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by Neltharion5

 Two men rub a lamp at the same time and have to wish for each other, and, completely unaware of what they’re doing, go a little overboard.

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Author’s Note

This is an extended adaptation of a story called “Double Wish” by MonsterMash62, a story in which two men rub a lamp at the same time and have to wish for each other. That story appeared on the now-defunct NCMC and was also posted on the also now-defunct original version of the Evolution Forum.

“Double Wish”, in turn, was directly inspired by the M/F story “I Wish You Well” by Mr. Grey, which was originally posted at the Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive (and can still be found there).


“Man, can you please put some clothes on?”

I looked over at the one that had spoken first. He was tall and lanky, with raven black hair. His hair was just long enough that his bangs fell into his eyes. His face was hairless. He looked like a large bean pole. His white t-shirt was too wide for his rail-thin body. His too short pleated pants were held up by a checkered belt, and barely reached past his calves.

“Yeah. I have no idea what you are or how you got in here, but that thing is really scaring me!”

I looked over and regarded the other person in the room with us. Unlike his friend, he was extremely short, and slightly overweight. He had straight red hair that also hung slightly over the top of his eyes. His face was quite young looking, like he could pass for a teenager, just completing adolescence. He was quite cute, with striking blue eyes. His face betrayed a shy lack of confidence as he looked at me, avoiding looking down from my face. He appeared to have mustered the courage to speak to me only because his friend had already done so.

Besides the height differences, they looked like perfect friends. Of course, once I was done, they would be even more perfect for each other.

They were both obviously uncomfortable with the size and visibility of my male endowment. As one of the djinn, I could take any shape that I wished. I realized many years ago how much I enjoy intimidating mortals with an exaggerated masculine form. Most women and men found it difficult to concentrate with my huge manhood swinging in front of them. At this particular moment, my flesh was over 16 inches long and still soft. The muscles of my entire body stood out, huge and strong, giving me a rather fearful countenance. Yeah, that and my pecs were fucking hot.

“Is that a wish? I will grant very few wishes, my new young masters. Are you sure you’d like to waste one clothing me?”

“Wishes? We get wishes? Are you a genie?” The red haired one asked this, his face registering his surprise. His friend turned to him and spoke.

“Yes, And what happens when two people rub the lamp at once. Well, have you heard how that works?” The two men were silent. “Well, I may only grant wishes from one of you if it’s for the other.” I said, “You may begin. Simply tell me what you want with an ‘I wish’ and I will make it come true.”

“What do you want, Steve?” asked Alex.

“What do you think I want? Have you looked at me lately? I want guys to like me. I want to look good so that I can get laid.”

Alex smiled and said, “Alright then. Genie, I wish that Steve was the most attractive guy on campus here. Actually, make him the hottest guy in the state. No, make it the country!”

“Your wish is my command, young master.” I snapped my fingers, and reality changed around us.

Steve transformed from thin and lanky, to athletic and muscular. His face went from acne’d and pock marked to clear and with light stubble. His complexion was now completely clear and almost had a glow to it. His eyes were now dark and piercing, and matched his new handsome face. His hair had become vibrant and clean, and looked stylishly cut. His clothes changed to go with his new body, fitting him in all of the right places to show off the new tone of his muscles.

His face seemed to morph from average to cute to smokin’ to total fox, and then some. Suddenly, Tucker’s head snapped up and he grimaced, as his nose appeared to collapse in on itself in a two-second rhinoplasty. The ledge of his brow connected to the bridge of his nose in a perfect curve, as the round tip of his nose chiseled itself into a square, turning upward slightly as the nostrils shrank in size. It was a beautiful nose and a handsome brow, his eyebrows straight and low over his eyes. Even his facial hair arranged itself in a more handsome way.

From his gorgeous face down to his succulent rear, Steve had become one hot and sexy mother fucker, his devilish looks overwhelming.

“Of all the stupid wishes? I get more cock and pussy than I could ever want. Still, I’d imagine you’d want something better.” Steve smirked. “You still get an A for effort.”

“All right Genie. I wish that Alex here was much bigger, stronger and more muscular. Then he won’t get picked on by the jocks all the time.”

“Your wish is my command.” I snapped my fingers again, and again reality changed around us.

Alex transformed in the blink of an eye from short and overweight to tall, built and incredibly muscular. He had huge beefy thighs, a large but tight bubble butt, and a still small waist that was covered with a super defined 8 pack. His lats flared out, leading into his huge broad cannonball shoulders. And he now had beautiful, large pectoral muscles sticking out. He was now a few inches taller than Steve, but looked much tougher.

His powerful arms stretched his sleeves tight. His pecs, barely contained by his shirt, seemed to sit much higher than most thought natural, while his abs rippled and his butt tightened. He removed his shirt to better admire himself and be admired. His biceps seemed to compete with his pecs for space, his strength evident. As Alex adjusted to his new musculature, he gained a new wealth of confidence.

He looked at his arms, flexing them. “Look at these guns...” He smiled. “Those jocks aren’t just going to stop picking on me.” He grinned wider. “They’re gonna bend over for me.”

“Steve, you know I get asked all the time if I’m on ‘roids? I mean, I’ve got 22 inch arms. Why would you wish for me to be more muscular?” He asked. “Steve, what do you want?”

“I love anal... I know I’m hot, but I want my pleasure threshold increased,” said Steve.

“I wish Steve was... had the most amazing ass in the world, with a snug hole that accepts even the widest cock and hugs it tight, and that its perfect shape that men and women salivate just looking at it, and that it gave him such intense ecstasy that his eyes water.”

“Your wish is my command,” I replied yet again. And I snapped my fingers another time.

Suddenly, Steve’s ass seemed to double in size and just as suddenly harden. With a rush of extreme pleasure, his butthole contracted and dilated several times, making it highly versatile and gratifying. It lifted itself to cement in a perfect apple tush position, higher, rounder and tighter than any either of the young men had ever seen.

Steve reached back and cupped his own ass. He wondered at its immense hardness and strength. He said, “Fuck...! I’m getting so fucking hot...” He screamed out, “They’re gonna line up just to rim me!”

Steve said, “Alright, I know what to wish for you next, Alex. This will be a good one. Genie, I wish that Alex was hung better than your average stallion.”

Alex’s bulge grew suddenly. Now, he had to wear pants that were specially altered in the crotch. It continued to grow slowly but surely, getting larger and larger, more massive and heavier, longer, wider, and more sensitive until his package was explicitly prominent and obscenely noticeable to those who saw him.

Alex knew that his dick was huge from various and sometimes amorous encounters in the men’s locker room at the YMCA, or that only guys with tiny dicks go to the Y. Even the straight men at the Y fawned over him. His cock was fucking huge. To handle such as big cock, Alex’s body was becoming more muscular as well. And the cock itself could now begin dripping pre at the drop of the hat.

In realization of his phallic growth, Alex started to moan. He cried out, “Oh, baby!” as his cock enlarged. “Give me a big one!” He licked his lips as he watched his crotch expanded. “I want it big, huge...” He giggled, admiring his giant pouch. “Why carry a six-shooter when you can pack an army-grade rifle?” He delicately cradled his bulge. He laughed again, seeing its size and feeling its heft. “They’ll all suck this cock gladly.” He gave a crooked grin, “No, they’ll deep throat it. They’ll fucking choke just to get this torpedo off.”

“What an idiot you are, Steve! You know how well hung I am. Why would you wish for that, knowing how my cock is bigger than most people can imagine even in their wildest wet dreams? Alright, I know what to wish for you next, Steve. I wish Steve was the most talented, experienced and physically predisposed sexual liaison... in the Northern Hemisphere.”

“Your wish is my command.” I replied once more, and snapped my fingers once more. Man, this was getting repetitive for me. “That’s two wishes for both of you so far. One left for each of you.”

Steve felt an odd sensation. He felt a slacking in his throat and an orgasmic ecstasy in his manhole, and then loosening tightening as if his throat and asshole were becoming even more amazingly elastic. The transition seemed to take a long time and yet no time at all. Steve was now infinitely more talented to get a man to orgasm than anyone else within the western world.

In turn, this caused Steve to become erect, a huge hot hard erection, and suddenly, Steve couldn’t help but want to go down on Alex, who had the body of a god and the fat willy of a horse. He did things with his tongue and thumbs that curled Alex’s toes and made his eyes water, making Alex cry out his name with the most intense orgasm of his life.

His ass was one of the wonders of the world. He could take on any dick, squeeze the itty-bitties and accommodate the horse cocks. Even his own dick was an amazing. Although substantially bigger now, his cock’s anatomy wasn’t what made it great; It was how he used it. He used his cock like a fucking pro, literally, he does things most people have never even heard of or thought possible. This guy’s sexual prowess was the stuff of legend.

There were virtually no noticeable changes on Steve’s person even as their memories altered. “You know what?” Steve asked. “You’ve had an erection for the last fifteen minutes.” Steve and Alex smiled at each other. “Let me take care of that for you.”

“I’ll unzip my pants. Now make your last wish. I haven’t got all day.”

“Genie, I wish that Steve was hyper-masculine and super dominant. And that his body reflected the supreme manly confidence that he exuded so flagrantly.”

“Your wish is my command.”

In the snapping of my fingers, Steve transformed. He got a few inches taller, but much wider. His shoulders were broader, and it looked like his pectoral muscles had inflated. He had a huge chest shelf now, while his waist was just as small and tight as it had been before. His legs were more swollen, and his big muscle bubble butt was just a little bit fuller. His arm muscles were huge, like he was one of the biggest body builders in the world now. His biceps seemed to peak obscenely even while relaxed and hanging at his sides. His clothes were now incredibly tight on him, making him appear even larger and imposing. But the largest changes were to his head, and his crotch.

His face was completely all male. He had huge thick eye brows, and a thick inch length goatee and mustache combo. His hair was now black. It (and the goatee) made his face look especially scary, like he could destroy someone with a glance. His face looked especially thin, like his body was so muscular that it couldn’t hold any fat.

His crotch was obviously so large that it pushed out his pants. It looked like a huge tube running down his left pant leg. It left nothing to the imagination. Steve looked over at Alex, who’s cock was straining against his own pants as hard as it could now.

“What a waste of a wish. With a body like this, of course I’m the alpha dog in every situation. Why would you waste your wish on something like that? You know how much I get off already on telling you what to do. Get over here and get on your knees.”

Alex kneeled in front of Steve, his eyes wide with fear and excitement. Steve looked down on Alex and sneered. “Take it out, bitch. It’s not going to suck itself.”

Alex carefully reached up and unbuckled Steve’s belt and unzipped his pants. He was slow and careful, and Steve’s humongous, even for a horse, dick slowly came into view.

Steve didn’t wear underwear anymore. He would have been much too uncomfortable. Alex reached into Steve’s pants, and pulled the giant tube of meat out. He let it go and it flopped down against the outside of Steve’s pants. Alex then reached in and pulled out both of Steve’s grape fruit sized balls. They hung low over his pants, and created a cushiony pillow that pushed his dick even further away from his legs. The whole package had a mustache of curly black pubic hair above it.

Alex sucked on Steve’s nuts for a bit, tonguing them and getting them nice and wet. Steve’s cock hardened to its full length and stuck straight out beside Alex’s left ear. Alex then slowly licked down the length of Steve’s shaft, tracing a giant vein until he reached the rather large piss hole at the tip of his head. Alex teased the hole with his tongue and was rewarded with a large pulse of pre-cum, which he lapped up enthusiastically.

Alex said, “Why get oral when you could have anal?” He smiled up at Alex. “After all, my ass is one of the seven worlds of the world.”

Steve nodded as Alex turn over and inserted his powerful erection into the other man’s wonderfully tight hole. Alex’s strokes got faster until he released his fierce spunk, overflowing Steve’s butt. Alex collapsed on top of him.

Simply because I was a nice genie, I told them, “You each get another three wishes.”

“Really?” asked Steve.

“Really,” I said, “But again, it must be for each other.”

Alex said, “I wish Steve was as fucking built as I am, actually make it fifty percent more built than I am. I can’t wait to ream that mild-mannered muscle monster’s manhole.”

“You wish is my command!”

Steve slowly got taller. He flexed his biceps, which formed a tight and growing ball. His abs became cobbled and his pecs filled out. Both men got boners watching the subtly progressing transformation. Even his ass, an ass that no one thought could be any greater, got meatier and rounder, higher and tight as fuck. His muscles started to double and triple in size. Even his washboard abs seemed to tighten, getting deeper and more defined. His biceps became stronger, bulging tight balls of power.

Steve’s complexion lightened, his features and muscles became as if they were carved from marble. His flawless and gorgeous face seemed to remain the same, maybe adjusting his jaw line to become more masculine.

Giddy, he flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs. Steve began getting a big hard on. Looking at his huge guns as they bulged in tight and strong balls, he murmured, “Stronger...” He ran his palm across his abs. He felt eight distinct and sizeable muscles. “Deeper...” His abs got deeper and more defined. This dude was a true muscle hunk, dripping with sex and power.

“Another waste of a wish... I mean, duh. I’m so big I have trouble fitting through some doorways.” He flexed his biceps, enjoying watching the muscle strain into a tight ball that he could tongue. “My wish for you is... Aw, I got a good one. I wish Alex had the largest, hottest and most muscular male pecs in the Developed World, with the most sensitive and pleasing nipples that will never lose their sensitivity regardless of how much they are teased.”

“Your wish is my command...”

His pectoral muscles began expanding quickly. The muscle of his pecs got stronger, and he attained a higher range of voluntary control over his chest. His chest got slowly bigger and bigger until it became like a shelf over his upper abdomen. His shoulders got more and more muscular to support his amazing pectorals. Furthermore, his full thick muscles were pronounced by downward pointed nipples, harder than diamonds and each more sensitive than the underside of his dick.

As Alex flexed his pecs, they seemed to continue to grow in both size and power. He said, “My pecs are getting so big... and so hot.” He moaned, beckoning, “Bigger...”

“What stupidity! You know I’m a bodybuilder and that I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest muscular chest.” Alex sighed. “I’ll show you what a real wish is... I wish that Steve had the longest, widest, sexiest, and most sensitive cock in the entire animal kingdom with a strong tendency for torrential cum.”

“Your wish? My command!”

Steve moaned deeply. His dick was tingling with pleasure as it grew. The precum alone was drenching his underpants. As he removed them, which with such a big cock was quite difficult, he noticed how powerful his cock was becoming.

“I want it huge...” he said.

His boxer briefs began to stretch to accommodate his absurdly large cock. Still his cock grew more massive. It was already the genitals of a god and getting bigger. He moaned again as his balls plumped up and lowered themselves. The head alone of his new cock was larger than his dick had been before they rubbed the lamp. He moaned a third time as his cock settled into a permanent size: truly huge but not unwieldy.

Steve looked down at his basket, and patted it while saying, “Just a little bigger...” His dick swelled a bit. “Excellent!”

“Another waste. I don’t think my cock could get any bigger. Still, yours could. Hmm, I think I’ve got it.” Steve looked at Alex with hungry eyes. “Genie, I wish that Alex becomes the best-looking man ever conceived of in life, art or imagination, gaining the sort of charismatic and magnetic beauty that galvanizes an entire civilization and becomes the new face that will launch a thousand ships.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Alex’s face glowed. Alex’s felt a strange sensation as his face seemed to start rearranging itself subtly. His hair began shortening in some areas while lengthening in others, changing color to a sandy blond. His lips plumed slightly as he gained two cute dimples. He gained a chin cleft and a more manly jaw line.

Alex covered his face as if it was painful or bothersome, but it was actually extremely gratifying, so much so that he started getting a huge boner, and in response to the change, Steve too was getting hard. “You’re so fucking gorgeous,” said Steve to Alex.

“I know,” he said. “You’ll be even more gorgeous than me... soon.”

“That was such a waste. You know I’m already good-looking enough to charm a arouse a man with a look, charm him with a smile, and make him cum with the slightest of touch.” He smiled. “I have an idea for a wish. I wish for you, Steve, to become an end-all arbiter of masculine-to-masculine sexuality. The most muscular, beautiful, handsome, hung, experienced, and talented in the world... and the most powerful cummer.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Steve slowly got more muscular. He flexed his arms as they grew, pinnacles of lean hard muscle. His pecs packed on ounce after ounce, pound after pound. His ass seemed to shape itself to an extent that even David’s perfect rear would hold no candle to Steve’s. His abs deepened, got more and more defined.

He grew gradually taller. Steve smiled at Alex, and as he did, his face brightened, becoming better looking. Even his dick shared in the glory of his augmentation, getting larger and more beautiful.

He was becoming a perfect man, gaining a perfect body.

“Well, seeing how I’m already practically a sex god, I think you should have wished something for me outside the realm of physical.” His eyebrows scrunched. “That gives me an idea. I wish...” He grinned at Alex. “...I wish that Alex was as madly in love with me as I am with him, and that our love makes us strong and gives our lives meaning.” He chuckled. “And that we frequently have the most amazing sex known to man.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Suddenly, both men threw themselves at each other, ripping clothing asunder, squeezing each other muscles and members. The two oversexed and gorgeous men fucked; they did it every which way, every conceivable possibility of sexual relations and muscle worship, and even several ways that was as of then thought to be impossible.

And with each kiss, each stroke of a cock, and each hump of another’s ass, the men grew more muscular, more handsome, more hung, more experienced, more perfect. Their growing bodies united, over and over again. Their virile cocks lengthen as they fuck one another’s hungry butts. Their golden tans, their shining white teeth, only them, these two men could stand and fuck without being overwhelmed by the hotness of the other.

Their muscle-sex bods had become so gorgeous, so dazzling, that they were like the sun, together aflame. Their forms flawless, their muscles sculpted, and their amazing asses all complimented them like chocolate and strawberries.

Their powerful cum reflected their true carnal magnetism and raw sexual potency, while their orgasms seemed to defy biology as they became more intense in succession, building like a crescendo. Their wondrous fuck crested with a buck of Steve’s hip and a squeeze of Alex’s ass.

Their huge, powerful orgasms released cum that seemed to flow freely, continuing until their spunk nearly flooded the room. The smell was intoxicating, a true sign of their highly competent virility.

As the warm glow subtly caressed them, they in turn caressed each other.


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