Full moon

by NJ18Male

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The full moon has some weird effects on some people…

Mike had never actually been in a full moon, because his parents new what happened last time and weren't about to let it happen again… This full moon they grounded Mike and told him he couldn't leave the house… But Mike wanted to go to Darren's party, of course to see Darren…

He was in love with Darren but unfortunately, he showed no signs of being gay. In fact he showed all signs of being straight. Darren after all was a football jock, all muscled and Mike barely had any pecs, and only a flat stomach, but Mike would try anyway

Most of the night had been cloudy, but it was clearing up a bit… The party was jumping with great music, it was hot and everyone was sweaty. Mike saw Darren go out on the balcony, this was his chance. He stepped out, the cool breeze felt good on his sweaty body, he seemed warmer then usual though. He took a deep breath and walked over to Darren.

“Nice night huh…?” Mike said.

“Yeah, nice and cool…”

“You know Darren, I've seen you around school a lot. And I talk to you sometime's, but we don't really know each other too well.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I've kinda had my eye on you for awhile…”

He took a gulp and his heart jumped a beat…

“I think I like y ou…”


“Yo u m ean……”


“Uh, look Mike I'm flattered… but I'm straight…”

Mike's heart stopped, he thought he would die right there. Maybe it was the sweat, or maybe it was the extreme adrenaline in his veins but something happened in Mike's body at that moment as the moon came from out of the clouds. It was bright and shining, casting a light down all over the ground and on the house.

Mike's heart started again, but went faster then before. It beat as if it were pounding out of his chest, Mike felt a tingling all over his body. He looked at his arms and they seemed bigger, thicker. They got so big they made his small shirt rip at the shoulder seams.

“Holy shit man! Are you growing muscle…?” Mike couldn't respond, he was engulfed in his transformation. His shirt ripped down the sides and down the back as his muscles continued to grow. Darren only watched in amazement as Mike began to increase in height, his legs grew longer and thicker. His pants began to rip until they too finally gave way. Mike was almost 10 feet tall now, and had the body of a toned muscle man.

“Shit man your huge!”

That comment turned Mike on and his dick swelled in his tight boxers. Darren watched as they got tighter against the growing man's body, until they exploded revealing the biggest cock he ever saw. Mike began to grunt and moan as his body's expanding went faster, the moon was exposed more and more as the clouds drifted apart. Once the moon was fully out of the clouds there was no telling what would happen to Mike.

Darren noticed that the balcony started to creak and give way from the giants weight. He ran inside, it was at that point that everyone saw Mike and began screaming and running out of the house. Mike heard the creaking boards snap as he fell to the ground. He landed with a thump, on his ass. The pain was agonizing, but it soon went away. It was replaced by pleasure, that flowed through his body…

The moon shown more through the clouds and made Mike grow bigger, and stronger. He was over 30 feet tall now and expanding at an incredible rate. He watched as the ground got further away, and Darren's house got smaller and smaller. He saw lots of kids running from the house to their cars and driving away. Grabbing one of the cars he looked inside at the terrified occupants. The teens stared paralyzed as the giants hand grew around their car and they were raised higher off the ground.

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