Muscle growth adventure

by crispypurr

A young pirate finds himself trapped in a mysterious island where he experiences some real growth, alongside his crewmate and a brave warrior woman.

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Part 1 A young pirate comes into conflict with his impossibly beautiful captain. (added: 29 Jan 2022)
Part 2
Part 3 Oliver and his pirate friends find themselves on a mysterious island where strange possibilities await them. (added: 5 Feb 2022)
Part 4
Part 5 With Marcus transformed, Oliver feels the inferiority of his own physique more than ever, even as new trouble brews on the island. (added: 12 Feb 2022)
Part 6
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Part 1

The sky was clear, the tides appeared to be calm and the temperature was… well, bearable. Oliver thought that luck was finally on their side. He had boarded this ship weeks ago, and since then only disaster had followed him and the crew. Terrible storms, huge waves, assaulting rival pirates, killing mermaids and even a giant kraken. It had been days of tiring work and lots of dead, but it looked like he could finally have a break from disaster and relax.

The boy pulled out a small mirror from his bag and tried to fix his hair. He had messy blond hair, freckles and a small nose. His green eyes glanced over his face, satisfied with being somewhat adorable looking. He then looked down through the reflection and sighed. Regardless of his attractive facade, Oliver was very disappointed with his body. Almost nineteen and he barely looked it. He was slightly athletic thanks to his sailing job, yet he still felt very skinny. If he wasn’t wearing any clothes, he could’ve seen his thin arms, his flat chest, and his rib bones showing a little. At least he had some decent abs…

“What ya doin’, pretty eyes?”

Oliver blinked and lost the attention on his mirror. His pal Marcus had showed up out of nowhere, putting an arm around his shoulders. The man was middle aged, ugly as they come. He was missing several teeth, had a dirty beard, and a belly so inflated that Oliver thought it would pop like a bubble at any moment. But despite his disgusting looks, the blond boy and the hideous pirate had become friends even before boarding the ship. Marcus was fun to be around, and he had a gentle heart, always willing to help his smaller companion.

“Looks like our problems are finally over, eh?” Marcus said, extending his arm towards the vast ocean.

Oliver chuckled. “We shouldn’t let our hopes get too high. I bet another disaster is about to hit us. This is just the sea making fun of us before it does.”

“Eerr… aren’t ya a positive one.” Marcus went serious all the sudden, observing the horizon. “The tide Gods haven’t been generous with us this trip. But I assure you, we will reach the new lands in no time now. The Captain is making sure of it.”

The blond boy frowned. “The Captain….”

Oliver had mixed feelings about the Captain. The guy was only a few years older than him, and both of them were younger than everybody in the ship. Still, Oliver was treated like a subordinate, while everyone respected the Captain in an almost religious manner. The blond boy could see why though… The Captain’s only presence imposed respect and fear. The young man was two heads taller than Oliver, and his body was built with gigantic muscle able to crush anybody that opposed him. The Captain’s frame was lean, yet large enough to stretch out his clothes. He had long dark hair, and piercing blue eyes that sent shivers down your spine whenever you looked at them directly. One large scar went across his nose, while a smaller one decorated his chin. He was a gorgeous, yet terrifying person.

Oliver had admired the Captain at first. However, as time passed in the sea, the blond boy began to envy him. Whenever they were in trouble, the muscular man would save everyone with his powerful body. The Captain was the one that defeated all of their invading enemy pirates with merely his fists. He was the one that wrestled the kraken down. And the one that made the mermaids forget about eating them by making them fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Oliver was sent to clean and cook, unable to defend himself from all the threats, or to help his dying crew friends.

“He is a brave man, that one..” said Marcus all the sudden, burping before continuing talking. “I have to admit, when I met him I doubted someone so young would be able to navigate the seas. I didn’t even think he could control a whole crew!”

“Well, he hasn’t gotten us to the new lands yet…” said Oliver in a low tone, but Marcus didn’t listen to him.

“But I am telling ya! After seeing how heroic and strong the Captain is, I have no more doubts about him! I would follow him to the end of the world, ya know! We could all learn more from him…” Marcus seemed to be daydreaming about the young man, and that made Oliver uncomfortable.

“Are you in love with him or something?” the blond guy said, teasing his friend.

Instead of being offended, Marcus bursted out laughing. “Hah! Aren’t we all on this ship!? Some are saying he is even a demigod, I’m telling ya!”

Oliver didn’t expect that answer. He rolled his eyes and walked away.

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you later, I am not done mopping the main deck.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

More weeks passed without anything eventful happening. Oliver cleaned, mopped, and cooked as always. He felt relieved that there were no more life threatening things going on, but a new problem was starting to arise. The crew was feeling uneasy; they should’ve been approaching the new lands by now. However, the ship was still sailing across the vast open ocean, with no shore to be seen anytime soon. Oliver’s friends began to fear that they were going in the wrong direction, but everybody respected (or feared) the Captain too much to demand answers. Besides, the Captain was not seen around the ship much anymore, as he stayed in his cabin most of the time, unless he came out to give orders.

Oliver mostly felt unbothered by the situation. Or that was until one night the crew organized a meeting to see who would go ask the Captain about the trajectory of the ship. The filthy pirates started to discuss what to do calmly at first, yet the conversation quickly turned into a heated discussion.

“I am not going over there! Have you seen the arm of that man!? It’s bigger than my leg!” someone said.

“You are a coward! He is our Captain, he wouldn’t hurt us for a simple question,” someone else argued.

“Then why don’t you go ask him!?” a third one demanded.

“Anyone know if we have more whisky?” added Marcus, clearly drunk.

“He deserves respect, he is a demigod! Didn’t you see how he beat up that kraken!?” another one yelled.

People kept screaming and pointing fingers. Oliver was just sitting in the corner, cleaning his tiny mirror with some cloth. He listened for a while and tried to ignore the noise. The accusations and demands kept getting louder, and Oliver was feeling more frustrated by the second. The boy clenched his teeth.

“Be quiet!” he said, but he was so small that nobody noticed him. He grunted in rage and stood up. “Shut up!” he yelled. “You are all pathetic! I’ll go talk to him.”

This time the crew heard him, and they went silent. All eyes were on Oliver, and he immediately felt embarrassed. Then everyone started laughing.

“You!? The Captain will crush you with his finger alone,” one person said.

“Hah! The Captain is three times your size!” another mentioned.

“Seriously guys where is the whisky?” Marcus commented, scratching his head.

“Go back to the kitchen, boy!” someone yelled.

Oliver’s face turned red and he clenched his fists in rage. He gave the crew a defiant expression, and stormed out. The crew just kept laughing behind him, thinking that the blond boy had gone to cry in his room. But Oliver felt a bright flame inside him, and he headed to the Captain’s cabin.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Stupid pirates, you’ll see.” Oliver stood in front of the cabin’s door for a moment. He raised his fist with hesitation, doubting if he should do this after all. Then he remembered the crew laughing at him, and he knocked the door with rage. No answer. He knocked again, and again. Only the sound of the waves against the ship could be heard. Oliver was about to knock a fourth time when the door opened. The blond boy almost fell down on his butt as the huge frame appeared in front of him.

“C-captain. A-ahoy!” Oliver managed to stutter.

The Captain was so tall that his wide chest was facing Oliver’s face. The young man was wearing elegant sailor clothes, but he had ripped his shirt’s sleeves off to reveal his enormous arms. He looked down at the blond boy, and Oliver felt some kind of hatred and admiration towards him. The Captain had a youthful face, almost the same as Oliver, but that was the only similar aspect between the two. The large pirate had a prominent beard that was trimmed short with a knife. His hair was bushy and heroic looking. He was bigger, stronger, and more attractive than anyone on the ship. Oliver frowned, frustrated with the idea that this guy was almost his same age, yet more of a man he would ever be. The Captain tilted his head without saying anything, awaiting for Oliver to speak. His chest was raising up and down, his breath clearly displaying the power his body possessed.

Oliver swallowed, and then stood firmly. “T-t-the- c-c-rew…” He shut his mouth, enraged that he was too nervous to talk. The Captain simply chuckled and turned his back to him.

“Come in.”

Oliver looked at the back of the Captain, twice his own torso. He walked inside and observed the cabin. The place was filled with mirrors, way too many for a normal room. The desk was full of maps and other sailing objects. From the window, the moonlight sprayed its brightness over the frame of the large Captain. The man was looking at one of the many reflective glasses, his blue eyes locked on his own body.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the Captain.

Oliver raised an eyebrow, unsure of what he was talking about. “What is?”

The Captain raised his arm and flexed. His biceps rose up like a mountain, muscle stretching his skin thin. The blond boy couldn’t stop staring, amazed by how hard and strong the muscle looked.

“My body, of course…” commented the Captain.

Oliver narrowed his eyes, confused. He looked away and pretended that he was not drooling over the sculpted body of the Captain.

“S-sure…” Oliver answered. “Um… s-sir. The crew has b-been wondering…” Suddenly Oliver felt a stream of courage running through his being. “The crew… The crew has been wondering if we are going in the right direction! We should be arriving in the new land by now, but there is nothing out there except for the ocean! We are starting to question if you are actually capable of navigating this ship. After all, you are just a boy like me.” Oliver spoke so quickly he felt almost out of breath when he finished. He looked at the Captain with an exhilarating smile, and instantly felt regret as the man turned to face him.

“We are not going to the new land,” said the Captain blandly.

“W-what?” Oliver felt even smaller while the muscular man approached him.

The Captain snatched him by the neck and lifted up his body. He wasn’t choking him, but he was still grabbing him firmly like a puppet. “Was I not clear? We are not going to the new land,” the Captain smiled. His smirk would’ve looked terrifying, if his face wasn’t so perfectly handsome. “I have other goals in mind… I might be stronger than anyone in this pathetic ship, but I still can’t navigate a ship on my own. You silly pirates were a great help to get me across the sea though. Thank you.” The man flexed the arm he was holding Oliver with, muscle bulging out everywhere. He grinned more. “I suppose there is no need to pretend I care about you all anymore, as we are approaching our destination.”

Oliver started shaking, trying to set himself free. “W-what are you doing!? The crew respects you, why are you betraying them like that!? Where are we even going!” The blond boy grabbed the Captain’s arm, trying to push away. It was like holding a pillar of rock, and Oliver wasn’t sure if he was aroused or scared. He was envious, for sure. He also felt so helpless.

The Captain chuckled. He moved Oliver, pulling him towards him. He was now carrying him in his arms. The blond boy could feel all the hard muscle around him, while the Captain hugged him with his mighty arms like a baby.

“Don’t worry, I do not intend to hurt any of you.” He locked his blue eyes with Oliver’s. “Aren’t you pretty? I might keep you around… I bet you’d like it.” Then he walked to one large mirror and smashed Oliver against it. The Captain pushed his frame against his, and started thrusting with his whole figure. Oliver felt like a beast was smashing him, muscle pressing against his own body, pure raw strength overpowering him. The Captain was simply looking at himself flexing, almost making out with his reflection, while Oliver was getting squished. “I am such perfection. Look at my muscles, so strong, so powerful. You are feeling the full power of a perfect being!” Oliver tried to push him away or escape, but it was useless. The Captain’s body was too large and muscular for him to do anything. Nevertheless, the blond boy soon was now longer scared; he was moaning, his hand grabbing and touching every part of the muscular man. Oliver felt so much admiration, and so much rage and envy…

“That’s right. You know your place now,” said the Captain, still observing himself instead of the blond boy. “I’ve been watching you, you know? You are the only pretty thing in this hideous ship. Except for me, obviously. You’ll be a great pet.” The Captain started thrusting harder, his huge bulge rubbing against Oliver, evidently hard. The mirror started to crack, unable to contain the muscle strength. “We are going to a place where I will obtain all the power I deserve. A forgotten place by many, but not me. I will take what’s mine.”

“I-I… I will not let you get away with his,” Oliver managed to yell. “I’ll tell the crew. They won’t accept this.”

The Captain laughed out loud. He then began kissing his reflection, flexing his muscles all over Oliver, pushing him harder and harder against the surface. The mirror finally gave in and broke in pieces. The blond boy let out a scream of pain, arousal, and surprise. The Captain stepped back with a proud grin, breathing intensely, and with his sweaty muscle shining under the moonlight. Oliver just dropped to his knees, and noticed that his crotch was wet. He looked up to the captain, feeling pathetic and defeated.

The Captain was still full of energy, and he continued flexing his big muscles while watching them bulge up and harden. Without even bothering to look at Oliver, he said. “What is the crew going to do about it? They think I am a demigod! And to be honest, they might be right…” The muscle man grabbed the blond boy by the shirt and lifted him up. Without warning, he kissed him softly. “You and everyone in this ship will keep doing what I say. And you are staying here, with me. There’s nothing you can do about it, my pet.”

Oliver wanted to run away, to punch him, to scream for help. But he felt so tired, so weak. His vision got blurry, and before he could say anything, he passed out.


Part 2

“Do one more,” said the Captain. “Come on, it’s not that hard.”

Oliver tried to complete his push up, but his arms failed and he dropped to the wood floor. The Captain laughed at him. He then took his time to do fifty more push-ups, besides the two hundred he already had done. Oliver just watched him while laying down, trying to catch up his breath. The Captain’s pectorals were bulging out with power, and his arms seemed as steady as ever. The muscular man finished and stood up, looking not tired at all.

“Today’s the day,” said the Captain, while breathing heavily. “I have to go boss around these idiots. You stay here and try to finish the push-ups. Or you can just think about how much stronger I am, whatever you want.” He walked outside as he loudly closed the door of the cabin.

Oliver rolled over to rest on his back. He was sweating, and he was having a difficult time inhaling air. He hated exercising. Yet the last weeks had been doing nothing but workouts and more workouts. The Captain had kept him in the cabin, not allowing him to go out at all. Oliver had tried to fight it, but obviously the man was strong enough to manage him however he wanted. He also always locked the door after leaving. The Captain had forced him to do different exercises with him every few hours, almost like a competition. The muscular man seemed to enjoy humiliating Oliver by surpassing his strength and stamina in an exaggerated way. After every session, the Captain would undress in front of the blond boy. At first Oliver thought that the man was going to force him to have sex, but the Captain would only start flexing in front of the mirror every time. He usually ordered Oliver to touch his muscles, or he used the small boy’s body as weight, lifting him up and down with ease. Oliver could not resist to cum every time, without even touching himself. He was angry and embarrassed with himself, especially after the Captain tossed him away like trash, and jerked off to his own reflection.

Oliver sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the brief moment of peace. He then decided to stand up. He didn’t have much to do around the cabin, besides doing the workouts that the Captain had commanded him to do. Oliver undressed and tried to finish the set of push-ups. He did the last ones with shaking arms. He roared with frustration as he felt his weakness, his inability to do what the Captain could do so easily with his huge muscles.

“That bastard…!” Oliver walked towards a mirror and punched it out of anger, making it break and crack. He knew the Captain wouldn’t care; he had endless more mirrors around. The blond boy shook his head and looked at his reflection in another mirror, next to the broken one. He liked seeing his body pumped, even if he was still very skinny. The last few days he had been working his muscles like never before. And the Captain had made him eat more than usual. Oliver had noticed small changes, as his chest had a little more volume and his arms were slightly thicker. Nothing impressive, and not even comparable to the Captain’s body, but for Oliver his little pump was amazing. He started rubbing his chest with his hand, imagining himself in the body of the Captain. He thought of flexing his arm and having the man’s round and gigantic biceps. “Oh yeah… I am the captain…”

Oliver had his eyes closed, and he was starting to stroke his cock. He first pictured himself with the huge pectorals of the Captain, his narrow shredded waist and abs. His fingers moved over his legs, and he fantasized of having the Captain’s gigantic thighs, beefy and firm like pillars. He thought of having his wide shoulders, his imponent back. With his eyes still closed, Oliver was flexing and posing the same way he saw the Captain did before. In his mind, he was the Captain, he was the muscular one, and the actual Captain had a feeble lame body. “Yeaaah, I am the demigod. I am the one the crew respects. I am the strong one.” Oliver ejaculated all over the mirror, flexing his whole body with all he got. He moaned, thrusting his waist forwards. Then he opened his eyes, and he saw his ridiculous thin body. He sighed in frustration. He felt very tired. He sat down on the main chair of the cabin, and waited for the Captain to be back.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Oliver had dressed up and waited a long time before the door opened with a noisy slam. He expected to see the intimidating figure of the Captain, but instead he found himself staring at the silly round shape of Marcus. The pirate was gasping for air, and appeared to be really alarmed about something.

“Marcus!? What ‘s going on? And how did you even open that door?” Oliver exclaimed.

Marcus stretched his back, making an expression of discomfort. “That old thing? I just punched it. It was too rotten to hold any prisoner, I don’t even know how ya didn’t escape.”

Oliver blushed and looked down, ashamed to admit he was too weak to even break through some rotten wood. Marcus seemed to realize that and brushed it off. He got closer to the boy and grabbed him by the wrist.

“We have to go now! The Captain is doing some woodo woo woo.”

“Some what?” Oliver raised an eyebrow.

“The hell I know! He is holding some ugly sphere over his head and singing some strange song in a weird language.” Marcus pulled Oliver and made him start walking towards the exit. “I don’t think ya want to be here for whatever it’s happening. The tides are going crazy!”

Oliver was about to protest and ask Marcus to explain when he saw the sky. Scary grey clouds twirled above them. The wind was blowing intensely. The waves around were splashing so hard that the ship was starting to swing side to side. The crew was moving all over the place, trying to keep the boat together.

“What in the name of the tide Gods is happening!?” yelled Oliver over the storm.

“The Captain is doing some voodoo woogo, that’s what!” Marcus screamed back. He pointed at the front of the ship where a big muscular figure was holding something up. Oliver didn’t even have to force his sight to realize it was the Captain.

“Why is nobody stopping him!?” Oliver argued, upset at both the crew and the Captain.

“They love him too much, these fools,” said Marcus. “After ya were captured, he told us that ya were a traitor and that ya tried to assassinate him. Of course I didn’t believe such nonsense. Ya can’t hurt a fly.” Oliver frowned at him, and Marcus noticed that what he said was not much of a complement for him. “Eer… Anyways. He then told the crew about some mystical purpose he had, or who knows what. He said ya were trying to stop him from bringing us riches of a promised land.” Marcus spitted on the ground. “Lies! All lies! Every pirate knows that prophecies of fortune are not real. But these imbeciles bought it. They would believe anything the Captain says.”

Oliver thought about it for a moment. It did sound like a bunch of lies, but he knew that the Captain was taking them somewhere that wasn’t the new lands. Was there some truth about his words? A flash of lighting made him realize it was not the time to reflect about the matter.

“Now what!?” he yelled at Marcus.

“We better get to the gun deck, it’s safer there,” Marcus replied and attempted to go there. Oliver stopped him.

“What if the ship sinks!? It’s even worse down there if that happens! Look at the ocean!” Oliver pointed at the frightening waves, splashing almost over the ship.

Marcus opened his mouth to reply, but no sound came out of his mouth. His eyes froze in terror as he looked in the direction of the Captain. Oliver turned and almost fainted. A giant wave was coming towards the ship. And it wasn’t a normal giant wave; it was the biggest of the giant waves to ever exist. Everyone began to run around in panic. Marcus separated from Oliver, the crew was hiding and screaming. The boy felt like he was crying for help, but in reality he was just standing there, unable to move. The last thing he saw before the water hit them was the Captain, standing with his strong arms up and looking as brave as ever. Oliver could not believe he could hate someone so much before dying.


Part 3

Oliver didn’t know what had happened. He opened his eyes. He noticed the soft sand under him, rubbing it with his fingers. His body was sore, yet he didn’t feel like he was injured. With grunts of annoyance, he managed to lift his back up. Sitting on the beach, the boy blinked, trying to adjust to the bright light of the sun. He was surprised to see the whole crew all around him. Some were unconscious, others were trying to move or to help their comrades. Nobody seemed to be dead or hurt. Marcus was not too far away from Oliver, butt out and face buried in the sand. The boy stood up with a smile and assisted his friend.

“Eerr… are we in the realm of the dead?” said Marcus between complaints about his back and some coughs.

Oliver just punched him in the arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Marcus yelled.

“You felt it, right? Looks like you are very alive to me,” answered Oliver with a playful smirk.

Marcus just looked at him with an annoyed face. He then laughed so loud that the rest of the pirates began staring at him. “We are alive! We are alive! We are alive.” Marcus started cheering, jumping all over the place like a kid. Oliver shared his excitement and did the same. The crew approached them, looking at them as if they were crazy. “We are alive! We are alive! We are alive!” The two guys were now dancing together, clapping and laughing so much that their stomachs started to hurt.

“What about the Captain?” someone interrupted them. Oliver immediately felt all of his joy leave by the thought of the Captain. He dropped his arm down and gave the pirate an irritated look.

“The Captain, the Captain… Who cares!?” Marcus screamed. “Where in the name of the Gods is the ship!? Haven’t any of y’all noticed it is not anywhere in the sea!?”

The pirates turned to look over the horizon. If they just hadn’t had such a traumatic experience with the ocean, they would’ve found the place beautiful. The water was clear and bright blue. Some small mountains rose above the water, gorgeous vegetation on top of them. Behind the crew, a large bush of jungle covered the entirety of the land mass. A tall hill could be seen across the trees, most likely in the center of what appeared to be an island.

“How are we getting out of here!?” said one of the pirates.

“The ship should be under the sea now. That wave was not natural, I’m telling ya,” another one commented.

“We must find the Captain, he will know what to do,” mentioned a third one.

“Yeaahrrr, the Captain is probably already deep in the jungle looking for a solution,” one of the oldest pirates assumed.

Oliver’s face turned red, like every time he heard these idiots speak.

“Are you all stupid? It is the Captain that got us into this mess in the first place!” he yelled. “What we should is explore the island, find a way to build a boat, and forget about him.”

The crew observed him with disdain. One of the biggest pirates approached him, tilted his torso down, and looked at him right in the eye. The guy was two heads taller than Oliver, and a mass of muscle and fat that could demolish him in a second.

“And why should we be listening to a traitor?” said the big sailor. “As far as I am concerned, this must be the promised land the Captain was talking about. The one you tried to keep from us.”

Oliver opened his mouth in disbelief. He glanced at the other pirates, trying to find some support. Everyone was giving him stares of disapproval and anger. Except for Marcus, who was poking his nose.

“You can’t be serious!” Oliver protested. “The Captain is the traitor! He…”

“We should’ve fed you to the sharks long ago,” a pirate yelled.

“He is no good. Can’t fight, can’t lift. And his food tastes terrible,” another one said.

“We should beat him up here and now. That will teach this brat a lesson,” someone else argued.

The crew began to encircle Oliver with menacing expressions. Marcus moved across the crowd and stood next to the blond boy. He winked at him, indicating Oliver that he was ready to fight for him. The big guy from the crew was about to throw the first punch when a mysterious sound stopped him. From the jungle, some kind of musical instrument was playing. Suddenly, a multitude of tattooed blue skinned people charged from the wilderness towards the pirates. They were roaring some kind of war cry. The strangers were holding spears and swords with them. They surrounded the crew, pointing their weapons at them. Marcus was quick to raise his arms in the air.

“We surrender! Don’t stab us!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The blue people captured the entirety of the crew and escorted them through the jungle. Oliver noticed some traits about them during the journey. First, he knew that the strangers could speak their language, as one of them told them to be silent. Secondly, he realized that they didn’t like the pirates, by the way they looked at the crew with disgust. Lastly, it was obvious that these tattooed people were a menace even without weapons. They were taller than anybody Oliver had ever met before, and they had a musculature that was even more imposing than the Captain’s. They fully displayed their strong bodies, wearing nothing more than a cloth that covered their butt and genitals. The blue skin was the most peculiar, which exalted the shape of the muscles as if their flesh was a painting. Every step they took made their powerful legs harden and bulge. It was a whole spectacle to just watch them move.

The blue people forced the pirates to walk for hours. Then days and nights. Marcus complained about the heat. Oliver just tried to gasp for air through the humidity the whole time. Every time any of the pirates began to cause serious trouble, one of the tattooed people would grab them, lift them above their head, and crush their back with their knee. The corpse was always left behind. Out of fear, the crew decided to behave until they reached the place they were headed to… And when they arrived, everyone was shocked. A magnificent city appeared before them as they came out of the jungle. There were shiny golden buildings, impressive glowing pyramids and very populated markets. While the blue people escorted them, the pirates watched everything with their jaws wide open. The citizens of the metropolis looked all similar; blue skinned, muscular, tall and with perfect factions. Oliver felt a weird attraction towards all of them, female or male.

The group finally approached the tallest structure of the city. They entered it by climbing a great amount of stairs. When they were inside, Oliver was sure this was some kind of palace. Fountains and precious gems decorated the place. He observed with curiosity the many statues of muscular men that flexed over them. It looked like these people had an obsession with strength. Marcus poked Oliver’s shoulder and pointed at the huge genitals of the stone men, making fun of them. The blond boy rolled his eyes.

“Welcome to Atlantis, vermin,” said one of the blue men that was escorting them. He opened a gigantic gate that introduced them to what seemed to be a royal room. To the surprise of everyone, the Captain was sitting on the golden throne. The Atlanteans forced the crew to kneel in front of him. Everyone looked confused.

“Welcome, my faithful crew!” said the Captain, standing up while extending his beefy arms. He had gotten rid of his clothes, and was now wearing the same silly outfit that the Atlanteans used. He had some type of coral crown on his handsome head. “You might be wondering how I got here first!” the Captain continued. “Well, it’s easy; I was destined to appear here. I was the one that used the pearl of Neptune to approach Atlantis, after all. Meanwhile, you showed up on the beach, as the garbage remnants of ship that you are’’ The pirates just looked at each other with uncertainty.

“What is going on, Captain!?” the big guy of the crew demanded to know.

“These blue people killed Steve and Jhonnattan, how could you allow this Captain!?” another one yelled.

“Is this the promised land you told us about,” some more enthusiastic crew member said. “Are the riches of this city for us to take? Bless you, Captain!”

“You look magnificent, my Captain,” another one added.

“Ya fools! He betrayed us. Are y’all brain dead?” Marcus argued, a vein pulsating on his forehead from anger.

The Captain only chuckled. He looked powerful, and Oliver considered he was even a little more muscular than before. The strong man walked slowly to the crew, his body moving with grace. “I have not betrayed you, my crew. This is the prophecy of Atlantis,” the Captain claimed. Then with a dramatic voice, he said. “The hero that finds the pearl of Neptune, sails across the dangers of the god’s realm, and finds Atlantis, shall rule the golden city with a fist of strength and might.” He cleared his throat, looking down at his own muscle body. He bounced his pecs before speaking. “Strength… I am meant to be the strongest of all! And I give you this option; serve me as my loyal subjects, or become fuel to my greatness!”

The biggest crew member stood up, making a rude gesture towards the Captain. “To the Tartarus with you! That was not the deal!” he protested. “I will kneel to nobody. You are a captain, not a king! And I am a pirate, freedom and the sea is all I need.”

A few other pirates joined the big guy, raising their fists and insulting the Captain. They demanded justice. The rest stayed kneeling, looking at the Captain in the most submissive way. The muscular man just watched all of them with a small smirk, as if he was witnessing children making a silly tantrum. He calmly approached the protesting crew members and raised his right arm. Oliver noticed that he was wearing a ring in his middle finger, which had a miniature version of the ‘Pearl of Neptune’. The stone glew, and soon the angered pirates started to get… drained? The blond boy didn’t understand how, but he could see the soul itself of his friends getting pulled out of their mouth and into the Captain’s ring. Oliver watched with horror as the crew member started to become skinny, wrinkled, weaker and older. Contrarily, The Captain looked younger, stronger and taller. “Yeees! Yeees! Your strength is mine!” he screamed. His pecs bulged out of his ribcage, tightening the skin around them and becoming incredibly shredded. His abs transformed into even more pronounced blocks, and his waist shrank. His shoulders and back expanded to the sides, while his spine went upwards. The round and hard biceps turned into gigantic mountains of steel-like flesh. His forearms were bulging out with muscle. The Captain just kept flexing and moaning with an egocentric smirk. His cock rose up from below the single cloth he was wearing. The genital was clearly enlarging too, pushing upwards as it leaked huge amounts of precum. Next to the Captain’s balls, his thighs were thickening. Oliver just knew his legs were the size of his own torso now. Even the man’s calves seemed stronger than ever before, gaining an almost diamond like shape.

“This is what true power is,” the Captain roared while the bodies of the crew members dropped to the floor, now nothing more but dead skeletons. The muscular man flexed, and then some more. Impressive muscles exploding everywhere, he looked full of energy and health. “Now, who will serve!?” he said in such a deep commanding tone that even Oliver felt like sobbing. The Captain was standing proudly in front of them, arm extended and biceps flexed. His enormous pecs were rising up and down as he breathed like an enraged bull.

“I will serve you, my Captain!” cried out one of the pirates. The rest followed, bowing to the muscular man and praising him nonstop. Marcus and Oliver looked at each other with panicked eyes. They had a certain amount of pride, but they were not stupid. Both of them kneeled quietly, fading among the rest of the adoring crew.

“Very well! I see you are the wise ones,” said the Captain, his voice resonating across the halls. “Take them to the dungeons. I will find fitting tasks for them later on.” The Atlanteans grabbed the pirates and lifted them up with ease. They were stronger than any average man, yet they now seemed simple in comparison to the Captain.

Oliver was getting carried away when the Captain suddenly stopped flexing and locked eyes with him. The piercing blue iris felt as if they were looking into his soul, which they probably were. The blond boy swallowed and felt himself going pale. “Oh no…” he thought. “Wait!” commanded the Captain. “That one stays in the palace. He might be my new servant, but you must treat him like a prince, understood?” The Atlanteans just nodded at him. “Lock him up in one of the royal rooms. Be sure to meet all of his needs. I will deal with him later.” He then ignored everyone else and began flexing once again, touching his body and jerking off.

Oliver didn’t know what the Captain was planning, and he for sure didn’t want to know. He was going to escape from this cursed place, no matter what. And he knew that Marcus was thinking the same.


Part 4

The room that served as Oliver’s prison was beyond majestic. The bed was wide enough for three people… maybe two if they were Atlanteans. Decorations of pearls, sea shells and shiny stones were placed all over the walls. There was a long table with white chairs that appeared to be made with some kind of coral. A bubbling bath was in the middle of the room. Oliver was surprised to find fish swimming inside it, despite the water being very warm. Behind the tub, a balcony faced the immense jungle. The blond boy looked over it, finding out that he was many floors above the golden city. The view was impressive. All kinds of animals could be seen flying across the sky or walking through the paths of Atlantis. Was that a reptile bird-thing gliding over the trees!?

Oliver walked to the door. It was a tall greenish structure that looked way too heavy to be moved, even if it hadn’t been locked. The pirate boy analyzed it closely, trying to find a way to break through it. He was lost in his thoughts about escaping when all of the sudden someone opened the gate and walked in. Oliver flinched and stumbled back. He took a position of combat, ready to fight whoever was intruding his lockup.

“Step back or I will…! Oh—” Oliver blinked with uncertainty. An Atlantean girl stepped in, carrying a silver tray full of all kinds of fruits and meat. Maybe it was because he had been at sea too long with only men, or because she was beautiful, but Oliver found himself getting hard instantly. The woman had the common blue skin tone of her people. She had a thinner frame than the males, but her body was still incredibly muscular and tall. Her hair was so long it reached her lower back. She was wearing nothing else but the same cloth that the men wore. Her breasts were naked, and Oliver could not take his eyes off them. They were the biggest boobs he had ever seen.

“I… H-hello… Y-you… I…” Oliver could only stutter at the beauty in front of him. The Atlantean only gave him an unbothered look. She walked towards the table and placed the tray on it.

“The Captain wishes you to be well fed,” she said. Her voice was certainly feminine, yet very imposing, like a warrior. “He has sent me to serve you as you please. Your order is my command, sir Oliver.” She bowed.

Oliver’s face instantly turned red. She was there to be his servant? His perverted mind began fantasizing about all kinds of scenarios. His lips turned into a goofy smile. He was probably attempting to look flirty. “Well, t-that’s fantastic. Maybe we can start w-with a… um… a bath.” He pointed at the tub.

The Atlantean gave a quick glance at the bath. It was impossible to know what she was thinking, with such an emotionless face. She raised an eyebrow and turned to see Oliver, analyzing him up and down. She then moved towards the door and stuck her head out in the hall. Her firm glutes were at full display for the blond boy, and he just stared at them with a stupid enamored expression. Oliver was so distracted that he didn’t even notice when she promptly smashed the door closed and stomped stomped towards him. The woman kicked him in the gut out of nowhere. The pirate boy flew across the room and splashed into the tub.

“What the hell!?” he yelled, water pouring from his hair.

“You think you can just look at a woman like that!?” the Atlantean protested. Her face was now very emotional, obviously contracted with rage. “I am Laria, the Man Breaker! I have defeated more enemies than an average human sees in their lifetime! I am the bravest warrior of Atlantis!” She walked to Oliver. With only one hand, she pulled him out of the bath and lifted him. The boy just gasped in fear while his feet levitated above the floor. “You will show respect, or I will crush your skull with my bare hands!”

“W-what!? I thought you were a palace servant!” Oliver cried out. The Atlantean eyes narrowed with hatred. However, she just threw the boy on the floor and crossed her arms.

“I am… Because of you, stupid worm!” she said.

“Wait, what? How is that my fault?” Oliver answered, rubbing his head in pain.

“Before you and your ugly friends arrived, I was a proud soldier of Atlantis!” Laria explained. “But all of that got ruined when that idiot Captain arrived!” She sighed, her fury swiftly turning into sadness. “We knew about the prophecy of the Pearl of Neptune. It was said that a brave hero of pure heart would face heroic trials to arrive here. He was meant to be a perfect being, destined to take the throne of Atlantis with the sea’s blessing.” She rolled her eyes. “Such fools we were. At first I thought this so-called Captain was truly the man of the prophecy. But his arrogance and cruelty are not worthy of Atlantis’ greatness! He is a pest!” She roared and punched a wall, making a hole in it. Oliver just swallowed. “He has deceived my people. They all believe him to be the new ruler of Atlantis because of that magic pearl of his. Are they scared? Or stupid? I do not know. But now I have to be the maid of some wimp like you! They would cut my head off if I didn’t obey orders from the throne!”

Oliver took a moment to digest all of what Laria had said. He stood up, his clothes still wet. His pathetic skinny frame could be seen as the fabric attached to his skin. He felt a little embarrassed to be so weak compared to the amazing woman in front of him.

“Listen, that sucks,” he told her. “But I like the Captain as much as you do. Which is nothing at all.” His eyes briefly moved to the right, having a quick moment of doubt about what he said.

Laria observed him with curiosity. “Aren’t you his pet?”

Oliver frowned, offended. “No, I am not! People can’t be pets!”

“He said you are his pet.”

“I am nobody’s pet.”

“Are you sure? You are totally fragile like a newborn darliek.”

“I don’t even know what that is!”

The Atlantean just smiled at him, and then began laughing. “Maybe I had the wrong idea about you. I like your attitude, tiny one.”

Oliver inhaled air out with annoyance. “Don’t call me that. I am not that small!”

Laria chuckled and rubbed his hair playfully. “Whatever you say.”

The blond boy just shook his arms in the air, trying to get her off. She was obviously too strong for him to actually attempt to push her away. When Laria finally stopped, Oliver approached the door.

“What are you doing?” the girl asked.

“What do you think? It is obvious you are not on the Captain side. I am getting out of here, getting my friend Marcus, and kicking the Captain’s ass.” Oliver tried to push the door. It was so heavy that his face started to turn purple from the effort. Laria just watched for a few seconds, and then laughed out loud. She moved next to him and opened the door effortlessly. “I suppose I am helping you. Can’t let such a puny creature to go around trying to dethrone people.”

Oliver gave her an irritated stare and walked outside without saying anything else.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Finding the dungeons was not a difficult task when an Atlantean was guiding you. Laria took Oliver across the many halls of the palace. They still had to hide every time time they encountered a guard, as the blond boy was supposed to be a prisoner in his room. Still, the duo arrived at the cells quicker than Oliver had expected.

The first cells they inspected were full of Atlanteans criminals. They would just growl at them, or ignore them. Others would stare at Oliver, trying to figure out who or what he was. The blond boy was surprised to see that these prisoners were not like the people in the city. They were mostly shorter, skinnier and even sick looking.

“What’s wrong with them?” he asked Laria.

“They are deprived of the holy waters,” she simply answered. Oliver tried to get her to tell him more, but she cut him off and told him to focus.

They finally found the section with the pirates after a long walk through the dungeons. Many of them were missing, while the rest seemed to be beaten up to the point that they could not stand. Oliver felt sad for them, but his objective was to rescue Marcus first. He could come back for the others after defeating the Captain.

“Over here!” said Laria. “I’ve found him.”

The blond boy rushed to her side. Marcus was sitting calmly in a single prison cell. He smiled widely when he saw Oliver, showing his rotten teeth.

“Ayeee! If it isn’t my good friend with the pretty green eyes! How are ya doing?” he cheered.

Oliver smiled back at him and turned to Laria. “How did you know it was him?”

“He told me,” Laria answered.

“This one is not like the other guards, ya see!” Marcus commented. “She did not not look at me like a dirty dog when she noticed me. I just have to introduce myself to a lovely lady when I see her, ya know.”

Laria shrugged. Oliver just giggled.

“I’m glad you are ok. How is it that they didn’t beat you up like the rest?”

Marcus winked at the pirate boy. “I have my ways. Some bargains, a little bit of lying. These Atlanteans are as corrupted as any filthy pirate I’ve met.”

Laria grunted at him. “Watch your mouth.”

Marcus lifted his arms up in a defeated pose. “Aight, aight! Maybe not all of y’all.”

“How are we getting him out of here?” Oliver asked.

Laria simply grabbed the cell metal tubes and bent them to the sides. Her arm muscles bulged up with size, showing the power they had. Oliver just watched open mouthed while the woman showed that incredible feat of strength.

“I like your new friend,” Marcus exclaimed while he stepped out of the cell. “Now, what’s your plan, bad boy?”

“Uuh… I-I don’t know. I didn’t think I’d get so far,” Oliver babbled.

Laria smacked the back of his head


“I can’t believe you two reached Atlantis without dying!” she said. “I know what we will do. I will give you some of the Holy Waters.”

“Some of the hoohoo what?” Marcus questioned.

“Have you not noticed that everyone in Atlantis is in perfect condition?” Laria responded. “We are immortal, strong and beautiful. That’s thanks to the magic water that flows through the sacred lands of Atlantis.”

Oliver felt his heart beating faster. Was it possible that he could become strong like the Atlanteans? He then realized that he hadn’t had a single drop of water since he arrived on this island. Maybe there was a possibility…

“Everyone here drinks the holy waters as if it was a mundane task. There is plenty of it,” Laria continued. “It doesn’t make us as strong as the Captain. Yet if you two could transform and not be as pathetic as you are, maybe we would have a chance against him together. We should at least attempt to steal his ring… with the Pearl of Neptune on it, of course.”

“Wait a minute, wait a damn minute,” Marcus interrupted. “How do you know this peepee water works in non-Atlanteans. I bet the Captain has drunk some of it by now. He didn’t seem to be affected by it last time I saw him, he ain’t blue or anything!”

“I heard Atlanteans were like normal humans thousands of years ago,” Laria explained. “Must be a thing of luck. Some can be affected by it, others not.” She then grabbed both guys from the back of their shirt and lifted them up. The woman started running, carrying them both like kittens.

“What are you doing!?” Oliver complained.

“There is only one way to find out if the holy water works,” Laria said.

“We haven’t even agreed to this plan!” Oliver protested.

“Do you have any other ideas? The Captain is already stronger than any Atlantean here!” Laria declared. Oliver didn’t know what to respond. “I am taking you both back to the royal room. I left some of the Holy Water on the tray I brought you.” She paused for a second, and then said to herself. “Maybe I should’ve given it to you before coming down here…”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Oliver sat on the bed with the cup of water in his hands. Was this it? Would he stop being a skinny little boy so easily? He looked over to Marcus, who was standing next to Laria and the coral table, receiving his own drink. The blond boy could not imagine Marcus with a different boy. Would he look silly? Better?

“Well, go ahead. The more we wait, the stronger the Captain is getting,” Laria said. “I heard he’s been draining some of the Atlantean servants. We cannot allow such villainy!”

“This doesn’t look any special, m’lady.” Marcus was inspecting the water with one eye closed. He looked unimpressed

“Well, it’s just water,” Laria answered. “But magical!” She added while moving her fingers dramatically. “Just swallow, dummies. There are no bad side effects, anyways. Besides hydration, I guess.”

Oliver took a deep breath. He remembered his time in the ship, inside the Captain’s cabin. How badly he had wanted to have his body. How much he wished to be full of hard, strong muscles. The pirate boy felt his dick swelling. He was finally becoming strong enough to demand respect. He was going to be huge!

“Aight! Deep it goes…! Cheers!” Marcus exclaimed, and swallowed the water in one go.

Oliver smiled and began sipping his own cup, drinking slowly but steady. He let the water fill his being, refreshing his insides. He then dropped the empty glass on the bed and waited. He was expecting some exhilarating sensation inside him, but he felt just… normal. One minute passed, then two. Five. Ten. Nothing seemed to be happening. He started feeling greatly disappointed.

“Uuuh… that’s freaky,” Marcus said unexpectedly. Oliver turned to see him. He raised his eyebrows, not believing what was going on. Marcus’ skin was turning slightly blue. However, it was not only that; the rest of his body was changing too. His hair got longer and turned a deep dark green. He seemed to be stretching up, becoming a little taller than Oliver. His dirty beard disappeared, and his disgusting face began looking younger. Even attractive. His teeth transformed into healthy white bones. His wrinkles and eyebags faded. Marcus was just breathing intensely. He walked to one of the small mirrors that decorated the room and admired his changes. “I haven’t felt like this in years!” he shouted with energy. His fat round belly was now deflating to the point that he became skinny. Then his body started filling up a little, but this time of muscle. He quickly was looking a little more athletic than Oliver. His clothes seemed to be too baggy for him now. With a joyful face, the pirate stripped down his outfit and stood proudly with only his grey undies. Marcus just stared at his reflection, shocked with the view of his now youthful face.

“Well, that’s a good change,” Laria said. Oliver noticed she was looking at Marcus with a… lustful expression!?

“Why does he look like that? Wasn’t he supposed to just become stronger?” Oliver questioned, with a subtle tone of jealousy.

“No! I got younger,” Marcus declared, and Oliver shook his head at him with confusion. That voice sounded way too juvenile, not the usual raspy tone he had.

“You were certainly better looking in your earliest years, Marcus,” Laria remarked. “What even happened to you.”

“Err, ya know. The sea is not kind to some ol’ pirate bones like mine.” He then lifted up his arm and flexed in the mirror. His arms were not huge, but they were sturdy and beefy enough to display some biceps with volume. “I guess that’s not the case anymore though! I feel like I can take whatever Neptune sends against me, ha-ha!” He then turned to the other two with his arms on his waist. Oliver hadn’t noticed that Marcus now looked around his age. And he was just not an average young man, but an incredibly handsome one. He had a gorgeous face, with a defined jawline and gorgeous brown eyes. His body seemed fit and toned in the right places. The gross and messy body hair he used to have was gone, only some remaining on his abs, chin, legs and armpits. Oliver was amazed by how much the old pirate looked like him… for the exception of being more attractive, or having green hair and blue skin. Had this Marcus always been hidden under the fat, age and bad hygiene? Was this truly the same person?

“So the water made you um… cuter?” Oliver asked, scratching his head.

“No, no, pretty eyes. I used to look like this when I was your age! Except for the uh… blue stuff,” Marcus answered. Oliver blushed at being called ‘pretty eyes’. The pirate had called him that for years, but this time it was a cute guy version of him doing so. It felt different.

“So how is that nothing happened to me!?” Oliver grumbled.

“I told you there was a chance that nothing would happen!” Laria said. “It clearly worked with Marcus, which is great. At least we have one more asset against the Captain. Still… I think he needs more of it. He didn’t become a full Atlantean.” She grabbed the cup that Marcus had used, and poured some more water in it. He handed it over to the rejuvenated pirate.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Oliver commented. “That looked very intense. Maybe we should leave Marcus as he is.”

“And what about the Captain?” Laria nagged him. “Have you forgotten about him? If you are staying like a wimp, we need Marcus to become stronger. This is not enough!” She crossed her arms. “Besides, he will need to drink water eventually. I am sure you are staying in Atlantis for a while…”

Marcus nodded. “She has a point, pretty eyes. I can’t wait to get out of here just to drink some water. I’ll dehydrate.”

Oliver was about to object, but Laria just lifted Marcus’ arm, encouraging him to drink. The pirate took the water gladly, and vigorously swallowed the liquid. He finished and dropped the cup on the floor.

“Oooh… I can feel it y’all!” Marcus yelled. His chest was starting to move faster while his breath intensified. He spread his stand and clenched his fists. Oliver noticed he was getting a boner under his grey undies. The pirate grunted and the growth began. His body started stretching upwards, gradually getting taller until he was two and a half heads above the blond boy. “This is fantastic! I feel like I am becoming a superior version of myself! I just feel… aargh! So perfect!” Marcus was showing his teeth from the effort of enduring his increasing size. His delt muscles pushed wider, while his waist was shrinking to give his body an aesthetic figure. The man’s neck was expanding, turning voluptuous and defined. His chest exploded outwards once, the flat chest gaining a round shape. Then it started pumping violently and it became larger, gigantic pecs appearing from his ribcage. “So big! Aaarrgh!” Perfectly formed abs hardened on his stomach, a V shape getting more defined by the moment. Marcus raised his arms and flexed. The pirate’s forearms thickened. His athletic biceps transformed into powerful mountains, the fibers of the muscle visibly pushing against the stretched skin. His triceps were not left behind, turning into enormous masses of muscle. Oliver was sure that those arms were now bigger than both of his together.

“I feel so… powerful!” Marcus growled. The pirate could not stop posing and feeling his growing body, his dick pushing hard against the cloth of his undies and leaking precum. He slightly squatted to allow his legs to follow the rest of his torso. His thighs gained incredible weight and changed into beefy pillars. His calves tightened and obtained a round shape with more muscle than Oliver’s whole leg. Marcus finally ripped off his underwear with his bare hands, letting his cock rise up proudly. The dick shook and started to become larger, every throb making it leak huge amounts of liquid and reach further up. His balls dropped down as they got heavier and bigger. The pirate was sweating and looked exhausted, but he had a big smirk.

“Look at me! I am so young, so hot, so strong. So muscular!” Marcus was flexing and staring at his own body with amazed eyes. “By the tide Gods, this makes me really horny. Really, really horny.” He looked at Laria and Oliver, and a malicious grin showed up on his face.

“Oh, don’t even think about it!” Laria looked at him with mixed feelings of arousal and exasperation. Marcus just chuckled and approached her. The pirate was now bigger than her, and obviously stronger, which was a lot to say. He just grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to her knees. Laria looked to be resisting, but not that much… She was clearly attracted to the man. The girl dropped to the floor defeated, and Marcus swiftly pushed his cock inside her mouth. The Atlantean began sucking between moans, her breasts bouncing at the powerful thrusts of Marcus.

“There is no time for this! Stop!” Oliver approached them. He was feeling… jealous? He had never thought of Marcus that way. But seeing him now, with a god-like body and such a gorgeous face… It was difficult to resist him.

“I need this, pretty eyes!” Marcus said while he tilted his head up, enjoying the blowjob. Without even looking at Oliver, he snached him, easily lifted him up, and hugged the boy against his body. Oliver gasped and tried to push him away, but he was too strong. Marcus’ embrace reminded him of the Captain’s abuse. Yet this time it was different. His old friend was being gentle with him, caressing the blond boy’s body with affection. It appeared as if the pirate was attracted to him too, not just himself. Marcus was flexing kindly wherever Oliver touched and squished. It was as if Marcus was letting the blond guy enjoy his body as much as he was enjoying himself. It felt as if he wasn’t forcing Laria and Oliver to worship him; everyone was experiencing this as if it was just what was naturally meant to happen. Marcus was a muscle god now, he deserved this.

“Mmmph!” Oliver was starting to feel aroused. Marcus’ muscles were so hard, so huge. The blond boy could feel Laria’s head under him, intensely sucking the muscle man. Marcus was just pushing his cock against her mouth, while hugging Oliver and grunting with pleasure. Eventually, the muscle pirate pulled Oliver’s head and began kissing him. The smaller guy would just moan and rub his hands across his friend’s body, his legs around the big guy’s waist. Marcus would flex, letting both of them feel how hard and muscular his body was. “Mmmh! Mmmph!” Marcus finally felt like approaching climax. He was pushing against Laria’s mouth so fast that the woman was even screaming of arousal. Marcus pressed his arms around Oliver so tight that the blond boy felt overwhelmed by his immense strength and size. Oliver broke the kiss and screamed. “You are a powerful muscle god, Marcus!” That did it for the pirate. He roared, flexing his whole body while squishing Oliver, and came with endless loads of dense cum inside Laria’s throat. “Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah. So strong! So godly,” Marcus yelled and he finally let go his two sex subjects.

Oliver dropped on his back, breathing with exhaustion. Laria seemed better, but she was still blushing and trying to clean the cum in her face and lips. Marcus was simply standing with his muscle pecs pushing out, still full of energy. He continued flexing, looking with pride at himself and what he had done. His blue skin was looking perfect, healthy, and was shining from sweat.

“Now we take down the Captain,” Marcus said with a leadership tone that Oliver had never heard from him before.


Part 5

“All right! Listen up, worms!” Laria unnecessarily pushed all the objects off the table to place a map on it. The plates, jugs, food and ornaments just crashed on the floor. The woman pointed at the complicated layout of the metropolis that was at the center of the map. “Atlantis is ruled by four major tribes. The main one it’s the City Tribe. They focus on developing the arts, architecture and philosophy of our people. Of course, there is a warrior caste among them to protect such prosperity, which is the one I am part of.” She shook her head with disapproval. “The City Tribe has, unfortunately, sided with the Captain.” Laria moved her finger towards the coast on the map. “The Sea Tribe lives close the ocean. They are superstitious, and they use mystical tattoos to invoke sea magic with their bodies. At the moment, they are the most loyal to the Captain. I suppose you could tell by how rudely they apprehended your crew when you showed up.” Laria positioned her hand over the island’s hill, just a little north from Atlantis’ city. “The Mountain Tribe is the most peaceful of all the Atlanteans… and the weakest. They rarely come down from their sacred hill, as they make sure that the Holy Waters flow freely across Atlantis. The Mountain Tribe remained neutral after the Captain’s arrival, indifferent about who rules our lands.” Laria finally glanced at the vast jungle on the map. She sighed. “The Jungle Tribe… They have been a pain in the ass for centuries! They are the strongest Atlanteans, and the most violent. They’ve been attempting to take over the golden city since the beginning of time. Evidently, they did not submit to the Captain’’ She rubbed the back of her head, uncomfortable. “I hate to admit it, but they are our best option to succeed.”

Oliver and Marcus had been listening attentively. They looked at each other, unsure of how to proceed. Weeks had passed since Marcus had grown, and both guys had stayed in the royal room, hiding. Laria, instead, had continued to pretend to be Oliver’s maid, while also trying to gather information to defeat the Captain. Nobody in the palace seemed to have noticed that Marcus had escaped, and they all thought that Oliver was still a prisoner in his room. According to Laria, the Captain had totally forgotten about the blond boy and his plans with him. The tyrant had been too busy draining the remaining crew members, and growing out of proportions. Laria suggested that he was now a muscle giant, above any mortal being. Oliver did not like the sound of that.

“And how are these jungle warriors supposed to help us?” Oliver asked. “If they are as violent as you say, won’t they kill us at sight?”

“Yeah, they don’t sound very nice,” Marcus commented, but then he flexed his massive arms. “I wouldn’t want to demolish them, ya know.” The other two blushed.

“They are the most physically powerful Atlanteans in the island,” Laria said. “I am sure that if we combine forces, we can break through the city’s soldiers and defeat the Captain, no matter how strong he has gotten.”

Oliver tapped his chin. “Mmh.. I mean, we don’t have that many options, do we?” He sighed. “How are we getting to them, though?

“I’ve been in contact with one of their spies here in the palace,” Laria explained. “He can help us escape into the jungle. He said that his chieftain has agreed to meet us”

“Just like that?” Oliver questioned. “Do you really trust him?”

“Not really. But I suppose we have… common interests now. They probably see me as a deserter of the City Tribe, anyways.” Laria looked down with sadness.

“Don’t worry, m’lady!” Marcus exclaimed. “We will find these jungle chimps, beat the carp out of the Captain, and recover the city for ya! Everything will go back to normal before ya know it, I promise.”

Laria gave him a thankful smile. “I will go arrange our escape. You two stay here. I will call you when it’s time. Don’t cause any trouble while I am gone!” She narrowed her eyes at each of them, warning them. She then walked out of the room.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I have never been this bored in my life!” Oliver complained after throwing himself on the bed. “We’ve been locked up in here for sooo long! I don’t even know how many days have passed!”

“Hah, well, I am having a blast,” Marcus replied from the table. “This place is gorgeous. And I am really enjoying myself.”

“I think you mean that you are enjoying your new muscle self,” Oliver said to him with a teasing smile.

“Hehe, ya know it!” Marcus replied. “And I am sure ya are too.”

Oliver chuckled. It was true. At first he had been envious of Marcus, but as the days had passed, he had started to feel happy for him. There was not much to do in the royal room, so Oliver began spending his time admiring Marcus and nothing else. His old friend would flex for him, and the blond boy would just feel up his body for hours. That obviously ended up making Marcus horny, so the muscle man always finished the praising session by fucking the blond boy. While Oliver would get tired easily, Marcus appeared to have an endless amount of energy. The huge pirate could have sexual intercourse without ever stopping, and he didn’t even seem to feel the need to sleep anymore. Every time they had sex, Marcus fucked Oliver to the point that the smaller boy fainted. Afterwards, while his friend was resting, Marcus would work out and pose in the mirror nonstop. Then Oliver would wake up, and the cycle of worshipping would repeat itself.

“To be honest, you are the only one that has kept me from going insane in this place,” Oliver said. “I am glad I can’t get tired of you… And um, your body…”

Marcus smirked and squished his big pecs with pride. “Yeah, all this muscle is very entertaining, isn’t it?”

“It sure is!” Oliver answered, starting to rub his crotch at the sight of his muscular friend.

“It is even better when I have more of that weird water!” Marcus mentioned. “Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve forgotten to drink some of it.” He laughed. “Laria really distracted me with all of her war plans, huh?”

Oliver nodded, excited to see Marcus drink some more of the Holy Water. The big pirate picked up one of the jugs that Laria had thrown off the table. Most of the water had been spilled on the floor, but there was still some inside it. Marcus swiftly swallowed whatever remained. “Oh yes, that’s the good stuff,” he said with a sound of refreshment. The water didn’t make him grow more, yet it undoubtedly still had an effect on him. His muscles swelled, like if he was getting the most amazing pump to ever exist. Veins would bulge out everywhere. His body hardened, becoming like steel itself. Marcus raised his arms above his head and flexed, mountains of muscle erupting all over him. His large cock had risen, and it was leaking lots of precum. “So fucking strong!”

Oliver had his dick out, and he was intensely jerking off now. He had seen Marcus do this before, but it still aroused him as much as any other time. The water had stopped making Marcus more muscular, yet the liquid now had a special effect on him. Laria had clarified to them that this was not normal for any Atlantean, so it was a unique experience for Marcus. After drinking more of the Holy Water, the big pirate’s muscles would inflate and tighten. His body would reach its ultimate potential, and he would feel stronger than ever. His dick would also stay up and hard, not declining even for a second. Oliver had noticed that this reaction only lasted around twenty minutes, before the muscles began relaxing again. However, Marcus had been very consistent with his hydration. During their time in the royal room, the muscle man had been in godly conditions at all times, although he was still very hot and muscular even without the water’s pumping reaction. Oliver could not stop cumming to the incredible shape of his friend, enhanced or not.

Marcus growled and continued flexing. “Aaargh, I am all muscle! Look at me! Aren’t I perfect?”

“Y-yeah! S-so strong Marcus!” Oliver moaned, unable to look away from the musculature of his friend. His dick was throbbing uncontrollably.

“I feel like I could demolish this palace with just my muscles!” Marcus roared. He was making his big round biceps inflate and deflate, forcing them to jump at his command. “Look at those biceps! They are like fucking cannonballs, ha-ha!”

Oliver gasped for air. His cock trembled with pleasure. “Your b-biceps are so mighty and powerful!”

Marcus punched his chest twice after that comment, stating his satisfaction. “I am all mighty and powerful!” he yelled. “Just look at me! Look at me, pretty eyes!” He flexed his huge chest, the muscle striations showing up everyone. He clenched his abs, and his perfectly formed abs tightened with strength. “I am pure, rock hard muscle!”

Oliver’s legs kicked the air while he twisted with arousal. “Y-yeah Marcus! You are a muscle beast!”

“Fuck yeah!” Marcus screamed, immediately flexing his legs and arms while doing so. His extremities just bulged out with size, flexed muscles pushing out with extreme size and strength. “I am a muscle god! Say it, Oliver. Say I am your muscle god! Say you love my muscles.”

“You are my muscle god!” Oliver cried out. “I love your muscles! I love your muscles so much! So strong, so huge! You are my muscle god!” With that, the boy let out a loud moan and ejaculated all over his stomach. From the other side of the room, and still flexing, Marcus smirked and shot his own load of cum. His sperm covered the entirety of the room, and even reached Oliver’s body.

“Aaah… aaah…” Oliver kept moaning and trying to recover his breath after the exhilarating orgasm. He licked some of the cum from Marcus that had landed on his lips.

“Very kind of ya to praise me like that,” Marcus said while walking to the bed. He looked as energetic and healthy as ever. “Though I think I am way too irresistible for you to not worship me, heh.” Without warning, the muscle man jumped over Oliver and sat on his crotch. His gigantic legs squished the blond boy’s waist, and his muscle body towered all over the smaller guy. “Time to fuck, though,” Marcus simply claimed. He quickly pushed his enormous cock inside Oliver’s butthole, making the smaller guy scream in pleasure.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Late at night, Laria opened the door and just stood there with an astonished expression. The royal room was totally covered in cum, and Oliver was passed out on the bed. Marcus was in the bath, relaxing and kissing his own muscled arms. The woman just grunted with annoyance. She was used to this scenery by now, but she had expected the boys to behave before such an important event.

“What ‘s this!? I told you to stay out of trouble!” Laria roared at Marcus.

Marcus stopped his self-admiration mid-air and looked at the Atlantean with eyes wide open. He quickly stood up, the water pouring off his muscled body like a waterfall. He still had a full hard on, and the magical pump from the Holy Waters. Nevertheless, the pirate looked embarrassed, shrinking into his massive shoulder like a scolded child. “Eerr… ya know, we got a little uh… excited,” he babbled.

Laria smashed her face with her hand. “Unbelievable…”

“But can ya blame us? I mean, look at me,” Marcus remarked, extending his arms to the sides, his wet muscle body gloriously on display. Laria pretended to look at him with annoyance, although she was actually getting turned on by Marcus’ sculpted figure and large dick. The pirate didn’t notice the woman’s arousal, and he stepped out of the tub with resignation. “Aight, aight. Are we leaving now?”

“Not if the wimp boy is passed out!” the woman complained, while also looking away to hide her burning cheeks.

“I’ll just carry him,” Marcus said with an unbothered tone.

Laria thought he was joking at first, but she quickly realized how serious he was. “Carry him!? You want to carry him while we escape the most populated city of Atlantis where all of our enemies reside!?”

“Yeah, why not? ’‘ Marcus answered. “He weights nothing to me. It will be like if he was not even there.”

Laria just looked up with exasperation. “Gods give me patience…” She finally shook her hand towards Marcus, giving him permission to carry the blond boy. “Fine, fine. But if we get caught, I swear…!”

“Ya will kill us?” Marcus interrupted her, his shredded pecs pushing out of his chest like a warning. His body tensed, manifesting it’s incredible strength. Laria just went quiet. The pirate smiled confidently and picked up Oliver from the bed. He placed him on his shoulder effortlessly. “Aight, let’s go.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Avoiding attention was complicated when a huge muscle man with a sleeping boy on his shoulder was walking closely. Still, Laria managed to sneak through the palace and stay away from the guards. The group soon reached the dark corridor where the meeting with the spy was supposed to happen. An ugly wood door was at the end of the obscure hall, and in front of it a hooded figure was awaiting for them. With a gesture, Laria indicated to Marcus to put the blond boy on the floor. The pirate kindly placed his friend against the wall. Oliver just snored.

“We are ready, Turo,” Laria called to the mysterious person with a low voice. The stranger approached them and took his disguise off. He was an extremely young Atlantean, maybe even considered a child. Nonetheless, Turo had a dead serious expression, and he was as buff and tall as any other male of his kind.

“You’ve brought one of you already unconscious?” the mysterious Atlantean said. “Heh, that makes things easier for us.”

Laria frowned. “What do you mean?”

Out of nowhere, Turo pulled out some kind plant and blew over it. A cloud of yellow polem flew towards Laria and Marcus, making them cough and tear up.

“What do you think you are doing!?” Laria exclaimed.

“Agh, why would ya do that mate? This smells awful!” Marcus complained, shaking his palm in front of his nose. “Not everyone likes the s… s-smell of flowersss… y… ya k… know… uuh….” Marcus started to feel dizzy, and suddenly he passed out. His heavy body rumbled as it smashed the floor.

Laria’s face twisted with rage. She quickly grabbed Turol by the neck. “You are finished, traitor!” The Atlantean kid just giggled. With a delicate movement, he pushed Laria away. The woman was stronger than him, yet at that moment she felt really weak. Laria stumbled backwards and hit her head against the wall. Everything started going black. The last thing she saw before closing her eyes was Turol, who was putting some bags on the head of her pirate friends. “Y-y… y-you… m-ma… maggot…”


Part 6

When Oliver woke up, he was only able to see darkness around him. “Oh no… Did Marcus fucked me so hard that I died!?” he thought with panic. The pirate boy felt some movement below him, and he assumed that he was on some kind of carriage. That meant that he was alive, yet no longer in the royal room’s bed. He realized that he had some kind of bag on his head. He tried to move, but soon noticed his arms and legs being tied up. “What the…?” Some firm hands grabbed him and began carrying him around. He heard voices and… animal sounds? Oliver thought about saying something, but he wasn’t sure if it was safe to do so. The people moving him suddenly threw him in the air. The boy hit the floor and got covered in dry dirt. The bag was finally removed off his head. He blinked, trying to adjust to the light. Before him a gigantic Atlantean man was sitting on a rustic throne made of wood, bones and skulls. Two guards were standing next to him, spears on their hands. Oliver looked to his sides and saw a bunch of small huts. Atlanteans were walking in and out of them, the majority stopping to observe the blond boy with curiosity. The entirety of the village was surrounded by jungle, and all kinds of reptilian beasts rested on the tree branches.

“Outsider!” the man on the throne called. “I am Lork, chieftain of the Jungle Tribe. What do your people call you?”

Oliver turned to the chieftain. Lork was way bigger and less beautiful than any other Atlantean he had seen. He was full of muscle and fat, like an immense bear. The man had a filthy beard that reached his large belly, and his body was covered in dense body hair. The clothes that he was wearing were very tribal, nothing more than a strange kilt and some type of shoulder armor with spikes.

“I-I’m um… I’m Oliver,” the pirate boy responded to the chieftain.

Lork stood up from his throne, his enormous frame rising above even his own guards, which were pretty big on their own. He observed the blond boy with severe eyes. The Atlantean and the pirate looked at each other for a few seconds, like two opponents before battle. The chieftain then burped and smiled. Oliver was sure he saw some animalistic fangs inside that mouth. “Olive! Olive the pirate, everyone!” the chieftain shouted. The Atlanteans that had been gathering around started to cheer.

“Uh… It’s Oliver, with an ‘r’ at the end…” Oliver murmured.

“Welcome, Olive!” Lork said, completely ignoring Oliver. “I heard that you wish to dethrone the king of the City and Sea Tribes! And that you require our aid!” He extended his arms towards the people of the village. “The Jungle Tribe has thought about the matter, and we have agreed to help! Together, we will conquer Atlantis! We will annihilate all those who oppose us.” The crowd roared together, inspired by the speech of war. The chieftain crossed his arms. “That makes us allies. And I respect my allies! Just ask, and we will be there for you for now on”

Oliver glanced at his tied extremities and gave the chieftain a questioning look. Lork just chuckled, scratching his stomach. “Safety measurements!” the big Atlantean explained. “I wouldn’t want to compromise the safe spot we got here! No outsider is allowed to know the way to the Jungle Tribe.” Lork gestured to his guards, and they instantly approached Oliver to release him. “Besides, I know that you are working with Laria, the Man Breaker!” The crowd began whispering with distrust. The chieftain nodded. “I know her well… Incredible warrior! A worthy enemy that has defeated us countless times…! Hah! To think she would end up working for us!”

Oliver massaged his wrists after the guards untied him. He stood up. “So uh, mister Lork, do you know where she is now? And my friend Marcus?”

“They are in the medical hut, of course!” the chieftain answered. “We used some of our sleeping pollen on them, so it will take some time before they regain consciousness.” Lork caressed his beard. “You, on the other hand, were already passed out when my son encountered you three. Was that some kind of battle strategy, hm?”

Oliver remembered his sexy time with Marcus and his cheeks turned red. He shook his head nervously. “N-no! I was just uh… asleep! Yes, asleep!”

The chieftain raised an eyebrow. “Hmm… I see.” He then stepped forward and unexpectedly picked Oliver up by the arm. He brought him up to his eye level. Oliver just sighed, exhausted of people lifting him up whenever they wanted. “I have noticed that the ally you call Marcus is tremendously strong,” the chieftain said. “I consider him to be a great asset for us to take over Atlantis. So is Laria, with her great strategy and capable physical power.” Lork then shook Oliver like if he was a doll. The blond boy felt like throwing up. “But you!? Why are you here!? You are not better than a little baby! Tiny! Puny! Why do you wish to fight!? How do you wish to fight!?” The other Atlanteans started to laugh. Even one of the serious guards had a small grin on his face. “I appreciate your desire to assist the Jungle Tribe, but I must know what value you have to us!”

Oliver clenched his teeth. He felt a flame growing inside him while he was getting humiliated. He was tired of people calling him small, of everyone being stronger than him. He could not tolerate one more second of being pushed over by larger men. This had to stop. He was over it! “You think that I am this weak willingly!?” Oliver screamed, letting all of his frustration out like a torrent of anger. “I hate the Captain! I hate Atlantis! I hate everyone being bigger than me, stronger than me! If I had muscles, all of you would be giving me the respect I deserve!! I should be powerful, I want to be! But the stupid Holy Waters don’t work on me! Nothing works for me! I want muscles! I want muscles! But I don’t give a shit if I don’t have them! I will fight the Captain and show him who is in charge! And you will let me, fucking big blue idiots!”

Everyone went completely silent. Only the insects, the wind and Oliver’s furious breathing could be heard. Lork stared at the boy with a shocked expression, still carrying him in his hand. He then let go of Oliver, putting him on the floor. The blond boy’s rage started to fade. He slowly looked up to the chieftain with a mix of fear and rage. The huge Atlantean just blinked. A subtle chuckle slowly turned into a burst of laughter. The crowd around them began to cheer. “Incredible! Incredible little Olive!” the chieftain shouted while tearing up from so much laughter. “That is all I needed to hear! You got the spirit of a true warrior!”

Oliver scratched his neck with confusion. “So… you are not offended? You won’t kill me?”

“Kill you!?” Lork laughed some more. “Absolutely not! The contrary, my dear friend! I believe that the Jungle Tribe has all what you’ve been seeking! We can assist you!”

“What?” Oliver frowned, not understanding anything.

“The other Tribes rely only on the Holy Water to gain strength,” the chieftain explained. “Buffoons, is what they are! We, the Jungle Tribe, seek our power from more than one source. That’s why we are the mightiest of all Atlantis!” the Atlanteans nodded and shouted with pride, some even flexed at Oliver. “We can perform a ritual that only the ones with a heart of a warrior can endure! From the blood of our enemies, we gather energy for ourselves! How do you think I am this big?” Lork made a pose, showing off his colossal size.

Oliver opened his mouth with surprise. “Can… Can this work on me!?”

“Who knows!” Lork exclaimed with a wide smile. “But if you want to be stronger so badly, I am sure you will try it! Even if there is a huge possibility it might kill you, hahaha! Isn’t this exciting!?”

Oliver thought about it for a moment. Did he want to be bigger so badly? He thought of Marcus, of his amazing body building up with muscles. He felt his dick stiffening. He remembered the Captain’s mighty strength, how he overwhelmed him with no effort in the ship. Oliver imagined himself doing the same to him. He pictured his body being more powerful and developed. His crotch started getting wet.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” the pirate boy said in a brave tone.

The Jungle Tribe raised their fists in approval, screaming Oliver’s name. “Oliver Oliver Oliver!” Lork laughed while grabbing his belly. “Hahaha! Very well, Olive!” He turned to his guards. “Prepare the blood ceremony! A new warrior is about to be reborn!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Atlantean servants prepared and undressed Oliver. They gave him the ceremony clothes, which consisted in just a sleeveless shirt and a very short metal kilt. Then they guided him to a medium sized hut where he would wait until the ritual’s preparations were ready. Inside the shack, the chieftain’s son was waiting for him.

“Hey, I’m Turol. We’ve met before but you were… uh, less awake,” the young Atlantean said. “I’m here to answer any question you might have.”

Oliver shrugged. “I think I have way too many.”

“Well, think of the most important ones,” Turol suggested. “It won’t take long before the ceremony is ready for you.”

“So… have you been through this blood magic thing?” Oliver asked.

“Absolutely not!” Turol said with a giggle. “You have to be a veteran warrior for this! Only the strongest of us experience the blood ritual.”

Oliver swallowed. “I don’t think I fit that category.”

Turol shrugged. “You are not Atlantean, so who knows what will happen. Besides, you get to choose how much power you get infused with. The majority of our warriors only take a small boost from the ritual. My father is the one that has gotten the most out of it, though he barely made it out alive. “

“And how does the ritual even kill you? How does it work?”

“Basically, we use the blood of our defeated enemies to transfer their life energy to you. It is usually so intense and potent that it can make your heart explode. Believe me, it’s not pretty when that happens,” Turol paused, thinking about something. “I heard that the new king in the city does something similar with the Pearl of Neptune, just without the risk. I wonder if he uses blood too…”

“No, he uses souls,” Oliver told Turol with a disgusted expression.

“Oh… so he sucks them alive?”

“Yeah, kind of.”

“There is no honor in that. We only use the bodies of those who have willingly fought us,” Turol explained. “And they are already dead, so they don’t feel anything! I can’t believe how painful it must be getting your soul drained out of you.”

Oliver nodded, gloomy. He wanted to ask Turol some other questions, but the Atlantean servants walked inside the hut and asked Oliver to follow them. “It’s time.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The attendants guided Oliver into the jungle, leaving the village behind. After a few minutes of walking, they reached a broad cavern hidden under the exuberant vegetation. In the middle of the cave, there was a flat stone circle. Skulls, candles and fresh corpses had been placed over it. Oliver was instructed to stand in the middle of everything.

“Hey! Pretty eyes! Mind to explain what’s going on?” someone shouted at him from behind. “Why are ya even dressed like that? Are ya going to dance or something? Looks good on ya though!”

The blond boy turned. He felt both surprised and uneasy to see Marcus and Laria a little further away. They were sitting on some rocks that had been carved to have the shape of a seat. Lork the chieftain was next to them, watching everything with a dignified presence. Oliver sighed, as he had thought that this was going to be a personal experience. Still, he was happy to see that his friends were alright and no longer passed out.

“Oliver!” Laria called out. “The chieftain has explained to us about our new alliance! I am so proud of you for convincing him to help us.” She then gave Lork a quick look of revulsion, frowning. “But he refuses to tell us what this is about. Care to explain?”

Oliver smiled melancholically, yet he didn’t respond. For a moment, just a moment, he felt uncertain about this ritual. However, he turned his back to his friends and took a deep breath. “I’m ready!” he declared.

“Is he performing now?” Marcus said. “Maybe y’all should remove those corpses from there. He might stumble.”

“Oliver! Please stop for a second and talk to us!” Laria yelled. “You don’t know what savage things the Jungle Tribe can do!”

“That’s a little offensive, my dear Laria,” the chieftain protested. He then gestured to the other Atlanteans with his chin. “Begin the ritual!”

“Ritual!?” Laria exclaimed. She attempted to walk into the stone circle, but the Atlantean servants began chanting and a magical red barrier unexpectedly appeared, blocking her entrance.

Oliver closed his eyes, feeling courageous. When he opened them again, the blood of the corpses were starting to float and twirl around him. The flames of the candles intensified, burning higher than they naturally should. The pirate boy tilted his head up, ready for anything. “It is finally happening…!” He thought.

“Get out of there. Oliver!” Laria cried out. “Marcus, help me!”

Marcus had realized the severity of the situation. He ran towards the red barrier and began smashing it with his massive arms. The magic shield didn’t even flinch. The Atlanteans’ singing intensified while they moved their arms rhythmically towards Oliver.

“If anything happens to ya, I’ll kill them all!” Marcus growled. “I swear I will, Oliver!”

The blond boy ignored this friend. His attention was only on the flying blood, which was now approaching him swiftly. The liquid stopped abruptly just before touching Oliver, freezing in the air. Subsequently, a few drops started to slowly float in his direction. The small bubbles of blood penetrated his skin, getting sucked into his flesh. Oliver trembled and felt his heart pounding faster.

“It has begun!” the chieftain shouted. The Atlanteans cheered. “The boy’s resolution itself shall decide how much blood he will absorb! The ritual will only stop when his heart has no more courage to go on. If his bravery diminishes even for a second, Olive’s body won’t be able to contain such power and he will perish…! Ahahahaha-ha! Such drama! Such excitement!”

“Stop this, Lork!” Laria implored. “He will die!”

The drops of blood began floating faster into Oliver, like a delicate rain of red liquid. The boy experienced shivers; his heart was palpitating so intensely that he could hear it inside his ears. “Uuurgh!” A cracking sound abruptly resonated across the cavern. Oliver bent his back upwards and screamed. “Aaaargh!” It was clear for everyone that his spine and the rest of his bones were expanding. His body gradually stretched up. He became one head taller… two heads… three! He soon reached the height of an average Atlantean, but he didn’t stop there. The blond boy eventually surpassed Marcus’ height, and then even Lork’s. The rest of his body simultaneously caught up with his towering frame, filling up with enough muscle to make it look proportionate. The kilt and the shirt looked pathetic now. The fabric ripped, unable to contain Oliver’s new size. The boy just tore the clothes off his body and tossed them away. “This is amazing!” Oliver shouted. “I am so fucking big!”

“Huh, this is going better than expected,” Lork said, caressing his beard with interest.

“By the tide Gods! He is enormous!” Marcus commented. A boner was rising from his naked crotch.

“Mmh…” Laria was just watching silently with a worried face.

“Hah! Impressive, Olive the pirate!” the chieftain remarked. “Yet this is just the first taste of blood energy for you! We’ll see if you can handle the real load! Ahahaha!”

Oliver clenched his fists. “Bring it on!” The floating blood was now flying into his body like a torrent of water. His heart was pounding so much that it hurt, but he felt no fear. The pirate boy pushed his chest out, just in time for it to grow. His newly formed pecs vibrated and started to harden. The muscle enlarged, making the striation show and the nipples go down from the added weight. Oliver’s neck also thickened, hard bumps appearing all over. “Aaargh! So strong!” His shoulders stretched to the sides and became rounder. His waist turned smaller, while an impressive V line got carved on it. The decent abs that he had before tightened, quickly transforming into an eight pack of perfectly shaped solid muscles. “Fuck yeeesss! Muscle! I am all muscle!” Oliver lifted his arms up and flexed. He had broad arms now, yet they still exploded with even more size. The biceps expanded upwards, the powerful curved shape filling up impressively. The triceps solidified and grew too. Even his forearms transformed, becoming wider than what Oliver’s whole arm used to be before.

“Uuurgh! I am so muscular! So huge!” The blond boy was trembling from the intense discomfort that the ritual was causing to his heart, yet he had a huge smirk on his face. He was breathing like an enraged beast, his muscular torso going up and down. His dick got fully erect. He grabbed it and began jerking off while flexing his new godly body. The floating magic blood kept getting drained into him. The boy’s penis thrusted forward while it fattened and stretched. “Aaaargh! Even my cock is gigantic and powerful now!” Oliver was incredibly aroused, and feeling his dick grow only caused him more pleasure. While he masturbated, his balls enlarged and pushed against his legs. His thighs were also getting bigger, the muscle swelling to become mighty pillars of stone-like muscle. The calves hardened and expanded, obtaining a shape worthy of being compared to the most perfect diamonds. Oliver roared and stomped on the stone circle, making it crack with only the raw strength of his body. “I am a fucking muscle beast!”

“Hahaha! Majestic!” Lork remarked. “He should be dead by now, but he is still going! Not even I endured so much!”

“He’s… he’s incredible!” Marcus said. He had been jerking off the whole time, amazed by his friend’s new shape.

“You better stop this right now, Lork! That is enough!” Laria protested.

“My lovely Laria… Even if I cared to do it, I can’t! Hahaha!” the chieftain answered. “If I ended it, he would absolutely die. Only himself can tell the ritual when to stop!”

“Why would I want it to stop!” Oliver shouted. “I am so powerful!” Everyone watched with shock as the entirety of the blood got absorbed by him. Not a single drop was left. The pirate boy roared, making the whole cavern shake by his might. His body had stopped growing as fast as before, but it was definitely still expanding. His torso became immensely hard and large, his skin almost unable to contain his massive musculature. Oliver’s legs bulged out with muscle, now strong enough to kill a person with a single kick. His back and shoulder got tremendously wide. His cock reached the size of a whole arm. “I LOVE THIS! EVERY PART OF MY BODY FEELS SO FUCKING STRONG! SO FUCKING BIG!” He made a most muscular pose that produced such a wave of power that caused the magic barrier to dissipate and the Atlanteans servant to fall on their back. Oliver smirked manically, flexing his body some more. He rubbed his palm all over himself, enjoying his massive new muscles. “FUCK YES! SO MUCH MUSCLE! AND IT’S ALL MINE! I AM MASSIVE!” His dick was extremely hard and throbbing by itself. It suddenly shot a colossal amount of cum that covered everyone present in the cave. “SO STRONG! SO MUSCULAR!” Oliver’s orgasm didn’t seem to be able to end. His balls continued producing semen, his penis shooting with potency nonstop. Soon all around him was completely white and wet, not a spot free of his cum.

“Impossible!” Lork screamed while trying to cover himself from Oliver’s semen. Unfortunately for him, he was the easiest target to hit. “He absorbed all of the blood’s energy! His heart should be demolished! “ The chieftain tried to step back, but he stumbled and fell on his huge ass. “He is the ultimate warrior! He must have bravery and courage beyond comprehension! He… he… he is a god!”

Oliver heard him and smiled with all his teeth. He raised up his arms, flexing his amazing giant biceps. “You are fucking right! I am a muscle god!” Just saying that made him shoot more insane amounts of cum. He looked at Marcus while spreading his semen. His friend was masturbating in disbelief. Oliver grinned with cocky eyes and he bounced his bulky pecs. “What am I, Marcus!?”

“Y-you… you are a muscle god!” Marcus answered almost in trance.

“Am I Marcus?” Oliver said, tensing his whole body. His muscles inflated impressively. The pirate boy was now beyond massive, yet he also had a very aesthetic body. His enormous size had adjusted perfectly to his new height. “I want you to say it. What am I, Marcus?”

Marcus moaned, his own buff body twisting and rolling around cum. “Y-you are a muscle god! MY muscle god!” The pirate shot his considerable amount cum. Even though it was a lot, it looked pathetic compared to the monumental quantity that Oliver had produced.

Oliver laughed and started kissing his arms passionately. His cock had stopped cumming, yet it kept itself erect and throbbing. The ambiance finally began to feel more calmed. The Atlantean servants tried to recover, completely covered in semen. Lork was just watching the muscle blond boy with incredulity. Marcus was still stroking his penis and watching Oliver, unable to resist his arousal. The cave went silent, only the breathing and movement of Oliver could be heard.

Laria suddenly showed up from behind a rock. She had some cum on her, but she was surprisingly cleaner than the others. “I… I suppose this was not so bad after all,” Laria said, her voice making everyone flinch after such quietness. “I-I think you became stronger than any of us, Oliver.”

It took Oliver a moment to leave his muscled body alone and pay attention to his friend. He turned to Laria, unconsciously rubbing his body with his fingers. “Exactly how it should be,” he said with a confident tone.

Laria chuckled nervously. She then walked to Marcus and smacked his head. The pirate just made a grimace of indignation. “But enough of playing around!” Laria yelled. “We got what we needed. Now we should recover Atlantis.” She gave Oliver a determined expression. “We have an army, two brave warriors and well… a muscle god, I suppose.” She smiled playfully. “I am certain that victory will be finally ours.”

The blond boy grinned. “I can defeat whoever the fuck I want now. The Captain will cry for mercy when he sees me.”

Marcus stood up. He was bigger than everyone around, but he now looked average next to Oliver. He approached his friend and hugged his leg. The man looked up to him with puppy eyes. “I will follow you to the end of the world, pretty eyes.” Oliver smiled. The boy flexed his thighs and calves for him. Marcus just moaned, rubbing his crotch against his friend’s strong extremities.

Laria sighed. She was about to nag them when suddenly Turo came into the cavern running like a madman. He was breathing with difficulty, and he had an injury on his forehead. The kid paused for a second, looking at the cum-covered scene with wide eyes. He then shook his head and called to his dad. “Father! They found us!”

Lork stood up while getting the semen off him. “Who did, son? What is happening?”

“The City Tribe, The Ocean Tribe!” Turo panicked. “They followed us here! They are attacking our village! And they brought their giant king!”

Laria, Marcus and Oliver stared at Turo with shocked expressions. “The Captain!?” they all shouted simultaneously.

Lork just laughed out loud. “So the weaklings finally discovered our location!” He pointed at his son with a smile worthy of a lunatic. “War is finally upon us! Hahahahaha! Prepare for battle! We make our stand here! For the Jungle Tribe, for all Atlantis!”

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