Have yourself a megalithic Christmas

by Ziel

A sort of sequel/follow up/spin off to “A Miracle on 69th Street”. This time the story focuses on Calvin, a down on his luck dude who has long suffered under his overbearing and outright mean-spirited older brother, but all that’s about to change. It’s Calvin’s turn to be the “big” brother in every sense of the word.

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The last few months had been the best months of Calvin’s life. Had he started his senior year of high school which put him towards the top of the pecking order around campus. Even the jocks tended to leave him more or less alone, but Calvin had a feeling that a lot of that had to do with the fact that he no longer had the ever present specter of his older brother looming over him.

Sibling rivalries are common enough, but few are as bad as the one Calvin had with his older brother, Scott. It wasn’t even a rivalry per se so much as it was a one sided shitfest of hate and horrible. Scott had made it clear from day one that he was the big brother and therefor the parents’ favorite child as well as the all-around better person, and it didn’t help matters that Scott had the popularity to back up his boasts. It was Scott’s popularity that made life so difficult for Calvin at school. Scott had been top jock at school, and as such the rest of the athletic elite tended to flock to him and follow his lead so when Scott singled Calvin out as the focus of his ire so too did the rest of the jocks. Now that their ringleader was gone, though, Calvin actually found most of them to be generally decent people.

The good times didn’t just roll on at school. Calvin’s home life was better than it ever was. Without his big bro around to overshadow him at every step of the way, Calvin was starting to come out of his shell and come into his own. He felt more comfortable in his own home and even started bringing friends over to hang out. That went a surprisingly long way towards getting his parents off his case. All his life he had had to listen to his parents constantly nagging him, “Why don’t you have any friends? What kind of loser doesn’t have any friends?” It wasn’t that he didn’t have friends. He just didn’t dare bring them around as long as Scott was around to sabotage any sort of social life Calvin could ever hope to make for himself.

Yep. Things were going pretty great for Calvin, and it looked like things were going to keep getting better and better. It was Christmas Eve and the last anyone had heard from Scott he had been on his way up to the Alpine region to do some skiing with some of his college bros. The chances of him showing up for Christmas with the family was virtually zero. Calvin was finally going to have the nice, happy holidays he had always dreamed of… or so he thought.

No sooner had Calvin slunk back into his soft bed and flipped open his 3DS than he began to hear the familiar sound of heavy footfalls stomping their way of the stairs. Calvin’s pulse began to race even before he fully processed what he was hearing. He was still in a state of shock even as he heard the footsteps approaching his room. It couldn’t be Scott, could it? He wasn’t supposed to be home for at least a week! But even as Calvin tried to rationalize and dismiss what he was hearing as a trick of his imagination, his anxiety went into overdrive. His whole body was on high alert. His hairs stood on end. His whole body went rigid, and just when he felt like he was about to crack from the stress, he heard the footsteps reach his bedroom door.

There was no time for suspense. The second the footsteps reached his door, the door flew open. There was no attempt to knock. There was no request to enter. There was no mind paid to Calvin’s personal space or privacy. Scott just turned the knob and kicked the door in as if he owned the place.

“Hey, shart smear!” Scott barked at his younger brother. “What are you doing in my bed!?”

“What? Your bed? But this is my bed?” Calvin stammered in reply.

“It’s in MY room, so it’s MY bed.” Scott replied with a sneer.

“It’s not your room! It’s mine!” Calvin replied. He tried his hardest to sound defiant. He summoned every last font of courage and self-respect he had gathered in the past few months in an attempt to stand up to his lifetime bully, but it was no use. His voice still cracked and his whole body trembled.

“It’s been my room since the day I was born. What? You think I’m gonna give up what’s mine just because I’m gone for a few days? Get real, shitlick.” Scott said with a menacing sneer.

Calvin wasn’t ready to give up just yet. He still had one last trump card up his sleeve. He hopped up from his bed, marched across the room towards Scott, and then squeezed between Scott and the doorway and into the hall. Scott surprisingly enough didn’t put up much of a fight. He stood in Calvin’s way, but he was doing so in an annoyingly playful way and not actively trying to stop Calvin from leaving. Perhaps he thought that this was Calvin’s way of giving up and relinquishing the room. Whatever the case was, Calvin easily found himself into the hall and leaning over the railing of the stairway.

“Moooooommmmm!” Calvin cried out over the railing.

“What!?” Came the sharp reply from the kitchen downstairs.

“Scott’s trying to kick me out of my room!” Calvin cried back.

“Well, let him have it. It was his room first, and he’s our guest.” Calvin’s mother replied.

“but moommmm….” Calvin whined.

“No buts. It’s only going to be for a few days. You’ll be back in your bed before you know it.” Calvin’s mother called back.

“Where am I supposed to sleep? Aunt Ethel has my old room.” Calvin pleaded.

“There’s an air mattress in the garage and plenty of blankets in the hall closet. If you want to sleep in that room so badly then you can sleep on the floor.” His mother replied.

“but mom…” Calvin whimpered pitifully.

“You’re either sharing a room with Scott or you’re bunking with Aunt Ethel. I’m not gonna have you lying out in the front room when Santa comes to visit.” His mother called back. Her tone was so sharp and to the point that Calvin knew there was no hope arguing.

“Fine…” he grumbled.

Of course she would take Scott’s side. She always did. It seemed like whenever Scott wanted something all he had to do was take it, and whenever Calvin tried to argue or take back what was rightfully his, his parents would jump to Scott’s defense. Calvin had hoped that the last few months of being ostensibly an only child would help garner him some respect from his parents, but it seemed they were still thoroughly smitten with their elder son.

Calvin went downstairs to grab the air mattress and then chucked it onto the floor of his bedroom. He then turned and went back out to the hall to gather a few armloads of pillows and blankets. All the while Scott sat back with his ass firmly planted on the plush mattress of Calvin’s bed and a huge, shit-eating sneer smugly spread across his lips.

Calvin wasn’t entirely sure why he had decided to set up shop in his own bedroom. He could have just as easily moved across the hall and set up his mattress in his old bedroom and bunked with his aunt. She always had this heavy cloud of old lady perfume that permeated every room she entered, and no doubt his old bedroom was now thoroughly saturated with the scent of Avon, but she was a heavy sleeper and snored surprisingly softly. It would have been a little awkward, but he would have been comfortable. Meanwhile he was condemning himself to a constant stream of smug posturing on the part of his older brother by setting up shop on the floor in that room, but Calvin was determined. In some ways it was a final act of defiance on his part. Sure, he may have been kicked off the bed, but he’d be damned if he’d relinquish his bedroom without a fight.

Despite how generally abrasive Scott tended to be, the rest of the evening went surprisingly smoothly. The whole family loaded up and went to Christmas Eve service, got a nice dinner on their way home, and generally pretended to get along. It wasn’t until the evening started to wind down and everybody returned to their mutually exclusive beds that things once again took a turn for the awful.

Calvin had been quick, and hurriedly got into the shower right after dinner so he could get washed and enjoy a nice, warm shower before the extra people in the household inevitably ran the old water heater out of hot water. As such he was already cleaned up and situated in bed when Scott came lumbering back from taking his shower.

Calvin peeked up from his quest to Catch Them All across the scattered islands of Alola when he heard the door open. He wasn’t at all surprised to see his big bro coming into the room, but what he was surprised to see was Scott’s state of complete undress. Scott had nothing on but a towel wrapped around his waist, and even then Calvin could see the shape of his big bro’s fat cock pressing against the front of the white cotton.

Calvin knew his brother was hung. Scott never seemed to shut up about his huge dick. He boasted loudly and often about the ten inches of soft schlong that swung between his thighs, and Calvin had seen it many times in the past and could attest to its size. He was no doubt jealous of his big bro’s awesome dick, but there was another reason why Calvin couldn’t take his eyes off that fantastic dick print. As much as Calvin hated to admit it, his brother was hot as hell. Scott’s body was sculpted to perfection. His thick pecs puffed up like a shelf in front of him. His dense abs seemed to flex without him even trying. The defined V of his thick Adonis belt formed a direct arrow pointing right at his pride and glory, and what a lot of pride and glory there was to point toCalvin tried to sound annoyed. He grumbled meekly and buried his head once again in his 3DS, but he kept glancing over at his bro’s immaculate bod with a mix of jealousy and excitement. It bothered him that he was so curious and excited, but he couldn’t help but sneak a peek. Calvin’s heart skipped a beat as his bro casually tugged at the towel. Calvin’s breath caught in his chest as he caught a glimpse of the base of his bro’s fat cock as the damp, white cotton cloth slowly fell to the floor. Calvin could feel an excited tingle in his crotch and a pit of despair open up in his stomach as the amazingly huge slab of sausage spilled into view. Calvin hated to admit it, but he had to. His bro’s cock was phenomenal! He could kill to have a dick like that! He couldn’t believe how astoundingly amazing that dick was! It wasn’t just long, but it was thick too! With big, huge, heavy balls dangling loose in their sack. Either enormous nut had to be as big as a golf ball. It was insaneCalvin must have been staring a bit too hard because before he knew it, Scott was staring right at him with a huge, smug sneer spread across his face.

“Heh. You like that, huh, fag?” Scott chided menacingly.

“what? No?” Calvin sputtered in shock.

Scott proudly strode the few steps from the doorway to Calvin’s mattress. His thick dick swinging enticingly with each step. Calvin tried, but he couldn’t take his eyes off it. It was such a magnificent dick! Such a glorious cock was wasted on a jerk like Scott! If anyone should be so fantastically hung it should be himCalvin gasped in shock as his bro’s dick swung past his face. He was so busy fantasizing about what it must be like to be so gloriously hung that he barely even noticed that he was staring lustily at his bro’s cock until it almost literally hit him in the face. Scott was standing directly over him with a foot planted on either side of the air mattress and his soft cock waggling like a cat toy directly in front of Calvin’s eyes.

“Go on. Suck it. I know ya want to.” Scott teased.

“Dude. Fuck off!” Calvin sputtered.

“Come on. I know you want to.” Scott continued to tease while waggling his dick back and forth in front of Calvin’s face.

“For some guy who claims to be Mr. hetero you sure do want your dick sucked a lot.” Calvin snarked back weakly.

“Hah. Wanting your dick sucked ain’t gay, but wanting to suck a dick sure is.” Scott chuckled in reply.

Calvin summoned every strength of willpower he had and managed to turn away from that amazing cock in disgust. “Hmph.” He grunted and flopped back onto his side so that he was facing away from his big bro’s bed.

“Come on. Come play with your big bro.” Scott continued to tease.

“Go to sleep. You really want mom to come in here and see your naked ass shoving your junk in my face?” Calvin grumbled. His disdain was surprisingly convincing. Even Calvin was shocked at how realistic it sounded, but then again Calvin was disgusted… not with that glorious dick, but with the asshole who it was attached to. Calvin clenched his eyes shut and tuned out his brother’s taunts and jeers. He focused all his energy into wishing with all his might that he might someday be like his bro. It wasn’t fair that Scott was so huge and so hung. He was almost a full foot taller than Calvin! Calvin was a shrimp! At 5’5 most girls in his class were taller than him, and at less than 5 full inches downstairs all the guys in his class were bigger too especially where it counted most.

Eventually Scott grew bored of teasing his bro. He let out a deep, victorious chuckle and stomped over towards the bed. “Hah. As if I’d let you even so much as touch my dick.” He scoffed and plopped his bare ass down on Calvin’s bed covers.

Calvin was too lost in his own fervent prayers to care about his bro’s nude body nestling into his bed and his blankets. Calvin was fixated on how much he wished that he was hung and how he wished he was tall. He didn’t want to just be as big as his bro—he wanted to be bigger! He wanted to teach Scott a thing or two about what it’s like to be the tiny one. Just imagining the rush of power that came with being so huge and so hung made Calvin’s already rock hard dick even harder, and as Calvin steadily began to drift off to sleep, his hand slipped down the front of his flannel pajama bottoms and began to stroke his rigid cock. Even feeling his boner in the palm of his hand sent a shudder of disgust and a pang of wanting through his body. Even just one hand was plenty big for his dick. He couldn’t wrap both palms around his meaty schlong like his big brother could, but how he wished he could. How he wished he was hung… and huge…

It was with those thoughts echoing in his head that Calvin drifted off to sleep…

Calvin awoke suddenly to the sound of sleigh bells jingling in his ears. He sat bolt upright in his mattress and peered around the room. Bright lights were shimmering right outside his window. It was as if the aurora borealis was right outside his room! But that didn’t make sense! He was nowhere near the north pole”Wakey wakey!” Came a cheerful voice from Calvin’s side.

“Wuaahhh!” Calvin cried out. He jumped in the air and spun around to see who it was that was talking to him. It sure didn’t sound like his brother, but there was no one else here who could have been speaking to him.

“Woah. Easy now. I just wanted to talk to you a bit.” The guy said.

Calvin quickly began to relax. Something about this guy’s tone made him seem so nice and friendly, and the fact that he was so easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either. He had such a cute, smiling face that Calvin immediately found himself liking the guy.

Calvin took a moment to soak in the sight of the new arrival. The cute, blond twink was flashing his pearly whites in the most welcoming smile that Calvin had ever seen. The guy was clad in something that could almost be called a Santa outfit, but the guy had decided to make a few key modifications to old Santa Clause’s trademark duds. Sure, he had the red hat and the winter boots, but that’s about where the similarities ended. Instead of long, red velvet pants, the guy was clad in a pair of tight fitting red booty shorts that really showcased his physique, and instead of the trademarked red cloak worn by Father Christmas this guy had a tight fitting red crop top that barely even covered the faint bulges of his lithe pecs. Calvin couldn’t help but admit that the guy was pretty hot. The combination of the lean, lithe physique and the sexy outfit really worked for this guy, and that was saying nothing of the obscene bulge in the dude’s pants! Calvin could barely take his eyes off it! He thought his bro was big. This dude was massive! The densely packed package of the dude’s massive meat was insane. Even scrunched into those skin tight shorts, the shaft of that schlong seemed longer than Calvin’s forearm and thicker than his neck, and either enormous stone in the Santa-boy’s sack was as big as Calvin’s head”Yeah. Soak it in. I know it’s a lot.” The blond Santa-clad cutie said playfully. He even went so far as to strike a sultry pose for his adoring fan.

“Wow…” Calvin murmured softly. He was so transfixed by the beauty of this new arrival that he couldn’t even think about how weird the whole situation was. Here was this bonafide hottie that had just appeared in his bedroom in the dead of night”Um… maybe we should move this along?” Came another voice from the far side of the room.

Calvin glanced over to see yet another guy standing behind the Santa-suited sweetheart. This guy was a bit taller than Calvin or the red-clad cutie and was dressed relatively similarly, but this guy’s crop top and booty short combo was Christmas elf green to contrast with the blond’s Santa Claus red. Other than that attire though, he was fairly unremarkable. He had a cute enough face and a nice enough body. His brown hair framed his face in such a way that made him seem pretty handsome in an unassuming way. He seemed generally friendly and approachable but a bit skittish and awkward, and he kept glancing nervously over at the sleeping form of Calvin’s older brother. About the only place in which he was particularly gifted was below the belt.

Calvin’s eyes practically bulged out of their sockets and his jaw dropped as he stared at the massive bait and tackle this dude was dude was packing. The guy’s dick had to be at least two feet! The thick schlong was almost as wide as the dude’s hips. His nuts were as big as beach balls. His massive cock actually nestled between the two huge cojones and curved back underneath the dude’s ball sack and still his bulge hung well below his knees. His entire package drooped down nearly to his ankles.

Calvin was content to stand there and soak up the sight of these two studs, but his lurid cataloguing was cut short when the green guy chimed in once again with, “We really should hurry. I don’t think we want to wake sleeping nudey here.”

The blond rolled his eyes and called back to his companion, “relax. There’s no way he’s going to wake up. After all, he’s not really here. He’s just another fixture in the dream.” The red-clad cutie skipped happily over to the bed and plopped down right on top of the sleeping form of Calvin’s brother to illustrate his point.

Calvin winced as he saw the newcomer sit right down on top of his older bro, but not because he was worried about his bro or the rude awakening he might endure. He was genuinely worried for the red-suited dude’s safety. Scott was a terror on a good day, and he was an unholy hellspawn when he was awoken early.

Calvin slowly relaxed and steadily un-cringed as it became apparent that Scott was not going to be waking up any time in the near future.

“See? What did I tell you? He may as well be made of wood.” The red-suited guy stated. He even went so far as to rap his knuckles on Scott’s skull. The knocks echoed in Scott’s head as if it were completely empty which made perfect sense to Calvin.

“Still… maybe we should hurry up…” the green guy said.

The santa-suited guy rolled his eyes and replied, “If I knew you were going to be such a weenie I would have had you stay with the sleigh.”

The green guy seemed genuinely hurt. He pouted like a kicked puppy which put the red guy immediately on damage control.

“I’m joking! I’m joking!” The red guy pleaded with his pal. He quickly scurried over to his friend and grabbed the green guy’s hands. “You know I love having you around. I wouldn’t have invited you to come with me today if I didn’t want you here.” The red guy explained.

“You mean that?” The green guy asked pitifully.

“Of course I do! You know this Santa gig is a one-man job. The only reason I brought you along is because I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend.” The red guy insisted.

“Really?” The green guy asked excitedly. His eyes practically lit up like the Griswold’s house at Christmas.

The red guy’s response was not verbal, but it didn’t need to be. The passionate kiss right on the lips said it all. The green guy’s response was slightly more verbal. After a brief moment of shock he returned the kiss with equal passion and even threw in a few moans for good measure.

After what seemed like an impossibly long time for two dudes to hold their breath, the couple broke apart. “There’ll be more of that when we get back to the sleigh,” the red dude promised his boyfriend. The green dude was blushing so much that his face was almost as red as his boyfriend’s Santa suit.

The red guy nodded over towards where Calvin was still standing and said, “In the meantime I think we should hurry up and deal with our client.”

“Oh. It’s fine. I’m good.” Calvin murmured awkwardly. He too was blushing beet red and was trying unsuccessfully to hide the newly stiffened semi which was threatening to poke out from behind the button up fly of his flannel pajama pants.

“Be that as it may, I’ve been here so long already and I have yet to formally introduce myself.” The red-clad guy replied.

There was a brief moment of silence. Calvin could practically feel the tension building. He could feel the drama. He could taste the suspense. It was as if a drum roll was rattling in his brain building up to the big reveal.

“Worry not, citizen, for it is I, ambassador of the North Pole acting on behalf of my grandfather, the famed Father Christmas himself—Kristoph Kringle the third!” The blond announced dramatically.

“Wait. So does that mean… you’re like… Santa Claus?” Calvin asked in awe.

Kris shrugged casually and replied, “yeah. Basically.”

“So wait. Why are you here? Why are you talking to me?” Calvin asked. His mind was racing. What business could Santa have with him of all people?

“Well, let’s just say that your present needs a little bit of instruction on how to use it, and I’d much rather deliver the memo in person rather than write it down and leave it lying about where someone could accidentally find it.” Kris explained.

“Wait… so you got me a present!?” Calvin asked excitedly. He looked as happy as… well… a kid on Christmas.

“Well… yeah. I mean, when has Santa not given you a gift before?” Kris replied playfully.

“I know, but like… I figured since I’m eighteen now… I’m not a kid anymore, and Scott didn’t get anything last year so…” Calvin mumbled awkwardly.

“Pfft. You’re never too old for Christmas. Scott didn’t get shit ‘cus he’s an asshole.” Kris replied dismissively.

“Wow. So you really got me something? Where is it? When can I open it?” Calvin asked excitedly.

“Slow down there, Sparky. It’s right downstairs on the mantle. Small green box. Can’t miss it, and you can open it up as soon as you wake up if you want to, but! And there is a but here. The stuff inside is completely useless unless you know how to use it. All you have to do is sprinkle some of the fairy dust over your head and wish—now this is the kicker—you really, really have to wish, and I don’t mean just ask nicely. You have to yearn for it. You have to want it. You need to crave it more than anything else in life. The more you desire it, the more you’ll get it.” Kris explained dramatically.

Calvin was taken aback. What did he mean by he had to really want it? It wasn’t enough to just want something, but he had to ‘really, really’ want it? What did that even mean?

Kris seemed to sense the confusion and was quick to explain. “So, remember what you were begging for before you dozed off?” He asked calmly.

It dawned on Calvin immediately. The mantra he repeated to himself as he slipped into slumber. He wanted to be huge… He wanted to be hung. He wanted it so badly that every cell in his body ached for it. He wanted to be bigger than his bro in every way—so huge that Scott could never treat him like a kid again. So massive that he could never be bullied. So enormous that his parents would finally have to give him the respect he deserved. He craved it so badly that his hands shook with excitement. He had never wanted anything more than that in his life.

“Hehe. Just like that.” Kris said with a satisfied chuckle. “Now keep that energy flowing because iiiit’s showtime!” Kris announced dramatically.

Calvin didn’t even have time to reply. The next thing he knew he felt a huge hand slapping him across the face. “Hey! Turd burglar!” Scott barked in Calvin’s face.

“Uggh…. What…” Calvin moaned meekly.

“What do you mean what? It’s Christmas. Let’s go scope out the presents before mom and dad wake up.” Scott teased.

“Ugh. What are you, twelve?” Calvin grumbled.

“Yeah! Twelve inches BEEYOTCH!” Scott bellowed raucously.

With that Scott turned and bolted out the door and down the stairs. He still didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, but he had never been shy of his body and for good reason. Calvin knew he had a cock like that he’d be showing it off all he could too.

A strange thought popped into Calvin’s head. He didn’t have a huge dick, but maybe he would soon. That strange dream from last night still played vividly in his mind. It felt so real that he couldn’t ignore what Kris had told him.

Calvin was suddenly excited all over again. He was as giddy as a kid in a candy shop. If Santa had really come last night, then he would have a very special gift waiting for him on the mantle. Calvin wasted no time. He tore off down the stairs. He ran into the living room and bolted right past the Christmas tree leaving Scott standing bewildered behind him.

“Hey, ass-wipe. The Christmas tree is over here.” Scott said mockingly.

“I don’t care about any of the presents under there.” Calvin replied dismissively. His eyes were fixated on the mantle—or more specifically the small green box wrapped up with a silver ribbon which had a comically large tag sticking off of it which read “To Calvin from Kris and Nick”.

Now Scott was genuinely curious—curious enough to take his mind off of shaking his own presents and focus on whatever it was that had Calvin so giddy. It was rare to see Calvin so happy and rarer still to see Calvin brush off his big bro like that.

Scott peered over his smaller brother’s shoulder and looked into the small box that Calvin held. Inside shimmered thousands of shining shards. Each crystal was as small as a grain of sand and sparkled like an aurora. The box seemed to contain a powder that was as white as fine snow but shimmered like a rainbow.

“What’s this shit? You start getting into angel dust while I was away? Fuckin’ figures. You don’t have me to set you straight for a few months and you start snorting crack.” Scott scoffed. He then reached around his little bro and grabbed a clump of the stuff between his fingers, but the powder was so fine that most of it slid right off his fingers and back into the box. He lifted it up to his lips and then licked the trace amount of powder off his fingers and took a moment to reflect upon what he tasted.

“… this is just sugar.” Scott replied. He was an odd mix of disappointed, amused, and annoyed. “This your idea of a stupid joke?” He grumbled.

“It’s no joke and it’s not a lie. I’ve never believed in anything more than I believe in this.” Calvin explained. He was so excited that he was shaking. He could barely even hold onto the box his fingers were quivering so much. This was it. He could finally be huge. He could finally be hungWithout wasting another moment Calvin lifted the box over his head and poured the entire contents right on top of himself. The powder poured onto him like a waterfall. The millions of tiny crystals washed over his head and clung to his hair making his otherwise brown locks sparkle like those of a beautiful anime boy. Calvin didn’t feel any different at first, but he was not deterred. He couldn’t explain it, but he trusted Kris. He knew Kris would not lie to him, and so all he had to do was wish. He had to want it with every fiber of his being—and he did. Calvin wanted to grow so bad that his soul ached. Every cell in his body cried out to be bigger, but he didn’t just want to be taller. No. He wanted a cock to rival that of even his brother’s. Hell, he wanted to be bigger than that! He wanted to be so huge, so massive, so HUNG that his big bro looked like a toddler next to him.

Calvin was so fixated on wishing for growth that he hardly noticed the changes happening, but Scott spotted them instantly. He watched in awe as his little brother steadily crept up in height. Soon Calvin stood level with Scott’s shoulders… then his chin… then his nose. Soon he was staring right into his “little” bro’s eyes, but it didn’t stop there. Calvin continued to growCalvin quickly outgrew his pajamas. The red and green checkered flannel groaned in protest. The front of his once oversized shirt began to pull apart. Large swaths of flesh became visible as gaps formed between the buttons. The buttons were all that were holding the shirt closed and those weren’t going to hold out much longer.

The first button to pop was the one right in the middle of Calvin’s chest… Followed by the one below it… followed by the one below it… Pop. Pop. Pop. His buttons shot off like bottle rockets, and with each button the shot off more and more of his lean torso spilled into view. Soon only the top button remained, and it was clenched so tightly around his throat that it may as well have been a preacher’s collar, but soon even that popped off as Calvin’s neck grew so huge and thick that it was wider than even his chest had been mere moments before.

Calvin’s shirt was by no means the only garment straining against his growth though. His pants were fighting their own battle and losing even faster! It wasn’t just that his legs were growing though. Sure as his legs grew longer the lower hem of his pants went from pooling loosely around his ankles to riding up his shins. Sure as his legs grew thicker the side stitches of his flannel pajama bottoms began to pop and fray. Sure, his pants began to shred and tear as his legs and butt grew too massive for his puny pants to hold back, but that was nowhere near as amazing as what was going on in Calvin’s crotch. Calvin’s cock was growing at a rate far greater than that of the rest of his body. His formerly puny pecker steady grew and swelled. He went from having a soft nub of an acorn cock to having a softy that drooped past his nuts, and speaking of nuts he soon had a pair of stones instead of pebbles in his sack. It wasn’t long before he had a pair of nuts the size of walnuts instead of peanuts. It wasn’t long before his dick went from being as thick as his thumb to as thick as his wrist! As his cock grew to amazing sizes, the front of his pajama pants bulged out. The fly stretched and strained. The single, solitary button tried it’s hardest to hold back the swelling tide of thick dick, but it was a futile effort. Soon that button too popped loose, and Calvin’s fat cock spilled out putting his brother face to face with his “little” brother’s massive pecker.

Calvin’s cock was the stuff of legend. Calvin’s crotch now stood eye level with Scott’s face, but his dick dangled down to Scott’s belly. Calvin’s fat cock was almost as wide as Scott’s waist! And as what little bit of fabric that remained of Calvin’s tattered pants ripped away and fell loose, Scott soon found himself staring down his younger brother’s massive sack. Calvin’s balls were so big that his sack was the size of a sofa! Each enormous orb was easily the size of one of those exercise balls at the gym, and still his cock was growing faster than the rest of himScott stared up in shock and awe at his younger brother who now stood almost even with the Christmas tree itself, and this was no small tree. Their family loved to do Christmas up right and had decided on their house design specifically to accommodate the largest tree they could find, and the twenty-two feet tall fake spruce was soon beginning to pale in comparison to the swelling student. Calvin was already so tall that his midriff was level with the second floor landing which overlooked the front room where the Christmas tree resided. Calvin’s head was coming dangerously close to touching the roof which stood thirty solid feet off the floor, and still he was growingCalvin couldn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. He refused to stop. He was actually growing, and he couldn’t imagine anything more amazing in his life. He was finally huge. He was finally more than huge—he was massive! But he craved more. He wanted it with every ounce of willpower in his body. He craved it with every last drop of his very soul. Even as his head hit the ceiling and he stood thirty feet tall with a cock that danged down past his knees, he needed more. If anything the feeling of the roof against his head spurred him on more and more. He was so close to outgrowing the house. He was so close to outgrowing everything that had ever caused him grief growing up. He was no longer going to be able to be brushed off and ignored. He was huge, he was important, and he was hot as hell.

Calvin was so massive that he had to hunch over. His back pressed against the ceiling of the living room as if he were lifting the roof much the same way Atlas raised the entire planet. The imagery made Calvin chuckle slightly. Part of him wondered if it was possible to get that huge, and yet another part of him wondered if he dared to try.

Calvin was so fixated on how huge he could get that he barely even noticed the sound of the front door creaking open. The sound was too annoying to ignore though. Calvin’s eyes slowly opened and he stared down at the room below him. Everything looked so tiny from up there. Even just his foot dwarfed the sofa which was designed the seat three. The twenty-two feet tall tree now barely even reached his belly button. His cock now hung level with the second floor landing and dangled down so low that the tip of it grazed the floor.

Calvin was so fixated on his growth that he barely processed what he was seeing. The front door was open and Scott was gone? It took him a second the come to his senses, but when he did he quickly leapt into action. Calvin stood up to his full height which now dwarfed his house and those near it. The roof crumbled like graham cracker pie crust against his raising form. Stucco, and shingles, and old bits of furniture from the attic cascaded off his shoulders and down his back. He knew he should feel bad about breaking the roof, but it just felt so damn good to be so damn huge! He was practically giggling with glee. In fact, despite his best efforts to stifle it, soft chuckles were escaping his lips.

It may have been a “soft” chuckle to Calvin, but the deep rumbling of his voice caused the very walls of his tattered house to shudder. Even the ground seemed to rumble with his voice. Although that wasn’t really what had Scott stumbling this way and that. He was in such a hurry to escape that he was scrambling as fast as he could across the asphalt.

Calvin looked down and spotted his little brother trying to escape, and he couldn’t allow that—not yet anyway. “You’re leaving so soon? And it was just getting fun.” Calvin chided playfully as his once big bro tried desperately to scurry away.

Calvin didn’t need to hurry. There was no way Scott could ever outrun him. Calvin leisurely strode right through the front wall of his old house. The wood cracked and crumbled as easily as peanut brittle against his legs. He could have easily stepped over it. After all, the wall now only reached his knees, but it just felt so good to feel so massive. He couldn’t get over how great it was to feel so huge. He couldn’t believe how liberating it was.

Calvin casually strode down the center of the road. He was barely even walking. He slowly and deliberately put one foot in front of the other just fast enough to keep pace with his scrambling older brother, but with each step he took Calvin could tell that the speed he had to walk got slower and slower, and it wasn’t just because Scott was running out of breath. Calvin was still growing and growingCalvin glanced at the suburban houses on either side of him as he strode down the street. Tall, two story houses which once towered over him now stood barely half way up his shins. In fact, Calvin was now so massive that even the tip of his enormous cock stood higher off the ground than even the roofs of most houses. Seeing how small everything looked to him made him feel even more amazing than before! He was a veritable titan! He was as tall as a tower! He had a ball sack the size of a barn and a cock which was longer and thicker than a double decker busCalvin took in a deep breath. He breathed in the fresh air and soaked in the early morning sun. This was a new world for him and it was full of untold opportunities. This really was the best Christmas gift he could ever ask for… there was just one ‘tiny’ matter he needed to put to bed…

Calvin knelt down and easily plucked his older brother off of the ground between his thumb and pointer finger. At Calvin’s new size, Scott was little more than an insect. He may as well have been two inches tall, if that. Calvin effortlessly dropped his older brother into the open palm of his other hand and lifted his hand up to his face so he could peer down at what had become of his once mighty tormenter. Calvin chuckled as he watched the tiny form of his former bully. The mighty jock which once towered over him now looked no taller than a LEGO figure, and with each passing second Calvin crept up larger and larger making Scott seem even tinier in his hand.

Calvin chuckled at the pathetic form of his brother. Scott was so tiny that he may as well have been an ant. It didn’t even seem fair to think of him as his big brother anymore—or even a brother at all for that matter. Scott was nothing to him, and that knowledge was even more liberating than even his colossal form. Everything that had ever bothered him seemed so insignificant.

Calvin closed his eyes and basked in the sunlight as he clenched his hand tight into a fist. He could feel the tiny form of his former tormenter wriggling in his clenched palm. With each passing second the writhing and wriggling became less and less until he could barely feel anything at all.

Scott was sure that was the end for him. As soon as the titan which used to be his brother clenched his hand shut, Scott was sure the life was going to be crushed out of him. He tried to escape. He pounded and screamed and raged, but his punches bounced ineffectively off of the titan’s flesh. Finally, Scott was too exhausted and too disheartened to fight back. He hunkered down and awaited his fate. He was sure that his end was upon him, and as he abandoned all hope he began to see a glimmer of light. He stared up to see what appeared to be large cracks in the sky above. Huge chasms of light stretched above him. The edges of these chasms glowed an unearthly red. It took him a while to finally comprehend what he was seeing. This was the sunlight filtering between Calvin’s fingers! Calvin had finally loosened his grip, but perhaps even more shocking was he had to be even more massive than beforeSuddenly Scott was blinded by a flash of light. Everything was so bright that it took a while for his eyes to adjust. When he did finally manage to see clearly again he was shocked to see him staring across the vast expanse of the titanic Calvin’s palm, and on the other side of the giant’s hand was the window leading to his bedroom.

“Go on.” Calvin said flatly.

Scott looked up questioningly at the titan. He tried to ask what was going on, but he was far too tiny for the colossal guy to hear him.

“Just go. That’s your room, isn’t it?” Calvin said flatly.

Scott nodded and began the long, slow trek towards the window. Calvin’s palm was almost as big as a basketball court. Even just Calvin’s middle finger which Scott walked up to get to the window was so wide that it was like walking across a gangplank off the side of a ship. Calvin was so massive that Scott could scarcely comprehend it. He could barely believe this was the same shrimp he had towered over before.

Scott reached the window and stared back up at the titan which had once been his brother.

“Just go.” Calvin said. He didn’t seem sad or angry or anything. In fact, he seemed completely disinterested altogether.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Calvin clarified. “I don’t want to hurt you. In fact, I don’t want anything to do with you.”

With Scott safely back in his room Calvin once again stood up to his full height. He was even more massive than before. He more than towered over the house—he loomed over the entire neighborhood! Calvin took one last glance at the house he had grown up in. Half the structure had completely crumbled. Calvin could see his parents and his aunt standing out on the front porch staring up at him, but they were so tiny that he couldn’t even make out their expressions. Where they scared? Where they sad? Whatever it was it didn’t matter. He was done with all of them.

“Goodbye.” Calvin said to his family. “I doubt I’ll see any of you again...” he said solemnly. He took a moment to reflect on the whole situation, but then a smile spread across his face and he added, “… but I bet you’ll all see a lot of me.”

With that he turned and happily trekked down the street towards his new life. He strode down the street placing one foot in front of the other walking along the road much the same way as an acrobat would walk across a tight rope. The street was just so tiny to him now that his foot more than filled both lanes of traffic. It was all he could do to avoid crushing every car he passed! He didn’t want to cause any unnecessary damage, but he had to admit there was something strangely satisfying in the way that the asphalt crumbled like sand beneath his massive feet. Calvin continued his trek into parts unknown. All the while he savored the soft crunch of the pavement beneath his feet and happily hummed along to the tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.


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