Four for the game

by Clearlyhere

 Four jocks play a body changing game.

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The tennis team had gone drinking at the bars on main street after a very long practice. John was the drunkest of them all, but Jim and Rob were pretty drunk too. Adam was the old man of the group, 23, always making sure that everyone got home safely. He drove the four of them to the apartment that Adam and John shared.

“God, I’m so wired. Who wants to play another round of beer pong? Or strip poker,” said John. He grabbed onto Adam’s belt loops and pulled at his jeans showing his hot Andrew Christian thong.

“No no no no no. Stay here,” said Adam. He gently pushed John down onto the couch. John nuzzled Adam’s crotch and tried to get his finger in Adam crack.

“Woah, hold on sex for brains. I don’t need to see that,” said Rob. “Can I get another beer?” Rob could hold his alcohol the best of the group. He was average in every way, including in the cock department, John knew. John, at 6’1”, was the tallest and the biggest of the group. He was a total top and great cock sucker. Of there group he was probably the most adventurous. He’d fucked both James and Rob at one point.

“I don’t know. It is pretty late. I’m kind of tired,” said James. James has the cutest little ass and a tight defined but not ripped body. He loved big guys like John who were cock mother fuckers. At 5’5”, he was a born bottom. James was shy about engaging with other guys, but if you were forward like John, he’d open right up.

Adam’s phone buzzed. “Hey guys, I just got a text. I’ve got to pick up some guys.”

“I’ll say,” said Rob.

“Fuck you,” he said playfully, “It’s hard to be the DD, but it’s my weekend. I’ve got to pick up a few more drunks.”

“Easy pickings.” said Rob.

“I’ll be back. Don’t go anyway. Just stay inside. You’ve had enough fun for the night.”

“Yes, DAD!” said Rob. He grabbed Adam’s cock and jacked it to a partial pump. Adam swatted him away.

“Ok, drunky. Find another ass to fuck. I know my cock makes you drool, but I don’t have time for you to slobber all over my cock... Maybe later” Adam scooted out of the door before he could be waylaid by more horse play. James, Rob and John all sat down, throwing their arms and legs all over the couch and each other in a jumble. James reclined on the couch with closed his eyes. One hand was on John’s chest and one hand in his own pocket.

“Come on. It is too early to go to sleep. We can do shots.” said Rob. John took off his shirt and wadded it into a pillow. “We’ve got to do something.”

“Or someone,” James joked. He sounded tired. Rob got up and looked through the games on the chest for some cards and found a game he didn’t recognize. It looked like an adult game with hot guys on the back of each card.

“Look, I found this game. Anyone want to play,” said Rob. He waved a bunch of cards around showing some hot beef cake guys posing.

“Sure, I’ll play, but I don’t know if I’ll get the rules. I’m pretty drunk.” said John looking at the board. He grabbed the cards and shuffled them.

“I think we just turn them over, one at a time and say what we want,” Rob said after reading the writing on the board. There didn’t seem to be of any directions other than that whatsoever. “Hey, James. James. James you in? You in? You want me in you?”

James didn’t indicate he had hear Rob’s request and seemed to be asleep. Rob shuffled the cards and turned one over.

“Ok, I’ll go first,” Rob read, “Body Builder, Twink, Muscle Daddy, Jock.”

“What does that mean? Is this a gay game?” said John. “We are all kind of Jocks. Though little James might be the twink. What do you think it means?”

“Um, I don’t know. Who do you want to fuck?” Rob looked at the board. The instructions just said make a choice. “I guess I’ve always wanted to get fucked by a big body builder.”

“Okay, I’d say…”

“Oh wait, I think I’m supposed to guess for everybody else. Maybe, then you’ll say if you were right? Like how well do you know your friends?” Rob looked at James and John. “John, you want to fuck a twink and James, you want a jock like me. Adam gets Muscle Daddy i guess.”

Rob smiled at his joke then suddenly felt this wave of euphoria. His body was tingling all over, almost burning. His muscles were twitching uncontrollably. He was breathing really heavy as his shirt collar and sleeves ripped. Muscles all over his body got bigger and more defined.

“What the fuck?” said John. He was twitching all over too. Everything felt weird as his body was contracting and tightening. His cock swelled up pumping so much blood into his cock. He grabbed it with unfamiliar hands. His whole body felt warm and good.

“Holy crap!” said James as he sat straight up from his half-sleep. They all looked different. Rob WAS a Body Builder now. His frame had gotten wider and fucking huge. He tore off the remains of his shirt. John, whose shirt was already off, looked tighter and younger. Leaner than he had been. James took off his shirt to see his results. He had gained 15 pounds of muscle for sure; Rob gained at least 50. So, James was a jock and John was a twink.

“How did that happen?”

“Where did you get this game?”

“I just found it under this pile. I don’t know. It was just laying there.” Rob looked up from his impressive physique and noticed his two friends. He flexed his biceps then his pecs. His man tits looked amazing. No way he would have ever looked like this even if he had tried to be a body builder. His frame had gotten bigger.

“So you get to be the body builder,” said John.

“Luck of the draw, man,” said Rob.

“I’m a fucking twink.”

“Yeah, a hot twink.” John looked at his body and it was pretty tight. It was definitely slimmer. Tiny knots of abs had popped out and his chest hair had gone away. All he had left was a treasure trail down to his pubes. James on the other hand looked like he’d thickened up.

“My turn. I want to go!” said James as he grabbed the next card. “Minus 6 inches , Plus 5 inches, Plus 10 inches, Plus 12 inches. What does that mean? Plus 12 inches what?” He turned the card over looking for more information.

“Just choose something,” sad Rob excitedly.

“Fine. Plus 12 me, Plus 10 Rob, Minus 6 John, Ha ha! Plus 5 Adam?” Before he even got to Adam all three felt the effects. James, the shortest of them all, grew from 5’5” to 6”5” with his muscles and frame increasing proportionately. “Fuck yeah, look how fucking tall I am now, bitches.”

Rob gain at least another 40 pounds of muscle as he grew from 5’10” to 6’8” just a little taller than formerly little James. He couldn’t believe this fucking luck. It was so erotic growing huge like this. John shrank from the tallest at 6’1” to 5’7”. He was the dwarfed by the two 6 plus foot meatheads. He looked up to them for the first time. He loved the way James and Rob’s pecs expanded and contracted as bounced in front of him.

“Damn it James. Look how short I am now!”

“Well, now you’ll get to see what it is like to be the tiniest one.” James said unconsciously rubbing his pecs with one hand. His elongated torso was stacked with a six pack with nice patches of hair all over his pecs and stomach. John wasn’t sure that he was getting the best end of the deal. He reached for his card and read a similarly cryptic choice, minus 6 inches, plus 5 inches, plus 10 inches, plus 9 inches.

“Ok looks like I’ll be growing back up! Plus 10 me, minus 6 for colossus Rob, plus 5 for James, and plus 9 for.... Oh my fucking god.” His dick started lengthening. It burned and exploded and fucking felt awesome. Each of the guys practically passed out as their dicks change. John had been the most hung to begin with grew to 18 inches. It felt like pushing into the tightest hole ever. His dick just lit up with pleasure. It was longer than both of his hands as he jerked it up and down.

“Oh god.” Rob said in pleasure and despair. He pulled his pants down to see his cock had shrunk down to just an inch. It was a choad and extremely tiny surrounded by his huge, muscular thighs.

“I’m sorry. I thought I was going to get taller again. Fuck this is awesome though. Look at this hard on. It is fucking huge.” James had his pants down too with a nice 11 inch cock. He couldn’t help jacking it. It was huge in his hands. John got up and pushed his 18 inches cock next to James’s. God, it looked so hot.

“Hey guys, what the hell is happening?” Hugh, John’s older brother, came out of his room with a 15 inch hard on, now 6’6” and a total Muscle Daddy. John turned and almost creamed seeing Hugh, a naked hung muscle daddy. He looked like he should be wearing a leather harness.

“Look what happened to you!” John walked over to Hugh and started feeling him up. He rubbed his hairy pecs and rubbed his cock next to Hugh’s thicker shorter monster. Hugh got weak at the knees feeling John’s cock on his.

“What about Adam? He is going to kill us. Fuck, you look good Hugh” said Rob who was looking lustily at John and Hugh’s ministrations. All he could do was rub his clit of a dick. It oozed pre-cum.

“It is this awesome game.” John continued to feel up Hugh’s chest and abs and cock. He was amazing looking. John had been the taller younger brother, but Hugh was back on top. His older brother was so… damn sexy now.

“Who’s the big brother now?” said Hugh.

“I think it is your turn now. Just pick a card and choose who gets what,” said John stroking both their cocks. John took the card from the top of the deck and handed it to Hugh.

“Top, Top, Bottom, Bottom. Obviously, I’m a top.” Hugh said stroking his thick huge dick. “And you… John are..”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“A twinky bottom.”


“Big James is a bottom and Rob is a top.” Rob got angry looking at his little dick.

“Damn it, Hugh. What the fuck did you do that for?” All the other guys just laughed. Rob grabbed a new card looking for a little relief. “Fine. 10 to me, 8 to James, 6 to John, 5 to Hugh.”

“5 what?” said Hugh.

“I don’t know.”

“I think I do.” said James who started feeling up Rob. Rob had the intense desire to feel up James. They started making out and trying to jack off each other. John and Hugh started to do the same.

“Next card,” said James, “Bruiser, Model, Actor, Elfin. Model me, Actor Hugh, Bruiser Rob, Elfin….uh.. John.” He said in between kisses with Rob. Everyone’s face changed subtly, John’s looks got more delicate and angular. Rob looked like a man who had been in his share of fights. Hugh got more good looking. James looked like a cover model.


“You are so hot,” said James grinding his big dick against Rob’s tiny thick one.

“Minus 10 cm, Plus 10 cm, Plus 5 cm, Plus 20cm.” said John, “Plus 10 me and James, Plus 20 Hugh, minus 5 Rob.” John felt his balls expand and it felt like a pressure. He knelt down to start licking Hugh’s expanded ballsack.

“Plus 10, plus 10, plus 5, plus 5.” said Hugh panting as John had moved up to his huge cock. “10 to me and Rob, 5 to John and James.” Both Rob and Hugh started spurting cum. John and James were both there to lap up their enormous loads.

“Fuck yeah,” said John after swallowing volley after volley of cum from that big muscle daddy’s cock. He had never had so much pleasure sucking another guy off. He loved being a bottom now. He jacked off his 18 inch cock vigorously while taking a few loads in the face.

Rob grabbed a card. “9 to me, 10 to Hugh, 4 to James, 3 to John. OOoooh fuck.” Rob’s nipples expanded, the areolas widened and nipples getting longer. Hugh looked like he used suction cups to create those things. His pecs got disproportionate with the rest of his body and Rob looked like he had fucking muscle man boobs they swelled so much. James flicked Rob’s huge nips and bit them, relishing their size. They were delicious. James grabbed his own expanded tits and rubbed them with great relish.

Hugh’s nipples were on fire, they were so wired. He twisted his nips then pulled up his little buddy John to suck on them. John was turned on by Hugh’s massive pecs and barely noticed his own pecs plumping up a little bit.

“Yeah baby. They are like two extra dicks on my chest,” said Hugh. At 5’7”, John was at a perfect high to lick Hugh’s hot pecs while grinding their enormous dicks together.

“10 to Rob and Hugh, 5 to John and me.” James said. Immediately, his asshole tightened and twitched. Then he saw Rob and Hugh’s muscle asses expand obscenely. Both had shelfs for muscle asses.

“Hey, so the two tops get the huge muscle asses.” said John.

“I love the tight ass on you.” said Hugh as he reached a finger into John’s hole.

“Oh god I need to get FUCKED!” said John. He grabbed another card. “Plus 6 me, plus 4 James and Hugh, minus 2 for Rob.”

“Damn it.” said Rob as his choad lost 2 inches in girth. “Really? How am I supposed to fuck with this thing? Damn it!” Rob seemed to tower over everyone because of his mass of muscles though he was only two inches taller than Hugh and three inches taller than James.

“Fuck me,” whispered John into Hugh’s ear, “Fuck me hard.” John’s thick cock was caught in between Hugh’s huge pecs, John looked up and kisses those huge nips and bit. John was the smallest guy there almost a foot shorter than everyone else but his cock was the most magnificent, 18 inches long and 12 inches thick.

“Wait. Let’s do one more,” said Hugh picking up his card. Unlike the previous cards it only had one word on it.

“Switch?” Hugh read. All of the sudden he was in a twinky elfin body with an even longer and thicker cock. John blinked back at him in his handsome muscle daddy body. Rob suddenly was aware of his huge cock rubbing against the eight pack of James’s new muscle body.

“Turn around buddy. I need at that ass.” said Rob while fondling Hugh’s tight dick.

“Come on. I think this ass is even more sensitive than my old one. Fuck me Hugh. you look so hot. Fuck me with that huge tool.” Muscle daddy John turned his ass up to Hugh and bent to get that cock in between his cheeks. The short twink mounted the muscle daddy tearing at his insides with an unbelievable cock. The muscle daddy’s cock dripped cum as his hypersensitive ass was plowed.

James, now the tallest of them all, bent over to accommodate Rob’s large cock now. It was better that Rob was now the model athlete with the big cock while James with his tiny cock was the bodybuilder muscle bottom. His ass felt so good. One hand guided the thick tool in and the other twisted his giant nipples. They were so sensitive.

“Fuck me, Rob. Go to town on my huge muscle ass. Yeah, big man. Twist my nips. Kneed my tits. Feel me up. I need you to fuck me hard.” Rob push his huge cock into the bruiser’s ass slowly.

“You are the hottest fucking muscle daddy I’ve ever seen.” said twink Hugh, the shortest man in the room with the biggest cock, as he fucked the John the muscle daddy bigger man. “Your hole feels fucking amazing. What a great game.”

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