—same as me—genetically modified to be perfect. The difference between us, however, was that he was still focused on fitting in, and as such he didn’t seem to have had as many updates—no visible ones at least.

In a sense, he reminded me of myself when I was his age.

“Then I’m all ears,” I respond, still sitting in my comfortable chair. Gabriel kneeled in front of me.

“I know I am greedy, but your new form is amazing. Can you please help me get some release now? I have done everything you asked, boss,” he asked, pleadingly. I smiled. Our agreement before carnival had been he’d not cum during the holidays and that, if he didn’t, I’d reward him for it.

“Of course. Just prove to me that you have fulfilled the terms of our agreement,” I said, and Gabriel then lowered his pants, making his completely hard perfect 41cm cock fly upwards. The large missile-shaped organ seemed to be made of steel, but it was also completely dry and restricted by a tightly arranged watch-like device around its base. I lowered myself and extended my hand to touch the device, which disarmed with my touch.

“The subject has not cum in 219 hours, 19 minutes and 32 seconds,” said the device, while releasing the hard cock. As the device untightened its hold on Gabriel’s cock, the organ throbbed and started releasing increasing amounts of pre, coating the lad’s spear, and the intern moaned in his regained freedom—especially when I used my hand to take the device off his appendage, and set it on my desk.

“Good boy,” I said, and then patted Gabriel on the head, touching his soft curly hair and caressing it. He looked up to me, with intense desire.

“Will you help me then, boss?” he asked, and I nodded.

While I was still sitting down, he came closer to me, still kneeling. He lowered his head towards my crotch. “You have grown wonderfully, boss,” he noted.

“Yes, now release me,” I responded, and he eagerly opened my pants and released my cock and balls. At this point in time, I was still soft—only a meter in length, more or less. But things wouldn’t continue this way for long. “And remember our agreement: no vestige should be left behind,” I completed, and he nodded, following to start rubbing his face on my cock.

“It’s so long and warm. I have seen other big eggmen, but they don’t carry their size like you do, boss,” he said, while his cheeks were rubbing against my cock, and then his whole head was under it, sandwiched by my balls and penis. “They are vulgar, while you are so sophisticated,” he said. I laughed and he removed his head from where it was, looking a little flustered.

“You say that because you are young and naïve. Me and them, we are the same, just as you and I are the same.” I stood up and took off my jacket, and then my shirt. “I am an eggman, you are an eggman. We are both genetically engineered and free to further change ourselves as we like. I may have chosen this body, these muscles and this penis, because it fits my needs and personality, but that isn’t different in any significant way from the choices of the largest whore at Lapa.”

Gabriel’s eyes shone as he looked at my upper body: my pecs were so much larger than the last time he saw them, and my other muscles had also grown. The lad had always been fond of muscles, and he was almost drooling as he looked up towards me.

He was still on his knees, and still in that position he moved my way, like a faithful servant in prayer. He raised his hands and held my still half soft cock with them. He then retracted my foreskin, revealing my large purple head, and started caressing it with his cheeks once more.

“And yet you are so different, boss,” he said, liking my cock’s head. “I feel it with all my senses.”

I looked down towards his handsome angelic face, only enhanced by his deep lust for me, and smiled deviously.

“Do you also like my muscles, or is it only my cock that you are fond of?” I asked. He looked alarmed.

“Boss! How can you say that?” he hugged my hardening cock, and caresses my balls. “All your body, all of you, it is all amazing. I would have said you were perfect before, but you found ways to surpass even that,” he said, and as he went up, he was now licking the base of my cock. “You should create your own lineage, boss.”

As I heard his suggestion, I smiled at the idea, but immediately put it away—I would like to have children, but reproducers were anything but parents. It was their eggsperm that becomes new eggman, but it was not their legacy which continued on. So I chose to ignore that last remark.

“If that’s so, why do you not pay any homage to the rest of me?” I said, and he suddenly stood up—he was tall, 190cm tall, but yet his head only reaches bellow my pecs.

“I am sorry, I am impatient, I have much to learn,” he said, and then started feeling my muscles—touching my arms, licking my pecs, stroking them and feeling their lower and upper parts. He especially liked to rub his face against by pecs and abs, and to lick and bite my nipples, teasing me. He breathed my smell in. “Your whole body, boss, is a present to all of us in the company. But particularly to me, you have been so kind to me, as you allow me to see it from up close.”

I smiled, as I felt his touch under the shadow of my pecs, although I didn’t see it myself. His actions were relaxing, but they were also making my dick harden behind him.

“I like to help,” I said, and he lowered his ass so that it touched my penis.

“And so do I, boss,” he replied, and then rubbed his ass against my cock until I was completely hard, all 2 meters of my manliness. Soon, Gabriel was back on the floor, eye level with my snake. He then progressed to take my cock’s head inside his mouth, one of two parts of his body I knew for a fact that he has modified. I smiled and moaned ever so slightly with the pleasure he gave me by engulfing more and more of my length. I also felt a little bit flattered by the words and actions of this handsome young man in the spring of his life, and as such my cock presented him with some precum to ingest.

He took my cock, masterfully, and lots of it—one whole meter, and even if there’s another meter to go, he engulfs it easily. His jaw was dislocated to fit me in, his whole mouth opening in a fully unnatural way—but can anything be natural with GMHs? Gabriel’s cock was also out, and his hands reached for it, but I commanded him to stop, and so he did. Gabriel continued taking more and more of my length, which by now was literally stretching his throat due to my girth, making his neck widen. I am so long that even with half a meter still outside, my cock was reaching the depths of Gabriel’s modified system and almost leaving in the other side. By then he was on his fours, and I was on my knees, so he could take as much as possible of my penis—and then it was my turn to hold his head in place and fuck his face.

I fucked him hard for several minutes, almost half an hour—hammering my cock in and out of his body, as he trembled in pleasure. He was moaning, and I told him to be less loud. He obeyed. I moved my hand from his head to his waist, as to control his whole body during my thrusts. My hard pole in him was like being filled by a log, and so I had to be careful not to be too harsh. He also followed our rule of cleanliness and didn’t cum on my carpet, but fucking his modified throat, stomach and intestines while holding his waist I knew I was close to doing exactly that myself. My cock hammered into his body with every pounding, and my balls hit his stretched neck and torso. Before I came, I had to make sure I’d pulled enough of my cock out of him that he could ingest all of my cum. When I did explode, he happily ate it all up, his belly expanding as he chugged in my fluids. Even as my explosion ended, he suckled my cock, making it completely clean except for his saliva, which he had modified to be basically antiseptic.

As I pulled my cock from his insides, he was still hard and horny, as he couldn’t come himself. So I smiled kindly to him, stood up, and then sat back in my chair again.

“Now let me help you,” I said, and he quickly stood up, almost like a soldier called to attention, his hard cock bouncing eagerly.

Even with him standing up and me sitting down, I was still too tall to reach his cock with my mouth, so I had to lower myself a little. I engulfed his whole manhood in one movement, and he grunted in pleasure. I was about to fuck him with my face, but as I was about to pull, he touched the back of my head, pleadingly.

“Please boss, don’t move, or I might dirty your office,” he said, sounding desperate—so much so that I decided to simply caress his cock with my tongue, and his ass cheeks with my hands. In less than a minute he was panting, until he suddenly came—I ate it all, and it was a lot, a record for our lad. When his shots became a dribble, I suckled a little and then let go of his cock, wet with my own saliva.

He was panting, and I looked at him with a smile, and kissed him—so he could taste his own cum in my mouth. Soon I pulled from our kiss, and he was standing there, still panting. He was completely enchanted, and even as I put my clothes back on and went back to behind my desk, he hadn’t moved a centimeter from where he was.

“I hope you enjoyed that,” I said, and then looked towards the door. “But we both have work to do now,” I added. He became red, and nodded.

“Of course!” he said, exasperated, dressing himself once more. “It was wonderful boss! Anything else you need, call me!” he said, and then almost tripped towards the exit door. Before he left, however, he looked back, shyly. “I hope we can do this again soon, though,” he said and I just raised an eyebrow.

“If you continue being a good boy,” I responded, waving my hand. “But now let’s be productive,” I finished as I picked up the reports he has brought me. He nodded furiously and left my office.

The Koreans arrived early in the morning, and I went welcome them in the airport and took them to the hotel where they’d be staying. They were a team of six, five men and one woman—the oldest of whom being the director of import and export of their company. We introduced ourselves and I told them that we have already planned a place for us to have lunch at in a few hours—a famous churrascaria, or Brazilian steak house. They seemed to like the idea, but also appeared to be understandably tired as they had had to travel a full 24 hours to arrive here.

When I went pick them up at the hotel for lunch, which I’d be hosting by myself as my colleagues were working in the final preparations for our afternoon meeting, the Koreans seemed a lot more energetic, although they also continued acting rather formally. We took two cars and drove to the restaurant where I showed them how it works. They reacted positively, seeming bewildered by the sheer amount and variety of meat you could eat at once. After the explanations the conversation flowed more or less easily, although we were all careful to steer away from business.

“So, is it not hard for someone with a body such as your own to work in an office?” asked the oldest one of the guys I’m hosting, the director, leading to some surprised and even embarrassed looks from the others—especially from a certain Mr. Park Byeong-cheol who I was pretty certain was a fellow eggman.

“I wouldn’t know—this is a new body, relatively speaking. I had some improvements done two weeks ago,” I responded, and most of the other people at the table seemed hugely awkward, not knowing where to look while trying to glance at me. The director continued carrying the conversation on, regardless.

“I see. Do you think has improved business in any way?” he asked, and I think I frowned a little.

“I wouldn’t know, sir, I am not in the sales department,” I responded. One of the younger guys in the Korean staff coughed and the woman rushed to give him some water to drink. The ambience was now uncomfortable, but the director continued unfazed.

“I see,” he said, then looked to the side, towards Park Byeong-cheol. “Maybe we can try something like that as well in the future, as an experiment,” he finished, and the younger staff member was now coughing so hard that I asked the waiters to bring more water. Fortunately, the confusion finally allowed the conversation to move to other topics, but the boss did continue mentioning my frame every so often—that was something that I had been getting used to, though, and so I just tried to ignore it.

Right after lunch I drove us all to our company’s headquarters where they met the rest of our Brazilian team and we all started having informal conversations over coffee before the scheduled time for our meeting. I was talking to two of the Koreans about the advantages and disadvantages of living in São Paulo—while trying to add subtle remarks about logistics and why it matters so much in the Brazilian scenario—when I got pulled to the side by Park Byeong-cheol.

“I’m sorry for earlier,” he said, and I smiled. “Our director can be a bit old fashioned sometimes. I hope that does not create any bad mood between our teams,” he went on. I raised my eyebrow, taking in Byeong-cheol’s image: he was tall, his hair was short and straight, black like coal; muscular, but not so much that he’d look out of place—yet his face was so perfect, his muscles so wonderful, his voice so soft, that it all together made it almost too obvious that he was a GMH.

“Absolutely. I am used to it, as I am sure you are as well. If I were to allow every slight to prevent me from doing business, I would not be in this line of work,” I responded. He sighed, and then raised his hand and touched my arm. “Interesting,” I thought to myself. I knew, of course, that all eggmen were gay, but I hadn’t expected to get this sort of attention from him, to be honest.

“Good. I hope we can conduct this partnership in way that’s beneficial to both sides,” he said, and I saw his eyes travelling down. “Not only in what relates to this deal, but also because we can learn much from each other’s company…ies.”

“Of course. I mean, Korean and Brazilian business cultures are very different. Maybe you’d be interested in learning more about how we function here?” I asked, and he smiled and nodded.

“I’d be eager to,” he said, and his hold in my arm tightened a little—he felt my muscles, I felt his touch.

We were then interrupted by Cláudia, our team leader, who asked me some information about beaches nearby where we could take the Koreans for the weekend, and I replied something about Paraty and São Sebastião, but we didn’t settle on any specific plans. During the rest of the pre-meeting informal conversation Byeong-cheol and I joined the main group, and we mostly talked about semi-work-related informalities until Cláudia decided it was time for business.

We had a one-hour break in the end of the afternoon for some snacks. The Koreans went out with the rest of my team to eat at a famous coffee shop nearby where they could also get some Brazilian food. I stayed back, firstly so I could check the preparations for the next session—which was rather easy to do—but mostly because my team wanted to give me a break as I had been hosting the Koreans since they had arrived half a day before.

Suspiciously, however, Byeong-cheol also stayed behind with me in the meeting room.

“Do you need any help?” he asked, and I shook my head, while taking out some of the empty water bottles.

“No, thanks for offering,” I replied, and then I threw the bottles in the trash can. “Don’t you want to go with them? They’re going to a nice place near here, you can meet them there if you hurry.”

“No, I was interested in continuing our… cultural exchange from before,” he said, and I nodded.

“Okay. I have to get other bottles in the kitchen, though, so if you don’t mind, can you come with me as we talk?” I ask, and he just smiles and follows me out of the room.

Thankfully the floor was mostly empty at this hour as many people left to grab some food, or were simply working at their desks; still, I was so large that Byeong-cheol couldn’t stay besides me as we walked down the hallways—instead, he had to follow me from behind, only being careful to stay close enough that he’d not have to talk too loudly to make himself heard by me. That did mean his package rubbed into my large ass a few times as we walked to the kitchen.

“A man like you must receive a lot of attention,” he said, as we walked down the hallway.

“Sometimes,” I said, “but not as much as you might expect.”

“I see,” Byeong-cheol said, slowly. “I remember you said this—” He looked down towards my body. “—is relatively new.” I nodded. He cleared his throat before continuing. “So, did your partner like your changes?” he asked, slowly.

I stopped abruptly in front of him, which caught him by surprise, making his whole body slam against my back and ass. I look back and downwards, towards him. First serious, which made him tremble a little, uncomfortable, and then letting out a mischievous smile.

“My only partners are my business partners, at this moment. They seem rather fine with my recent changes,” I answered. He blushed and then I started walking again. He followed suit. “Why do you ask, are you interested… in changing your body, and maybe you fear some backlash?”

He laughed.

“Oh, no. If I did something like that, I’d certainly lose my job. We are 70% of the population of Korea, but you know how it is—the more of us there are, the tighter the control becomes,” he replied, I raise an eyebrow. “On the other hand, just like you, my only partners are from work, so I have no reason to fear for backlash in the personal arena.”

“I see,” I said, and then smiled to him. “And here is the kitchen,” I complete, showing him around. I grab some water bottles in the fridge, which I carry in a hug between my immense chest and my broad arms. I see Byeong-cheol looking at the bottles pressing against my muscular pecs, seeing the condensed humidity wetting my shirt a little, and biting his lips.

“Do you want some help carrying that?” he asked, still looking towards my pecs. I shake my head.

“Thank you again, but it’s fine,” I reply, as we walk back to the meeting room. “I am sorry I’m taking up your time with this boring errand, though.”

“Not at all, I was the one who wanted to talk to you.”

“Yes,” I said, slowly, as we walk. “But I still feel bad you couldn’t join the other ones at the coffee shop, and you haven’t really seen much of our company either. If you’d like I can show you my office, I have some things over there you might like.” He didn’t reply for a second, so I look back towards him—his eyes meet mine, they were bright with anticipation.

“Oh, yes, that’d be great,” he said, and then after I put the water bottles in the meeting room we went straight to my office and locked the door.

I offered him a seat in my couch, which he took. I then offered him some snacks I had in my office and some coffee (I had a small coffee machine)—he refused both. He seemed shy and anxious, and that feeling soon transformed into discomfort.

“So,” I asked, sitting on the couch opposite of him. “Tell me about Korea. Are there many modified eggmen there?” I nibble a little into the snacks I had offered him. No use letting them go to waste.

“Not many, mostly those working in entertainment,” he responded, eying me hungrily.

“I see. Not even small changes like mine?”

He seemed surprised and smiled. “Your changes aren’t small—at least, I’d not consider them as such.”

“Well, I can live almost normally like this. To me big changes are the ones that might bring immobility, or a cock so large that you need a third leg in your pants to cover it, or muscles so immense you can’t really enter normal-sized buildings,” I commented. Byeong-cheol seemed to imagine these possibilities and I noticed his mouth was dry. “Maybe you want some water?”

“Oh, what? No, I’ve already had plenty of that before,” he responded, and then he slowly slid forward from his seat, getting closer and closer to me, until he raised his hand, which slowly fell until it lay on my knee. “I don’t want you to think I just want to use you, as I’m sure you get a lot of that…” he started.

I interrupt him. “Don’t worry about that, you are our esteemed guest. Use me as you like,” I replied, amused.

“…I see… but I mean, perhaps you’d allow me, I mean, you would give me a show of what it is like to have those modifications, as a test drive of sorts,” he said. I lower my hand on top of his, which was still on my knee, and start dragging it up, and up, and up, towards my crotch—his torso coming closer and closer to me almost as if hypnotized.

“Well, a test-drive would entail you experiencing my body, wouldn’t it, Mr. Park? Rather than you observing the effects of my body, so to say,” I comment. He babbled a little, his hand finally reaching my balls, and his head was close enough that when I looked down and he looked up, we could feel each other’s breath.

“True,” he said. “I hope you can help me with my request nonetheless.” He looked bothered, physically. I smiled and lowered my head.

“I will do my best,” I said, and our lips touched. Suddenly, immediately, his tongue was in my mouth, hungry, and our kiss was deep. Byeong-cheol hugged my neck to keep our connection even as he pulled into my body. Not even five seconds later, we were both standing, both undressed, kissing once more—but now also naked, rubbing our muscles, our cocks stirring up.

Byeong-cheol looked tight, but not much different than a fit natural human so far as muscles went. His dick, however, was clearly a beyond what one’d expect even on a GMH without any transformations—more than 40cm totally hard. Still, it was completely overshadowed by my 150cm-and-growing cock behind him. As we kissed, his hands moved from my neck to my torso, and from holding us closer together to grabbing, squeezing and stroking my muscles. He was hungry for me, and honestly, so was I for him.

“Oh my God, you are incredible,” he said, when we break our kiss to catch some air. By now my dick was rising between his legs, and he brought them closer to rub and tease my manhood.

“I have to say I’m a bit surprised,” I said, bringing my hand down to touch his cock, which throbs when my thumb pulls down its foreskin, revealing its large purple head.

“Hmmm, I did that some years ago. It’s my favorite part of my body,” he said, and somehow it felt a bit sad. We as eggmen had a different relationship with our bodies than natural humans, as we can change them whenever and however we want, pretty much—among us there’s a drive for perfection and full satisfaction, accompanied by a great feeling of insufficiency, sometimes. “That and these,” he said, his hand scrubbing his abs.

When I looked towards his abs, I was surprised to notice that each one of them had a nice red areola and a big plump thumb-sized nipple—meaning Byeong-cheol had a total of 4 pairs of nipples. I must have looked confused, because he laughed and explained:

“I have had this other small, mostly invisible, transformation done more recently. Basically, these two—” Each of his hands started playing with one of the nipples on his pecs. “—make milk that increases your muscles; the ones bellow those grow your cock; the ones bellow those grow your balls, and the ones bellow that increase your energy.” I was shocked by his creativity.

“How does that even work?” I asked, legitimately curious, while my increasingly hard cock now rubbed against his naked ass cheeks. He didn’t seem to care much, however, as his attention was all on my own pecs, which he was now stroking violently with his hands as his own hard cock rubbed against my abs, coating them on precum.

“My body produces some genetically modified hormones, basically, but they work in natural humans as well; their effect is temporary, however, of course,” he said. My eyes widen.

“Is that legal in Korea? Transforming natural humans, even if indirectly?”

“Highly illegal,” he said, with a smile. “But also impossible to trace, since it’s not a permanent change. So please keep it a secret.”

“Can I have it? Your milk, I mean,” I ask, excited. He shook his head.

“I am dry right now; I am rather small and it takes a lot of energy to make milk. Usually, I need to have taken large amounts of some highly nutritious fluid in order to produce sufficient milk for someone to drink,” he said, now rubbing his ass against my growing cock under him, and looking at me pleadingly with his eyes. I smiled, understanding.

My cock throbbed and as it moved up Byeong-cheol’s feet no longer touched the ground. Using both of my arms I then hugged my own cock, sandwiching Byeong-cheol between me and me. I then lay on the couch, Byeong-cheol still sandwiched above my abs and bellow my cock.

“Sit up,” I requested, releasing my hug. He did as I asked and used his strength to force my cock up to the vertical. As he now sat on my abs, Byeong-cheol’s dick was rubbing against my pecs—it was large enough, however, that I could see its head poking above them. Byeong-cheol seemed to like having his dick rubbing against my male tits. He moved his hips so that his rod danced from one side to the other on top of my muscles while also using this position to stroke my male tits hard with both his hands.

“Like them?” I asked, touching my pecs. He nodded, unsatiated. “Want to try fucking them?” His eyes shone bright.

He slowly moved his large hard dick down so as to aim for the space between my large pecs, and then he pushed it into the grand meaty canyon between my large male tits. I liked feeling his spear in there, but the best part was that it was long enough that its head appeared in the other side of my muscle valley—close to my mouth where I engulfed it. Immediately Byeong-cheol jolted, and when I started licking his cock’s head he started hammering his penis in and out of my mouth, fucking my pecs in a swift series of delicious motions.

We continued that for a while, until my own dick throbbed behind him, and started releasing precum which was getting on Byeong-cheol’s back and hair. As much as I loved having his dick in my mouth and licking it, my own dick also needed attention and I was having to use my hips to try to rub my enormous obelisk against Byeong-cheol’s back. When he noticed that, he stopped fucking my pecs and immediately pulled his dick from my mouth, turning the other way so he could face my immense rod. I complained a little.

“I am sorry, but I can’t ignore this wonder,” he replied, hugging my manhood and starting to stroke it as hard as he could. “I can’t let this go to waste,” he said, then standing up on my solid abs, so he could try to reach my cock’s head with his mouth.

I never thought he would manage to do that, however, as my cock—fully hard—was about 10 to 15cm longer than he was tall. Moreover, even if he did reach my cockhead, I didn’t think he’d be able to do much with it, as it dwarfed his mouth in size. But he proved me wrong. Byeong-cheol’s neck stretched up and up and up, until his mouth was level with my cockhead, less than half a meter bellow the ceiling. He then stretched his mouth like an anaconda, and engulfed only my head with it. “‘No visible changes’ doesn’t mean no changes, I guess,” I thought to myself, while his tongue played around my cockhead, as his arms hugged my log, as his whole body rubbed against my obelisk—fundamentally stroking it.

“Byeong-cheol, wait!” I said, but he continued pleasuring me. “I have to cum, and I don’t want to destroy my office!” I protested, but he didn’t stop. I could feel the pressure rising, I could feel my balls preparing themselves; they were hanging out of the couch, gravity itself stretching their large weight (comparable to a jackfruit each) to the ground. It felt really nice.

His tongue around my cockhead also gave me a terrific feeling, his hugging and stroking the shaft taking me to cloud nine. I moaned, softly, when his tongue entered the slit of my cock. Looking at him, I saw his stretched neck, his nice bubble ass. I grunted.

And then I came, abundantly. I thought I’d destroy the room, but a calm and collected Byeong-cheol simply drank it all, not missing a single drop. His belly did extend as more and more of my shots left my slit and entered his system, but he drank it all successfully like a professional—even as I stopped shooting, his tongue was sucking the dribble out of me, washing my cockhead clean. His tongue felt like that of a giant anteater’s, travelling deep inside my cock in order to take all its output.

Only when I had nothing more to give, did he let go of my softening cock. His belly was large, but he seemed fine with it. The next thing he did was to turn back around, now towards my face, and start fucking my pecs again.

“Your body is the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” he said, as he fucked my pecs with his hard cock, my larger softening rod spilling out of the couch onto my office’s carpeted floor, completely dry. “Your jizz has a wonderful taste. I’m going to make so much milk from it; it might even be stronger than usual too—I bet it will taste different.”

He was still hammering his dick in and out of my pec canyon, which was pleasuring. I looked at his nipples and muscles—abs and pecs—and they seemed to be growing, albeit very slowly.

“How long does it take?” I asked him, as he continued to hammer his dick between my male tits.

“Usually two to three hours, but considering you gave me so much cum, maybe twice as much this time,” he replied between moans, a bit distracted as he continued hammering his cock into my pecs.

“So, we’ll have a second round after dinner,” I said, and he increases his speed, his cock’s purple head poking in and out of my pecs on the other side as he slammed his spear between my mountains—so close to my mouth.

“Oh, please! Please allow me, give me some more time with you, so much, so much of you I couldn’t yet explore,” he pleaded, pounding faster and faster, until I took his head into my mouth yet again and he exploded in moans and cum. “My god, my god, my god!”

I felt his orgasm erupting in my mouth—I noticed it tasted a little different than locally sourced cum.

“Don’t flatter me too much,” I said, after swallowing it. Byeong-cheol pulled closer to me, putting his head now to rest on my immense pecs which he had been fucking until so very recently.

“It’s not flattery,” he said, rubbing his head against my skin, breathing in the mixed smell of his dick and my pecs, his hair feeling funny against my skin. “Only a god could make me feel so much so fast,” he said, apparently a bit exhausted.

“A god or a devil,” I said with a smile. I sat up—which forced Byeong-cheol to move with me as well. “And now I must be the devil who tells you to clean yourself and dress up again so we can go to the meeting,” I added, and he sighed. He got off me and I moved towards my desk, opened a drawer, and took out a large white towel, which I then handed to him. “Here, use this to clean my pre from your body.”

“I don’t know how you can do this and still have energy for that,” he complained, taking the towel and starting to use it on himself while still on the couch. The towel absorbed basically all the organic-based liquid dirtying his skin.

“It’s another one of the improvements,” I said, standing up and going to dress myself. “But not forcing my body to transform several liters of cum into milk probably helps.”

He nodded, and then brought his left hand to his overextended belly. “I’ve never been this full. Even after having many men at once, never have I had this much cum,” he observed thoughtfully.

“Well, you did very well for someone with little experience in this weight class, then,” I pointed out. I then finished dressing myself, so I picked up his clothes and throw them to him. “Will they still fit you now with… this belly?” I asked, a little worried—as, otherwise, I’d have to send Gabriel to buy some new clothes urgently.

Unconcerned, Byeong-cheol nodded.

“After I met you in the airport, I came prepared for every situation,” he said, putting up his shirt and then his jacket, which hid his belly almost completely. I smiled, and then moved towards the door, opening it up after he finished getting dressed.

“Okay, then come with me,” I said.

“I will try,” he replied with a smirk. “Lead the way,” he requests, and I do. While we walk back his hands keep “unintentionally” rubbing against my muscles, but nobody around really minds it as this has become a normal phenomenon since I have come to occupy too much space.

We continued talking about more lighthearted subjects in the meeting room before everyone else arrives. When they do join us I make my presentation, and immediately thereafter Cláudia led the first stage of negotiations. We continued on that for more than two hours before we all decided to go have dinner, and I took them to a fancy restaurant for northeastern food.

Dinner went great—we managed to talk about lighthearted subjects while also subtly making some good points which we could later use in the negotiations to try and convince the Koreans to buy processed rather than raw soy. Cláudia and the female Korean staffer were the first to leave, followed by Rodrigo and two of the oldest members of the Korean delegation—except for the director. At 11 p.m. we decided to move to a bar, but almost as soon as we get there José and another one of the Koreans abandoned us—leaving only me, the director, and Byeong-cheol behind to get drunk.

“Your muscles are looking extremely swollen,” said the director to Byeong-cheol, at a point in the evening. I swear Byeong-cheol looked a little bit red, but not exactly surprised, by the comment. “Where did you get that much semen?” he finished the question and then looked towards me.

“Sir, this is a bit inappropriate a topic for such a public place,” I said, while trying to look away from the director. My eyes ended up gazing upon Byeong-cheol’s body, however, and I had to admit he did look swollen—not in the belly really, however, but mostly on his pecs, although his gut still seemed bigger than it was originally.

The director seemed amused.

“Inviting me to your home so soon?” he commented and then laughed—but even being a little tipsy I don’t find it funny. I was actually now looking towards Byeong-cheol, trying to get some clue about what was going on. He seemed a bit embarrassed, before he and the director exchanged some words in their native language.

“No need to be so serious,” the director said to me after they were done. “I already imagined and even hoped you’d have fed Mr. Park, and as I told him just now, I think this is a great opportunity for the three of us.”

My eyes traveled from the director to Byeong-cheol, as I was rather confused by the insinuation.

“I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand what is going on,” I said, and then I suddenly saw through Byeong-cheol’s embarrassed attitude. “Are you two… in a relationship?” I asked, sounding at the same time more aggressive and less aggressive than I had meant to sound. Byeong-cheol was now redder than a beetroot. The director started laughing.

“No, only professionally,” said Byeong-cheol said, mortified. My brain started connecting the dots, and I sighed.

“I see. And you want to include me in your professional relationship?” I ask, and the director nodded, while Byeong-cheol looked away.

“Temporarily, of course. I’d like you to add to our mutually beneficial relationship,” said the director. “If we can agree on the terms, then we all win; if we don’t, then we all lose.”

I listen to him, and scan him again, now with a different thought in mind than before. The director was not ugly, but he was mediocre, a little bit overweight, and although he was in his late 40s he looked like he was in his late 50s or early 60s. I don’t necessarily feel like doing anything with him, not even if it included Byeong-cheol, but for some reason I felt compelled to continue this line of conversation.

“And what are those terms?” I asked, suddenly tapping my fingers on the table impatiently. The director smiled.

“We came for a deal, you get your deal,” he said, looking at me.

“And what’s in it for Mr. Park, sir, if I may ask?” I interrupted rather abruptly. Byeong-cheol’s eyes were wide open and looking towards me. The director cleared his throat.

“Well, we have our own agreement at home,” he said.

“Which is?” I pressed, and the older man realized that he would not be getting anything he wanted without giving me all I wanted.

“Simply put, we have an open position in our branch in the Philippines,” he said, carefully. I sighed—so he wanted a job. It was understandable—not that many eggmen get to positions of power, so one does what one can with what one has. I looked over towards Byeong-cheol, who seemed rather quiet, almost as if he wanted to vanish—embarrassed, maybe? Because his little project had been revealed, I guessed.

“How guaranteed is it?” I asked. The director raised an eyebrow.

“With my recommendation, it is certain,” he replied, and I looked towards Byeong-cheol again.

I stayed silent for a moment, noticing that I was getting too worked up because of this guy I had just met. Trying to straighten my thoughts, I realized that most of my discomfort came from the entitlement of this director, and from a gut feeling that somehow Byeong-cheol was being taken advantage of—despite having absolutely no evidence of that, much to the contrary. Having in mind what he did earlier, he didn’t appear to me to be one of those who thinks of his body as something sacred that can’t be used for profit—and yet…

“I see. Here are my terms, then: tomorrow we’ll give you a price, and you’ll be negotiating it down 5%. We will also negotiate a 2% commission, so the total discount will be of 3%. You’ll also accept to buy 90% totally processed soy, 5% partially processed and 5% raw soybeans,” I said seriously.

The director seemed a bit shocked. “That’s a bit harsh. I need at least 10% discount, and 50% of the soybeans must come raw as we have built a facili—” he started, but I interrupted him.

“I am sorry, sir, but my terms are not open for bargaining. If I am to sell myself to you, it will not be for that cheap—”

I was cut off midsentence by Byeong-cheol standing up and leaving the table. The director was going to say something but I just stood up and went after the one who had already left.

As we passed between the tables, I ended up hitting several people with my large muscles and prominent junk—Brazilian bars were unfortunately too crowded for large GMHs. Some people might have also used this opportunity to rub against me, but I didn’t even register it much, as I had gotten used to bumping with my muscles against people in a daily basis.

When I did catch up to Byeong-cheol, I held his arm.

“Why did you leave like that?” I asked. Looking at his face now, he seemed both drunk and, above all, angry.

“You basically called me a whore in front of my boss,” he said.

“Well,” I said, completely dumbfounded. “If that’s what the agreement sounds like, it is not my fault,” I argued, letting go of his arm. He clenched his fists and hit my powerful pecs, trying to hold in his emotions.

“Fuck you, you think you are so high and mighty but guess what, I didn’t fuck myself this afternoon,” he said, rather loudly. Some eyes were and now ears were now turning our way. “You, this body, doesn’t trick anyone. You wanted attention, and you get it. You sold yourself as much as anyone else,” he spewed.

Suddenly I became pissed. I made a condescending click with my mouth.

“I never pretended not to be what I am, not to do what I do. If you don’t like being reminded that you are a whore, maybe you should behave differently,” I said, and his eyes widened in fury. “I will be selling myself for a deal that will benefit mostly my boss and my employer, you at least will gain a promotion—if anything you are the smartest one of us.” He opened his mouth, as if he was going to say something, but I didn’t let him do it as I speculated, “I just wonder what you got from me earlier today.”

He closed his mouth and looked away. “Fuck off. That was just sex,” he said, and for some reason I felt neither happy nor angry with that answer. A little bitter, though, maybe.

“Good, same for me,” I said, then taking a step closer to him, my pecs almost touching his nose now. “Why don’t we go back and sort out his deal, then, so we can get some ‘just sex’ later on?” I proposed.

He still looked pissed, but with each breath he was further and further inundated by the smell of my muscles, my sweat, my body. And his eyes turn from anger to lust, and back to anger.

“You bribe people with you body,” said Byeong-cheol angrily, and I led the way back to the table.

We arrived at my apartment, and I asked them if they wanted something else to drink. Both refused. I then told them to shower, sending the director to use the guest bathroom, while telling Byeong-cheol to use the main suite’s shower.

“Follow me, I’ll show you where it is,” I told Byeong-cheol, and led him into the hallway, and then into the main suite. I handed him a towel and he thanked me for it.

“Not so fast,” I said, sitting on the bed. “Undress for me, I want to see how your tits look now, full of milk.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I took a shower first?” he asked.

I shook my head. “If we wait, then your director will finish his shower and come up here. I would rather have some time to take a look alone first, wouldn’t you?”

He looked around, and then removed his jacket.

Simply from removing his jacket Byeong-cheol shows his developed muscles much more—his pecs and abs literally stretching his otherwise normal shirt. I could see his eight nipples were soft, but their volume had increased making them look almost like small soft penises rather than like thumbs, like before. When he took off his shirt, he looked so plump—each of his pecs has ballooned, same for his abs. It looked almost uncomfortable.

“It’s really pretty,” I said, and he looked down.

“I have never been so full of milk,” he said, his arms caressing his pecs. “I fill like any movement will make me lactate.” His caressess became a stroking, picking and playing with his nipples: indeed, a small droplet of milk formed, which was followed by a strong squirt.

“Stop!” I commanded. “Don’t waste it!” I stood up and went towards him. He moved a step back, seeing my large frame jolting towards him, but he isn’t fast enough to stop me from taking his hands from his pecs.

“Okay, you can let me go now,” he said, and I did. He let his arms fall to the side, still seeming bothered by the fullness of his multiple tits, and removed his pants, revealing his large cock once more. It was still soft, but already looking moist. “I’m going to go take a shower, then,” he said, and I nodded.

Before he even entered the toilet, however, I removed all my clothes, and hugged him from behind, lifting him from the ground while he shook his legs.

“It’s the two of us, then,” I said, and run with him towards the shower.

The shower I had in the main suite was a special one: the shower itself covered a whole two square meters, while the showering area was about four square meters, so I could wash all of myself at once—and also comfortably share with someone Byeong-cheol’s size. Without letting go of him I turned the water on, getting us under the shower. Once we were under the warm water, I let go of him, but he stayed close to me so we could share the relaxing cleansing experience.

I took the soap in my hands and started soaping myself.

“I didn’t know you wanted to shower together,” said a suspicious but far more relaxed Byeong-cheol. I laughed, moving from soaping my large pecs to soaping his overblown muscles.

“If all I could Ido tonight is shower with you, I’d do that,” I replied, noticing that Byeong-cheol was moving his body so he could increase the amount of pleasure he got from my hand soaping his bloated muscles, which stored so much milk inside them.

“Your tits are clean now,” I said, when he had all been soaped, and we started washing the bubbles away. Byeong-cheol seemed a little sad for not receiving my hand’s attention anymore, but I just handed him the soap, and said, “Now you help me,” and he was once again smiling.

Byeong-cheol then started soaping my body: first the pecs, once more—where he spent a lot of time spreading the cleansing bubbles between my muscles, and also in their underside, as they were so large as to rub against other muscles. He then moved to scrubbing my abs, and then the back between my butt and my neck. He cleaned my left arm, including my armpit, and then the right arm and armpit. His touch flowed with the water, and it comforted me. The vapor and his attention made me slowly rise to attention.

“Now you have to clean down there,” I said, and Byeong-cheol smiled.

He scrubbed my abs, and then around the root of my cock. As my cock was growing, however, he chose to move to the back and wash my butt. He pulled my butt cheeks up, to the sides and down, cleaning it thoroughly. He washed between them too, making me tremble with his sensitive touch. He then washeed my legs, from the feet up, and in between them. Finally, he scrubbed my balls—that took a while—making my dick stiffen further.

“Now the hardest part,” he said, letting out a small chuckle.

“Want help?” I offered, considering that before I had just stayed there standing bellow the running water, receiving his attention and touch.

“No, I can do it,” he said, and then he started. First step was pulling the foreskin and cleaning the head. He was successful in the first part, using both of his hands to liberate my cockhead, but he had trouble cleaning it. While he scrubbed the monster, it stirred to life and grew so much that even as Byeong-cheol cleaned it he lay against my longness with his torso compressed against it—generating a pressure which made him leak milk out of his eight nipples, coloring the waste water from the shower a light white color.

Soon, the pleasure Byeong-cheol felt from this slight release, plus the amazing smell and sensation of the cockhead so close and touching him, made him start to moan and more and more forcefully rub his body against the head of my cock. I let him, and in fact even incentivize him by thrusting my hips towards his body, so he had more fun almost wrestling the beast.

“Oh damn, it’s so large, I’ll never finish cleaning it,” he complained with delight between moans, more soiling my cock with his milk than cleaning it with his hands. “Yes, yes, the slit!” he added, as his own cock entered my large slit while he haphazardly rubbed his whole torso against my cockhead. The pleasure was so sudden for him that he let go of the soap, which fell to the ground.

As Byeong-cheol hammered his dick in and out of my cock slit, his milk coating the head of my cock due to his rubbing his whole body against my sensitive skin, we grunted and moaned together. Soon, he came inside my cock, and in his pleasure milk squirted from all his nipples, being wasted into the drain. Satisfied, he then rested on my large cock, which was more than large enough for him to rest against it, the warm water of the shower hitting his skin while he started hugging my manhood.

Someone knocked on the suite’s door.

“Hmmm,” said Byeong-cheol, still hugging my size.

“Hey,” I lifted my arm so I could shake him back into his spirits. “Go out there and help the director while I finish cleaning myself,” I said, but he grunted and hugged my hard cock even harder. I bit my lip. “I can’t go out there now,” I complained.

He lifted his head and looked over to me, seeming a little unpleased.

“I can’t believe I’m leaving this for that,” he snorted, standing up from my cock, but giving its slit a soft kiss. He then quickly found the soap and picked it up, his ass pointing towards my immense cock—giving me a nice view of his ass cheeks—before soaping himself and then washing off the bubbles. He then dries himself and, still totally naked, leaves the bathroom.

I soaped and washed myself under the warm water, deciding not to cum alone for now, before I finished my shower in 15 minutes—so I could arrive, as the fancy man I was, a little late to the party.

I left the bathroom to find Byeong-cheol sitting on my bed. What really surprised me, however, was seeing the director naked, drinking from his one of his lower nipples—the one that increase a man’s energy. It was a bit of a weird scene, seeing Byeong-cheol’s boss kneeling in front of him and suckling from his abs-nipples. Nonetheless, it was also interesting, seeing Byeong-cheol apparently in control of the situation.

“Does it taste nice?” I asked, and Byeong-cheol looked at me with a cryptic smile. Meanwhile the director simply let go of the nipple he was sucking and looked at me, sighing and opening his mouth as his eyes devoured my image.

“You are even more impressive than I imagined,” said the director, leading me to smile and flexing my arms and pecs a little to show off.

“Why don’t you try it for yourself?” asked a crafty Byeong-cheol, referring to his milk, and I raised my left eyebrow. I then walked towards him, taking a knee and using my hands to force him to lay completely on the bed before I also bowed over him to suck his upper nipple—the largest one, about as big as a thumb, sprouting from his right pec.

Byeong-cheol moaned as I started sucking on his large nipple, and soon the director also joined me, sucking the left nipple. As we both sucked, Byeong-cheol produced a growing amount of milk which I swallowed. It flowed easily and I felt its sweet flavor and dense texture filling me as it ran down my throat—soon, the heat was emanating from my stomach into the rest of my body, reaching my limbs, and I started feeling hotter and hotter. I continued sucking even as my body overheated—my tongue played with Byeong-cheol’s nipples, and his body rewarded me with his moans and an increased flow of his milk. At the same time, I felt my muscles contracting and expanding, sending small waves of pain and pleasure all over my body that compounded to overwhelm my senses.

“Damn, you are hot!” said the director, whose body was touching my arms as we both suckled on Byeong-cheol’s nipples. He jolted away from me, seemingly surprised, but I continued sucking as that was to me far more important to me than whatever he was doing. “Is this supposed to happen?” he asked. Byeong-cheol shrugged and said something in Korean to the director, who then proceeded to sucking his second pair of nipples: the ones which induced growth to one’s cock.

After sucking Byeong-cheol for a while I look up towards his face and noticed that he was looking down towards me. As the flow of milk from the nipple I was sucking was drying, I decided to move further up—until my face reached his face, and we shared in a deep, passionate kiss. This movement, however, of my body progressively covering Byeong-cheol’s body, forced the director away from Byeong-cheol’s nipples until he was by himself on the side of the bed. Meanwhile, as he was drawn deeper and deeper into our kiss, Byeong-cheol started using his whole body to hump my muscles, his cock sliding over my abs and then hitting my pec several times as we kissed—eventually, his humping picked up speed and he moaned while we kissed, until he finally came, painting our torsos white.

“Almost as juicy as your milk,” I teased the Korean businessmen, finally breaking from our kiss. He became a little flustered, maybe bothered by my overwhelming weight above him—or maybe just impacted by his recent orgasm. I also felt his large cock softening between us, and suddenly the presence of my much larger and harder cock pressed against the floor on the side of the bed—kept in place by the large weight of my own body—came to mind, as it started releasing growing amounts of precum. I smiled and moved again, from being on top of Byeong-cheol to being on his side on the bed. This change also releasesd my hardon from under my weight and allowed it to fly up high. I then flexed my temporarily augmented muscles and my enormous 2-meter hard cock bobbled proudly at around a 45-50 degrees angle from the floor.

“You,” I pointed to the director. “Show me what you can do with my cock,” I challenged. He stood up and moved slowly towards my slit, seemingly anxious, and I shouted: “Don’t disappoint me!” That seemed enough for the older man to then let go of his constraints and to allow his actions to be dominated by his desires—he proceeded to hug my large cockhead, bringing it down with the weight of his whole body, and started to fuck my slit with his 20-something centimeter cock, expanded by Byeong-cheol’s miraculous pecmilk. I felt him fucking my slit, but above all I felt his whole body massaging my much larger cockhead, which was enough to make me relax a little.

“Hmmm, delightful,” I praised the director’s efforts, and then looked to Byeong-cheol, who was laying beside me, noticing him covered in his own cum. I moved my hand towards his cock, which was now only half-hard, and started playing with it until it hardened again. “So, what about you?” I asked, and Byeong-cheol smiled.

“Yes, what about me, indeed?” he replied, with a growing smirk on his face as I stroked his cock. “Do you want to grow your cock now, or your balls?” he asked, his left hand caressing his nipples as he proposed some ideas. I shook my head.

“I want to suck you down there, too,” I said, and Byeong-cheol didn’t react for a second, before he moved up on the bed and released his hardening cock from my grip. He then climbed on top of me, but upside down—he slowly positioned his cock near my face, using one hand to hold his weight away from the bed and the other to hold his large sex rod teasingly close to my hungry mouth and tongue.

“You want this?” he then asked, using his hand to make his cock just barely scratch my nose, twice, teasing me with his smell and heat.

“Hell, yes, give me your hot cock,” I said, opening my mouth as much as I could. Byeong-cheol laughed.

“You are the one who is burning hot,” he replied, as my overheated body literally emanated warmness.

“Just let me suck you dry already,” I ask, sliding my tongue out of my mouth and desperately trying to reach the head of his large cock, which I failed to do because Byeong-cheol pulled his cock back away from me. His balls, large and heavy, meanwhile, were now also dangerously close to my face—dangling just above my eyes, hypnotizing me.

“You’ll have to ask more nicely,” he said, and I smiled, but then what I did next was raise my hands behind and around him, hold his ass cheeks, one in each hand, stroke them and then force them towards me—basically bringing his cock close enough to my mouth that I could force it in exactly in the way I wanted to.

“Fuuuuuck your mouth is so hot,” said a delighted Byeong-cheol, even as the muscles on his legs were trying to resist to my strength pulling him in. Once I had his hardness fully almost fully inside my body, however, and my tongue was licking it, and my throat surrounding it, and my wetness and hotness massaging it, he fell to my desires.

Byeong-cheol’s body then willingly followed my lead and lowered his ass, his long cock penetrating well past my lips, his balls covering my vision with their warm skin. Byeong-cheol joined in pushing his large 46cm flesh-spear into my throat, burying it as deep into me as we could, before I allowed him to pull almost all the way out, after which he plunged his whole length inside me again, and repeated thus successively. Quickly, he picked up speed in hammering his size in and out of my mouth and throat, effectively fucking my face as he buried his own face in my meaty pecs, which he also used as further support to hold his weight as he fucked me. Delighted, lost in the fuckery, Byeong-cheol’s mouth would sometimes tease my pecs by scratching them with his teeth or tongue, when he felt a particularly overwhelming thunder of carnal fulfilment. Soon, our motion took over my whole body, and my muscles were all bouncing in synchrony with his pounding—even my cock, mostly held in place by Byeong-cheol’s boss, was moving forward and backwards alongside Byeong-cheol’s motion.

I moaned, more and more intensively in pleasure, as Byeong-cheol grunted and his cheeks rubbed against my pecs. My balls had responded to this activity by increasing their output, which now overwhelmed Byeong-cheol’s boss—he slipped on my precum, and fell with his ass on the floor. Soon, he was under my cock, which rubbed against his whole body as Byeong-cheol and I moved in synchrony, back and forth, once and again, rocking the whole reinforced bed where we laid. In a matter of moments, Byeong-cheol’s boss, buried under my manhood, had the biggest orgasm he had ever had in his life—humbly contributing to the torrent of sexual fluids that were covering my room.

“Oh, fuck, Zacarias, you love yourself some cock,” said Byeong-cheol while hammering his wood in my throat with such strength that I was almost tearing up in joy. I could only groan in response, but I thought my body shaking in delight was enough reply. As a delightful jolt of pleasure ran through me, my cock spasmed up, rising once again well above the floor, and making my precum fly everywhere, including on Byeong-cheol’s exposed back.

Byeong-cheol’s boss took this opportunity to crawl from under my dick and then onto the bed where he started licking Byeong-cheol’s cum and my precum from my abs. He was slow and thorough in this service, licking every corner of my muscles with attention to the tiniest details, including my bellybutton. Meanwhile, my cock continued to rise, until it rose so tall and hard that it fell on me—or rather, on Byeong-cheol, who was on top of me. The impact of the weight of my massive cock forced Byeong-cheol down, suddenly bringing his cock deeper into me than ever before. As Byeong-cheol’s rod invaded me with unsuspected and unplanned brutality, I grunted in a violent pleasure which filled the room with my voice.

I raised my arms to grab my cock and lift it up, giving Byeong-cheol the space needed for him to once again lift himself and start fucking my mouth once more, while I moaned in pleasure and started stroking my humongous cock with both hands. Soon, however, Byeong-cheol’s face had turned from my pectorals to my one-eyed snake, and so, with his cock initially still buried inside me, he started looking up and moving upwards, until he raised his hands to hug and start stroking my cock—in a few moments, his attention focused solely on my rod, and he was no longer fucking my face. To try to reach my cock better, in fact, he pulled his rod completely out of my mouth.

“How can something be this beautiful?” he said of my cock, while hugging and stroking it, now using his whole body to please my manliness. I grunted in response, missing his cock in my mouth but not wanting to complain as I was enjoying his current activities too much for that.

“It’s designed by experts,” I responded, and Byeong-cheol only picked up speed, before I told him I was close to coming. His boss, who was until then licking my abs, was now looking up towards my shaft, and then moving to hug and lick the underside of my cock near where it meets the balls. “Caraaalhooooo! I won’t take it much longer,” I alerted them both.

And then suddenly, it happened: my balls pumped my spunk, and I exploded. As Byeong-cheol was holding my cock up, my orgasm exploded on the ceiling and the wall far away on the other side of the bedroom. Soon, it was raining cum on Byeong-cheol, on me, and on half the bedroom, and I was still not done.

“No, wait! So much waste!” complained Byeong-cheol, then trying to get his mouth around my cockhead, but only managing to get his face painted in white as my powerful shots didn’t give him much of a change to engulf all my cockhead at once while I came.

When my orgasm slowed down, then Byeong-cheol did start suckling on the cum dribbling from my cockhead, until, after it was sufficiently dry, he let my softening cock fall on the bed, and then came down close to me again, kissing my lips for a second, then kissing my chin, and then my neck, and then all the way down until he came to my pecs, which he kissed many times over. He eventually ended on my right nipple, which he gave a good lick.

“The only way you could be hotter is if you got yourself a pair of those nipplecocks,” he commented, before returning to kissing and licking my right nipple. I laughed.

Byeong-cheol and the director slept at my house for the night, before I took them to the hotel very early in the morning—our excuse was that we had barhopped almost until dawn, if anyone had asked us, which they didn’t. The rest of the day went on more or less as expected—we had more negotiations and presentations from both sides, and generally I thought we were very convincing as the Korean team didn’t seem to be that aggressive in their positions. We also went had lunch in a nice Arab restaurant, chosen by Rodrigo, and, after lunch, I was happy to see Byeong-cheol’s boss being quite agreeable to our propositions—which made me confident that he’d follow through with his part of the agreement. If he didn’t, of course, I had some insurance—some CCTV videos that I had saved during our first night that I would delete after the deal was signed.

Byeong-cheol got off the plane and turned on his cellphone once again. He took a look at the hotel’s information, told the address to the taxi driver and barely exchanged a word with him during the route—he was lost in his thoughts and feelings. Once he arrived at his destination, he went to the check-in and was given the directions and keys to room 1932, to which he went without losing a single moment. He even took the stairs instead of the elevator, just because he didn’t want to wait for the machine to pick him up in the ground floor.

Arriving in front of the door of room 1932, however, he stopped for a second, as if to try to gather his courage and organize his feelings once more. When he felt sufficiently collected, he opened the door and found the room surprisingly empty and unsurprisingly impersonal. He went deeper in the room and found bags and backpacks in a corner, and then noticed clothes thrown over the large king size bed—the clothes, just like the bed itself, were oversized; or, rather, perfectly fitted to a much larger-than-average man.

“Byeong-cheol?” asked the familiar voice of Zacarias, coming out of the bathroom still wet, with his beautiful naked body on full display—the large towel was being used by the man not to cover his innocence, but to dry his hair. “Do you want to take a shower?” asked the Brazilian man. The Korean shook his head, and that made Zacarias smile before the walked towards Byeong-cheol.

Byeong-cheol felt his resolve shake. Zacarias’s body had remained the same size since he last saw him: 227cm in height, almost as many kilograms of pure muscle and a few more in cock. His face continued to be handsome; his smile was still enough to make Byeong-cheol’s cock harden; his pecs were hard as ever, except now they were crowned by two beautiful and long nipplecocks—something Byeong-cheol knew Zacarias had changed because of him. More dangerous yet, all this hotness was attached to Zacarias’s kind warm eyes, which seemed to shine from just seeing him there, in front of them.

Yes, Byeong-cheol’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Zacarias, even now after five years.

Over this time, Byeong-cheol had made several changes to his body and lifestyle to accommodate his lover—his body, his needs, his career, and their long-distance relationship. But the one thing he couldn’t change was his heart. Byeong-cheol’s heart still beat faster when Zacarias got close to him, and he still lost his train of thought when he noticed that the droplets of water on Zacarias’s skin were reflecting the hotel’s cheap lights and turning them into a spectacle of colors and shadows—”But still,” Byeong-cheol sighed. “still, as much as I love and want him, we don’t want to go to the same place.”

As Zacarias walked towards Byeong-cheol, the larger man’s cock bobbed and hardened in anticipation, forcing the naked man to push it to the side with one of his hands so it would be out of their way when he pulled his lover in for a hug and a kiss—surprisingly, however, when Zacarias’s other arm did try to pull Byeong-cheol in for a hug, the other man looked to down, denying Zacarias’s lips contact with his own.

“Did something happen?” Zacarias asked, looking down towards his lover, whose face rested on his pecs, his cheeks touching his sensitive and muscular frame almost close to his hardening nipplecocks.

“Yes, Zac. We need to talk about that,” said Byeong-cheol, pulling away from Zacarias and sitting on the large bed in the middle of the room. Zacarias suddenly felt hyperaware of their size difference and of his hard person-sized cock, which made him feel both a little uncomfortable and a little vulnerable—on the one hand, he felt an undue power, and on the other, he felt completely exposed. He, thus, decided to sit on his own legs while remaining completely naked, sitting directly on the floor, so his face would be more or less level with Byeong-cheol’s eyes.

“Okay, I’m all ears,” Zacarias said, with a mix of high and low expectations. He had actually wanted to kiss and fuck Byeong-cheol as soon as possible, and talk later over dinner or something, but he was fine with doing things the other way around too—as long as they did both talking and fucking, he was fine either way. Something did feel wrong, though, from the tone of Byeong-cheol’s voice, which worried Zacarias a little—but only a little, as he was trying to work up his self-confidence to eventually tell Byeong-cheol something important.

“Zac, you know I love you, but I have been thinking a lot about us, about our relationship and our future,” said the other man, sitting on the bed. Zacarias nodded, expectantly. “…and, when I think about it now, recently, I can’t avoid but realize that our goals are… not the same anymore,” he completed, and Zacarias’s eyebrows both moved up in surprise, and he opened his mouth although he was at a loss of words. Zacarias then babbled something before he could organize his thoughts, caught completely by surprise.

How does he even know? Zacarias thought to himself, before he could calm down a little to reply.

“Byeong… I was hoping that our expectations could… slowly change together. But if we are in different places, we can just continue as we are now. I can live with that,” said Zacarias, slowly, trying to find a way to control the situation. Actually, he was freaking out in his mind, but he was trying to behave calmly and rationally, as he wanted to maximize the chances of their relationship not ending then and there. Byeong-cheol sighed.

“I am sorry, Zac, but that’s exactly what I don’t want,” said Byeong-cheol, putting his hand on Zacarias’s left shoulder. “I love you, I really do, but I want to move forward and I need a partner who is willing to go there. I always dreamed of having a family, and I can’t do that if I continue focusing my energy on a relationship that won’t go there.”

Zacarias heard those words and they cut him deep. He closed both his hands in a fist out of frustration, and, angry and hurt, he moved both his arms to the side of his body, unattentively releasing his cock from its place to his right, away from their sight—where it had been kept by his right hand. His cock, which had become half-hard by this point, then bobbed up to the left and rested standing half up between the two men, not allowing them to see each other’s faces.

“I also want a family, Byeong. Why can’t we move in that direction together? If all you want is a relationship that has a future, why can’t it be ours?” asked Zacarias, his voice hurt. Byeong-cheol took his hand from the larger man’s shoulder and moved it to his shaft, slowly starting to caress the side of Zacarias’s hardening cock.

“We could, if we both shared that goal,” said the man sitting on the bed. Zacarias moves his left hand up, and uses it to hold Byeong-cheol’s left hand between it and his hard cock.

“You want to have a family; I want that too. What else do we need? I want to move that way with you,” Zacarias asked, and suddenly Byeong-cheol’s hand stopped stroking. He pulled it away, and for the first time in a long while—even when he was thousands of kilometers away from his boyfriend—Zacarias felt alone, his increasingly large cock rising like a great barrier, dividing him from Byeong-cheol, but at least allowing him to hide his red eyes.

“Zac,” said Byeong-cheol’s soothing voice. “What do you mean? You are not saying that just because I said I want to move forward, are you?”

“You talk as if you didn’t know me,” Zacarias said, a bit angry. “You know I’m not that shallow. Yes, I love having sex with you when we can find time to see each other, but I wanted to try moving forward in our relationship. Fuck, I even…” started Zacarias, before he swallowed his manly tears and continued, with his voice completely neutral. “I even asked to be transferred to Japan so we could be, you know, closer at least. Maybe start seeing each other once a week rather than every three months, maybe more, in the future. Move…move in together.”

Byeong-cheol then moved both his hands, grabbed Zacarias’s enormous now hard cock, and pushed it to the left, revealing their faces to each other—to Zacarias’s surprise, Byeong-cheol was tearing up.

“Zac, you really mean it?” he asked, hopeful. “I thought you wanted to continue our relationship as it is, seeing each other a few times a year and that was it—little commitment. You never reacted much when I told you my attempts to transfer to Latin America failed.”

“I am sorry I couldn’t… I didn’t manage to express my feelings to you. I… I was very disappointed but I was also determined to try doing something myself, seeing how bad you were when your attempts failed I decided to only tell you about mine when it was confirmed, if it worked out. But I was going to tell you this weeked, I swear. I was afraid you didn’t feel quite so strongly as I about it, though, so I was just going to tell you about my transfer and see how things developed from there…” Zacarias said, speaking slowly to control any undue emotional demonstration.

Byeong-cheol then jolted from the bed, hugging the huge muscular stud on the neck.

“Fuck! I am sorry I didn’t just ask you or tell you about my feelings before. I guess I was too insecure because you are just so hot, and our relationship being long distance I…” Byeong-cheol started, before being interrupted by the larger man, whose cock, now released from the smaller man’s grip, was rubbing against Byeong-cheol’s body.

“I always took our relationship seriously, long distance or not,” responded Zacarias, before using his cheek to caress Byeong-cheol’s head, until their lips met and they kissed.

“Fuck,” said Byeong-cheol after a while, panting and breaking their kiss. “I am so hard for you.”

Zacarias laughed, as his immense hard cock slowly covered his lover (and their hotel room) in his precum, and both his nipplecocks stood erect, covering his pecs on his juices.

“I am hard for you three times over, Byeong.”

It was Friday, so it was his turn to cook dinner. As such, Júlio was cutting some vegetables while watching the news on his cellphone: they were showing a protest around a large public school near Belém. The signs the protestors carried read “Don’t confuse our children,” “Let our community remain ours” and other similar mottos. Júlio wasn’t paying that much attention to it, but he did pick up what the handsome reporter was saying.

“…this community’s school, for example, was one of 27 facilities in the greater Belém area that the local governments have set aside to convert into educational centers for GMH. As the natural born population continued to fall, more and more cities throughout the country make such initiatives in order to repurpose old buildings and stanch population decline—a project which still divides the population….” As he listened, Júlio rolled his eyes.

“I think it’s a good thing. More children mean more business, even if they are eggmen; also, most eggmen stay around where they were raised once they grow up and that means it will be easier to find workers to hire in the future as well,” said one of the interviewees. The next one had very much the opposite opinion.

Júlio would have continued listening to the report as he prepared the food, if his partner hadn’t arrived home at that very moment, loudly closing the entrance door and then moving to the living room. Júlio washed his hands and went to welcome his partner, who seemed tired enough to barely respond to his attentions.

“I fucking hate this job,” said Júlio to his husband. “I wish we’d stop making GMHs or that at least we made them fucking asexual so, you know, people wouldn’t hate gay people even more because of them, say we are unnatural! Did you see the new bill that was introduced today in the Congress? They want to make it illegal for gay couples to adopt non-GM children, as if we weren’t natural humans ourselves! They want to make us second class citizens!” he completed.

Júlio sat next to his husband and hugged him.

“Maybe it’s not their fault, maybe it’s the fault of those who hate them so much,” he said, being met with a red, angry stare. “Besides, it’s not like they are machines. They are humans too, with free will, so it would not be fair to deprive them of having a sexuality.”

Henrique raised his eyebrow. “Júlio, what are you saying? We gave them their sexuality; we might as well make them feel aroused by helicopters or trees. We simply chose to make gay so they’d hang amongst each other and, you know, leave everybody else alone. People at the time thought it would be less disruptive to society this way, but of course they didn’t think of gay men when they made those plans,” explained Henrique, with an annoyed voice, before he continued, staring deep into Júlio’s eyes.

“Once you see the way they are produced, not just learn about it but really see it, you’ll understand what I am talking about—it is not worth it. It’d just be better to have machines at this point, or make them really different from us so nobody can confuse natural gay humans with them. Why should we have to take the brunt of this fight? It only makes it worse for us. We don’t need this,” continued Henrique, now taking his shoes off and throwing them away violently.

He then turned to lay with his back on the couch, his head on Júlio’s lap. Júlio started stroking Henrique’s hair calmly, as he softly responded:

“I know,” Júlio said. “Let’s just forget about it.” Henrique sighed and closed his eyes, just enjoying his husband’s touch.

“Yes,” he said, slowly, his voice melting away like his anger. “Let’s just pretend they have withered away, so we can enjoy ourselves,” he completed, now with a wide smile. Júlio sighed heavily, continuing to stoke Henrique’s hair.

Fernando was sitting on a cold chair in the psychologist’s office—well, his ass was sitting on the chair, but his large scrotum rested on the floor, while his meter-long soft cock chugged precum on the specially-designed cumtainer condom he was wearing. The doctor, a tall 30-something eggman called Alexandre, sighed, looking at the 21-year-old in front of him—he seemed disappointed, for some reason.

“Are you sure you want to go in that direction? Becoming a level-1 reproducer is not a joke, it’s a full-time job that will demand total dedication. You will have no life outside of your work,” said the clinician, taking off his glasses. He didn’t need them, but he thought it was fashionable to walk around wearing glasses and he had developed this habit of cleaning them every once in a while.

“I barely have a life outside of work as it is, Doctor. I go home and all I think about is coming back to the center and being drained,” said Fernando. The Doctor sat on his own chair and then tapped his fingers on the large glass table. He looked towards his patient: he was a handsome young man, selected from birth as a potential reproducer due to his genetic perfection. At 18, he was invited to start working at the reproduction center, and at 19 he accepted to become a reproducer himself. “one in a million,” as they say. He then received the changes reproducers always had to undergo: augmented balls, genetic updates on his testicles which made them have a different DNA matching the next generation of his strain of eggmen, and giving his gonads the capacity to produce living spermeggs—gametes capable of self-replication. Basically, he became a clone-making machine, a cum factory.

“Okay, we can advance with the process, which means you’ll get one month to think it over and then we’ll take the next step,” said Alexandre. Fernando smiled, thrilled, and stood up shaking in excitement.

“Thank you, Doctor! You’ll not regret it! I’ll become the best reproducer this country has ever seen!” exclaimed the young man. Alexandre just sighed again and printed a series of documents—contracts and waivers that would give an official start to the bureaucratic procedure that would change Fernando’s life forever. He then handed those over to the young man so he could sign them.

“You do have the potential, Fernando,” said the professional, when he took back the signed papers. Fernando ignored any possible hidden meaning behind the Doctor’s words and simply said:

“Well, that’s that. See you next week, then, Doctor,” he said, and left. Alexandre stayed put, looking at those signed documents with the corner of his eyes.

“What a waste,” he said, shaking his head.

“Okay, I have prepared everything, now I will start the setup,” Pedro informed Fernando, who was standing up in the middle of the milking room.

After a year-long process, Fernando finally overcame all the hurdles to be approved to become a level-1 reproducer. He delivered all the documents in time, passed the physical and psychological examinations—all nine of them—signed all contracts and waivers, and was now finally ready for it to happen. Even as technical assistant Pedro connected the suction machine to his meter-long cock, all Fernando could think about was ‘tomorrow’.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow my life will change forever,” he thought to himself. “No more worries, no more drama, no more lines, no more bills. Just me and myself,” he completed, before Pedro opened his ass and started inserting the stimulator. “Like now, but forever.”

Pedro inserted the long warm and hard 35cm stimulator up Fernando’s ass, which opened and welcomed it as it was supposed to. Pedro then stroke Fernando’s head, calling his attention.

“Now time for the feeder,” he said, and Fernando opened his mouth in expectation, as another thick tube came towards him, this time using its CO₂ measurer to identify the position of his mouth as he panted, and force its way inside his system, until it was lodged deep inside his body. “And now I start,” finished Pedro, initiating the machine’s functionality.

Soon, the pump was working—first slowly and then picking up speed, it pressured and masturbated Fernando’s hard meter-and-a-half cock. At the same time, the stimulator started to pound in and out of Fernando’s modified butthole, giving him so much pleasure that he raised his feet from the ground and his whole weight was now only supported by the three mechanical devices pleasuring him. This strategy, which Fernando had discovered not long after he first started using the stimulator to increase his output, made the long and warm oversized dildo slide further and further up his intestines.

“Hmmmmm, hmmmrrrrhmm!” moaned the young stud, his throat filled almost completely with the feeder.

Fernando tried to curse, as the machine pleasured him perfectly—it had been adjusted to his specs, desires and preferences over the last few years, as to maximize production. Yet, he could barely emit a noise as his mouth was occupied by the feeder, which started delivering nutritious liquids into his system. Soon, the pump’s jacking of his hard rod became so fast that it was unbearable, and the stimulator in his ass started to expand as it plunged into him to increase his delight. His balls, which were hanging without support as the three parts of the machine played with Fernando’s body parts where dancing around uncontrollably due to his body’s erratic movements.

Pedro, who was watching the event, smiled—everything was going according to the technical standards. Fernando’s big scrotum bouncing around was a very nice sight, in his opinion. But one of the perks of his job was being able to control, fundamentally, what happened in the milking room, and as such Pedro chose to kneel besides the lad who was being drained, took his large bouncing cum orbs, and start playing with them. Fernando, obviously, felt his balls being pulled and pushed, suddenly, and moaned so loud he could be heard by Pedro—who in response smiled and pulled Fernando’s balls down just like he liked.

That was too much for the lad, who started coming into the machine, his balls frantically working as he was fed, jacked and fucked. His orgasm lasted for almost ten minutes—ten crazy minutes that had Fernando’s mind turning around in a frenetic delirium—until it reduced to a dribble and the machine stopped automatically. Fernando was so tired by that point that his legs just dangled on the side of the stimulator, which still supported his whole body.

When the feeder left Fernando’s throat and mouth—the first part of the machine to do so—it was wet and shiny with his saliva and traces of the nutritious juice that had fed the lad. Then it was Pedro’s turn to help decouple the lad’s cock from the pumping and jacking machine, and when that happened Fernando’s ass slid further down the stimulator, as his legs were incapable of holding his weight up when he was so thoroughly spent.

“He will be a great level-1 reproducer,” though Pedro, looking at Fernando and then at the screen measuring his output. “He really gives it his all.”

Pedro then moved to hug the younger man’s body and pull it out of the stimulator—Fernando moaned while the stimulator finally left his ass entirely, his eyes closed. Pedro then put Fernando to lie on a comfortable bed on the side of the milking room.

“How did I do today?” asked Fernando, greatly exhausted—drained. Pedro smiled, as he moved to put away the stimulator so the machine could self-clean before the next usage.

“You did amazing,” responded Pedro, without really looking at the lad’s body lying on the bed. His softening cock was already cleaned—the machine had taken care of it—but also red and sore, as draining could be a rough process.

“Good. I can’t wait to be doing this nonstop,” said Fernando. Pedro smiled, but didn’t say anything, and just called the Human Care staff to pick Pedro up and took him to the resting room where he could recover his energies, while he prepared to receive another level-3 reproducer.

After resting for the rest of the day and not being milked in the morning, Fernando was extremally horny and his balls felt extremally full—he needed release, and because of his tight draining calendar as a professional Reproducer, Fernando didn’t remember the last time he felt this horny. He went to the reproduction center where he was welcomed by one of their biogenetic engineers, a handsome 32-year-old called Henrique. He stared at Fernando with a poker face, and then checked the papers he was carrying.

“Fernando, right?” he asked, and the younger man nodded. “Okay, so today you’ll be starting your upgrade to being a level-1 Reproducer,” he man said, more as a statement than a question. Regardless, Fernando thought it good to reply affirmatively, and so he did. The man nodded. “Follow me, then,” he said, and then both men walked down the long white hallway ahead of them.

For a while, they just walked on and on, silently, their steps being the only things that could be heard. One or two other people passed by, but they were themselves in a hurry and didn’t stop and talk. As Fernando and Henrique walked, they passed multiple doors which led to rooms with names such as “Feeding and Productivity Research,” and “Central Sperm Count Office.”

“So, how long will the transformation take?” asked Fernando, trying to break the ice. For a second Henrique didn’t reply, though, which made Fernando feel even more uncomfortable.

“It depends on the subject,” the expert responded, still only looking ahead. “From the tests we have done on you, we estimate your change will take anywhere between 10 and 14 days to complete.”

“Wow,” Fernando replied, surprised. He shouldn’t have been, really, as he had been made aware of the possibility that his change might take more than a week, but still it was a lot—well, not in comparison to the rest of his life, he reminded himself. “And can you also tell from those tests what I’m going to look like at the end, more or less?” Fernando asked.

Henrique stopped walking and turned around, looking up to the younger man’s face with a condescendence that almost made Fernando feel small—although he was actually very big, and about to get even bigger.

“There’s not really much practical difference between the smallest and the largest reproducers within each level. Of course, size changes, but the lifestyle is fundamentally the same. If you still have any doubts or want more information, then I suggest we call this off for now and…” he started, and then Fernando interrupted him.

“No! I am decided. I want to do it today!” he almost yelled, and Henrique rolled his eyes.

“So be it,” he said, and then turned back to face towards their destination and started silently walking ahead once more. After a few moments, however, he cleared his throat. “Of course, if you want, I can show you what your life will be like after you complete your change. You should have already visited it before, but I saw in your documents that you didn’t have any experience as a Minder so it might be useful for you to be exposed to this once more before we move on with the procedure,” Henrique finally suggested.

Fernando heard what was being said, and bit his lips—on the one hand, he didn’t want to waste any time and he knew he’d not change his mind regardless. On the other hand, he saw no reason to waste the opportunity to see the level-1 reproducers again—they were all extremally sexy, and being like them was exactly why he wanted to change in the first place. Besides, it would be harder to have this kind of small excursion after he changed and… his large cock was already hardening up at the thought of having an overview of his senior Reproducers.

“I think that would be nice,” Fernando replied, and Henrique just nodded, as they continued walking down the hallway. Eventually, however, they turned to the left in order to head towards the level-1 milking wing. After walking a little bit more, they saw a door, at the center of the hallway, and some stairs, to the left. The sign in front of them said “L-1 Draining.”

“Let’s go upstairs, I think the view is better,” said Henrique, and they both walked towards the stairs, and then at the end, crossed through another door into the next room.

The next room was immense: from where they were to the other side, it counted about 80 meters; from the left to the right wall, there were about 40 meters, and the ceiling was about 10 meters above Fernando and Henrique, who themselves were about 10 meters above the ground. The room was basically all white, and very well lit. It was, in every sense of the word, like a large industrial shed—tightly cleaned, run like a hospital.

What was unique was not so much the structure, but what laid within: one man after the other, eight to the right side of the footbridge where Fernando was, and eight to the left. Each one of the enormous men had such a muscular body that they were locked in place by their own muscles, seemingly unable to move—save for their heads and fingers. They were still capable of moaning, however, and the sounds of their pleasure filled the room as much as their own gigantic bodies. Their pecs, in some cases, were so thick that they managed to span wider than the men’s erections, as their bodies rested atop their own dicks. At the end of such nice muscular pectoral muscles, one saw large nipples which were contained by arm-sized drainers, which slowly sucked out all the milk produced by the industrial-scale studs, keeping them clean and satisfied.

Their dicks, which were each about as big as a bus, were hard like steel. They rested inside huge machines which served to pleasure the meat rods, and then drain their ejaculations at a fast rate. The machines were huge, and powerful, and clearly had an effect on the Reproducers—who moaned loudly—but they were incredibly silent and efficient.

Behind the enormous cocks, you saw the studs’ big balls which were always contracting and relaxing, in an everlasting state of orgasm. Huge feeders entered their mouths, supplying the men with their much-needed nutrients for the continuation of the production. In the other side, the enormous mountains of muscle were riding thick stimulators which also served to drain the leftover contents of their asses. The men, in bliss, had truly become integrated with the machines, being a perfect part of the Eggmen production system as great cum-making factories.

As Fernando observed, each and every one of the men trembled in bliss—certainly due to the continual stimulation. That was not special, it was a second like any other, in a minute like any other, which could have been in any other day or month. Pleasure, orgasm, fucking, feeding—those were the order of the day, there. Meanwhile, other people—people of a more normal size—went around the studs’ bodies—they cleaned them, patiently; took measurements, and maintained the machinery in place. They went to talk to the Reproducers, and although their mouths were busy, they learned to communicate with them through machines which reproduced the human voice. Then, as long as it didn’t intervene with the facility’s functioning, they fulfilled the Reproducers’ every will and demand.

“They spend their whole time like this?” asked Fernando, more amazed than really surprised, and Henrique sighed.

“As I said, it depends. On average these ones spend about 14 hours a day here, and the rest of the time they rest in their own individual spaces. The largest ones, of course, have their own rooms and some of them have to be drained 24/7, but that’s reasonably rare,” the professional said, as they walked over those towers of meat, looking down on the reproducers who kept the whole production of eggmen running. The foundation of the world—if other societies had been based on war and pillage, theirs was a world built on the orgasm of muscle giants.

“That would be amazing,” said Fernando, really intoxicated by the atmosphere around him. The smell was very ascetic, like a well-kept hospital, but there was something about being close to such large men producing such overwhelming amounts of cum that moved Fernando—touching a deep desire to join them. Having those smaller men pampering his ever need, monitoring the rate of his orgasms and of his feeding, washing him and talking to him, working to maximize his pleasure—it was just an amazing prospect. And it was also so close…

“Do you want to observe them for a little longer?” asked Henrique, seeing how affected by the scene around them the younger man seemed to be—Fernando now sported a meter-and-a-half long erection that was impossible to hide. Henrique looked at it and lowered his eyebrows in condemnation. He hated Eggmen, but they were so damn tempting.

“No,” responded Fernando, resolute. “Let’s go and start the procedure already.”

“Very well,” replied the older man, and the two of them walked across the hangar-sized room and left on the other side, taking another hallway until they got to the famous Room 191—the room where you entered as a man, and left as a cum factory.

Fernando was immersed in a thick fluid—mostly a dense subtract which allowed his lungs to function even though he was under a liquid, but it was also the medium through which the nanobots entered his body to start the changes. This gestation chamber was unique: of course, it had the large feeding tube attached into Fernando’s mouth, and the excreting tube attached into his ass; but unlike most gestation chambers he had previously seen, which were maybe 3x2m or 5x4m for the large ones, this one was about the size of four Olympic swimming pools, except it was also about 50m in depth. As such, Fernando felt lonely and small, floating in that almost otherworldly environment.

The first minutes there didn’t feel anything special—he was being changed, he knew that, but it was slow enough that he could hardly sense it happening. He was being feed—now that he could feel—but his digestion was working extremally fast as his body absorbed the warm special nutritional fluids which would fuel his transformation and soothed his whole body. Bored, Fernando moved his arms towards his hard cock, but an ominous voice played around him when his hand started embracing his hardness.

“Do not masturbate, Fernando. This would affect the delicate hormonal balance we are keeping in your system, and it would change the upgrading process entirely. Thank you very much,” said the robotic voice, before it was cut.

Fernando, always good at following orders, simply let go of his dick entirely—it was now floating enticingly more or less in front of him. He appreciated the sight, but still wanted to actually touch himself.

“Hmmm,” he grunted, as he felt the feeder and excreting tubes growing inside him.

“Do not worry,” the voice said once more. “The tubes will expand to accommodate your needs and size changes during the process. Remain relaxed.” Fernando wished he could comply, but the new pressure in both sides of his body was enough to make him harder and hornier, which was starting to affect his mind as well.

His body’s transformation slowly picked up pace. Fernando didn’t know how much time had passed, but he was starting to feel his muscles breaking and then being rebuilt, much larger. His frame was developing, broadening, and he loved the sensations inundating his body as he changed—pain, pleasure, heat and cold sweat. His cock, which floated in front of him, also seemed much bigger—maybe twice as large now?—and it continued to expand. He felt harder and hornier than ever, and his genital organs grew as they throbbed and bobbed in the liquid, keeping him at a perpetual edge of orgasming.

“Ahhhmmmmuaaaahhhmmmmm,” he voiced from deep in his throat, while being feed by the tube which filled his mouth all the way to his stomach. Fernando was so overwhelmed he was becoming incapable of coherent thoughts beyond lusting for release and voicing his need—but even if he were capable of organizing his mind, he would still be unable to articulate anything as his throat was mostly occupied.

And so, the process continued—Fernando’s body expanded, he groaned. His dick pushed forward and throbbed, and he grunted. Eventually, he noticed his cock had already become immense—more than twice his also enlarged body in size. Trying to move his arms to touch it once more, the lad realized his pecs had become too bulky and his muscles too thick for him to move his arms forward easily in the viscous liquid he now inhabited. He grunted in anger and passion—he wanted, no, he needed to touch himself!

As such, the lad started to shake his growing muscles, contracting and releasing tendons: his legs and arms, sturdy as they were, started wagging around; his cock throbbed, twitched, bobbed; his pecs danced, shaking, even the muscles around his asshole and butt trembled around the excreting tube, pressing against it.

“Stop shaking, Fernando! You are disturbing the process,” said the robotic voice, whose command this time the lad disrespected. After a while of this, Fernando’s muscle growth went into overdrive: as he shook, he grew; as he contracted a muscle, it expanded. It was like his muscles were growing muscles of their own—his arms were now larger and probably weighed more than his whole body (cock included) had a day prior; his legs each were as thick as his torso had been before starting to update his body; his pecs, each, were now the size of a mattress (although they were sturdier in consistency, and also a lot more rounded).

In the control room, the doctors and experts debated.

“We should stop the process now or he’ll grow too much. We can continue it after he controls himself, that’s the standard,” said one of the doctors. Henrique, however, shook his head.

“I know that’s the standard, but we must carry on. Let’s just use the draining tube to suck the liquids from his balls by draining his cock, and then he’ll regain mental control,” he responded. Another one of the professionals, Pedro, a technician who dealt with milking and draining the Reproducers, looked worried.

“If we do that, the consequences are unpredictable, but he will most certainly become an S-sized Reproducer,” Pedro said, and Henrique looked at him with a poker face.

“Would that be so bad? He wants that anyway, as you very well know, and it would help us fulfill our quotas more easily in the future,” he said, shrugging his arms.

“But it is dangerous,” Pedro replied, and Henrique’s right eyebrow went up.

“There is nothing safe about anything we do here,” he argued. “We are changing his genome, of course it is dangerous. But he is doing it of his own accord, so he can grow, that’s what he wants. Do you think he’d be happier if he exposed himself to this just to become like those small bulls at L-1?” asked Henrique, and then another man who had remained silent sighed. It was Alexandre, the psychologist.

“You are right. He doesn’t want to be an ordinary Reproducer, even as an S-sized he might not be fully satisfied; he’d want us to continue. If he could, I’m sure he’d beg us to let him grow,” he said, and as such, the decision was made.

Fernando was floating in the huge pool of high-tech serum as his body’s DNA was changed by nanobots, which also then helped his body catch up to its new genetic instructions. His growing cock was fully erect, taller than his now larger height, and his big balls felt so full that he was going mad. Despite (or perhaps because of) the two tubes inserted respectively in this mouth and ass, Fernando was feeling so horny that he had been trying to move his increasingly muscular arms and legs, trying to somehow reach his cock; he also shook his ass and head, trying to get some pleasure, some relief, from wherever he could. Suddenly, a noise came: it was the metallic sound of something coming down towards him.

“Fernando, calm down. We have decided to help you get some release. Try to stop moving and leave it to us,” said the robotic voice from the control room, as the new huge tube came down from the ceiling towards Fernando.

The new machine was an immense tubular structure, wider than Fernando’s growing cock by a fair amount, but also filled with some sort of synthetic material which guaranteed friction when it eventually contained dick inside itself—that was what it had been designed for, after all. It descended until it touched Fernando’s hot and needy cockhead—but it continued pressing in, as the lad grunted, as the machine adjusted for the new size it would soon have to contain.

“Should we decrease the resistance, open it up a little to allow his cock in?” asked Henrique, in the control room. He got as a response laughter from Pedro.

“Only if you want to minimize his chances of being fully drained. Fernando always liked being pressure, most of the Reproducers do,” he then explained, and so the process continued.

Suddenly, the hard cock beat the resistance of the descending machine’s insides, and forced its way in—Fernando’s cock went from being floating in the surrounding liquids more or less freely, to now having its head squeezed by a machine specialized in gently torturing it to maximize the amount of cum extracted from its subjects. That sensation of being squeezed grew stronger, twofold, as the machine continued to engulf more and more of Fernando’s cock, and as the well-designed system tightened its grip around the lad’s hard shaft, before starting to beat it properly.

Soon, the machine had taken all of Fernando’s growing dick inside itself. Being designed to accommodate large and growing men, it slowly expanded according to Fernando’s growth—but more than that, it started to slowly and surely beat his meat. It squeezed, and then moved its inner parts up and down the growing shaft, and it also turned around in a circular motion around his softer glans, making Fernando’s mind float in the sky while his larger organ—now, larger than the whole of the rest of his body, excluding his cum orbs—was handled by the machine.

His cock grew, his muscles grew, his mind entered a delirium. As he floated, as the nutrients fed him, and as his ass was both cleaned and desecrated by an enormous pump, his body transformed—he felt it everywhere. His arms suddenly couldn’t move anymore—his muscles had become too thick and were now rubbing against each other. His legs, similarly, could now only be wiggled around like a hard cock, as they were just too massive for normal human movement. His pecs, on their turn, had become so massive that Fernando couldn’t see anything on the other side of the pool—nothing, except long lines of white milk coming from his nipples mixing in the transparent liquid around him.

“Ahahahmmmmrrrr!” he grunted, feeling the pressure building up in his balls whose size he did not know anymore. The feeder responded to his growing levels of all sorts of hormones by increasing the rate of the feeding, fueling further expansion.

“I think it’s coming. The feeding has been growing at 7% per minute for the last ten minutes now,” said Henrique, looking at all the data on the screen, as well as a video showing all of Fernando’s body. Unknowingly to the growing lad, his body was already occupying about ¼ of the space of the changing chamber: he was about 50m tall from head to toe, excluding an extra 60 meters of cock.

“That’s… unprecedented,” said Pedro, actually surprised, and looking at the numbers. They checked.

“No, it isn’t,” said Henrique. “Aarav Laghari had similar rates a few years ago, in India. I think the Chinese also had a similar case about five years ago, but there are less reports about that in international journals.” Doctor Alexandre contorted his fac—that name was familiar to him, somehow. Where had he heard it before? Oh, the International Journal of Psychiatry.

“Wait, isn’t that the guy who has almost 100 meters of cock? I read his muscles grew in such a way that his head unfortunately is now buried under his neck muscles, so he effectively only interacts with the outer world through his touch, nowadays. Otherwise, he is buried inside his own muscles,” he asked, and Henrique just nodded.

“Yes, but we have fixed that for Fernando. Regardless, I think we’ll need a larger milking room for him than anything we have available right now,” Henrique then completed, and Pedro’s eyes bulged.

“How large?” Pedro asked. Henrique shrugged.

“It’s hard to know, but at least twice the size of an average S-sizer,” responded the psychologist.

“Being conservative,” interjected Henrique, and Pedro nodded and started making phone calls.

Fernando was floating, growing in size, and being jacked off by a machine which was becoming too tight for his cock—it was not designed to contain a dick as large as his was becoming, as the designers hadn’t really considered a cock growing quite that spectacularly. As Fernando’s hardon approached the machine’s limit, the team in the control room debated whether or not to retract the drainer—they finally decided to wait a little more, to give the growing lad a change to get some relief after a day of expansion. His enormous balls definitely needed it.

“Ahhhrrr, ahhhrrrr!” Fernando panted, unable to really speak as his mouth and throat continued occupied by the enlarged feeder which allowed his expansion to continue. The muscular body which Fernando now had didn’t give him much room to move, but on the other hand he got incredible stimulation from his muscles bumping and rubbing against each other, and from the drainer attached to his dick as well as the excreting tube in his ass.

His balls, suddenly, he noticed, weren’t floating anymore—they had finally reached the floor of the gigantic pool, many meters below. A thought crossed his mind: “how much have I grown?” He could hardly think much about it before he felt a weird pressure above his balls, forcing them downwards with a growing weight—it was his own body, which had now occupied most of the pool with his uncontrollable muscles!

As his balls were increasingly smashed by his ass, leg and back muscles, Fernando would soon come to realize that his feet would also meet a wall—the pool’s wall, which had once been about 50m away from him! Looking up, he noticed he was still somewhat far from the other wall of the gestation chamber, but having noticed that the environment was more rectangular than a square, he thought that maybe he could reach the side walls, which had originally been only 50m apart from one another, if he wasn’t mistaken.

And so Fernando extended his arms to the sides as much as possible and, to his own shock, they were more than long enough to reach both walls! He then used his muscles to lock himself in place using his arms and hands, and using what little movement he could control Fernando forced himself down onto his balls, squeezing them mercilessly with his whole body as his cock was satisfied by the increasingly insufficiently sized milking machine.

“Ohhhwwwwrrr!” he moaned, with his own delightful torture.

“God, that’s the first time I see someone do something like that during their update! He is effectively pushing himself over the edge with his own mass,” exclaimed a surprised Pedro. Henrique pointed down towards Fernando’s measured stats.

“He’s the first one who is big enough to try that, Pedro,” he then touched a few buttons and increased the speed of the feeding. “His vitals are extraordinary, I can only assume that he will have a breakthrough in growth soon. Our job is to help him continue expanding and as such we can only watch and try to feed him as much as we can, but I honestly think that our chamber will reach its limits before Fernando’s body stops growing,” Henrique informed, almost with a sigh.

“That would make him the largest Reproducer in the whole world, by a fairly big margin,” said Pedro, quite surprised. Alexandre laughed.

“Well, he did tell me he’d become just that,” said the mind doctor, crossing his thick arms in an anxious expectation, as he watched the building-sized lad try to find a way to stimulate himself further in their many control screens.

Fernando’s size continued to fill the pool more and more—his balls were now under the full weight of his body, and as such they felt so close to their release that he could almost sense the walls of the dam containing his orgasm ready to burst. But now the machine was becoming too tight, and soon, it started uncapping his cock. He wanted to scream in despair: “no, put it back! I need it, I need to cum in it, I need it to cum!” he screamed, but the only thing coming out of his mouth were moans and grunts, as it remained filled by the feeder.

When Fernando’s cockhead finally left the insides of the drainer, it came down causing a tidal wave, and slapped his pecs causing a jolt of delightful pain to cross Fernando’s body. His cock’s head, however, already extended much farther than that, as it released precum now onto the highly advanced serum in which Fernando floated. To move his cock, Fernando tried to bulk his overdeveloped hips to, hopefully, get its head to reach the wall of the chamber and start humping against it, but his movements were too limited due to the size of his muscles. The only thing that wasn’t limited was his growth, and soon Fernando’s dick was rubbing against the far wall of the chamber thanks to its natural expansion.

The lad used this opportunity to, gathering all his willpower, control his groin muscles as to rub his cockhead and slit against the walls of the machine. He could feel the ruggedness of the wall rubbing against his skin so nice—ahhh, he could feel precum coming out of his dick too, coating the inside of the large structure which still contained his body. Soon, soon he would come, and it would be a flood. His balls were so tight under his body—oh, his ass pressuring them down, his legs forcing them backwards, the ground bellow them limiting their space. His eggs were exquisitely squeezed, crushed, almost.

A long cock rubbing against a wall, balls tightly held together—what a recipe for an orgasm!

And then everything shook: Fernando came, and in such he delivered the largest orgasm humanity had even testified. He exploded in cum and in muscle at once—his growth compounding as testosterone rushed through his body and as his cum mixed with the serum in which he floated and seemed to affect the nanobots. He came, and came, and came, and soon his cum overflooded the controlled environment in which he was—but to be fair, so did his body.

Fernando couldn’t tell for how long his orgasm and growth spurt lasted—maybe a whole hour, maybe even more than that. But he knew that when he recovered his senses both the feeding and the excreting tubes had been retracted from his body, and that he more than fully occupied the huge gestation chamber in which he had earlier been contained—his legs and arms were now out, and so was most of his cock and almost all of his pecs, literally overflowing the space he had previously thought so ample. The rest of the room was fully covered in his cum, and in fact the technicians had been forced to open the emergency drains to be able to prevent the whole space from being flooded—now, thousands of liters of Fernando’s seed were being discarded in the anti-flood lake in the back of the Reproduction Center complex.

“I think he is waking up,” said some small people standing on Fernando’s pecs, near his face.

“How are you, Fernando? Are you feeling well?” said a male voice that the lad now recognized as being doctor Alexandre.

“Oh, doc, yes, I’m fine,” said a recovering and now smiley Fernando. Then an earthquake shook the ground on which they stood. “I am only a bit horny and a bit hungry. Maybe I can have dinner before being drained?” he asked. Pedro and Henrique, who were also there, looked to each other with apprehension stamped on their faces.

“Fernando, you grew a lot more than anyone expected. Certainly, we can feed you, but there is no draining plant here which can take someone your size. We can only start milking your cock properly in a week, after making some adjustments to our largest S-sized room; fortunately, we can drain your pec milk using some of the cum-draining machines as your nipples are only about 5 meters long each, though, but your cock will have to wait,” explained Henrique. Fernando looked absolutely devastated.

“But, I mean… I understand, it’s just that I am too horny, I need to be drained now, otherwise I will go crazy!” said the lad, as his dick was rising above them, kept a few dozen meters away from where they stood thanks to the young man’s humongous pecs, which supported the enormous rods. The large shadow it cast on the small group of experts served as the best advocate Fernando could have had.

“Of course, of course,” said Henrique, cleaning his throat and thinking deeply. “Maybe we can arrange some more unconventional method for draining him, Pedro?” he asked. Pedro looked up at the huge hundred-meter-plus long, thick and wet rod above his head. It was like standing under a massive bridge which was made of meat and which expelled bright and translucid precum, which rained on the ground a few dozen meters ahead of them.

“I guess we could take smaller Reproducers and use them to make a sort of meatcave around Fernando’s gigantic dick. Then, we drain the other Reproducers as aggressively as possible. As they are drained, they will most certainly shake in pleasure, and theoretically that shaking can provide sufficient stimulation to get our Fernando some release. That’d be difficult to do, but it is technically achievable,” said the man, and Henrique then looked at Fernando.

“What do you think?” he asked. The lad’s eyes shone.

“Please…please, let’s try that!” he asked, and the human ground in which the small experts stood trembled once more, now filled with expectation.

A team of three handsome men walked down a large white hallway, until they stopped in front of a minimalist white sliding door. The largest and most muscular of them then checked the number written on the door and, when he was satisfied by what he saw, he pressed the doorbell on the side. Soon, an incredibly muscular naked young man appeared to greet them, his large cock tied to his torso and the head resting on his broad shoulders.

“Oh, hello. You guys are the new interns, right? I am Marcos, Fernando’s Main Minder, and I’ll try to show it around to you guys. Please don’t feel shy and ask any questions you have, because you’ll be getting your hands dirty before the end of the day, all right?” said the smiley and friendly larger man. The other ones just nodded. Marcos then pulled them in for a hug one by one, while bringing them to the other side of the door—as they got close to his soft cock and muscles, they all got hard downstairs.

Marcos smiled, he liked to keep his subordinates on their toes, at least in their first few days.

“So, this is our entrance lobby. To the left you see the vestiary and showers, to the right we have our kitchen and resting room. And ahead, of course, it’s the main draining room where Fernando stays, and also how we get to the control room and where you’ll find all the equipment related to the job,” Marcos explained, pointing towards the different doors which could be seen in that relatively minimalist decorated room. “We always have six minders here taking care of our big boy, and each one of the minders works five days a week, six hours a shift. We have a total of one hundred staffers in our team, so I ask everyone to be mindful of our common spaces, all right?” he asked, and then looked at the three new guys until they realized he was expecting an answer.

“Yea-yes, sir!” they said, more or less at once, overly formally. Marcos laughed, which made his bountiful pecs shake up and down, as well as his tight nipple.

“Good!” he then clicked another button and the door to the main room started opening up. “Now let’s go see Fernando.”

Even when the door opened, the new guys couldn’t see much inside, and as such it was not until they actually crossed to the other room that their vision could fully absorb the dimension of their task. Occupying the whole length of the enormous 200m long hangar, one could see a cock, and little more; far away on the other side, a ball of muscle with incredibly overdeveloped limbs could also be distinguished, larger than most buildings, and behind it one could hardly see the huge mountainous balls inside Fernando’s hardworking scrotum. Although the shaft of the cock was almost fully visible—expect the parts covered by the huge jacking machine, which went up and down its whole length several times a minute—the head itself was contained inside a massive pump which also squeezed and rubbed Fernando’s sensitive glans, sucking all their yield.

“My God!” said one of the new guys, his orgasm exploding immediately after his mind processed what he was seeing.

“Fuck!” groaned another one, whose hot cum was now leaking down his leg. This one had been affected not only by Fernando’s immensity, but above all by seeing his future coworkers far away, naked, cleaning and rubbing the lad’s mountainous muscles—one of them, though, almost tiny at this distance, seemed to be close to Fernando’s face…. Fucking his mouth?!

“Yes, indeed,” said Marcos. “Don’t worry too much about your orgasms for now as you guys are in training, but we will expect you to jack off in the vestiary whenever you need, instead of coming spontaneously here in the draining room. As we say, Fernando makes enough cum here for all of us, so let’s spill our juices before crossing the door, all right?”

The new guys nodded, and Marcos smiled, and gave them some time to clean themselves at the vestiary before re-starting the tour. Marcos followed them and observed while they washed their bodies, giving them some tips over how clean cum in the most effective way—he was a professional in that, let’s say. His immense cock, still attached to his torso, seemed to lengthen and engorge a little as he observed the new men washing their tight bodies and sizeable cocks, but Marcos had enough self-control that he decided not to do anything about that then. After the new guys cleaned themselves, however, Marcos prevented them from putting their clothes back on.

“Consider it a part of training. Here we need to be 100% mobile, so we remain naked. Also, some functions relating to taking care of Fernando’s needs are better fulfilled naked,” the boss explained, and the other guys just accepted—in fact, they had been ready for that from the begining, as they knew some of the level-1 Reproducers liked their minders to work au naturel, and they got to decide such simple things as the dressing code.

“Perfect, let’s continue then,” said Marcos, leading the smaller men back to the draining room. “So, we do a little bit of everything here: every shift has different professionals responsible for Fernando’s feeding, for the machines, and for the maximization of productivity; we all also share cleaning duties, as well as pleasure duties. Fernando likes the machines, but at least a few times a day he’ll ask for some human meat in his ass and mouth, so we are responsible for that too, although you guys are a bit small for his tastes,” said Marcos, while they walked besides and along the huge cock being jacked.

“Are we expected to get changes to our bodies to be able to perform our tasks?” asked one of the new guys, interrupting Marcos. He smiled before he answered.

“You guys are free to keep your bodies as you like, but it is not a secret that unlimited free changes is one of the perks of this job and, of course, we only hire eggmen exactly because we need people to perform all sorts of duties. If anyone doesn’t want to change, that isn’t a problem, but we might have to assign you guys to some other Reproducers or to more boring desk jobs,” Marcos clarified. He didn’t need to look too hard to see that all the three new guys were not only hard again, but that they were excited—for cock and, Marcos estimated, for their future changes.

Marcos then hugged his own large soft cock just a little, and gave his glans a small scrub (although they were still mostly hidden bellow his long foreskin). “I know I was excited for the changes when I was in their shoes,” he thought to himself, before they continued walking.

Marcos then showed the guys the control room, the administration room, and the machinery behind the huge pumps. It was a truly huge endeavor, milking Fernando—a wonder of the world, one could say; this whole building, a marvel of modern engineering. This whole purpose-built space was, by all means, as large as a factory—a cum factory; the heart of an eggmen production plant, by itself fueling the production of millions of new baby eggmen annually. After that small tour, they got to the main point of interest to all of them—the giant himself, the human machine around which this whole structure had been built.

“Let’s go see the man himself, then,” said Marcos, smiling. “Just remember to hold your orgasms and to be gentle. He might seem like a mountain of muscle… well, he might be a mountain of muscle, but he is still a normal guy like you and me,” he alerted. All the three men nodded, excited, anxious and a bit nervous, their cocks harder than ever, and they left the main control room to climb the Everest of human hotness.

Yes, there was an easier way up: there were footpaths leading directly to the top of Fernando’s pecs, which would allow them to easily reach his face. But climbing the muscle walls was important in this job: that’s how they got to Fernando’s nipples, to milk them, and it was also how they cleaned and sometimes worshipped the larger man’s muscles. Marcos instructed them:

“Look, it isn’t hard. It is all just skin, a healthy layer of fat, and hard muscle bellow that,” he said, and demonstrated by grabbing some of Fernando’s skin with his hand. “You gust grab it and move up, until you reach where you want,” he said, and then did so himself, rubbing his enormous cock on the even larger man’s thighs as he climbed. Fernando’s legs were not standing straight—they were actually small, buried in his extremely dense and thick muscles—but still, his overdeveloped thighs and calves were supporting his body and laid directly on the ground, and were, therefore, the chosen point of departure for their small climbing expedition.

The three lads were hypnotized by the scene of hot Marcos’s dick rubbing on the immense oversized leg as he went up Fernando’s body, his muscular butt shaking to the sides as his legs moved up and sideways. Both his balls dangled behind and under Marcos, sometimes hitting the muscular human leg he climbed with a slap. Soon, however, the first bloke broke away from Marcos’s spell, and went himself to bury his whole body against Fernando’s hot flesh, and started to climb it. His cock started to dribble precum, but he ignored it—his balls rubbed on Fernando’s body, but he ignored that too. But one thing he couldn’t ignore was the warmth of the meat wall he was climbing, and the hotness of the situation—and so, as he licked and kissed his way up Fernando’s legs, he hoped the others would look the other way, because he simply couldn’t avoid it.

And so all the four of them climbed all the way to the hips where they took some time to rest.

“Did anyone cum while climbing up here?” asked Marcos, looking at the other guys trying to recover their breathe as they stood on top of living human male muscle. Seeing his subordinates’ wet cocks, Marcos knew they had.

“I did,” said one.

“So did I,” said the second. The third one, with a slightly smaller cock but the biggest roundest balls, looked away.

“Yes, boss, twice, I’m sorry,” he apologized. Marcos laughed.

“We’ll have you all clean that part after we finish the tour, but if I am to be fair to you guys, everyone cums at least once when they first climb our big boy’s body, doing it twice is a bit rare but I myself did that when I first climbed him. It’s as I said before, just contain yourselves in the future, all right? Use the shower to relieve yourselves and, if that’s absolutely impossible, try to cum in a contained environment,” Marcos explained. The guy with the big balls smirked.

“You mean, contained like a bucket? Or…like someone’s ass or mouth?” he asked, Marcos shrugged.

“Anything that doesn’t get in the way of work. The problem with the buckets is that most likely it will be carrying other relevant instruments or materials for your work, but the other two environments you mentioned could work,” he pointed out, and the three guys were suddenly eyeing each other. “So, now, let’s continue climbing. Unless someone needs to relief himself before we do,” Marcos asked, but all the smaller men shook their heads—apparently their previous orgasms had been enough, for now.

They climbed Fernando’s body, passing near his large nipple—more than twice the size of any of them—and then over the lad’s gigantic pecs. Their muscles were sore, by the time that they gotten to the top of the enormous shelf created by Fernando’s pectoral muscles, and even then they had to walk a reasonable distance until they reached his head—which laid at the center of that muscle plateau. Marcos pointed and guided them forward, and they followed him.

Fernando’s head was tilted backwards, as a thick tube penetrated his throat, feeding him precious nutrients continuously, which allowed his body to continue producing eggsperm at the necessary industrial rate. The lads saw the basically normal-sized head of the muscle giant, and they were honestly impressed by how handsome he looked—even as his jaw was dislodged to allow the thick tube in.

“Hello, Fernando, these are the new staffers who are going to join our team,” said Marcos, towards the face. The other lads noticed Fernando’s eyelids were trembling in pleasure before Marcos talked, but now his eyes seemed to focus, and the mountain-like man’s pulpils turned towards them and he blinked. “He is welcoming you. Unfortunately, he can’t talk now as he is being fed, but maybe you guys can get to know each other more properly after this feeding session,” Marcos informed, and Fernando blinked a few more times.

“Hello, sir, I’m very happy to work with you! I’m a huge fan!” said one of the new guys—the one with the large balls—all stiff in his cock and in his muscles, seemingly nervous. Marcos smiled in response.

“Oh, that’s nice. He likes to get to know his fans. It’s a shame he can’t talk to them more often,” Marcos said, and then looked towards Fernando, whose dislocated jaw—wide open to welcome the feeding tube—suddenly moved a little. “He wants you to feel at home, and is offering you the chance to face fuck him in a couple hours, if you want to. Of course, he knows your size is not that big yet, but it’s the least he can do for a fan,” Marcos interpreted, and Fernando blinked in confirmation.

The fan smiled and, almost overwhelmed, looked to the sides, finding his colleagues looking at him with a little envy.

“That’d be great sir, I will not disappoint you! I’ll also get modifications soon to be able to pleasure your body as much as possible!” he promised, and Fernando’s eyes seemed to kindly smile at him, even as his everlasting orgasm continued, and his eyes lost a little bit of focus when the feeding tube suddenly increased in diameter as the feeding needs grew with Fernando’s libido.

“Well, perfect. We had better leave the boss alone for now so he can focus on getting fed and drained. Come here, I’ll show you guys how to clean his muscles. Where would you guys prefer to wash, the underside of his pecs or his armpit?” Marcos asked.

“Pecs,” said the fan.

“Armpits,” said the other two. Marcos laughed internally, this new crew was a little bit different from usual, apparently. He liked different.

The four men went down to the armpit—a deep muscle cave where different bulging tendons were rubbing against each other in a way that created a small space in between which would allow a relatively small man inside, albeit with some difficulty. However, as the saying goes where there is a will, there’s a way.

“I can’t go in there because of my size,” said Marcos, one of his hands in his small hip, accentuating the thickness of his arm and how broad his shoulders were in comparison to his mid-section. The other hand held a strange long hose with two nozzles which hanged down from the ceiling of the hangar. “But you guys should be able to go in. You just need to crawl inside, taking the hose and the cleaning towel, and use the right nozzle to pump out some cleaning product while the left one is to suck it back out. You use the towel to scrub the muscles after applying the cleaning product, all right? Just be careful with the smell, it’s really strong in there,” said Marcos, and the lads nodded, as they took mental notes of what they had to do.

“Who wants to go in?” asked Marcos, and the fan managed to raise his hand the fastest. Marcos smiled. “Okay, William, good luck then. Just try not to be too overwhelmed by the smell,” he advised, and then handed the hose to the smaller man.

William laid down on the floor—which again, was also Fernando’s muscles—and started crawling into the meat cave. It was tight, for a slightly large man like William—in fact, both his abs and his back were rubbing against their boss’s skin. He could feel the huge monster of a man breathing in and out—his muscles expanding and contracting as he did so. When William breathed in, however, he could only feel the smell—raw, pure masculinity, all around him; so strong it was almost solid. God, if his large balls hadn’t pumped out their contents four times before today, then he’d have creamed this sweaty armpit then and there!

But he didn’t, he continued crawling inside the cave made of muscle, the scent making him even hornier. Once he was deep enough inside, he heard a small voice from the outside telling him to use the hose. William then moved his hand—which was touching the meat walls of the cave while he did so—to grab the hose and pull it forward. When he had the hose pointed to the depths of the cave, the turned it on and it started sending out lots of cleaning product, covering every corner of the muscular armpit. Weirdly enough, the product smelled nice, like men’s deodorant, and it only made William hornier. He then finally turned off the hose and started scrubbing the surface of the cave with his hands and the special towel he had brought inside.

“Goddamit, this is crazy. Imagine how many corners like this there are in his body. Imagine the underside of his pecs, with the enormous muscles creating a gap where a man could rest; or, or… or the valley between his pecs; gosh, imagine climbing between the huge muscle walls of that tight canyon, being sandwiched by them… fuck. I shouldn’t complain though, it’s pretty much what I have here…” William thought to himself, while he scrubbed the muscle and cleaned it thoroughly for several minutes.

Suddenly, he notices the cave moving, pressing against his whole body with immense pressure, the weight moving from his ass to his back and then his legs, before the space returned almost to normal. He feared he’d die there for a second, but Marcos, who was still waiting for him outside, calmed him down.

“Don’t worry, he moves a little when we take out the excreting tube, and he is going to move a little bit more as our colleague João started fucking him in the ass, but it won’t close the gap. Each one of Fernando’s powerful muscles is working against other muscles there for this space to exist, and this balance can’t be broken just because of some sexual relief on the other side of his body,” Marcos explain, and although William hears his explanation a bit muffled from inside the mancave, he rests assured and continued his important task until he was satisfied with the overall state of the armpit in which he laid. He then opens the other nozzle, which started sucking in the leftover product and also the dead skin and all other impurities left over from the rubbing and cleaning.

When that’s done, William then slowly crawls out of Fernando’s armcave, while trying to conjure a plan in his mind to get himself the task of cleaning it again in the future. Once he was out of the confined space, his colleagues help him to stand up—again, on top of Fernando’s body, which was as big as a large hill—and then they all move on to the next station.

“Here, I’ll show you guys something interesting,” said Marcos, leading them to climbing over Fernando’s muscular arms, spiking their curiosity even more.

At the end of Fernando’s gigantic muscular arms, there was a hand, one that was oversized, sure, but only three or four times a normal human hand—therefore, it was out of all proportion with the rest of Fernando’s body, and as such it seemed to be almost buried in the surrounding muscle. Nonetheless, Fernando’s fingers flickered as he continued to be fucked by João—apparently one of the parts of his body that the gigantic man was still able to fully control.

“This is one of the areas of his body which grew the least, the hands, alongside the feet and, obviously, the head. Consequently, he can’t still control it rather decently, see?” Marcos said, using his fingers to play with Fernando’s own fingers, which responded to his touch quite normally.

“Wow,” said William, amazed at what he saw. As a fan, he had seen images of Fernando’s hand, of course, but seeing that oversized hand completely overwhelmed by what was an inhuman amount of muscle which locked it in place in real life was pretty fantastic. He couldn’t help but have one specific thought cross his head—but he was too shy to voice it out loud.

“Can he…use it to jack someone off?” asked another of the new staffers, as if reading William’s mind. Marcos’s eyebrow rose, curious.

“Oh, sure, actually he loves doing that, having one cock in each hand and massaging them. It helps him release stress,” he said, smiling. “That’s why I actually grew to this size,” Marcos said, patting the underside of his cock, which was still soft and tied to his torso. “it is a little too big for him to suck, a little too small to fuck him, but just right for him to jack off. You see, we have a division of tasks here—I am the boss, but I can’t do everything. We tend to take turns, however, with the jobs everyone likes the most,” Marcos explained, and the lads nodded as they imagined what it would be like to be jacked off by this huge mountain of a man.

“Can we see it?” asked William, feeling a little bold. Marcos looked towards the empty hand, the fingers wide open as Fernando was being fucked right now… it felt so lonely.

“Sure,” he said, slowly untying his cock, which then dropped to the ground with a thud. “I’ll just need some help getting hard,” he said, and then handed the hose they had been carrying to William. “And the sucking side, it expands a lot so… I’ll need you to put it around my cock, at least the head. It is like putting on a condom—we don’t want my orgasm to fly around so we have to clean it up later,” he requested, and so William took the hose and started slowly putting it around Marcos’s cock, just as the two other men went around their leader and, following his express instructions, started to hug and fondle his shaft with their arms, coordinating with one another.

Soon, the thick pillar of meat was rising—it rose so fast that William feared the percentage of Marcos’s length that he had managed to cover with the improvised cumtainer would be insufficient; it wasn’t.

“Don’t worry too much,” Marcos told him, once his cock was standing proud and its head was tightly covered by the hose. “Our equipment was designed for all sorts of multiple uses. I just need you to turn the suction on, okay? Here, I’ll push my dick to your heigh,” he completed, while his hands pushed his proud dick down, so William could touch where the turning on handler was hanging—pretty far up Marcos’s cock.

As soon as the suction started, Marcos trembled and his whole body shivered.

“Ohwwwhhh, I forgot how amazing this suction was,” he commented, in between moans. And then he walked towards Fernando’s relatively small hand, and positioned his hard cock just in front of his boss’s waggling fingers. Fernando’s fingers then touched the large hard tallish meat tube in front of them, and identified what it was using the tactile information. As soon as the muscle mountain realized what was going on, the large hand closed its fingers around the thick rod, keeping it under its grip—it was big enough to almost encapsulate 2/3rds of William’s length under its hold.

Surprisingly, then, Marcos started to use his legs to push his captured cock up and then immediately pull it down, using Fernando’s grip as a sort of hole which to fuck. As the movement continued, they could feel the meat mountain below their feet tremble.

“Amazing,” William thought to himself, seeing his large boss being effectively jacked of by the his even larger idol. Fuck, he was hard again now.

“Remember what I said, guys. No spilling your cum on Fernando’s muscles!” alerted Marcos, while his whole body shook as it went up and down, his cock squeezed by Fernando’s powerful hand, his muscles following his flow.

William got horny, watching his hot boss being jacked off by even hotter Fernando; when he looked to the side, however, he saw one of the other two newcomers kneeled and sucking the other’s lengthy cock, using its downward curve to push it further into his mouth while moaning—his own cock hard unattended between his legs. He then took the delicious cockcycle from his mouth for one second, just to look back at William and smile, teasingly.

“Come, help yourself,” he said, while raising his ass and presenting it to the other sexy young man. William smiled, and—as the other man plunged back into his blowjob—he kneeled behind him and started playing with his butt cheeks until finally starting to lick his asshole to open it up a little. The man quivered and moaned, his mouth still filled with cock, and when William was satisfied, he stood up once more, took his cock in his hand, pointed it towards the pink opening, and pushed it in slowly.

The other man trembled, as he was being filled by cock in both sides, and William held his ass cheeks and stroked them with his hands as he slowly fucked the hole nested in between them. About a meter and a half away, the other new crewmember fucked the lad’s face without much mercy, causing him to gag and some of his dribble to leak in between his lips down his chin. The three lads moaned as they fucked, and Marcos smiled as he watched it, only a bit concerned about whether the one in the middle would be capable of holding his orgasm for long enough as to not dirty Fernando’s body despite the twin sources of pleasure.

Soon, the lad being blown exploded—his cock filled the gentle mouth with hosted it with seed, but the other intern was willing and able to swallow all the juice without waste. Meanwhile, William picked up speed, increasing the pace of his fucking, while the lad who had just exploded laid down on Fernando’s muscles, bellow his colleague who was being fucked, and started licking the head of his cock. Looking from a few meters away, Marcos smiled.

“Nice,” he thought to himself, while also being jacked by Fernando’s hand as he used his own legs to control the pendular movement of his cock. “They already have great teamwork.”

Soon, William came deep inside his colleague’s guts—his juice warmed the other man’s insides, but William could tell this orgasm was not particularly large as his balls were a bit tired after being called to work so many times in only one day. He pulled out, and a few drops of his cum dribbled from his softening rod onto Fernando’s skin bellow them—which he kneeled down to lick clean, showing just how committed he was to his new job.

The other two men continued their blowjob for a minute or two, until the three new interns had released their contents to full satisfaction—now they were just waiting for Marcos.

After the lads were done, Marcos decided to finish at last—he could and would have continued for longer, otherwise, but he had more things to show them. As such, he simply pulled his hands towards his pecs and started playing with his nipples, while continuing to be jacked off by Fernando just as before. William gasped at the scene—Marcos was just such a handsome and sexy man, now playing with his voluptuous pecs and nipples. It was hard to believe God had created something so impressive as the male body—and that men had been capable of improving upon it. They were all GMH, after all.

William took a few steps forwards and touched Marcos’s right hand with his own, bringing his lustful eyes towards him.

“May I, boss?” he asked, and Marcos didn’t reply, choosing to simply lower one of his hands to give the new intern full access to his pecs—even as his cock continued to fly up and down while being squeezed by Fernando’s hand, just a few dozen centimeters away.

William saw the opening, and simply opened his mouth and then pushed it forth, until it met Marcos’s delicious pecs, which he started to suck and lick, to their mutual pleasure. Marcos continued playing with his left nipple, but now William commanded most of his attention, and when he bit his boss’s right nipple, the older and larger man groaned in deep delight.

“Oh, new boy, you want to bite my pecs off don’t you?” Marcos asked with a deeper than usual voice, and William didn’t respond, as his mouth was still full.

Not much later, however, the larger man of the two had his balls contracting and expanding, and then releasing all their content into the suction hose while he panted in pleasure. Fernando’s large hand squeezed the orgasming cock even harder, making Marcos creak while the pressure built up, until it was finally released. After a long orgasm, the boss removed the hose from the head of his cock himself, and then patted William’s head with his hands.

“Enough for now,” he said, and then William slowly and unwillingly stopped playing with Marcos’s nipple and let go of his solid muscular tits, which were now red thanks to his actions. Smiley and satisfied, Marcos then clapped and exhaled his breath with happiness and contentment. “Now, I’ll introduce you guys to the other members of the team—the ones we have here now, at least. If you guys have any questions, you can direct them to me or ask any of them as well,” he said.

The interns nodded, and they all followed their boss now climbing down from the muscle mountain where they had enjoyed themselves. One of William’s colleagues (the one whom he had fucked in the ass just now), sighed and looked around once again—taking in all that muscle, which was something that was hard to fully comprehend even being there. All the immense ground they walked over, the walls they climbed, that was all man—one single gigantic man.

“Do you think we can become like him one day?” he asked, more talking to himself than to anyone else. William answered, nonetheless.

“He is a one-in-a-million talent, but if you try really hard and your genetics are good, you can definitely become a level-1 Reproducer,” he said, and the other guy nodded.

“I know, I was thinking of doing that but that now I have seen for myself what Fernando really looks like, I don’t know anymore. As nice as being a huge cum factory would be, they are tiny next to him! Working with Fernando, maybe that’s the next best thing to being him? I mean, he’ll always need people to help him continue producing,” he pondered, and William shrugged.

“True,” he said, and then he felt his feet sinking ever so slightly on the human skin as he walked, until it found solid muscle bellow the thin layer of healthy fat. “But you should follow your dreams. Being here is my dream, but if your dream is to be more like Fernando and less like Marcos, then I think it is worthwhile to try.” The other lad seemed to think for a while, but he ended up nodding and then he half hugged William and laughed.

“You are right! Even if I fail, at least I will have tried. You know what? I might well end up giving Fernando some competition as the country’s biggest Reproducer one day!” he said, jokingly. William also laughed in reply.


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