Mal Sueno: A Halloween tale

by JayPat

When a dumped ex seeks revenge on a hot muscle douche named Luke, it means a chance for his scrawny younger brother Jordan to turn the tables.

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Part 1 When a dumped ex seeks revenge on a hot muscle douche named Luke, it means a chance for his scrawny younger brother Jordan to turn the tables. (added: 3 Nov 2018)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

It was a gusty Halloween night as three teenage boys walked down a suburban residential street.

“You dumped her?” said Ricky, aghast. “Why?”

“She was starting to act like she owned me, dude. It was not cool. This body is too hot to be limited to just one girl,” said Luke, flexing his 18 inch arm and admiring it. “It would practically be selfish.” Ricky could see what Luke was talking about. His friend wasn’t only the hottest guy at school he was probably also the biggest, being 6’4” tall with raven black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body that seemed to be just one bulging muscle after the other. And every time Luke flexed, that perfectly shaped peak sure brought Ricky to a boil.

“So what did she say?” asked Ricky, who was not nearly so impressive at 5’8”, 135 pounds, brown hair and eyes and features that would best be described as ordinary.

“She was really pissed. Stated talking bullshit that I’d used her. Used her? Like I was the only one who got off. She had a good time. You better believe she did.”

Ricky believed it.

“Then she starts talking about getting even with me, some kind of creepy-ass curse talk. You remember she was into all that freaky occult crap.”

Ricky remembered, but he didn’t think anything about it at the time. He was too busy being driven bat-shit crazy with jealousy.

“So, who are you seeing now?” asked Ricky, not really wanting to know the answer.

“No one,” said Luke. “But maybe that’ll change at the party tonight. So, you know, in case I do get lucky, I hope you don’t mind making sure the runt gets home all right? My parents made me responsible for him. I have to make sure he doesn’t do anything too stupid. “ Ricky looked back at the third boy who was trailing about three feet behind them, all slouched over, head bent.

“Don’t worry about me, bro,” the third boy said. “I can find my own way home. And who knows, maybe I’ll be the one who gets lucky.”

Luke laughed out loud. “This is a party for seniors, dick wad, and you’re only a sophomore—and a pretty fucking wimpy one at that. If you try and hit on any girl there, you’ll get shot down so fast you won’t know what hit you.”

Unfortunately, Ricky had to agree. Luke’s brother, Jordan, might have the same hair and eyes, but the rest of his brother’s dazzling good looks seemed to have missed him, right down to and including his build. He didn’t even have his brother’s height, being only about even with Ricky.

“If mom and dad hadn’t made me bring you,” said Luke, “there’s no way you’d even get in the door. And trust me, leaving you home would have been nicer.”

“Why do you even hang out with him?” Jordan asked Ricky. “You’re a nice guy and he’s such a fucking hemorrhoid.”

“Watch it runt,” said Luke, “or you’ll be showing up at the party black and blue and red all over.”

“No, I mean it,” said Jordan, “Why?”

“That’s easy,” said Luke, “he’s hot for me. Most of the school is. Ricky’s just a little more honest about it than most guys.”

“Is that true?” gasped Jordan. “Are you… gay?”

“Yup,” said Ricky. “And the rest is true, too. Your brother is the hottest of the hot.”

“Then you two…?” balked Jordan.

“No no no no no no,” said Luke. “Ricky’s strictly on the look-but-don’t-touch plan. This man is all man, and saves himself exclusively for the ladies.”

“Speaking of which,” said Ricky, “here comes trouble.”

The three boys looked up and sure enough there was Jessica Samuels, Luke’s most recent ex. She was heading right for them with a tall thin guy in a long dark robe. A hood pulled low concealed his face.

“Luke,” said Jessica as they reached them.

“Whaddya want, Jess?” said Luke.

“I’d like you to meet Mr. Mal Sueno,” said Jessica. The hooded guy stuck out a bone thin hand.

“Is this your date for the party?” smirked Luke sticking out his hand. Ricky could tell from Luke’s expression that he was about to squeeze the life out of that boney appendage. But no sooner did Luke touch Mal Sueno’s hand then he cried out in pain and yanked it back.

“Fuck! What was that, some kind of buzzer?” cried Luke, looking his hand over.

“Did you get everything you needed?” Jessica asked Mal Sueno.

“More than enough,” hissed Mal Sueno. Ricky wasn’t sure way, but he felt goose pimples rise up on his skin at the sound of that soft, hissing voice.

“I was hoping for a challenge,” continued Mal Sueno, “but this is going to be far too easy.”

“What are you talking about?” cried Luke.

Jessica smirked as she turned to him. “Mal Sueno is your worst nightmare, literally. He reaches into your mind, pulls out the worst thing you can imagine happening, and then makes it real.”

“So, he’s going to try and make you my girlfriend again, is he?” grinned Luke. “Not going to happen. Too bad for you.”

Jessica looked mad enough to split in two. “I almost feel sorry for you, Luke,” said Jessica. “Almost.”

Then Mal Sueno stepped forward and handed Luke a business card. “My card,” he hissed, “in case you ever need to get in touch with me.”

Luke took the card and looked at it. “‘Mal Sueno, your worst nightmare’,” he read and laughed. “I’m scared…” he started, looking up. But there was no one there. Both Jessica and Mal Sueno had vanished. “Where’d they go?” asked Luke, looking puzzled.

“I don’t know,” said Ricky. He hadn’t actually seen them go either.

“Ha,” laughed Luke, “if they think Jessica vanishing is my worst nightmare, they’re crazy. It’s more like my favorite dream. Come on, let’s get to the party.”

“Hey,” said Ricky suddenly looking around, “where’s Jordan?”

The two boys looked up and down the street but they were the only ones in sight.

“Oh fuck,” said Luke, “I think they kidnapped him.”

“What?” said Ricky. “Maybe he just went ahead to the party.”

“No,” said Luke, “They’d never let him in without me.”

“Then maybe he went home,” said Ricky.

“I wish,” said Luke. “But he bugged me so much to go to this party there’s no way he’d just go home. No, they must have grabbed him.”

“W-w… why?” stuttered Ricky.

“To get back at me,” said Luke. “Mom and dad were going to buy me a car for graduation and losing Jordan is just the kind of thing that could fuck it up. But it’s not going to work.”

“Maybe we should get the police,” said Ricky.

“I don’t need the police for this,” said Luke. “I can handle that tall bag of bones with one finger.” Luke flexed again. Ricky gulped as those huge biceps expanded and filled his shirt sleeves. “Come on,” said Luke.

“Where are we going?” asked Ricky.

“Stick man gave me his card,” said Luke. “The address is right on it.”

“Wait a minute,” said Ricky. “Isn’t that a little convenient?”

“It’s a little stupid, that’s what it is,” said Luke. “Now come on. It’s not far.”

Luke turned and marched off and Ricky followed cautiously behind him.

Ricky was afraid he knew exactly where they were going and he was right. A few blocks away there was a long winding drive which led away from the main road and up the side of a lonely hill. At the top of this hill was an old house. By all accounts no one had lived in this house for at least 30 years. The word was that something horrible had happened up there. No one was exactly sure what, they only knew it was horrible. And sure enough this was exactly where Luke seemed to be leading them.

“Dude,” said Ricky, “are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, we could always call the police.”

“Don’t be such a wuss,” said Luke. “You don’t believe all those old stories do you?”

“W…what stories?”

“The ones about the scientist who used to experiment on kids and turn them into monsters and freaks.”

“N-no, of course not. Where did you hear those stories? I never heard those stories.”

“Everybody’s heard those stories,” said Luke. “But they only told them to keep kids from going up there. The place is so old, it’s falling apart. They just didn’t want anyone getting hurt.”

“Makes sense to me. Can we just call the police now?” asked Ricky.

Luke didn’t answer his friend. He just looked down at him and snorted with contempt.

Ricky told himself that he was being silly. He was just letting the fact that it was a dark night and Halloween get the better of him. There really wasn’t anything to worry about, not really.

When they got to the top of the hill, Luke just marched over to the front door and threw it open. He didn’t knock or anything. “Jordan!” he called. “Are you in there, you little weasel?”

“Down here!” they heard Jordan’s still-cracking voice call. “I’m down here in the basement!”

“Come on,” said Luke, storming into the dark house. Ricky peered through the front door into the empty dusty rooms and watched his friend disappear around a corner. “Are you coming or what?” Luke called back.

“Coming, I guess,” said Ricky as he followed Luke nervously into the old house.

The upstairs may have been dark and empty but the basement was not. It was all set up like a lab.

“What the fuck?” said Luke looking around. “Jordan!”

“Over here,” called Jordan.

And there he was strapped to some kind of a lab bench, and directly over him was something that looked like a science fiction ray gun.

“Hurry up, bro,” he called. “Get me out of this, before they come back.”

“Jeez, Jordan, what did they do to you?” asked Ricky.

“They hit me with some kind of electric shock from that thing up there,” he said, nodding at the ray gun. “And now I feel all weird. Unstrap me, bro.”

Luke reached over to unbuckle one of the straps, but then suddenly stopped.

“What are you doing, bro, unstrap me,” cried Jordan panicking.

“First promise me you’ll go straight home. I don’t want you at that party.”

“Fuck the party, bro, unstrap me! I feel really fucking strange!”

“Promise me first,” said Luke.

“Oh fuck!” yelled Jordan. “I think something’s happening!”

“W..what?” asked Ricky. “What’s happening?”

“I’m… I’m…” gasped Jordan.

“You’re what?” demanded Luke.

“I’m really fucking horny, Okay? Man, this is driving me nuts!”

“You’re horny,” laughed Luke. “Tell me something I didn’t know.”

“You don’t get it,” said Jordan. “I’ve been horny before but nothing like this. Ooooh fuuuckk…!”

Then Ricky looked at Jordan’s crotch. He couldn’t help it. Jordan was wearing a pair of dark jeans and there was defiantly something swelling up under that zipper. Damn—look at the size of that thing! He may not beat Luke in the size or looks categories, but it was pretty clear he beat him somewhere else.

“Jesus, this isn’t right!” cried Jordan. “This is too intense! What the fuck is happening?!!!!”

Then Ricky watched Jordan’s package swell up like a mound between his legs. The zipper kept bulging upwards higher and higher, while the thing beneath it kept swelling thicker and fatter. Damn, that wasn’t just huge, that was fucking unnatural.

Jordan cried out and gritted his teeth, and Ricky heard a soft ping, ping, ping as one by one the zipper teeth were forced apart by the growing python beneath.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck,” Jordan moaned. A black mound of cotton began forcing it’s way up through the broken zipper. Boxer briefs guessed Ricky. The cloth was being pulled tighter and tighter by the ever growing beast within, Pop, pop, pop went a few threads seconds before Jordan yelled, “Arrrrghhhh,” and the mighty animal ripped out of its cotton prison and extended up and up and up into the air.

“Holy fuck!” yelled Luke.

Holy fuck was right, thought Ricky. That thing was massive, easily as wide around as a beer can and twice as long. Its mushroom head was the size of his fist and oozing precum like a leaky hose.

Jordan lifted his head up and looked at his member. His eyes popped wide open and he cried, “Oh my god, what happened? I’m a donkey dick!”

Damn, calling Jordan donkey dick was a gross understatement.

“Oh my god, bro. You’re a fucking freak!” cried Luke. “You’ll never get a girl to go near you with a thing like that!”

Ricky couldn’t agree with that. There were some girls who would find that pretty damn hot. Hell, he found it pretty damn hot.

“Gotta cum!” cried Jordan. “Gotta cum! I can’t stand it!”

“So who’s stopping you?” said Luke.

“Can’t!” cried Jordan. “I just can’t! Please unstrap my hand! I need it.”

“I’m not unstrapping anything until you promise me,” said Luke.

“Pleaaasssee!” cried Jordan.

Jordan really looked like he was suffering and Ricky just couldn’t stand it any longer. “I’ll do it,” he said.

“Better not,” snapped Luke.

“Just his hand,” said Ricky. “Come on, dude, look at him.”

Jordan was starting to twist and writhe under the straps; his eyes were wide open, his teeth were clenched, he was gasping and sweating like a pig.

“Okay, just one hand,” said Luke.

Ricky steeped forward and grabbed one of the buckles, but he couldn’t get it undone. It was stuck. He looked at it more closely and discovered he’d been wrong. It wasn’t stuck. It was locked. There was a little keyhole right in the center.

“They’re locked!” he cried.

“No!” cried Jordan. “Help me! You gotta help me!”

“Sorry, bro,” said Luke. “You heard him. They’re locked. Think of old nuns or something. It works for me.”

“Tried that. Doesn’t work! Stroke me off!” cried Jordan. “You gotta stroke me off!”

“Fuck that,” said Luke.

“I’ll do it,” said Ricky. In truth he’d been wanting to touch the giant cock ever since it first burst out of Jordan’s pants. And now that he was being asked…

“Thanks, man, thanks,” said Jordan.

“Oh Jeez, I can’t watch this,” said Luke, turning his back and marching back up the cellar stairs. But Ricky heard the sound of a door rattling a second before Luke called down, “Hey, it’s locked.” Then he could hear Luke pounding and banging on it, but it didn’t sound like it was working.

“Ahhhhhhh!” yelled Jordan, bringing Ricky’s attention back. That super cock needed help. But as Ricky reached for it, a fit or something seemed to hit Jordan. “Aaarrrghhh!” he cried as he started rocking violently from side to side. It only lasted a few seconds and when it was over, Jordan lay there gasping, “Fuck… Fuck…”

Ricky reached for his cock again, but suddenly Jordan cried, “Wait, dude, wait… I think something else is happening.”


Part 2

“What do you mean?” cried Ricky, who was starting to get a little scared. “What else is happening?”

Another fit hit Jordan and he started shaking and rocking again. “Aaarrgghh! Oh my god!” he yelled. And then it passed. Jordan lay there smiling and saying, “Yes… oh yes…”

Ricky was about to ask what was happening again, but suddenly he didn’t need to. He could see for himself. Jordan’s body was changing. Two mound-like pecs were rising under the black cloth of his concert t-shirt and his shoulders were broadening out and developing into small globes. His forearms were growing thicker and corded and his biceps were expanding into large, defined masses.

“Jeez, Jordan, you’re…” Ricky started.

“I know. I can feel it,” finished Jordan. “I’m getting bigger and stronger. My muscles… all over. It’s so fucking intense when it happens that it calms my dick, gives me relief for while…. But then it starts building again and… oh my God! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!” And then Jordan’s body was racked with the violent shaking and trembling again. “Aw Man!” he cried out. “This feels awesome! Like masses of cement exploding out of my body! Oooooh fuck!”

Ricky had to gasp. Jordan was getting way bigger this time. With a pop snap his sneakers split apart in the front and large sock covered feet busted out. His pant cuffs were ridding up and were now strangling a pair of coconut sized calves. His jeans, once of the comfort fit variety, were now struggling to hold back a pair of heavily muscled thighs. The giant pillar of flesh between Jordan’s legs was actually looking a little smaller, but that was only because the rest of Jordan was catching up with it. The bottom of his t-shirt rode up to right around his belly button, giving Ricky and unobstructed view of Jordan’s ripped lower abs. And the rest of the t-shirt was pulling so tight, Ricky could still make out each individual ab underneath. The six-pack continued right up to his pecs which were burgeoning into melons. His shoulders, now bigger than softballs, and his mound-like traps had pulled the t-shirt sleeves right off the bicep, which even though it was unflexed was magnificently thick with a large vein snaking across it. Broad, ripped forearms leading down to big, meaty hands finished the picture. Jordan had gotten pretty damn big.

“Ah, man, that feels good,” said Jordan, who was trying to flex and move his new body under the restraints. Ricky couldn’t help but notice that monster cock was starting to relax and deflate.

“My chest feels so thick and heavy,” said Jordan, “and my arms feel like cannon balls.”

“Luke,” called Ricky. “You better get down here!”

“No, you get up here and help me with this door,” called Luke. “I don’t understand why I can’t get it open. It doesn’t look that strong. Why can’t I knock it down?”

“Luke, your brother got bigger,” Ricky called back. “Damn, he’s almost as big as you!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” called Luke. “Stop wasting time and help me with this thing.” Ricky heard the pounding start up again.

“What do you mean I’m almost as big as him?” asked Jordan. “I feel huge.” Jordan flexed his pecs against the thick, heavy strap, and watched it bend up a little.

“You are huge, Jordan,” said Ricky. “Luke’s just huger, that’s all.”

“That’s not good enough!” shouted Jordan. “I want to be bigger than him!”

“Maybe you’ll grow again,” said Ricky. “Who knows how these freaky things work?”

“No, it’s over,” said Jordan. “I can feel it. I won’t grow anymore unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Ricky.

“Man, these straps are really digging into me now that I’m so much larger. Do you think you could try undoing them again?”

“Sorry, bro, they’re locked remember?”

“Yeah, but now that I think about it, I think the locks might be electric, I remember them locking them from that panel over there.” Jordan nodded his head toward a panel of flashing lights, buttons and knobs.

Ricky walked over to it and examined it. “Man, this stuff looks prehistoric. I can’t tell what any of it does.”

“I think I saw the controls they used… for the straps,” said Jordan. “You see that switch on the far right?”

“This one?” said Ricky, pointing at the largest switch he could see on the right.

“Yeah, that’s the one. Flip it.”

Ricky hit the switch and a low whining started, and a lot of LEDs lit up all over the place. “Did it work?” asked Ricky suspiciously eyeing the lights. He didn’t like the way things looked.

“Not yet,” said Jordan. “They used a couple more controls.”

“Like what?” asked Ricky.

Like that big knob in the center,” said Jordan. “You have to turn it all the way up. Yeah, that should do it—all the way up.”

“Okay,” said Ricky turning the knob. Suddenly the winning started to build and the LEDs started flashing, and the ray gun thing started humming. As he looked at it, Ricky could see a green glow forming in the center of it.

“Are you sure this is what they did?” asked Ricky.

“Definitely,” said Jordan.

“This seems like a lot of trouble just to lock some straps. What’s that buzzing?”

“I think its electromagnets or something,” said Jordan. “That’s what they use to close the locks. You see that big flashing green button on the panel?”

Ricky looked. He saw it. It kept flashing faster and faster. “Yeah, I see it. If we’re shutting down the electromagnets, why is the buzzing getting louder?”

“That’s just the way it works,” said Jordan, sounding a little frustrated. “Just wait till the big button is a solid green light and then hit it. That’ll undo the straps.”

“That doesn’t sound right. Are you sure?”

“I don’t know,” said Jordan, as the flashing got so fast, the button appeared to be a solid green light. “Maybe I got it wrong. Just hit the button and we’ll find out.”

“Ok,” said Ricky, as he reached out with his fist and punched the big green button.

Rickey heard a buzz like a high tension wire only a hundred times louder. He looked over in time to see bolts of green lighting leap out of the ray-gun thing and strike Jordan.

Arghhhhhh!!!!” cried Jordan as countless fingers of green electricity sparked and jerked all over his writhing form. “Ah ha ha ha argh!” he cried. Ricky though it sounded a lot like Jordan was laughing. “It worked!” he cried. “Ah ha ha ha ha!”

Jordan continued to laugh as his body twisted and thrashed under the dancing bolts of green energy. It lasted less than a minute but it seemed hours to Ricky. When it was over Jordan lay there gasping.

“Yes,” breathed Jordan, “that was awesome.”

“I don’t think you got it right,” said Ricky.

“No, dude,” said Jordan, “I got it exactly right. In a couple of minutes, we’ll see just how right I was.”

“Oh my God,” said Ricky, the light finally dawning. “You knew that was going to happen. You tricked me into doing that! But why?”

“Why do you think?” said Jordan. “I want to be big.”

“But you are big,” said Ricky.

“Not big enough,” said Jordan. “All my life I’ve been living in that asshole’s shadow. Now I’ll be the one casting the shadow, a shadow so fucking huge, he’ll get completely lost in it. And it’s just seconds away.”

Ricky pointed at the buttons he’d just pushed. “That’s what they did to make you grow the first time!” he said.

“Kinda,” said Jordan, “except I had you turn the knob all the way to full. They only turned it up to a quarter. Now we’ll see who the big brother is.”

Ricky stepped back horrified at the thought of what might happen to Jordan. “You don’t know what that’ll do to you,” he said.

“Not exactly,” said Jordan, grinning. “But after last time I’ve got a pretty good idea.” Suddenly Jordan gasped. “Oh fuck, it’s starting. It’s happening a lot quicker this time… Ohhhhh man!” And then Ricky saw Jordan’s huge cock start to swell and stretch again.

“Heave ho and up he rises,” grinned Jordan. “Oh man, this is good.”

Ricky watched open mouthed as that magnificent shaft rose to its amazing height and girth. “Last time you acted like it was torture,” said Ricky.

“Last time I didn’t know what was happening,” said Jordan. “Now I can enjoy it. Oh man, am I fucking hard!” Ricky just stood there terrified, staring at Jordan’s shaft. “What’s the matter, Ricky?” said Jordan. “You liked it last time. I know you did. Well, you’re gonna like it even better in a minute. I promise.”

Damn, thought Ricky, look at that thing. It was throbbing, pulsing in and out.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck here we go,” cried Jordan. And it started getting bigger, just stretching up taller and thicker and the head was swelling larger too. “Fuck, that’s good!” cried Jordan.

“Oh my God,” said Ricky. It just kept growing. Damn, it had to be at least a foot and a half long and thick as a fire hose.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” said Jordan. “What a beautiful fucking monster! I wanna cum so bad!”

Ricky took a step forward, and almost involuntarily stuck his hand out toward the pulsing pillar of flesh.

“No!” cried Jordan. “Stop! Touch it and you’ll ruin everything.”

Ricky snapped his hand back.

“Don’t get me wrong, dude. I want you to. Damn, do I want you to. But I gotta be strong. Oh fuck… gotta… be… strong… Ungh! Oh man! Gotta cum so bad! So hard to wait… …but so worth it…

And Jordan’s breath just kept getting heavier and heavier, until he suddenly he yelled, “Yes! Yes! Any second now. Oh my God! Aaaarrrghhh!” Then he started shaking, really violently, much more violently than before. “Ooooohhhhhh fuck!” he yelled.

Rickey watched as Jordan’s entire body started growing bigger. “Yes!” cried Jordan. Ricky heard ripping and tearing as Jordan’s huge shoulders blew out of his sleeves and expanded into magnificent, striated bowling balls. “Oh man!” he yelled. There was a loud pop as the strap across his chest snapped like a guitar string and giant shredded pecs exploded out of his shirt front. “Fuck yeah!” One of the tears extended down to his navel and the black cloth peeled back like an orange to reveal a stomach resembling a heaving brick wall. “Oh man,” he said bending his neck to get a look at his abs. “Aaarrggghh!” he yelled as huge lats riped their way out the sides and that was pretty much it for Jordan’s shirt. And damn, Jordan’s massive back was getting so wide it was starting to hang over the table edge. “I fucking love this!” he cried.

There was another pop pop as the straps around Jordan’s legs snapped. Huge rents opened up all over Jordan’s pants as they lost the struggle to contain the growing iron-like muscles within. Ricky watched as all those tears got wider and wider and longer and longer as huge, ripped quads and hams forced their way into the open. Jordan’s basketball-like calves blew apart his pant cuffs seconds before the rest of his pants were exploded into rags by his monstrous segmented thighs. And his legs were stretching so long his massive feet were hanging off the table end.

And Jordan’s arms… Most guys didn’t have legs that big. Massive, ripped biceps with veins running all over them lay thickly on the table, so huge they practically obscured the side view of his giant torso. And when Jordan lifted his arms, the straps around them blew apart like cobwebs. He barley seemed to notice. He reached down and tore away the last remaining strap which had stretched across his amazingly narrow waist, and stood up.

Rickey took a step back. Jordan wasn’t huge; he was gigantic. He had to be about 7 feet tall and about 5 feet wide at the shoulders, and every inch of him was massive, bulging, heaving, ripped-to-shreds muscle.

“So who’s the bigger brother now?” asked Jordan, laughing. He flexed his mountainous biceps and watched as huge basketballs with veiny peaks the size of softballs rose up.

“You are dude,” gasped Ricky. “No contest.”

“Damn right!” laughed Jordan. “And you wanna know the best part?”

“Sure,” said Ricky, his voice shaking.

Jordan pointed down at his still fully erect 18 inch cock. “This tells me it ain’t over yet!”

“Oh my God!” yelled Ricky and he ran for the stairs.

“Hey where you going?” Jordan called after him. “The fun’s just about to start! Oh fuck! I can feel it!” he called, his breath getting heavier.

Ricky ran up the stairs to where Luke was throwing himself against the door.

“Why won’t this fucking thing open?” cried Luke, in frustration.

“Luke, Luke,” cried a breathless Ricky, as he reached his friend at the top of the steps. “You better go down there. You better see this!”

Ricky ran down a few steps and ducked his head down to get a peek at Jordan. There he was, still standing by the table, gigantic and looming. “Yeah. Yeah. Grrrrrrrr,” he said, starting to make a growling noise. And… oh my God, he was starting to shake! Ricky ran back up the steps and tapped Luke on the back.

“Finish blowing my brother yet?” said Luke.

“I didn’t blow him! Luke, come on!”

Ricky ran back down again and peeked. Christ! Jordan was growing. “Biggerrrrrrrrrr,” he growled as his massive segmented thighs were bulging out beyond reason while they stretched out making the young giant even taller. “Hahaha fucking awesome,” he rumbled.

Ricky looked back up toward Luke, but his friend wasn’t following him. He ran back up the steps. “Luke, you gotta see this!”

“I don’t gotta see nothing! Help me get this door open.” Luke threw himself at the door again. Nothing. “Well, what are you waiting for?” demanded Luke. “Help me.”

Ricky ran for another peek. Jordan’s huge ripped shoulders were getting bigger than basketballs and stretching wider than Ricky was tall! “Fuck yeah!” he heard Jordan cry. And his traps were swelling into mountains as his neck grew as thick as a tree trunk. “Oh. Fuck. Yeah!” Jordan called, in a new deep, rumbling bass.

“Oh my God!” yelled Ricky, running back up the steps.

“Would you stand still for a second?” said Luke.

“But… But…” said Ricky.

“Shut it,” said Luke. “Now when I say now, throw yourself at the door, ok?”

Ricky opened his mouth to say more but one look from Luke and all he said was, “Just a sec.” He ran back down the steps for another look.

Jordan’s booming laughter shook the room as he grew so tall his head brushed the ceiling. “Yes!” he boomed as he threw his gigantic segmented shoulders back and thrust his chest forward. His colossal striated pecs erupted to the size of beach balls. Below them each ab blew up to the size of a cinderblock. “I feel like a god!” And Jordan’s back was bulking up so broad and wide and thick, he couldn’t imagine how he’d ever fit through a door again. Jordan let out a roar as he raised his gargantuan arms and his bulgy, veiny biceps expanded wider than Ricky’s torso. “Like my guns now?” he bellowed at Ricky. Holy crap, just one of Jordan’s massive arms was bigger than Ricky’s entire body! They weren’t just guns, they were nuclear fucking bombs!

“Would you get up here!” cried Luke from behind Ricky, and Ricky ran back up the steps. “What was all that noise?”

“Ah… About Jordan—” began Ricky, but Luke cut him off.

“Nevermind. Tell me later. Ready? When I say now. Now!” and the two of them simultaneously threw themselves at the door. Thud! Nothing.

“Again,” said Ricky. Thud! Nothing.

“Again,” said Ricky. Thud! Nothing.

“Why don’t we just let Jordan do it,” said Ricky, rubbing his arm. “My shoulder’s bruising.”

“Jordan?” said Luke. “Did you let him out of those straps?”

“Ah…” said Ricky, “in a way…”

“I thought I said… Jeez, now I’ll never get him to go home. Well, if he’s out, he’s gonna help. Jordan! Get up here, you fucking twerp!”

“Ah…” said Ricky, “I’d go easy on the twerp stuff if I was you…”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Luke. “Jordan, get up here, you useless sack of shit!”

Ricky heard a thunderous “GGRRRRAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!” a second before he saw a huge fist the size of an engine block come crashing in from the side and impact the wooden staircase turn it into kindling.

Instantly Ricky felt the steps collapse underneath him and he and Luke went tumbling down to the basement floor. Ricky lay on the floor for a moment, the wind knocked out of him and dust and debris skittering down around him. He looked over and saw Luke lying next to him, coughing, brushing dirt and grime from his face. Luke sat up and the breath suddenly caught in his throat as he looked up… and up… and up.

“Who the hell is that?” he cried.

Ricky rolled over and pulled himself up. He knew what to expect but it didn’t stop him from gasping. There was Jordan, big as ever—no, bigger. His pecs were two gigantic globes of flesh, sticking out about two feet in front of him overshadowing a range of eight massive muscle bricks rising out of his stomach. His back spread out behind him, wider than the hood of a car and about five times as thick. And his legs were two monstrous pillars, as thick around as an oil drum, with all the massive muscle groups visibly writhing and twisting with the slightest move. And every vein, every striation of every muscle group was clearly defined beneath his skin.

His impossibly thick neck was now bent slightly over because he was too tall for the eight-foot ceiling and he was so wide with heaving, bulging, massive muscles it was impossible to see anything past him.

Jordan let out a thunderously loud laugh. “What’s the matter, Luke? Don’t you recognize the twerp?”


Part 3

“Jordan? Is… is that you?” gasped Luke.

“Yeah, it’s me, except I’ve been fucking supersized! Whaddya think?” And Jordan raised his arms in a colossal double bi. His arms were veiny, bulging mountains as big as car tires! He lifted his huge fists in the air and they went straight through the ceiling and into the room upstairs.

“Oops,” he said, smirking. “Good thing the house is empty. Guess I’m just too much fucking muscle for this old place to handle.”

“My God, Jordan, what the fuck happened to you?” said Luke.

“Well, my biceps blew up to about three times the size of your puny quads,” he said bringing his gargantuan arm down and flexing it in front of his brother’s astonished face. “Each of my pecs is about twice the size of your cute little head.” He made them bounce. “And my abs feel so hard they could stop a speeding truck.” He clenched his stomach and made it explode into a massive brick wall. “That’s what fucking happened to me. And I owe it all to Ricky.”

“Ricky?” said Luke at the same time Ricky said, “What?!”

“Yup. I let Ricky fuck me and then I just started growing.”

“What?” gasped Ricky, “That’s not—”

“Ricky fucked you?” balked Luke, cutting off Ricky. “And you let him?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Jordan. “I wanted it. And look what happened.” Jordan spread his mammoth arms out to the sides giving a great view of his massive, shredded torso. “And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Not before me,” said Luke. “Ricky,” he said turning to his friend. “I want you to fuck me.”

“W…what?” stammered Ricky. “B… but Luke, that’s not what happened at all…”

“Sorry, Ricky,” said Jordan. “I know you didn’t want me to tell him. I know you think he’s big enough. But he’s my bro and I just couldn’t keep this a secret from him.”

“You think I’m big enough?” said Luke, glaring at Ricky. “What does that mean?”

“N… no Luke, I never said that…” stuttered Ricky.

“Then you’ll fuck me,” said Luke. It was not a question.

Luke turned around and dropped his pants and underpants in one swift motion. Suddenly there it was, the cute bubble butt that had been the subject of so many wet dreams, thrusting out right at him. Ricky didn’t need any more incentive to get rock hard.

“Luke,” said Ricky, “I don’t feel right doing this.”

“Ricky,” said Luke, “if you don’t fuck me right now I swear I will beat you so hard your bruises will have bruises. Understand?

Oh well, thought Ricky, finally giving in, and dropping his pants. He was only human after all and it sure as hell was better than a beating.

And there was the butt, but that was all. Ricky had thought a lot about this moment over the years and somehow just the butt didn’t seem enough. He wanted to see and feel some of that rock-hard body.

“Can you take off your shirt?” asked Ricky.

“Why?” snapped Luke.

“It’s kind of hard to do this with just you sticking your butt at me. I need to see some skin.”

“I’d do it, man,” said Jordan. “Ricky’s really gotta feel it or it won’t work.” Jordan winked at Ricky, but Ricky was too flummoxed by the whole situation to wink back.

“Ok, fine,” said Luke, peeling off his jacket and shirt, and showcasing his large, ripped back. “How’s that?”

“Oh, that’s just fine,” said Ricky, his cock now rising to the occasion with full enthusiasm. He moved forward and ran his hands over the amazing forbidden body of his friend. It felt every bit as good as he imagined it would. Then he reached around forward and fondled those hard, shredded pecs.

“Jesus!” cried Luke, “are you ready yet?”

“Oh yeah,” breathed Ricky. “I’m ready.”

“Then get a move on.”

Ricky tried to enter Luke but that hard butt was just too tight. He had to go in with his fingers first to prepare the way. And when he entered it was ecstasy. He tried to hold back to enjoy it as much as possible, but this was just everything he’d dreamed of for the past four years and he didn’t last 30 seconds.

He screamed when he came and then he pulled out gasping.

“Fuck yeah!” yelled Luke. “Am I growing? Am I bigger?”

“Oh, Jeez, bro,” said Jordan, “It doesn’t look like it’s working.”

“What?” cried Luke, whirling on Ricky. “Why not?”

“Ahhh… Ahhhh…,” said Ricky.

“Maybe it’s because it could never work, you fucking moron,” laughed Jordan. “You really believed someone could get like this by being fucked up the ass? Mom was right about you. She said it was good thing you had those looks and that body since you’re mean as hell and dumb as a post.”

“You mean I let Ricky fuck me for nothing?” cried Luke.

“Oh, not for nothing,” said Jordan. “I found it extremely entertaining and I’m sure Ricky did too.”

Luke started turning a deep red.

“And let’s not forget this,” said Jordan holding up his cell phone. It looked so tiny in his giant hand. “I got a great video of the whole thing and I just uploaded it to Facebook.”

“That’s not going to work,” said Luke. “They’ll censor it.”

“Maybe so,” said Jordan, “but not before most of your friends have seen it.”

Argh!” yelled Luke in frustration. Then he whirled on Ricky. “This is your fault. You fucked me even though you knew it wasn’t going to work.”

“I tried to tell you!” whimpered Ricky.

“Fuck that!” said Luke. “I’m going to beat you to a fucking pulp.”

“I wouldn’t,” said Jordan.

“Why? Are you going to stop me? You protecting this faggot now?” asked Luke.

“No,” said Jordan. “It’s just that Ricky knows how I really got this big. And if you beat him up, how’s he going to tell you?”

“Is that true?” asked Luke.

Terrified, Ricky nodded.

“Don’t bullshit me,” said Luke. “If you think things can’t get any worse, you’re fucking dead wrong.” Luke brandished his fist in Ricky’s face.

“No, no, I know,” said Ricky.

“Then show me!” said Luke.

“Well,” said Rickey. “Jordan was lying on that table there.” He pointed toward the table.

Luke walked over and climbed up on it and lay down. “Like this?”

“Yeah,” said Ricky, “except he was strapped down.”

“Oops,” said Jordan. “Looks like the straps are broken—ripped apart when my body exploded with massive muscles.”

“Forget the straps,” said Luke. “What happened next?”

“Well,” said Ricky, walking over to the console, “I pressed some of these buttons.”

“So press them,” ordered Luke.

“You sure?” asked Ricky.

“Press them!” he shouted.

“Ok,” said Ricky shrugging. He flipped the switch and listened as the buzzing started up again. He turned the knob all the way up and watched as the green button started flashing again.

“You sure you want me to do this?” asked Ricky.

“Just fucking do it!” yelled Luke.

Ricky watched the green light go solid again and raised his hand to press the button again. But just as he did, Jordan bumped the ray gun thing with his megalithic shoulder and instead of hitting Luke, the green lighting hit Ricky instead.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Aaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh!” shouted Ricky. And as soon as it stopped, “Fuck that hurt!”

“Yeah, but in a minute, it’s going to feel great,” said Jordan.

“What did you do?” yelled Ricky.

“What do you think?” said Jordan.

“What’s going on?” said Luke getting off the table. “Is this another trick?”

“Why, yes,” said Jordan, “I believe it is.”

“You tricked me again, you little fuck!” Luke said to Ricky. “And now I’m going to kick the living shit out of you!”

“No, no,” said Ricky. “It’s not too late. We can try it again.” Ricky started hitting the buttons again. “All we gotta do is get that ray thingy pointed back at the table.”

“Here, allow me,” said Jordan, reaching over and grabbing the ray gun thing. Snap! It broke off in his massive hand. “Oops! Looks like it’s broken. Too bad.”

“You did this,” Luke shouted at Ricky. “The two of you plotted this whole thing!” The brawny teen advanced on his much smaller friend who slowly backed away from him.

“No, I didn’t,” whimpered Ricky. “I swear. Tell him, Jordan.”

“Tell him what?” asked Jordan. “Hey, how you feelin’ buddy?”

“How am I feeling?” stuttered Ricky. Then he felt this bolt of sexual energy explode into his cock; it went from zero to erect in under a second. “Ohhhhh fuck,” he said. “I feel horny, really fucking horny.” But his cock didn’t seem to be stopping at erect. His erection just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger. “Oh fuck!” he yelled!

“What are you shouting about, you faggot?” yelled Luke. “I’ll give you something to yell about.” Then Luke noticed the bulge in Ricky’s pants.

“You sick fuck!” he shouted. “I’m about to rip your head off and you’re getting off on it?”

“No! No!” yelled Ricky. “I can’t help it. It’s just… oh fuck!” And suddenly the front of Ricky’s pants blew apart as a monster cock erupted out of them. It was fully a foot long and twice a thick as a beer can. And it was still expanding. “Is that me?” Ricky gasped. “Holy fuck, that’s me!”

Suddenly Ricky grabbed his massive cock and started stroking it all over.

“Fuck that!” said Luke. “You’re not jerking off in front of me!” Luke grabbed Ricky by the collar and slammed him against the wall. “We’ll see how fucking horny you are after you’ve bled out a couple of quarts.”

Suddenly Ricky felt a blast of sexual energy that seemed to originate from his cock and just explode throughout his entire body. And he felt himself getting harder like he was getting a full body boner. Fuck, he felt so good he almost didn’t care if he got the shit beat out of him.

Luke made a fist and pulled back his arm. Ricky closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact. But when Luck nailed him in the stomach, it wasn’t too bad. It was like Luke’s fist had hit some thick padding under his shirt. And when he opened his eyes again he could see Luke shaking his hand out. Damn. What’d happened? Why wasn’t he doubled over in pain, gasping for breath?

Ricky lifted up his shirt and found the answer. He had abs! And not just any abs, huge, ripped up cobblestone abs! Holy shit!

And that’s when he felt it—his clothes were getting tighter, around his chest, his back, his arms, he felt it all over his body—like padding, huge, thick, and hard… and getting bigger.

“Fuck!” he yelled, and he was soooooo horny.

There was a tremendous riiiiiip as his sleeves were separated from the rest of his shirt by his expanding broadening shoulders. He felt himself stretching taller as one by one the buttons began popping off the front of his shirt, and the seams began ripping open on the sides. He looked down and saw huge striated pecs bursting out in front of him getting bigger and bigger, obscuring the view of his eight pack which he could just feel boiling up beneath.

“I feel so fucking awesome!” he yelled. He looked over at Luke. Fuck! He was taller than Luke—and still getting bigger!

He flexed and his now giant arms exploded out of his sleeves reducing them to shreds. A couple of huge riiiiiips finished off his shirt as his huge, thick, muscular back forced its way into the open.

Fuck yeah!” he yelled as his jeans split apart, destroyed by huge veiny, segmented quads.

Ricky stood there in pure ecstasy feeling his body just erupting with ponderous masses of stony flesh as he grew taller and taller. When it stopped, he had to be over 7 feet tall and he felt like he weighed a ton—all of it thick, ripped-to-shit, vein covered muscle! Fuck yeah! Of course, he wasn’t as big as Jordan, but—fuck yeah!

He turned back to Luke. Damn, he looked so small now.

“You were about to kick my ass…?” Ricky growled, in a new deep, rich baritone.

“No… That’s cool, dude. I’m straight,” said Luke, practically quivering as he looked from his recently gigantic brother to his suddenly massive friend.

“Yeah, you’re straight all right,” said Ricky, feeling regret at the double meaning of the word.

“He may be, but I’m a little more open minded,” said Jordan.

“What?” said Ricky and Luke simultaneously.

Jordan whirled toward Luke. “Was I talking to you?” he growled. “From now on don’t talk unless one of us speaks to you first! Got it?”

“Yeah, sure, okay, got it,” stammered Luke.

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Jordan turning to Ricky. “I still like the ladies, but right now you’re definitely ringing all my bells with those huge pecs and those fucking shredded abs… and your biceps are just fucking massive and veiny and amazing. Can I touch them?”

“If I can touch yours,” said Ricky.

“Fuck no!” yelled Luke. “I am not sitting here and watching this!”

Jordan got a slight scowl on his face and he turned to Ricky. “Do you want to handle this or should I?”

“Be my guest,” said Ricky.

Jordan leaned over and grabbed Luke around the chest with one incredibly huge, thick, muscular hand and effortlessly lifted him off the floor.

“Just give me an excuse,” snarled Jordan. “Just use your big, fat mouth to give me one excuse.” Then Jordan started squeezing Luke, the massive muscles in his forearms rippling up their entire length.

“Argh!” shouted Luke, “You’re gonna break my ribs!”

“I could,” said Jordan with an eerie calm, “easily. All I’d have to do is close my grip just a little more.” He squeezed a bit more just to make his point and Luke yelled out again. “Just a little more and your ribs would break just like a bunch of toothpicks. I wouldn’t even break a sweat. You get that, don’t you?”

Luke remained stubbornly silent.

Jordan squeezed a little more.

“Argh! All right I get it!” yelled Luke.

“Good,” said Jordan, easing off a little. “Now, let me make this clear for you: from now on you are my slave and you will call me Master, not Numb Nuts, not Dick Wad and definitely not Runt – Master. Got it?” Jordan squeezed a little more.

“Jeez! Ok. All right! Whatever you say!”

“Whatever you say—what?”

“Whatever you say… Master.”

“Now you’re getting it,” said Jordan. “Now you’re going to sit there and watch Ricky and me have a little fun. And for every time you look away or close your eyes I’m going to break one of your ribs. And after that we’ll discuss your new duties at home, slave. O yeah, they’ll be plenty of those. You’re going to be cleaning my room for starters. I’d have you do my homework except you’re dumb as a post. But if I run out of things for you to do, I’ll lend you to Ricky. I’m sure he can think of plenty of things for you to do, right Ricky?”

“Oh yeah,” said Ricky. “All these huge, hard muscles get sweaty real easy. No way I’ll fit this massive bod into a shower. I’m going to need plenty of sponge baths.”

“Nooooooooo!” screamed Luke, and suddenly he found himself sitting upright in his bed sweating like a pig. He looked around. He was in his room at home. It was dark. “Oh thank God,” he thought, “It was only a dream.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. Midnight. He looked at the date. It was Halloween.

“Wait a minute,” he thought. “If this is midnight on Halloween, what am I doing at home? I should be at the party.”

Suddenly his bedroom door burst open. There standing silhouetted against the bright hall light was the slouched over form of his brother, Jordan, the normal Jordan.

“Dude,” said Jordan. “I just had the most intense dream… Whoa…” Suddenly Jordan looked down. Luke followed his gaze and saw the front of Jordan’s sweats start to tent out. Fuck, what was under there was getting bigger – unnaturally bigger.

Then Jordan started laughing. “I guess some dreams really do come true,” he said as massive muscles began ripping out of his clothing.

Luke swallowed hard. He felt himself break into a cold sweat as he watched his brother’s shadowy form grow more and more massive as he slowly evolved into a gigantic muscle freak. “Yeah,” he thought, “some nightmares too.”

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