Party of the year

by screamingmoist

 A pair of friends end up with both tricks and treats after a Halloween party takes them in an unexpected direction.

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“Would you please get excited, man. This is the biggest party of the year!” Alan slapped Will on the arm, surveying the bustling crowd from behind his dirty hockey mask. The field was already full of drunk, giggling coeds milling around outside the maze, raising his hopes for a successful evening.

“It’s the only party of the year,” Will sighed. At their rural State University, the young man wasn’t wrong. The nearest thing that passed for a big city had four hours of highway and corn fields between them and it, and it wouldn’t be long before subzero temperatures kept them all huddling in their dorms for the next five months. By the time the weather broke in the spring, they’d all be heading off campus for the summer, making Halloween the pivotal night of the year. And this year, Summer seemed to agree. Far from the usually chilly air, the wiry, chocolate-haired young man was already roasting beneath his loose shirt, and the cheap polyester pants and pirate hat that completed his outfit weren’t helping.

The setting was as disquieting as the weather. No one seemed to know who organized the event, but everyone had seen the fliers all over campus, advertising a one-night-only party in the sprawling, many-acred labyrinth. Despite the promised bars and DJ booths and dance floors peppered throughout the tangled structure, a massive corn maze sprouting up in the middle of nowhere brought with it an inherent amount of creepiness, and the heavy, humid air made the scene more surreal than it already would have been. The moon was new and dark, a dead sphere in a sea of stars, leaving the pair of flashing, multicolored floodlights the only source of illumination as they splashed against the towering plastic skeletons and flickering jack-o’-lanterns standing guard on either side of the gate. Shirtless zombies and scantily clad monsters danced and darted through the low-hanging fog that spilled out from the labyrinth’s darkened entrance, casting the scene in a dreamy haze of horny, half-dressed college students.

“I’m sweating my nuts off already,” Will grumbled, hoping Mark and his frat brothers wouldn’t notice him and Alan as the pack of jocks hurried by into the dim, organic corridor. Their on-campus tormentors were fully embracing the unusual warmth, exposing sculpted pecs and chiseled arms, their actual costumes an afterthought as long as they gave them an excuse to show off their athletic frames.

“You gotta adapt, dude,” Alan said, motioning down to his own bare chest. He lacked the impressive build of his gym-going bullies, but that didn’t stop the thin blonde from wearing an unbuttoned, tropical shirt, matching swim trunks, and flip-flops. All that remained of his original costume idea was the grimy hockey mask and the plastic machete tucked into his board shorts. “Remember, ladies…Summer Jason isn’t here to murder, he’s here to party,” he called to a trio of uninterested girls as they scampered by in revealing strips of fabric that suggested cheerleader uniforms. Alan sighed, his eyes lingering on the group until they disappeared around the first corner. “Are you done dickin’ around out here yet,” he asked, turning his attention back to Will.

The hesitant brunette shrugged. “I dunno, man. I might bail. I’m already hot and it’s…”

“The fuck you will,” Alan interrupted, grabbing his friend by the arm. He marched towards the entrance, pulling the other man with him like a parent dragging an unruly child. “Best chance all year to get laid…you are NOT sending me in here without a wingman,” he hissed.

“All right, all right! Damn…you’re certainly determined,” Will said, pausing as they reached the first bend. It branched to the left and the right, with no indication of which way they should go. Loud, pulsing dance music could be heard off in the distance, but it was still too far away to pinpoint a direction. “There wasn’t, like, a map on the flier or anything, was there?”

“It’s a maze…the whole point is you don’t know where you’re going. We’ll find something sooner or later. Let’s just go this way,” the blonde said, nodding to the path on the right. They crunched over the scrubby grass, the buzzing chirp of crickets mingling with the echoing music and the far-off sound of laughing voices. A dim strand of rusted Edison bulbs was strung up on one side of the passage, providing just enough light for people to see where they were going, while still leaving deep, menacing pockets of shadow. “Okay, be honest, why are you really so freaked out?”

Will’s eyes darted back and forth in search of any sign that they were about to be ambushed by costumed monsters. “Didn’t you pay attention to where we are? This is Booker’s Field. THE Booker’s Field.”

Alan stopped walking and cocked his head to the side, his mask obscuring the raised eyebrow as he puzzled over the familiar name. “Booker’s? Why is that…” he gave a short laugh and raised his mask so he could better lock eyes with Will. “Dude, don’t tell me you seriously believe those old ghost stories.”

“They’re not JUST ghost stories, man.” Will looked over his shoulder, trying to remember which way they’d gone in case they needed to quickly reverse course. “Booker’s Sanitarium was a real place that really burned down.”

“Yeah, like, a hundred years ago. It’s just been a corn field ever since.”

“Corn that no one sells,” Will corrected, “because the corn is just meant to keep people away. I mean it! We talked about it in my history class last semester,” the brunette said, punching his grinning friend in the shoulder. “Make fun of me all you want, but the shit that Booker dude did to people was beyond fucked.”

Alan nodded and looked around with an approving grin. “Props for putting this here, then. Gotta remember to bring that up when we run into some ladies.”

“IF we run into some ladies,” Will said, shivering despite the oppressive heat. “Did we pick the wrong turn right off the bat?”

“Nah, I’m sure after a few more turns we’ll run into…see? What’d I say?” Alan looked back at Will with a smug grin as he jerked his thumb towards the tunnel around the bend in front of them. A weathered plank of wood covered in ominous, ruddy brown stains hung overhead with “ENTER” written in crude black brushstrokes. Unlike the open night sky of their current corridor, the stalks ahead of them had been bent to form a closed tunnel, with what looked like vines hanging down from the top. Alan put his mask back in place and pulled the plastic machete from his waist as if he was going to clear a path. “Don’t worry princess, I’ll go first.”

Will watched until his friend disappeared into darkness before hurrying after, not liking the thought of being left alone any more than he liked thinking about what might lie ahead. “Gross…they’re sticky…” he said, wincing as the slimy, dangling appendages began clinging to him. It was too dark to see, and he couldn’t tell what the vines were made out of by touch alone, but they felt warm and rubbery, coated in a viscous fluid that spread against Will’s exposed chest and seeped under his shirt. The uneasy brunette worried that he was getting soaked as he felt the strange fluid against his arms and legs. It was everywhere, and he began to sweat from the strain of pushing against the heavy vines, to the point where he was panting for breath when he finally burst through the other side. “Fuck whatever that just was,” he laughed, reaching up to wipe the slime from his face. Though it felt like he’d been covered in the unwholesome jelly just moments before, his palm encountered nothing but sweat. “Did you get…oh, shit, uh, sorry man. Thought you were my friend,” Will said, blushing when he finally looked at the mostly-naked person he’d assumed was Alan. Whoever the man was, he wore a bright red jockstrap that connected to a set of matching straps crisscrossing his torso like a harness. The only other items he had on were a pair of equally bright red sneakers, a set of small, feathery red wings attached to the straps on his back, and, from what Will could see with the man’s back turned, what looked like a headband bearing devil horns. The blushing brunette couldn’t help but stare at the man’s exposed rear, his embarrassment turning to shock when he realized who he was looking at. “Al…Alan? What the fuck?!” Will gave a short laugh, trying to keep the encroaching dread at bay. “Where did you even keep all that…oh, I get it. You snuck in here early and stashed a bag, didn’t you? Very…funnnnnyyyyy what the fuck?! Where are my fuckin’ clothes?!”

“Will? Something…something weird’s happening…” Alan stammered, his eyes going wide when he turned and saw his shrieking friend. The other man was clad in the same outfit as himself, except instead of being red it was iridescent white, and instead of devil horns there was a cheap plastic halo above Will’s head. Alan’s eyes dropped to his friend’s stuffed pouch, and the barely-covered package that was visible through the sheer fabric. He fumbled his hands in front of his own see-through jock when he followed Will’s eyes, his whole body turning so red the outfit blended in. Neither of them were built like the jocks they tried to avoid. Alan and Will engaged in token workouts, but for the most part the duo relied on being twenty one to keep their wiry bodies covered in a modest amount of definition. They were closer to average than athletic, and while they didn’t think of themselves as overly shy, suddenly finding their lackluster builds on display was mortifying.

Will followed Alan’s lead, averting his eyes and awkwardly covering himself as his head spun and his heart raced. Sharing a dorm, they’d seen each other naked in passing, but somehow the kinky couple’s outfits were more embarrassing than if they’d simply been stripped down. “Did that…is this really happening…” Will stuttered, trying not to think about the warm air wafting across his exposed little bubble.

“Shit! It’s gone!”

Will’s modesty was forgotten when he turned to look at what Alan was gawking at behind him, his arms flailing as he jumped away from the now solid wall. The tunnel they’d just passed through was nowhere to be seen, leaving them at what appeared to be a dead end. “Oh fuck…oh fuck…” he said, clutching at his wavy brown hair as he paced in a small circle.

Alan poked at his unwanted new outfit, snapping the elastic straps against his smooth skin. “There has to be an explanation…maybe…maybe we got drugged?”

“How? We haven’t even made it to a bar yet.” Will stopped at the thought, grabbing Alan by a shoulder. “Wait…maybe there was something in that slimy stuff. Like it got on our skin and knocked us out. We didn’t come that far, right? If we could see over these stalks we could see where we’re at. The music doesn’t sound any closer, but it’s worth a shot.”

“We can’t exactly climb these…how’re we gonna…” Alan rolled his eyes when Will started tapping his shoulder. “Goddamnit. Fine. But no one…NO ONE…ever hears about this.” He dropped to one knee and leaned forward so that Will could position himself by his shoulders, the whole time trying not to dwell on what was about to press into the back of his head. With his friend in place, Alan grunted and clutched Will’s thighs, heaving them both upright. He blushed when he staggered, causing the other man’s bare legs to tighten against his head as his package dug into the back of his scalp.

“Whoooaaa…steady, dude,” Will said, his fingers lacing through Alan’s short blonde hair for support.

“Would you…just…look…already…” Alan said, unable to keep his nose from filling with Will’s sweaty musk. No matter which way he turned, the potent odor was inescapable as he was boxed in by the toned thighs filling his hands.

“I’m trying,” Will grunted. “If you’d just hold still and stop…moving your head…so much…”

“Why is that an…oh, come on, dude,” Alan moaned, feeling Will’s hardening cock beginning to dig into his skull. Though he could only call his friend out so much, as his own suddenly eager member had tented his jock as soon as his face was between Will’s legs.

“Not doing it on purpose,” Will muttered, dragging the rigid pole up the back of Alan’s head when he raised himself up in a futile attempt at seeing over the towering stalks. “Fuck…it’s no good, dude. I can’t see shit up here.” The flustered blonde was surprisingly reluctant when he staggered to one knee, this time feeling Will’s cock drag down his back when the other man slid off. His palms burned from where they’d squeezed his friend’s legs, and his body tingled pleasantly as the heady musk still lingered in his nostrils. “Well this is awkward,” Will laughed, looking back and forth between their rigid poles.

“At least you didn’t just have your head humped,” Alan said, his hands hovering uselessly in front of the tented jock.

“And you were afraid you weren’t going to get any tonight,” Will spat, shaking his head as he watched his friend’s bobbing pouch.

The blushing blonde turned away, knowing that showing his bare cheeks wasn’t any better than his solid six inches. “Dude, quit looking at my dick! Can we just get out of here, please?”

“I guess forward’s the only way? After you,” Will said, telling himself he wanted to hang back so he wasn’t the one on display, not so that he could keep looking at Alan.

“Are we really gonna walk around with our dick’s out?”

“What choice do we have? This shit’s too thick to push through,” Will said, his toned arms flexing as he pushed in vain against the immovable stalks.

“Not how I saw this night going,” Alan sighed, shaking his head as he started trudging down the path. The two walked in silence, rounding turn after turn but never hearing the music grow any closer. They did notice a disturbing shift in the background noise, with what sounded like quiet moans and screams lingering just below the pulsing beat. They passed several dark pockets set into the stalks, pausing at each of the small alcoves to make sure no one was going to jump out. “Thought I’d be making out in one of those…” Alan sighed as they passed yet another. He turned to look back at Will, both to make sure his friend was still there and to get another peek at his friend’s rod. “Guess you were right about…what? What’s wrong?” He trailed off and froze when Will’s eyes went wide.

“Dude…your…your hair…”

“What?! What about my hair?!” Alan barked, clutching at his head.

“It’s…going away?” Will blinked, the sight of his friend’s receding hairline taking a moment to register. Before, his devil horns had been seated at the front of the other man’s blonde scalp, but while they’d been walking Alan’s hairline had somehow pulled back.

“Noooo…no no no no no…” Alan groaned, running his hands along the now-bare patch of forehead. The golden locks hadn’t just pulled back but appeared to be thinning all over.

Will interrupted his friend’s panic, his hands locked to the back of his scalp. “Is it…is it happening to me too,” he asked, his voice shaking. He lowered his head and turned around, hoping the other man wouldn’t confirm what he felt.

“Fuck! How are we going bald?!”

Will’s stomach dropped at Alan’s cry. He could feel a large bare patch beneath his cheap halo, his chocolate mane falling out from behind while his friend’s pulled away in front, but worse yet was the way his rigid cock throbbed at both the feeling of his smooth scalp, and the thought of his balding friend. He knew they had to look ridiculous with their young, boy-next-door faces and budding male-pattern baldness, and it turned him on like nothing else. “We…we just gotta go, man.”

Alan nodded. They turned to set off, but a loud crunching of feet on dry grass caught their attention before they could take a step. Not knowing what else to do, the balding blonde shoved them both into the shadowy nook. It was a tight squeeze, forcing them to press against each other, but they prayed the darkness would keep them hidden.

Their gasps almost gave them away when the figures passed. Neither of them knew what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t a pair of beefy jocks clad only in diapers with thumbs wedged in their mouths. The two had dazed looks on their faces, and they seemed to be stumbling in an uncoordinated fashion as they lumbered by. Neither Alan nor Will knew the walls of muscle personally, but they recognized them from the University’s football team.

“What…what is this place doing to everyone,” Alan whispered, his cock throbbing despite his fear as Will’s arms wrapped around his waist. He could feel his friend’s tented bulge digging into his exposed rear, and he kept catching himself pressing back against the rigid pole.

“This is getting crazy,” Will said, one hand sliding up beneath the straps criss-crossing the blonde’s torso, and the other resting on the jock’s elastic band. “Don’t think I’ve ever been so horny AND terrified…”

“Dude! Come on…what’re you…” Alan gave another gasp when Will’s hand slipped into his pouch, wrapping around his aching organ while his friend’s lips began brushing against his shoulder. Despite his protests he was actively swiveling his hips, working his friend’s tented bulge between his solid little cheeks.

“Sorry, man, I can’t help it…” Will moaned, his lips working up from Alan’s shoulder to the blonde’s neck as he kept stroking. He didn’t know why he was jerking his friend off anymore than why Alan was letting him. It was an impulse, an aching need that hit them both like a wave. He’d been fighting it since their clothes were altered, and he could tell the other man was too, but as soon as they’d pressed against each other in the tiny alcove the battle was lost. Why it was happening didn’t matter, so long as it happened.

“Me…me neither…” Alan stammered, giving up his pretense of resisting. He turned in Will’s arms, pressing their lips together and pumping his hips to grind the tented jocks. He couldn’t help but grin as he reached up and felt the spreading bald patch at the back of his friend’s head, the pulse it sent to his cock making him forget his dread over his own receding hairline. “This could be a good look for you,” he purred. “It’s coming out quick,” he said, brushing at the hair he felt clinging to Will’s shoulders. Alan paused when it didn’t move, breaking off their kiss so he could get a better look. “Wait…hold on…since when are youoohh fuck!”

“What?! What are you…” Will’s jaw dropped when he looked down at his chest and saw the spreading layer of chocolate fur. It wasn’t a dense carpet, at least not yet, but the wiry coating spread out from between his pecs, reaching up and over his shoulders while funneling down his stomach to disappear into his white jock. He pushed Alan away to get a better look, his eyes going even wider when he looked at his friend. “Dude! It’s happening to you too!”

“Shit!” Alan pawed at the similarly scrubby growth coating his torso as if he could wipe it away. Like his friend, the sandy fur was glued in place, sprouting everywhere else as it fled from his scalp. “I don’t wanna be hairy, dude! This place is a nightmare…”

Will could only shake his head and blink as he looked back and forth between them, the hair growing thicker by the second. He’d thought it was bad picturing them with their bald heads, and adding a furry body to the image only made it worse. “I still don’t understand how this is even happening! How it’s still happening,” he cried, his stomach dropping as one hand stroked through the now-curling hair on his chest while the other rubbed the bare patch of scalp.

“Let’s just go!” Alan grabbed Will’s arm and pulled his friend along, ignoring the painful lust in favor of trying to escape. It was taking all of his willpower not to throw his friend on the ground and pick up where they’d recently left off, but, at least for the moment, his fear was overpowering his confusing arousal.

The same went for Will, who did his best to keep up as he stared at Alan’s increasingly-furry cheeks. They hurried down the stalk-lined path, making disorienting turn after disorienting turn in their manic flight. The music was starting to sound closer, and the undercurrent of groans and screams had settled fully on groans. Both men started to guess at the reason for the shift in tone, their minds drifting to the myriad groan-inducing activities they wanted to be doing with each other. It was all Will could think about as he stared at the coating of hair on Alan’s legs that had grown thick and dense, spreading up to creep across the blonde’s bouncing bubble. Will was so focused on the sprouting hair, and how his cock had felt wedged in his friend’s valley, that he didn’t notice just how much Alan’s small little cheeks were bouncing, and how they weren’t so small anymore. He didn’t know when it happened, but at some point his friend’s rear had started to expand, a growth he now saw taking place across the rest of him. Instead of thin and bony, Alan’s shoulders had pushed apart to become broad and round, and his friend seemed wider overall. “Dude…look…look at us…” Will said, his voice quiet as he stopped and stared down at his own increasingly beefy torso. His flat pecs had started to stand out, as did his formerly tight stomach. The hairy abdomen seemed distended, pushing forward and slightly out at the sides in what looked like a growing gut.

Alan stopped, dropping his head back on his shoulders. “Oh god,” he sighed, “what nowwwooOOOHHH JESUS!” He shrieked, discovering a matching torso ballooning off his formerly lean frame. He clutched at his thickening arms, his rapidly inflating chest heaving as he teetered on the edge of panic. “This can’t be happening…this can’t be happening…”

“Fuck…we’re getting huge…” Will grunted, watching his tented pouch disappear beneath the plump, forested pecs that were resting heavily on a prominent muscle gut. The straps that had wrapped around his once-lean frame now served to accentuate his curves, highlighting the way his cresting stomach stood out, and drawing attention to his meaty shelf of a chest. He could feel his thighs rubbing together, his plump cheeks shifting with the slightest movement, and it felt as though lead weights were strapped to his piston arms. The formerly toned limbs were now thick, furry logs, hanging at an angle from the hairy cannonballs that had become his shoulders. There was no pain, only a dizzy light-headedness that left him feeling drunk as he rubbed at his beefy new body. The sensation of the excessive, furry muscle was horrifying and intoxicating, filling Will with a sense of power he’d never experienced before. “Goddamn, bro! Look at us!”

The maze wasn’t done with them yet. As Alan lifted his face to look at his friend, they both watched as invisible sandpaper wore down their youthful features. Smooth skin became weathered and wrinkled beneath salt-and-pepper stubble, the boyish faces seeming to pile on years as they became as full and beefy as the rest of their bodies. Like watching a time-lapse recording, the two young men became rapidly less so, now looking closer to their mid-forties than their early twenties.

The distant groans and pulsing music echoed down the passage as the two friends gawked at each other, their thickened, stubby cocks aching harder than ever at the middle-aged slabs of hairy beef they’d somehow become. Their faces were still recognizable as their own beneath the balding scalps, only now they looked like they could have had kids at the college instead of attending it themselves.

Alan blinked in a daze, absently rubbing at his hairy gut as his expression wavered between a wry grin and a mask of horror. More than an escape or an explanation, all he wanted was to get his hands on Will’s furry body. “We…did we just…”

“I don’t even know anymore,” Will said, shaking his head. He was having a hard time remembering whether or not they were a pair of straight college friends, or a muscle-daddy couple trying to find their way to the real party at the center of the maze.

Will grinned and ran a hand through what remained of his buzzed blonde locks. “Why is your dick the only thing I can think about right now?”

“‘Cause you’ve gone without it for, what? Twenty minutes now?” Will reached down and hefted his girthy package, snapping the elastic of his jock. “Feel like a little pre-party?”

Alan blushed. Despite his eagerness, the thought of fooling around in public struck him as something he should be embarrassed about, though he knew they did it all the time. “You even gotta ask?” Obeying instincts that at once felt both new and entirely familiar, the burly blonde shoved Will against the wall of corn stalks and dropped to his knees. He took a deep breath of the other man’s musky scent, running his tongue up a hairy thigh as he tugged down the front of the jock and sucked Will’s cock into his stubbled mouth. His loud, humming moan caused his friend to tense, and Alan loved the sensation of Will’s strong fingers sliding over his bare scalp. On his knees with his face buried beneath the brutish brunette’s muscle gut, the only place Alan would rather have been was bouncing on Will’s lap. There was a lingering sense of unease at the thought of having the other man inside him, but it quickly passed as Alan deftly worked his tongue and bobbed his head.

Will just grunted, rolling his hips and toying with his inflated, nubby nipples while Alan hungrily went at his fat cock. They could spend hours like that, and had, but the two brawny hulks had a party to get to. “We got shit to do, babe,” Will sighed, pulling his spit-slick cock free and batting it against Alan’s face. He pulled his thickened lover to his feet and rolled around him, shoving Alan into his spot against the wall. His body on autopilot, Will shoved a pair of fingers into his mouth to grease the digits before reaching down and working them between Alan’s furry mountains.

“YYYeeeeesssss…” Alan whimpered, arching his broadened back and clutching the stalks of corn as Will’s fingers slipped inside. He squirmed and writhed while the other man spread him open, actively pushing away the persistent voice that told him this was all wrong. The pure wave of bliss that coursed through his bulky frame when Will replaced the fingers with his stout rod could never be anything but right.

“Don’t want to make a mess,” Will said, his voice a smug purr as he reached around and pushed the front of Alan’s crimson jock down. He gripped his friend’s fat pole with one hand, the other stroking the blonde’s furry belly while he rolled his hips, loving the sensation of their powerful bodies slamming together. Their muscles shook and bounced, the sound of their pounding flesh swallowed by the towering stalks that swayed from the force of Will’s thrusting.

“Gnnh…goddd…this is so…so good…” Alan whimpered, never wanting the feeling of Will’s hairy muscle gut against his back to go away.

“Thank you,” Will grinned, jamming in deep. “You know I try.” For just a moment he thought it odd that he knew his friend’s body so well, and how he could so easily bring the other man to the brink. It passed before he could stop to think about it. Of course he knew Al’s body. He’d spent the last twenty years inside his thick lover.

“Oh…oh fuck…Bill…gonna cum…” Al hissed, closing his eyes as he erupted into the wall of corn. He waited for what he knew was coming, giving a satisfied gasp a few thrusts later when the other man’s warm torrent burst into him. He rocked his hips to work out every last drop, feeling the copious release drip down his thighs when Bill pulled out. It only dripped for a moment before his burly lover dropped to his knees and licked his battered hole clean, the sensation of the balding brunette’s stubble against his overloaded hole making his knees quiver.

“Omigod, like, what a show!” The giggling voice called out just as both of the hairy hulks finished stuffing themselves back inside their jocks. When they turned to look at the speaker, the body attached to the high, soft voice was not at all what they expected. They shared a momentary flash of embarrassed awareness at the sight of Mark, but like themselves, the wrestler was barely recognizable. When they’d seen him earlier that night, the thought feeling odd even as the middle-aged studs had it, the now-younger man had been dressed like a soldier. He’d been shirtless, with black and green paint on his face, and clad only in a pair of baggy camouflage pants, a plastic rifle slung over his chiseled torso. It was a far cry from his current outfit, if that word could even be applied. Now, all the young jock had on was a cheerleader’s tank-top, but it was so small that it was little more than a strip of fabric across the comically large pecs. Seeing him strut around campus, it was clear that Mark always spent too much time on chest day, but now the muscled pillows had expanded to an impossible degree. They were round and heaping, defying gravity as they jutted off his body.

The plump muscle tits weren’t the only thing round and heaping. Below the pointless tank-top, all Mark had on was a pom-pom dangling in front of a package that seemed far too large, and one hanging against an ass that made Bill’s and Al’s seem small. On his otherwise tapering, athletic frame, Mark’s warped features were freakish by comparison. Like the now-older men, the young hunk’s face hadn’t been spared, his jet-black hair turning a bright platinum, and the warpaint being swapped out for a layer of makeup and body glitter.

“Ma…Mark? Is that…did…” Al started, but forgot who Mark was before he could finish. The younger man didn’t factor into his new memories, leaving a unique, scantily clad stranger in front of them. “…did you enjoy the show?”

“Like, give me a D-A-D-D-Y,” Mark clapped, waving his arms and swiveling his hips to shake the pom-poms at his waist. The motion caused his dangling monster to twitch and harden while his fat cakes were a rippling sea of motion.

“Do you know the way to the party?” Bill asked, reaching down to give the plump mounds a squeeze.

Mark giggled at Bill’s squeeze and batted his now-doe eyes, his mounding pecs bouncing when he shrugged. “Isn’t it, like, right there? I mean, duh,…” he said, twirling a finger through his platinum hair.

Bill turned, unsure why he’d been expecting to see a long passage instead of a wide, open clearing. Bright, flashing lights were strung up everywhere and there was a bustling dance floor in the middle, with a bar at the far end and a DJ booth at the other. The crowd was as unique as would be expected at a party like this, and he saw the two diaper-clad giants pawing at a pair of shredded young men in hula skirts, who had what looked like large, supple melons sticking out through the back of their thin grass bottoms. Around them were men of all shapes and sizes, natural or otherwise, indulging in acts of wild abandon. The sight shocked the voice in his head back to life, and Bill had time for one last stab of awareness. He remembered the legend of Booker’s Field, cursing himself for ever having agreed to go to the party with Alan in the first place. But then Al’s arm slipped around his waist, his lover’s beefy body pressing into him, and there wasn’t room in his mind for anything else. “You wanna drink, or dance?” Bill asked, giving Al a peck on the cheek.

Al puffed his furry chest out as he looked around, his cock already excited to sample the various exotic wares around him. “It’s the party of the year, babe. Let’s do it all.”

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This story is part of the author’s anthology of five sexy ghost stories called Trick or Treat, available on Amazon.


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