Gym class hero

by Portowulf

Engineering student Dominic Wilde becomes the unexpected recipient of the “gym class hero” title during his college senior year.

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It was the beginning of another academic year.

Dominic was a rising senior in college, and still hadn’t taken his mandatory gym credits yet. Luckily his two friends hadn’t either, and luckier still, seniors got first pick of the courses. The three amigos decided to take personalized fitness together.

Neither of them had been particular sporty, so the named sport courses piqued their interest, and the only other option was a running course, and Dominic had voted against it. So personalized fitness it was.

The class was maxed out at 25 students, all boys. They waited by the locker room for the gym teacher, who eventually showed up. Usually gym would be taught by a coach or other faculty member from the athletic department, but this guy seemed like he belonged in the Science Lab.

“Greetings!” said the new coach “Thank you all for coming, we have a full class and for the next semester we’ll be working together. My name is Mr. Phillips, but you can call me Adam.”

Adam wasn’t much older than they were. In fact, Dominic thought he might be a Ph.D. student. The ‘coach’ was dwarfed by some of the bigger jocks from the football team just looking for free credits. But he seemed comfortable in the position regardless.

“This is a pass/fail course, and as this is individualized fitness, as long as you show up every day, you will pass,” explained Adam. “Work as much or as little as you want. I’ll be here to help or guide you with anything you need including nutrition planning.”

Dominic smiled to his two friends, Mateo and Daesoon. He had originally resigned to the idea of being forced to exercise, but the engineering student was intrigued by Adam’s offer as their teacher.

“Speaking of nutrition,” continued Adam, “when you show up, I’ll give you a nutrition bar so I know who came in on time. I will be keeping strict records in attendance, but again feel free to do what you wish.”

Adam started to hand out bars to everyone, who each unwrapped and ate the bars. It had a sweet taste, almost topical without being discernable as any specific flavor, but definitely gave them a spring in their step.

“At the end of the semester, whoever has the biggest gym contribution will be named Gym Class Hero,” he announced, to the excited murmurs of the class.

Dominic, Mateo, and Daesoon started to walk the perimeter of the gym, which was a small track. They walked and talked, and were joking about how easy the class looked.

On their second lap, another student approached.

“Hey there,” said the boy. “I’m Erik. Anyone want to use the rack with me? I don’t want to do anything alone.’

“Sure,” said Daesoon, and the two went to the corner of the gym with the weight rack. And Erik set up a barbell for squats.

Daesoon was a skinny Asian kid in the Electrical Engineering department. Erik wasn’t exactly huge himself, but was naturally bulkier than the smaller Korean.

“I guess it’s just you and me now,” said Dominic to Mateo.

“I guess so,” agreed Mateo, with a sarcastic smirk.

The two continued to walk laps until the end of period.

Two weeks later, the three friends were talking in the locker room. Daesoon was showing off some muscle gains.

“It’s better than I expected!” said Daesoon excitedly.

“Dude it’s only been two weeks” exclaimed Dominic “what have you been doing?”

“More than you, evidently,” joked Mateo, poking Dominic in the stomach. Admittedly, Dominic had put on a few pounds.

“Same as you, dick,” Dominic replied, defensively.

“Actually, about that,” Mateo replied, “I think I’m gonna use the machines today.”

“What? I don’t want to be left alone,” said Dominic, disappointed.

“So come with me,” said Mateo, in earnest.

Dominic grumbled. His dreams of an easy gym class falling from his sight.

As they went in and grabbed their nutrition bars from Mr. Philippe, Daesoon went to the squat rack, and Mateo dragged Dominic to the machines. Mateo actually started to work hard, adding extra weight than he would have expected. Dominic, however, was barely going through the motions, wandering between the machines, reading the signs, doing some machines in minimal weights and only a single set of ten reps at max.

By the end of the period, Mateo had worked up quite the sweat, and Dominic had managed to barely do anything. The three friends went down to change.

Another three weeks passed. Midterms were approaching, and everyone was feeling the stress.

“Man, midterm stress has me blowing up like a balloon,” said Dominic. “Campus food is killer, and I’m not a freshman anymore.”

The hairy man had gained more weight than he would have liked to admit. A tight belly, paired with a full rear and two round man boobs, built an entirely different picture than the beginning of the semester.

“Man, I know,” said Daesoon. “I’m having trouble focusing in class now too. Most be the stress. At least I know the gym clears my head.”

“Same,” said Mateo. “I’m worried about my grades this semester for sure, but at least we don’t have to worry about gym.”

Both Mateo and Daesoon had gained double digits in muscle mass. Daesoon looked like an amateur bodybuilder, and Mateo looked like a lifelong athlete, both far from where they started.

Dominic was jealous of his friends, but not enough to put in any more work. He shoved a nutrition bar in his mouth and, out of frustration, grabbed a second.

Mateo and Daesoon continued their normal routine. Dominic walked around the gym, disinterested.

“Dude, you gotta help me study,” said Daesoon. “I got a 14 on my midterm, I’ve never done that badly before.”

It was two weeks later, and the midterm results were grim. Most of the class had done pretty badly. However, Dominic had managed to keep an A average, preventing the rest of the class to get any curve to their grades.

“Forget that, I got a 6!” sried Mateo. “My dad’s gonna kill me if I can’t get this up.”

“Heheh,” chuckled Daesoon. “Get it up.”

Dominic gave Daesoon a side eye. He should be taking this more seriously. “Fine, but what do I get out of this? Other than being an amazing friend?”

Daesoon sauntered over, his muscles stretching out his clothing. He leaned up against his obese best friend, and whispered in his ear.

“Anything you want. All night.”

Dominic was shocked—not that he was offering sex, Daesoon had become a bit of a slut this year for some reason, but that he was offering it to Dominic. He had been suffering self-esteem issues the whole semester.

“…Okay,” Dominic replied, almost questioningly.

“And tutor me the next night,” said Mateo. “Big sexy Teddy bear.”

Now Mateo threw him off. Dominic had always assumed he was straight. But maybe he just needed the tutoring. Or maybe it was just college. Either way, Dominic took the self-esteem boost.

“Okay, it’s a plan then,” said Dominic, still flabbergasted. “Let’s go to the gym.”

Three weeks later, the trio was at the gym locker room, arguing.

“The final exam is next week, and neither of you can remember even the basics. What’s wrong with you?” yelled Dominic.

“Hehehe, you’re cute when you’re angry,” said Mateo, slackjawed. His speech was slurred, and his lower jaw protruded outward more than it used to. He had a constant look of dumb obliviousness on his face these days.

“Dann right I’m angry, we need to graduate! If you don’t get above a B on your final you won’t pass your class and—” Dominic was cut off by Daesoon.

“Nipples,” said Daesoon, reaching for Dominic. Dominic now weighed 275 pounds, but he was agile enough to evade the stupid clutches of his new boyfriend.

“What?” Dominic responded angrily. He looked down at his shirt, and instead of under-boob sweat, he saw huge wet patches on his shirt where his nipples are. “What the fuck?”

At that moment, Adam walked by. “Dominic, come with me please.”

Mateo and Daesoon hollered like grade school kids mocking someone sent to the principal, before interlocking in an embrace and shutting themselves up with their tongues.

Dominic missed all that, as he walked after Mr. Philippe, back to his office in the gym.

“Close the door, please,” said Adam.

Dominic did, and then sat at the table. Adam was looking at charts on clipboards while he addressed Dominic

“Your attendance has been perfect, just like everyone in the class, yet you have not performed any exercise routines, correct?” asked Adam.

Dominic suddenly felt guilty. “Yes sir, I’m sorry but—”

“Don’t apologize,” said Adam. “I told you you could do as much or as little as you wanted.”

Dominic closed his mouth, a little confused.

“Those nutrition bars have 3000 calories per serving with a special blend of enzymes,” said Adam, not facing him. “Do you know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic, Dominic?”

“Something about air?” replied Dominic.

“Correct,” said Adam, turning around. “And your body gets oxygen from pumping blood, and your body pumps blood when you exercise.”

Dominic stared wide-eyed, not knowing what to expect.

“Your friends gained increased muscle mass, and endurance at the cost of neutral degradation. Basically they’re dumb brutes. Also their hormones make them highly sexual.”

Dominic’s mouth widened.

“You received the anaerobic enzyme results. Increased cognitive response, but also hyper weight gain. Also your mammary glands have activated.”

Dominic looked at Adam confused.

“Oh yes, men have them too. Just dormant. It’s where male breast cancer comes from, but that’s beside the point,” he said, walking closer to Dom.

“But what you produce is no ordinary milk. It’s pure nutrition. Like the world’s most effective protein shake. Even more effective than my bars.”

Dominic was confused, but also aroused.

“This was all an experiment,” said Adam. “You are a happy accident.”

“So now what?” asked Dominic, with a raging hard-on.

“So now, you become the gym class hero.”

Dominic smiled. He knew where this was going.

“I’m going to cut you a deal. The rest of the class is going to fail out of college. I’m going to hire them as “lab assistants” but actually they will be my lab studies. As for your two boys, I’ll speak with the dean to make sure they graduate—on the condition you also become my employee. Or more accurately, my company asset, and feed my test subjects your milk.”

Dominic smiled. It was all too perfect, but he wanted to push his luck.

“One more thing,” said Dominic, standing up.

“Name your price.”

“Your ass. Right here, right now.”

Adam smirked back at Dominic. “Deal,” he said. He dropped his gym shorts and bent over his coaching desk.

Dominic mounted the small man, and thrust himself inside him. Surprisingly, he was loose, even for Dominic’s newfound cocksize.

“Surprised?” asked Adam. “Your class is test batch number 7.”

Dominic laughed to himself before continuing to raw-dog Adam. His stomach was bouncing off Adam’s back, his breasts bouncing and squirting.

After two hours of doggy style, Dominic came. It was the only exercise he had gotten all semester. Adam laid on the floor, a quart of cum oozing out of him.

“You’re the best one yet,” said Adam, with a diabolical grin.

Three months later, the flunked class showed up for “work”. A now 375-pound Dominic sat on a table where the nutrition bars used to be. Each muscle boy came over and sucked on Dominic’s tits, two as a time. They would often precum when sucking, but Dom didn’t mind.

Then Mateo and Daesoon showed up. Both were 250 pounds of pure muscle. They weren’t much for conversation, but they followed orders. They did very well when Dominic filled the paperwork for marriage, putting him in charge of their affairs.

They suckled last, but their exercise wasn’t a barbell or machine. Their equipment was Dominic’s huge tool, and their session was going to be a long one, as usual.

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