Moon of masculinity

by WhiteShadow

 The moon... always shining down from above during the darkest of nights. Some say it has powers of its own, while others claim that it is just a catalyst of some other natural order. I wonder what Anthony would say.

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Throughout history, the moon has symbolized something special for every culture. For one culture, which is now extinct after having been absorbed into other cultures over time, they believed the moon had a special effect on boys who came of age. A boy’s rite of passage into manhood is not uncommon in many cultures, but this one was particularly interesting. From all my research, which is not much considering the state of this long lost culture, something happened to these boys of age when the full moon came into cycle. What happens exactly, I cannot say, but wonder if anyone still lives with this condition, this ability, this trait. More research into this is needed.—Anonymous professor

Anthony entered the club, feeling the bass rumble from outside, excited with anticipation. His first time at a club since he turned 19, only a few weeks past. The bouncer let in a few more people, but stopped right at Anthony, closing off the path with that fancy rope. Anthony was practically jumping with glee as his turn was almost there, his friends Dan and Joey close behind him. “Oh man,” exclaimed Anthony over the loud music blaring from the entrance, “this is gonna be great! Look at all the hot people here! This club must be popular!” Anthony noted all the hot guys entering the club, shirts halfway buttoned in the humid summer air, revealing nice patches of chest hair. This made Anthony a bit sad for himself, since he was relatively hairless, even though he was 19 years old.

“Yeah, must be lots of action happening in here” quipped Dan, the level-headed one of the bunch.

“These women look amazing. I wonder if any of them have boyfriends...” wondered Joey, the rowdy and horny one of the three.

The bouncer looked their way and pulled the rope off, letting them in. “Oh man! Here we go!” cheered Anthony as the three rushed in, before they lose their chance. The club was dimly lit with laser lights flashing everywhere above, creating a jaw-dropping spectacle. The music blared even louder than before and the bass felt like it was in their bones, vibrating their entire core. They made their way to the dance floor, which was packed with people dancing and drinking and just having fun.

“I think I see my first catch of the night... I’ll see you guys later.” Joey waved and left the group, flinging himself into the dancing mass of people.

“I think I’ll check out the bar.” said Dan, making his way to one of the bars on the side. Anthony was left alone, and he felt a bit vulnerable, but he quickly regained his excitement from earlier and flung himself into the throng of people. He tried to scope out some guys and see if any were interested in dancing, but they all just scoffed and walked away. Anthony may not be some Adonis-type guy like the rest of the men here, but he was not bad looking himself. At a normal height of 5’8” with a slightly lanky frame, he may be a bit under-classed in this place.

With his friends gone and the prospects of hooking up with someone seeming less than likely, Anthony’s level of excitement was quickly going down. He thought maybe a drink would help, and headed to the bar. He couldn’t find Dan, so he just ordered something. “How old are ya, kid?” asked the bartender. Anthony beamed with pride when he said he was 19 years old, but the bartender chuckled a bit. “Sorry kid, ya can’t order anything alcoholic. Want some soda or something?”

Anthony frowned a bit when he forgot that the legal drinking age was still a few years away, and rejected the bartender’s offer. He turned around and leaned against the bar, sighing. “At least the music is pretty good,” he thought. He shrugged and went back out on to the dance floor, forgetting about trying to hook up anymore and just danced the night away.

An hour or two later, his phone vibrated in his pants. Taking a moment to check his phone, he read that it was 11:47, “barely into the night” he thought, and checked his texts. It was Joey saying not to wait up for him and that he will see them tomorrow. Anthony smirked, knowing that Joey was able to hook up. He was always like that, running after the best looking girl and working his magic.

He looked up from his phone and glanced out the window. The moon was full and hiding behind the clouds, but still illuminating the city with its radiant light. He felt transfixed, staring at the clouds, waiting for it to come out, when he felt a strange sensation in his body. He felt tingly and more full of energy than even before. The moon finally came out from its hiding spot and shone down on Anthony, which sent another familiar sensation through his lanky body. He felt like he was getting hard, and his balls tingled. He shoved all this away from his mind, probably just feeling a bit lonely at the moment, but the feeling redoubled, making him reconsider his doubt. He walked over to the bathroom and went into the largest stall, locking it behind him. He looked down and saw that his now had a noticeable bulge appearing in his pants. He stared at it for a moment, pondering if he has to take a piss or not, when his bulge gave another lurch and looked slightly bigger. “What the hell?” thought Anthony as he pulled his pants down and saw that his briefs look somewhat small on his, as his package was even more prominent now.

He pulled his underwear off and saw that his dick was still as small as ever, hovering around the 4” mark, even in its erect state. His balls, however, were a bit bigger than their usual size. He grabbed them and noticed that he could barely hold both in one hand, where before he could easily hold them both. He felt his balls tingle once more and saw them visibly swell just a bit. Anthony gasped, both from the sight and from the amazing feeling he was getting, just holding his junk. “What the hell is going on,” whispered Anthony, trying not to make too much noise in the crowded bathroom.

His balls throbbed once more and Anthony’s knees started going weak. He started to slowly fondle his balls, relishing the euphoric sensations. His balls pulsed every few seconds now, visibly growing larger each time. In a matter of minutes, his balls were almost twice their original size, and required two hands to hold. “This is insane. What’s going on with me?” With his balls so big, they started doing their work, producing mass amounts of testosterone. Anthony started feeling hot all over, and slightly itchy. His small dick started was practically hard at this point, and it too started to throb with pleasure and growth. Anthony groaned as the feelings overpowered him and he could do nothing but exclaim his emotion. One of the guys in the bathroom let out a cheer, thinking the person in the stall was getting some action. They didn’t know how much.

Anthony’s balls continued to swell, albeit at a slower pace now. His body was getting more itchy by the second, and he was forced to let go of his large orbs, feeling the now-massive weight on his groin. He scratched at his chest and arms, and even his legs and groin weren’t left out. As he scratched, he felt his chest and noted that it was a bit different. He pulled up his shirt and saw a small trail of hair appearing on his flat stomach. The hair was getting denser each second, and was growing upwards. He lifted his shirt even higher and saw small amounts of chest hair, where he had none before. His forearms were also getting some hairy attention and he started looking, and feeling, like he was a true 19 year old man.

Paying so much attention to his growing hair, he barely noticed that his shirt was starting to feel a size too small. He felt himself and noted the foreign bumps of growing muscle on his arms and chest. “Whoa...” he said, in a slightly lower voice. This surprised him and he felt his neck, now protruding with a traditional manly Adam’s Apple. Rubbing his neck, he felt stubble. He barely shaved, and when he did, he only had a few whiskers on his lip, but now, he was getting stubble all over his face and neck. “Oh man, this is amazing!” Anthony quietly cheered as rubbed his changing body, becoming more aroused by the second. This excitement caused his balls to send out a large pulse, growing much bigger and made Anthony moan pretty loudly.

The stall door banged loudly, and a guy on the other side asked “Hey! You almost done in there? I need to take a piss!”

Anthony was shocked and yelled back “Y-y-yeah! Just a minute!”. He quickly fumbled with his pants and belt and tried to pull them, and his briefs, up. His balls were so huge and his dick was bigger than before. They just barely fit inside his briefs, but were insanely tight. His legs were much bigger than before and his pants were very tight on him. He could barely button it before the guy banged on the door again. He fixed his now too small shirt and opened the stall, apologizing to the man. Anthony was about a few inches taller than the man, slightly towering over him. This surprised Anthony as he was usually the short one. “I must have grown taller!” he thought. He chuckled inward realizing this, and grew even more aroused, which yet again sent another large pulse to his balls. Anthony’s knees buckled slightly as he felt this wave of pleasure and felt a damp spot on his briefs forming.

The guy looked at Anthony with a raised eyebrow when he saw him staggering about. “You okay?” asked the now-shorter man.

“Y-y-yeah. Just a bit lightheaded is all.” Anthony walked out of the stall and let the man in, who looked back at Anthony with a face of concern and what looked like lust. Anthony sensed this and did something he would have never done. He walked into the still-occupied stall and looked at the man.

The man noticed his presence and asked “What are you doing in here? Can’t you see I’m using it?”, The guy exclaimed with his dick out. Anthony turned the man around and grabbed his dick, noting that he could grab it with relative ease, despite it being pretty big-ish. “Whoa!!! What the hell!!”, the guy yelled, but Anthony still retained his grip on the man. His balls pulsed once more and Anthony let out a small moan, and started jerking the man off. The guy started getting into it and let out a few moans too, as he closed the stall door behind them.

Anthony’s dick raged in his pants, leaving a heavy damp spot inside, all the while his balls continued to swell. His face and chest itched even harder and his chest felt constricted by his shirt. His balls let out another pulse, causing him to moan loudly and they both heard a sharp rip. The man looked around and saw that Anthony’s shirt was torn, on his neckline. The rip was slowly going down his front, exposing his chest as it traveled. The man watched in awe and lust as Anthony continued to give him a hand job. Anthony groaned as his pants started to dig into his stomach. He took a deep breathe and his pants button flew off. His pants now were being maintained by his growing legs, but not for long. The zipper started to break apart, eventually revealing the now insanely small and over-packed briefs. The man gasped as he saw the massive bulge this man was carrying and knelt in front of him. His shoved his face into Anthony’s crotch and started biting and licking anything he could. Anthony gasped at this action and moaned and groaned all the while.

His iron-hard dick was getting so big that it started to curve under the brief, causing discomfort. Anthony attempted to take them off, but the briefs got to it first with a loud rip. His dick and balls popped out and smacked the guy in the face, who continued licking like a madman. He started to take Anthony’s dick in his mouth and give him a blowjob. Anthony was pretty much a virgin before this, so he didn’t know what to expect, but boy, was it heaven.

Anthony moaned loudly while the guy sucked just as loudly on his massive cock, which was starting to overfill the man’s mouth. Anthony looked down and saw his massive dick, barely in this guys mouth, and grabbed what he could with his giant hand, jerking off what the man couldn’t stuff in his throat. Anthony’s shirt continued its ripping as he jerked himself off, the front pretty much torn straight down the middle, revealing a massive shelf of hairy pecs with nicely cobbled abs, also covered with a thick trail of hair. His sleeves also burst from the seams as his arms grew thick and powerful, and covered in its own hair. He was pretty much naked at this point, with only his socks and shoes on him, until he noticed that they too were ripped to shreds, his feet having grown many sizes larger.

The guy continued his attack on Anthony’s large dick when Anthony gazed upward. He noticed a small window above the stall that showed the moon, still shining brightly. Gazing into it for a moment, He felt the greatest orgasm ever come over him. He shouted and a fountain of cum shot out of his cannon-like cock, spraying the guy in the face and his shirt. The man too let out a guttural groan as he came all over himself. Anthony continued cumming for minutes, feeling utter bliss and satisfaction. He regained his senses and panted, looking down at the man covered in his molten hot cum.

The man licked his lips and grinned. “Man... that was intense! Who the hell are you?”

Anthony looked at the man with a grin, as he felt his balls tingle once more. He looked down at his phone on the floor and saw that it was only 1:32am. “The night is still young,” he thought.

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