Old buds, new bods

by CubGuySC

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There are some things in my life I’ve witnessed that go beyond words, but I will do my best to describe one of the most amazing, unbelievable, incredible, events that has happened, and will ever happen to me. It changed my life very drastically, for the better, I might add. Let me tell you the story of what and who I am today and how I became who I am.

High school was an awkward time for me. I had no build for football or any other sport that most guys in my school played to prove their “worthiness.” I mostly kept to myself, the shy quiet guy amongst many rowdy farm boys. My father had moved to this small, isolated part of Iowa to take an engineering position with a well-known local contractor. Wanting to raise his kids somewhere more peaceful, my dad packed the family up from New York City, and came to the corn fields of Iowa. I was immediately deemed the “rich Yankee kid” behind my back. My father worked hard and was compensated nicely for his work, but it made it difficult for me to fit into the mostly country, low-income, “good ol’ boys” that were my peers.

To make matters worse, I didn’t fare well with the girls either. I was struggling with my identity as a person, as well as my sexuality. I denied it then, but deep down inside, I knew I liked the guys much better, particularly one guy in general.

Mark Bryson was a genuinely nice guy. He was the type that could hang with the coolest crowd, or mingle with the not-so-popular folks. Everyone seemed to like him. He crossed the lines of the different clicks, and nobody seemed to question it. He was so well liked, that nobody cared if he talked to the nerds. It was just kind of understood by all that he just got along with everybody. He was extremely intelligent, graduating at the top of our class. Yet, he had that common-sense mentality to him as well. Sports were a breeze for him, with his muscular build and outgoing attitude. I think he was the first guy I ever loved, although I would have quickly denied it 10 years ago.

I managed to make my way through the awkward times of high school, and my crush on Mark eventually faded into the deep parts of my subconscious I thought of him less and less as the years went on. Mark moved on to do bigger and better things. He joined the Navy and moved to Chicago for basic training. I ended up moving back to New York City after college and took a mediocre position with a telecommunications company. I am a bit of a techie. I always enjoyed working with technology. The job paid decently and I was making it on my own. New York also afforded me the comfort to be who I was…a gay man. In New York, the people are more likely to beat the shit out of you for taking their parking spot, than for being gay. It was hectic in New York, but if I had not been there, I’d not be who I am today…which is where my testimony needs to get back to.

Moving along, I had been in New York for about 3 years and was getting into the groove of my job. In a city that big, communicating was essential. I felt needed and secure in my job. Having the lack of size to climb telephone poles with heavy loads, as so many of the hot ass technicians I knew did, I stuck more to the lighter side of things. I went out on calls and worked more with the small business and home customers, helping them with technical phone issues and installing new equipment. It was generally the same routine every day; a typical pissy New Yorker wanting his or her phone working NOW! I had my good days and my bad days. But there was one day in particular that I will never forget.

“Ryan!” I heard from my boss’ desk at the far side of the office.

“Yeah boss? What’s up?”

“Ryan, get your skinny ass in your truck and take this work order with you. This guy has been waiting for three days to get his phone hooked up.”

“I’m on it boss man.” Damn my boss was such a looker. Great build, huge arms, that ever-so-nice patch of fuzz sticking up out of his blue collar shirt with the name tag reading “Buzz.” However, his tag should have read “Major Asshole.” Too bad he was such a dick as good looking as he was. He ruined my original image of him when he opened his mouth.

Heading back to my work area, I grabbed the work order, my tool bag, and the truck keys off of my desk. I quickly glanced at the address, and I was off through the noisy streets. I was heading to a rich suburb of the city, chop full of snooty assholes. I was certain this customer was going to bitch about us taking so long to get his phone turned on. My boss always gave me the shitty jobs like that. I think he suspected that I was gay and retaliated in this manner.

I found the address and spent 15 minutes trying to find a place to park the truck. It was a neighborhood of newly renovated low rise apartments that came only with parking for BMW’s and Mercedes sports cars. I squeezed into the under sized parking space and grabbed my stuff. I went to the newly painted front door and buzzed apartment 202.

“Yes?” I heard squawk form the small speaker.

“I’m Ryan with the phone company. I’m here to hook up your new phone line.”

“Come on up feller.” He said with a warm non-New York accent. Hmm, maybe this guy would not be so bad. The door buzzed and I went in. I walked up the stairs to the second level. The hallway smelled of new construction. I found the door with 202 in retro brass fancy numbers. It was cracked open. I gently knocked and hollered in.

“Come on in bud.” He hollered back. Lord if I didn’t know better I’d think this guy was straight off of an Iowa farm… and that’s when I opened the door. I just about shit a golden brick.

“Well SHIT FIRE! I’ll be damned! You sum-bitch! Ryan, how the hell are you man?!!” I was stunned. Standing before me was Mark Bryson. I didn’t move for a few seconds. I could hardly even talk. “Well, are you gonna come in?” I finally shook myself and walked in. I didn’t really know what to say. To make matters worse, Ryan was standing there in a pair of thin, flannel, pajama bottoms, which left no secret to his size. He had no shirt on and the morning light beaming through the window cast a warm glow on his beefy pecs. His chest was coated with a nice layer of blonde fuzz. He had also grown a full blonde beard, which properly suited his handsome, tan face and perfect smile. His arms were beautifully built and blended well with the rest of his mass. I caught a glimpse of a small patch of hair that was trying to escape the back of his lounge pants, just above his muscular ass. His broad back teased me with a lightly furred territory between his shoulder blades. I actually had to carry my tool bag in front of me as I walked towards him, for I knew in about 10 more seconds I was going to have an obvious erection though my work pants.

“It’s a small fucking world isn’t it?” I managed to squeak out with a smile on my face. He smiled back at me looking me up and down for a second, and let out a big ol’ country boy laugh. He held his thick hand out to shake mine. As he nearly crushed my smaller hand, he surprised me with one of those hand shake / hug combos and squeezed me like a rag doll. “My GOD!” I thought as my face was buried in a mass of fur on his chest while his beard was gently brushing my ear as he squeezed. As much as I enjoyed the warm welcome, I was a bit nervous about hiding the raging hard on that was quickly developing. I kept my tool bag in front of me as he released me to breathe again. I quickly put my truck keys deep into my pocket as I tried to do a quick “adjustment.”

“I can’t believe this man!” I finally spoke normally.

“Good to see you my friend. I never thought I’d see YOU walking through that door! I just ended my enlistment with the Navy and thought I’d check out the big city. Iowa was just too damn boring to go back too.” he chuckled.

After a few minutes, we both finally began getting over the shock and my hard on finally shifted to half speed. I set my bag down and we continued to catch up on old times together over the next hour and a half. He looked damn amazing. I guess the Navy had treated him right. Mark had always been built well in the years that I knew him, but I never guessed he would have turned out THAT solid and furry But a lot can change in 10 years. I eventually got his phone line hooked up and had to move on to my next customer.

As we began to part ways, I felt a little saddened. But that quickly changed. Before I left, Mark softly chuckled once again, “Well Mr. phone man, whether I like it or not, you have my number. Why don’t you give me a call later in the week and we’ll do some more catchin’ up. I’d like to tell you about some of the adventures I had in the Navy.” My heart picked up speed and I over anxiously agreed. I shook his meaty paw once more, regular style unfortunately, clenched the work order with his new number on it, and made my way out the door.

That following Friday morning, nervous as hell, I called Mark’s number. He agreed to have me over for some crazy oriental dish he learned to cook while abroad. It sounded terrible tasting, but he could have shit on a plate and called it dinner, I’d still have joined him.

I nervously paced around my shit hole apartment as I prepared to go to Mark’s place. I kept asking myself why I was so nervous. It wasn’t a “date,” and as far as I knew, he wasn’t aware of me being gay. I grabbed the twelve pack of Yuengling beer I had bought earlier that day and headed out the door.

I arrived at Mark’s place and he buzzed me in once again. I lightly knocked on the cracked door, as I slowly opened it. “Come on in Ryan!” he shouted from a back bedroom. “I’ll be right with you!” As I walked in, I could hear him pissing with the bathroom door open. I was getting a little aroused as I headed for his fridge to put the beer in it, taking two of them out of the box first. I was surprised to find the dinner he described cooking on the stove. It actually smelled pretty damn good. “Welcome back Ryan!” Mark half yelled, as he was making his way to the kitchen. “You’re mighty dressed up for hanging out with an old buddy!” Mark laughed, as he came around the corner in full view. He was dressed far more casually than I was, wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top.” I was immediately embarrassed, but I soon forgot about the embarrassment as I looked at the fur poking over his tank top.

Mark invited me to sit on the couch. I handed him a beer as we walked towards the new couch that still had the store tag on it. He carelessly ripped the tag. “Sorry, not tryin’ to show off the price.” he said as he stood to throw the tag in the kitchen garbage and stir dinner. “I just aint had time to get everything done around here yet.” I told him not to worry about it as I watched his virile body strut towards the kitchen, with that rock solid ass following him everywhere he went.

“Nice pillows too!” I casually said as I set one in my lap, pretending to get comfortable, but really hiding my stiffening dick.

“Supper is almost done buddy boy.” He casually mentioned with that country accent. I excused myself to the bathroom to wash up. However, I was really more interested in getting rid of my stiffy.

“Bathroom is through there I assume?” I asked pointing to the bedroom he appeared from earlier.

“Sure is, my friend. Knock yourself out. Grab you a towel off the pile of laundry on the bed to dry your hands.” I stood up while he was stirring dinner and made my escape. I didn’t know how I was going to keep hiding my hard on all night long. I should have jerked it in the shower before I left my apartment. I splashed my face with some cold water, and washed my hands, allowing enough time for my pants to quit bulging.

By the time I returned, woofy man had set plates on the table and was taking his turn at washing his hands in the kitchen sink. As he reached for a hand towel, I couldn’t help but notice how the wet fur on his arms had matted up from the water. I quickly walked to the table and sat myself down, hiding my lap under the table top.

“Smells great!” I complimented.

“Thanks Ryan. It’s quite literally an ancient recipe, but I had to modify it a little bit.”

“I’m sure it won’t kill me.” I teased.

“I pretty sure you’ll like this. May even be the best damn thing you ever ate!” He stated very matter-of-factly. I feared I had lightly offended him after hearing the semi seriousness with which he replied. But he quickly began to talk about high school again and I watched him with great interest as he bustled around the kitchen preparing to serve the meal.

As we drank our beer and ate dinner, Mark told me all about his job in the Navy as a genetics engineer. That was Mark….always the brilliant one. I pretended to hold an interest in the technical mumbo jumbo he was saying, but I didn’t have a clue. Besides, his body was too much of a distraction.

I was a bit nervous when dinner was over. I headed back towards the couch. I sat near the pillow again, just in case. Mark grabbed a couple more beers and joined me on the couch. He put on some good music and we talked about the past again for awhile. I told him about my college days and he talked more about the Navy.

After the conversation lulled a bit, I got the second biggest surprise of the evening. I yawned, and there was a slight uncomfortable silence. Mark stood up, I presumed, to get another beer. Before I could even say, “I’ll take another……..” he abruptly leaned over and buried my smooth face with his bushy, but neatly trimmed beard. It took my breath away for a second, and I almost backed off out of sheer surprise. But it did not take me long to get comfortable with the suddenness of his move. I grabbed the pillow and threw it in the floor this time, as I leaned back. He rubbed his course whiskers up and down my neck as he gently kissed it. I think I was harder than I had ever been in my life. My dick was straining against my underwear as I reached down to my crotch to adjust. We breathed each other’s breath and locked faces for about five minutes.

As Mark finally released me from my ecstasy, I took a deep breath and smiled. “I know you’re gay Ryan. I’ve always had my suspicions. But, those suspicions were confirmed when you came home from college. You should have hidden the Bear magazine better. Todd Owens saw it and told everyone. He’s an ass.” I immediately felt uncomfortable. No wonder he quit hanging out with me, that bastard. But when I looked at Mark again, my concern quickly left. “Also, I got a second confirmation this week when you came to install my phone. Your tool bag wasn’t hiding your tool very well.” He chuckled. I grinned a shit eating grin at him.

“Guilty as charged.” Was all I could say. “I must say that you did a much better job of hiding the whole gay thing. I had no fucking clue you were gay.”

“Well,” Mark replied, “I knew I wanted to join the Navy, so I had to be very careful. Now that I’m no longer in the service, I don’t have to worry about it too much. I’ve always thought you were a really great guy Ryan. I know you were not the “popular one” in high school, but you were always genuine.”

“Thanks Mark. That means a lot to me. I must admit, though, I never thought such a woofy masculine man like you would ever want someone like me.”

“Well, there is something else I want to tell you as well, and I probably should have told you before. You know how I did all that genetic engineering in the Navy? I did some of my own independent research using the Navy’s facilities. I never fully disclosed all of my research. I also know that you want to be a bigger guy. If you’d like some help, I can help you.”

“You mean you created some type of new steroid or something?” I asked, not really sure where he was going with this.

“Sort of. Would you be interested?” He replied.

“Well, is it dangerous? Has it been tested? What are the side effects?”

“Nothing bad Ryan.” He responded, as he smiled and flexed his guns. “I’m living proof. It’s a mixture of animal and human DNA structure that blends with your own DNA.” I kind of smiled at this comment, half thinking he was joking.

“Will I start pissing on the furniture?” I interjected. Mark laughed at this.

“Not exactly. There are some temporary animal-like side effects, but they subside. Do you believe in werewolves?”

“Well, what do you mean?” I asked a little more curiously this time. Werewolf movies had always turned me on when I was younger. The thought of me changing like that was a bit erotic, but too far fetched.

“You’ll see Ryan. Do you trust me?”

“Well, yeah, I guess Mark, but how………”

“Good.” He abruptly replied before I was even done asking any further questions. Then I was floored by what happened next.. “Don’t freak out or anything Ryan, I wouldn’t hurt you, but you’ll soon understand. The dinner you ate, had the very same genetic material I was referring to earlier.”

“So, what are you saying?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. I looked at Mark sitting next to me. He just grinned at me eerily. I didn’t notice at first, but his incisor teeth began to elongate. They continued to grow until they reached a length just past his top lip. I instantly got hard.

“Are you scared Ryan?”

“No Mark, that was actually pretty fucking hot!”

He laughed, displaying his wolf like fangs even more in the process. “Good,” he said, then sit back and enjoy.” He said in a slightly lower voice. I couldn’t believe this was happening to him!

“Fuck yeah, I used to fantasize about this shit!! What else is going to happen to you?!!”

“You’ll see my friend.” This time he spoke in a way that I knew was not his own natural voice. His fucking voice was becoming unnaturally deep! I could tell I was beginning to precum a little bit, which is rare for me, and apparently, I was not the only one. I glanced down at his shorts, his dick looked like it was going to rip through the fabric. The front of his basket was wet, and I could see a bit of glistening precum begin to run down his muscular leg, sticking to the hair as it traveled. I watched him as he reached under his tank top and rub his hairy chest. I reached down to rub the front of his wet shorts. As I did, he jerked a little and gave a deep guttural soft growl. I became even hornier. As I passed my hand over the wet bulge in his shorts, I reached down to rub my own cock. As I did, I realized that now, I WAS sopping wet. I NEVER precum that much. Then it hit me.

“Is all this going to happen to……….” I stopped…I couldn’t believe it. My voice had changed. I, too, was speaking in an extraordinarily deep voice. I instantaneously became even more aroused. As I put my hand down the front of my wet pants, I reached down to discover my dick had become larger! I whipped my pants off and stood in total awe. My dick had gotten fatter and it had grown from six inches long to about eight inches. I clenched my heavy meat in my hand and started stroking it. It was super fucking sensitive. Each time I rubbed it, a wave of total sexual erotica went through me. I was dripping precum everywhere and I began to breathe heavily. I could no longer fit my hand around the girth of my growing manhood.

My heart was pounding. I looked back over at Mark. He was sitting on his knees with his head thrown back. His face was winching as he was gritting his teeth, bearing his newly grown, longer, sharp incisors. Above his tank top, I saw fur starting to sprout on his shoulders. The chest hair that was already poking out from the top of his tank top, started to spread upward and began to coat his neck with a thick patch of masculine hairiness that mingled with his beard. Then, his beard began growing thicker and longer. In a matter of ten seconds he had gone from wearing a regular beard to growing a massive bushy beard that hung down to his chest and grew high on his cheeks. The hairs on the back of his neck were elongating and the reaction began moving southward. Mark ripped off his tank top to reveal a muscular chest with so much blonde, curly hair on it, that you could no longer see any of his tan flesh.

Then Mark dropped down to his hands and knees. As he did, he growled a long, dark deep growl. I could see the hair on his shoulders thickening and the man fuzz on his back followed suit. His back was sprouting fur that was spreading before my eyes. He very slowly began to lift his head up, softly growling the whole time, fangs showing through the wiry, thick, sandy-colored mustache that had previously exploded on his face. His eyes were a yellowish-green, like a wolf. He rose up to his knees once again, looking at me the whole time. His hairy legs were becoming even hairier, I suddenly heard his shorts rip and fall into the floor. His enormous cock had finally ripped his shorts at the seems. As his dick tore through the fabric in one swift motion. It came flying out of his shorts and precum splattered against my face as it happened. I licked some of his spunk as I watched his exposed ass growing hairier as well.

I reached up to feel the musky smelling man juice that had just showered my face. As I did, I noticed my previously smooth face felt like course grit sand paper. I was starting to catch up with his changes. My beard had started growing. I rubbed my face more and more while stroking my cock, which was getting even bigger. The more aroused I became, the quicker the changes in my body were taking place.

I glanced over at a mirror Mark had hanging on the wall. I was in shock. It was no longer me staring back at myself in the mirror, but instead a similar version of me that was sporting a thick jet black beard that was growing longer by the second. At first stubble, then the hairs had grown long enough to run my finger tips through. Seconds later, I had enough man hair growing out of my face to completely run my hands through. My newly-grown, course beard finally surpassed even Mark’s beard. It could feel my new growth of beardedness begin to brush against my balls, which had tripled in size and were swinging back and forth as I quivered.

Mark was watching me with his piercing new eyes, and rubbing his hugely transformed, wet, fat cock. As I felt him hungrily staring at me, I glanced back in the mirror to observe any new changes….Then my fat cock grew even longer at the sight of my own bearded reflection in the mirror sprouting sharp fangs while my eyes began shifting to a bright, icy, bluish-green. I could feel my teeth growing longer and sharper as I explored the new incisors with my tounge. I nearly poked a hole in my tounge they become so sharp.

Then, before I could even question to myself whether or not the rest of me would sprout more hot ass manly fur, my treasure trail started moving up my stomach and joined a thick patch of fur that started growing in the middle of my pecs. It continued spreading, covering my whole front, and moving towards my shoulders. I could feel hair popping out of my shoulders and moving down my back. I was getting so fucking aroused that I became light headed. I fell to the couch, lied on my back, and tried to scream in ecstasy while hammering my own cock, but I’ll I could get out of my furry mouth was an erotic, animalistic growl!

Mark pounced on me and started licking the insides of my thighs, which were now developing a coat of thick fur that stretched down to my ankles. I looked up and observed his furry body as he put his 14 inch pecker inside of my furry ass.

As he began to pound me, grunting and growling, saliva dripping from his fangs, I saw his body shifting in shape! His ears were growing more pointed and grew a light coat of fur. At the same time, I felt my chest begin to expand. At first, I thought it was from all the heavy growling and grunting I was involuntarily emitting while Mark was fucking me, but my furry chest actually began to increase in size. I could feel my pecs begin to explode with muscle. Mark’s arms began to bulge as he held my legs in the air and continued pumping. Then I felt my ears draw out and become pointed like Marks.

Ours bodies began thrashing wildly in this animalistic sex act as we both starting packing on pounds of muscle under our furry pelts. I watched my legs ballooning out as Mark forced them apart, to tear at my furry hole! Chords of furry muscle replaced my scrawny bird legs as they rested atop Mark’s expanding shoulders. The transformation was almost complete in us both. Two hot studly furry muscle men, with a touch of wolf in us, were having uncontrollable, forceful sex that felt better than you can even imagine.

Mark began to throw his head back while I furiously beat my cock. Mark began to howl wildly. He then released a huge load of sticky, wet, plentiful, seed into my hairy hole. I could feel his warm man juice running down the crack of my ass. I couldn’t hold back any longer. The animal in me howled back at him while I felt an enormous load of cum explode all over Mark’s pelt and began dripping down his shaggy beard . My dick was quivering uncontrollably and I could feel Marks dick, buried deep in my ass, react the same way!

I quickly passed out and don’t remember anything else until the next morning. When I woke, Mark was still laying by my side. Still in disbelief at what I had become the previous night, I explored with my hands what remained of the wild beast that consumed my body the night before. The animal was gone, but I had not returned to the skinny, smooth, man I was. We climbed off the couch together and headed for the shower.

As I passed the bathroom mirror, I was afraid I’d wake up from a dream. The old me was nowhere to be found. I had reverted back to a man with a good bit of my muscle, and now wore a full beard. I was hairy and built like a brick shit house. I could now make even the butchest Harley rider nervous. Mark converted back to the way I saw him when I first met. I now know why he had gotten surprisingly hairier and more muscular since I had last seen him. We showered each other’s furry muscles and came back to the kitchen to defeat our ravenous appetites.

I had a feeling, right then, that we would be together for a long time. I never went back to my job, for obvious reasons, and Mark and I have enjoyed each other’s furry company since that day. It was a dream come true, and it was all because of that asshole boss of mine for giving me the shitty work orders. I guess I owe that man a favor!

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