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Jake: hand-drawn giant

by spacevlad

Drawing massive, muscle-hunk football stars seems like a safe enough hobby—but what if your drawing takes on a life of its own?

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Part 1 Drawing massive, muscle-hunk football stars seems like a safe enough hobby—but what if your drawing takes on a life of its own? (added: 1 Sep 2009)
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Part 1

I had started sketching a few years ago, just as a hobby, starting with idle doodling in class. I wasn’t much of an artist, but I had images and visions that I wanted to bring to life in one way or another, and I figured through practice I could truly make something I was proud of. Drawing the human form certainly isn’t easy, but if you have the right passion and motivation for what you’re drawing, then things become significantly easier. And it just so happens that my biggest motivation was drawing the biggest musclestud I could imagine.

Drawing a massive football-playing monster wasn’t too hard of a decision for me to begin with…I saw enough of them around campus, and fantasized about them even more. Roughing it up on the field, football players embodied those perfect masculine qualities that I desired so much…they were huge, muscular and strong without being too self-centered or narcissistic, they had stunning muscularity without being freaky ripped models or bodybuilders. Their attitude was bad-ass and don’t-take-no-shit-from-nobody, which turned me on so much, and this was reflected in the tattoos, style and occasional cockiness that most people hated, but I adored.

It was then that I decided to draw something like my ideal football-playing meathead, a monster who had devoted himself to becoming the ultimate football badass, a muscular titan. It was thus that Jake came to my head…I started with his thick head and masculine face, with a heavy brow ridge that accentuated his big, powerful head and face. His facial features were abbreviated, which made his head look even bigger and stronger, the perfect complement to the rest of his body, which I would draw into the perfect collection of muscular curves and bulges. Finishing his face, I drew a strong, square chin and jawline, and a thin beard that ran along his powerful jaw that accuated his manliness. He had a hard expression, one that said he wouldn’t take shit from anyone, but could be gentle and compassionate as well. The rest of the side-profile of his head was thick and big. He has a sleek, well-groomed Mohawk like a crown of his dominance, and the back of his neck folded and wrinkled with beefy muscle. His neck was well over 20” around.

Next came his shoulders and huge chest, which stuck out from his face like a barrel, rising and falling in heavy, deep breaths that sounded deep and masculine. His chest was like a massive cavern of power; his huge chest forced his upper back to become huge as well, and in the end he was almost as thick as he was wide at the chest. His shoulders stretched as wide as two normal people, and his delts and neck muscle merged into one solid mass of muscle. His chest tapered down to his stomach, which was a huge muscle gut. It stuck out from his body, though not quite as far out as his massive chest, and it had abs that protruded from the rest of the mass. It was rock hard, but he was wasn’t skinny…his belt size was still a 50 or so, but this was simply because he was so massive. He was about 6’6’’ or more, and his weight was probably around 360lbs of muscle.

The arms came next to draw. Connecting up with the huge shoulders, huge biceps dwarfed the rest of his ridiculously massive frame, a tattoo design he had made himself on his 25’’ right arm and flames burning up his forearms on the left arm. The forearms were thicker than most peoples’ biceps, and easily many times as strong; veins pumped in them when he flexed the bloated forearms, which had grown huge from the crazy daily training regimen that was part of his life. His biceps when flexed were bigger around than his head, and they were his favorite body part…he worked hard to make them bigger, thicker, rounder, stronger. His arms were perfected by the giant ham-fists and callused hands, made strong from lifting and running people over in football.

His legs were simply a huge platform for the devastatingly perfect upper body, and I drew two thick columns of beefy muscle to power Jake’s upper body. His dick was equally huge, as big around as a skinny person’s wrist, and his feet stomped with heavy authority where ever he roamed. His calves flexed and relaxed with each step, as did each rock-hard ass cheek.

In short, he was a thick, muscular vision of perfection. I made the final details of a tight shirt that barely covered the 60’’+ chest, and anointed him with a necklace that looped around his impossibly thick neck. Earrings and a chin stud finished the look of being of a badass. His nipples stuck out through the tight sleeveless shirt, hard and sensitive to the touch. His shorts tried their hardest to cover up the thighs almost as thick as his waist, but succeeded only so much.

I had finished the drawing of the side profile in pencil, and now I wanted to ink Jake with my nice art ink. However, upon looking, I found that all of my pens were dry, which was strange because some of them I had never used. It seems as though these pens had an expiration date or something…how cheap! Well, we’ll see what I can do…

I left my apartment and headed onto the street to find my usual art supply store, when on the way I found an old Chinese antique shop that I had seen before. It usually had the same cheap old crap typical of Chinese-American kung-fu stereotypes…but in the window I noticed a unique ink set that actually looked pretty cool, intriguing and esoteric. I asked the cashier about it, and he claimed it was an ancient ink set that they had smuggled over from China. Yeah, right, whatever. Well, either way, I asked for a demonstration and he obliged…sure enough, the ink was gorgeous, some of the finest quality I had ever seen…and it had been conveniently made into small cartridges for re-fillable pens like the ones I used to draw. I bought them for surprisingly little…I didn’t mind the cost mainly because the ink seemed so strong, like it would never fade. It had bold, vibrant colors that almost looked like the drawings would come alive.

Upon my return, I set to inking my perfect muscle creation, Jake. His neck folds rippled with power and his chest rose from his body like mountains. He seemed to be bursting, swollen with strength almost uncontrollable, and looked like he ate steel for breakfast with his muscle-guy attitude. The ink made his muscle pop out and his angular facial features even more masculine.

Finally, I wrote a brief description of Jake’s life and how he had gotten to his huge present state. In high school he had been the badass fullback at 6’2’’ and 230, and linebacker on the defensive side. He was all-state and extremely talented, and was scouted by Nebraska. In Nebraska, he thrived as one of the best linebackers on the team for his first three seasons, even starting as a freshman, and got a little bigger and learned the best techniques for training and diet. He worried enough about school to get by, but mainly concentrated on football and lifting. His plans for after college were to try the NFL Draft, but he wasn’t sure. He was gay, and got anybody he wanted…through his crazy strength and intimidating size and demeanor, no one fucked with him or his sexuality.

And then something happened to him between junior and senior year. He woke up one day during Spring Break and thought…this isn’t good enough. Looking at his already massive and ripped body, honed from years of training, he wanted more. His pecs looked deflated to him, his arms puny and weak. He knew he had the potential to be more…to have more strength and more size. He wanted suddenly to be on the line where the big boys grinded and muscled their way to victory. And so his journey began.

He started on a series of weight supplements and heavy lifting, and upped his diet to thousands of calories a day. Every day he worked out like a madman, and he could feel himself growing each week. And indeed, after a few weeks, he could see his body respond, and well. He gained about 5 pounds a week for 5 months, as his body hit a final, somewhat unexpected growth spurt. He grew 4 more inches up to 6’6’’, towering over his former equals and friends as he swelled in size. His stomach ballooned and swelled with rock-hard power, but not as much as his chest, which barreled out and became thicker and harder every day. His back, arms, shoulders, every part of him seemed to just absorb every calorie he ate and turn into powerful muscle. His face became harder, more angular, and meatier, and he decided to get his tattoos and piercings over the summer to accentuate his new look. He loved his new body, and wanted to get bigger and bigger. By the end of the summer he had gained 100lbs, and was now a behemoth 350lb defensive lineman who ate meals as much as three men could each and who could benchpress 700lbs several times in a row. His biceps were thicker than his head, and his stomach was surpassed only by his barrel chest. He turned 22 at the end of football season after setting every record a college lineman could set, and was primed to be selected in the top 5 of the NFL Draft. I wrote this all in the bold ink that I liked the more I used.

As I finished writing this, I felt the page rustle under my hands and start to feel warm. I looked under the page only to find my desk, and suddenly the page itself burned like fire. I dropped it quickly and watched as the page started to glow red, eminated from the black ink which was glowing with magic power. I couldn’t believe it…the ink was twisting and morphing, writhing and lifting off the page. I could almost hear far-off groaning, like a soul being squeezed. Then I saw something that made my jaw drop.

The ink cast its red light in the middle of the room, and something started materializing starting at about…. 6’6’’…

My God…Jake. It was Jake. He was materializing from the magic ink into my room!

Just as I had drawn him…the thick head, the angular face, the heaving barrel chest and thick back, the neck folds and sleek Mohawk, the bluging rock-solid musclegut, the 25’’ arms that swelled with power…Jake was yelling, but it still seemed far away, but his face was now animated, and each movement showed the jaw muscles in his face which tensed with each scream. It changed from a scream of agony to one of exaltation as his legs began to fill in, the red light shifting and glimmering as it moved from huge cock to bulging calves, and finally to the wide, heavy feet. The red light then suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing begin but a blank piece of paper, still warm to the touch.

Jake was naked except for his earrings and necklace, and he had dropped to his knee as soon as the light had faded. He breathed with heavy, grunting breaths which rumbled from his chest. He slowly stood, looking at his hands in wonder, making fists and grinning to himself as he examined his body. Massive. Powerful. Perfect. He then brought his gaze, piercing blue-grey eyes, to meet my own, and he sighed causing his chest to rise up and then fall. He started walking to me, the floor shaking, his pecs and gut jiggling with muscle, his arms swinging out to the sides, his legs rippling with every step. He came as close as he could to me, his chest and stomach bumping into my own. I was frozen with shock at what had just happened, and rock hard at seeing my ideal creation come to life…to LIFE! His breath was heavy and smelled like man, and he stunk of manly musk, like he has just finished playing a grueling football game. He looked down at me past his pecs, fixing me with those eyes.

He said, in a deep bass that rumbled my chest cavity, “Did you make me?” With my mouth still hanging agape, I nodded stupidly, looking up at Jake with wonder. And then he did something surprising.

He gave me the bigger, tightest bearhug I had ever felt, lifting off the ground like I weighed nothing and crushing me again his chest, which simultaneously rock-hard and fleshy and grippable. He then burst out with gratitude, thanking me for what I had done, in his rumbling, sexy voice. “Why did you make me, master? I’ll do anything for you!” he said while backing up. I could feel his sweat on my face after he moved away.

I told him, “I created you because you are my ideal man. You’re perfect…huge, powerful, massive, thick, manly. You’re my dream man, and I can’t believe you’re actually real. The only thing I want from you…I don’t even know where to start! It’s like a dream…and I guess the only way to prove that you’re not an illusion is something drastic. So…could you lift me up over your head…and then suck me off?” I said, motioning at my throbbing bulge.

“Anything for you sir,” he said grinning confidently, and he suddenly rushed towards me with a low grunt and lifted me with one hand over his head and pinned me to the ceiling. “Now you’ll see how a real muscle freak gets it on!” he roared out, as he tore my pants away with force. His tricep was flexed and huge as he held me against the ceiling and took my throbbing cock into his waiting mouth, swallowing me whole. With his other hand he flexed his ridiculously huge bicep and looked at me with raised eyebrows, those blue-grey eyes exuding sexiness and his jawbone beard framing his gorgeous face. His bicep swelled and throbbed, a huge melon of solid muscle power, his tattoo glistening with his sweat. I came and came into his waiting mouth, and he seemed to enjoy my seed…he gulped it down with gusto, and made a satisfied “ahhh” sound as he finished me off. He then threw me onto his shoulders, where I rested comfortably for a moment.

“Was that fun?” he asked in teasing voice, which sounded even more powerful and commanding while resting on his shoulder like a sack of grain, my head upside-down sucking on his right tit. He then carried me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed with no effort at all. Flexing his biceps, I could see them swell and grow, and the rest of his body followed suit. “Your cum…it makes me grow,” he said, flexing even more and swelling, growing a bit taller too. “I want more of it. I want to get bigger and stronger for the Draft. We can help each other out…I’m your dream come true, and you will help me fulfill my destiny as the greatest NFL player of all time.” With this he took a huge breath, and held it, his chest inflating with muscle and power, his gut expanding outwards with size. Finally he let his breath out, but the size remained like he was still expanded from the breath. I followed him into the bathroom and told him to step on the scale. He did, and it read 360 lbs.

“Ten pounds in one session?” he said while putting me into a friendly headlock and flexing lightly, the bicep rolling and pulsing with power. “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” he rumbled happily and leaned over to kiss me. His mouth was strong and warm, the chin hair bristling against my face and rubbing against my bottom lip. He dominated my mouth, and tasted like salty sweat. I was in heaven.


Part 2

I woke up the next morning with Jake’s warm body against mine, his expansive back looking like a solid, fleshy wall of perfection next to me. His back was a series of muscular lumps and hills, rounded and huge. He rolled over, asleep, onto his back, and I could see him in all his glory…his huge mounded chest rose and fell with each breath, his sleeping face looked sort of soft and cute, which was an amusing disparity with his bad-ass look. His round gut and chest expanded rhythmically with his breathing, and he seemed like a giant next to me, overpowering and massive. I couldn’t believe it was real. How had this happened? Did it really matter?

Suddenly Jake started to roll over onto me, and I was soon trapped under his crushing weight. The 360lb mass of his 6’7’’ completely smothered me, and my face was right under his armpit. It stunk of manly musk, and I breathed deeply…it was intoxicating, and I immediately got rock hard. His breathing shook my body as well. I could feel him start to get hard, his massive cock next to mine, making mine seem tiny and pathetic in comparison. I pushed with all my might get him off of me, but it was like trying to push an elephant…his warm, fleshy mass was completely immovable.

I started liking his armpits, letting my tongue go where it pleased, and finally Jake woke up, and realized he was on top of me. For as much as I was loving to smell his armpit, I was starting to get a little short on air. He grabbed me in his tremendous arms and lifted me up as he rolled onto his back on his side of the bed. He held me by my armpits, like a child or a toy, and winked at me.

“Hey there”, he said in a deep, masculine voice, yawning into my face, “how’d you like your first night with me?” Looking at his face, I decided right then and there that I would give up my old life and dedicate my new life to Jake…to making his NFL dreams come true, to loving him completely…and making him do as I pleased. “What’s the plan for today, master?”

“Well, first,” I said, “you don’t have to call me master. Yes, I can still tell you what to do, but just call me Matt,” I said while squirming in his hands. He dropped me down gently on his massive torso. My head rose and fell with his breath and I looked up at his face, which was covered in dark, thick stubble.

“Alright then, Matt,” he said a little awkwardly, “what are we going to do today? I’ll do anything for you.”

“Well, what was that last night about becoming the greatest football player of all time?” I said winking back at him. He got an aggressive, happy look on his face and he started lifting me up and down effortlessly, like a bench press.

“That’s what I want to hear!” Jake boomed from the depths of his cavernous chest.

“Here’s my plan. Apparently, as your creator, I have a couple of powers over you: one, my cum makes you grow. Pretty handy…” I rubbed my balls and rock-hard cock again and he licked his lips in anticipation. “and two, you seem to be bound to do whatever I say.”

“Matt, I would do whatever you want regardless. I love you, and I’ll do anything to make you happy,” and as he said this he lowered me to in front of his face and kissed me, like last night it was hard and strong and dominating.

“My itinerary for the day is to take a shower, eat a huge breakfast, work out, and get our names out as the next BIG thing in football. We should probably get you some nice-looking clothes that fit too. Later tonight…well, we’ll do whatever we want. So first! Jake, I order you to stand up and put me down.”

Jake, suddenly almost mechanically sat up, and put me on the floor. He looked straight ahead, apparently looking at nothing, with a blank, hard expression which looked indimidating and scary. He stood to his full height and towered over me, like a monolith of thick, beefy muscle, expanding and contracting as he breathed in and out, his monster cock rubbing up against his round, furry gut.

I was sort of concerned with his machine-like posture…was this how he would always be when I ordered him around? “Jake?…” I said, as I poked him in the tummy. He laughed and let out his breath…he was just messing around. “ach, you jerk, you had me fooled!”

“yeah…” Jake said and rubbed the back of his head with his huge, rough hand, his bicep swelling up like a watermelon, as big or bigger as his square-shaped head. The smell from his armpits once again wafted down on me, like an aphrodisiac cologne. My knees felt weak.

“We need to get in the shower…now. I gotta releave some of this pressure,” I said, as a rubbed my cock, “and you gotta clean up, stinky!”

“Stinky!?” Jake boomed, sounding indignant with rage. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and threw me over his shoulder like last night. “If you insist master, we must shower!” He joked again, sounding like a robot and walking mechanically into the bathroom. Each step caused my whole apartment to shake and boom…this wasn’t part of the act. That was just from Jake being so monsterously, gigantically huge.

We stepped into my big shower as Jake put me down, and started the water. I watched him lather himself up, but I told him I would take over…He stood staring me, grinning the whole time, as I rubbed my hands all over his massive body…the smooth, rock-solid arms, his slightly fuzzy barrel chest and gut which stuck out so far from the rest of his body, his enormously wide back which seemed to go on for miles, his perfect, round, hard ass which made a satisfying slap sound when I smacked it. I bent down to wash his tree trunk legs totally clean, all the way to his huge, thick feet. His calves were like twin bloated bags of cement, and his thighs were as hard and thick as an oak tree. Finally I looked right at his cock, and I just couldn’t resist.

“Oh Jake…I’m going to give you a big favor.”

He just grinned and growled deeply as I took him into my mouth, the water and saliva making his cock, which was too big to fit all the way into my mouth, slick and juicy. Jake kept moaning and growling and groaning as I did my thing, and he put his huge paws on the back of head, humping me into his big balls as I sucked for all I was worth. He breathed, “here it comes…” and he came all over me, in my mouth, face, torso, everywhere. Motherfucker was a geyser, spurting all over my shower, the biggest load I’d ever seen. He yelled deeply and roughly, and…started to swell again!? Yes, it was true, he grew ever larger the more he came, and his balls pulsed with new strength as his torso and legs swelled to more muscular proportions. He ended with a deep breath and sighed once again, expanding his torso and leaving at its greatest expansion, like some sort of muscle balloon. He shuttered like coming out of a trance and looked down at me totally satisfied, and realized he had grown again.

“Goddamnit I love you,” he said, and lifted me up even more easily than before, his new 26’’ biceps bouncing with power. His meaty pecs pulsed as he lifted my pulsing cock, which was ready to blow, into his mouth…it took about 4 seconds and he sucked down every drop again. The new growth spurt combined with the old one, and he took off ever bigger, stronger, taller, more and more massive and powerful. He roared and groaned with new strength as he dropped me onto the floor, and I looked up at his colossal form, water splashing off of his expansive chest, which swelled and pulsed with new power. The floor of the bathroom shook as he adjusted his weight, his thighs bursting with power. He shoulders were soon wider than the shower, and he completely blocked out the water. He finished with another huge gulp of air, and roared it out of his lungs, his body bigger than ever. He towered over me and looked down on me and chuckled deeply, the low bass of his voice rattling my chest. He flexed his biceps, which grew and squeezed with more muscle, into perfect mounds of strength, nearing 30’’ of untamed beastly power. His pecs hung over his gut, which had expanded even bigger especially after the pre-breakfast meal I had given him, wet from the shower and red with power. He slapped his stomach and growled with a toothy grin, his gut rock-hard and massive, bouncing as he stepped over me out of the shower, and onto the scale once again. The floor quaked as he stepped on, and the water dripped off his mohawk and hot, bloated beef. The scale creaked as his titantic mass stepped on, his enormous feet covering the entire thing.

“What does your scale max out at?” Jake said, his voice deeper than ever, sounding like it came from a subwoofer. “I don’t know if it can hold all of ME now!” he said as he rubbed his pecs together, the ridge between inches deep with meaty strength.

“400…why?” I asked, as I came up from behind him and looked past his massive arm…I now looked over right at his huge nipple, so I guessed he had grown to about 6’9’’, a full foot taller than me.

“Because it’s blinking ‘400’ at me, and it won’t go past”, he said as he looked down to me and laughed. His chinstrap beard looked better than ever on his angular, rock-chisled, square-jawed face, as he roared with laughter and power. He licked his biceps as he flexed them, huge and warm, powerful. I felt weak in the knees as he moaned softly as he worshiped his own awesome arm.

“Oh please, allow me…”, I said, and he lowered his right arm to my face, his arm bigger than my entire head. I started to give him the tongue-bath of a lifetime, and he just groaned. It was so big and hot, so solid and smooth. His tattoo rippled and writhed as he bounced his bicep up and down, and I tasted his skin.

“You know, we’ll probably have to take another shower if you keep up this licking,” he said as I moved from his arm down to his pecs, feeling their warmth and weight with my tongue. I sucked on his big tit as he flexed them for me too, bouncing and pulsing with perfect ease. I rubbed his gut and felt the soft layer of dark hair which trailed down to his crotch, and ran my face against his enormous, round bulk. He rubbed his belly and groaned, bouncing and caressing its perfect sphere-shaped mass. His huge hand was so rough and thick, the fingers as thick as my cock.

“Oh darn…” I said and I grinned up at his perfect face. “We’ll go get something to eat and then test your strength. How does that sound? Let’s prove that you’re the strongest man in the world!”

Jake looked down at me and grinned more, and shook the water out of his Mohawk. He once again grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me, and rubbed me against his hard, huge body. I rubbed up and down against his torso, feeling his hardness and massive strength controlling me. He groaned and boomed, “The biggest, baddest, strongest motherfucker on the whole planet, and the best football player in the world…yeah, I’m totally unstoppable!” He put me down and bounced his pecs and did a double biceps pose, each thick and round, rising and swelling with power. His pecs rippled and jiggled with strength, and he stomped on the floor with a room-shaking BOOM, his gut bouncing right along. Jake was on his way to gianthood, and only had to prove his dominant power to the rest of the world. I told him to pick me up in those tree-trunk sized arms of his, and he easily obliged. He stepped out of the bathroom with some difficulty, his hair brushing against the doorframe, which he has to turn sidewise and suck in his pecs and gut to even fit through. I started thinking about where to go to breakfast and how I would find something to clothe my ever-growing behemoth of muscle.


Part 3

Now that I started thinking about, I really had no idea how Jake was going to fit into any of the clothes I owned…it was pretty much impossible I thought as I looked over at his mind-boggling frame. He had tossed me on the bed and was now rummaging through my fridge for whatever he could find. He had to squat down to look into my fridge, and his thighs popped, easily bigger around than my waist, supporting his huge upper body with no problem. I decided I had to go out real fast to at least grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or something.

“Jake, I’m going to have to go buy you some clothes, it won’t me longer than a few minutes…We have to find something that will at least sort of fit you until we can really go shopping properly. I don’t know how we’re going to find clothes for you…”, I said, a little exasperated. Of any problem to have, this was certainly one I didn’t mind having, but it was already presenting some interesting and unusual challenges. I really was going to have to take care of this human monstrosity on my limited budget (especially because I had quit my day job last night) at least until he gets drafted by an NFL team. Between buying new clothes (probably more to come later too if he kept growing at this rate) and keeping him well-fed (and as I was soon to find out, that is NOT an easy task) I was going to have to dip into my life savings.

“Don’t worry about it baby,” he said to me winking with a sandwich in his hand. He popped the whole thing into his mouth in one bite and proceeded to wash it down with milk straight from the carton. The whole gallon. “I don’t need clothes!”

“Hey, that was my lunch!”, I whined, but he just boomed a deep laugh and headed over to my pantry. I wasn’t sure if my floor was going to hold up under his huge, beefy feet supporting over 400lbs and hot jock beef, the way the entire apartment shook when he stomped around. “You can keep eating, but remember that I’m taking out to breakfast too, so don’t totally eat me out of house and home! Do you have anything in particular you want to wear?”

“Pretty much anything that fits, I guess…how will you know what to get though?” Jake said, this time reaching into a fresh bag of chips.

“Well, I guess maybe we should take some measurements”, I said with a huge grin. Any excuse for me to get closer to him was one which I would take, and this would give both of us a real sense for just how big he is.

“You don’t have to argue with me,” he said as he finished the bag of chips in like 30 seconds. I better be fast with finding some clothes, because he really was going to eat everything in my apartment. We walked over to my full body mirror, but Jake was too big to fit…his head was cut off at the top, and it wasn’t wide enough by a long shot. He scratched one of his nipples and bounced his pecs as I brought the tape measure over, but then he stopped.

“Wait, I want to get a little pumped up before we figure this out. Allow me…”, and with that he turned to me and started flexing. I sat back on the couch watching, hard as a rock, and I even accidently drooled on myself as he neared the end. The perfect roundness of his biceps was so enthralling, he had perfect control over his huge pecs, his shoulders were like mountains, his neck was thicker than his head, and his legs were thicker than most tree trunks. When he was done, he looked ruddy with raw energy, and he was sweating slightly. He looked pumped, just a little bit, but you could tell. “Ok little guy, come on over and tell me how big I am,” he said as he stomped his way over to me, towering over my diminutive stature. He was at least 250 pounds heavier than me, and he could do whatever he wanted with me, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

We went back over to the mirror, the tent in my pants leaking pre-cum, and I ran my hands over his slightly slick body and started to take measurements. 30” biceps, 24” forearms, 80” inch chest, 60” waist and 70” gut, 42” thighs (Jesus!), 27” calves, 28” neck, 6’9” tall…I took all of these measurements slowly, letting my hands glide softly over his perfect, hard white skin, a little furry here and there and silky smooth in other areas. His cock hung halfway down his thighs, and flaccid I measured it at a foot long. He watched me from above the whole time, grinning and teasing me with the occasional flex or chest bounce. I felt a rumbling in his stomach as he burped softly, but I knew it was a burp of hunger rather than satisfaction. His big belly needed to be fed.

“You know, I could help you with one more measurement,” he said, as he reached his enormous meaty paw down to his big hose and started stroking. I helped up, cupping his balls and massaging gently, and he was hard in no time. 20” long and 14” around…Jesus. I gulped, desperate to take it all in right then and there, but Jake stopped me.

“Let’s wait until later, I don’t want to grow every 15 minutes…besides, then we’d have to do the measurements all over again,” he said as he picked me up and carried me back over to the couch like a toy. He turned and started walking back to the kitchen, his big, round ass twitching back and forth, a big hard jock ass begging for it.

“I’ll be waiting here till you get back with the clothes. You better hurry before I eat everything you own!” he said with a wink, and opened my pantry again, accidently tearing the door off the hinges. “Oops…” he said and tore open a box of cookies. They would be gone in a few seconds.

I got up off the couch, threw some clothes on, and headed down to the used clothing store. They had to have something… I went to the oversized area and found some huge workout shorts (must have been from some fat guy trying to lose weight), and I was lucky enough to find a white, ribbed sleeveless t-shirt which came down to my knees. Lastly I found a big pair of sneakers which I thought might fit him…they looked long enough at least. These might actually work, I thought as I paid for them and thought about Jake eating all my food. Sometimes, he really was such a pain…

As I walked up to my apartment, I could hear Jack stomping around my room, and one of my neighbors poker her head out of the door. “Hey!”, she said looking at me, “what the hell is all that racket over in your building? You have an elephant over to visit or something?”

I rubbed the back of my head and said, “something like that…just a friend of mine came over to visit and he, uhm, has these heavy boots which he walks around in all the time, yeah. So I’ll tell him to take them off.” I slinked into my apartment as she gave me a dirty look, and turned around to see what had happened to my place.

There were wrappers and food remains everywhere, and it looks like he really did eat everything I had. I looked stunned as the door shut and Jake popped his meaty jowls out from my fridge, standing to his full height which still took me by surprise. He really was a giant.

“Hey there Matt! Boy, thanks for all the food, it was a good warmup for breakfast, I’m REALLY hungry now that I’ve whetted my appetite a little bit,” he said rubbing his forearm against his mouth. I staggered over to look at the damage: there was literally nothing left in my fridge besides condiments, and all that remained in my pantry was an outdated can of chicken broth. He had got out my pots and pans to cook up whatever, and there were cans, containers, and banana peels strewn about the kitchen. He looked giddy and stupid and he looked down at me with a big grin, and he popped what was presumably the last bit of banana down his open mouth. He leaned over in my sink to get a last gulp of water, and made a loud, “ahh!” sound of satisfaction.

I stood in the middle of my kitchen, my jaw open. How could he still be hungry? How could he have eaten EVERYTHING? I looked at this gut, the seemingly bottomless pit of his stomach, and it looked a little more full, but not totally. He slapped his belly and rubbed it back and forth, the beefy weight of it rippling back and forth.

Not missing a beat, Jake said, “oh you got clothes for me!” and walked over to the bag which I dropped in the middle of my living room. He was reaching for the shirt when I said, “Jake, what, what…what have you done!? How did you eat all this? I was only gone for like 10 minutes!”

Jake rubbed the back of his head, his bicep bulging up and rough hands feeling over the rippled rolls on the back of his neck, and grinned sheepishly. “Well, I was hungry…” he said innocently, and looked sorry. “Look, when I make it big, I’ll pay you back for everything, don’t worry about it!” he said, and started unfolding his shirt.

He was right, now that I thought about it…not only was he a dream come true to begin with, but he would eventually be making tons of money when he made it into the NFL. I looked over at him as he slid the tight shirt over his incredibly broad shoulders, his arms and head struggling to find their respective holes, and I knew I loved him no matter what happened. In the meantime, I just had to be prepared to do whatever it takes to make him happy…well fed, well sexed, and clothed.

The shirt slid tightly over his huge chest, and then over his round, ball gut and stopped about halfway down. The bottom of his gut stuck out of the bottom, and the rest of it was skin tight. He breathed in deeply and twisted, and the sides and front of the shirt tore open. It looked sadly comical, and we both laughed when we saw how ridiculous he looked. He then struggled into the shorts, his cock pressed against it obscenely and going maybe halfway down his thighs, skin-tight of course. The shoes ended up being a complete failure…he tried to press them into his thick, fat feet but the seams of the shoe burst open. Guess he would have to go barefoot.

“Alright then, now that you’re…*snicker* “clothed”, we can go out to breakfast. I know an all-you-can-eat breakfast place…not the best food, but I think there’s no other way to feed you. You need more food, more fuel so you can grow bigger and stronger, like you need it.” I said as I tapped the gut hanging out of his shirt.

His stomached growled loudly, which I found impossible after eating my entire kitchen worth of food, but it did. He groaned softly with hunger, and said, “you don’t need to convince me! Let’s go!”

We got in the car, the balance of the car tipped to one side by Jake’s 400+lb bulk, and we set off for the diner. I don’t think they were going to like us very much, but what could they do about it? I chuckled at the thought of anyone trying to fuck with Jake as we pulled into the restaurant, Jake waddling in his skin-tight hand-me-down clothes as he ducked, turned sideways, and sucked in his gut to get through the door. It was going to be a great meal.


Part 4

The entire restaurant stopped when Jake walked through the door. People froze with their mouths open, forks poised but unmoving as everyone stared at physical anomaly before them. A waitress overflowed a patron’s glass while pouring water, and a sausage link slipped from a customer’s fingers and onto their freshly laundered pants. Finally Jake cleared his throat awkwardly, and everything snapped back to life.

A waitress approached us tentatively, looking up at Jake with a look of awe, and directed us to a seat. She explained that this was an all-you-can-eat breakfast place where they served traditional American breakfast food and some lunch foods. There were probably 6 or 8 other people in there, some still staring openly at Jake. Jake’s gut growled angrily again as we sat down, and Jake groaned. As soon as the waitress left, Jake practically jumped up out of his booth (which he barely fit into) and headed for the buffet.

I started wondering just how much he was going to eat…and how angry the chef was going to get at us. I decided that I would have to leave a huge tip to cover for all the food. Jake came back with 2 plates full of pancakes, eggs, toast, sausage, hashbrowns, and some cheese and lunchmeats he found at the end of the line. I would have talked more with him if it wasn’t for the fact that his mouth was full the entire time.

After about half an hour, Jake was still going. The shirt has slipped up to his belly button as his gut continued to expand. He folded and stuffed another pancake into his mouth as he breathed deeply, his massive chest and stomach expanding even greater. Jake was pressed up against the table now that he was expanding even more, and when he got up to get more food, he found that he as stuck.

But no matter…before I could even say anything he grabbed the table, which was bolted to the floor, and quietly lifted, his delts, shoulders, and triceps all suddenly exploding to life. With ease I heard the bolts rip and pop out, and he pushed the table closer to me so he could have some room. He breathed out a heavy sigh and let his gut expand further…I heard more of his shirt and tight pants rip and he got up for more food.

Another half an hour later and Jake was finally slowing down. I had gone to the chef to explain that I would pay a few hundred dollars to cover it, but now the issue was that the chef was running out of ingredients…Jake had been eating so much, so fast. He had easily gone through a few dozen eggs, several stacks of pancakes, toast, a few gallons of whole milk, a couple packages of sausage, etc. He was a bottomless pit it seemed, as I looked over at him inhaling more food.

I whispered over to him, “Jake, dammit how much are you going to end up eating? They’re running out of food!”

Jake swallowed his toast and washed it down with another tall glass of milk and then sighed. He slouched down and put his hands behind his head, and he looked content. “Don’t worry, I’m almost done. This should last me a few hours anyway, at least until after my workout is over”, Jake said while bouncing his pecs over at me. He grinned as he saw me stare at them and lose focus. He gathered the rest of his food, snarfed down the rest of it, washed it down with his last glass of milk, and rose, ponderously towering over me, looking bigger than ever. He rubbed his belly and moaned, satisfied with his big meal. He seemed like he was swollen with size, ready to pop.

“Yes! I feel jacked and all ready to lift! Matt, we’re heading to the nearest gym pronto so I can convert all this energy into more MASS!” Jake yelled and lifted me up out of the booth. I paid the restaurant a few hundred dollars as Jake carried me out, and we were soon on our way the gym for Jake to test his strength. I wasn’t really sure just how strong he was going to be, but I was pretty much ready for anything.


Part 5

We crammed into the car just barely again, Jake literally squeezing his mass into the passenger seat. He has to tuck his big legs against his chest and gut just to fit in the front seat, even with the seat all the way back. My poor car was riding pretty low with all the extra weight on the right side of the car, and I was worrying about what this might be doing to my tires and suspension.

After that breakfast, Jake had to be weighing at least 425lbs if not more. He was buzzing happily about finally getting back to the gym, and how much he thought he could lift. He was telling me about how before he had met me, back when he was “only” 350lbs, his max bench was something like 800, squat was just over 1000, and deadlift was around 700, but that he had no idea how much he could do now that he had added a shocking 75 pounds and 4 inches. Jake looked at me and squeezed his left nipple with his sausage fingers and moaned, thinking about just how strong he was, and I almost ran the car into an old woman on the sidewalk.

“St-stop that!”, I said, almost drooling at the sight of this monster in my car teasing me with his size. I wanted him so bad, but I had to wait a little longer. I knew that when he got to the NFL and couldn’t afford to be growing all the time, that my life was going to be a world of holding back and lots of masturbating. At that point, Jake’s enormous, beefy left hand reached for me rock-hard cock and started rubbing it roughly, as I tried to keep the car on the road.

I was almost to the most hard-core gym I knew of in town, some place called “The Stockyard”…only reason I knew where it was because it was next to a good noodle place. I went there pretty often, half because the ramen was pretty good, half because I’d get big powerlifters and bodybuilders come in there every so often. But they were nothing compared to the beast who was thisclose to making me come on the road.

“Oh yeah Matt, I can’t wait to see how strong I am. I know I’m going to exceed every expectation you can think of”, Jake said, still rubbing my crotch, enveloping my entire package in one of his monstrous paws. “These hands can lift anything…these guns are unstoppable!” he said while flexing his other arm, leaning over and getting in my face. This time I almost ran into a fire hydrant…damn good thing there were no cops around, and that we were finally at The Stockyard.

Jake mercifully let me go, leaving a small wet stop of pre-cum on my pants, and started to get out of the car…first his huge feet, then his big thighs, then ducking out of the door and scraping his mega-wide shoulders against the doorframe. He got stuck though…the door wasn’t wide enough for him. He tried just standing up, and I swear I could feel that side of the car rise off the ground a little, then he slid through as the frame of the door bent with a creak and stood to his full height, the car only coming up to his belly button. He stretched and sauntered into the gym.

The atmosphere in the gym was what I expected: it smelled like BO, metal, and man, sort of like a wrestling practice room but even stronger. The guy at the desk gave me a very skeptical look, until he looked back and saw the giant ducking through the doorway behind me. “Hi”, I said perhaps a little too excitedly, “we’d like to work out today!”

The guy at the desk, a lean bodybuilder type who I usually would have been impressed with, laughed at me and said, “Who the fuck do you think you are? This is the Stockyard, you gotta prove yourself before you get in here!” The guy, whose name card indicated was Brian, led us back to a room, away from the rest of the people working out (I’ll get back to them later). The room was simple: there was a 150lb dumbbell, a bench press with 700lbs loaded up, and another set with 900lbs set up, presumably for squatting. Um, holy shit, maybe we had bit off more than we could chew here…

“Lift that, or get out, bitches!” Brian said, looking weirdly triumphant, like he didn’t want us to come into his little club. I looked back at Jake, who rolled his thick neck, popped his knuckles (which caused his forearms to blow up like a water balloon), and said, “No problem. This should be a decent warm-up.”

“Yeah, you talk big, but…” Brian said, but then trailed off as Jake grabbed the 150lb dumbbell with one hand and lifted it off the ground and over his head like it was no big deal. “Feels pretty good…” Jake said and he started doing bicep curls, his right arm pumping up more and more with every rep. “I hope you guys have some heavier stuff though, this’ll only get my blood flowing,” he said as he switched over to overhead tricep extensions. His shoulder and triceps popped out from his smooth white skin, swelling as blood continued to fill them up. Jake put the weight down and rubbed his big right bicep, feeling its weight and size in his rough jock hand.

Brian looked a little shocked, and stammer “Ye-yeah, well that’s just the first one, curl-jockey! Bench and squat are still going to own you!” What a little punk, I thought to myself as Jake, more bloated than I’d ever seen him, stood over the bench, his legs spread, and plopped his mass onto the bench. He slammed his back onto the bench, which was comically narrow to his super-wide shoulders, and he grabbed the bar, which looked skinning in his hands. He easily lifted, lowered, and started again, each rep picture perfect, his breathing deep and rhythmic, a slight sheen showing on his shirtless body as he past 10 reps. Brian’s mouth dropped open, as Jake hit 20 reps, then jumped up off the bench and stood, towering over both of us.

His whole torso was red and swollen, bigger than I’d ever seen it, and his chest rose and fell slowly as he breathed. He looked over at me, winked, and pulsed his ruddy, swollen pecs. I almost fainted. The room started to stink of Jake’s man-must, an erotic, powerful aroma which made me feel dizzy.

Brian couldn’t really muster anything coherent, so Jake proceeded over to the squat. He shimmied to work his wide shoulders underneath the bar with huge stacks of weight on both ends, and stood up with very little effort. He squatted, slowly, methodically, staring at me the whole time, looking intense, focused, invincible. His legs started to visibly bloat, and the shorts which were barely holding him in as it was ripped some more. Sweat started to form on his forehead, and soon he was shining with a glowing radiance. After a dozen or so squats, he put the rack back in place with a huge crash, and he exhaled heavily. He shook out both of his quads and flexed them both, this time the tiny shorts giving way completely, revealing his monstrous cock and low-hanging balls. It was all I could do to not jump on him right there and then.


Part 6

Brian was still pretty speechless, but then another, bigger man entered the room. His tag said, “Bull”, and Christ did he look like one…still not as big as Jake, but he wasn’t too far off. Though he was way shorter than Jake, who towered over him as Bull approached, he was almost as thick, and I guessed he weighted at least 320lb. Bull pushed Brian aside and went to shook Jake’s hand, which enveloped Bull’s as he grasped it. “Welcome to the Stockyard”, Bull said in a deep drawl, and looked Jake up and down. “Looks like you’ll feel right at home here.”

“Yeah, it would seem so, as long as you guys have enough weight for me,” Jake said and squeezed Bull’s hand a little harder. Bull pulled away and shook his injured hand, and smirked back at Jake.

Bull said, “that’s one of the most impressive displays of strength I’ve seen in this testing room so far, but let’s see what you can really do,” as he tossed Jake a gigantic workout sleeveless shirt and some compression shorts which would stretch to contain Jake’s unparalleled mass.

“Let’s get on to the real workout, now that this amusing little test is over with,” Jake rolled his massive shoulders, his thick neck bulging with mass, and struggled to fit into the tanktop, which would probably look like a moo-moo on me. It was almost skin-tight on Jake, as were the shorts, which left little to the imagination and strained to contain both his thighs and his thick, meaty snake. We finally headed out to the main floor.

Bull showed us around, and there indeed probably was enough weight for Jake to push around. I had never ever seen so many weights, nor so heavy. There was really everything a serious weightlifter could ever want or need, and I could see Jake fidgeting with excitement, pumping himself up just looking at all the weights to be conquered. Bull was fine with my being there as long I didn’t interfere with anybody’s workouts…this was serious business for serious lifters only, and I was fine with that, as long as I got to watch.

Speaking of watching, there was plenty of other eye-candy in the building. Like with Brian, who now looked tiny compared to the other monsters in the gym, usually these guys would have sent me over the edge, but I really only had eyes for Jake at this point. There were 4 other guys in the gym, naturally all of them absolutely enormous, but all in remarkably different ways. Bull pointed out each one of them and gave a little background to help break the ice.

The first guy, whose name was Holger, was the most cut man I’d ever seen, absolutely shredded. Motherfucker’s abs could probably grate cheese…anyway, he was a German bodybuilder who had come to train in the US for a couple months. He was probably 6’1”, and I guessed around 325, but his body fat had to be under 8%. He had that tapered, V-shape thing with his torso that so many people aspired to and lusted after. His waist looked so small underneath his shelf-like pecs and wide lats and shoulders.

He was doing preacher curls with what looked like over 200lbs, the couple-peak of his biceps crunching with each rep. He had a strained but silent expression on his face, and he was covered with sweat. His hair was bleached blond, and he had dark tan from many a tanning booth session.

The next guy Bull pointed out to us was Grant. In terms of sheer size, he was the next biggest guy I had ever seen besides Jake, seemingly a huge ball of muscle and fat which quivered and quaked as he walked over to put more weight on the bench. He looked older, probably in his late 30s or early 40s, and he was a classic powerlifter, through and through, and looked a little like Mike Miller. He was around 6’4”, and Bull told us he weighed in a at 360lbs last week, but was probably up to 370 or so by now.

Grant was huffing and puffing to pump himself up in that typical, over-the-top, hyper intense powerlifter sort of way as he got ready to lift what looked like 950lbs on the bench (!). He had on a benching shirt, so I couldn’t get a great look at his impressive barrel chest or monster gut, but neck and arms poking out of the shirt were both wider than his head, and his legs looked like they were as big around as my waist. He slammed himself down on the bench and busted out a huge rep, shouting and earning the praise and hearty slaps on his massive back from the other guys.

The third guy’s face made him look like he was 16, but his body suggested otherwise. You know how I said that Grant was the biggest guy I had ever seen other than Jake? Well, this kid, whose 20th birthday was next week and whose name was Andrew, but who according to Bull went simply by Drew, eclipsed Grant easily, and came close to Jake’s behemoth size. He was 6’8”, and just a couple pounds short of 400lbs; he was sweaty and swollen with mass. He looked like the fat kid in your middle school turned into someone’s jock fantasy. He didn’t look ripped or really all that muscular, but he was by no means fat…he was just plain BIG, big bones, big genetics, big ego, big everything.

He looked over at Jake with a smirk and picked up… for real?…a 200lb dumbbell and started curling with one hand, still staring at Jake and looking cocky as hell. His right bicep, which he flexed over and over as he curled, had to be at least 24” and it was highlighted with a tribal band tattoo which really suited him. Drew had taken off his shirt, and was ruddy with power and shined with sweat. His colossal chest rose and fell methodically with each deep breath. His short buzz cut accentuated his beefy head.

The last guy…I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of. For as much as I loved Jake’s monstrous mass and unrivaled power, I had a thing for short guys, and this guy was the definition of fireplug bear. Named Ben, Bull said he was only 5’5”, definitely shorter than me, but was a shocking 330lbs of thick bear beef. Bull said that, despite weighing less than Drew and Grant, he was stronger than either of them and had been the strongest guy at the gym for a long time now. His torso was thicker and wider than it was long, and Ben waddled around the gym, his stubby short legs rubbing against each other as he went to do more deadlifts.

He looked over at me and winked with his clear blue eyes, and flexed his 23” guns as he turned away. He was probably just a little older than Jake, but his face was rounder and pudgier than Jake’s angular, masculine face. He has a hot chinstrap beard, but already had thick stubble grown in, though Bull said he saw him shaving before he started working out a couple hours ago. He had shaved himself bald, and his big head shone with sweat as he completed another deadlift of 900lbs. Unlike the rest of the guys, except for his head Ben was covered in a thick mat of dark hair which covered all the way up his arms, his calves, and which I could tell struggled to stay under his tight wifebeater.

Jake nodded approvingly at his surroundings, and went to start working out with the rest of the guys. I was a little nervous…would they be friends, or foes? Would Jake still be the strongest of the lot, or would his dominance be challenged? Would any of these guys kill me if they knew Jake and I were together?


Part 7

As Jake started walking over to the free weights, Ben intercepted him and thrust out his thick hand in front of Jake. Jake peered over his over pecs to look down at Ben, and their eyes met.

“Hey there, I’m Ben”, and the two giants shook hands. The disparity of those two standing next to each other was comical, but incredible…both were so thick, and so huge in totally different ways. Even though Ben was so much shorter than Jake’s ponderous 6’9”, they were equally wide and Ben was almost as thick from front to back as Jake. “Welcome to the gym…”

“Jake”, said a pleasantly surprised Jake. Looks like he might have found a lifting partner after all. “Say Ben, I don’t have anybody to lift with, so…”, but then suddenly Jake was interrupted by a huge, meaty face thrusting in front of his own, coming up just about eye-to-eye. It was Drew.

“Hey newbie, who the fuck do you think you are, huh?” Drew yelled as his massive beef thrust his way between Ben and Jake. Ben backed off, shaking his thick head and shrugging his massive shoulders. He turned back to Grant, who was just wiping up his bloody nose from straining a little too hard on the last lift, and muttered something, causing Grant to chuckle, his big chest rumbling deeply.

“You ain’t shit, Jake. You strut in here like you own the place, but I’m stronger than you. I’m the best, biggest young freak of this joint. You can’t move me. I’m the dominant one of this gym!” Drew said, getting right up in Jake’s face. He pushed Jake’s chest and moved away, and Drew pounded his own enormous pecs, the sound of his fists against his meaty torso producing a solid, heavy sound.

I couldn’t tell if Jake looked honestly angry, or just amused. He knew he was stronger than Drew…I doubted if there was anybody here who could even test him. “Drew, you talk big, but you don’t know what I’m capable of. I know I’m stronger than you, and I’ll prove it.”

At this, Drew launched himself at Jake, the gigantic 19 year old jacked up behemoth rushing at Jake, but Grant and Ben were there to step in his way and break it up. Finally, Bull stepped up to offer a solution.

“Ok then, you hot heads…fucking young studs, I aughtta just kick both your asses right here.” Like that was possible, I thought to my self… “There’s only one way to solve this, and it’s through a competition of brute strength. You’re each going to do a series of lifts: bench, squat, and curls, then arm wrestle. Whoever wins the most, well, the other one has to shut the hell up. Got that?”

Both men grunted and brushed themselves off, showing off just a little, and started sauntering over to the bench. It already had 900lbs on it from Grant’s session, and the bench was slick with sweat. Drew went to start talking weights off, but Jake stopped him and slammed himself down on the bench. Without waiting for a spot or anything, Jake just started pumping out reps, breathing in time with his lifts, quick but methodical, his overgrown torso swelling more and more. After a dozen lifts, he slammed the bar back down and rose up, seemingly larger than ever, and bounced his pecs in Drew’s direction.

“Top that”, said Jake as he bumped back Drew. I liked to see Jake’s nasty side come out here in the gym, a little bit of a “don’t fuck with me” attitude accentuated by his Mohawk and piercings. Drew pumped himself up with a lot of deep, heavy grunts and stomping the ground, but was only able to lift the bar 5 times before he had to give up and needed Ben and Grant to get the weight off of him.

This proceeded in the same fashion at the other two lifts. Jake would set the standard, make it look easy at some mindblowing, seemingly impossible weight (even Ben and Grant were surprised, maybe a little wary, at just how strong Jake was). Even these monsters had never seen anyone as strong as Jake. Jake didn’t seem to look tired, even after lifting several tons worth of weight. Drew was breathing hard and his meaty face was ruddy with exertion and frustration. I could tell he was pissed off, but I also saw a certain amount of wonder and admiration in his face. The fact was he wasn’t as strong as Jake, and would have to accept his lower role in the pecking order. By the time Jake finished with the curls, Drew was actually congratulating Jake on his dominance, and patted him on the shoulder, feeling the warmth and hardness of it.

Finally they came to the arm-wrestling, and both men sat down to dwarf the small table they had in front of them. Jake’s massive forearm and unbelievable tattooed bicep dwarfed Drew’s even though Drew’s arm was about the size of my leg. There was a lot of beef on the table, to be sure. As the started, Jake held him in place, and Drew pulled for all he was worth. I could see Jake’s arms swelling and bloating up with more and more power, first his forearms and then his enormous biceps, the veins pumping furiously as Drew increased the pressure, his ruddy skin drenched with sweat. After holding him for almost a minute, Jake, in one quick motion, turned on the power and pinned Drew effortlessly.

Drew just looked up, and said, “ok then, sir. You’re the better man. I’ll do whatever you say”. This surprised everyone in the room, including Ben and Bull. Drew had submitted to Jake’s massive power, and would pretty much do as he was told.

Jake stood up, again towering over everyone in the room, and said, “ok then, Ben, Drew, let’s get to work”, and with that, the three of them became workout buddies. That first workout was incredibly intense, and all three men were close to each other in their lifts. Obviously Jake was stronger than both of them, but while Ben was stronger than Drew in most lifts, Drew’s world-class averages in all their exercises was nothing to sneeze at. The room started to stink of a powerful, masculine odor which made me feel light-headed with lust. All three giants had their shirts soaked with sweat by the end of things, and became fast friends. Despite their physical or personality differences, their desire to be the biggest, strongest, most powerful men on the planet bound them together as a brotherhood. Jake invited Ben and Drew out to eat afterwards, and we all piled into my car, which scraped the pavement on the bottom as the three of them piled into it. Even though Ben and Drew were the only two in the back, their shoulders were squeezed together because they were so wide, and I couldn’t see out the back on the side were Drew was sitting. I could see them in the rearview mirror, Ben’s thick head already almost covered with a beard even though he shaved earlier in the day, and Drew’s brutal jock smirk suiting his thick jowls rather well. Ben suggested they go this place he knew were they sold this protein shake mix, with enough calories to last a man days. I would come to know this store very well, as it because the only easy way for Jake to get enough food in one meal. While Ben and Drew each had one huge shake, Jake had three, gulping them all down quickly, his rock-hard gut swelling. Looks like I had gone from one to three giants.

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