Heavy quarantine

by Portowulf

 Boyfriends Vincent and Coy ride out the quarantine together, for extended time.

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June 02 2020

In the darkened apartment, the television illuminates the bored expressions of Vincent and Coy, lounging on the couch. Watching the news was terrible as always, but by now they had grown desensitized.

“As the death toll reaches 32 million,” droned the news anchor from his makeshift bedroom recording studio “Mandatory shelter in place has been extended until August 1st. The only workers allowed outside are emergency workers, military police, and scientists directly contributing to the fight against the pandemic.”

Vincent sighed, his heavy shoulders drooping. He hadn’t expected much, but the news was still disappointing.

The TV continued “As agriculture continues to suffer from the lack of workers, scientists from Monsanto and Pfizer have been contracted by the Trump administration to de—”

Coy turned off the television with the remote. “That’s enough of that.”

“Babe, I was watching,” protested Vincent

“It’s so depressing! I don’t want to hear any more!” cried Coy, crumpling into a ball on the couch.

Vincent and Coy had been dating for four years before the quarantine was put in place. Vincent, a bodybuilder, stood a half foot taller than his scruffy twink boyfriend, and the size difference would be comical if pushed any further.

Vincent stood up from the couch, and scooped up his boyfriend, and carried him to the bedroom.

“Why don’t you take a nap, babe,” said Vincent to Coy. “I know this has been hard on everyone.”

Coy nodded and stared out into nothingness, before slowly closing his eyes.

Vincent kissed his forehead, and left the room. He’d do something special for him when he wakes up, he thought to himself. Sex tended to bring up Coy’s mood.

Vincent was in the kitchen, when he heard a knock at the apartment door. He stood frozen, knowing there should be no one there. His mind raced. If it was looters, his bulking size might scare them off, but if they had guns—

He peeked through the eye hole.

No one was there.

He almost left, but noticed a large box on the ground in front of the door. Confused, he cracked open the door for the first time in months.

A large box, postmarked from the US Government was sitting on the ground outside his door, and a similar package was in front of each door. He stared at it confused, but quickly took it inside to avoid any further contamination from the outside.

After spraying the box down with disinfectant, he popped open the lid. There was a pamphlet on top of the styrofoam insert. He picked it up to read.


Vincent, while incredulous, continued to read, opening the pamphlet



Vincent put down the pamphlet and stared at the box. He knew that food was getting tight, so despite his own misgivings of the government’s handling of the situation so far, he opened the box.

Inside were microwavable meals. They seemed better than usual. Appropriate nutrition, vegetables and meat both included. Vincent had half expected cans of beans or something.

At the bottom of the box was a box filled with nutrition bars labeled “For Head of Household ONLY”.

“I guess this is mine” he said to himself, placing the box above the fridge.

Vincent put the meals in the fridge, and took one out to make for Coy when he woke up from his nap.

He read the instructions, put it in the microwave, and as it heated up, Coy emerged from the bedroom.

“Honey bear?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Heating up your dinner, babe. The government is providing meals for us.”

“The…government?” Coy asked, still groggy. “Smells good.”

Indeed, it actually smelled rather nice. There was a portion not for the microwave, it was a small salad with macadamia nuts, goat cheese, and a mustard vinaigrette. Vincent handed it to Coy as a starter.

“What about you?” asked Coy.

“I got me some nutrition bars. They must know I work out, so they provided me with something different. I don’t know.”

Coy looked sad, but Vincent smiled warmly at him, coaxing him to eat his meal.

“Okay, but if you’re hungry let me know, and I can share. I don’t usually eat this much anyways.” said Coy, eating his salad.

A half hour later, Coy had finished his meal, and Vincent had scarfed down his bar.

“I know what else will fill you up,” Vincent teased Coy, whispering to him from behind as he cleared the table.

“Oh yeah?” Coy said with a smirk, cupping his boyfriend’s junk “I bet I know what it is.”

The two of them went to the bedroom, and began to make out on the bed. When it was time for foreplay, Vincent started to feel hungry again. As he began to eat out his twink boyfriend, his hunger motivated him to get in deep with his tongue. Coy was surprised; Vincent was good but this was even better than usual.

“Oh Vince, holy fuck!”

Vincent ravaged his hole with his tongue, his nose pressed firmly against the boy, he grunted for air, but continued to eat out. Eventually, he pulled back and a long string of drool went from his mouth to Coy’s ass.

Vincent felt an erection like never before. He was no porn star, but he had a sizable cock. But he swore it was thicker.

“Get ready for this. I told you I’m gonna fill you up” he said, pressing his cockhead against the lubed up hole.

Coy breathed heavily, feeling the hefty cock, and with a slow press, Vincent inserted inside.

The sex that followed was amazing. Vincent had always been a dominant force in the bedroom, but today was even more than usual. He used Coy’s hole for a long time, multiple changing positions, and stopping to suckle at Coy’s nipples or to bite at his neck.

Afterwards, Coy laid out on the bed, spent. Vincent laid next to him, staring at him still with lust.

“That—” started Coy, breathlessly “was amazing.”

Vincent kissed him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to go shower if you want to join.”

“I think I’m just going to lie here a bit, actually,” Coy said with a laugh.

Vincent left, and went to the bathroom to shower. Passing the mirror, his flaccid cock definitely seemed thicker. But also his pecs seemed larger, if only slightly.

“Good thing I got the home gym before all this started,” he thought to himself “Coy’s always been a vain boy. Gotta stay up for him.”

He showered, and dried off, but his stomach continued to growl.

“Damn,” he thought to himself. “I guess another nutrition bar won’t hurt.”

He ate the bar, and figured he’d hit the home gym to burn off any guilt, more than anything. He had extra energy, just like in the bedroom, and found himself working out for two hours. By the time he finished, he needed another shower.

As he passed by the bedroom, he saw Coy still lying there. “Hey, you shower yet?”

Coy sat up “Oh, right.”

As he stood up, globs of cum leaked out his ass, and dripped down his leg. But it just kept coming, an ungodly amount.

“Jesus, Vince,” said Coy.

“You should have cleaned up already,” said Vincent, brushing it off.

The two showered, leading to showertime fun. Vince had an unwavering desire to eat out Coy’s ass again, but doing so he found his own cum there. However tasting it wasn’t the usual salty recoil, but instead was a more balanced flavor. He didn’t say anything to Coy about it, but instinctively ate any of the cum that was there, and continued to eat him out.

Coy was left breathless. “You want another round?”

“Not tonight,” Vincent said, his raging cock betraying him. “But tomorrow for sure, it’s already getting late.”

The two finished their shower, went to bed, and awoke the next day.

Coy got up first, and made himself a meal. Vince woke up lethargic, but rolled over and sat up. He noticed his stomach was a little pudgy but his muscles had swollen. He’d never been this thick even during competition time.

He was still self-conscious about his stomach though, so he hid it under a sweatshirt and went to join Coy for breakfast.

After breakfast, Coy went to give Vincent a surprise blowjob at the kitchen table, but when he pulled down Vincent’s underwear, the cock that rolled out was huge.

“What the fuck?” said Coy, excitedly

“What is it ba—” Vincent cut himself off, looking down at his own cock. He used to be a sizable 6” but it was now over 8” long for sure. “Holy fuck!”

“Fuck me,” said Coy, staring at it. “Fuck me right now before it goes away.”

Vincent laughed, and turned to go to the bedroom, but Coy wiped the table clear and laid out on top of it.

“Right now,” said Coy, almost begging.

Vincent was happy to oblige.

Standing there at the edge of the table, he began foreplay but Coy wanted the dick straight away, and Vincent was only so eager to go.

The two fucked for even longer than last night, rocking the table and making a racket. Coy moaned louder than ever before, and by the end, Coy’s ass was spurting out cum more than an actual cream pie would.

As Coy laid, spent out on the table, Vincent thought about the shower, and went down to eat him out again, gobbling up his own spunk. The flavor was almost like fast food. Salty, greasy, but palatable. It was almost addictive. Coy almost couldn’t handle it, and before Vincent could finish eating the rest, ropes of cum came out of Coy’s cock, going far, even getting into Coy’s hair.

“Fuck, Vince. We should be in quarantine more often.”

Vincent laughed, and finished eating the last of the cum. It felt warm in his stomach, and his erection was at full blast again.

Coy noticed. “Well hello again,” he said, playfully. “Vince, feed it to me, I’ll suck you off.”

Vince smiled, and walked up towards Coy’s head on the table, and allowed him to nurse from his swollen member. Something about the view made him extra horny, and soon he was cumming what felt like litters of cum down his throat.

After he finished, Coy gasped for air. “Holy fuck,” he said. “That was—delicious.”

“You tasted it?” Vince asked, eagerly

“Yeah, it was almost like a meal in itself,” said Coy, disbelievingly.

Vincent chuckled, and noticed Coy’s stomach had distended slightly. He reached out to rub it, instinctively.

Coy looked down, mortified. “Oh damn, maybe that’s all the meal I need for today,” he said, blushing.

“No,” said Vincent, “I want you to eat more” he said, feeling like he was in a lustful trance.

Coy looked down again at his stomach, and smiled. He liked it. He never thought he would, but he actually liked it.

“You know what, it’s growing on me,” he said, stopping to realize the pun and laughed.

Vincent took off his sweatshirt, showing off his own stomach. After this round of sex, his stomach was even more swollen, but still very tight, like a lightly inflated beach ball.

“Oh,” said Coy, entranced. “Yes, I do think I like this.”

“Is this our new kink?” Vincent asked with a chuckle.

“Whatever it is, I’m hard again.” said Coy. “But get me off this table.

The two went back to the bedroom and compounded round 2.

After they were finished, and Coy was passed out in bed, and after Vincent had licked every drop from his boyfriend’s ass, he went out to grab lunch. This time, he figured he’d eat two bars, since last night one bar wasn’t enough.

He went to work out, but after about 20 minutes his stomach started to growl. More than growling, it felt like it was eating itself. Vincent stopped what he was doing, and went back to the kitchen. He needed to eat something.

All the other food had run out by this point, all that was left was Coy’s food, and his bars. But he had already begun to eat more of his own food, so he figured he’d eat some of Coy’s so he doesn’t run out of bars.

He took one out, heated it, began to eat it, but the taste was just off-putting. He couldn’t bring himself to eat it. At this point, he thought about eating another bar, but then he thought about what Coy had said earlier.

Sitting down on the floor, he laid on his back, and propped his hips up with the front door, so he was supporting himself with his shoulders. He began to furiously jerk off his throbbing cock until at last, he came a third time this morning. Once again, he ate every drop he shot downwards at his face. He watched as his stomach seemed to inflate in the minutes after. A big tight beachball, bigger than any reasonable stomach should distend. His pecs also began to round out, and were less rectangular. His arms swelled with muscle. The sight of this only caused his dick to swell.

At this point, Coy emerged from the bedroom, to find his roid-gut looking boyfriend on the floor, hard. Without saying anything, he ran up to Vincent, and began to suck him off. Quickly, faster than the fourth cum of the day should have been, he came down Coy’s throat. And again, Coy’s stomach became larger.

Vincent knew what he had to do.

August 01, 2020

“As the death toll seems to have plateaued at 51 million, the US Government has still decided to extend the quarantine until the end of the year.” said the huge bull of a reporter on the TV. Obviously the effects were not limited to just Vincent and Coy. “We will continue to receive our supplements from the government on a weekly basis, and as men all over the country request further ration volumes, the scientists are tripling the allotted meals—”

Coy shut off the television again. Coy was 6’1” and had weighed 125 before the supplements. He now weighed 276, with a full beard that seemed to have been a secondary side-effect.

“More time together, it seems,” he said.

Vincent growled seductively and kissed his boyfriend. Originally 6’7” and 220 of muscle, he was now 415 of muscle and fat.

The kitchen laid waste to empty nutrition bar boxes, which he had eaten a week’s worth this morning at triple capacity. Vince’s balls hung low and swollen like footballs in a sports bag. He retired himself to the living room where he became the family’s food source.

Coy rolled off the couch, and put his face between Vince’s thighs, and nursed the 11” cock. This was their life now. And that was fine with them.

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