Extreme reality game

by Libra

 Jacob downloads a game that allows him to change reality. He’s particularly intrigued by the variety of options relating to his junk.

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Bored as ever Jacob Airs was searching over various game sites. Toward the end of this nightly search while prowling around now on the Underground sites he finally found a game that caught his attention.

“X-Reality.zip”, he whispered to himself. Thinking it was more of an adult game he did a quick glance at the door. Seeing no one was near his door, he clicked on the file to download.

Now seeing how much time it would take, Jacob had his doubts about letting it finish. Over 6 hours to download due to the fact it was nearly 160 megs. If he shut off monitor now and went to bed it should be finished in the morning. With some luck his mom wouldn’t discover what he was downloading. He was 14-years-old and would be grounded for a month if anyone found out.

His computer system sat on a desk next to his bed. He could clear the screen in the morning before his mother came in to wake him up for school. As extra safety measure he loosened the cord on the back of monitor so the power was completely cut off now.

“Bed Time!” Jacob’s mother shouted from down stairs. This made him jump slightly out of fear. He was still leaning over the computer reaching for the cord when she called.

“OK!”, he called back after he finished loosening it just enough. Already dressed for bed, Jacob switched off the light in his room and lay. As he was about to fall to sleep, he kept reminding himself about the game. He’d have to hide the game file in a sub directory tomorrow morning.

That morning Jacob jumped out of bed and went straight to the computer. A “File downloaded” message faded into view after he put the cord back in and pushed the power button. Smiling, he moved the file quickly into another directory. He opened the file and watched as the files expanded. There were not as many files as they appeared in the directory. It looked like nothing then appeared as database files and one executable file.

Jacob hit the Install one and short message popped-up. “Please read all instructions carefully located in the help file before playing.” Was all Jacob read before he hit install button below the message. Time was wasting and sooner he got it installed the less likely he was to get caught.

To his disappointment, it wasn’t the type of game he though it be. As the game was installed, the game screen popped-up. It looked more like a Sims type game than anything else.

What it lacked in graphics it made up for in details. “Answer some questions like number of brothers or sisters?”, he asked himself, “—and name of each family member?” Mom and Dad were left out and automatically put in as Mother and Father.

The game seemed to be more personalized to the player than the normal role playing types.

Then came a general layout of a house. Jacob did his best to make it as close as possible to the upstairs and downstairs.

The word ‘processing’ appeared.

The game ame finally loaded up. Graphics were less then Sims, it looked like a cheap copy. Characters were moving around on their own. To his surprise there was a character of boy like him sitting at a computer. Did this game somehow know what he was doing?

Jacob waved his hand to see if the character did the same. It didn’t.

He stood up. The character boy did the same.

“No way!”, Jacob shouted out loud.

To test his theory further, he moved back a few steps. The character on the screen did the same.

Returning to the computer game, he wondered what else it did. He could see the rest of his family in different rooms. Currently blurred by the game was his older sister. She was getting dressed in her. Down stairs in the kitchen, his Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table eating.

He then clicked back on his room.

Clicking on the bed, he clicked the right mouse button, a set of options popped-up:

Color Size Type

“Better start small,” whispered to himself.

Deciding he didn’t like the color red on his sheets anymore, he selected the color green. As soon he selected it, the sheets instantly turned green.

Turning his head quickly to his own bed he saw that his own sheets were green now.

“Cool,” he said out loud.

Turning back to the screen, he decided to change the type of bed he had.

Not watching the screen, he turned his head toward his own bed after he selected bunk bed.

He clicked.

His own bed quickly popped into a bunk bed. It was a funny sight to see a bunk bed in the middle of the room.

Unsure if it was real, Jacob got up and touched the new bunk bed. “Feels real solid,” he thought. To make sure he even climbed the ladder and went back down.

“Better return this to normal or surely someone in the family would notice,” Jacob thought as he sat down at the computer.

To his horror he saw the Mom character on the screen coming down the hallway. With not much time left, he selected another bed called ‘single’.

Hitting the Alt key, he then used his mouse to exit the game when a message popped-up:

“Save Y/N”

“Yes” he said as he hit the Y key.

Then game went off and his Windows Explorer was back up.

“Are you ready yet?”, his mother asked as she came in, knocking the door lightly as she entered.

“Almost,” he replied from his computer seat.

“OK, shut off your computer and finished getting dressed,” she said with a note of impatience.

Jacob could guess from her look on her face that she thought he was spending too much time at the computer

“Just look at that bed,” she said.

Jacob turned to see the bed he selected wasn’t the right one. This one was bigger then his own. His must of have selected a different type. Scared now that he might have to do some explaining, he sat there as she approached it.

“Haven’t even made your bed yet?” she asked as she stood over and fixed the covers.

She didn’t notice that the bed was too big and the wrong color.

Then it hit him as he sat there. He saved the game.

“Well, don’t sit there just staring at me. Get dressed now.” she said as she tossed his pillow to the headboard and then left the room.

“OK, Mom.” Jacob said as soon she was at the doorway.

“As soon I get home I have got to try a few other things—” he thought as he finished getting dressed. Grabbing his book bag, he left for school.


As soon as Jacob got home, he started the program on his computer and locked the door.

’Time to see if this thing can really do what I think it can.’ Jacob thought as the game loaded. When the game finally loaded, he clicked on himself and a menu appeared with several options on it: TRANSFORM, RELATIONSHIPS, and OPTIONS. Jacob clicked on the transform option and a window with several tabs on it appeared. The tabs read, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, MUSCLE, BODY, LIMBS, COLORS, SEXUAL, and OTHER.

Jacob picked the sexual tab from the window. In this tab, there were all the things you could ever imagine about boy and girl genetalia. All of the parts had check boxes, and a few of them were checked. All of the girl-only parts were unchecked.

Waving the mouse over a few of options, several slider bars appeared underneath them. Finding the penis option, Jacob undid his pants and boxers so that his lower body was unclothed, and slowly moved one of the bars to the left. Immediately, his penis began to lengthen, becoming 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 inches long. Wondering how long it went, Jacob pushed the bar all the way to the left. An explosion of growth followed as his penis grew from a foot long to nearly 10. Feeling that his penis was very disproportionate, he took the second bar and pushed it to the left quickly. Jacob’s ten foot long dick quickly ballooned out to almost a foot and a half wide, the width of his waist.

Feeling that this was too strange, he slid both bars down so his penis was at a large- 2 feet by 6 inches- but manageable size. There was a third slider labeled sensitivity, it was set near the center. Jacob slid this to the left and soon his penis was so sensitive that simply existing was driving him insane. Resisting the urge to masturbate, he lowered that setting down. The next slider was adjusted fairly to the right. Sliding it to the left, Jacob found it’s use immediately. Once the slider was at about 90%, Jacob saw that his piss slit was huge, only a small wall of flesh made up the penis. Jacob lowered it down, just enough that a pencil could easily be put into it. The next slider Jacob adjusted was weight, moving it to the left caused his penis to gain an incredible amount of weight, so Jacob slid it back down.

Moving on down, the next slider bar Jacob adjusted made his penis head stretch back towards his body. Jacob undid that change. The next bar was all the way to the right, sliding it left caused his penis to sprout many veins.

The next item was a drop-down menu. The default was human but there were things like canine, feline, and equestrian.

The next thing was a checkbox, it was unchecked. Clicking on it, a foreskin appeared on his cock. Not used to the alien look, he unchecked it. The next item was also a check box, and checking it didn’t seem to do anything, but reading the label gave it away. The checkbox was labeled ’dexterous.’ Jacob willed his penis to bend upwards, and it did. ’That’s neat!’ Jacob thought.

The next box was a drop down menu set to 1. Clicking on 5 experimentally, his groin got crouded as four new penis sprouted around his original one, each the same size of 2 feet by six inches. Jacob liked it but thought it was a bit much, so he set it to 3.

Moving onto the testicles, there weren’t as many options. There were bars for size and capacity, as well as a drop down menu for number set at 2. Starting with size, he made his testicles a little more proportionate with his penises, about 8 inches in diameter. For capacity, he slid the bar so that it was at 3 gallons. For the drop down menu, he selected 6, and four new balls grew beside his other ones. A button that he had not seen before caught his attention and he clicked on it. A rough rendering of his groin appeared, with the title ’relocate.’ Testing, Jacob clicked on two of the balls and dragged them so they were lower on his groin. The real balls followed suit. Doing the same with the other side, he moved on.

Moving to a sub-tab called fetishes, he saw a variety of strange options. One of which that caught his attention was the ’dick nipples.’ Turning it on, he saw his nipples lengthen and widen, then the tips form the heads of penises. Most of the settings for these and regular penises were the same. Jacob adjusted the length so that they just brushed the floor. The pleasurable feelings were making his dicknipples harden, and they extended to 4 feet long. ’Crap!’ Jacob thought and deactivated the dicknipples.

Jacob was idly tapping his three detexterous cocks as he looked through his options. He clicked on the testicle tab again and pulled the scrotum bar to the left slowly tightening his sac until his large testicles were completely smooth. He reached down and rubbed one of his newly burgeoning balls. He moved his mouse and slid the hair bar all Jacob was idly tapping his three detexterous cocks as he looked through his options. He clicked on the testicle tab again and pulled the scrotum bar to the left slowly tightening his sac until his large testicles were completely smooth. He reached down and rubbed one of his newly burgeoning balls. He moved his mouse and slid the hair bar all the way to the left until he was completely hairless. He laughed as he felt his smooth hairless crotch He flexed his dicks together until they were touching together from base to tip. Jacob slouched back on his chair and put his legs up on the desk until he was able to spread his feet to about shoulder length apart making room for his six balls. Then he wrapped both hands around his meat tripod. Jacob moaned softly as he stroked the three poles and writhed them together. In what felt like no time at all, Jacob shot his load. As he did, he lost control of the dicks and the three gallons of cum he had gifted himself with were covering his room and his whole body. “Holy Cow!” Jacob said with a sigh. He slowly sat back up in his chair and peeled off his shirt. He clicked out of his stats and pulled up his room again. He clicked away his mess on the room and decided to do some renovations.

He clicked on the outside of his room and expanded it 10 feet towards the property line. He then crafted a bathroom with a large walk in shower, a toilet, a urinal and a sink. He quickly added all his needed amenities. Then with a bit of inspiration, he covered the walls and the back of the shower with mirrors. He saved his game, and got up to use the bathroom. He stumbled slightly as he tried to balance his scrawny 14-year-old body against the weight of his monstrous genitals. He was unable to walk until he curled one of his cocks around each leg and hefted the middle one with a his hand. He opened the door and looked at his freakish proportions in the mirrors. With a laugh, he stumbled over to the urinal and with one arm stretched against the mirror he pointed his dicks towards the urinal. With a little effort, Jacob realized that he could control which penis he used to pee with. He jokingly alternated the streams until he was done and then he hobbled into the shower to clean up his mess from earlier. When he finally scrubbed clean, he dried off and slowly made his way back to the computer.

Jacob clicked back on his avatar. He clicked the BODY tab and saw twenty different faceless male bodies. He moused over the first one and stats popped up next to him.

Adam: Completely average build

Jacob noticed that Adam’s slide bars were all right in the middle.

“That’s way too normal for me!” Jacob muttered to himself. He scrolled down until his mouse was over a body named Polo.

Polo: A tallish waterpolo player.

Jacob saw that the scroll bar for body hair was all the way to the left. He also had a dark tan, something that Jacob could never achieve with his computer based lifestyle. His tall, swimmer’s build would be a welcome change from his underdeveloped nerdy body. He clicked on the body and a pop up appeared.

*Change Social Parameters* Yes NO

Jacob clicked NO. He didn’t want his life to change from the way it was, just his body. Then another popup appeared.

*Keep SEXUAL adjustments?* Yes NO

Jacob clicked yes and instantly he was sitting in his chair as a tall and well toned swimmer. He looked down at his packaged and saw that it was barely contained in a tight speedo. He stood up and tried to walk but once again, his three dicks caused him to shift forward and stumble. He fell and smacked his arm into his desk.

With a grunt, he hoisted himself back onto his chair.

He clicked back through his options. He saw a list of features labeled LIMBS.

He clicked on it and scrolled down. All he saw was arms and legs. He went to the top of the list and unclicked the check box that had human written next to it. Instantly, tons of body parts appeared including horse legs, tails, antennae, wings and tons of other things.

“I need a counter balance!” Jacob clicked on tails and then went down to one that was thin, forked, and hairless. He clicked it and a six foot long tail sprung from his speedo and began to wiggle out behind him. The tail was the same color as his new tan. It was about the same girth of his cock and it got thinner until the end where it flared into a point. Jacob tried to stand up and realized that he could easily maneuver with his new appendage. He concentrated on his tail and realized that he could move it with as much control as he could his three cocks. He wrapped the tail around him like a belt and then moved it towards his desk chair. He easily rolled the desk chair around with his new prehensile tail.

Then Jacob got an idea… he clicked back to his room and added a chin up bar. A bar appeared connected to the door frame of his new bathroom. Jacob gingerly wrapped his tail around it and then laid himself down into a pushup position. He tightened his grip on the pole and heaved his body upwards. He stayed dangled about a foot off the ground and then slowly eased himself up until he had his whole body about four feet into the air. He stood up with a grin and walked back over to his computer.

“I need some more flexibility or I won’t be able to do that all the time” Jacob thought. He dialed his flexibility to the right as far as possible. Then he looked at his computer’s clock and saw that it was already 3 am. He had school in the morning and had to go to sleep. He saved his game and laid down in his new bed for a few hours of rest.

As he fell asleep he gingerly wrapped his tail around his leg and was surprised at how comfortable it felt.

Jacob’s alarm went off at 6 am. He groggily got up and walked in to his bathroom to shower and get ready for his school day. When he opened the door he jumped back. Before him stood a semi naked stranger with a tail wrapped down his leg. Then he realized that the stranger was him in his newly modified form. He marched over to the urinal and pulled down his speedo. Out came his three giant dicks. He fully woke up when he accidentally peed on himself because one of his dicks had slid down by his leg due to his lack of attention. He pulled the speedo down and then struggled to get it off of his long tail. Eventually he resorted to just ripping it and he hopped in the shower. He turned on the hot water and stepped in. He began to lather up. He bent down easily to wash his feet and remembered the adjustment he had made to his flexibility. As he bent back up to wash his face and hair, his tail flicked causing him to lurch backwards. He lay spread eagle on his back, wincing at the pain. He stayed seated for a while slowly soaping up his body. He slowly began to soap up his balls and his giant dicks.

He took the outer two dicks in his hands and then got a brilliant idea. He slipped his tail his middle one and began to stroke them all simultaneously. He bucked his hips forward as his tail began to writhe up and down his two foot long shaft. He slid slightly up against the shower wall and his large dick hit him square in the face.

His lips brushed up against his lips and he blushed with embarrassment. Then he realized that he had nothing to worry about because nobody would ever be able to know. He licked his dick and began to slowly put it in and out of his mouth. he was so turned on that the two dicks in his hands came simultaneously. He moved his tail and started working his middle shaft with both hands while he licked the tip. His tail began to twitch spastically. He used his tail to rub his body and then twitched it down against his balls. He began to focus entirely on his middle dick. With another spastic twitch, his tail was rubbing around his ass. Then he shoved the tail up his hole and began to flick it back and forth against his prostate. With a moan, he came into his own mouth. The gallon of cum he produced quickly spilled from his mouth and was sprayed over his body.

Jacob was a little shocked at his behavior but he quickly cleaned up and got dry. He grabbed a towel and walked out to his room to get dressed. He opened up his closet and grabbed up a pair of underwear. He tried to get them on but there was no way his tiny clothes would fit on his now large frame. Jacob looked at his clock and realized that he only had 10 minutes to get to school. He went to the computer and clicked on his icon. He clicked on his body and tried to undo his changes. He didn’t have time to get new clothes so he clicked the undo button.

All that happened was that his blue speedo from before was back on with a hole in it from his tail. Jacob groaned. It turned out that when he hit save, he had saved the current reality as his own.

Jacob’s mom came in and said, “Good! You’re dressed. Hurry up and get in the car. I think today after I pick you up from school, we’ll go shopping. I'm tired of seeing you in that speedo. It looks like your starting to out grow it.”

Jacob winced and grabbed his school bag. It was going to be a strange day at school.

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