Surprise potion

by Three-Legged Dude

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One day I decided to change my friend. I made a potion that turned my buddy rubbery. He fell into a puddle of rubber then pulled himself back up but his head was on backwards which I thought was awesome. After he returned to normal he went upstairs and went to a puddle again and poured himself downstairs, then he proceeded outside and turned into a wheel of all legs and rolled around the yard.

He pulled his two arms and two legs in and moved his head to the right of where it was and a bunch of legs grew from his neck area down his chest and then up his back it was very hot, as he was doing this it was hard to keep myself from exploding. All in all he ended up with 12 to 16 legs.

I had to jack off and release my load because I was almost overflowing. After he finished he pulled all his legs in but three. Then the potion wore off so he was left with two rights and a left.

He had got a tuxedo the week before he wanted to show me but it only had two pant legs, so he put the tux on with two legs in one pantleg and one in the other. Then the single pantleg with two feet sticking out of the bottom split in to two pantlegs. So then he got the rest of the suit on.

When he came down to show me his suit he stood there on those three perfect bleached white socked feet and I got yet another hard on, then he looked at himself in the mirror and he noticed something was wrong his hands were gone. Disappeared. He pulled up his sleeves, somehow his hands were still there just invisible. His arms were still visible but soon to disappear later. There was something in the tux that had an invisibility effect on him.

With his eyes as big as saucers he got me to come upstairs with him, walking with his middle leg first then the other two following. So when we got to his room he took off his tuxedo jacket then his dress shirt and his arms had fully disappeared.

Then I literally fell to pieces on the floor, three legs, torso, arms, and head in a scrap pile on the floor. As I was getting myself back together he sat on the bed then I noticed one of his bleached White socks peeling itself off and yes his foot was gone, very cool, I thought, it was so hot to see his foot and arms gone. He looked at me with a scared look and asked me, “What's happening?” I said I didn't Know.

So he took his pants off and all three of his legs were gone. He was standing there on two right white socked feet but there was nothing between them and his boxers. I was incredibly hard. I couldn't believe what was happening and it wasn't me that was doing this.

So all that was left was his torso and his head, which was awesome. He then proceeded to pull off his boxers and there was nothing from the waist down. I was disappointed because I was hoping to see his hard 10” cock. Then his torso had finally gone, then his head. He was completely invisible except for the two right white socked feet hanging from the bed.

At this time I was just putting my head back on. Then he got dressed in his regular clothes but he was still invisible with three legs. He then had to find a wrap to put around his head with holes in it to see, smell, and eat. Hopefully he won't go like this any longer than a year when he will return to his normal self. If he can't control it though, he will be like this for the rest of his life.

It's hard to say.

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