Gay humantaur bar

by James Fourlegs

What can possibly be going on in there?

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I had been overcome with lust for Roy the first time I laid eyes on him in the nude gay humantaur bar, one of my favorite places not only because it's one of the few nude bars I know of, but especially because the gorgeous muscular tall young naked guys there all have four arms and four legs! Even among them, Roy stood out. He was beautiful and broad-shouldered, blonde and with a rare and very sexy four-armed, six-legged body. He was very sexy and muscular, and set all of the naked humantaurs' huge hardons a-sway when his giant, gentle body bumped theirs in the crowded bar.

Even the handsome bartender, a professional charmer with a magnificent humantaur body any of us would die for, could not hide his enormous frontal and rear hardons when Roy's four long, muscular arms found themselves comfortably draped around the broad multiple shoulders of his fellow humantaurs. Aroused myself, I had to laugh inwardly watching the bartender trying to maneuvering his awesome four legs in the space behind the bar, while his giant penises swayed and bumped against his legs and against the bottles, refrigerators and shelves behind the bar.

Roy had all of our hardons in full arousal because he was so handsome—and he had the us in envious, aroused awe, with his awesomely muscled four arms and his six excellent legs. I wanted those six male human legs and all of Roy for myself—especially watching Roy's three huge erections. With his huge frontal hardon and other two gigantic guys between his middle and hind pairs of legs, he could feed the whole bar with his come, but I wanted all of it for myself.

That was my thought one lucky summer holiday weekend, when all the young humantaurs were feeling especially sexy and definitely in a party mood—it was cool to see them cutting loose with each other, and it was such a hot night that the cold beer was flowing freely. I managed to get Roy talking to me about himself. He was naturally attracted to me—and I was to him, for sure!

It was an especially hot night and several of us had spilled outside—much to the delight of the guys in the neighborhood—the streets were full of sweating naked Humantaurs. Inside the bar, the tall young four-legged guys joyfully poured huge flagons of ice-cold beer down one another's gulping throats, holding each other with their beautiful four harms, enjoying the feel of their strong young hands on each other. Roy and I were naturally turned on by each other, and could feel our huge hardons dripping precum as we laughed and talked together, sometimes arm in arm.

I somehow convinced Roy that for every two beers I drank he had to drink three, because I had two hardons and he had three. That got him very turned on, and before long his incredibly handsome six-legged body body was not only glistening with sweat from the heat but swaying with the beer. As his beautiful lips became slow and slurred, I kissed them repeatedly while he tried to form words, his four large, strong hands clumsily resting on my shoulders as he tried to explain something or another to me.

When he noticed I was licking the salty sweat from his huge pectorals and twirling my tongue on his firm, erect nipples, his beautiful body rocked with laughter and his hardons became enormous, swaying heavily. The frontal hardon became too gigantic to even pretend to ignore, and he and I took turns sucking on it.

The handsome young humantaurs around us were likewise really feeling good, and Humantaurs began mating all over the place. The air was sharp with the arousing tang of their sweat, and loud with their screams and drunken laughter.

Roy's four muscular hands gestured vaguely in the air as his lips numbly formed his words, and I had to fuck him in the worst way! I gently put my arm around his long, muscular waist and let his beautiful drunken six-legged body rest against mine, his six-legged body bumping against mine as the six legs carried him unevenly along, his beautiful feet stumbling and catching on one another. My own four legs were stumbling, too. My two hardons burned with fluid rage from within and my frontal and rear balls churned with unrelieved come under pressure, as Roy's three hardons slowly swung from side to side, burdened by their own tremendous weight and length as his six legs tried to walk.

As handsome, drunken male humantaurs mated unrelentingly on all sides among us, their sweat dripping and their fine bulging muscles gleaming with shiny perspiration, gobs of flying come from unattended hardons smacked Roy and I as I led my magnificent six-legged drunken stud through the crowd of huge, muscular four-legged males, lost in each other's four-armed embraces.

Roy's six handsome bare feet stumbled as the cool evening air hit his sweet face, and we were alone outside, save for the coupling Humantaurs dotting the surrounding area. “Can I nurse you?” his lips slowly said, as his beautiful eyes tried to focus on mine.

I never answered. He bent his wonderful torso down, wrapping his arms around my hind legs, and I felt his wonderful mouth and throat take in my aching rear hardon. I buried my face in the powerful contrours of his six handsome hips, loving their beautiful musculature, and was thankful that he had six legs to steady his drunken swaying. They also suspended the most magnificent hardons I have ever seen, each hardon giant and incredibly long and heavy, running with fragrant ooze. The hardon for the rearmost legs brazenly plowed into the balls of the hardon belonging to the middle pair, and I twisted my spine and reached my torso and arms towards them. It was heaven to grab both magnificent shafts, working them and sucking both heads to my heart's content.

Pure animal pleasure sweated from Roy's and my bodies, and our long, multiple legs could barely keep us standing as they finally spasmed with our enormous, spurting ejaculations. I died with pleasure as Roy sucked me up, and I did my best to suck both his giant hind hardons as they spouted and spouted, the excess come flying all over me and all over Roy's undersides.

Roy was still coming when I felt him straightening up, as much as he could in his drunken state, and I felt his powerful, gentle hands pulling at me. Before I knew it we were lost in a come-soaked embrace, his huge, snakelike tongue probing my mouth and throat as his alcohol sweet breath filled my grateful nostrils.

As our sweaty, muscular stomachs slid and caressed during our hug, our frontal hardons rudely intruded, barging in between our torsos and rising like hot spears up between us. Roy's glazed eyes met mine in a laugh, and he hungrily sucked down my frontal hardon, working its massive shaft with his strong hands. I grabbed his huge frontal guy likewise and we both laughed as we sucked and sucked at each other's incredibly enormous frontal hardons. I was so turned on I could feel my rear hardon getting hard again, and both of Roy's rear hardons became totally engorged again as well.

It wasn't that we didn't want to stop after our frontal hardons let loose their massive pulses of molten hot sperm.

It took a lot of effort to catch as much of each other's come as we could—and the come glazing our faces was only a fraction of the huge leaping spurts that shot out into the night air. It felt so good to come with Roy I could hardly stop, and neither could he! Before we could finally stumble off to sleep together we had to suck our back hardons down one more time, and then I had to mount Roy and fuck him properly.

He then butt fucked my hind ass with his frontal hardon and then with his two back hardons. So I gave him a final butt fucking with my frontal hardon as well, and we decided then and there to marry each other. All I can hope for is that if we get each other pregnant our sons will have six legs!

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