Foot store

by Josh Dugan

The swim team looks into buying extra feet.

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I kept noticing how many guys on my swim team had such large, good-looking feet. It seemed more than coincidence, and it gave them an advantage because they seemed to get better speed in the water with them. They also turned me on—I do have a thing for beautiful male feet.

Then one day at the mall I saw some of my teammates in a sporting goods store, barefoot, checking out each other’s feet. I was naturally curious, so I went in. The young sales guy was obviously turned on by my teammates, and they were turned on, too. In an instant, so was I!

They were passing around some beautiful big male feet, as the sales guy brought in boxes and opened them up. Each box contained beautiful matched sets of male feet, and the guys were trying them on. The sales guy obviously liked his work, because he would show the guys a foot and all its nice features with loving detail. He had about four of them under his arm as he held one up for them to see, pointing out its smooth sole, the nice arch, the smooth muscles and the large size.

My teammates were trying on various feet and had piles of them all around them and a few in their laps. A couple of the guys walked around in front of the mirror barefoot, checking out their new feet. Sure enough, the feet were large and very good-looking.

The sales guy was doing a good job convincing the guys that it was a good idea to have extra feet on hand, especially for athletes, and said that he had about a dozen pairs himself. They also came in handy as bed warmers, because they were so big and warm.

The guys listened carefully and followed his presentation as he showed them a few types of feet, and they compared the feet in their laps to the ones he was showing them. A couple of guys absent-mindedly held the beautiful feet to their lips as they pondered the various feet the sales guy showed them.

They welcomed me as I sat down beside them, and it was nice to try on several pairs of the nice feet. I chose a couple pairs that were a size or two larger than what I had thought I would want, but they were so large and comfortable that I liked them, and my teammates did likewise.

We appreciated the young sales guy’s advice, and invited him for a sleepover. He said he’d bring his extra feet, so we agreed we would too. It was good to find someone who was really into great feet, and the party was fun and such a turn-on! We ended up sleeping with all the feet after exhausting ourselves talking about them and comparing them all. And they’re great for athletics, particularly for swimming. Most all the guys on our swim team are interested now, and the feet are looking awesome!

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